Beauty and the Beast Cancelled

The CW's Beauty and the Beast to End Its Run After Season 4

A tale as old as time… is clocking out.

The CW has announced that Beauty and the Beast will end its run after Season 4, which is currently wrapping production and will air at midseason/summer 2016 (exact date TBA).

Starring Smallville alum Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in the title roles, the supernatural-tinged take on the romantic fairy tale averaged 1.6 million viewers and a 0.6 demo rating during its freshman run (which had a buzzy Vampire Diaries for a lead-in), but during Season 3 (where it self-started summertime Thursdays) it mustered just 880K and a 0.2.

Does this end date sound about right to you, Beasties? Or are you disappointed there won’t be a Season 5?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stephon JS says:

    Sounds about right to me.

    • Nancy Bell Fosler says:

      It’s easy to see & quite obvious that you are not and never were a fan of Beauty and the Beast. Your true colors shine brightly through those five simple yet very arrogant words. I bet you never even watched one episode of this masterful piece of artistic TV. What a shame that your derogatory comment is the first to be seen.

      • Ayesha says:

        I have nothing else to watch…. :( :( :'(

      • Dehliaa says:

        Not to worry Nancy bit thanks you took the words out of my mouth. The country and those in it are unbelievable. A new breed of folks who are dummying down because its easy to be dumb versus working hard to be something. Sad. I think of yhose before us who didnt mind working compared to a bunch of whiners and complainers. This was one of the very best, tv in a long time. Masterfully artistic, sensible, exciting, funny, and truly artistic episode after episode. I felt the emotional pull with each episode and will miss it.

  2. Greg says:

    RIP. . . another great show gone. . . .how do the ratings work these days?? With DVR’s, iTunes, hulu, Netflix, etc. . . .it’s not the 60’s & 70’s where you had to race home to be in front of the TV when a show starts!!!

    • c-mo says:

      Ratings work this way…
      1. can a show get advertisers because people are watching?
      2. do you have to watch the commercials as you are watching the show?
      If the answer is yes to both of those questions then the will continue. If it is no to either then it will get cancelled.

      • Nancy Bell Fosler says:

        Your comment on getting advertisers “while watching” the show, or from watching the commercials is downright ludicrous!! Like Greg said, suppose I recorded it on my DVR because I wanted to watch the episode more than once?? No one knows if I physically watched it or not while it was airing. You CAN watch AND record!! As far as watching commercials? Again, no one knows if I watched the airing or the recording later and fast forwarded through the commercials. You wrote this KNOWING they were being cancelled, however, your reasoning is TOTALLY UNFOUNDED… and absurd because it makes no sense!! ;-)

        • J Moyer says:

          Agree completely. I have a busy life so I often watch the episodes at a later time. I love this show and will be sad viewing the last episode.

        • Dehliaa says:

          Dont remind me…Im lost because so many shows come and go and then for 9 months Im stuck with nonsense shows, reality tv, etc. I so agree and while the reasoning behind its cancellation makes no sense I imagine the actors get tored and want to do something else.

    • MFL says:

      Great show..really????

      • Douglas Deleruyelle says:

        Exactly. The show followed no logical line, the characters were shallow and ignorant. How it lasted this long proves only that, due to our failing educational system, people actually found the plot feasible. I realize it’s a fantasy program, but my god how can the people portrayed be that stupid while holding positions of importance? If Cat was a detective she’d have been demoted and working as a crossing guard. The rest just wasn’t well thought out. A bit of advice the the creators of this drivel….DO SOME RESEARCH!!!

    • mezma87 says:

      Right another great show gone 8 am going to be sad

    • Dehliaa says:

      Dont remind me…Im lost because so many shows come and go and then for 9 months Im stuck with nonsense shows, reality tv, etc.

  3. Angus says:

    No loss. I tried but i couldn’t get into this series. The cast was weak and the story line weaker. I was expecting that at any second whining Clark Kent was going to burst through a door screaming Lana!!!!

    • emily says:

      then what are you doing here if you don’t care?

