Arrow Felicity Dies Death

Arrow Stars Talk Grave Scene Mystery, Fan Theories: 'You Can Kill Off Anyone'

The “Who’s in the grave?” cliffhanger that capped Arrow‘s Season 4 premiere has the CW series’ cast playing conspiracy theorists as avidly as viewers.

“As castmates, we’re all like, ‘Is it you?! Is it you?! Oh, it could be you!” star Emily Bett Rickards describes. “‘No, you know what, it’s definitely me. It has to be me! It’s has to be you! It has to be me! It’s going to be them! It’s going to be no one! No one‘s in the grave!’ Like, that conversation happens daily,” she adds with a laugh.

Like the clue-collecting fans – and TVLine – “Everyone proves that it’s not, and everyone proves that it is [any given character],” the actress continues. “‘But then there’s this! And nobody can die because there’s the [Lazarus] Pit. And there’s time travel, and if we travel to The Flash, we’d just bring them back to life.'”

Even leading man Stephen Amell is not immune to the theorizing. “Well, of course, I have suspicions…,” he says (while sadly not sharing any).

One possible contenderarrow-season-4-photos (4) for the death is Felicity Smoak, but could the show really axe Oliver’s current love? “You can kill off anyone,” Amell replies. “Modern television has proven to us that you can literally kill off anyone.”

Captain Lance seems a more likely target, not that his portrayer Paul Blackthorne is worried about his odds of survival.

“One has to be philosophical about these things if you’re an actor on a TV show and you see various characters dying each year,” Blackthorne explains. “You have to think, ‘What if it’s going to be mine this year? If it’s going to be mine this year, it’s going to be mine this year.'”

And should this prove arrow-season-3-photos (10)to be “his” year, Blackthorne believes he had a solid run. “I’m just thinking, ‘That’s four years in. Can’t complain, I’m very happy,'” he says. “If you’re propping up the daisies at the end of it, then so be it. But hopefully not. It’d be nice to keep going. It’s a nice show to work on.'”

Even though the mystery means the potential loss of a longtime cast member, the actors have nothing but praise for the twist. For Amell, the flash forward reveal was a welcome surprise because “there’s not one huge swerve in the first nine episodes, like there have been in almost the first three seasons,” he explains, noting that the early run of Season 4 nonetheless is “excellent.”

But reading the script for the premiere was “the only time that I was really cracked over the head,” he shares. “One of my favorite shows of all time is Lost, and my favorite episode ever is when they flash forward for the first time. So for us to do that … was very cool.”

Adds Rickards: “It’s good storytelling, and the flash forward was a really smart idea. They surprised me, and I like story for story, so I was happy to see that.”

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  1. Maria says:

    I really do think it’s Lance. If they kill off Felicity you can say goodbye to a lot of viewers.

    • Rook says:

      If they solve Diggle’s brothers death then it’s for sure him. If not my money is on Lance.

    • Michael says:

      i welcome it!

    • I hate when ppl say this. Then those ppl can get lost and are not fans of the show. It just seems like they have no brains or concept or how to understand a show if they would stop watching because of something like that.

      • Sara says:

        Reasons that people have for watching a show are THEIRS. You connect with certain characters and you don’t with others. Whether they want to keep going or not when a part, or the only part of the show they enjoy is gone, that’s their problem. They do not sign a contract, they do not owe anything to anyone. And to claim that you’re somehow a better fan because you enjoy other characters, that’s condescending.

        • Liz says:

          THIS! I’m not going to stick around watching a show if my favourite character dies. Why would I? Doesn’t make me less of a fan. Just means I enjoyed the show as a whole because a certain character was in it.

          • Exactly Liz. Sometimes that one character is SO important because of all the story lines that flow from them,that their absence affects how the whole show comes off once their gone. I don’t know if I’d stop if Felicity died..but it would be a very different show story wise without her. Most likely I’d stop and pick up the show later, after it had ended.

          • Tobias says:

            I wonder if they had the cajones to kill off Felicity.. or turn her evil or something.

        • Shannon says:

          I had a hard time watching the last season of Sons of Anarchy after they killed Tara. Not because I was mad at the writers, as it was an appropriate story line, but because that relationship was a welcome calm in the otherwise bloody, violent storm. Once that grounding force was gone part of what made the series enjoyable to me was also gone. Honestly if people get this emotionally invested then the writers are doing their job, and I don’t begrudge people for feeling those losses right along with the characters.

          • Cordelius says:

            That’s actually a good example. People do get invested in these characters even though they are fictional. And it’s good story telling if the writers can cause such strong feelings. When it comes to Tara and SoA for me personally that episode sort of stopped the show, i didn’t stop watching or anything, but I was basically just waiting for the finale and resolution. The episodes between there formed this sort of blurred filler without meaning cause one major pillar of any sense of justice in a show like SoA was gone. The relief came only at the very end, even though that’s a tragedy on it’s on. It just went so dark so fast, that even though they tried to have that storyline with Wendy and the kids in the end, there was nothing to be salvaged, in that way the ending was perfect.

          • renee says:

            I agree with you. I felt the same way with SOA.

      • Polly says:

        I don’t mind those comments but to me, they always sound like the commenters think of themselves as the most important viewer, that if they stop watching, the show will be cancelled the next day – it’s not like there are thousands of other people enjoying the show for different reasons.
        Also, many of those thousands are silent viewers who don’t comment online, so I’m always quite amused when people talk about the “majority of viewers”, just based on what they read online; as in “the majority of people will stop watching if Felicity dies”; how do you know, can you look into the future?

    • Trish says:

      Lets try this scenario. At first I thought it was Lila, but then I remembered Roy and the fans asking for his return. There have been quite a few articles where writers and producers have said he will not be returning, so this will be confirmation that he will not return. It would also explain Oliver emotions at the cemetery.

      • Polly says:

        I actually haven’t thought about that option yet. It would make sense, especially since Ollie asks for a minute alone at the grave and Barry doesn’t seem too upset but still sad, though more for Oliver rather than because he is grieving himself.

