Arrow Recap: Pit Stop

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Laurel popped by Nanda Parbat with a very special request of Malcolm, while back home “The OGs” dealt with a metahuman threat.

THE PIT AND THE PANDEMONIUM | Laurel and Thea interrupt Malcolm’s sparring/”sparring” session with Nyssa in Nanda Parbat to announce that they did not come alone, that they have dead Sara with them. Nyssa balks at the notion of resurrection by Lazarus Pit, as does Malcolm himself — as he notes, given the extremes of Sara’s condition, “Who/what comes out wouldn’t be Sara.”

Later, Laurel tells Nyssa that she was counting on her support in this endeavor, to which Nyssa scoffs, “Then you don’t know me at all…. I wouldn’t wish [the Pit] on my worst enemy, let alone my beloved.” Nyssa adds: “I miss Sara, too, but she is gone forever. I’ve accepted that, maybe it’s time you did too.”

Malcolm checks in on Thea, whom he recognizes as having “bloodlust” coursing through her own post-Pit body. “You need to feed the impulse,” he says, suggesting that the occasional killing spree will sate her craving. Thea lashes back, Arrow-Sara-Aliveasking if Malcolm has any “normal” fatherly advice to offer, and he talks of/lies about a “sage” who lives in the mountains and may be able to help.

Thea later wakes from a nap to find League assassins in her room, whom she swiftly executes. Turns out they were an offering from her father, to feed her current bloodlust. When Thea fails to appreciate the sick gesture, Malcolm offers a make-good — he’ll oblige Laurel’s request to revive Sara. Nyssa tries to stop the ceremony, but Laurel and Thea lower Sara’s corpse into the waters anyway. And sure enough, moments later, an alive and unwell Sara rises to the surface, springs out of the Pit and growls. As the feral femme is shackled to a wall, Malcolm warns Laurel and “brace for the worst.” Ignored Nyssa meanwhile destroys the Pit, so that, among other reasons, when she one day kills Malcolm, it will stick!

O-T-AYYYYYY! | Things are Arrow Season 4 Recapstill frosty between Oliver and Diggle, to the point that one night they pursue separate agendas — Diggle tracks Mina Fayad, the woman A.R.G.U.S. ID’d as ordering the hit on Andrew, while Oliver chases a hold-up — both having zero good results. Oliver, for one, wound up lured into a trap set by Double Down, a metahuman from Central City tasked by Darhk with killing the Green Arrow.

After their respective close calls, Felicity chews the guys out and forces them to resolve their issues, “or I’ll find Mirakuru soldiers to knock some sense into you.” Diggle tells Oliver that the issue isn’t forgiveness, but how to move forward alongside a man he doesn’t trust. That whereas Dig would once have easily taken a bullet for Oliver, now… not so much. Oliver snaps back, “I get it” — but why isn’t he being afforded any chances to earn back that trust? When Oliver mentions Fayad as having ties to Darhk, Diggle lets Oliver in on the secret he has kept for two years, relating to his brother’s purposeful murder.

Darhk meets with Fayad and Double Down, chiding them both for the failed attack on the Green Arrow. It is mentioned that the others are anxious to move into “Phase III,” which Fayad calls “Genesis.” But the convo is cut short when Darhk invites Double Down to hurl a card at him, which the mystical Damien stops mid-air… and then redirects into Mina’s throat.

Felicity takes one of Double Down’s playing card tattoos to Palmer Tech whiz Curtis Holt, but just as he deduces that the tattoo ink could help them track the owner, the flip-side is true — and the metahuman is already there in their lab, hurling razor-sharp cards. Felicity whisks Curtis to a secret elevator that goes down to the basement Arrowcave, as she reveals that she works with Green Arrow. Double Down follows them there, and a shootout ensues, with Felicity toting an automatic weapon to some effect, scaring the meta away.

When Oliver and Diggle find dead Fayad, Diggle laments that he has lost his only lead. Oliver spins the situation thusly: Diggle only found one lead because for the past two years he was working at it alone. Now, they can pursue it together. They then intercept Double Down, who’s speeding out of town, but as the meta notes, “You don’t scare me half as much as [Darhk] does,” so for now they have the tight-lipped guy locked up in The Flash’s Pipeline. (Hope he packed a sandwich.)

At episode’s end, “Original Team Arrow” finally goes out for margaritas, where Oliver hints that he’s working on a “surprise” Lair 3.0. Later at Palmer Tech, Felicity’s cell phone acts oddly again, a tiny message on it reading “f e l i c i t y”….

HOW (LIAN) YU DOIN’? | In the flashbacks — which at this rate aren’t shaping up much better than the Hong King edition — Oliver saves the unnamed woman from execution, after she admits to stealing a cache of the hybrid drug “Slam” they’ve been farming for Baron Reiter. Spiriting her away into the woods, he urges her, “Trust me, or we’ll both be dead.”

