Arrow Black Canary Costume

How Did Arrow's Canary Suit Up So Fast? Is Quantico Hair Criminally Good? Where Are Grey's Kids? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Quantico, Scream Queens and Arrow!

1 | Who has a good memory can remember the last time Hawaii Five-0‘s Kono and Adam weren’t in danger?

2 | What’s the consensus, Fear the Walking Dead fans — was the seaweed at the end of the finale toxic, or did it just happen to float into the shot? And is anyone not assuming that the plane we saw in “The Dog” is the web series’ Flight 462?

20Qs-Once-Excalibur| Eagle-eyed Once Upon a Time fan @SoooHooked raises the question: Why is the engraving on Excalibur different/farther down the blade than when Arthur first removed it? Also, are we to believe Henry is cool enough to listen to Yaz? And who used said song, “Only You,” best: Fringe, The Americans or Once?

| On The Good Wife, do we really believe that even in the wake of the election-fraud scandal, there are not a few major-money clients who’d line up to hire Alicia?

Quantico| In the battle for hair supremacy at ABC, is Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra poised to challenge Nashville‘s Connie Britton? (But how is her mane so buoyant after waking up in the rubble and going on the run?!) And does the fact that every trainee has a major secret make the FBI look really bad at their job?

| Admit it, Leftovers viewers: Upon watching Season 2’s bizarre childbirth cold open, you double-checked your program guide to make sure you were watching the right show, yes?

| On Homeland, is Carrie’s smart, sexy, even-tempered, sexy, thoughtful, sexy German boyfriend too good to be true? Also, he’s quite the stud, no?

| The Affair‘s full-frontal male nudity: totally necessary?

9 | Did Castle not quite explain how the murderer got boosted up to the air duct by a guy who was in the cell next to hers? And how did she then pull him up?

10 | Can The CW send out Flash hankies for when Grant Gustin makes us cry? But what was with the flyers announcing that “Flash Day” is “tomorrow” — not the most efficient use of paper, is it? Can’t hand them out any earlier or the day of!

Agents of SHIELD11 | How does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. guest-cast Peter MacNicol but not as Fitz’s father? And was May’s father’s house address  a little Easter egg, à la her Bus locker number?

12 | How many more Grinder episodes until Dean’s “But what if it isn’t?” shtick can’t carry the plot?

13 | Are the people at Fox Standards & Practices even listening to the Scream Queens dialogue? How are any of Chanel’s lines making it to air?

14 | How did Arrow’s Laurel suit up so quickly — given all the buckles and the snugness of her leather costume, plus the heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick — upon discovering the “ghosts” wereArrow Hal Jordan attacking City Hall? Who did the worse job at hiding a significant prop: Oliver leaving the engagement ring in a bowl of marbles or Vampire Diaries‘ Damon stashing the moonstone in the soap dish? Finally, how many of you spotted Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the Coast City bar?

15 | Could Nashville‘s Deacon have been any more insufferable/selfish/cruel to Scarlett as she struggled with her mother’s imminent death?

16 | Did this week’s Empire get anyone else thinking about how much gold the show could mine out of Cookie and Anika being allies?

17 | Regardless of what goes down at American Horror Story: Hotel’s Cortez, isn’t it still a bargain at $150-a-night? And after seeing the amazing rec room in which the Countess’ “children” chill, how many of you wished you weren’t too old to be kidnapped by the glampire?

18 | Don’t you wish You’re the Worst had let Politically Aware Lindsay stick around a little longer?

Bones Season 11 Spoilers19 | As much as we loved The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon calling Bonnie his best friend, what about his drinking buddy Alaric?!

20 | Were the similarities between Castle and Bones‘ two-part premieres — one half of the couple mysteriously goes missing, has to tend to his/her own wound, etc. — uncanny? And since there has to be a winner, who did it better?

21 | Where are Meredith’s kids on Grey’s Anatomy? Can someone send us proof that they’re still alive?

22 | HTGAWM‘s Annalise/Wes flirtation: Hot, or just “OMG No!”? And we’re all in agreement that from Season 3 onwards, these kids are never going into the woods at night again, right?

FullSizeRender23 | Was the CGI better on the original Heroes than it is on Reborn? Also, is there a married couple on TV with less chemistry than Luke and Joanne?

24 | This prescription drug ad with the lady and her cardboard husband — freaky, right?

25 | Cutest Star Wars-themed spot ever?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Achille says:

    I’m more interested in how Oliver manages to suit up while holding his bow you know. He always grabs it first when something happens.

