Castle Season 8 Recap

Castle Recap: Secrets and Liars

This Monday on ABC’s Castle we got our second example of what a post-breakup episode looks like — for better, or for worse?

Starting the hour off, one got the sense that Martha popped up at the 12th to speak for the audience, asking Katherine a more polite version of “WTF?!” After Beckett asserted that no divorce is in the cards, Martha urged her daughter-in-law to be honest — “with yourself, and with your husband.” As she reminded, “My son is a lot of things…. but he is someone you can always count on. And that’s a rare thing, kiddo.”

From there on, we had a version of last week’s episode — Rick scrambling to find cause to horn in on a breaking murder case, with Alexis at his side — though this time around Espo and Ryan got considerable more screen time, as the former nudged his cash-strapped partner to buck for a promotion by taking the sergeant’s exam. Ryan wound up copping the last available slot, at first keeping that fact a secret from Espo but later ‘fessing up. All was good in the end, when Beckett told the two “bozos” their captain surely could finagle an extra exam slot.

Speaking of Ryan, whose wife Jenny is expecting their second kid, and who already moonlights: This episode introduced the fact that Rick is slipping his former cohort $500-a-week to feed him leads on their murder cases. Rick defended the arrangement by arguing that Ryan isn’t trading in state’s secrets, but still — a bit icky, right?

The Case of the Week took some odd turns — the victim Rick thought to be a reclusive author in fact was a pathological liar (thank God someone made a Jon Lovitz reference), and thus may have been whacked for also claiming to be an Irish gang member. But just when it appeared the motive for murder might be “valid” (i.e. to cover up a City Hall official’s secret slush fund), it turned out the wife did it, irked as she was to have wed a faux author :-/

As for the LOKCSAT sitch, Beckett semi-surreptitiously pored over old newspaper articles about the Bracken bust before enlisting a CSI to run some tests on the heroin seized from Vulcan Simmons. But to what eventual end?

What did you think of “What Lies Beneath,” the 89 percent of you who are still watching?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Grace says:

    Stupid and useless. No divorce negates the break up. This is just so dumb. It’s so obvious that it’s BTS garbage motivating this story. I would have more respect for everyone involved if they would just admit it. It’s a bad story.

    • S. says:

      Wow it’s almost like you waited to be first with your negativity and ridiculousness. Keep refreshing TVLine til it pops up? Congrats on your persistence and dedication I guess. No it’s not stupid and useless. It’s also *not* obvious BTS anything is some alleged motivation for this story. If you can’t prove anything, don’t drag the cast or writers through the mud. I enjoyed the episode this week. If you feel this lousy about the show, maybe take a breather. It’s obviously wasting your time and stressing you out thinking about the thing you made up in your head. Maybe try some coffee recipes and come back when you figure out Rick’s secret ingredient.

    • Db says:

      Really wish ABC would hurry up and end this pathetic excuse for what use to be Castle and put everyone out if it’s stupidity and misery. Hopefully they will at least get rid of Hawley and Winter first so the fans can have some small degree of satisfaction before the end. Right now with the way the show runners keep talking thus is going to go on until the last episode oft He season. And now you have this good looking guy coming to play tiddly winks with Beckett and despite whats been said you know he’s coming in for one thing and one thing only, to are Castle jealous and cone on to Beckett and make it at least look like something is going on. These so called writers are so untalented they are easy to read.

      • geordie boy jimbo says:

        db referring to your article above i think the new actor could be a love interest for alexis for beckett to cheat on castle will cost the show more fans!!!

        • Joseph Marks says:

          I Will Agree! To Insert A Actor To Be A Love Interest To Beckett Is Absurd! He Might Be A Help To A Point!For Her Quest To Solve This Mystery She Is Involved In Because He Represents Criminals! And Some I Am Sure Deal In Drugs! That Are At Odds With Beckett And The 12 Precinct! But If You Read Any Of The Articles! That These Show Runners Took Part In! Hawley And Winter Stated No Divorce And Separation Will Not Be Forever!And No Love Interest! Because Beckett Wants Castle! And She Loves Him! While I Agree That These Show Runners! Story Line Stink! It Would Extremely Stupid! Of Hawley And Winter!To Change That Direction And Create A New Love Interest After Stating That Would Not Happen! BecauseIf They Went That Way! I Agree! That Would End This Show! Very Fast! But The Show Right Now Is In Critical Condition! And I Do Feel! That No Matter What Happens! I Really Do Not See A Season 9! In The Future!And If They Continue! To Keep Them Separated! Pass The Mid Season Break! I Will Agree That Viewership Will Fall! And With That So Will Ratings! The Only Glimmer Of Hope Lies On A Few Thing! Change Direction! With An Episode Coming Up Called Mr And Mrs Castle! In Which We Should Get Some Answers! As Where Castle Snd Beckett Are Headed For As A Couple! End This Stupid Separation! And In Closing! Hawley And Winter Stated Over And Over Again! The Core Of This Story Is The Castle And Beckett Love Story! And They Would Keep That Way!

        • John NYC says:

          The actor is 38 years old, doubt they’d go that direction for Alexis. He’s a “FOIL”, that means opponent, not a sex toy.

      • T says:

        I must have read a different article then you, the one I read said the new guy would be a public defender at odd with Beckett not cheating with her. Also all the articles TVLine has posted from the showrunners say the breakup will be wrapped up by the mid-season finale which is 3 episodes away.

      • Rs Taylor says:

        One of these “new” writers has been with the show since day one and, according to Stana, has written some of the best scripts for Beckett. Give it a chance.

      • Georgee says:

        DB you are so right, we do have a problem with these two show runners. Remember last year when the show was getting old and tired, Episode 4 had 8.819 million viewers, I have not seen last nights numbers yet, but I bet it is not near that number. I hope I’m wrong. Two good things that happened last night, were Martha talk with Beckett and the heart in the coffee at the end. If you go along with the idea that she split with Castle so he does not get killed. That just does not play for so many reasons. But all things put aside our show runners told us they working at sprint speed to fix this. When and if we get to episode 21 of this season and still working on this, we going to have to get to Webster’s and have them redefine sprint to waggle and crawl so slow a possible. Just another head fake from the show runners. They sucker punched in episode two and now they want to kick us around a little. I know episode 7 ( Mr & Mrs Castle) has been already written and done, but one can only hope it is the real good positive for the fans, not just another kick in the teeth.
        We can hope for the best, time will tell.

