Arrow Felicity Dies Death

Arrow's Killer Mystery: Why Felicity, Diggle, Oliver's Kid or Any of 8 Others Will (and Won't) Be the One to Die

Brad Pitt yelling, “What’s in the box?!” (in Se7en) is nothing compared to Arrow fans’ cries of, “Who’s in the grave?!” following the Season 4 premiere.

“We don’t necessarily know who it is right now,” executive producer Wendy Mericle claimed at a press screening. “We’re still figuring the plan out for the season, but we want it, obviously, to have resonance. If it doesn’t mean something to the characters, it won’t mean anything to the audience either.”

While the producers might not know who’s occupying that plot yet, we at TVLine have plenty of arguments for who it could be — and why it can’t be that person, too — after combing through the final scene for clues (Oliver’s vow to kill “him,” Barry’s presence, the level of tears, etc;).

When will we find out which theory is correct? EP Marc Guggenheim is keeping mum about when the death will go down, except to say “there will be time afterwards” left in the season to deal with the fallout.

Click through the gallery below — or right here for direct access — as we debate the Top 11 candidates for Arrow‘s mysterious fallen character.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lambsilencer says:

    Ok, probably February sweeps, then.

  2. Karina says:

    Definitely Felicity

    • mike says:

      No way! She is the 2nd lead on the show behind Oliver for all intensive purposes. They need her tech knowledge and she softer side of Oliver. I know she has haters but it cannot be her, it kills the show. My money is on Lance. He and Oliver will come to terms with Oliver’s role in protecting the city he will get killed, leaving Laurel in a spiral etc. Who else believes the writers do not know? If it was Felicity they would know already as it changes the show forever.

    • Ben says:

      Definitely not Felicity, astonished to see her leading the poll. Felicity’s death would kill the show. I think not Diggle too. I’d see those two along with Oliver as being more or less untouchable if they want the show to succeed.

      Lance seems like the best bet, with Laurel not far behind, and Thea an outside shot running up in third, I reckon.

      • jericho says:

        Lyla would be the 2nd name on that list. This years’ Diggle subplot is all about he and Oliver getting over Oliver threatening her life. Her death would ring true to Ollie in a powerful manner. She is an unofficial member of Team Arrow, and has helped Barry at least once (off screen) on The Flash.

        Plus, you don’t think Barry wouldn’t come to the Funeral of ANY Team Arrow characters? Even if he didn’t know that character, if they died fighting a “super” villain, he’d come.

      • Liz says:

        For the record, I don’t think her leading the poll means everyone wants her to die. I didn’t vote for who I wanted to die, just who I THOUGHT would die. And the show made us think Felicity would die. I still don’t think it’s her though. She’s so important to the show it would be like show suicide.

        • AlexAbout says:

          I DEFINITELY don’t want it to be Felicity; I chose her because that’s the crappy, crappy way Guggentroll writes. Can’t we fridge him and get back Kreisberg and Berlanti? Please??

      • AshleyR says:

        I totally agree with this! Lance is my first thought. It would further the story. Laurel would be second just because it would also further the story and not be the game changer that a Felicity or Diggle death would be. And Thea is a far third. She already died too many times on this show. It would just be the same as last year. Before Thea, I would think it could be “Conner” or “Baby Mama.”

      • Sabretruth says:

        People always expect the worst and Felicity dying would be the worst. We’re programmed to expect the worst as a means of self-preservation, it’s the same reason whenever we look online for medical help we always end up deciding we have cancer.
        In caveman times if you prepared for a bear or an enemy tribe you tended to survive more than the optimists.

      • Carl Tilson says:

        Felicity being the one who gets killed would improve the show

      • john q says:

        Well no one noticed the flash was LATE…..he would not be late for Felicitys funeral. Thanks

      • muqeet says:

        I agree and Barry would be much more devastated if Felicity were the one to die

        • Millo says:

          Im so glad that someone finally said that, because it 100% true

        • Maxine says:

          True statement

        • A) One thought is that it’s Oliver’s son because only he and Flash know about him (because Oliver wasn’t allowed to tell anyone including Felicity). It explains why no one except Flash is there comforting him. B) The other thought is that it’s the boy’s mother and the boy now becomes part of the show, growing up as Oliver and Felicity’s son. No one would know about the mother simply because they don’t know about the son, except for Barry/Flash, which again can explain why there’s no one but Flash there comforting him. C) I guess it could be both of them!

