Bones Sleepy Hollow Crossover Photo

First Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover Photo: Ichabod and Brennan Confer and It's So. Awesomely. Weird.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A Revolutionary War captain walks into a lab run by a socially awkward genius… and we’ve got your exclusive first look at their meeting.

Above is a photo from Fox’s upcoming Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover, a two-hour event that finds Brennan, Booth, Ichabod and Abbie collaborating as the discovery of human remains leads to the return of one of Crane’s enemies.

During a recent visit to the set, Sleepy star Tom Mison told TVLine that he and Bones‘ Emily Deschanel had just shot this morning a rather nice scene where Ichabod questions Brennan on faith and art and love, and can they be reduced to numbers?

“It actually worked really rather nicely, ’cause they’re quite similar, actually. I hadn’t really realized it until I started working with Emily, that Brennan and Ichabod are very similar,” he said, laughing. “Which is probably why they’re destined not to get along.”

Give the photo above a good going-over, then hit the comments: Isn’t it oddly cool to see Crane and Brennan interacting? And are you looking forward to the Oct. 29 crossover episodes? — With reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Lysh says:

    This is SO WEIRD and I love it! I can’t wait.

  2. These two are going to bond so hard over their mutual inability to understand what anything means.

  3. Magali says:

    Still can’t wrap my head around this crossover.

    • Jen says:

      You’re not the only one. I mean, they’re two different worlds. Sleepy Hollow where magic & the horseman exist & Bones where it doesn’t. =/

  4. Kathleen Bergeron says:

    Sigh—sorry but although I like both shows, they are apples and oranges. I will watch but I think it is the stupidest idea in a sea of stupid series ideas.

    • Rick Hammer says:

      Will Bones take on a more supernatural feel or will Sleepy Hollow be less? This makes me sad. I love both but for different reasons. Putting them together ruins both.

    • Lyn says:

      A bridge too far. Pass.

    • Stephanie says:

      I thought it was absurd when I heard about the Bones/Family Guy crossover, but that worked out okay, I thought. I agree, I don’t see how a science grounded show and a magic/literal apocalypse crossover is going to work, but I’m prepared to be amazed, or amused, or completely perplexed. Well, I’m keeping an open mind any way.

    • Jen says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one. =) I really don’t see how two different realities are supposed to mesh.

  5. The only thing better would be a Sleepy Hollow/Supernatural cross over.

  6. They both seem such logical characters who are trying to figure out how to manage in an often highly illogical world. I was skeptical when I heard about the crossover, but now I’m intrigued to see how the creators swing it. Fingers crossed they knock it out of the park cause I love both shows. And let’s face it, after last season, Sleepy Hollow needs a boost.

  7. Julio says:

    I was so skeptical about this but this photo looks amazing and Icahbod/Bones banter is going to be epic.

  8. anon says:

    Great and all, but there are two leads in each show.

    Where’s Booth & Abbi’ first look?!…..stop treating them like chopped liver Fox 😣

  9. Luis says:

    I can’t wait to see Brennan puzzling over the concept of Crane’s existence

  10. Heads-up: Misspelled Booth (Both) there!

    Man this is gonna be such a trip…

  11. CountryQueen says:

    Not a fan of this idea. Bones is suppose to be grounded in reality, and this now moves that world into the Sleepy Hollow world. Bones, who doesn’t believe in psychology,is now in a world where the biblical end times are upon us? Nope. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

    • Katie says:

      I wasn’t thrilled with this move either; Bones is so immersed in science and technology while Sleepy Hollow is the complete opposite. Not to mention I’m not a fan of Bones anymore and I wasn’t impressed with the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow (which might have had to do something with the facts that I wasn’t in the best of moods and that it goes up against my fave The Originals) but be that as it may…after seeing this photo I might, just might, be willing to watch the crossover event. I just have to wait and see all the different promos for it before making a decision.