What did you think of Sara’s resurrection, The OGs’ reunion and whatever’s going on with whatshername on the island? And what sort of “surprise” is Ollie planning?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Quinn says:

    LOVED all the OTA screen time this episode!

    • Lizzie says:

      Love that they used a term we’ve been using for so long too. Also loved how Felicity was season 1 Oliver & his excuses on where he got his evidence. And Curtis was Felicity just seeing through the lies & calling BS lol. Oh we’ve come a long way since then.

  2. Trish says:

    Original Team Arrow was LOVELY! Long overdue. More, please.

    • Liz says:

      THIS. I missed them so much but this episode proved how missed they were. They were just so wonderful together and the banter when they were back together was just PERFECT!

    • Pokerstrike says:

      Absolutely agree. Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, that’s all it needs. Thea and especially Laurel can stay in Nanda Parbat forever.

      • Comments like that is why Olicity fans are hated Thea is Oliver’s God damn sister she belongs

        • Dadada says:

          ?? the comment wasn’t even about Olicity …
          I don’t dislike Thea, but I prefer original Team Arrow too. too many cooks spoil the broth.

        • The Carpooler says:

          Whoa, Dominator. Take a step back, collect yourself, use complete sentences.

        • Sil says:

          I thought it was great. I adore the three together again. OTA. Great scenes. Great action and fight scenes. Even though I noticed that John Barrowman’s stunt stand in was obviously fighting. I loved how Felicity got them to talk not ignore each other. Darkh is very ominous. Magic was cool. Yes, I love Olicity. But, I adore Thea and glad Sara has returned; however, not like this. I’d rather it was by Darkh or some of his henchmen, not Laurel. This just makes Laurel selfish and thoughtless. Just saying. Why did one of his henchmen let Dig live. Hmmmm, could he be Dig’s murdered brother?

        • Wooster182 says:

          Thea and Laurel belongs on the family side of the show. The superhero side just needs OTA. The show is more interesting, light, and fast paced that way.

      • Liz says:

        I agree about Laurel but Thea was AWESOME in this episode. I loved her scenes with Malcolm.

  3. GirlvsTV says:

    With Oliver/Digg/Felicity working together again, I finally feel like my show is back! I missed their interactions so much and I’m so happy Oliver and Diggle are mending their friendship. Loved the Felicty/Curtis interactions as well – actually Felicity was pretty much on point this whole episode, from snatching some sense into Oliver and Digg to saving the day with that machine gun, this was a great ep for her character. All I have to say about the Nanda Parbat stuff is: happy to have Sara back, I hope Nyssa gets to kill Malcolm (w/ an assist from Thea) one day soon, and Laural is just . . . I don’t even know. I have no idea what they are trying to do with her character. And I didn’t understand why she told Thea that Sara was acting just the way Thea did after the pit? How would Laurel know?

    • Emmett says:

      Glad the Oliver/Dig drama is over and the team is back together too!

      First off, these flashbacks are not good – this would have been a fantastic flashbackless episode.

      I’m not sure if Curtis is growing on me, but I’m glad Felicity is stepping up. :]

      Laurel, man it’s frustrating because the writers have to know that this doesn’t make her look good at all, I can’t even blame Laurel when the writing is so glaringly bad. She pretty much stormed in, argued, fell asleep and played the doof (I mean she’s a lawyer, shouldn’t you be able to read the situation/people better?).

      Glad Sara is back, hopefully this evil/soullessness thing doesn’t last long.

      All in all the episode gets a B, the flashbacks, and bad Nanda Parbat writing were really a drag, well except for Nyssa, more Nyssa pls.

  4. aunni says:

    after how long we got OTA..?? AFTER 2X12…felicity chewing the guys out was awesome, Damien Darrkh is scary as hell…after the meh Ra’s was last happy Arrow bagged an excent actor to play an excellent villain

  5. Jason says:

    The metas aren’t going in the STAR labs pipeline any longer. They are going to the meta-wing of Iron Heights. It was created between Season 1&2.

  6. Riley James says:

    I don’t understand why Malcolm would bring back Sara FOR Thea AFTER telling Thea that the pit gives you a bloodlust and the only way to cure it is to kill the person who hurt you in the first place. So doesn’t that mean Sara going to have an insatiable bloodlust to kill Thea?

  7. Joe says:

    Laurel is horrible and selfish…after darhk sheciscthe biggest villain this season…

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Anyone else feeling an unfloding Amnesia storyline here? I have a feeling Sara will forget all about Laurel and the rest of his family.

      Its kinda full karmic turnaround. Laurel was originally made at Oliver not so much for cheating on her, but getting her sister killed. Then she started to accept what had happened. Then Sara came back into her life, and Laurel found that hard to handle esp as Sara had grown so close to Oliver ( I remember the Family Dinner episode). Then Sara died again, and Laurel was upset.