    • Liz says:

      I like Paul Blackthorne, seems like a good guy and he’s a good actor too but yeah. I think it’s time for Lance to go. Oliver seemed emotional enough for it to be Lance but not emotional enough for it to be Felicity, imo.

    • Of course according to Stephen they CAN kill off anyone. You know, I don’t buy that. Oh, if it was end of a series run,yes they could kill EVERYONE off. lol There have been shows die because of going down some path they shouldn’t have..much less a character dying. I’ve seen too many that people give up on. Any show that gets cancelled after a season or so, is because viewers aren’t getting what they need for entertainment. :) I agree Arrow would go on a downhill slide without Felicity.

      • Nema says:

        I agree too , Felicity has to stay :-)

      • Pearlie Benson says:

        I totally agree with your comment. I enjoy the dynamics of these characters, and it would indeed be a sad day should the powers that be let Emily Bett Rickards leave the show. Felicity is the computer/brains behind the Arrow Team. But a question comes to mind, as to what part Mr. Terrific would play should Emily leave the show ? Watching the ending scene of 4×09 was kind of upsetting to me. I tell myself that it is a television show no matter how fictional, but STILL !!!! We need Emily to STAY !!!!

    • Py Holmes says:

      Yup, I agree. if the kill off Felicity, I will never watch Arrow again! I think it is Oliver’s son or mother of his son or Diggle. Then they introduce this nerd Curtis, maybe they will kill Smoak and have him replace her? I hope not, He is awful.

    • lol says:

      if it were lance woudnt it be laurel the one in the graveeeeee

    • Colton says:

      It’s definitely not felicity because she was sitting in the limo with Oliver. Unless she did die and that’s just Oliver being crazy and imagining her, which doesn’t make sense to me seeing as how she seemed like she was playing a paralyzed role(that’s what it looked like to me); and was far to emotional to be a figment of Oliver’s imagination. It also seems a little far fetched to be Lance because I would imagine we would of saw laurel at the very least, and not to mention the possible return of Sarah. And vice versa if it were laurel. So with them out of the way my brain only leans toward 2 people which are thea to me is less likely because she’s really important and I feel like Ollie would be a lot more torn apart if it were her. Which is why I think that it will end up being diggles grave, because the look Oliver had on his face is the same look of revenge he always gets right before diggle has to calm him down and make sure his head is on straight.

  2. Linda says:

    They can’t use the Lazarus Pit anymore.

    • lauren says:

      It was working back when everyone was making theories tho.

      • The Watcher says:

        They can’t use the Lazarus pit in Nanda Parbat…

        But that’s not to say they can’t use another of the Lazarus Pits, as quite a few of them exist all over their world. One even inspired the Fountain of Youth myth

        • Pearlie Benson says:

          How ironic ?! My son just mentioned the same thing the other day about there being more than one Lazarus Pit due to alternate universes/time travel in the DC Comics world. Thank you.

  3. amb1973 says:

    Kill Felicity or Digg. I dare ya. I double dare ya.

    It’s Lance. The CW is not HBO, and Arrow is not Game of Thrones.

    • Will says:

      Now you tell me. I’ve spent the past three years eagerly watching for boobs and dragons.

    • Journey54 says:

      Felicity is definitely less likely but it could definitely be Diggle (as sad as that makes me)

      Especially with his past regarding HIVE and his current quarrel with Oliver.

      • Okay Dude says:

        Its obv felicity. She’s supposed to die so Oliver and Laurel (yuck) can ride off into the sunset, like they’re supposed to. C’mon people. Can you imagine a version of Spiderman where Peter and Mary Jane never get together, or one of Superman where Lois fights crime alongside Supes but stays “just his friend”? If it isnt Felicity, I’m dancing naked in times square.

        • At least you have your outfit picked out. :)

          • Polly says:

            Since I can’t reply to your other comment, I’ll reply to this one:
            The ring wording was a coincidence. But BC did give back her ring.

            Also, I’m speculating about everyone’s death. I enjoy thinking about (and have many) different theories. When people talk about Felicity in the comments, I’m going to talk about Felicity, and while I state pro and contra about why I think it’s (not) her, I actually don’t believe it is (neither she nor LL nor Thea are candidates for that grave to me).

            I like Felicity, I don’t want her dead and I still don’t think the need to kill her off for BC and GA to get together eventually. At this point, of course something drastic would have to happen for F/Ollie to break up but who knows what they go through in the future.
            I don’t ship F/Ollie, they’re too cheesy for me, but I’m totally fine with them.
            However, as I like the source material, I’d also like see the comic relationship between GA/BC on the show (I know we already had Arrow & Canary but to me, they’re not the same), as I’m really interested in how they’d write it.

          • I’m not sure how they’d come back from having him cheat on her with her sister, though. There’s really no precedent for that in the comics.

          • Polly says:

            Which is why I’m interested how the writers are going to write themselves out of that mess which they created (I’m still not sure why they did that, just so Lance is angry at him?) I don’t think the situation is as bad as it was in the beginning and that even LL nows that Ollie has changed but, as I said, I’d be very interested to see how that relationship would look like on tv.

          • What gives you the impression that they intend to revisit it, with how they’ve been steering the narrative?

        • Liz says:

          It’s really telling that Felicity has to die in order for Oliver and Laurel to happen. Says a lot about that relationship! And you’re equating Superman and Lois Lane to Oliver and Laurel? LMAO. They are not that iconic. They’re not iconic at all. To people who read the comics maybe but most people who haven’t read the comics had never heard of those two. Sorry but it’s true.

          • Polly says:

            I’d say in the comic book world, and not just to those who regularly read GA comics, GA and BC’s relationship is rather iconic. Just because it isn’t for the rest of the world (which is mainly because GA wasn’t known to the rest of the world before the show started), dosn’t mean that you should pull a “Percy Jackson” and just ignore the fans of the source material.
            Also, I find it funny that people think that nothing but death could ever break Ollie and F up, just look around you, the now happiest looking couple will probably have broken up in a year or two.