    • Just one thing says:

      It’ll be interesting to see if someone calculates how many minutes Castle and Beckett shared onscreen (no phone, no Skype), and how many total minutes Beckett was onscreen period.

      • Brad says:

        Someone did last episode and it was like 7 min lol

        • Just one thing says:

          Sounds about right.

        • mike says:

          I think the show runners have had it with Stana, that is why she is getting no screen time. They all re-up, she holds out, they make the show about Castle she is upset, she wanted the character to grow or she would not return. I think the fact they write her as a selfish person who leaves her husband for no good reason is a dig at her for leaving them for no good reason. She is a producer now getting want she wants.

          • sharminina says:

            Nathan is also one of the producers now.Why only point at Stana ?The new writers are just killing our favorite show each week.It is not that show now that I fell in love with :(

          • Castlefan says:

            I don’t get why a few people are determined to bash Stana. If Nathan asked whether the showrunners were high on hearing about the separation storyline, it’s a fair assumption that neither lead dictated it. It’s reasonable for actors to want growth for their characters to keep both their jobs and the show interesting, and it’s a shame that neither are getting it – but blame the sloppy writing and dearth of ideas at the top. I think Stana is doing a good job with the questionable material she’s been given: I’m convinced by her scenes even if not by the storyline as a whole. Castle’s not coming over any better than Beckett – just acting ridiculously in a different way!

          • Jennifer says:

            I don’t understand this negative talk about Stana Katic, so she held out in order to get what she wants, ask yourself wouldn’t you do the same thing. Stana is a very talented and smart lady, she can leave Castle and do other independent films, run her own production company and help take care of the planet as well. Nathan was complaining a few years back as well that he was hardly getting any air time and reminded people that the show is called Castle not Beckett. Stana might be a diva who really knows but it sounds to me like Nathan is one to. If the writers were tired of Stana Katic why would they work so hard to get her back playing Beckett? I’ll tell you why, no Stana Katic playing Kate Beckett equals no Castle. I even read where Nathan was really upset that the writers wrote this kind of story line. I don’t blame Nathan or Stana for these stories, they are working with what they are given.

          • Rs Taylor says:

            Stana didn’t hold out. She was wrapping her second movie filmed over the hiatus and let her reps do the talking.

          • DannyT says:

            Frankly, I don’t get bashing EITHER one of them. I used to enjoy coming here and reading about the show, not any more. The constant comments by a select few, attacking the two actors all the time, is so vitriol filled and nasty. Guess this is the time to leave reading the comments–petty people do nothing but disgust me.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Mike said: ” I think the fact they write her [Stana] as a selfish person who leaves her husband for no good reason is a dig at her for leaving them for no good reason.”
            Just so we have that clear, two professional writer-showrunners are willing to try a storyline they know will upset fans, risking their jobs and reputations, just to get back at an actress they say they admire and like all because she had the audacity to spend a few weeks negotiating her new contract? Right. Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy, too? Or just right-wing conspiracies?

        • lkh says:

          7 minutes sounds really long for this episode

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah, it’ll be lower this week.

          • Allie says:

            iTunes makes this easy and when there is so little time to calculate…. Total time they are in same scene physically together is 6 min 20 sec. This episode ran for 42:24, so that’s roughly 14% C/B screen time. I can see maybe one or two episodes a season (they have already used their 2) with this amount of screen time, but if it’s going to become the normal instead of the exception, more will bail instead of stay.
            I like Castle and I will continue to support and watch, but I hope TPTB don’t think they are fooling anyone with this “separation”. It’s clear from the comments here nobody is being tricked by the real reasons for this story arc. I don’t know, maybe it will get better as we get into episodes where Katic did not have other projects going on, will have to see. But, if you still believe there is no behind the scenes motivation for this story choice, I have a beach front condo in Arizona I want to sell you.

          • Just one thing says:

            Thanks for the tabulation, Allie!
            I would like to suggest that Katic had no other projects going on from episodes 3-6, but I could be wrong.

        • DB says:

          Yeah this truly the castle show now. Stana could have saved herself a lot of grief and hassle by not coming back.

      • lkh says:

        Ya know what JOT? I’m starting to believe you.
        Every week there will be Beckett Stand Ins (BSIs) This week Espo and Ryan were the BSIs, I guess last week that would be Alexis.

        Random thoughts:

        It appears that the old rule of culprit is back–anyone who appears for a minute or less for no apparent reason, is the killer.

        I think that was a pretend dead Bracken in the that prison cell. That sucker’s coming back.

        And, Beckett looks good in her ‘boss clothes’.

        Other than that, that was really, really too bad.

        • Just one thing says:

          BSI. I enjoy this acronym, because it sounds like a chronic condition that should be treated sooner than later.

          • lkh says:

            It may be that there is no treatment available. It actually could be too late. I think I might be depressed-where’s our mental health expert? What’s his face? And I’m the one who liked episodes 1 & 2. This was really awful, so really awful. It’s the heat, I’m starting to whine, sigh

          • Just one thing says:

            I know your favorite part was the random ass Mexican party. Castle en El Sombrero es muy guapo.

          • lkh says:

            asi que muy irritante!

          • Blurgh says:


        • doyouthink says:

          lkh – about the boss clothes. I thought she looked a little heavier but the wife thought she looked preggers. She thought that Stana looked like there was a bit of a baby bump in that tight number she wore at the start of the episode. The rest of the show she wore a loose white shirt so it was hard to confirm her suspicions. Will there be a baby announcement somewhere in the near future?

          • lkh says:

            don’t fool with me, it’s too hot in California and we’re all very irritable.

          • AJ says:

            Recent photos of SK say otherwise… sheesh.

          • Just one thing says:

            If everyone on TV Actress Baby Watch spent just a few minutes on set with HD cameras pointed at all angles of their body – up at their face from below, from the side at a profile, etc…
            … They would never even privately utter the phrase, “Is she pregnant?” about 90% of television actresses ever again.

          • John NYC says:

            “… They would never even privately utter the phrase, “Is she pregnant?” about 90% of television actresses ever again.”

            AND the world would be a better place for it.

          • lurker says:

            Thud-thud-thud!!! That’s the dialogue between my head and the first available flat surface.

          • doyouthink says:

            Wow, you make one comment and get ripped to shreds! LOL

            When we saw Stana at Paley she talked about the story line going to pregnancy and Castle Kids. Since she got married this past spring it wouldn`t be a stretch for her to be planning a family and the show working that into the story line.
            Our comment was one of hope and happiness for Stana and indirectly the show. Thanks Castle fans for turning it into something gaudy and sordid.