    • Akshay says:

      Barry would not have missed Felicity’s funeral

      • Delirious says:

        Yup, can’t be someone from the team, since Barry would’ve been there. Or some regular player über-close to the team (as in, Lyla or Lance, even if he is my best bet among the ones listed). Has to be someone “secondary”, in that sense.

        • carolxs says:

          Felicity’s mother is a good bet I think, and would bring implications to their relationship. We are seeing her get closer to Oliver and Lance. I bet it will be her.

      • AA says:

        Unless there was a good reason, which there was: Zoom, as stated by Barry in that scene.

        • If it was Felicity he’d be crying. Flash liked her a lot. So, I doubt that. Also, if it was her, the other guys from the Flash would be there too, especially Cisco. So, that was why I don’t think it’s her.

          I don’t think it’s Laurel either b/c she’s a staple of DC. My pick is Diggle’s wife or child.

          • I’m sorry but your argument isn’t that good. It’s 90% likely to be Felicity. Oliver stayed after the funeral and wants personal revenge for the person’s death. This would not happen with either Lyla or Sara as Diggle would be in the scene too and Flash would not have much reason to even show up as he doesn’t know either of them and barely knows Diggle. Also Flash has super speed, after dealing with Zoom he’d rush over by himself. My reasoning behind it being Felicity is because foreshadowing already says it will be: Scene before the Flashforward, Oliver and FELICITY being all happy in Thea’s loft. Another reason: Laurel is always the major love interest of Green Arrow, Felicity doesn’t really enter into the equation. Who else but Felicity would cause him to seek personal revenge AND have Barry rushing over to the funeral? Having Barry in the scene made it pretty obvious that the person appeared on Flash as well, and was close enough with said person to have him rush over after dealing with Zoom.

          • Briggs says:

            Barry would be there regardless of who died, being Oliver’s friend.
            And I’d love to know what you see in the narrative that tells you they’re going to revive Laurel/Oliver. And no, comic canon does not count for anything, especially with Oliver in a bromance with Diggle, a character created for the show. It has to be in the narrative of the show for me to take it seriously.

          • Underscore says:

            Dude it was like a 30 second scene and they could have been their at the legit funeral PS Felicity it my least fav character

    • Madhav says:

      Can be thea or diggle coz barry was late for funeral but he wouldnt hav been late on one of his good freinds funeral even if it is “zoom”

      • Colin m says:

        I believe it is laurel or lance because they were both on the flash but my first bet is laurel because she was on the flash with other people not like lance how he was on the show with Cisco trying to find the dead body of Harrison in season 1 if you watch the flash

    • rr says:

      I won’t watch anymore if it
      Is her

    • I will not look at Arrow if Felicity dies, its not fair

    • Emeral says:

      No its Oliver’s son

    • Martin says:

      Can’t be. She’s in the limo at the cemetary, as of a most-recent end credits ‘sneak-peek’. She’s the one that Oliver asks if she’s ok. Diggle perhaps, since The Flash seems to get along well with him. Perhaps Thea (actually, my personal bet…). Lance isn’t a bad guess, but both Felicity and Oliver seem to be basically ‘seething’, hence Felicity telling Oliver to KILL Damian Dahrk – and I don’t know if Lance would engender THAT much apparent hatred – the death of Thea would do that, though…just the behavior Oliver’s been trying to NOT engage in (owing to Oliver’s toned-down combat proficiency in more recent episodes…he seems to have lost the ferocity he once had…)

  3. Shaun Davis says:

    Disappointing and too an easy out for them not knowing who’s in the grave. Wish they had more of a plan and a commitment to a story. Also, deaths mean a little less on the show now when they can resurrect people and time travel possibilities.

    • Ben says:

      I bet they absolutely know, but it’s a good way to avoid questions.

    • Alex Jones says:

      they’ve made it clear that this death is gonna stick, no resurrections.

    • aph1976 says:

      I’m sure the show knows which character will be in the casket but to avoid leaks they may have taped several characters dying.As for who dies, i’m thinking it’s someone very close to Oliver and not just a passing acquaintance.So i’m thinking it might be Thea or Laurel.

    • Sil says:

      But, they have always killed someone off each season. Tommy, Moira, Sara, now, a secondary character I believe. We can speculate all day who it is.