          • I can see where you’re coming from, but there needs to be something in the narrative that says they’re going back in that direction. Which, there simply isn’t.

          • Liz says:

            I never said Oliver and Felicity would never break up, Polly. Just that I find it hilarious that, according to some, Felicity has to die in order for Oliver to ever be with Laurel again. Because, imo, even if Olicity broke up, they’d always be on the table still.

            And I have to disagree that GA/BC are iconic. As I said, maybe they’re recognisable to the comic world but to be truly iconic I think people who don’t read comics have to be aware of them and I know plenty of people who watch this show who had never heard of Green Arrow or any of his relationships. Everyone knows Superman and Lois Lane. Not everyone knows GA or BC. They’re definitely lesser known.That’s not a slight on the source material. It is what it is.

            And I can’t predict what will happen. For all I know the show will go GA/BC eventually but that would be a hard sell, imo, because they’ve written Felicity to be his great love and the one he thought of before he died and the one he wants to marry. When she was with Ray, Oliver pictured himself living a life alone, not with anyone else, simply because he couldn’t have Felicity. So they’re a major relationship on the show canon now.

        • Anon says:

          Pretty sure GA/BC never actually end up together in the comics. They always have a dysfunctional relationship complete which cheating and an illegimate child with another woman and then they end up divorced or separated. Some versions they don’t even know each other. They are definitely not Lois and Clark. Also comic canon itself changes a lot, even Lois and Clark got split up and he got put with Wonder Woman. But more importantly the show runners have been abundantly clear they are not following comic canon. They aren’t treating the comics like some checklist they have to meet. Although they pretty much met comic book canon with their distracts season 1 relationship. Which is my last point. O/L was a disastrous relationship. SA and KC have no chemistry and O/L’s history is incredibly toxic and destructive and unhealthily. And most people didn’t care about them. And apathy kills things quick on tv shows. So their is literally no benefit in any way for Arrow to go back to O/L. Especially when they have clearly chosen Felicity as Oliver’s true love and that relationship is working and successful and super popular. They aren’t going to kill arguably their most popular character who is one half of definitely their most popular ship. That would be some epic stupidity.

          • Exactly. It seems that in order to be Iconic a couple would have to be in a GOOD relationship. :) Green Arrow & BC had a horrible relationship and ended up not together. Not saying they couldn’t put them together, but the Arrow show has basically already fulfilled “cannon” by giving them the relationship they’ve had in the show. Doesn’t seem that different from the comics in my estimation.

          • Polly says:

            They do eventually get married in the comics but BC gives back her wedding ring after GA goes bad. I wouldn’t mind if they included that in the show, though that would have the show end on a dark note.
            Chemistry lies in the eye of the beholder, I personally think they do have chemistry though not the lovey-dovey kind O and F have.
            Also, if the writer’s have a plan, I hope they’re not going to change what they had planned just to make the shippers happy, that’s what fanfics are for.
            I don’t care much for “true love”, even in comic books most “true love couples” break up or get divorced eventually.
            And I didn’t say they should or will kill her, but people change, people argue, things go terribly wrong and sometimes people also just fall out of love, it happens, I saw it, no couple on any tv show is safe until they marry in the last episode (some aren’t safe even then) ;)

          • They’ve already stated on multiple occasions that plans change, so let’s bear that in mind. Also, I find it funny you mention the ring thing when we know Oliver was planning on giving Felicity a ring. Don’t think anyone missed that.
            For someone who keeps insisting that they don’t need to kill Felicity off, you spend a lot of time in other parts of this thread speculating on her death…

          • Nabi says:

            I totally agree with you. I really can’t stand Laurel. She has no depth in portraying her character. She plays the victim /attention seeker.
            Felicity brings freshness and some stability to the show. If they kill her nothing would make sense. They will kill the show with her.

          • Stasaber says:

            Killing off Felicity would be a shock but not impossible to make Oliver more like Bruce Wayne leading a double life and becoming a dark vigilante and loner in his crusade. Remember the writers were only going to give Felicity a supporting character but such was Emily Bett Rickards on screen chemistry with Stephen Amell they promoted the character to main character.

            As for killing off Laurel whilst moving away from the comics.. I think somewhere down the line they will get together

        • Kira says:

          Just FYI in the comics TGA and BC never really ended up together. They were married and then got divorced.

        • Cap says:

          I would agree but remember this is the show that spawned from Smallville and they didn’t exactly stick to comics

        • Kaity says:

          You’re so right, as much as I hate what’s coming. People are crazy to think that a few viewers’ preferences will change the trajectory of the storyline. The comics inspire these shows, and the show’s writers rely heavily on that source material (even if they differ slightly in some small aspects). For example, I knew from the beginning, just based on my comic knowledge, that Sara would not stay Black Canary. From the first episode I knew that Laurel would become Black Canary and that Oliver and Laurel would wind up together. For now, the writers are throwing out some curveballs (Felicity and Oliver’s relationship) to please viewers, but that won’t last. Felicity ends up with Ray in the comics, so it’s likely they’re going to kill off Felicity in favor of removing the possibility of the Olicity relationship and just let it rest since the Atom will be in a new show (Legends of Tomorrow).

          • A says:

            the writers have said that while the show framework is the comics, they don’t pressure themselves to stick to the comics. A relationship that doesn’t happen in all the comics, combined with non-existent on-screen chemistry make me think that the BC/GA relationship has been and gone in season one. ‘differ slightly in small aspects’? What would you class a big aspect? I certainly think setting felicity up as his one true love- his ‘twin flame’ soulmate- is a big aspect. Making new characters- Diggle, Thea, amongst others- is a big aspect. His parents deaths and how he became GA are big aspects that have changed from the comics.

        • Colton says:

          Ya I can imagine a Spider-Man movie where there is no Mary Jane at all. Because he got with Gwen Stacey and then killed her at the end of the 2nd movie which is why they scrapped the rest of them, because everyone loved Stacey more than Jane. (Jk that’s totally not why lol) But that’s not the point I just provided not one but two movies where he wasn’t with Mary Jane.