      • sigh says:

        Yes, for me this is my Will They Won’t They each week — will they or won’t they, Nathan and Stana, actually be in the same room to film a scene together?

    • Heh says:

      Well, stop watching if you hate it do much. I found the episode enjoyable and that’s all that matters in my book.

    • Denyse says:

      I agree with you

  2. Castle47 says:

    I really liked it and I’m not the least bit sorry about feeling that way. I’ll continue to watch. Looking forward to see what mystery LOKSAT holds.

  3. Brad says:

    The episode felt awkwardly depressing

    • Just one thing says:

      This episode is like a group of friends got together to tell jokes at someone’s funeral.

      • Viv says:

        Hahaha. Good analogy.

        I’m really trying. I’m on board. I’m looking the other way, accepting the breakup whatever the (bad) reason. But I just felt so sad during the whole episode. Sad to see Kate sad. Sad to see Castle fighting a lost cause. That’s the main difference with seasons 1-3.
        It feels like we’re in the alternate universe of last season’s episode.
        In the end, I’m afraid this is what I will have to live through the 19 next episodes just to see an “Always”-like episode. Is it worth it? I hope so.

        I’ll continue watching hoping it won’t always be like that and that the promised shift will bring the light back. The cast and crew are still trying their best and I will respect that. They didn’t do this to purposely hurt us.

        • Annie says:

          I’m with you. Trying to put the separation to the side and enjoy the show I loved. But, as much as I enjoyed Ryan/Espo, Martha, and the boys at the liars club everything else fell flat. Even ignoring the elephant in the room the cotw was ridiculous and Alexis is just unwatchable.
          The writers would do well to focus on the basics, an interesting case with some great dialogue and forget about their grand “mythologies”. I couldn’t care less about the case Beckett is working on by looking as old newspaper clippings.

      • lurker says:

        And this made my day.

    • lkh says:

      you’re right, it was depressing–even the ‘humor’ and ‘bits’ made me sad–that’s not a good thing :[

  4. Annie says:

    I noticed Beckett laying on the couch in her office. Thought that was weird. Maybe she is pregnant and this is the reason she has to find the bad guys so she can be a wife and mom???

    • John Z says:

      Hard to be a wife and mom, if you are killed looking for a super bad guy after leaving your husband for no good reason.

    • Sissy says:

      I also thought it was odd to have Beckett reclining on her office sofa. The pregnancy thing had not occurred to me…until now. Hmmmmm.

    • tahina says:

      Beckett also behaves like she is, maybe because Stana is actually preggers?. She looked heavier and wearing loose clothes at times. It’s a matter of time.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Oh, come on….why no remarks about Rick sleeping on his office couch? The two scenes were mirrors of each other, a simple literary device. The characters are having trouble sleeping in their respective beds (wherever that may be for Kate) without each other. Moreover, Kate’s working all day as captain of the 12th and well into the night, presumably, on her secret investigation. A little rest in the afternoon is perfectly acceptable and understandable. When I first saw it, I thought she had a headache since she was massaging the bridge of her nose.

  5. Kate says:

    This would have been a good episode- 4 years ago…

    • S. says:

      It was a good episode *today.* There were things going on that couldn’t have if Beckett weren’t captain. She stays out of it for plausible deniability about the Midnight Run move which she would’ve been involved in before, and I doubt Gates pulls strings to get the boys an extra spot for the exam. Ryan doesn’t need to take the exam but for the new baby. Castle doesn’t make decisions for quite the same reason but for the situation with Beckett. Martha doesn’t come down to the precinct for a chat before. I also thought the couch laying was weird if you’ve got a visitor like that guy…unless you have a little visitor on board and sitting up wasn’t a good thing to suddenly do. Curious.

      • John NYC says:

        She’s written as pulling all-nighters investigating LockSat, it’s called burning candles at both ends and she’s not at Stanford anymore. That’s why she attempted to make herself an Expresso (and instead, be her expression, made battery acid and to make coffee a COP will reject is saying something extraordinary… lol ) and accepted Rick’s. So she tries to catch a power nap before heading out into the night to battle the Forces of Evil 2.0.

    • jahoney1 says:

      I agree. By Becket’s own actions she should not even have a job right now.

  6. N says:

    I liked it! Kate’s hair was really pretty. Nathan was clever…..

    • sigh says:

      I wish these were my standards for enjoying the show. I guess I’m going to have to really lower the bar to like it.

      • lkh says:

        never mind, but her hair was really pretty, her boss clothes were great, but alas, Nathan (Castle) wasn’t clever, but he was annoying-does that help?

        • lurker says:

          Nah, c’mon. On a certain fan site the measure of the qaulity of some episodes was how much Nathan was cute. So. it’s a valid point of view. ;)

        • sigh says:

          LOL no that doesn’t help! Maybe next week’s episode will be amazing — I’ll be able to say Ryan’s complexion was beautiful. Molly was hilarious…..

    • doyouthink says:

      About that hair….
      A fan said that they saw Stana recently and that they were surprised that her hair was so much shorter than Kate Beckett’s hair on the show. They thought that perhaps hair extensions where being used. So though quite beautiful, long and luxurious, those locks she’s sporting may just not be truly all hers!

  7. Susan says:

    It was a good show tonight. We enjoyed it!

  8. ndixit says:

    I got a chuckle from reading about the no divorce comment. You can almost hear the writer’s voices in the background as a surrogate for Kate.

  9. kath says:

    Someone, please make it stop. Two episodes in to the new!fun!Castle and I don’t think I can keep watching much longer. I now hate having Castle and Beckett in the same scene because Beckett is being such an idiot. I couldn’t get into the case because the break-up is so irritating.
    The slapstick of “blind priest runs away” just makes it even worse.
    I’ll give it one more shot. I thought I could hang on till the midseason finale but the stupid is killing me.

  10. jahoney1 says:

    It is a shame that Castle cannot remember his mothers advice from 47 seconds and saying maybe it is time to let her go.

    • lurker says:

      Actually, it’s sad that after 7 years R.Castle still doesn’t know (or understands) the reason why his wife fell in love with him in the first place. Because he succeded in impressing her with his Sherlockian mind and witts? And that’s a constant even without this “superb” plot device of separating them to bring back the spark.

  11. BB says:

    Much, much better than last week’s episode. I know that they’re taking a break and not because they don’t love each other so can’t they have a goodnight kiss?

    • DarkDefender says:

      In that moment, at the precinct.. For a second.. I thought he was going to offer to shake her hand. Which would have been shipper gold.