      Then we have ‘Sara’ and I use that word loosely coming back after a long time dead and its quite possible she will have no idea who Laurel is.

      • Liz says:

        I don’t think she’ll know who Laurel is in the next episode. But she will come back eventually.

        • Sil says:

          I’d bet Sara has a long way to feeling a part of the living, learning to feel again. Emotions that actually affect one’s choices and interactions with people, friends, family. She doesn’t have feelings, you know like a zombie would feel. She only has a need to kill. She will be a menace and hinderance to the team and Star City.

  8. Jason. P says:

    Loved the “hey siste in law” line. Felcity will be wife number 2 to Oliver haha

  9. I’m so happy. I can’t even … getting to see Diggle and Oliver finally make some progress and have Amell and Ramsey working off each other again, seeing Felicity get to be the senior member of Team Arrow to a newbie Terrific and kick a little butt, having the OG3/OTA back together – and have Felicity throw out every version of that they could fit in – plus Felicity’s loud voice; all while Thea’s problems escalated while Malcolm continues to be the most twisted yet involved parent ever, Darhk continues to be fantastically creepy, we got see Nyssa again, and Sara’s back yay!!!

    This season is making up for so much, and it has great drive. I still can’t say that I don’t skim the flashbacks – I don’t know, the island’s happening again, the wig’s gone, other stuff – but other than that, I love where things are going. Well done, Arrow writers.

  10. Liz says:

    This was the best episode in a long time! Loved all of the OTA stuff. The three of them are MAGIC. Felicity was totally badass and I laughed so hard when she shot that gun. Awesome! Really loving Thea’s story now, Malcolm is the worst father ever but it’s fascinating! Can’t wait to see if Thea starts killing people and how she handles that bloodlust. So so happy to see Sara back even if she’s crazy but man, Laurel continues to be the worst. I got nothing from her in this episode. Nyssa spoke for us all. Love her so much!!

  11. Drew says:

    Yes, people will call me a Felicity hater. But I’m used to it, so I don’t care.
    Every scene with that woman was complete nonsense. She magically took over non-robotic heavy machinery? She (Felicity!) shrugs off an obviously not normal cell phone glitch? She shoots a machine gun like a weakling cheerleader, rather than someone who had been fighting crime for years.
    Since when was the Arrowcave in the Palmer Tech basement? Did I miss the line about that? The team was going in and out of there even when Oliver and Felicity were away?
    Why does Felicity need a special pass to the Arrowcave, but random dude off the street can walk in without so much as a brief delay? Seriously, he must have taken the stairs, so how did he even get to a secret sub-level as fast as the elevator did?
    The problem is that Felicity should be an effortless character, but they are trying to put her on Oliver’s level. In doing so, they took away what was great about her and turned her absurd.
    I am not a Felicity hater. This just isn’t Felicity.
    Why didn’t that Ghost kill Diggle when he had the chance? For that matter, why were Diggle and Oliver suddenly not together?
    And why did Diggle keep using Oliver’s name?!
    Most of the episode was fine. I liked the flashback. I didn’t hate the Laurel/Thea stuff, though they look really stupid for not listening to Nyssa. I can buy that neither one is in their right minds, plus we get Sara back, so I will let go of it.
    Most of the episode wasn’t bad. But everything that involved Felicity felt so forced and wrong that it took me out of the story.
    I either want real Felicity back (complete with foot in mouth) or I want her to be in the grave six months later. She is annoying now.

    • Liz says:

      Felicity kicked ass in this episode! I agree the thing with the cellphone was weird because she normally would have checked it immediately but I think that’s just plot dictating things because clearly it’s Ray trying to get in touch with her.

      The machine gun thing was totally accurate because she knew she couldn’t shoot so she just closed her eyes and hoped for the best. No one has taught her how to shoot a gun so how would she know otherwise? Seriously people were complaining that her shooting a gun was ooc and you’re saying she should have shot better?! What?!!

      And the bit about Double Down reaching the Arrow lair quickly is not Felcity’s fault, like what? That’s just the timing being off in the scene. It’s nothing to do with Felicity. OMG.

      I didn’t see them trying to put her on Oliver’s level at all. And to me everything she did fit effortlessly within the episode. I do think you’re being too hard on her character.

      The ghost probably didn’t kill Diggle because it was probably his brother Andy and he recognised him.

      • Drew says:

        Felicity isn’t a real person. I am blaming the writers for putting her into nonsensical situations and making her look stupid.
        No intelligent person closes their eyes, shoots a machine gun and hopes for the best. Idiots do that.

        • Dadada says:

          what would you know about intelligent people? your hating is stupid and pathetic. Felicity is a great character and didn’t look stupid at all.

        • Liz says:

          Uh, I know she’s not a real person. LOL. I’m just saying I feel like you were being a bit too hard on her character. And she only closed her eyes to start. I thought it was pretty in character. Anyway, agree to disagree, Drew.