  4. DarkDefender says:

    I am now of the belief it will either be the woman Oliver falls in love with on Lian Yu or it will be Nyssa. Anyone else.. Felicity would be there and they are not killing off Felicity.

    • Ana says:

      Please, and why would he be so devastated by Nyssa’s death? It doesn’t make a sense whatsoever. It has to be someone REALLY important to Oliver, and at this moment that person is Felicity. It also could be Thea or Diggle, but Thea already died once and Oliver wasn’t THAT sad and also, Thea is Speedy now and Speedy as a DC character is really important. 2 options on the grave: either Felicity or Diggle.

      • Liz says:

        Oliver was DEVASTATED when Thea died. Did you not watch the episode? And Speedy as a DC character doesn’t really mean much. They’ve killed off DC characters on the show before. Deadshot being one of them.

        • BillyBA says:

          Yea but the only reason they did that is because they wefe no longer allowed to use him because of the suicide squad movie…same way w deathstroke no longer around and them not being able to use harley quinn after that episode ending

      • Bill says:

        But when Thea died before he knew the Lazarus pot was still opperational

    • Julian says:

      Unless Nyssa really becomes involved with the team this season and could grow a strong friendship up between she and Oliver, I don’t see her as a candidate for that place in the grave.

      • Steph says:

        But, the fact that he feels it’s his responsibility could mean it’s Nyssa and Malcom, who is involved in all 3 shows, is her killer. Oliver made him the next Ras so he’d feel responsible and that would fit with his reaction.

  5. Rachel says:

    Oliver’s baby mama? (Assuming Oliver finds out about his child this season). But really, they don’t know who will be in that grave? *smh*

    • nikavila says:

      Why Barry is with him if he did not know Oliver had a son? But I was thinking Oliver son could also be the one in the grave and is why Barry is there to support but the headstone is too big for a small child I guess.

  6. clint says:

    i think it vandal savage kills felicity, oliver and barry sets up legends of tomorow to take him down

  7. nikavila says:

    I dont want Nyssa to die she is very good on the show. But focus that Barry is there with Oliver, it has to be a character that Barry knew and knows Oliver loved and care. Barry do not know Nyssa or even Oliver son mother, so I rule those 2 out.

  8. hello says:

    How many Arrow-fans are delusional Olicity-shippers?
    Answer is 1%, a way too loud minority

    • Demi says:

      Oh pls! How are they delusional? Felicity and Oliver are together, so what’s their delusion? And if they are loud minority, get whatever you support to be as loud as them.

    • Liz1 says:

      Delusional? Olicity are actually together and canon. They’ve had sex. They’ve kissed. Oliver is in love with her. Um, if you’re denying that you’re the delusional one. Yikes. And I think a lot more than 1% if viewers are fans of their relationship.

    • lily says:

      You can dislike them, but I don’t think delusional is the right word for this comment. Oliver ad Felicity are a thing. It’s happening. It’s not a delusion.

    • Silt says:

      a lot more. and obviously we’re not delusional, moron. they are together and they will stay together. you’re delusional by denying that this is a huge part of the show.

    • cinthy says:

      we are not a minority since they are together!! Besides because of the fans felicity went from side character to part of team arrow.

      • Liz says:

        Actually the head of WB loved EBR so much that he wanted to see more of her on the show. At that point in time the show hadn’t even aired.

    • AlexAbout says:

      I’m not a fan of Olicity — they totally spoiled it for me — but I do love Felicity. Don’t assume everyone who wants to keep her around is one of the fanatics.

  9. Katie T says:

    Even if they haven’t fully figured out who it is yet, I’d say it’s definitely not Felicity. I agree with the reasoning in the gallery-Oliver and Barry simply aren’t emotional enough in the grave scene for it to be Felicity.
    Personally think it’s going to be Lance. Big enough character to have a lasting effect on most other characters but not effect the dynamic of the show. Plus there’s only so many times they can go around in circles of him liking then hating Oliver

  10. Tony Lang says:

    So…they’re killing someone right off the bat, but they don’t know who they should kill or why. As long as it “resonates”. I’m officially worried about this season.

  11. Dean says:

    Felicity who elses death would be enough to have Oliver even consider taking up killing. I mean there is Thea but a second death for her would feel redundant.