    • xpetti4 says:

      And Lana would say”Leave me alone, I’m where I want to be'”

    • Maria says:

      Your an idiot. This was a great show with a great cast. I guess you only like dumb ass shows like super girl. Idiots. Damn play those dumb shows and cancel the good ones. Morons!! Keep listening to people like this and tv will die!!

    • Nancy Bell Fosler says:

      I second Emily’s comment!! If you didn’t watch, and are not a fan, PLEASE TRY TO REFRAIN FROM COMMENT!!! ….If you can control yourself enough to do so. :D

    • chinny22 says:

      I disgree with u this series has a good story line and the cast, props and everything about this series was realistic and amazingly good. i especially loved the emotions constantly displayed by the actress who played catherine…..she is a one of a kind actress, a real rare find in this day n age

      • Dehliaa says:

        Chinny22 I agree all of them but Katherine and Tess, JT & Vincent, and Heather expressed so much emotion in the series. Thats what drew me in.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    BatB truly deserves to end on a high note.

  5. Meh. It never found its path. It kept playing around with it, most obviously when they showed that room below the city that resembled the one from the original series, but it never quite worked as a “Begins”-type reboot.

  6. priscilla says:

    Not suprised i stopped watching this season It just got predictable and boring. Such a shame because cat and Vincent are such a good looking couple. I will look forward to seeing what these two actors do next.

  7. aph1976 says:

    I’m saddended by this news but i’m guessing the show knew this was coming and thus won’t leave any loose ends hanging.

  8. Jane says:

    I didn’t watch the show but my sympathy to the fans who always showed great devotion. I hope the last season is everything that you want.

    • Nancy Bell Fosler says:

      Very kind and thoughtful. We (fans) thank you Jane! BatB will be missed by many adoring fans!

    • Dehliaa says:

      Thanks Jane Sorry the fans dropped off I mentioned a bunch of Spring shows this year that drew me in but not once did I miss an episode because of the chaos they got involved in. Boys get bored when there is no fast chases, speeding tanks or constant gunfire. Women on the other hand get it and can follow things like this through. When Calls the Heart is snother show like this as well as Nakita. The actors just draw you in.

  9. Pamela says:

    With the ratings and the way they’ve played the storylines where every season finale would ve a fine series finale im happy yet surprised for another season, many shows havent gotten the chancesthat batb did.

  10. Disappointed Great show with a extremely loyal following.

  11. Harpy says:

    Quite frankly I am very sad to hear its ending. I have loved this show and the cast from the get go. One of the few that kept me in love with what they did and I wish it had a few more years to explore further the lives of these characters. ❤

  12. Diz says:

    To be expected. Hopefully they will have a fitting ending with no lose ends.

  13. Beasti says:

    Too sad but I was not really surprised if it is going to end, at least it did not get cancelled. The storylines after Season 2 got too predictable and boring, and besides up until this moment, there are no more like new storyl lines to tell as everything is almost out. I mean Vincent is not in hiding anymore, many villains are dead already, there is no more conspiracy against Vincent or Catherine, some storylines already are wrapped up.

    The only new storyline for Season 4 and final season, now that Vincent and Catherine are married, is for Catherine to get pregnant and give birth and that the final season is about her pregnancy or a plot where someone will try to steal the baby and all the drama that could lead because there is a chance that Vincent beast genes had passed into the baby, that could be a new storyline for the last season. In the original Beatuy and the Beast that was what happened, Catherine got pregnant and some villains stolel her baby and never returned the baby to her, but the show was cancelled so there was no time to wrap it up correctly, maybe this version will wrap it up in a happy tone.

    • carrie says:

      Catherine died in the original one.

      • Yoana says:

        What do you mean she dies in the original one ?

        • David says:

          Linda Hamilton: (about leaving Beauty and the Beast) I died doing that show – 48 mini-movies exactly the same. I wanted the characters to evolve, but the network always stuck with the formula. Besides, I had a baby and wanted to be a good mother, which I couldn’t do working 16 hours a day. So, as valuable as the experience was, I needed to move on. Repetition is really something in which I have no interest.

