Walking Dead Rick and Jessie

Walking Dead Boss Reveals Why Rick and Jessie Haven't Had Sex Yet

Seriously — shouldn’t Barry White be playing by now?

Given that The Walking Dead killed off Rick’s wife seasons ago, and Jessie’s late husband was more interested in smacking her around than knocking boots, how is it possible that the pair have yet to seal the deal? Simple, executive producer Scott M. Gimple tells TVLine. They’ve been less interested in getting laid than in not getting laid to rest.

“I’ve been in scary situations — car crashes and things,” he muses, “and, in the immediate term, your mind is on other things.”

Plus, for not only Rick but his whole group of embattled nomads, amenities like beds and showers and roofs can feel as strange as they are lovely. “They’ve found this place of safety [in Alexandria], and it’s super-weird for them,” says Gimple. “They’re going to live wholly as human beings — physically, emotionally, sexually — but they are coming out of a very long journey where they weren’t exactly living like people. So there’s a transition there.”

However, once that transition is completed, Rick and Jessie are totally going to hook up, right? Isn’t she his new love interest? “You could call her a love interest,” Gimple allows. “There’s a connection [between them] on a lot of levels. But Jessie does have her own story and her own arc. Rick is part of that, but Rick is not the arc.

“It has everything to do with how desperately she wants to become a survivor and someone who can protect her family on her own,” he continues. “She’s not looking for someone to do it for her.”

What’s your take? Are you rooting for Rick and Jessie to pair off? Or were you hoping he and Michonne would couple up? Hit the comments!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    HAHAHA, queue the Richonne shippers. Um, not to mention the fact that her children know Rick killed their father. Awkward :-)

    • KnolaSphere says:

      :) It appears I’m the first Richonne shipper in line. With or without sex, the relationship Rick has with Jessie will never come close to the intimacy of Rick and Michonne, which is one of the reasons I’m a big fan of this show. People who would not have connected before the ZA are doing so now. It reminds us that humans, no matter how different we are, can connect when we are forced to look past our differences. This goes for Daryl and Rick, Glenn and Rick, Daryl and Carol and so on.

      Back to Jessie, she has survival and children to think about, not the man who killed her abusive husband (who did not mean to kill Reg. The lesson – Don’t drink and carry katanas.) Jessie does not need a hero. She needs to take charge of her life and get it together for her kids and their survival. There’s no time for therapy and trying to figure out why she stayed in that relationship. I liked the Jessie I saw in the season premiere compared to the one last season. She put Rick in his place when it came to her son and let him know that she was taking the initiative in her life. Go Jessie! But stay away from Michonne’s man. :)

    • Kristen says:

      I seriously don’t get how people see an attraction building or at all between Rick and Michonne. When I see them interact, I see a deep rooted bond built on trust and friendship. That’s it. Not two people that want to tear each other’s clothes off. If anything, I’d say Michonne might have feelings for Rick, but I don’t think Rick is at all interested in Michonne. At all. I see an obvious attraction with Rick and Jessie, but now that he killed her abusive husband, I’m not sure they will be getting together anytime soon. I think it’s going to take a lot for her to let him in like that, especially considering she’s a mama bear in overdrive with her sons right now.

    • Brett Wolfe says:

      Honestly, the younger kid seems cool with it, while the older kid seems to have an unrequited love for Enid, and his more distracted at being angry at Carl for seemingly taking Enid’s attention.

  2. morningsong2011 says:

    What?!?! He murdered her husband. In front of her. Like, days ago. That’s why they haven’t hooked up! Sure, he was abusive, and she must have wanted out. But it’s a big jump from there to, “Hey, thanks for shooting my husband in the head. Wanna get it on?” Right or wrong, she had to have feelings for the man. Give her minute why don’t you?

    • RichCD says:


    • SayNay says:

      Yeah Rick and Jessie hooking up at this point would be pretty gross. He killed her husband. And while the guy was no saint, the kids just lost their father.

      • If this were a Kurt Sutter show, Rick and Jessie would have been banging on top of Pete’s corpse the moment after he pulled the trigger but this is TWD where people are too busy thinking about their crappy lives to have sex. Because when you could die horrifically at any moment why would you ever want to waste time hooking up when you could be thinking about walkers?

        • Homesick says:

          Problem is: Jessie isn’t Carol. Rick is not getting saved from a bunch of cannibals by her, granted forgiveness for kicking her out (or losing her only child and/shooting the only relative she has in front of her) or feeling that she has his back even if the whole group “is not there just yet”. That’s just not going to happen. If only because lighting doesn’t strike twice.