    • Liz says:

      I can’t imagine the show without Felicity or Diggle. They’re like pillars of the show and the last episode proved that, imo. The three of them together are like magic. Remove one of them, the magic is gone.

      • Witz says:

        After Oliver, only Felicity/Olicity is a pillar to the show, Diggle hasn’t been relevant since season 1. Sorry “OTA” fans.

  4. Will says:

    With Diggle being so quick to forgive Oliver in the last episode, my money’s on him being the one laying six feet under. With Oliver’s right hand gone, it’ll give Lance a chance to step up and become the self-hating vigilante he’s destined to be. Or it will be Lance. I don’t know, I don’t write the show.

  5. Whimsical says:

    If Felicity dies, we riot. I’m just saying.

  6. datdudemurphy says:

    Hoping that Felicity is in the grave. Her character has been the worst part of the show for a while now.

    • Fernanda says:

      Olicity is the worst part of the show right now but Felicity character from seasons 1 and 2 was the best part of the show.

      I don’t think Felicity is on that grave.. maybe is Thea

      • Brookles says:

        I’m so glad someone else feels that way. I loved Felicity in S1 and S2, but I didn’t like the direction they took her character in S3. The whole Ray/Felicity/Oliver love triangle didn’t bring out the best in her character. I’m also frustrated that she and Oliver were completely okay with letting Roy go off on his own when he was still in a pretty bad state of mind and apparently left Laurel to deal with the fallout of Thea’s experiences (ignoring that most Thea’s trauma stems from killing Laurel’s sister).

        I like the characters. I liked squeeing over their cute moments in the early show, but I just really don’t feel like the relationship brings out the best in the two of them, though this may change in S4.

        Also, I hope it’s not Thea. I love her and I really am looking forward to seeing how she develops. I was really looking forward to seeing her and Roy in the field together, but that’s not going to happen now. Watching the two of them trying to foist the nickname Speedy off on the other would have been great.

        My money’s on Jeri Ryan’s character. I read an article stating she was a friend of Moira’s and was close to Oliver and Thea as children so that would explain Oliver being upset at the grave. And she’s running for mayor of Star City, which is about the same as teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts.

  7. Jose says:

    Anyone thinking its Thea? Sara Kills her to end the bloodlust and then goes away to LOT and Oli wants to kill Malcolm because he made Thea Kill Sara to begin with?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Yep, I think it’s Thea.

      • Michael says:

        thats because you are an idiot. Thea just became Speedy. Also her grave would have TONS of flowers because Queens are public figures likely celebrities. and it would also be on the Queen mansion next to her mom and dad. It can only be Felicty or Diggle.

        • A says:

          You obviously dont read the Arrow comics (not the Green Arrow ones, the ones that fill in the blanks between seasons), the Queen Mansion doesn’t exist anymore. Fire destroyed it.

          • Michael says:

            So what. Thea just became Speedy to kill her off would just be stupid as hell. And like i said She is a Queen and there would have been TONS of flowers near her grave. Queens are celebrities and Thea is a young girl it would be tragic and people would show up in droves with flowers. Nobody knows Diggle or Felicity really so its likely one of them. It fits the grave

        • A says:

          Replying to this comment because I cant on the other…..i didn’t say it was Thea. I was just pointing out that burial at the Queen Mansion would be tricky now since it isn’t there. And Felicity is Jewish, she’s said so in the show a few times, so the grave doesn’t fit her :)

          • Michael says:

            it certainly doesn’t fit Thea either with the few flowers there. The Queens are celebrities and if Thea Queen died Starling city would be there in droves with flowers because such a young public figure from their city had died.

          • Joe says:

            Not to mention Felicity is the CEO of Palmer technologies and her death would make the news more than thea who is really just a Paris Hilton that fights crime…

      • Joe says:

        It is a two horse race between thea and lance imo…crazy pit arc vs redemption arc…

      • Joe says:

        To bad that the Sara return was for LOT as white canary…it would have been better to kill Laurel keep Sara dead too and bring over earth 2 Dinah lance (where lances have one daughter) aka black canary played by caity lotz and make her a series regular…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Although I hope Sara kills Laurel.

    • Miranda says:

      That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking since I watched the last episode.

  8. Gady says:

    Kill anyone but not Dig or Felicity

  9. ‘You Can Kill Off Anyone’

    Except apparently Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow. Even the suggestion gets people riled up.

    Just saying, lol.

  10. Evan says:

    The more people say it can’t be Laurel (because comics), the more I think it is going to be her. At this point, it would be the most shocking but also affect the most people, including Lance and Sara in a big way. Oliver was extremely upset but not broken like imagine he would be with Thea, Felicity or Diggle. Also Barry wasn’t that upset but we know Laurel is in the crossover and works with Team Flash. Barry’s demeanor at the graveside is appropriate for someone who he worked with a couple of times but didn’t necessarily know all that well, but is there out of respect for Oliver and the team and because Laurel helped save Central City and was a hero. And her dying and not being able to bring her back via the Lazarus Pit is beautifully ironic considering Nyssa destroyed it because of Laurel’s actions. Lance is second on my list but at this point it is so predictable, it can’t be. I called Thea being Sara’s killer in season 3 (didn’t call the mind control) and I’m going with my gut again. It’s Laurel.

    • ndixit says:

      Honestly, it wouldn’t make much sense for it to be Laurel from a storytelling perspective. She just seems to be coming into her own as Black Canary, and its not like Sara is being brought back as Black Canary since we know she’s going to be White Canary in LOT. Besides, there has been way too much Lance sister death drama already on the show. How many times is Captain Lance going to keep losing his daughters. Seems redundant at this point.