          They killed her off soon after the series ended.

          • Dane says:

            Yes, I remember watching the original back in the day with my mom. We never missed a episode. They did kill her off and Cat + Vincent had a son. I was hoping they would follow suite on that one particular piece of the original.

  14. Caro says:

    I’m really sad love BatB and Vincat too. I really hope to see the cast soon in another project they are great actors, will miss them sooo much

  15. I think its run its course tbh. At least Cat and Vincent is guaranteed their HEA

  16. Sandra Oh says:

    I loved this show and the leads but this past season was just horrendous. It’s obvious they ran out of ideas and now are just chugging along for the money. Kristin and Jay deserve better.

  17. kulturalnyswiatm says:

    I will see them all in new projects. Its the best decision.

  18. Karen K says:

    What a shame – great love story – was very enjoyable as it was different from the run of the mill crap. Can’t wait to see what the cast does next – I thought they were all talented and really meshed well together. Very Very disappointed; looked forward to it every week.

    • How disappointing!! I love this show! The perfect actors for their parts. Gabe would have been perfect as Christian in Fifty Shades of grey!! Why do the good ones always get canceled too soo. Come back… Don’t go….

  19. I am Sooooooo sad that the show will be end after Season 4. I watch it Thursday night Now what am I going to watch?! I Just love Katherine and Vincent, I was waiting to see what will happen to there friends Relationship. When I was a little girl they had a Beauty and the Beast on T.V. Channel 44. I will not miss an of season four. Do they have The Complete Series it.?

  20. ann says:

    Not at all surprise this show is getting the axed. It got push to a summer show and barely any promotion. It probably got a final and 4th season so it could maybe make it to the syndication (whatever that number is). Tried to watch this show but never got into it. But I have to say it has a very dedicated fan base which keep the show on air for as long as it did.

    • Kelly says:

      Not sure who it was but Baywatch got axed by a major network and someone picked it up and it last like 11 seasons so you never know. It would be nice if someone could pick BATB up and run with it like whoever did with Baywatch. Sigh!!! We can only hope. I don’t think they gave it a chance. How can networks give any new shows a chance with they add 5-6 news show each fall to their already packed line up? I think that’s the problem. Then they give you a few weeks of episode then they go on hiatus for 2-3 months then they come back then they take them off again. How can anyone keep up?

  21. Jared says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m just happy BATB will get a proper ending. Can’t wait for another season!

  22. Yes I am angry and sad about BATB loved this show!!

    • i am very sorry to see this great show be over after seasone 4,I wIll miss it so much.Great cast,Vincent,Catherine,JT,Tess & Heather,were the best on our #BEAUTY & THE BEAST.They had the best Chemistry as a couple on this awesome show.Vincent & Catherine.

    • i am very upset to see this couple Vincent & Catherine end this beautiful love story.To me each episode was one better then the other when ever they were on screen.They are both so gorgeous on the show #BATB.VERY SAD.

    • Dehliaa says:

      Smile….Well your in good company here, smile!

  23. Jen Gossel says:

    no :( well they better have a happy ending

  24. Carla Krae says:

    :( Not happy.

  25. dlluvsalex says:

    I am sad Batb are ending

  26. I’m sad but not suprised-ratings are awful,it’ll have enough episodes for short syndication,have a fourth season for Netfllux since that’s CWs deal with it plus with short seasons now & moved to sypummer.Jsy & Kristin are great,

  27. m3rcnate says:

    Another show that didn’t really know what it wanted to be and changed too much between seasons. Like so many other shows if they had creative integrity and from the get go created a 5 season plan and a specific ending for the show that they were always driving towards, along with making sure to end the show after 5 seasons even if the ratings are high, they would be so much better off.
    The show was pretty solid season 1, it had good cases, she was a independent woman cop doing her job with her female partner and she was trying to learn more about the Beast. However IMO they rushed them being insanely soulmate level in love, they then changed the show to be serialized and trying to create some super mythology and her not really ever being a cop (so she felt like all she was was a GF) and then they brought in the Indian dude to create a love triangle (along with the red headed beast chick). So they have the “dating other people” part…then season where he loses his memory and is bad and she has to try to save him by loving him…and then the mythology of there having been Beasts before, of him and her having ancestors that loved each other or something…it got REALLY convoluted.
    So overall, yeah, not shocked it is getting canceled. Hope Kristen finds another show, i really like her. Would a fairly convincing cop so that was nice.