      • Pappy Glee says:

        She has that battered wife attitude

      • Benjamin says:

        I’m totally agrre with you. That plot is kinda ewww my good…. specially considering that they take a detour from the comics (killing Rick’s GF Andrea) to give him this poor love interest… that relationship is just sick and disgusting (so it may end up happening after they finally kill the teenager son.. :P ).

    • Laura says:

      All of this. Plus, if I were in here shoes, I would be completely put off by how incredibly pushy he’s being about the whole thing.

    • Laura says:

      All of this. Plus, if I were in her shoes, I would be completely put off by how incredibly pushy he’s being about the whole thing.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Nope, Rick didnt murder her husband. Rick executed her husband, on order to do so, because her husband had just murdered that other dude right in front of everybody. Pete was a domestic abuser and a murderer, so the execution seems perfectly reasonable given the world they live in. That said I’d agree that it is too soon for them to be boning.

    • Anthony says:

      Yep, basically.
      I don’t understand all the fuzz about this, it’s kind of obvious.

    • Jerryann says:

      I don’t think they would get together, because Jessie children , specially her oldest son…

  3. Gloria Smith says:

    Any true fan of TWD is rioting loud and clear, for Rick and Michonne to be together…it only makes sense the relationship they’ve builded.how much his kids love her and the respect they show for one another. It’s the only thing to do next…But if he has to get it on with Jesse first, to end with michonne that’s okay “for now”

    • tvjunkie says:

      Rick and Michonne have mutual respect, sure, but there is ZERO there romantically and they don’t seem attracted to each other that way, so pairing them would be rather awkward. They’re more like business partners or old friends, not lovers.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I like to see Rick and Michonne together but at the same time I think it will be weird cause they do have a really big mutual respect for each other. Either way it doesn’t matter as long as they’re together have each others back kicking walker ass I’m down. As for Jessie she reminds me of Lori……….ANNOYING BITCH!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Hahaha, no. I’m a die hard fan and I could care less who sleeps with who. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t speak for all of us.

    • Jill says:

      It was kind of implied last season that Michonne may have feelings for him. I think they are going to get together but Rick needs to get Jessie out of his system. Jessie is a lot like Lori, nurturing and motherly, so that’s why Rick would go for someone like her than Michonne. She’s too close to him for him to see her as a love interest

      • Wild child says:

        Yeah because Michonne isn’t nurturing and motherly at all. *rolls eyes* You do realize she has been mothering both his children for quite some time now. What show are you watching?

    • KnolaSphere says:

      Gloria, I missed your post, fellow Richonne shipper. I agree with you, of course. There’s definitely respect between them and her effect on Carl has been tremendous. But there’s a fire simmering between them as well. There’s the way he looks at her, especially when Michonne is walking away. She has been surprising him since “Clear.” It always looks as if he’s trying to figure her out. He listens to her and she can calm crazy Rick down. In the past, I’ve called Jessie a “palate cleanser.” Rick has not had a romantic relationship since his wife. So, I’m fine with Jessie being the one to re-introduce him to that side of himself, for now.

  4. Kim says:

    Rick and Jessie. There is nothing like a new relationship with wonderful teenagers in the mix..

  5. Lianne says:

    I’d rather get eaten by a walker than see a Rick/Jessie matchup:/

  6. CountryQueen says:

    He killed her husband, how gross for her to just jump in the sack with him, I don’t care that said husband was a “porch d*ck.” Her sons would really appreciate that too wouldn’t they. No. Just NO! No romance for the Rickster.

  7. Sarah_ says:

    I agree with Gimple..they have something there but I don’t see them getting too close or have any relationship whatsoever..i don’t think Jessie gonna last very long.
    I prefer Rick without any relationship..they already have so many problems and situations every day so sex is the last of there problems.
    For me there really isn’t anyone in the show,for know,that has chemistry and certain characteristics to match up with Rick..Michonne is a close but they don’t seem to want to go there so..

  8. Rick and Jessie all the way! Love their connection & chemistry it’s way better then him & Lori.

  9. Spence says:

    Writers of the walking dead: this show is a drama about life and morality in the apocalypse, so there’s not really time for romance very often and that’s not our top priority.
    Fangirls of the walking dead and media: okay… That sounds fake but okay…

  10. Laura says:

    Why haven’t they had sex?!!! Really?!!! What a stupid question! What kind of woman does this writer think Jessie is? To jump into bed with the man who your kids just watched murder their dad and are now traumatized? Just. No.

  11. Charissa29 says:

    Thank you for that! Heaven forfend she have her own arc! (Dripping sarcasm!) Plus, Rick killed her husband, the father of her children, and how could she explain to her kids that she is now knocking boots with the husband’s murderer! She never bothered to leave the abusive sh*thole, so at least let her become her own person before she shacks up with Rick, which would be her death knell!