    • Jake says:

      You said it perfectly – two different genres that should not mix –

  12. AJ says:

    I was highly skeptical of this at first b/c they are different worlds. But, the more tidbits I read, I’m intrigued. It’s fun to see characters out of their element. I actually got a little excited to see the Crane/Brennan pic.

    I’m going to reserve full judgment until I’ve seen it.

  13. As I am a big fan of both programs, I am giddiest for a cross-over. I know the writing will be great, both shows have held my interest from the first.

  14. Viv says:

    What is this feeling I feel?

    Why by george, it’s happiness. Never in a million years would I have crossed these two shows.

    Tickled pink…

  15. I feel as if this crossover makes zero sense on paper and yet makes all the sense in the world. Cant wait!

  16. suzi says:

    Bones has dealt with the unexplained before ( as I’ve pointed out repeatedly here…ghosts, psychics , Brennan’s transference with The Doctor in the Photo), so I have no problem with this crossover, and honestly can’t understand why so many people see it as impossibly illogical..

  17. kmw says:

    I am actually looking forward to this. There should be lots of humor in it. Cannot wait to here the lines coming from Brennan and Icahabod

  18. Maria says:

    I love both shows, but this is going to be an interesting meeting, since Ichabod is over 200 yrs old and alive in our century. I can’t wait to see how brennan is going to react to Ichabod’s existence! I am looking forward to this episode!

  19. mikeam1978 says:

    I like “Sleepy Hollow” for the most part (it needs to find it’s footing again after losing it badly in season two), but I hate when shows I like cross over with shows I can’t stand.

  20. Angela says:

    Looks interesting! I think this may work out fairly well :). Can’t wait to see this.

  21. They are not going to change the universe of either show. Everyone has the same complaint: they’re different types of shows. They might flirt w/the idea, but Bones world won’t change in any way. It’s all very logical, especially now that Abbie is an FBI agent.

  22. I watch both shows, so it’s kind of cool. My husband watches Sleepy Hollow with me. He won’t like the crossover because he can’t stand Brennan’s sing-songy way of speaking, making Bones one of his least favorite shows.

  23. christina says:

    I am going to adore this episode no matter how it goes! How exciting to see Brennan and Ichabod interact and especially dispute their views. I cannot wait!

  24. LILY says:

    I don¨t even watch Sleepy Hollow and yet, I’m somehow strangely excited about this and I can’t wait to see both episodes. Who knows, I might even start to watch SH if I really like this crossover. :)

  25. Shannon says:

    So that’s why they moved Sleepy Hollow on Thursdays. So they can have a crossover with Bones That would be cool to see. I can’t wait.

  26. Ken says:

    The team-up should be with Sleepy Hollow and X-Files! imagine Scully and Abbie trying to keep Mulder and Ichabod grounded…

  27. AM68 says:

    This is just WRONG on every level. I love Sleepy Hollow and like Bones and these shows exist on COMPLETELY different planes. Sleepy Hollow is a SUPERNATURAL show! Bones is NOT. This makes no sense and just manages to water down the integrity of both shows.

  28. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Seeing Ichabod and Brennan next to each other is really weird…it’s also pretty awesome

  29. This is going to be epic, I am a fan of both, it will be awesome.!

  30. I’d discovered this crossover listed in David Boreanaz’s IMDB page and it showed Booth appearing in a ‘Sleepy Hallow’ episode, likewise Emily Deschanel’s shows Brennan the same. So I’m confused now by this suggestion that Crane is coming to ‘Bones’.

    I’ve been so intrigued by the prospect of how Brennan would respond to a ‘Sleepy Hallow’ typical case despite that I DO appreciate it being a stretch in believability to mix supernatural elements with the ‘Bones’ environment.

    This seems to be saying the reverse is going to play out, that ‘Bones’ is going to be the dominate environment. Unless there is going to be a Booth/Abby storyline featuring the ‘Sleepy Hallow’ supernatural angle that will be separate from Brennan/Crane, but I don’t like that idea.