    • xpetti4 says:

      Catherine’s’ ancestor, Rebecca was not a beast. She was in love with Alistar, the beast. Vincent was never a beast. He was injected with beast serum.

      • Dehliaa says:

        I think your not a serial watching and didnt get the gist of this lovestory. Lat and Twss were cops Vincent & JT were friends from high school. As Xpetti4 notes Catherine and Vincent fell in love, but Catherines relative also met and fell in love with a Beast named Alister. Vincent fell in lobve with a high school girlfriend and he left for the military, his superiors involved him in a group of men they wanted to make Super human fighting weapons, in the process they onjected him and others with a serum creating Beasts. At the end their superiors decided to Axe the project only to kill them all except Vincent. He was injected with a serum that made him have Beast like tendencies. Initially he was a military doctor. Wrong place at the wrong time.

  28. Claudette Miller says:

    I absolutely loved this show! I loved the story of Vincent and Catherine and I thought BATB had the strongest cast on the CW. It was never promoted like the other CW shows and was moved around a lot which didn’t help with ratings. The fandom was small but So Loyal. It’s a shame because I am tired of costumed heroes and reality shows. I loved the romance, stories and the strong friendships portrayed on BATB! I will truly miss this show!

  29. JJ says:

    Now, my question is: Will it have a satisfying series finale??

  30. Pat says:

    Season 1 of B&TB was very intense and we all waited for Cat & Vincent to take that step forward into their relationship. Season 2 was weird and Season 3 wasn’t that great either so I am not surprised that its ending. However I do believe that if the writing was at the same caliber as Season 1, we would not be writing about the show’s demise. I do hope we get to see the handsome, sexy Jay Ryan and the beautiful Krystin Kreuk together again in some other series.

  31. eve says:

    1. Before they start cancelling these shows I think they should try moving them to a different night. It seems like Monday thru Thursday the channel lineup list is jam with a lot of great shows. If you don’t have a movie channel Friday thru Sunday nights there’s hardly anything worthwhile on.
    2. Now that consumers are force to have some type cable box to watch TV most are willing to pay those extra dollars so they can skip the commercials so they can watch their favorite shows on TV.
    On the CW Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites TV shows!

  32. Gerri says:

    So Season 4 is in two parts. I thought Season 5 was in summer 2016. I guess that is fine. Of course I’d be okay if it ended at Season 4a) It kinda felt like a series finale.

  33. ApolloEllie says:

    I tried to like this show, but it was always “meh”.

  34. Pat Pompa says:

    I was hoping to watch beauty and the beast a while longer! I will miss the show because I don’t see any other show worth watching.

  35. heather says:

    I like the series of beauty and the beast. I cant believe that it is ending the shows

  36. Angie says:

    Am not ready for our show to end,a few more seasons would have been great for us fans,we all know that series have to end.We do have a season 4 to look forward to next summer.I wish only good luck to Jay Ryan,Kristin Kreuk,Austin Basis,Nina Lisandrella & Nicole Anderson & all the crew Stuart Gillard,Catherine Ashton etc.These are amazing people who work in front of & behind the cameras to make our show what it is.You will always be a big part of our Beauty & the Beast Fanmily,so on to bigger things in the future for all,we will keep in touch,Much love to all of you…Thank You

  37. Amy says:

    Lost interest this season. The showhead pretty much run its course.

  38. JenJ says:

    It’s about time. What took them so long? Why this show with almost no viewers was chosen over others from the network with more viewers, has always been a sore spot for me.

    • xpetti4 says:

      If you did not like the show, how do you know the number of viewers. If you don’t like it, what makes it a sore spot?