          • Drew says:

            No, I don’t blame the character at all. I like Felicity a lot. The problem is that the writers are coming through more than the character. They feel like they need to make Felicity more than the tech geek with a foot in her mouth. They’re trying to make her a superhero, so she can now magically hack into machinery that isn’t networked and isn’t remote controllable.
            I just want Felicity back. She doesn’t need to be forced into greatness by writing her into absurd situations. Her scenes feel like bad fanfic at this point.
            I’m not a troll or a hater. I’m just a fan of who she was and I hate who the are trying to make her. It is sad and makes her look pathetic.
            I guess we have no choice but to agree to disagree. :)

          • John NYC says:

            “hack into machinery that isn’t networked and isn’t remote controllable.”

            OR it was networked in a world with people who can run REALLY fast etc.

            And a “superhero” wouldn’t have put quite so many rounds into the lairs innocent ceiling, lol.

          • Drew says:

            By that logic, why didn’t Felicity turn invisible and fly to the rescue of Oliver and Diggle?

          • John NYC says:

            Because, paraphrasing what Jessica Rabbit once said: she wasn’t written that way.

    • Dadada says:

      yeah, you are a hater. and stupid. Felicity was great. this is the real Felicity and she’s awesome. if you can’t see the character gold she is, television is probably too high for you.

      • Drew says:

        Someone here is definitely way too high for me. And it isn’t anyone on the show.

        • NotAnselAdams says:

          No one would accuse you of being anything but low, Drew. Low-brow, lowly bred, and no fun at parties. Crawl back to the lower depths from which ye came, ye troll.

    • Wooster182 says:

      The only thing that bothered me was the cell phone thing. She’s an IT guru and a CEO. Her phone is doing something abnormal. Her first thought wasn’t corporate espionage? That’s just lazy writing!

  12. Pokerstrike says:

    okay, I think it’s official now. Katie Cassidy is the worst actress to ever live. she couldn’t show emotions if her life depended on it. such a bad casting choice. of all the characters Laurel has the most turbulent and emotional journey, but she can’t make the viewer feel any of it. Hope it’s her in the grave we saw, this isn’t going to get any better. Laurel is annoying and Cassidy sucks, get rid of them.

  13. James D says:

    best episode of the season by far. Thank jeebus there is still hope this show can return to its former glory. Can’t wait to see the look on Oliver’s face when he sees Sara. Laurel is sure to get one of his now infamous lectures. loved all the OTA stuff. John Barrowman continues to be the unsung hero of this show he is so sinister yet very likable at the same time. I liked the little hint to Mr. Terrific I doubt we’ll see him suit up but hopefully in the future, on that note with all these heroes popping in will we ever get a Justice League on this show? probably not because of the movies but you never know. Markovia exist in this universe will we see Geo-Force and Terra sometime in the future? Great episode can’t wait to see the next one.

  14. Arkat says:

    glad that Sara is back, but still kind of hate Laurel even more now. I think they’re making her unlikeable on purpose. please let it be her grave at the end of the season.

    • Drew says:

      The writers won’t make you hate the character before they kill him/her off. They will want you to be sad when they die. So look for a character to be pushed in a positive way, and that will be who dies.
      But they may not be pushed until closer to their death.

      • Warwr says:

        I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Getting rid of an unlikeable character seems like a smarter idea than to get rid of a well-liked one. and it might not even be a main character who dies at all.

        • Drew says:

          This death has to be significant enough to warrant the big mystery of it all. Only so many characters fit that.
          The question is, will the writers slip into the big mistakes that some writers do with this sort of mystery? If they make it a character that wasn’t known at the time of the flash forward, that is a writing fail. If they make it a minor character who isn’t worth the buildup, that is a fail. If they make it a character that we all want dead anyway, that is a fail (since Oliver was torn up, and just because this wouldn’t be dramatic. It would be cause for celebration). And finally, if they end up not killing anyone at all, that would be a fail. If Oliver is actually standing at Tommy or Moira’s grave while somehow actually attending a wedding or some s**t like that, it will be infuriating.
          Their job is to kill someone that will be painful to see go. Otherwise, why did they tease it so early and make it into a big deal?

          • Warwr says:

            and killing off a beloved character is not a fail? Personally I’d rather have a disapointing moment that a possible season 5 with – for example – Felicity. One big shocker is not worth the whole show.
            I think Lance is the best guess right now and wouldn’t be a fail. He wouldn’t be missed (too much), but at the same time he isn’t a total minor character either. and depending on the story developement over the season, Oliver could grief his death.