  31. Barbara White says:

    This will be very interesting, but it will be two hours of Booth and Bones, can’t wait to see this one sense I have never watched Sleepy Hollow

  32. Gracie says:

    Bones was asked just last week if she had faith. Perhaps we seeing an evolution of sorts. Believing that which can not be seen or explained by science alone. Always a main difference between Booth and Bones….perhaps Booth will win this one ;-)

  33. Sandra says:

    I’m so confused bones is not at all about the supernatural so how can they mix it? How could it be that within the ‘fox’ world can you have sleepy hollow say on the west coast and bones on the east coast and neither one has heard of the other ever? And since they are mixing does that mean bones is now going supernatural and why out of all the years is bones just looking at the murders in sleepy hollow! Bones has years on sleepy hollow and just now they take on a case. The two do not mix it’s the reason why I watch both separately as their own identity…. I’ll watch it but probably won’t like it

    • kmw says:

      Bones is not going supernatural. The show runners have already stated that. Yes normally they don’t mix but one being on the other coast has nothing to with the story. Bones has done supernatural like episodes before and that’s how I will treat it And it may not work but it is a very interesting idea and I cannot wait to see it

  34. Mary says:

    I can’t wait for this episode! I love both shows!!!

  35. Moses3D says:

    What. The. Hell. I cannot believe what I just read. Please tell me this is going to end up being Brennan’s dream or something. I don’t think I can handle this being canon.

  36. Choc says:

    What’s got me antsy about the crossover is I’m worried about what role Abbie’s going to play in them. Is she actually going to have a say in the case(s) and be actively working alongside them, or are Ichabod and Brennan going to take the forefront, then Booth as the lead, senior FBI agent (and unofficial moderator for those two),and then Abbie behind that? She was shafted so badly in season 2 by [the show] trying to put Katrina in the forefront and have Katrina have some kind of authority over Abbie’s say and job as a Witness (while Ichabod just stood by it all and did nothing), and we all know Brennan loves to talk over people who don’t share her expertise and show her superiority.

  37. castle lover says:

    i love both these shows, for different reasons and i don’t think combining them is a good idea, i think that this one i will pass on. sorry, that’s why i watch the shows cause they are different. i think that this might be a disasters esp in my eyes. so i hope fans of both shows like it when it airs but i will not be there to see it, at least not now.

  38. shutuprob says:

    Well, Fox had might as well commission an adaptation of Kathy Reichs’ Virals books then. Virals is a YA series in which Tori Brennan, the teenage grand-niece of the books’ Brennan (who is 20 or more years older than the show’s Brennan) and several friends get were-dog-esque powers from a genetically-engineered version of the Parvo virus (actually, two strains of it engineered into one). Hopefully, they’d ignore the second novel, which shamelessly rips off The Goonies. I mean, seriously, if you’re going to place Bones the show squarely in a sf/f universe, they’d might as well go all the way and adapt the novels’ sf/f spin-off. (rolls eyes)

  39. Castlefan says:

    Quick question: I’ve never seen Sleepy Hollow and have no idea of the storylines or characters, so should I cram in a complete viewing before this crossover or will I get the idea just by watching Bones? I thought if I liked it I could always catch up on SH later, but I may just about have time before this airs. Whatever, I have full confidence in the Bones team to make this episode fun.

  40. Yeah….. this is going to suck really hard.

    Like, Barbara Streisand singing Christmas carols

  41. Jen says:

    I want to see her head explode as she tries to explain how someone from the 1800s is in the present. lol. See your science explain that.

  42. Mally says:

    Is Brennan going to talk in that horrid robotic “I have to take everything so seriously” voice? I like both shows, but I can feel the awkwardness from Brennan already. Don’t see how she can get along with anyone when she can’t even let her husband grieve over his brother the way he wants to.

    • Jen says:

      I stopped watching Bones last year, but I do know that recently they discovered Boothe’s brother’s bones. How is she not letting him grieve properly?

  43. Give it a chance, people!