  39. Nan Stewart says:

    All I can say I hope Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan move on to another network that will appreciate their talent more than CW has. They got 4 years because of their talent , it sure wasn’t because of the promotion and publicity they got from CW. They deserved more recognition. I am really saddened to see this show come to an end and you can be sure I will not let myself get caught up in another CW project. There are no other shows on TV that have pulled at my heart the way this one did . You know sometimes you just have to accept the fact that money is more important to some people then respect for the people that keep them on top..

  40. xpetti4 says:

    I am sad that the BATB will not have a 5th season. I enjoyed the series and the cast. But last year it was rumored that we would not get a 4th season. So you never know what will happen between now and next season. I will enjoy seeing Season 4. And purchase the videoes later.

  41. danny says:

    sorry 2 say it is time how many more beasts are there

    • xpetti4 says:

      As many as the killers and crazies on the other shows. But, I do agree they were killing a lot of beast. I wish they had gone back to solving cases in the beginning of the season 1.

  42. missingalias says:

    Batb is the best series ever! I couldn’t stop watching it since I started. The chemistry between Jay and Kristin is just otherworldly! <3

  43. chaosrainz says:

    Really enjoyed S1 & 2, I had to force myself to make it to the season finale in S3 with the whole Liam crap…wasn’t planning to return for a S4, but if that’s the end I may as well see how it wraps up.

    • Kelly says:

      I know you how you feel about the entire Liam storyline. It would have been great little ark if they’d given us 9 more epidsodes but when they ended the show at the end of the Liam story ark, we were left shaking our heads thinking….. What just happened? It’s over? What?…… then the frustration set in and now more frustration because it’s been canceled.

  44. xpetti4 says:

    I am sad it is ending. But Krisitn and Jay will be fine. They are both talented actors. Maybe, we will see them on another series or movie soon. I enjoyed all the seasons. This was the only series I watched on the CW that I never missed an episode. I don’t have another that I think I will watch with that much loyalty.

  45. linda beaulieu says:

    Definitely disappointed They really should think about keeping this show on add more to the storyline instead of vin beating out all the time let them have time to there selfs. Or make it to where it comes on in the summer and winter

  46. Definitely gonna miss watching Beauty and the Beast.

  47. Tiki Kitty says:

    Season 1 was great after they figured out dropping the NY accents from the pilot and ditching Vincent’s wig. Most of Season 2 was great (even though Gabe made us angry), season 3- I actually did not like on the whole. I believed they were in love in season one and I didn’t buy it by season 3. They seemed like a couple on the verge of breaking up constantly and the dialogue was so repetitive.. This show was so witty in season 1– what happened? I really miss that vibe. I love these actors, and really feel like they could have brought so much more to their roles with a better script at times. (And if you don’t believe me- re-watch season 1). Hopefully season 4 will be better? This couple needs more laughter in their lives- they are so fun/ funny in real life- from watching bloopers/ interviews. Maybe the actors are tired too, but I hope not. Vincat forever! But, I’m okay with no season 5.

  48. Tracy says:

    Really love Jay and Kristin so much. They are perfect as couple. I am crazy with BATB season 1 and 2. The story lines of season 3 is not as excited as previous ones, but still worth watching. Getting tired with those zombies, magic, and virus tv series. Hopefully season 4 will have greater story lines. I am very disappointed that CW has cancelled season 5. Please change their mind..

  49. D.Martin says:

    I would love to a season 5 and 6 the show is awsome

    • xpetti4 says:

      I agree with you. I never understood the ratings. It is hard to believe that numbers in U.S., Canada, Greece, France, Africa, and I think others did not have a larger total viewers. They had plenty or commercials as many as 10-12. I don’t get it.

  50. L Liburd says:

    I truly enjoyed bath. I had a lot of catching up to do taking care of a sick mom. I am now caught up and wanting more,was glad to hear that there will be a fourth season. I was disappointed that it would be quite a wait. Now I even more disappointed that it’s getting cancelled. Come on there’s a lot of story lines to explore. Summoning all Beasties to request that the show is brought back.