          • Drew says:

            I agree that Lance is the best guess right now. Look for him to try to redeem himself right before he dies.
            The problem is that after last season, most people want him dead. The writers made this a huge deal by flashing forward. If it doesn’t hit hard, what was the point? Why not just flash forward to Oliver sitting in his kitchen, drinking coffee?
            The death has to be significant and ideally, it has to be someone that we don’t want dead. That is the tragedy of death. That is the drama of good television. If you are happy with how a death turned out, they did it wrong.

          • jm says:

            i Have the strong feeling that that person is Diggle. After seeing them bounding again…
            Barry would have known him and he knows who important is Diggle for Oli.

          • Drew says:

            I thought that it might be Diggle too. I got that vibe, but I was hoping that it was a misdirect.

  15. OTA is Oliver & Diggle its like the writers forgot their first 14 eps

    • Warwr says:

      I think Felicity debuted in episode 3 of the first season. yes, she wasn’t officially part of the team then, but Oliver went to help for her several times anyway. and two people aren’t really a team. most people mean Oliver, Diggle and Felicity when refering to OTA.

    • Liz says:

      OTA is Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. She’s been helping the team since episode 3.

  16. Warwr says:

    pretty much a normal Arrow episode. Felicity awesome, Laurel annoying, some nice action and a little story development.
    I’m not a fan of anything zombie-like, so I’m torn about Sara. I liked her (way better Canary than Laurel will ever be), but resurrection is a stupid plot device. dead should be dead. guess Constantine will have to somehow “fix” Sara now before she can go to Legends of Tomorrow.

  17. Quinn7177 says:

    I think the “surprise” is that Ollie is running for mayor, isn’t it? He only told Felicity, so it’s still a surprise for Diggle. Or he’s going to try proposing again.

  18. Janine says:

    Great episode, except for what they’re doing to Laurel’s character. Every time I start to like her, the writers make her do something unforgivable. Last season it was impersonating to her father, and now this. I don’t know how she comes back from this.

    I’m beginning to wonder if it’s Thea in the grave now, and when Oliver said he would “kill him” he is referring to Malcolm, not Darhk. (Though TVLine’s new blind item still has me worried about Felicit.)

    • Warwr says:

      Stop starting to like her. she’s not worth it.

    • Drew says:

      Considering the fact that they just introduced a character who could take over as the resident techie, I am curious to see if Felicity does die. I just don’t think that the writers have the guts to do that, so she probably won’t.

  19. Polly says:

    I thought the episode was alright. Most of the story lines still feel like a set-up to something that’s yet to come and the ones that don’t get too little (or not good enough) screen time.
    OTA – I don’t care about original or not, I’ve enjoyed all the TAs so far.
    O – still a bit boring to me, season 2 was Ollie’s (as non-Arrow) best season
    F – I love Felicity but the shooting and actually hitting part made me go “of course she did”; and not trying to figure out what’s wrong with her phone seems a bit out of character
    JD – I really like the character but his story line simply felt like a set up to fix the Ollie problem
    NP – I would have wanted a bit more of their story line included in this episode. The Sara story line also felt like something that just needed to be done for the plot to move along, it didn’t seem like the writers spent much time or thought on this bit. Loved seeing Nyssa again, they gave LL (or rather the actress) nothing to work with this episode, T and M were great, gosh I love John Barrowman, and I’m looking forward to seeing Sara again (back in action, that is).

    • Juliana says:

      I’m a bit more enthusiastic about the episode than you, but I agree with pretty much everything you said. I think it was so ooc of Felicity to not care about her cellphone glitch and that they gave nothing for KC/LL to work with. Nyssa was the true MVP of Nanda Parbat.

      • Polly says:

        I rewatched it, and I do like it more than I did the first time, as I went in with expectations which were not met by this episode (I really thought they were going to show us more of Nanda Parbat & Sara). This time, I could just enjoy it for what it is!
        Nyssa is fantastic, she’s one of my favourite characters and I wonder if the whole situation between her and LL will have consequences later this season (as Nyssa promised)?!

    • Athena says:

      I actually didn’t mind that she managed to actually hit Double Down just because she probably fired off more than a hundred rounds. It might not even have been a lucky hit but a ricochet off concrete, LOL!

  20. DarkDefender says:

    Finally the bromance is back! #Doliver
    Quote of the episode: “you took a meta-human’s tattoo playing card for me..” ~ Diggle
    Please tell me that Constantine exorcises the demons out of Sara and that is how she becomes the White Canary. Pretty please.

  21. Robert says:

    Why didn’t the “ghost” kill Wiggle in the beginning of the episode? Maybe his brother isn’t so dead

  22. Sharon says:

    I think they need to stop the flashbacks. Everything else is spot on.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, the flashbacks should have stopped at the end of last season. We all know where/why/how about the Arrow at this point, so we should all be able to advance. Also, it looks like new characters are being introduced, via flashback, that we don’t know or care about…AGAIN.