      • Kim says:

        Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Handshake would have been amazing. Also maybe a, “until tomorrow”

      • Castlefan says:

        Most of the viewers can see where these added touches could make a real difference. Unfortunately the showrunners do not seem to know or care about the building of the relationships and characters over the last seven seasons: otherwise they wouldn’t have written in a separation based on such a flaky premise.

    • John NYC says:

      They’re writing a rather fast progression for Kate regretting her decision so we’ll see.

      • DarkDefender says:

        After all the backlash, they did destroy that first wedding dress. Maybe they will speed up the Bracken redux arc.

  12. Lysh says:

    With the phone call and the talking over Skype scenes, I’m starting to believe the theory that the two leads don’t want to film together. But I like seeing more Javi and Ryan and Alexis lately. So I enjoyed it. The heart in the coffee made me aww. haha

  13. Uly says:

    Well that was a garbage episode. ZZzzZZ. Please end my misery and cancel the show. And before you losers say stop watching, sorry I can’t I love the actors and I continue to watch for them, but I think it’s best if they end this season so the actors can do something fresh and new, and work with people they like.

    • abcd says:

      That’s how I feel. I watch because I enjoy seeing them. I’d more enjoy seeing them in something where the “chemistry,” due to BTS or whatever, wasn’t so awkward. I’ll be sad to lose Castle, because I don’t have much TV I like, but maybe if they want to work, I’ll get to see them in something else.

      It’s already over. The fat lady just got a case of laryngitis and couldn’t sing yet.

    • AJ says:

      Instead of calling for it be canceled, stop watching. Don’t stress yourself over what has become a mediocre TV show

    • John NYC says:

      Rooting for people you “love” to lose their jobs, and there’s zero guarantee of finding another as successful as Castle in this day and age, not me.

  14. Harvey says:

    So they continue to make Castle look like a fool, and Beckett keeps letting him think that. The next eps promo is also not that good. This really is depressing for a show that was so awesome once.

  15. Kaye says:

    Loved this episode!!

  16. Kim says:

    I liked it… Loved the Martha scene, the boys were funny, caskett scenes made me feel! My absolute favorite was the coffee scene, I have missed coffee so much…. I felt like that scene was very similar to a ton of their “always” scenes! Her telling him not to tell her , so she will still need him was perfect. It was sad I seriously screamed “Awwwww” when he handed coffee to her. I was just waiting for them to go at it on the precinct floor! Just get them back together, fighting together makes more sense. And what’s up with Kate on the couch? Morning sickness? I was entertained and enjoyed the episode. My 8 year old who loves Castle, did call out the killer right from the beginning, so that could use a little work lol. I am trying to stay cup half full….see the coffee reference!

    • Leigh Townley says:

      Your comment made me smile. Your eight year old is smart…my eleven year old calls them, too.

      I know, for me, the last two episodes have been hard to watch. It’s not because of the writers, but I am still plenty mad at them. My heart just isn’t in it like it used to be. That being said, the episode tonight was funny and had its moments. It was funnier than some of the episodes last season and I love seeing more from all the characters. Martha coming down was great and when she hugged Kate it was almost like she was giving all of us a hug. So if I take the “break” part out of the episode, it was a good episode. But I do hope they move this along a little faster… I used to love finding out about new pieces of J. Beckett’s murder each week, now I am kind of not feeling it as much…

    • Well, if eight years old are the target group of the show then it’s a failure to air in a 10 p.m. timeslot. I agree though that the characters acts and motivations fit only into the emotional maturity of that age group, so it’s no surprise that people with more grown up attitude don’t like it.

  17. tyranthraxus says:

    I must admit I dont see every Castle Episode but the end result felt kinda obvious.

    Also are the 2 cops , Esposito and Ryan normally given much to do? Ryan seems the more comedic out of both.

  18. Christina says:

    Well, this is my fourth week of not watching, and I have no regrets yet. I thought I’d miss it more, but with every recap I read, I’m just happy I’m not watching. I hate that Castle feels the need to buy his way back in to his wifes good graces. $2000 a month to work cases with her is insane.

    • John NYC says:

      Have you SEEN that loft he owns? Or that car he drives? 2 grand is a rounding error in that guy’s annual earnings.

  19. NDFan says:

    I liked it a lot! I’m enjoying see more of the secondary characters.

  20. Laura says:

    Matt in your next interview with the new producers Nathan or Stana (an interview with both of them is impossible, I know) please , ask them if there is any possibility that we can have at least a couple of scenes with them (in the same room , at the same time) you know like it used to be . thank you

    • Ellen says:

      People need to open their eyes and actually look instead of just wanting to complain that they didn’t film together. Early scene where Castle comes in precinct with wife – obviously filmed together. Precinct scene with Caskett sitting on desk – obviously filmed together. Caskett interrogating the wife and arresting her – obviously filmed together. Coffee end scene – obviously filmed together. All these scenes you can see both of them, even if it’s just profile, it’s very clearly NF and SK profiles. The only scenes not filmed together were the Skype call and the phone call because well obviously they weren’t meant to be in the same room.

      Quit creating drama where there is none.

  21. AC Riley says:

    The concept of two married people acting liking this is ridiculous. The Show runners seem to forget that the characters are married. Additionally, nothing in these episodes calls for Beckette and Castle to be separated. It just seems mean spirited to me.

    • Brad says:

      It’s is really awkward they been married for 8 months but act like they are having serious trouble and don’t know if they love each other

    • John Z says:

      you know you are right. It does feel mean spirited. I felt the same with 623, “ha ha you thought we were going to give you a wedding, look how smart we are”. Now this season its, ” look we broke them up so you will pine away for them”. verse keeping them together and having us route for them together. It does feel like hubris on the part of the whom ever is making the shows decisions.

      • Annie says:

        This seems to be a major point tptb are missing. Fans will hang around for a long time but not with the level of mean spirited that has been directed at them by AWM and now these show runners.

        • John Z says:

          Agreed! It’s like the show runners get off on messing with the fans. But don’t they need us to be at least happy and not angry?

  22. Db says:

    Really wish ABC would hurry up and end this pathetic excuse for what use to be Castle and put everyone out if it’s stupidity and misery. Hopefully they will at least get rid of Hawley and Winter first so the fans can have some small degree of satisfaction before the end. Right now with the way the show runners keep talking thus is going to go on until the last episode oft He season. And now you have this good looking guy coming to play tiddly winks with Beckett and despite whats been said you know he’s coming in for one thing and one thing only, to are Castle jealous and cone on to Beckett and make it at least look like something is going on. These so called writers are so untalented they are easy to read.