    • Katie T says:

      Diggle’s death would. So would Laurel’s. And so would Lance’s if he died in certain ways or if Oliver thought it was his fault

      • Ashbash says:

        But with Barry being all sad and in Star City Felicity would be the only death that would make sense

        • Josh says:

          Barry and Oliver would be Devasted not those reactions on Wedsnday. Plus they are friends Barry would be there to support Oliver no matter what. Oliver would be on Felicitys grave tears streaming from his face not that single tear

      • Dean says:

        but who else would it be to bring Barry to Star City. I admire your optimism.

      • Lourdes says:

        Oliver would kill for his friends or family. So anyone in his circle is not safe. I think it is a Lance either the captain or his daughter Laurel. Then it could also be a new character that could warm into Oliver’s life like Thea as new boyfriend.

    • Liz1 says:

      I don’t think Barry being there means it’s Felicity. Barry was there so we wouldn’t know who is dead. It’s all about keeping us on our toes and in suspense. A lame trick but this is Arrow.

    • A says:

      Oliver just killed Ra’s, so it’s not like he’d be breaking his no-kill vow just to kill Damien. For real, though, The CW/WB would never let Arrow kill Felicity.

  12. nikavila says:

    I think it is Cpt. Lance, besides Laurel still has his mother. I did not know that Felicitys father was Damien Darhk?? Was that a slip on the article or everyone knew about it? No wonder why Damien’s hair is blonde.

  13. Kate says:

    The Jewish angle didn’t even factor in for me (I’ve decided the show decided they are just going to leave the couple as is, but may as well throw some angst in there even if it isn’t real). I’d thought of the idea of Sandra for a bit (I figure, watch for Defiance’s fate though why she couldn’t do both is beyond me, I just figure Berlin would have a bigger role now that Nolan is ‘gone’) and was weighing the idea of a kid (yes, Conner who I think would be close to ten now and I hate to point out they did do an excellent job finding about a ten year old version of Oliver last year that they could just cast). My money is between Thea and Lance. Lance has pretty much hit the third rotation on his same schedule of loving/hating, I see him sacrificing himself to make up for the alliance with Darkh and, well, counting the remaining parents, Laurel still has her mother and Donna would still be around.

  14. Now Glez says:

    If it is not Quentin it’ll be the mom of Oliver’s son.

  15. Journey54 says:

    Hope its Felicity

  16. Here’s some additional structural logic fuel for the Thea theory. If it isn’t Thea, what the heck else are the writers planning to do with Malcolm? *Note I ask this as a Barrowman fan*

    He’s become Ra’s after partially succeeding in destroying Starling. It could be argued that he was multi-tasking — avenging wife and destroying ties in a roundabout Ra’s succession bid. Nable!Ras understood the bigger picture and got rid of a potential rival by drumming Malcolm out. That way, he could say that banished Malcolm wasn’t following League code with the undertaking and dismiss the succession step for what it clearly was.

    Malcolm realizes Nable!Ras has checked him, so he has to get creative, hence his S3 maneuvering, which pays off. Unfortunately, the plotting has cost his son’s life and damaged his daughter. In his quest to save Thea and maintain what he perceives has hard won power with Damien (and assuming Vandal) in the mix, Malcolm discovers he can’t have it all and loses Thea too. Thea’s death is the only narrative option that acknowledges what Malcolm has meant and has done, and he has (regrettably because JB rocks) nowhere to go but down.

  17. It’s Roy, coming back as a recurring character, gets caught up trying to save Thea and is killed. That way a favorite is killed, and no main characters are lost.

  18. Liz1 says:

    I don’t think it’s Felicity but I also wouldn’t be surprised. This show always makes mistakes with who they kill off. She also wouldn’t be the first woman they’ve killed to give Laurel a reason to still be on the show. First Sara died so Laurel could take her place as Black Canary and then if they kill Felicity the only reason would be so Laurel could be Oliver’s love interest again. When you need that much help, yeesh.

    But that sounds like the worst idea ever and I, for one, would never watch this show again. Felicity adds something extra to the show. She’s amazing.

    If it’s not Felicity, I can see it being Quentin Lance because he seems like a pointless character now. Run his course. His death wouldn’t affect the show massively but would leave an imprint on the characters left behind. I just really don’t want it to be Felicity or Diggle. They’re my faves.

  19. Lysh says:

    It’s weird that the writers don’t know who it is right now. Lance talking to Damien Darhk at the end was enough twist for me; killing off characters just seems sort of cheap these days. But I think it’s Lance or Oliver’s baby mama OR it’s all a fake death plot to reel in Darhk somehow and they’re going to have a graveyard battle and all your faves will survive the season.