    • Laura says:

      Her death warrant was being written last season. After that debacle of a scene with Rick – “I can protect you”…”Would you do this for anyone else?”…”No…” – I was like “You’re dead”. Mid season finale/premiere death is my prediction.

  12. NoSleeepinBK says:

    The title is total click bait but whatever I’ll bite. I just hope they actually show some of this arc on the actual show since ppl just keeping referring to her as a possible love interest because she’s coming off as nothing else.

    I’m pretty sure the reason why they are not having sex is cuz Rick killer her husband and her son hates Rick. I would hope that even in the ZA a woman would still put her own child’s interest over that of some strange man.

    I don’t really have respect for Jessie at this point so I’m hoping they actually make her respectable and not another Andrea type who will jump from one powerful man in the community to the next.

  13. Gobbledygook Brown says:

    Rick isn’t going to have sex with Jessie because they’re keeping him “pure” for Michonne. They’re doing the same with her and that’s why she hasn’t had a “love interest” on the show yet. Rick and Michonne will break their celibacy together. Unicorns will cry, the Angels will sing in heaven, a rainbow will spread across the world and peace will reign over the new civilization. There’ll still be zombies, though.

  14. DSullivan says:

    Nah…….just before they hook up she should get her head bitten off.

  15. Pappy Glee says:

    Pap Lee 1 second ago
    It’s really terrible that Rick stopped Jessi’s husband from eventually killing her. As a child of this same situation, Ron’s and Jessie’s reaction is just crap. She and Rick will never be -not only because of the future wife beater Ron but because Jessie blames him for killing a man that would have eventually killed her. No good deed goes unpunished. She is not too sharp and does not deserve Rick anyhow. Due to my knowledge of these situations, she disgusts me. Sat goodbye to this women soon.

  16. Pappy Glee says:

    Pap Lee
    I grew up in a situation such as Jessie’s . As a child, it was hell and we prayed that it would end and I will not say what we prayed for. Jessie’s son is probably a future wife beater himself-he saw this and assumed it was normal;he did not think his dad did anything wrong. Jessie has that battered wife attitude- that it would have gotten better or whatever. As a child of this ,I had the knowledge to see that this was not right and must end. I knew that the ending could have possibly resulted in the death of my mother or myself. Blaming Rick is another battered wife and child type attitude . This is a serious situation and I resent the way it is being handled-being resentful of Rick.Walking Dead, you disgust me.

  17. dolphinsmooth says:

    Why are we arguing about who’s gonna be having sex with who?? It’s a damn zombie show, get with the program people sex is irrelevant

  18. @KnolaSphere I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m a Richonner however, I never liked the way Jesse was portrayed in 5b. The whole, “I’m being abused by my husband but I’m gonna go to some strange man’s house and offer to cut his his hair while he’s half naked made absolutely no sense.
    The writers did a lousy job with Jesse last season so this season (so far) the Jesse character seems to be written a bit more realistically.

    However, to have Jesse even entertain the thought of knocking boots with the man (Rick) that shot you children’s father in cold blood, with no consideration for the man’s children… smh, I just don’t see something like that flowing with the overall story of TWD.

    And if they somehow force something like that in 6A my faith in show will definitely waver because that just doesn’t make sense.

    P.S. I don’t mind if Jesse survives, she’d just better stay away from Michonne’s BAE.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Well to be fair she went over to Rick’s house to welcome him to Alexandria, that’s what neighbors do. She had no idea he was just coming out of the shower, it was on him that he answered the door that way. He should have put a shirt on. The hair cut was simply a nice gesture. But I definitely agree w/you that those two getting together would be weird because of the fact that Rick shot and killed porch d*ck, deserved or not. But I don’t see him “knocking boots” with Michonne either. Just like I don’t see Daryl and Carol ever getting horizontal together. It’s just not what this group is about. There a family, not lovers.

      • Little john says:

        Exactly, dead right

      • Rosie says:

        You are spot on! Rick, Daryl, Carol, Michonne as well as Maggie (and Glenn) are a “family”. They have been through some terrible incidents together and have made it thus far. Both Carol and Michonne are like aunts to Judith and Carl and Daryl’s an uncle; as such he nicknamed Judith “ass kicker” and even fed her a bottle at the prison! Rick also bonded with Daryl and even said “you’re my brother”. Therefore, none of them can “hook up” because it is not what they would do given their of closeness.

    • Redhawk says:

      Funny when Rick’s the one doing the chasing. She never went to Rick crying for help! It was Rick who went to n offer his help even when she reminded him she was married! Also if Rick really loves michonne it would not matter if there is a Jessie or anyone else!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        DING DING DING DING, we have a winner!!!!