  23. Ben says:

    I liked it. The lack of beckett is still pretty obvious. I’m still assuming she worked out a deal for less screen time. So, I’m not blaming the writers, showrunners, or even her. It worked for bones. I loved the squinterns, and I loved ryon and espo tonight.

    They were gold. This plus there 21 jump street shtick has landed me in the “enjoying it,” camp. I also liked how Rick got to be goofy and smart, instead of just an obnoxious buffoon. The coffee, the sarcastic nicknames, and the (too little) banter bt beckett and castle were good too.

    The case of the week was pretty terrible though.

    PS man beckett’s captain wardrobe sure makes her look like a model. She was killing it in that dress.

    • John NYC says:

      And the matching jacket draped over the chair made it clear with that one addition she’d be set for more formal business.

  24. James D says:

    like last week there were some fun parts to watch. Nathan continues to bring the charm, and Espo/Ryan where very fun tonight. Beckett is just sinking farther down the drain. I said this last week and I will probably continue to say it I couldn’t care less about this side arc of Beckett and Locksat it is boring regurgitated drivel and frankly it’s complete malarkey. I would be interested if it has something to do with Castles backstory but Beckett one woman mission has been done ad nauseam on this show, I’m considering turning the channel whenever she looks at the stupid Volcan Simmons file. I liked Martha’s little heart to heart even if the reasons behind it are so asinine. The writers room need to get to the point ASAP because it’s not doing what they intended IMO it is bringing down the show not bolstering it. But like I said there where some fun parts unfortunately they didn’t come from the Caskett interactions, even the coffee thing was cringe worthy to me sorry.

  25. jahoney1 says:

    There have been bits and pieces that I have like and noticed as I have seen as I flipped between shows. One show on my tv. One show on my desk top. One show on my laptop. My problems with this whole story line is how forced and contrived it seems. The impression that I am getting as I watch these episodes is that the writers are not sure what to do with the story. A reboot is one thing, but to lose the character integrity of Beckett and of Castle in the process shows a lack of direction in the story. XY told from Castle’s POV seemed to scatter shot all over with not real direction or goal within the story. The story in XX was not much better. Beckett’s actions much like they were in Always’s should have caused her to lose her job. Gates should have stripped her of her badge and gun. She seems to have forgotten that without Castle and his access to resources that even the police would never get she would never have gotten Simons or Brackens. Separating from Castle to keep him safe while still interacting with him was a very poorly thought about plot device. Contrived and not very well thought out. For a person or organization as powerful and Lokstat it would be very easy to take out Beckett and Castle and make it look like an accident. Episode three was all over the place writing wise. I did like the bubble cigars though. Castle use to act like a nine year old on a sugar rush, but he was intelligent, witty, and smart. Beckett use to act so serious, but very intelligent with a very sharp tongue. She had the brains and the looks to match Castle as an equal. Season Eight has made them as unequal as I have ever seeing the show. The banter and the witty replies are not there. A show as in life can never go backwards. My problem with these episodes is that they do not have a grain of truth and reality based in their fiction. At least with episode four of season eight it had some reality based into the story line, but overall it was to simple of a story. The writing was still mediocre at best.

    • James D says:

      Very well said I completely agree. In trying to reignite the show by as they say “taking it back to season 1” they have stripped away what made this show great. it seems to me they got stuck in a corner as regards to Caskett and they decided to push it to the extreme in hopes of digging themselves out. As you eloquently pointed out you can’t go back in good drama or life. It’s a shame I can only hope they see the error and do all they can to remedy it. Wishful thinking on my part probably.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree completely. It does not feel at all like a return to the early episodes or the early seasons. The fun, banter and light heartedness between the leads is all but gone. Replaced instead by a forced separation so Beckett can chase a ghost. Perhaps there are truths to the rumors that the stars dislike each other, their original spark has vanished. Really a pity that the new showrunners felt as though their only option was to make both Beckett and Castle look ridiculous. LOCKSAT seemed interesting and a great arc, but to have Beckett alienate Castle to save him is absurd. I still enjoy parts of Castle’s character, but Beckett is completely unlikable and absurd at this point. I hate that because I really enjoyed her. Man, oh man, this new turn just stinks.

    • lurker says:

      What Castle resources in connection with Vulcan Simons and Bracken? The only resource I remmeber was Dr. Death in the 1st and 2nd season.

      • Harvey says:

        He was the one who figured out that Montgomery had a tape, he was the one to find out there were more photographs than Beckett had, and before that basically jumpstarted the whole investigation.

        • lurker says:

          And why do I have the picture of Kate in Castle’s Mercedes on the run to Canada in “Veritas”, where she had a dream where Montgomery was saying to young patrol officer Beckett to look into her mother belongins, for a cassette tape maybe? Must have been some of my dreams.

          • Harvey says:

            Oh yeah, sorry forgot about that. What Castle figured out was that she was bringing the tape to her family, her mother was. And that is how she figured out it could be in that elephant, so that was of immense help, because if Castle wouldn’t have figured out that Beckett’s mother was bringing the tape to her family, she wouldn’t have thought it would be in the elephant, wouldn’t have found it, would have gone to jail, etc. Though, Castle was made to become a bystander in most of the episode, which I didn’t like about it, but Castle’s out of the box thinking was the thing that was the immediate help that was desperately needed

  26. lauri5567 says:

    I assume Beckett was laying on the couch because she hasn’t found a place to stay yet. I’m starting to hope that the result of the captain’s exam is that Ryan gets promoted and Beckett demoted. She’s running her own hidden investigation on the police’s time and money after being suspended/quitting twice/bailing on her first day as captain. Yes, Ryan took Castle’s money but I think he’s better suited for the roll. Also, I wish the Irish mob had tied into the Wild Rover episode.

  27. majma15 says:

    I truly want to give the show runners & writers the benefit of the doubt. However, I watched the show for 7 years because I enjoyed watching Stana Katic & Nathan Fillion interacting on screen TOGETHER, NOT ON SKYPE. It’s time for Alexis to go back to classes and drop the PI storyline. I actually felt the show was depressing tonight. Bring back Dr. Burke or get Dr. Phil. Resolve Beckett ‘s morbid obsession with her mother’s death and teach her to appreciate life and to be happy with her husband. If this deux ex machina is because of actors having issues, put them in conflict resolution, or really get Dr. Phil to work with them.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    I am not certain how I feel overall about Castle 2.0, but I am certain of a few things:
    1) Castle without Beckett is still a fun show. (It’s just different)
    2) Beckett without Castle is kinda boring. (There is no spark)
    3) Casketty interactions are still lightening in a bottle. (Chemistry up the wazoo)
    4) The fun Kate/Rick interactions and dialogue in this episode prove the break up was unnecessary. (And I can’t imagine I’ll ever completely understand the need for it)
    5) I still LOVE Martha.

