Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Hail to the Chief

While Thursday’s Scandal stuck to the usual script for much of the hour — Olivia’s in a pickle, Jake still has an ex-wife, and hey, Mellie really hates Olitz!  — things eventually heated up in Shondaland as Cyrus was placed firmly back in the driver’s seat. Let’s recap and discuss, shall we? 

LAW & ORDER | We open as the White House staff furiously debates what actually defines an “impeachable offense” – Fitz doesn’t think a high-profile date with Olivia cuts the mustard – and David reminds the leader of the free world that congress wields that power, and he needs a crackerjack lawyer. Enter Patty Snell, who storms into the Oval Office like a snarky, delightful house of fire. Her non-stop digs at Elizabeth (“Do you let this woman anywhere near the Prime Minister?”) aside, Patty asks for “trucks full of files” delivered to congress to keep them busy.

OLIVIA FINDS A FIXER | Meanwhile, since David has forbidden Fitz from even talking to Olivia – the threat of pesky stuff like obstruction of justice and witness tampering hangs in the air – she turns to fellow fixer and sly fox Leo Bergen (Paul Adelstein), who wants to spin their “tawdry” affair into a true love story. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Olivia Pope, woman of the people (Quinn’s idea). Liv loves it, while Leo calls the strategy “utter crap,” but eventually agrees. And the Gladiators get to work rehabbing Liv’s image. But who can convince America Liv is “human and not some man-eating, husband stealing” vixen (Leo’s on a sassy roll already!)? Olivia swallows her pride and pays a personal visit to former flame Senator Edison Davis. Edison has not forgotten Liv’s words — remember when she dressed-him down with that “criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar” defense way back when? — and demands that she fess up and admit she never loved him. Then, he’ll play ball. Liv swallows the bitter truth pill, because — boom! — there’s Edison on TV, calling out the media’s racism and sexism. With that, we see Cyrus have a fit of the giggles, and Mellie’s face turn to stone. But soon, when the press find another bombshell – the diamond ring Fitz gave Olivia —  Leo demands she act like a “love-struck teenager.”

OLIVIA FACES JAKE, AND THE PRESS | Maybe it’s just a form of B613-inspired PTSD, but it’s going to take a few more glasses of Malbec for me to get on board with whatever’s going on with Jake and his new, sorta ex-wife Elise. But for now, we had to settle for Olivia dropping by Jake’s pad and coming face-to-face with Elise, who Jake calls an “old friend.” Jake then tells Olivia if she sells the love story angle, she will be “tied to the White House” forevermore. “Just tell the truth,” he advises. Later, Olivia faces the cameras to talk ring-gate, and — after a long pause — spills, “I wish I never laid eyes on him” because she’s hurt her friends, her business, but mostly, America. “I tried and failed … to stop loving him,” admits Olivia, tearfully. “But don’t ask me to fall out of love with Fitzgerald Grant.” Tug on the heartstrings and pass the tissues! Before hour’s end, Jake fesses up and tells Olivia he was once married to Elise, and then they share some laughs and order takeout. Guess we’ll have to wait ‘til next week (or next season?) to catch up with Lazarus One!?

PAJAMA PARTY | With Mellie still seeing red after she’s asked to step down from the impeachment committee, she drops by Cyrus’ crib and confides to him that she tipped the press off about the ring. “That’s a real Big Girl move,” smiles Cyrus.

DANGER ZONE | Meanwhile, Marcus gets a not-so-veiled threat from Senator Allen and Moskowitz — either be a “good citizen” and spy on Olivia, or face the music (they’ll go after his brother, too!). Marcus leads the high-powered duo into thinking he will cooperate, then he fesses up to Liv and the gang. As they pour over the committee’s evidence log, they fear they have Olivia’s kidnapping tape, which they know will take everyone down. Olivia rushes off to the White House and, during some sexy time with Fitz, whispers, “They know about West Angola,” reminding him that going to war for his mistress is an impeachable offense. They soon realize that Cyrus is their greatest danger, because he would sell them out in a heartbeat. Get on the phone, Fitz!

IN CONCLUSION | To save his behind, Fitz summons Cyrus back to the White House and offers him his job back — alas, not Chief of Staff. After a long-winded speech, Cyrus plays hardball and rejects the offer. “I do not need you, not anymore,” he says, before Fitz reminds him of the good times, and apologizes (were those tears?). Cyrus is moved, but he has a few conditions to keep his mouth shut: He wants his old Chief of Staff throne back, a presidential pardon, a fancy new carpet and — surprise! — Elizabeth fired.