      • KatsMom says:

        Exactly. Thank you. No way it’s her. Lance is predictable, which could be why they decided to do the flash forward. You get people talking, and expecting death, so when it happens people just kind of sigh and say, “Well, they warned us.” Whereas, if they just suddenly killed him off, people would be like, “Are they trying to make this a big shocking revelation?! Well, it’s not. He’s been marked since Season 1! What a lame twist!” I’m not saying it’s him though. I tend to think it’s someone who’s completely off the radar at the moment, so people arrive at their conclusions based on current characters and are somewhat shocked when it’s revealed later that it’s someone newish that they hadn’t considered.

        • Sophie says:

          Didn’t they do this to Roy last season though? He’s an iconic comic book character and stepped into his own in Season 3, finally, and then was shipped off at the end of the season. You aren’t protected just because of your comic book legacy or if you are established.

          I’m not saying it is Laurel but I wouldn’t keep her out of the running. The showrunners have been pushing that she’s getting closure. She doesn’t have a storyline besides this and it ends in 4×09 when Sara leaves. Everyone else is having season long arcs and Laurel is stuck with her sister, again. I noticed this at Comic Con and things felt really weird because they didn’t tease Laurel’s main individual arc and still haven’t. As time went on and we kept getting spoilers, I felt like something was going on. I theorized that Laurel would be going to LOT because of Wendy’s comment about the Lance sisters, Brandon’s comments, and then Katie C. said that, “Laurel will have a huge influence on bringing the team together [in LOT]. She plays a huge role.” Yeah, it could have just been that she brought Sara back to life but that doesn’t make LOT. So, I thought she’d go to LOT after 4×09 and then come back to Arrow towards the end of the season.

          With this death now? I don’t know. It depends on how big of balls the writers have and what’s going on behind the scenes.

          Also, Sara has been “brought” back to life three times. I don’t think the the writers care about over doing it. This also wouldn’t be the first time they give Laurel a badly executed storyline or arc. The writers have struggled with writing Laurel since S1, so I really can’t imagine writing a bad death is too out there for them.

          • Brookles says:

            He is a major character, but he parted ways with Oliver in the comics in the 70s because of his heroin addiction. He’s known more for his time alone as Arsenal than his time as the Green Arrow’s sidekick. Plus introducing Thea Dearden Queen (and having her use the name Mia in S3) made it pretty clear that she was going to be Speedy II (Mia Dearden in the comics). They faked me out when they had him take on the Arsenal identity so quickly, but it really wasn’t surprising to see him head off. Disappointing after the great development, but not surprising.

            I don’t think they’ll kill Laurel off, or at least, I hope they won’t, because regardless of their checkered romantic past in the comics (and it is a trainwreck even though there were some good moments, too), I feel like Black Canary is pretty strongly connected with the Green Arrow and getting rid of her would be disappointing. Same with killing Thea. They could bring other characters in to give Oliver backup in the field (Green Lantern, for instance, which they’ve teased very strongly with Ferris Air, Coast City, and the missing test pilot), but it really seems like Black Canary and Speedy need to be in the mix.

            Of course, if you go by comics canon, even Oliver could be killed off. But I’m pretty sure we can rule out Oliver in the grave.

      • Witz says:

        Laurel dying would close the chapter on Lance Drama. Its clear she has no place in the show anymore, with the pushing of “OTA” and Queen Family (Oliver,Felicity,Thea and possibly Oliver son)

    • Sheila says:

      I watch The Flash, but have only seen a few episodes of Arrow, so forgive my ignorance. Would Barry show up for Laurel? I have never seen them interact.

    • Liz says:

      It would be a surprising twist just because people are like ‘NO way! They wouldn’t kill off a DC character!’ Except Laurel is problematic as hell and they’ve had to bring back Sara just to give her a storyline this season. Still, even though I’m not a Laurel fan I don’t think it’s her. I think it’s her dad though. He redeems himself before he dies.

    • Polly says:

      I honselty think Ollie would be more broken if it was LL, as while I don’t think he loves her romantically and he might not always like her (and even hate her at times), they grew up together and I still think he loves her (like I said, non romantically).

  11. Spence says:

    I don’t know how people are considering its Felicity. Oliver was distraught, obviously, but not heartbroken as he would be if it was Felicity. I mean seriously, knowing Oliver, he would be in a blind rage of vengeance and self-pity for years if felicity died; he’s planning on marrying her, that certainly elicits more of a reaction at her funeral!! Not to mention Barry would’ve been much more devastated as well since he also had a close relationship with Felicity. It’s not Felicity plain and simple.

  12. Drew says:

    We can’t look to Oliver’s behavior at the grave for clues, because the writers probably had no idea who it was when they did that scene.
    Felicity would be the best choice, story-wise. Her death would hit hard for the most characters on both shows and propel stories. It would open the most doors, despite pissing off a lot of fans.
    A good fictional death is the one that people hate. Why bother writing a death for a character that people are indifferent to? And why make it such a big deal, only to kill off someone that nobody cares about?
    That said, I think that the writers have been really over glorifying Felicity lately, to the point of ridiculousness, because they like when fangirls squee at them. So it probably won’t be her.
    More likely options are either Lance because they ruined his character and most people want him dead. Or Diggle, because it would hit hard but he isn’t part of Olicity, so the writers won’t face the wrath of the fangirls. They’ve been struggling to give Diggle stories for a while, so it wouldn’t be surprising. But I don’t think this would be good writing. It would be better just to have him take his family to safer ground.
    Whoever it is, the death needs to live up to the buildup, or else it was a cheap gimmick. The absolute worst thing they could do is not kill off anyone major at all, and just have Oliver standing over some random nobody’s grave before being sworn in as Mayor.

    • A says:

      It wouldn’t just piss off a lot of fans though, it would LOSE a lot of fans. The show might be a lock in for 5 seasons, but it can’t afford to drop to Supernatural ratings just yet. Also, if the writers really didn’t know they wouldn’t have even shown a grave- Felicity is Jewish and the grave had flowers and a headstone right after the funeral.

      • Michael says:

        if they were married Oliver could chose to have a grave for her

        • A says:

          Engaged, converting to his religion and married within 6 months? I dont think so. And if she DIDN’T convert I fully believe he’d choose to bury her using the traditions of the religion she was brought up in.