  2. Dani says:

    What no Sleepy Hollow entry????? TVLine I am disappointed.

    • jr. says:

      About the seaweed, or the plane. I noticed all the birds flying away, off into the distance. I was thinking they were suggesting, they were how it spreads. The birds

  3. tallsy says:

    8. It would have been if it was Josh Jackson
    12. Really liked Grinder’s pilot, but agree that schtick will get old. Also, I really don’t want Lowe/Morales characters to get together.
    13. Guess Fox S&P is watching as little of Scream Queens as the American public.
    17. Hotel Cortez looks great. And if it’s in the middle of downtown LA wouldn’t it be crammed with lawyers/accountants at happy hour?
    23. Who would have guessed Zac Levi would be the worst part of Heroes Reborn?

  4. Annie says:

    I’ve been yelling about #19 for a year now. Bonnie and Damon are only “best friends” because the show tells us they are. They really had very little positive interaction up until season 6, then all of a sudden, BOOM! bffs. It’s ridiculous. Alaric and Damon have such a bro history yet the show basically is ignoring it.

    • Marcos says:

      Delena was an EPIC love because the show wants to us to believe that, so… after months together, I thinks is more realistic Bamon as a BFF that the “EPIC” love story of Delena and Steroline

  5. Reba42 says:

    3. Walter sitting in that cab post-Observers, listening to Yaz? The most haunting scene burned on my brain forever.

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number five – Priyanka Chopra should appear in one of those shampoo commercials. Number seven – Carrie Mathison’s new boyfriend is no Brody nor Quinn. Still no love for The Price is Right? I mean Season 44 has been up and down in the first three weeks and a lot of people think Drew Carey is the host fans love to hate especially on social media (look up the show’s Facebook page). Hit the MUTE button if you dare.

    • tallsy says:

      Drew Carey is a great, very talented guy who happens to be in the wrong job.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Yeah right. Price is Right should have a proper “final season” in 2017 if it gets renewed by CBS Daytime. BTW, the models better stop waving on camera because it’s been an obsession to those dumbfounded beauties and less talent.

  7. Lenny says:

    20. Bones did it way better with their couple still intact at the end. I was pretty disappointed with what they did to the Castle pair. I haven’t watched Castle since the premier

    • angel says:

      Same here – about not watching Castle since the premiere. I don’t mind the separation itself – I mind the complete lack of a logical reason for the separation. Although, logic had left the show a long time ago. So, I am now done with Castle.

  8. Lorena says:

    20. I think Bones did it better, only because they got together again, not like Castle, the show lost the touch, and come on is David Boreanaz, he is always better

  9. Demi says:

    14. That outfit bugs me and it’s not practical for a vigilante. Who makeup before a fight and has time to deal with eyelashes and don’t get me started on the gloves. And also how was she just chatting with the lady cop without voice modulator?
    20. Yes it was. And Beckett did it better.
    22. OMG NO. Still think Annalise and Wes are somehow related.

  10. Win says:

    5 | And does the fact that every trainee has a major secret make the FBI look really bad at their job?

    My thoughts exactly. But when the Asst. Director is paranoid (although she should be) and people can “pull favors” to get others in, the FBI in Quantico isn’t doing so hot overall. Except with the hotness factor of their staff…apparently they recruit with the same visual demands as Abercrombie & Fitch/Hooters (I’m with Mindy this week on Hooters – love the service).

    7 | On Homeland, is Carrie’s smart, sexy, even-tempered, sexy, thoughtful, sexy German boyfriend too good to be true?

    Well, they definitely exist in Deutschland (because like Pokemon, I gotta catch ’em all), but it’s certainly a possibility that shouldn’t be ignored – kind of like last week’s point about HtGAwM crew not trusting people that hit on them at the courthouse (as they usually play that game themselves).

    12 | How many more Grinder episodes until Dean’s “But what if it isn’t?” shtick can’t carry the plot?

    But what if it… will?

    14 Yes, the Hal Jordan jacket caught the eye of all but one in our group when watching the Arrow opener.

  11. Carol C says:

    15. Yes, Deacon was a total jerk.

    20. Becket did a better job of tending to her wound. Booth did a lot of moaning and groaning.

  12. John NYC says:

    9 | Did Castle not quite explain how the murderer got boosted up to the air duct by a guy who was in the cell next to hers? And how did she then pull him up?