 Now it’s your turn. What did you think of this week’s episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. David4 says:

    I’m behind, currently on last season’s finale. Is there any reason to get up to date?

  2. Cena Gomez says:

    Another great episode of Scandal! I loved how Leo handled Olivia and I also loved Olivia coming clean in the interview. The truth always works over lies. This has been what Fitz wanted for years. Just tell the world that she’s in love with POTUS and move on from there.
    I love that Fitz and Olivia are on the same page and they are trying to finally be together. I got a feeling Liz will now work with Mellie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lizzie and Mellie hook up. The fist Lesbian president does have a ring to it. Anyway…Loving Scandal and I love the fact that the show is going into a different direction instead of the usual rinse, wash, and repeat.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Liz hates Mellie. I think she’s more likely to hook up with Sally Langston. Whichever, she’s going to be out for blood since she’s lost her job and she will try to take both Cyrus and Fitz down.
      Patty Snell is great. I want to see a lot more of her.
      Best thing about this episode? No Rowan and his rants.

  3. Brian says:

    Really enjoying this season so far. I’m hoping this means the writers realized their mistakes with these last 2 seasons.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Dang, Cyrus, you the man. You just got yourself a permanent get-out-of-jail-free card. Well played, very well played.

  5. niloofar22 says:

    Olivia deserved everything Edison said.

  6. Allison says:

    I have made it no secret from family and friends that Cyrus was one of my favorite characters on Scandal. Yes, he has committed atrocious acts, but who on this show is a saint? I know that it is Jeff Perry’s performance that gets to me. He can be absolutely reprehensible yet I understand the reasons and motivations behind his actions. I was not surprised by his first response to Fitz’s offer to come back or by his conditions/demands when he accepted. When he took that seat on the couch, I said yes, that is where you belong and welcome back. That scene with Cyrus and Fitz a couple of episodes back hurt me but in tonight’s episode the relationship with those two was mended and restored – at least for the time being – this is Scandal after all. Speaking of which, that promo for next week had me gagging. I actually said “the what now?” All I know is I heard the words quickie divorce and wedding and I saw Papa Pope either screaming or choking…I just couldn’t take it. It was too much…but in a good way! I am so looking forward to next week’s episode! I am psyched!

    • Karsue says:

      I totally agree – Cyrus belongs on that spot, on that couch, with POTUS sitting across from him!! There was something about it that made me feel good – even though they were being really bad.

    • the girl says:

      I love that Cyrus has the chance to force them into a marriage as they forced him to marry the prostitute. Payback!

  7. Juli says:

    The name is Marcus, not Malcom. Change it pls

  8. Tim says:

    I don’t think the Jake plot is going anywhere, was hoping for fireworks with Oliva, but she just laughed…

    • Cheyenne says:

      You didn’t think Olivia would be jealous, did you? She never loved Jake. He was a booty call, nothing more. I wonder if he wife suspects he’s in love with Olivia?

      • MiaB says:

        She definitely knows Jake is in love with Olivia. Hence, the power move of kissing him in front of Liv. And I think Liv might be a little bit jealous.

        • D.W. says:

          I don’t she didn’t seem jealous at all. Maybe a little surprised but definitely didn’t feel any jealous vibes from her. They even had a genuine laugh about their types.

  9. danoregon says:

    He’ll be impeached and then Mellie will (for some phenomenal reason) NOT cast the deciding vote to remove him from office.

  10. anna says:

    Why isn’t Mellie giving a tell all interview to the press instead of letting Olivia have the upper hand here? She’s the wronged wife and Fitz is a horrible husband. The public sympathy would help her career. First she lost her son now her husband. All Mellie needs is a good publicist.

    • TrudiV says:

      Tell all interview? Don’t you mean tell some interview?

    • Win says:

      I don’t know – in the current political climate (real and fictional) and even the comments section here, yes, there would be sympathy, but there are others who would also use that to paint her as “weak” or a “perpetual victim” despite what she could do for her state & country and/or how many strengths she has demonstrated/possesses. It’s a double-edged sword, especially since her character’s a state senator and so even if people are “on her side” nationally (or even personally – vs. politically), her state constituents might take a different view/feel her term – and therefore effectiveness – was overshadowed by scandal (not necessarily of her doing). I definitely agree with you that she needs a good publicist who is aware of the climate, but doesn’t have some other vendetta (just like many Scandal characters seem to get manipulated, as Mellie was by Cyrus somewhat recently) and is not well-connected to Fitz/Olivia, etc…

    • annemarie says:

      Yea but she is simply focused on the white house and cannot see beyond the throne of power.