          • Drew says:

            Oliver was stabbed through the chest and thrown off a cliff, only to shrug it off and move on with his life. The show isn’t always known for its common sense or reason. If they want it to be Felicity, they’ll just figure out some way of glossing over that issue.

    • KatsMom says:

      Well said. I’m honestly expecting the cheap gimmick. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they don’t go there.

    • Liz says:

      I think the flash forward was already a cheap gimmick!

    • Nena says:


    • wonderwall says:

      I disagree it would be good storytelling because I just think that the whole “the love of my life just died” trope is tired and just annoying now. I don’t need Felicity to be Gwen Stacey’d. I’d much rather have her be written off by leaving Star City than have her die.

  13. Karen says:

    I hope its Laurel

  14. It’s Lance or the babymomma. Felicity is still way too obvious. And it would send Oliver back to square one, and while that would leave open the idea of Laurel buidling him back up, I think we’ve had enough retconning for one show.

  15. Will says:

    It’s either Laurel or Diggle, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope it’s Laurel.

  16. James D says:

    I kind of hope it’s Lance because truthfully Paul’s talent is being wasted on the character he should be freed to pursue other projects. with that said after last episode I’m kind of thinking it’s Diggle things went too smoothly it sort of screams tying up loose ends. That and Oliver’s reaction wasn’t severe enough for Felicity, Thea, or Laurel to be the ones to bite the dust.

  17. Mari says:

    My theory is Felicity. Sure, everyone else on Team Arrow (Diggle, Laurel, Thea) are strong contenders, as is Lance.


    …would Barry really show up for a funeral for one of them?

    He and Felicity were the closest out of everyone, and she crossed over at least twice last season that I can remember. I think that she’s really the only person that he’d not only come to a funeral for (even though it has been established in that flash-forward that he missed it), but also visit the grave of.

    • Barry would be there for Oliver, no matter who was in the grave. Besides, he might get to know a few of them in the crossover, so we can’t really use his presence to tell who it is.
      And I keep saying they aren’t going to circle the answer in the first episode of the season.
      The only reason Barry is there is so we worry about the rest of Team Arrow.

    • A says:

      All of Team Arrow is in the crossover, so Barry will know them all this year (he also worked with and had a friendly banter with Digg last year)

  18. James says:

    My money is on Diggle or Thea. As it stands now, I can’t see Oliver being that emotional over Lance or Barry being there. However, with Diggle’s major storyline seemingly coming to an end, it seems reasonable that it could be him. Thea is turning into a mess. It might be good for her character to die.

    • Michael says:

      it would not be good at all for her character. Thea just became SPEEDY to kill her off would not make ANY sense at all. Also there would be tons of flowers as well. Diggle or Felicity fits for the grave

  19. I think Lance is a way likelier to be the killer than the actual victim, because it would be a great switch for his character.

  20. nashieb says:

    Barry would NEVER miss Felicity’s funeral. Ever. So not her. If it’s Dingle then the writers are even more stupid than they were last season. Laurel-couldn’t care less. Speedy-they can’t kill off the only family Oliver has left. I’m thinking Sandra though……

    • Polly says:

      Since the person in the grave was already dead, I do think Barry would miss the funeral if he had to save a city, fighting a super villan at the time. If it’s one already dead person vs 500.000 lives, I think he’d choose the 1/2 million.

      • wonderwall says:

        IDK he risked those 1/2 million lives in the season finale. Regardless, Barry would’ve been late. But if it was Felicity, I think he would’ve been more choked up about it considering the amount Barry cries. He’s a huge crier on that show.

        • Polly says:

          I don’t think it’s Felicity because Ollie seems sad but not broken and Barry seems to be there for Ollie rather than being a guest himself.
          HOWEVER Barry telling Ollie he’s sorry for being late, also makes it seem like Ollie is the main griever, that he was the one that had to plan this funeral and they could have downplayed the emotions, so that the circle of suspects would be greater (which I think they did).

  21. Jack says:

    Just putting it out there because it was in my head but… What if there’s a reveal that behind the scenes Darhk rose Tommy from the grave and turned him into The Merlin from the comics with magic and mystism, and in order to save, say felicity, Oliver had to kill him. I think we’re due another Tommy cameo, but please make it better than the flashback.

    • A says:

      That would ONLY work if Tommy was in it for 1 or 2 episodes at the most, Colin who plays him has a new show now and is filming in America.

      • Katie T says:

        Not saying it is Tommy but Colin could fit in filming some Arrow episodes if it’s organised with the Chicago Med schedule. He’s just actually finished filming some stuff for the second season of The Affair this weekend so I wouldn’t be surprised if they could get him at some point for Arrow

  22. A says:

    Honestly, the writers can say they don’t know as much as they want to, but I believe they know. I also believe they told Stephen something…..maybe not exactly who it is, but he strikes me as an actor who would want to have the right emotions in a scene. Plus, the whole non Jewish funeral set up…… its not Felicity for sure. My money is still on Laurel (and all her fans online that say ‘you can’t…..because comics’ well you can, because modern tv).

    • I think the writers have a couple of options that they are considering. So when they say they don’t know, I believe that is what they are really referring to. :) That whole grave scene seems off to me. No matter who died, there would be more people there. If Lyla died,there would be all of team Arrow there. Same if Diggle, or Felicity died. Same for Thea or Roy(If came back to die) Lance is one of the few who probably wouldn’t draw everyone of team Arrow to his grave. I think they will re-do that whole scene, and we have that one only because they wanted to get people talking about it. They obviously haven’t actually done that scene yet in it’s fullness. Just saying.

      • A says:

        They filmed it like that, with just Oliver and Barry, so that everyone would be a suspect. I know that, everyone knows that. They wont reshoot THAT scene, but we’ll probably see the full funeral scene.

  23. Jared says:

    Considering Barry is with Oliver at the grave makes me think that whoever died was close to both of those characters. But neither look too sad in that photo to make it be Felicity. My money’s on Capt. Lance. Now that Laurel is the black canary and Sara is back from the dead his storyline seems to have come full circle.