  23. I have to ask this question: Malcolm said that since Thea would never be able to kill the one who hurt her, why did he bring Sara, the woman he had her kill, back to life?
    That stands out as the biggest thing that doesn’t make sense. But I loved having all the Malcolm/Thea scenes, nonetheless.

  24. Ala says:

    A great episode especially since the OTA Magic is back. The three of them are just so spectacular! The way they play off each other and the range of emotions from scene to scene is truly amazing. Their chemistry is undeniable and shines when they are together. And Felicity kicked ass. Only she can be funny one moment, a spaz the next and a terror who sets grown men straight too. EBR is a gem.

    Palmer is so phone stalking Felicity :D

    Thea was amazing! And so was Malcom. He’s so twisted but he does truly love his daughter. He’s just not normal. Love their relationship and how great Willa is in these scenes. Very powerful physically and emotionally.

    Sara is back! Thank You! I’ll take her in any form: good, bad or homicidal.

    Great to see Felicity have a techie to school and brainstorm with.

    And now Laurel. Oh man oh man. I don’t know what’s going on there. I really like KC but I’m not sure the writers do. Or maybe it’s the acting? At this point I have no idea.
    This should have been a big moment for her to go ask Malcom to bring back Sara. But instead Thea and Nyssa stole the scenes. Even when Laurel was speaking. Their faces and postures showed more emotions then Ls speech. Honestly the only thing I felt from Laurel in this episode was that she used Thea and the fact that she was Malcolm’s daughter, to manipulate M to bring back Sara. In the premiere it seemed like Laurels character was finally on the right track. She was kicking ass, being a good teammate and had a great superhero moment with that little kid at the train station. She WAS the Black Cannery. Now she’s confusing me again like the whole of season 2. I can’t seem to understand her or feel for her like I do the others. Any of the others. Even Damien is awesome and I get him. He’s evil. That’s basically it even though he’s more complex. But Laurel? I have no idea. She wants her sister back and I get that. She says it and she does it but there’s so much missing there. And I don’t know if it’s the acting or the writing.

    Flashbacks need something more.

    • Polly says:

      I think the whole LL bringing Sara back was just rushed. Even when they were in NP, how much screen time did they actually invest in that story line. The writers wanted Sara back, somebody had to do the job (though at this point I wish it had been anybody but LL, people seem to be me forgiving when it comes to other characters) but they wanted to just get it over with and not give it much thought. They could have made it better, because LL probably would have thought about what M and N said to her, she would have doubted her decision, even if she arrived at “I still want to bring her back”, but to me it just seemed like the writers didn’t think want to bother, in stead they gave her lines such as “dad will be so happy to see you” and “I promise I’ll bring you back (or something the like”, which given the situation, just aren’t what they need to be.

  25. Robert says:

    Why didn’t the guard kill Diggle in the beginning of the episode?

  26. peterwdawson says:

    Anytime they actually want to kill of Merlyn like they should have a season ago that would be awesome.

  27. Pat says:

    Great episode. Of course I freaked out when they showed Sara’s corpse being lowered in the pit and then I freaked out again, when she jumped out of the pit like a “banshee”. I really like the new character Curtis, but my gut is telling me that he might turn out to be bad. I sure hope that I am wrong about him. That whole scene of Double Down going after Felicity and Curtis had me jumping out of my seat and screaming at the TV. My last thought is again about who is in the grave. I keep posting that I think it could be Thea and the reality is that the only way her bloodlust will end, is by her death. I like Thea, so I really hope that I am wrong. When an episode of Arrow, has me jumping out of my seat and screaming, for me that means this was an A+ episode.

  28. michael bailey says:

    Isn’t it past time to 86 the flashbacks? They’re usually a bore with little connection to the main story and seem to function as nothing more than a snack/potty break, at least in my house.

  29. brenna says:

    This episode was awesome! There was so much action. Loved it! And having the OTA back was the best. I’m so happy that Oliver and Diggle are getting over their hard feelings. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity, in my opinion, have always been the best part of Arrow. They are so fun to watch together. I know a show has to evolve, and I enjoy the other characters being a part of the action, but I still want a lot of OTA. I do think some are being a little too hard on Laurel. I can understand wanting your sister back so badly that you would take a chance. Also, since Sara is such a strong person, you could see Laurel thinking she could overcome any side effects. Nyssa was great.

  30. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Good to see original Team Arrow working together again. Glad Oliver & Diggle are friends again. Good to have Sara back. Bummer she’s acting like a wild animal for now.

  31. Bet you that message was from Ray Palmer.

  32. Liz985 says:

    The show has deteriorated in quality this year. The stunt sequences were especially bad last night with it being really apparent that stunt double was being used. The show used to be a little more seamless about stuff like that. Also, uh Makeup Department, if Sarah is supposed to be a corpse and you’re doing a full shot of her going into the Pit, you might want to make pay attention to her feet, which looked like she’d just had a pedicure versus her upper torso, which was made to look dessicated. Details, people, details. High def is unforgiving.