  11. Ashg34 says:

    Getting dangerously close to deleting scandal from my Hulu list. I’m hating the wishy washy Olivia. And Fitz is such a wuss, how can she even be attracted to him? And I’m so over the Huck and Quinn weird thing. Really miss the original gladiators concept.

  12. Paolo says:

    If Portia (Liz) was made series regular, but Cyrus wants Fitz to give her the boot to be on his good side again, then where the hell will she go then? She can’t work for Abby, and I don’t see her with Mellie, so,…

    • Christina says:

      You can be a series regular and still be qwritten out the show or missing from it. Crediting has nothing ro do with longevity.

    • Cheyenne says:

      She will work with that racist senator and Sally Langston to bring down Fitz. She’d work with Andrew if Huckhadn’t turned him into an eggplant.

  13. TrudiV says:

    Incorrect things from your recap:

    You state: ” remember when she called him a “criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar” way back when?” Liv did not call Edison this.

  14. TrudiV says:

    No Shonda, no! Doux Bebe was not a diamond ring. When are you going to stop playing fast and loose with the canon? Next thing you know, it will be an anklet or a nose ring.

  15. Imzadi says:

    It was nice to see that Michael is still around, and I guess he’s raising little Ella (who must be a toddler now). He probably hadn’t foreseen that scenario when he chose a career as a male escort/call guy! I had hoped we might see her, as we did see Teddy last week. Lots and lots and lots of soliloquies last night. I felt like I was watching badly written Shakespeare: The Tragedie of Fitzgerald! Or even better: Fitzgerald and Olivia! Maybe a version of Othello with Mellie (or Cyrus, your choice) as Iago!

    • herman1959 says:

      Ella was a toddler at the wedding, she would be preschool age now. I have to agree that the Mellie “tragedy” didn’t make sense – she was so hurt that she was forced to resign from the Judiciary Committee! Come on, no freshman senator (with Mellie’s baggage) would be on that committee, and even is she were, she would have had to recuse herself BEFORE the initial vote.

  16. S says:

    These two are the worst people. Why are they painted as the heroes?

  17. Joe says:

    After the past few episodes I’m moving scandal off my must watch list to my I will watch when I got nothing better to do , it has jumped the shark so much for me it’s not fun for me to watch anymore

  18. Coal says:

    Two snooze fests back to back, I did find Leo to be very funny also Cy was absolute gold in the early parts of the episode.

  19. annemarie says:

    Please tell me Oliva Pope is having a bad dreammmmmm

  20. SoGirl1977 says:

    This was a great episode! Olivia’s interview – Cy eating brownies – Cy and Fitz talking in the Oval – (I screamed Cy is back but I still don’t trust him!) – Olivia’s interview – Fitz and Olivia’s “sexy time” cute no heavy breathing just …

    Mellie, Mellie, Mellie – still so predictable! What is/was her end game – Pretend forever? You can’t withhold intimacy (communication, emotion, and yes sex) from your husband for 10 years, discover he’s having an affair, don’t attempt to stop it but encourage his infidelity until he falls in love with the other woman. After 10 years of being faithful to you, your marriage, and your family.

    Can’t wait until next week – I’ve wanted Lizzie Bear gone when she was hired! If she gets out of hand, they can always have Huck pay her visit not to hurt her or touch her, just show up at her favorite coffee shop!

    • Pika says:

      That’s why I did not understand when Cyrus apologized for bringing Liv in the campaign because one they would not have won the presidency. And two after 10 yrs of withholding intimacy Fitz would have found someone else. It may have not been the connection he had with Liv but he would have found someone else.

  21. will says:

    Maybe Jake is the blind item. You only see him pop up time to time about a B613 plot and now you see him with his ex-wife or wife. I see his ex or his wife betraying him and he dies along with the B613 plot line for good.

  22. Pika says:

    I enjoyed last nights episode. However I have a question. When Liv called abby and said “I need a loan” Did she mean Leo or money? And if it was money why would she need money from Abby?
    Also I felt it was a dumb move on Mellie’s part to leak the ring info. That worked out better for Olitz in my opinion.

  23. Darcel says:

    Did anyone else notice that Edison had on a wedding ring?

  24. Tony says:

    No matter how despicable he is, I just can’t hate Cyrus.

  25. gina says:

    So glad Cyrus is back as Chief of Staff. And I love that Olivia and Fitz are together – Mellie doesn’t love Fitz at all. I hope they find a way to bring Hollis back.

  26. Rachel says:

    Am I crazy or where is Jake living? That doesn’t look anything like his former apartment. It’s kind of driving me crazy.