  24. Luis says:

    Obviously, anyone other than Oliver is fair game; you can’t kill the title character every year and he was at the funeral. The point is well made – television, as an evolving medium, must remain open to every option that might move the story forward in an authentic, believable manner.. The flash forward underscores the importance of Nyssa’s actions in destroying the Lazarus Pit. Whoever is lying in the coffin at this funeral, we know this character is never coming back, and the other characters will have to deal with the hole this loss leaves in their lives.

  25. mac says:

    god PLEASE be Felicity, she ruined the show

  26. Joe says:

    Lance or thea…the him Oliver is going to kill determines who died…if darhk then lance as the wrap up to his redemption arc…if merlyn then thea to wrap up lazurus pit crazy arc…70% lance 25% thea and 5% of lyla, Nyssa, the girl on island flashbacks…

    • Michael says:

      noway its Thea. noway in hell she just became SPEEDY which the writers has planned for years and if it were her there would be TONS of flowers for such a public figure of starling city to die. So just stop it. It can be Felicity not many knows her so not many flowers and it can be Diggle not many know him either

      • Joe says:

        Sorry lance or thea imo…and unlike you I have not posted a response after EVERY person who thinks it might be thea…are you trying to convince them or yourself…

        • amb1973 says:

          Yeah, I don’t think it’s Thea, primarily because they just did that storyline with her last season. But Michael definitely seems very very invested.

  27. Could be Oliver and it’s his ghost at the grave. Even with his friend beside him, who may be there but not see Oliver. This is going only from the photograph. Whomever, please don’t use the Lazarus Pit again. getting to be a bit of a running joke,

  28. Regarding my previous “duplicated” comment. This is first time I’ve read this article. irst time I’ve been on this site for a while. So it isn’t duplicated. The first line may be as I forgot to log in ,and did so after I began commenting. So to re-iterate in slightly different language so the computer doesn’t blow a gasket, Oliver dead. Graveside ghost. Lazarus Pit becoming running gag.

  29. Kelly says:

    I’m hoping it’s Laurel. I love Katie Cassidy but the character has never been that great to me. The most expandable character. I know about Black Canary and everything but even the comics change origins and plans so she can be killed off in arrow.

  30. CHRIS MASON says:

    I honestly think that he was visiting his mother for the first time since her passing. But if I’m wrong then my money is on Felicity or Dt. Lance.

  31. wonderwall says:

    I think it’s going to be Lance… But I hope it’s going to be Laurel considering she brings nothing to the show even as Black Canary. She brings less to the show than her father who barely has any screentime. I’m tired of her drama, and I just really hope it’s her…..

    • Liz says:

      I wouldn’t mind if Laurel died because I’m just over giving her character chances now but I think it’s going to be Lance. I just hope it’s anyone but Diggle or Felicity. Those two die and I’m out.

    • Ron says:

      Agree. The first 2 episodes of this season have really shown how “just there” Laurel Lance is. She didn’t affect the story lines negatively, but her presence didn’t improve them either. Take her away and nothing really changes, except maybe for making the show tighter. Her story line regarding Sara is really more about bringing the character back for her spinoff. I’m not a fan of fridging females but with Laurel, I find myself OK with it. Maybe Oliver could even ask Constantine (or the Winchester boys) to come back and salt the remains to be sure she wouldn’t return.

  32. Dani says:

    I think its going to be Dig. With him being at odds with Oliver, they are setting Oliver up for some major regret arc. Not to mention, the writers haven’t bothered making him an actual superhero with a proper costume. That helmet obviously doesn’t count because it looks ridiculous. I want it to be Felicity though because Canary and Green Arrow are end game. Plus Emily Bett Rickards could probably star on a new CW show.

  33. Sil says:

    I have my favorites of the show and have least favorites. Lance was ruined last season but he had some witty lines, but, now that he has a better storyline, he is the one to defy Darkh and suffer the consequences for doing so. He will be the one to die. He told Oliver Star City needed public representation to give people hope and something to believe in. This will be Lance’s final step to forgive Oliver for destroying his family. Oliver takes that forgiveness to heart and become what Lance hopes he can do.

  34. Ron says:

    I’m hoping it’s the one character that has been made irrelevant by the show since Season 2, but Laurel Lance is probably safe “because comics.” So it’s probably going to be her father — or someone utterly minor we’d all be looking at each other at the end of the season going “huh?” I don’t think it’s going to be Felicity or Diggle, because of their relevance to Oliver’s journey. Plus, they’re very interesting characters in their own right, IMO, and there’s a lot more story to tell when it comes to them. Like Wendy Mericle said, they’ve barely scratched the surface.

    Could it be Thea? Sure. But they already “killed” her last season. And they would need to re-establish Roy again on the show for his death to have meaning, IMO.

  35. Gregory says:

    Its definitely quentin,cause i dnt see reason for any other person to be “killed off”

    • Liz says:

      His death definitely would change the show but it would affect the characters so I think it’s best he dies. Anyone else I think would change the dynamic/chemistry of the show too much.

  36. cerkiller says:

    laurel, please. she can’t get worse

  37. anna says:

    They actually cant kill bc because dc(comics) will have final say and they won’t ok black canary dying. Cw don’t own green arrow or black canary, that is why we say “but comics” and really don’t have that much to worry about. Personnally I hope laurel moves to lot or flash and I can stop watching this mess of a show.
    The fact that the writers have admitted to not deciding/knowing who will die just fills me with despair that they will ever do justice to green arrow.

  38. Nena says:

    Just not Felicity – show would suck without her… Her and Oliver..
    Just not her

  39. anonymous1 says:

    Needs to be Laurel dying. She is a waste of screen time. She’s irrelevant to the story, makes increasingly stupid and insane decisions and has terrible inconsistent writing. And with Sara back she’s especially not needed. Most people either dislike her or don’t give a crap about her. She’s ruined the character of the BC for a lot of people and hasn’t even come close to living up to who the character was in the comics. She’s a disaster. A black spot on an otherwise amazing show. This show would be so much better off if they got rid of her.