  20. Crest says:

    Why would you put 4 skeleton heads on Thea
    She already “died”
    She is Speedy.

    Its Babymama or Laurel or Diggle.

  21. Barry is there because he and Oliver are the only safe characters in this universe. Barry is being used because Oliver needs a sounding board and the PTB want all the other Arrow characters to be in the conversation. They want us to be having a conversation about the death that makes us talk about Arrow. Barry is a friend of Oliver’s so him being there for Oliver is something friends do for each other.

  22. Beth says:

    Better not be lance. Don’t think I can stand emotional Laurel anymore, she actually seems happy now

  23. div13class says:

    What about Oliver’s son? Maybe Damian finds out Oliver has a son and murders him?

  24. Farside316 says:

    Mother of Oliver’s child.

  25. L.P says:

    I hope it is Tommy or sara

  26. Kim R says:

    I think it is set up to look like Felicity because of the tears and Barry’s presence which is why I don’t think it is Felicity. Barry’s presence could be because he was involved in whatever incident has taken place that brought about the death and not necessarily because he has an attachment to the person who died. Watching Oliver’s face, I think it may be Diggle.

  27. murley says:

    Well at least accidentally posting my theory, about Thea being in the grave and the him Oliver swears vengeance on being Malcolm, like 6 or 7 times got it into the slide show of theories! Makes me feel a little less dumb about posting it over and over. Ha ha.

    • Oops. Forgot that posts with links are screened. You’re not alone in your Thea theory. Here’s what I have so far…

      I don’t think the him in “kill him” is even Damien Darhk. I think it’s Malcolm Merlyn, who is now Ra’s of the same organization that Damien splintered from. This reinforces that this is truly one long story arc. Additionally, the reason it’s not Oliver’s fault, but his responsibility, is because Malcolm’s sabotage set the whole shebang in motion, destroyed The Glades, creating the Arrow.

      I think it’s Thea in the grave. Malcolm will ultimately become responsible for her final death, just as he was responsible for everything leading to it, including Lazarus damage. He will have killed both his children in the end, serving as the catalyst for old school tragedy in modern narrative.

      I addition, I think this quote taken from a recent EW article reinforces my theory, tying to the dark twist on work-life balance that has always been part of Malcolm’s arc…

      11. The rise of Ra’s al Ghul. Though we didn’t see him in the premiere, we will soon find out what Malcolm (John Barrowman) has been up to. “His arc for the season is really revolving around Thea and trying to be a good father, while also being very evil, badass Ra’s al Ghul,” Mericle says. “He’s going to be different with respect to Thea, we hope. We would like him to find a way to be a father. He doesn’t really know what that means as a character. That said, we do want to restore him to more of the season 1 Malcolm, who is going around messing up Oliver’s plans and anybody else he can cross paths with.” We’ll also get to see Nyssa’s (Katrina Law) reaction to the change in command. “She’s definitely not going to be on board with Malcolm as Ra’s,” Mericle adds.

      What’s more, playing up the compare/contrast with Nyssa dooms Thea. Two daughters of Ra’s with daddy issues become cautionary tales — Nyssa will live; Thea will not.

      Also, there’s an S3 deleted scene where Malcolm tells a dying Thea that she doesn’t have to come back in the Lazarus Pit. She can join Rebecca, Moira, and Tommy in a better place, and he’ll be there soon. Malcolm also acknowledges that everything has been his fault. Granted, the scene was deleted, but it exists, so the writers were thinking along those lines, and can just film a new version when the time comes. I could just see Oliver being pissed enough to kill Malcolm and Malcolm suiciding in the end darkly mirroring that Oliver never could meet out the death he deserved. Only this time Malcolm’s death won’t be a fake-out like in S1.

      • murley says:

        We are thinking along the same lines. I also feel like Thea is a good guess because Oliver’s greif might be slightly tempered by the fact that he thought she was dead before and by the possibility that she has been changed by the pit and therefore wasn’t herself when she died which would explain why Oliver is sad but not totally devastated.

  28. Michael says:

    Laurel goodbye

  29. Michael R says:

    Nice knowing you Ms Lance.

  30. Jesse Benedict says:

    I think that Colton Haynes will come back a few episodes and Damien dhark will kill him

  31. Lourdes says:

    I think it will be Laurel to help the storyline of the white canary. Sara rises from the dead I think she’ll be evil. Laurel death will help to catalyst just vice versa from how they did Black Canary intro.