    • DarkDefender says:

      And by unnecessary (on the Kate/Rick interactions), I mean those scenes still could have happened as written, if they were married and he couldn’t work at the precinct.

    • Castlefan says:

      I prefer the Beckett scenes to the Castle scenes – just a matter of personal preference as I don’t like the goofy style of humour and I think Stana’s the better actor. Otherwise I agree with you and ADORE Martha.

  29. JImN says:

    The lame break-up premise drags the show down. It is a very heavy weight for the script and the actors to lift. They do it a few times, but don’t succeed overall. (A viewer has to work at putting that stupidity aside to enjoy the rest of the show. That is about as bad a situation as you can get in the performing arts.)

    Even under the stupidity of it all Fillion and Katic deliver their amazing magic when they are together alone on the screen. They are ok over the phone and Skyping, but the difference between those scenes and the ones where the are physically on the set working together is at a higher level. The show needs more of that

    The show also need more Susan Sullivan and a lot less Molly Quinn. It’s just the difference between an actress who has a wonderful wealth of skill and experience and one who needs to get some someplace else.

  30. Dgregg says:

    I did not understand the case at all. However, as usual with Castle because of some camera angle that I cannot describe, I knew the wife was the murderer from the beginning of the episode. I kind of understand her motive but I did not understand all the jumps from false author to false mobster to a false blind priest to discovering a slush fund to suddenly it was the wife.

    I also did not understand Beckett and it has nothing to do with the separation this week. I did not get why she was laying on the couch (she is the captain and it seems like she does not have any respect for the office by doing that – Gates would never have been caught dead laying down on the job) and why she pulled the chair back during the interrogation of the blind? priest (I did not get if he was really blind by doing something to himself or completely faking it). If someone is willing to write a step by step account of this episode, I would appreciate it. My head will explode if I try to watch this episode again. It is sad that I found this more convoluted than the episode where they (sort of) explained Castle’s disappearance.

    • lkh says:

      my advice-don’t watch it again.

    • lurker says:

      Well, the writers did say early on that the cases and the procedaral side of the story were going to be less important comapared to fun and new dynamic storytelling. So, forget about the case, it’s not important.

      • Dgregg says:

        The case may not be important but it seems that the writers did not achieve their goal of “fun and new dynamic” either if I am questioning Beckett’s blocking in her office and the interrogation room.

  31. Scott Bungard says:

    Not No more H A T E the show now. WTF do the writers think there doing took seven seasons to get them married and two weeks to break them up S T U P I D S T U P I D or as forrest gump said” STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES”

  32. gaill60 says:

    I thought “What Lies Beneath” was an okay episode. I didn’t feel the same energy or character connections that have been in previous episodes. The thrill just hasn’t been there. I don’t think it’s the actors fault. I think the writing just isn’t strong enough. Will I continue to watch, absolutely. I am not going to jump ship over a few so-so episodes.

    Here is to a great 8×5.

  33. John lally says:

    Castle is being ruined. If is not corrected soon our family stop watching.

  34. midnightsunvoyager says:

    This is moronic. I am not going to waste time watching this anymore. Beckett is coming across as shallow and Castle is a lovesick puppy dog. Did they change writers?

  35. prish says:

    The Castle powers-that-be should learn from the movie, “Cutthroat Island”. No matter how different they want things and the world to be, it is what it is. Success has a pattern that they should just relax and go along with. When I watched Cutthroat Island in the movie theater, I loved the actors and wanted to love everything about the film, but I kept hating the artistic choices. They were horrible and were no fun, even though the producers and actors loved them. The world, just, will NOT spin the other way, sorry.

  36. skrable2 says:

    This was the best of the four episodes this season.

    No, that’s not a compliment.

  37. prish says:

    The husband doesn’t understand why Beckett does not want to be with Castle, especially solving cases. He sounded wistful. The writers/producers are leaving some viewers in the dust.

    • John NYC says:

      Easy: She stays with him and investigates LockSat and he’ll find out and try to help, with his poor track record and inability to control his jumping in without looking (repeated again last week, he got himself and his daughter CAGED) that means he’ll die. She loves him and doesn’t want him to be killed by the organization that wiped out her entire old team on the off chance they knew something from a redacted file sent to her old office.

      So while she hunts down Locksat at night on her own time she stays out of the loft so she doesn’t have to lie to the man she loves in trying to protect him from himself.

      Does she HAVE to go after Locksat? Well the lines she’s written have her saying that she does and the thread leads back past her former teams deaths all the way back to her mother so….

      • Harvey says:

        The thing is, the danger would never end. She can’t expect this to be the last danger they’ll ever face, she should have thought about it when she married him. Then, she can do all the investigation she wants but to find something that actually matters, she needs the police. Making it like her taking out an entire organization is just stupid, especially as she wasn’t able to take out Bracken on her own either, who has been made to believe to be quite small thing than this organization. She hasn’t told anyone to be aware, whatever they do or not, they need to be aware obviously. Then she’ll just keep leaving every time a danger hits her? How does she handle a family like that? And in the premiere episode of season 5, she had chosen Castle over finding her mother’s killer, so her priorities were straight. It only seems in her character now to not give up, and go after then organization with all she’s got, which includes the NYPD, otherwise it’s a different Beckett than in season 5 character development had given us. There is just so much wrong here, especially as it’s obvious Beckett isn’t totally leaving Castle. She calls him, talks to him, when he is at the precinct, the smiles are just inviting him more. So she just wants Castle to keep coming for her like an idiot, not live with him, go for the organization that is too big to be taken down by one woman and her analyst, who she has trusted too much without really knowing him much, and then wants to come back when she’s ready, thinking like there won’t be any danger like this ever again in her life.