  33. Gerald says:

    Sara was the worst actress and worst character and for some unexplainable reason people liked her so they tried to please those people and did the unthinkable and brought her character back. And to do it they made Laurel be stupid and emotional all over again. Just when Laurel was becoming a solid character. All to get her on Legends of Tomorrow. I hope that show fails and if/when it does I blame the Sara character.

    • iamolisebika says:

      Lol. I’m sure legends would be such a hit. And Sarah would kick ass. 😘

    • Linda Fittinger says:

      Laurie says:
      No matter the reaction I get this is my opinion – Love Oliver with Felicity – just enjoy seeing Oliver have some happiness (finally) & I love both the characters along with Diggle – Yeah Team Arrow – the show wouldn’t be the same with Oliver & Felicity- that being said – never have liked Sara or Laurel bad acting on both their parts – Laurel’s character just gets annoying season after season – gag me she had to bring back a well done (as in dead) character – please kill them both off. If they kill off Felicity as much as I like Oliver etc, I’d stop watching the show. I think you can have plenty of drama without killing of Felicity – as you can obviously tell I love the new connection with Oliver & Felicity. And yes I’m ready for all the attacks against me for saying I have no use for seeing Sara again except to leave the show & take Laurel with her (sorry Miss Cassidy) but you can’t even pull off the Black Canary character – I can only hope the Black Canary is in the grave!! I can see if it ends up being Thea so will see.

  34. iamolisebika says:

    For all you guys that keep bashing Laurel I actually get her motivation. It might seem selfish but her sister was her best friend and before the series started she had learnt – or at least tried – to cope with losing her sister and then got her back only to watch her die in her arms. So she saw a chance to get her sister back and she took it and everyone thinks she’s selfish. But then deep down aren’t we all selfish when it comes to something we love?

    • Nika says:

      I agree with you, she did it only for the love she had for Sara and nothing else. I dont know why fans see this story in a different angle and see Laurel as a bad girl. I mean Oliver did the same for Thea last season, he did what he had to do for Thea.. Laurel reasons are practically the same, especially if she had lost her once and if she thought the pit was going to bring her back, and knowing there was a possibility to do it so, she just took it. What is wrong on that?

      • TrailMix says:

        Unfortunately, there’s always a double standard when it comes to Laurel.

        • Joe says:

          Uh Laurel in her infinite stupidity and selfishness reanimated a one year old corpse who is now a mindless zombie..and next week, as always, someone else has to clean up her mess…dad looks happy about the situation…

        • Glenda says:

          Yes!..hypocrital LL haters! The Black Canary is a troubled heroine in Green Arrow lore..she is not the “chosen good girl” to Oliver’s playboy presented in season 1.These guys experience tragic circumstances, made poor choices and struggle to become ??better. Oliver was a rich asshole. Felicity was a genius with questionable character, Sara betrayed her sister and turned vigilante with Nyssa. Thea killed, Capt. Lance colludes.. but no redemption is afforded for LL because of twilight-like “olicity love”?
          The Laurel haters are going to beg for Felicity to be “lazarus pitted” (there are more than one) when she is the one in the grave…this is a fictional drama about flawed super-hero types.
          Constantine comes back (by LP?) to re-soul Sara. She becomes White Canary, was only Canary before. LL is only Black Canary (she realizes she’s dark–it gives her the strength to fight, aka flawed). The Ghost did not kill Diggle because DD orders and maybe that is why he was killed by Double Down by DD order. The ghost is/was not Andy.
          Does anyone here know LL and Oliver marry and divorce? Each other!?
          Felicity is a fabulous character, along with others, people–but try to remember it’s all for entertainment..if you hate the stories–change the channel!

          • I find it funny that people actually think they’re going to circle the answer for us in the season premiere. What on earth makes you think they’d do that and spend the rest of the season unfolding those events? They had Barry by the grave so we’d spend the rest of the season worrying about all of Team Arrow, since they were nowhere to be found. Period.

          • Kira says:

            I don’t get why people think that if a person doesn’t like LL’s character then they are automatically an Olicity fan. I do not like LL I simple hate what the writers have done to her chacater. In the comics she is indeed a troubled super heroine but she always seemed to have and air of regal nochalance about her. The LL in this show is intense, hard headed, and simply put stupid. With that being said I am also not a huge fan of Olicity I do think that EBR and SA have more on screen chemisty than SA and KC, but to be honest I don’t really like the whole relationship drama crap. I think it takes away from the hero story.

            On another note I think that the person in the grave is Cap. Lance.

      • Joe says:

        Totally different…thea was not dead but dying…Sara was a one year old decaying corpse…did Ollie dig up his dead mother and drop her in the pit??? Laurel is selfish and stupid in equal meaurse…after darhk and Malcolm she is more of a villain than hero on arrow…

      • iamolisebika says:

        Exactly! And I’m loving Laurel this season. She’s come a long way from Laurel of season 1 who saw the world as either white or black.