  32. Jesse Benedict says:

    I believe that Colton Haynes will return for a couple episodes but will get killed off

  33. Bean says:

    just the fact that it’s been so hinted that it could be felicity makes her unlikely. it would be the obvious (and very stupid) move. also, i don’t think oliver would recover from losing felicity, especially if he believed it to be his fault. that would send the show on a dark trajectory that it wouldn’t be able to come back from, especially when you realize that felicity BRINGS the lightness to the show. they need her. badly. without her ARROW just becomes a sad lesser than batman flick.

  34. MelB says:

    My guess is Thea, and that someone from team arrow will have to do the job as she becomes progressively more violent, when they realize that they are never getting her back.

  35. rick says:

    just a thought who says there is someone in the grave why couldn’t it be someone taken from the grave ? Sara lance does return from the dead in legends of tomorrow tv show. why couldn’t it be her and M. Merlin brings her back in the pit. that would explain why Barry was there with Oliver and why Oliver wants him dead?

  36. Murica! says:

    Felicity is going to die!! Let the celebration begin!!

    • Cam0flaugh says:

      How can you say that my money is on Lance followed up by Laurel its not Felicity because Oliver would have been way more upset and Barry said he didn’t make it to the funeral but if it was Felicity he would have been on time

  37. MoshiMoshi says:

    The only person on team arrow that Barry is close to, besides Oliver, is Felicity… I don’t see him trying to attend anyone else’s funeral…

    • nonaloca says:

      Nahh it be too obvious if the writers kill off Felicity. SHe is a key character on the show and Oliver would have to be seen devastated at the grave, he does not seem that devastated.

  38. Jenero says:

    I voted for lyla. But seeing Lance in his ….. issue then I must say him.

  39. Carla Krae says:

    They know. They just don’t want to say enough for people to figure it out. Of course they know.

  40. Damien says:

    It’s likely Lance, due to his deal with Darhk. Also the reason BArry is there is that he, Joe and Lance hand a few interactions last season with the finding of the “real” Harrsion Well’s body. Barry knows Lance, it’s Lance.

  41. Chris Hill says:

    What about it being…Roy?!? Seems like everyone forgot about him after they moved him out of town. He could come back to help w Damien Dahrk and get smoked for his effort. Felicity is WAY too obvious the choice, plus she does ALL the tech work. Although Diggle is a strong second choice, I think Oliver training Roy and letting him join his crusade would really hurt him if it got him killed.

  42. Mike says:

    Why would they bring back Barry if it wasn’t Felicity? If it’s not her then that appearance isn’t necessary and feels like a false lead. :(

    • Katie T says:

      Not at all. Barry had worked with and been friends with all of the main guys on Arrow. And he’d be there as support to Oliver. Especially if Oliver is blaming himself for the death because Barry would understand that as he blamed himself for Ronnie’s death.
      There’s no way Oliver and Barry were emotional enough in that scene for it to be Felicity

  43. Chris says:

    I think it’s Roy

  44. John Jones says:

    The person in the grave is whichever supporting actor doesn’t favor their Season 5 contract re-negotiation this spring. That’s why the producers don’t know yet… ;)

  45. cinthy says:

    They can’t kill felicity because she is a huge part of the show and this is not game of thrones. I think thea is going to die but I don’t know!

  46. arverta1191 says:

    I think it’s Thea. Her Rage kinda makes me think the Lazarus Pit effects may be wearing off…

    • John NYC says:

      But that’s not a given by any means. Ra’s wasn’t any sort of good guy but while he apparently used the pit close to daily ( there was a scene where he’d been cut and he just casually dipped his hand in to heal the wound) he wasn’t portrayed as some out of control rager.

      Thus she isn’t fated to be effected to the point her brother would feel compelled to put her down. IMHO anyway.

  47. sev619 says:

    Still think it’s Felicity’s mom. Barry would have more upset if it was Felicity.

    • John NYC says:

      Agreed. And with her living in the same city as Barry a connection would be easy to establish over coming episodes, heck they already have a favorite coffee shop in common!

    • annonymos says:

      even if it were felicity ‘s mom y wouldn’t felicity be there

  48. Felicity is way too obvious. Either Lance or the mother of Oliver’s child, trying to protect their son.