  38. R says:

    I like to end with positive note so first the negatives.
    1) Every time Fillion tried to be funny, I wanted to kick him. Yes, you got it, I’m not a Fillion fan and also since last season have less and less liking to Castle as a character. Wierdly I’m still a big Caskett shipper…
    2) Wife was the killer with a flakey motive. C’mon, how many times we have had that before in this show? Having said that the writer of this episode is a first timer, so maybe he’s excused this time.
    3) Too little time spent to LOCKSAT investigation. This is the ongoing storyline that keeps me coming back to watch the show every week. People should also keep in mind that as long as there’s no progress in that investigation there’s unlikely any progress is Caskett coming back together either. And for those who still haven’t figured out why Beckett needed to leave. That was the only way she could investigate without Castle finding out and getting involved with it. And why shouldn’t he get involved? Because it’s highly dangerous investigation and she and Vikram must be super careful when doing it. Bringing more people in, especially Castle who may be resourceful but often also the elefant in the porcellan shop, will increase the risk they are noticed and they all get killed. Last but not least why Beckett needs to investigate? Because it’s personal (they tried to kill her, it’s Bracken’s partner, her old team got killed, she saw the size of the drug operation In the Belly of the Beast herself etc. etc.) and she is not a kind of person who gives up or backs down.
    4) Too little Caskett scenes.
    5) What was the purpose of that silly Mexican party?

    Then the positives in no particulat order.
    1) When Fillion didn’t try to be funny, I liked Castle as a character again.
    2) Beckett’s warderobe, gorgeous, especially the dress.
    3) Beckett Martha scene, beautiful. Look at these two fantastic actresses, Molly Quinn, you may learn something about the fine art of acting and charisma.
    4) Alexis didn’t annoy me as much as in the previous episodes. Maybe because of slightly less screen time and besserwisser superiority.
    5) Ryan and Esposito. Ryan / Seamus Dever won the best comedian in Castle award in my eyes last season and still keeps that trophy tight in his hands.
    6) LOCKSAT investigation is an ongoing topic. See above.
    7) Tony Plana as the “blind” priest.
    8) Castle Beckett banter when they were not in the same room.
    9) The end scene with coffee was cute and as mentioned in some other comments a handshake would have made it gold. But again, a first time writer, maybe he didn’t know.

    See, more positives than negatives. Still this was the least entertaining episode in this season, but as long as my girl Beckett is in it, I stay loyal to the show and keep on watching. And have trust to the show runners…. :-)

    • Harvey says:

      Oh come on! Anything Beckett find outs out, they are going to come after Castle easily. They decide to eliminate the treat, they are going to come after him, anything happens and he will be in danger, especially as he doesn’t even know he needs to be aware. And she’s the captain, she needs the police to work and not just Vikrim. She has never been able to do much without help from them anyway. And if she was able to leave Bracken in the premiere episode of season 5, this shouldn’t be that hard. She left without explanation, so Castle shouldn’t be the one trying to win her back. Then she is the captain! When is there not going to be danger around her? She has a family and she’ll just leave all the time because of danger? She shouldn’t have gotten married being this stupid, thinking she won’t ever face a bigger danger or something.

      • AJ says:

        Why go after Castle? Why not just go straight to Beckett and kill her? You guys crack me up with all these “she doing this because she wants the bad guy to think…” she left so she could work on this without having to explain to Castle the midnight callings and long work nights. DUH!

        • John NYC says:

          OR not explain and have to constantly lie to him.

        • lkh says:

          I don’t think it’s their close association that some ‘bad guys’ would note from afar and thus not think he was someone to go after. Everyone thinks (maybe not everyone) that her decision was based on that moving away from him would make them(bad guys) think they weren’t close, he wouldn’t matter to her and thus wouldn’t be a target.

          Actually, I think her ‘protection’ is to protect him against himself. She knows that the closer they are in respect to living together or working together, etc. will mean that he won’t be able to control himself and will get involved with the investigation. And he would. And that would increase the danger to him.

          Leaving him ‘physically’ is a good(?) decision if she believes it will decrease his danger level by keeping him out of it. Leaving him because she wants people to believe she doesn’t love him, is yes, a bad decision.

          • Harvey says:

            Yeah only the danger would never end. Of course, leaving him to make people believe something is totally incorrect, but even otherwise, it would just mean she will never ever be with him. She will have kids and she’ll leave them so they don’t get in danger? Unless she’s planning on quitting the job, there is no way that she can actually be in any relationship without putting anyone in danger. Then, if she is investigation, as long as she is investigating, Castle would be in trouble so no point in leaving him. Then, trusting Vikram is just stupid, she doesn’t know him that well. Also, she needs to throw all she got to catch this organization, if it’s as big and smart as it is being made to believe, and that includes the NYPD. She going alone and taking it out is just not believable. And as long as Castle is coming to the precinct, he’s never away anyway, the way they have made the character themselves is that Castle thinks out of the box and if they would write his character like they used to, then by know he should have even figured out something was going on. If she wants him to not be in danger because he’ll put himself in danger, then she should have thought about that when she marrying him, when he was fully with him against Bracken, as at that point Bracken was the biggest thing, and letting him in the precinct, smiling at him, talking with him, and expecting him to just never find out anyway isn’t the way it should be. She might be thinking she’s protecting Castle, but the thing remains, she’s continuing to decide where the relationship would stand and they are making Castle look even bigger of an idiot by going after her. The whole storyline has been made without thinking it through at all.

          • lkh says:

            that’s exactly my point, she’ll have children and abandon them–true to her character, good example.

    • jess says:

      Love your reviews

  39. Blurgh says:

    Anyone else feel like Kate’s not trying that hard to keep Castle at arms length? If she’s serious about keeping him safe, she’s not doing a good job of distancing herself…emotionally or physically.

    • Castlefan says:

      Yes, the fact that she smiles every time he turns up certainly gives one that impression! Let’s not pretend that the separation is to keep him safe because it’s clearly preposterous: it’s purely because the new showrunners couldn’t think what to do and/or wanted to make a big splash.

      • Blurgh says:

        Exactly. Kate does have demons, but she could have worked on that during therapy rather than beating the Bracken storyline to a pulp.

        It’s like the writers don’t want to offend viewers that much, so it’s like a breakup lite. Well, either really break them up or don’t do it at all!

        A half-arsed breakup is more infuriating than a real one would be.

  40. lame says:

    Have to agree with DarkDefender, scenes of Castle without Beckett are still fun, scenes of Beckett without Castle are flat. RySito were never meant to carry the action , what they are doing is filling in in a decent fashion . If you accept that this is the format for the next six episodes you’ll be able to somewhat enjoy the series instead of stewing. It was okay, wasn’t great , but okay. I’m willing to see where W/H are taking us.
    Yeah, Beckett laying on the couch was weird. Leads me to believe some of you who think this is a harbinger could be right.