    • Liz says:

      I understand Laurel wanting her sister back but she ignored everyone’s warnings and just didn’t care about the problems Sara would have when she came back. If they wanted her to appear less selfish they should have shown her struggling with it and wondering if it was best for Sara but they didn’t.

      • iamolisebika says:

        Well. You really couldn’t blame them. They had 45 minutes to stuff everything in. And BTW that would have been a whole lot harder to do on television without being obvious. And I’m sure Sara is strong enough. 😏

    • Gerald says:

      Dead Sara was a great plot point and moved the story along. (Plus she was a terrible actress) The reason they are doing all these stupid things is because they wanted her back for Legends. I wish they never invented that show.

      • iamolisebika says:

        I’m wondering why they killed her in the first place. I’m sure if she was alive there wouldn’t be an olicity. BTW she did all her stunts. She wasn’t bad. At all. Did you catch the flash? They are setting up everyone for legends so I get all that.

        • Liz says:

          They killed Sara to make Laurel BC. This has nothing to do with Olicity. That was always gonna happen whether Sara was around or not. But for some reason the writers thought the best way to make Laurel Black Canary was to kill Sara first. So dumb.

          • iamolisebika says:

            Lol. But then Sara was just the canary. They’ve never even acknowledged Laurel as the black canary. And I doubt olicity would have happened if Sara didn’t die.

          • You *do* remember that Sara broke up with Oliver, right? Because she felt he deserved someone who would ‘help harness the light that was still inside of’ him? When she came back, she was definitely still with Nyssa. What makes you think Olicity would never have happen, with that being the case?

          • iamolisebika says:

            Oh. I’d actually forgot about that. Must have been hidden under all the plot lines.

          • It was the reason she left Starling in the first place. As well as get the League on their side.

          • Liz says:

            You’re not making any sense. What does Sara being the Canary have to do with Olicity happening? NOTHING. LOL.

          • Polly says:

            Didn’t the writers say (and do correct me if I’m wrong) that LL was always going to become BC eventually? With Sara being alive, the motivation for LL to be the BC wouldn’t have been there; it was the anger, frustration and grief following up Sara’s death that made her choose that path. So the way I see it, we either would have gotten Sara’s and LL’s (Black) Canary or just LL’s BC.

  35. Arrowette says:

    .I mean in real it was Malcom who killed Sarah it was not really Thea per se. Thea was under the influence of some drugs so she really did not know what she was doing when she killed Sarah. The only sole responsible for Sara’s death is Malcolm as he was the one who started all the mess in the first place in Season 3 and that mess was dragged through the entire Season 3. So fans have to see it from that angle, Sarah;’s death was the trigger to the stories for Season 3, regardless if they were good or bad. So Thea for me is not responsible it is Malcolm the whole time..

  36. Luis says:

    “felicity” – Kerri Russell is going to guest star? EBR is getting a horrible haircut? Producers are getting Felicity two new, blander than white bread love interests?

  37. Joe says:

    So thea moved up to #2 in the grave scene suspects (after lance) if the he Oliver has to kill is malcom not darhk…lance is still waaaaaaaay #1 though given his arc this season and limited story options going forward…great episode overall and this season is a vast improvement over the mess of last season imo…

  38. Joe says:

    Trading Nyssa for Laurel as a regular character would be a vast improvement to the team dynamic…Nyssa is a better fighter, clearly possesess more common sense, and has way more story potential than this version of Laurel lance….

    • John NYC says:

      AND she’s already married to Oliver!

      Wonderful move. Though the “comics are bible” crowd would explode all over their couches.

      OTOH, she kisses girls, awkward. though then they WOULD have that in common, more than some marriages eh?

    • Isobel says:

      agree I prefer her as a character to Laurel

  39. Dj says:

    I enjoyed the Nanda Parbat scenes way more then the others. Thought Thea was great, Malcolm is one the best villains ever. Don’t care for Laurel but at least Sara is back. I like Diggle and Oliver teaming up. But I hated some of the Felicity scenes. Anytime she jumps up on her soap box I feel like hitting mute and when Oliver has to run from a meta, but she is able to chase him off it makes zero sense to me.

  40. M says:

    Just another example of Laurel ruins everything tonight.

  41. Athena says:

    Really enjoyed the Original Team Arrow love this episode. When Felicity finally used her “loud voice” on Oliver and Digg, I cheered! The fact that two couldn’t muster any kind of defense was awesome. Loved seeing all three of them kicking ass together and separately. The show’s always been more enjoyable and compelling for me when Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are front and center. More of this, please, show!

  42. Sc says:

    I can’t believe they bring Sara back pleaseee just let her die off already. There are so many other story lines to go with.