      • TeamFamily says:

        Unless Rick is projecting Lori on to Jessie and he’s trying to make fix what he thought he had time to “fix” before Lori died. Thing is Rick is riding the crazy train at the moment and he doesn’t remember that you ‘can’t go back’. He’ll figure it out soon though because ZA world is going to teach a big lesson soon.

  19. Jerryann says:

    Yes, I would like see Michone and Rick together. She love Carl and Judith. Michone understand Rick…

  20. Redhawk says:

    Enough with haters commenting and criticizing Jessie character already. She is still recovering from the lost of her husband n as stated by Sccot Gimple she is trying to be a survivor not thinking about getting it on with Rick right now. Although I do want to see Jessie n rick eventually get together, it definitely not happening now. And NO! She is not the weak Jessie in the comics who throws herself at Rick immediately after Pete death without thinking about how her son Ron feels about it. Also keep in mind Richonners, it is Rick who is doing the chasing not jessie! So if u want to be angry go find Rick instead!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree w/you. I don’t get all the Jessie hate and clearly it’s Rick who keeps coming around her, not the other way around. People need to chill.

    • Lynda says:

      Word!! I was at first regretting the whole Jessie character because of how her comic version is, I have to say I am glad they changed it up. Comic Rick totally ate that ego boost up though, with comic Jessie all like jumping on him with the “my hero” sex!! Clearly, he had needs as well!! LOL!!

  21. LINDA says:

    I don’t want to see Rick and Jessie together. There will always be friction between them, because of her children. Rick, got to heavy handed with her children and she told him off.
    They will continue to do things that bother him and he will try and discipline them and again
    she will tell him off. I just think that she is not the one for him, and he is not the one for her.

  22. Bailey woods says:

    I like that Gimple said a love interest. This means Jessie may not be the only woman Rick gets involved with. I would like to see Rick/Michonne together but it has to be done right. I don’t want the writers to rush a romance just to satisfy the fans. I want the show to continue to build a deep loving relationship between them. Then one day they look at each other and say you are the one for me.

  23. SportsGirl says:

    Rick & Michonne would make a perf couple. They are both fighters and Carl would be so happy. I also think that Morgan & Michonne would be a really good couple. They both are like black ninjas. They know how to swing them weapons!!!👍🏼

  24. Ochieng samuel oluoch says:

    Movie is wonderful !

  25. Sydney says:

    holy freakin crap. why can’t they all do it TOGETHER? hey, why not?😂

  26. Walking dead watcher says:

    seriously folks, what show are you watching , there is 100% zero love or lust chemistry between Rick and michonne . Just deep mutual respect for on another .
    Now Daryl and carol that’s another story all together. They’re dying to knock boots!

  27. Marcella says:

    I wanted Rick and Michonne to pair up but that isn’t going to happen. Now I do want to see Rick and Jessie to hook up and be a couple but that will be hard because Ron hates Rick.

  28. Mary says:

    I hope they don’t get together.

  29. Mary says:

    I hope they don’t get together. He killed her husband and would be hard for her sons to get over that.

  30. Rosie says:

    No, Rick should not hook up with Jessie! He is our hero and we’ve put him up on a pedestal as our knight in shining armor. Not all men need to bed all women. He’s a father, has a baby girl whom he needs to protect and keep safe and as a leader he should be more pickier to whom he opens up his arms and heart to. He should not make the same mistake Lori did with Shane. He’s a better man and should set a good example.

  31. Steve says:

    I kinda always hoped that Rick and Michonne would hookup.They have a a real bond,on all levels,and they are both real survivors. Whereas Alexandrians are only just of the start line,and have a long way to go,if they make it at all.

  32. Brenda says:

    You people just aren’t old enough. The attraction right now between Rick and Jessie is pure lust. I didn’t think this past episode’s kiss was realistic. In reality it would have been moaning, hot and heavy. Maybe next time!

  33. Anthony Amaya says:

    I think that if people wood have seeing them together in the walking dead shows. Rick and jessie and their kid’s carl and ron and sam and judith were together for like for episode 9 in no way out that. That if carl lose his eye of the wolves leader can use the gun to tried to shoot rick but then carl pushed his dad to save him and then jessie shot the or ron might have got the gun from his mother and could kill the wolves leader and then just move on p.s. Think that gabriel could just have might like take judith and sam to safety at the church. And form their can walker come to ron almost got killed but michonne save ron. And then rick goes like insane of carl get shot in the eye. And denise see carl eye and like take them all to her place so she can help carl and from their on rick goes out for the walker and the people of. Alexandria can make so mush like letting the people for survival for the dead and can like now how what it is like out their and may be everyone else. Becomes like rick and for rick just like seeing his son and rick tell his son something about. I thought living behind this wall other words that rick was saying to carl and carl move his hand rick see that so is alive.