    • John NYC says:

      She’s essentially working two jibs. The day job of being the new captain of the precinct and another full job of investigating the Locksat mystery.

      A power nap wouldn’t be out of place when you’re not getting nearly enough sleep and bad Expresso can only go so far…

  41. lame says:

    Nice to see Beckett starting to dress like a captain , like someone with authority .

  42. John Monaghan says:

    Pathetic R.I.P. Castle!

  43. Castlefan says:

    Some nice moments, although the plot was thin: if the girlfriend was too obvious a killer for Castle’s mentee 4-5 years ago, how is the wife any better now?

    Lovely Martha scene but still not much Lanie – not sure they’re showcasing all the supporting actors as claimed! Too much Alexis, but not as bad as previous episodes this season. As a child she was the voice of reason reining in Castle’s silliness, but she seems to be joining in. In a few years’ time Molly Quinn may be good enough for a lead role in something, but not this and not now. I’ve sometimes found Ryan a little annoying in the past, but I feel he and Espo are doing well so far this year.

    The party – why?

    I suppose I would have liked this episode with fewer reservations if it wasn’t for the fact that the whole season is built on such a shaky premise. If they resolve that quickly enough I may actually look forward to episodes again the way I have for the last 6 years, rather than anticipating each new one with trepidation.

    In summary: drop the unrealistic separation storyline – it doesn’t work on any level and makes both the leads look stupid; stop trying to make Alexis a main character – she isn’t up to it; don’t simplify plots – they weren’t overly-complex to begin with; and if you want to showcase actors other than the leads, let’s have more Martha and Lanie (and maybe bring back Gates) rather than constant Alexis. I love this show; I love most of the characters: the showrunners should have the courage to admit they made a mistake, ditch what isn’t working and get back on track before even I get fully disillusioned. Let’s at least finish on a positive note.

    • Castlefan says:

      Actually I can be positive now – I’ve just seen the promo for next week’s episode and Alexis isn’t in it! I know it won’t hold for the whole episode and there’s no indication of any actual plot content, but C&B appear to be in the same scene, people are laughing, and I have a glimmer of hope.

    • lame says:

      Agree, the premise makes no cents what so ever.

  44. Jennifer says:

    I think season 8 should have started with Captian Gates still there, Beckett telling Castle in private that she is sticking with the NYPD. Then after one episode have Gates announce she is leaving for her new job and then Beckett stepping into the 12th as the new captain. Then halfway through the season throw this story line in and if there is a season 9 have the first 2 episodes of this season be the cliff hanger for the next season. Just a thought and I think it would have worked. But this show really doesn’t start off the new seasons where the old season left off at. I should move to hollywood and write for Castle and Beckett. I don’t think I could do anymore harm.

  45. L. Cullom says:

    Why not all you “Negative Nellies” calm down a bit, and let’s see what happens. I don’t know whether or not the two leads are friends. What I know is neither had to sign for season 8. The fact that both did suggests both wanted to do another season. After seven years as leads on a popular show, surely they both have enough name recognition and money that either or both could have moved on. What is no secret is that SK got married after the season 7 wrap, and she did two movies. She was still doing one of those movies when season 8 began taping. Thus, less air time and more stand ins. Given that she had such a busy summer of work, it appears she had little time for a honeymoon. Her Instagram posts had her on a vacation, perhaps delayed honeymoon, in Milan and Paris for most of the last two weeks. This, too, may be why she has had less screen time. They “patched” her into scenes when she returned because she wasn’t present for original taping. I’m willing to assume that her availability is why the show runners asked for a few episodes to work things out. They have said the show is ultimately about the love story of Castle and Beckett. These people (writers, actors, behind the scenes supports) want jobs, too. Why would they just destroy the show?

    Sorry for the long post, but gee whiz! Chill, people! It’s television; it’s entertainment. When it’s no longer that for you, it’s time to read a book or write some good fanfiction! LOL!

    • lurker says:

      Apparently, a lot of “Negative Nellies” also belived in that blind item during hiatus. And they got the same “wait and see” advise at the time. Look waht happened.

  46. Maddie says:

    This episode made me sad. I’m cringe-watching a show I used to love. The show runners think this is the old Castle. In the old Castle, Rick was charming and accomplished. Now, he’s desperate and… a full-time PI. In the old Castle, Kate was tormented by a personal tradegy that had been glossed over by the police and, ultimately, she was a woman in love. Now, Kate is desperate to solve a crime that is actively being pursued by the Feds because…wait, why is she doing this? Her reason is as clear as the resolution of Rick’s kidnapping. She’s also selfish, emotionally immature and doesn’t seem to care about hurting her husband or family. Even Alexis in the old Castle was smart with a bright, exciting future. Now she’s a know-it-all Junior PI who is wasting her senior year of college hang around with her dad and a bunch of cops. I wish they had ended the show last year.

    • Primum Non Nocere says:

      + 1

      I have watched a lot of long running shows whose last years weren’t pretty (X Files I’m looking at you) but I’ve never seen a show that has disappointed me like this…The way it’s going down the drain is disheartening…damn, it had such much potential…
      I’m still trying to understand why Stana has resigned (besides money and other perks) far, I haven’t seen anything gripping acting-wise and I’m not sure her character’s integrity will survive this horrendous storyline.

    • Rick says:

      I stopped watching after 1 and 1/2 shows. Scanning the comments i see no reason to go back to watching. Further I believe that most of the positive comments are made by people employed by the show.

  47. Mar says:

    Rather, our second example of what a pre-cancellation episode looks like. This show is suicidal.

  48. T says:

    You guys crack me up with all your bad mouthing of the show runners, writers, producers, actors, etc. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time then bitch about a tv show?

  49. Greg says:

    The more I think about it, this breakup makes absolutely no sense at all. Beckett is married to Castle officially and still sees him every day. That completely negates the purpose of the breakup to begin with. There is no logical reason behind it.

    The writers obviously want to go back to the UST in seasons 1-4, proving to me that hey have fallen victim to the Moonlighting theorem/curse. I really don’t think the leads hate each other, but that also happened with Moonlighting so who knows.

  50. Boiler says:

    Perhaps TVLine should close the comments sections for Castle articles. The comments here are out of line and as bad as Glee which were awful. I am guessing the same people comment all the time. They say they will not watch and do. I also advocate a Facebook based comment section. Perhaps if it was easy to find out who was saying these idiotic things people would be more careful

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ‘Tis tempting, especially the more and more people drag gossip into here, when there are myriad sketchy websites that are more than happy to accommodate such discourse.