  40. m3rcnate says:

    I don’t think it can be “anyone”. Personally I think it will be either Lance or Diggle given what we know and how Oliver and Barry’s reacted at the grave.
    It could be Lance because his story seems to be running out of juice, his character doesn’t have much purpose anymore, the character doesn’t have a great personality like say Commish Gordon in Batman stories. He has obviously been given a dangerous arc as he works with H.I.V.E. and Dark, which ups his risk of it ending badly for him. It would impact every character because they all knew him, especially Laurel (him being her father and all).
    It could be Diggle because his character (IMO) has lost some of his previous…usefulness. For the most part he is just a guy Oliver sometimes talks to, and has scenes with his family at home. Given the only story line his character has is being addressed this season (his brothers assassination) I could easily see the death being his after he gets justice for his brother.
    Why not Felicity? She is beloved by many fans and I honestly think the show would take a hit in viewership if she was killed off. It is also the most obvious possible option. It also doesn’t fit how little Barry and Oliver were effected at the tombstone.
    Why not Laurel? I think Katie Cassidy was sold the show by being told she would become the Black Canary and be the female lead….well that took forever, her character has been hated since the get-go, Felicity who was supposed to be a reoccurring guest star for a few episodes ended up becoming a series regular and the main will-they-wont-they love interest for the star lead, and Caity Lotz showed up as the Canary and knocked it out of the park becoming a fan favorite and a Canary that Katie can never be better than. I still think the show will follow the comics a bit and keep the Black Canary alive and maybe even by the end of the series be the woman Oliver ends up with.
    Why not Thea? Eh, Oliver has already lost every other family member he had, she is also a character who was hated on by the fans for a long time and just now has become fairly bearable while becoming “Speedy” Oliver’s red hooded side-kick. Along with Katie Cassidy both ladies have had to put up with years of garbage writing and the fans hating their characters. They finally become the characters they were hoping to become (important Black Canary and important “Speedy/Red Arrow?”), they are in fantastic shape going to the gym all the time to get cut and buff and then in season 4 they get killed off? Eh I doubt it.

    • Polly says:

      I 100% agree with you!
      They set up LL becoming the BC for far too long and if Thea died at the end of her story arc this season, it wouldn’t make much sense to me (they could have just killed her off directly).
      If they ever do kill off Felicity, I think it would be mid or at the end of season 5, as people would still go on watching as they would want to know how the story ends.

    • Desandman says:

      Guys while Lance is a viable option, I truly think it has to be Oliver’s baby mama.

      At this point that relationship is stagnant and needs to change. If it doesn’t change now then it will need to at some point.

      My justification for this is that only Barry and Oliver know that Oliver has a son. This is because of Barry’s time travel and Barry changing the outcome by changing the future. Therefore, it would satisfy why only Barry and Oliver where at the funeral.

      Thus, if the child’s mom died Oliver’s secret certainly have to emerge and could influence the break up of Oliver and Felicity as I think she is probably too significant character to die.

      Right now I doubt Lance could die because of his relationship with Felicity’s mom as well as his relationship with Damien. He’s too involved and would affected the plot to much to die now.

      I highly doubt diggs would die as he just got a mask and could be reintroduced as a different super hero or something. Additionally he still has cousin issues and needs to address them and the hive before he can die.

      However, I recognize that Oliver would not be ready to raise a kid on his own and also still has to become the mayor.

      Itcould be felicity, although, I bet she would die later and would at this time only rechonise the death of the Butler…

  41. Ella says:

    Not sure why Oliver would be shedding tears over Lance though. LAUREL Lance, yes. Her father, not so much. I reckon it’s Felicity, would give the show a much needed rejuvenation. It has never been as good as season 1.

  42. BC FAN says:

    it’s Laurel, because in order for the “white” canary’s story to build up in the LOT they need to kill of the BC… and then again it could be diggle, because of Mr. Terrific. He has brains like felicity and will be part of the team arrow more. so in order for his story to build there probably gonna kill diggle. but i know it will be Laurel.

  43. Has to be Felicity, it ties in well with the other possible storylines, like if Damien is her father, then Oliver would kill him but no Malcolm – a complex dilemma for Oliver, but he is hell bent on killing the person responsible.

  44. brenna says:

    Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are the characters I can’t do without. They are the best part of the show to me. There are other characters that I would prefer not to die, but their loss wouldn’t change the show as much, to me.

  45. Clara says:

    Since i’m sure it’s neither Oliver, Felicity or Diggle i know i can survive it. But if it’s Qunetin Lance which seems more and more plausible, i have to say this will definetly be a loss for Arrow! I liked his character (despite the recent developments) and also PB as an actor bringing in some integrity (like Mora used to do) that was valueable for the show’s appearance in my opinion.

  46. Jill says:

    Didn’t anyone notice Felicity’s comments in the season opener when she was referring to Det. Lance commenting to Oliver. Her words were something like “He’s wrong about you Oliver, DEAD wrong…” Maybe a foreshadow???

  47. Cap says:

    I think Diggle or Lance.

  48. Mable says:

    Source Material says GA and BC end up together, true. However, GA and BC do not end up together in Smallville. And Source Material Felicity Smoak is a supporting character of F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M and step mother to Ronnie Raymond.
    the show runners are obviously not sticking to the source material, so GA&Felicity can end up together. ….ok bye

  49. Bob Wood says:

    Last year on the Flash Vs Arrow episode when Arrow visited Flash, at the end of the episode they introduce this female that Oliver recognized and she was on the phone with probably her son in the coffee shop, this actress was actually in several flashbacks in season 1 of the Arrow it was the girl Oliver got pregnant and Oliver’s mother paid her off to stay away, well since this actress re-appeared they must be going somewhere with this right?

  50. wydok says:

    Obviously Ollie is dead. That guy above his grave? His twin brother, Ben Riley.