    The scene showed it all: in the other cell the duct was quite close to the bars (six inches or so out), not centered, logical for a retrofit. So the woman had a pretty straight shot straight up to open the duct and get in with a boost from just the other side of the bars.

    And just as Kate did, all she had to do was drop out of the duct at the end of the room, snag the keys hanging there during the guard’s sleeping shift (a supermax this ain’t) that Kate casually goes back for when she needs to let Castle out, then open the cell door for him from the outside.

    • Nichole says:

      Even if you take that logic there are still soooo many things wrong with the escape. First the girl that was in the next cell was pretty short compared to Beckett. Second, Beckett made enough noise to wake the dead getting along that air shaft, yet no other “inmate” apparently heard the escapes making the break?? Used to love Castle, but it’s really gone off the rails the last few years, even the new plot that is keeping them apart is just a re-hash of old stuff that was settled. Can’t they come up with something new?? Or better yet, make it the Ryan/Esposito show, those two are so funny together, loved how they went all in on the 21 Jump Street scene!! Only watch it now because Mum does, so it gives us to bond over as such, when not yelling about politics :P

  13. Kate says:

    15. In Deacon’s defense, he felt like he was going to be responsible for killing his own sister if Scarlett shut off her life support, so he had some strong reactions, and it would have been nice if Rayna was there to help them instead of visiting her ex husband in prison.

    21. THANK YOU. Will no one think of the children? Meredith is all “I can’t believe Bailey kept me up last night.” A) I don’t believe you B) Maybe if you hadn’t had a bottle of tequila before bed? C) Pics or it isn’t real, you know?

    • Shar says:

      Re 21 – the question really should be why they had her have a 3rd child in the first place.

      All the kids are being baby sat by Ross & Rachel’s Emma.

    • Anna says:

      I’m confused as to why everyone is talking about Mer’s kids now. In the past seasons, we would go crazy long stretches of time without seeing any of the kids, but all of a sudden, everyone is freaking out about seeing Meredith’s kids. We probably saw Zola a total of 3 times during season 9. And when was the last time we saw Tuck? Or Sofia? They always go long stretches of time without showing the kids.

  14. lucyanna59 says:

    I took the “Yaz” inclusion as being related to the dated look and feel of Storybrooke. Time stood still for them (for 28 years) and I always assumed the town is supposed to be an 80s/90s hybrid, so the song seemed perfectly accurate to me. Actually I found it odd Henry had an iPod! I thought it was too modern for Storybrooke! But I guess Emma could have crossed the townline to get it. ;)

  15. lonestarjrs says:

    Arrow?? is that flash forward Felicity’s grave ???and if it is i will forgive them for season 3 and I’ll even forgive all the relationship-y silliness…I mean Oliver happy??? So boring

  16. Terri says:

    9. I suspended belief that he could boost her STRAIGHT up through the bars — an Amazon she wasn’t, but what really was unbelievable is she would have the strength to PUSH HIM ALL THE WAY onto that branch — unless she was running at him??? And wouldn’t he have the sense to get out of the way — he saw her a ways off …..

  17. Paul says:

    #6 The Leftovers, I sure did!

  18. Lauren says:

    Aww that Campbell’s spot was adorable

  19. Ellinas1978 says:

    6) I double-checked the DVR had recorded the correct show after about 5 minutes. And again after 30 minutes.

  20. Ellinas1978 says:

    8) Total disappointment that was the nudity of the episode.

  21. Ellinas1978 says:

    22) They need to get it on already.

    And the way the story is unimaginative no need for season 3.

  22. DarkDefender says:

    3. Yaz’s Only You will forever belong to Walter Bishop and FRINGE.
    5. I am thinking this is probably the same FBI from The Following, so no.
    9. Easily done (and they explain it) – he boosted the girl up to the vent and she crawled out the duct like Beckett did and unlocked his cell.
    11. The bigger question is when do we get to see May’s parents together.. Talk about TV gold.
    16. I’d say a Cookie/Anika partnership is as much gold as a Cookie Lyon outfit, yo.
    20. Castle does it better. Always.
    21. I think Meredith’s kids will show up eventually, but for now I am guessing Tuck is babysitting them and Sofia off camera.

  23. Danielle says:

    Best use of “Only You?” When Preston finally gets Amanda at the end of “Can’t Hardly Wait.” I know, I know . . . not a movie site. ;)

  24. Angela says:

    #22: I’m leaning towards “OMG no!” simply because of the weird sort of incestuous vibe they give off :p. Even if they aren’t related (like some people have theorized they are), there’s still too much manipulation and creepiness there to make the hookup possibilities a good thing. That said, I won’t be one bit surprised if the show does go there, and considering the dark nature of the show, in that context, them getting together would indeed make sense.
    And ha, yes, the gang definitely needs to learn to just avoid every wooded area imaginable. Even the ones that aren’t anywhere near where they live :D.

  25. Jared says:

    I don’t usually get that emotionally invested in TV shows but damn that Grant Gustin! Everytime he cries or has tears in his eyes it really breaks my heart! He’s so good.

  26. dan says:

    5) Not only does Alex’s hair look great, but she is running through Manhattan after being near (in?) a bomb blast and she looks great; no bruises, no ripped clothes, no make-up smudging. She doesn’t appear to sweat or pant from running around the city avoiding capture by the FBI. Way too many storylines and mysteries revealed (or hinted at) during the first two episodes. I’m exhausted after watching this show. I want to like it instead of having to diagram it!
    24) Very creepy commercial.

    • John NYC says:

      Meh, she was taken back to their field HQ before she escaped for questioning and it’d be usual to allow someone a few minutes to clean up etc. before grilling them about mass murder…. all part of that “stall”.

  27. JJ says:

    and when did Laurel stop wearing the Black Canary wig?

  28. Adam says:

    The Grinder gag might get old, but what if it doesn’t?

  29. Jazz73 says:

    I don’t even watch The Affair, but I keep seeing complaints about it. It’s a penis, get over it. Women have been shown naked for years.

    Peter MacNicol was reprising his role from season one.

  30. Luis says:

    Arrow writers are going to tease us unmercifully with the whole “Hal Jordan’ thing, aren’t they?

  31. Rob says:

    16. I just need more Cookie interupting Luscious with hakeem rapping ! one of my favorite tv scenes of all time !

  32. A.F says:

    20.: The winner is without a doubt Bones.

  33. Tom says:

    3 | Eagle-eyed Once Upon a Time fan @SoooHooked raises the question: Why is the engraving on Excalibur different/farther down the blade than when Arthur first removed it? Also, are we to believe Henry is cool enough to listen to Yaz? And who used said song, “Only You,” best: Fringe, The Americans or Once?
    Excalibur came from the Lady of the Lake, not the stone. Shouldn’t be surprised though that they’re going this route.
    8 | The Affair‘s full-frontal male nudity: totally necessary?
    I mean, it’s great for equality and all. Let those that like only men have some eyecandy too.
    11 | How does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. guest-cast Peter MacNicol but not as Fitz’s father? And was May’s father’s house address a little Easter egg, à la her Bus locker number?
    You know this wasn’t his first episode right? Wouldn’t that have been a better question during his first stint?
    12 | How many more Grinder episodes until Dean’s “But what if it isn’t?” shtick can’t carry the plot?
    It’s pretty much done yeah. They’re going to start beating a dead horse soon.
    13 | Are the people at Fox Standards & Practices even listening to the Scream Queens dialogue? How are any of Chanel’s lines making it to air?
    Maybe they’ve gotten the clue that there are bigger problems?
    25 | Cutest Star Wars-themed spot ever?
    What’s funny is the second father has the line basically right. It’s not “Luke, I am your father.” It’s “No. *I* am your father.” Regardless, looking forward to see the right wingers freak out and add Campbell’s and Star Wars to their ever growing boycott list.

  34. murley says:

    11. I thought I was the only one who noticed the amazing physical resemblance between Peter MacNicol and Ian Decaestecker. The question it raised for me though was “wait does this mean Peter MacNicol is hot?”

  35. Simon says:

    3. I cant believe nobody mention The Office (UK) as the best series to feature Yaz’s Only You. It was by far the best with Fringe being a very close second.

  36. Christina says:

    I’m still hoping they’ll bring Peter MacNicol back next year for the reveal that he’s Fitz’s father. The resemblance is way too uncanny to go to waste.
    I watched the end of Bones’ two-parter, and it definitely wins. Mostly because that’s what I want in the entertainment I choose to watch – a strong, healthy relationship with people that stay together. Not this Castle garbage with Kate leaving Rick and Rick asking what he’s doing wrong. Just ugh. Won’t watch it until this is resolved.

  37. Rainy says:

    22. Yessssss. I’ve been shipping Wes/Annalise from day one, a lot of my friends have as well. It’s almost all we ever talk about lol. I love that this show is finally giving us what we’ve wanted! I love Annalise and Eve together as well, but in the meantime until Eve maybe potentially comes back, allllll I want is for Annalise and Wes to hook up!

  38. Lena says:

    glad the Scream Queens dialogue is noticeable to others, had to actually stop watching this week, can’t believe it’s being passed off as “satire” by the writers or the network, appalled, tbh.

  39. Marci says:

    1 | Who has a good memory can remember the last time Hawaii Five-0‘s Kono and Adam weren’t in danger? No, I can’t, and their being in constant jeopardy has gotten beyond tiresome. It’s past time for that scenario to be wrapped up.

  40. A fan of TV says:

    My opinion is that all that seaweed was just in the shot. It floats often. But if the seaweed turns out to be toxic that’s fine, too, since it fits within the show’s mythology/we’ve never seen seaweed that WASNT toxic in the comic, original show, or FTWD…

  41. zac says:

    8. There are a lot of unnecessary full frontals with females on a lot of shows. Males are just nw catching up
    15. I thin he’s wants her to be on life support coz he’s already feeling responsible for getting her in a coma so at least she’s alive and the guilt wont be as hard pressed

  42. Alichat says:

    4) Fringe
    5) I wondered that as well. All of them have a big secret? The FBI didn’t find out any of these secrets??
    7) As odd as it was to see Carrie in a calm, domestic situation, I rather liked it. It seemed normal and right. I never thought that would be the case.
    9) Well, since Castle gave us a flimsy flimsy excuse for Kate leaving, them not explaining how they got boosted up to the air duct isn’t that big of surprise.
    11) MacNicol would be have been perfect as Fitz’s father.
    21) Thank you!! I’ve asked that every carpool scene. Doesn’t she have two that should be in daycare at the hospital? Zola is in kindergarten now, right? How is she getting to school? The bus??
    22) I am in the “OMG No!” camp at the moment.
    23) Luke and Joanne are like oil and water. They just do not mix for me. She’s so extreme, I have a hard time seeing how they came together in the first place.

  43. Sophia says:

    20. Bones. Always bones. David boreanaz and Emily deschanel are amazing. Bones showed how this is done. Booth is a specially trained FBI agent to boot been in the field for years. It makes sense how he ended up treating himself and all that agony moaning and groaning that’s what happens when you are cauterizing your wound. Not what Kate Beckett did you know. There was not even a mention of her wound in the second part. She is that much of a superwoman all of a sudden.

  44. Mary says:

    5. She is way too coiffed to be on the run.

    15. Dear Deacon. Just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean you need to be one. It’s not always about you.

    20. Bones was far superior. Booth got into craziness for a brother beckett through it all away for a misguided sense of duty.

    21. Seriously last week there was early morning sledgehammers and no talk of sleeping children. This week carpool with no car seats…or kids (aren’t they in the hospital daycare? )

    22. No woods for the kiddos and Wes should get no wood for Annalise I’m pretty sure she is related to him. …his mother?

  45. Ugonna Wosu says:

    #5, girl who played Julia in Under The Dome had TV’s best hair.

  46. Misscar says:

    This was Peter MacNicol second time on the show. Also in universe Fitz was raised by his mother alone. Our poor baby has had enough angst and doesn’t need to be dealing with a disappearing dad.
    In regards to question 23. I know that some of the visual effects team and make up people from the original Heroes went on to do Agents of SHIELD, including Mark Kolpack. The guy is really good at what he does so I wouldn’t be surprised if the person trying to fill his shoes is not as good despite the advancements in technology in the interim. The guy does great work.

  47. NQ says:

    2) Just plain ole seaweed…I hope…
    3) Still Fringe, after all these years.
    7) Yes!
    8) Hell yes! It’s about time.
    16) Cookie and Anika allies? Awesome! A force to be reckoned with.
    19) Damon and Alaric have the real-deal bromance. Bonnie can be his gal pal bestie, which is still not as good as the shtick between D and A.

  48. FreeRyde says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how Laurel became Kung-fu MMA goddess so fast?
    Actually, that and Oliver’s horrendous death and revival was about the time I gave up; so whatever.
    As for Vampire diarrhea I’m sick of listening to Ian Cupholder whine about Elena.
    It was bad enough listening to her whine all the time.
    What’s with all the ‘cool’ straight up guzzling in every episode? Sure!

  49. Rinti says:

    6. I checked a few times, i thought i was watching another show until 15 minutes before the episode ended.

    8. To me it wasn’t necessary

    19. They are both his best friends.