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Vampire Diaries Season 7 Photos: 'Bamon' Teams Up, Caroline Suffers

New photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ Oct. 15 episode find Caroline hanging with the Heretics — and I do mean hanging.

The official description of the episode, appropriately titled “Never Let Met Go,” reveals that Caroline becomes a “pawn in Lily and the Heretics’ plan for retribution,” though her day takes an interesting turn when she discovers a “shocking detail about Stefan’s past.” (At this point, I’m genuinely shocked there’s something we still don’t know about him.)

Unfortunately, Caroline’s involuntary stay at the Hotel Heretic extends through the Oct. 22 episode, which also finds Damon and Bonnie hitting the open road with Alaric “in search of leverage they can use against [Lily].”

And if you’re a fan of men in uniform, you’ll also appreciate that this new batch of photos gives us a look at Officer Matt Donovan in action. So at least someone on this show is safe… for now. (Don’t forget Kat Graham recently told TVLine that “Bonnie does something to [Matt] early on in the season that’s a little creepy and could go terribly awry.”)

Browse the new TVD photos in our gallery below, then drop a comment with your hopes for Bonnie, Caroline and the rest of Mystic Falls’ finest.

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  1. Bamos is looking very fine! These two have a great chemistry! This episode looks good!

  2. Sarah_ says:

    I’m actually excited for this season :)

  3. Kali says:

    Bamon look so badass!!! Loving it!

  4. Ian says:

    Love Bamon, but wtf with Bonnie’s hair? Why can’t they ever just make Kat’s hair look like a normal person’s and not a thrown-on wig?

  5. Liss says:

    Bamon!!!! They both look hot af, can’t wait for lots of scenes between them. This season is looking + sounding so good I can’t wait!!!!

    • Liss says:

      Ok hit post before I’d finished. I wanna know what Bon Bon does to Matt, Kat has me intrigued lol!!!! And Bamon roadtrip happening!!!! Dont think I’d heard about that before!!!!

      Poor Caroline tho :(

  6. Damon and Bonnie looking hot and fierce is good reaason enough to get me 100% excited about this episode. HERE. FOR. IT!

  7. Rachel says:

    If Caroline getting kidnapped means no sterobore scenes then I’m all for it! Maybe Stefan will have chemistry with one of the heretics.

    • Vampie says:

      That wont be such a bad idea why not it can be an interesting storyline and a turn for the show. Im all if that ever happens. Stefan with a sexy heretic, why not? Steroline was too predictable and I want to see Stefan falling in love or be attracted with someone who is not Caroline. Caroline could be a friend for him like she was always been but not her love mate, that kills the friendship.

      • CV says:

        This! If I want to watch a predictable love story like SC I would watch Days Of Our Lives. This is a vampire show I want Stefan with someone exciting and sexy where their chemistry is on fire not this mediocre storyline with lukewarm chemistry.

        • Lauren says:

          Blame Caroline Dries, she has said she doesn’t know how to write for Stefan. So that’s why for three seasons he has been on the back burner with mediocre story lines and this mediocre romance. Until she’s gone don’t expect any good story lines especially for Stefan he’s stuck in this chem free relationship. Don’t expect him to have any scenes with anyone remotely good looking because they don’t want to make it any more obvious how ill matched Paul/Candice are.

    • Claire says:

      “Caroline learns a shocking detail from Stefan’s past” why does this sound familiar? Oh, that’s right because it’s ALREADY been done before. Elena finds out about Katherine. Don’t worry ppl I already know how this ends, Caroline will still love Stefan. OMG do these writers not know how to write anymore? Same stories recycled over and over again. smh Sterobore is a good name for that relationship!

      • Andrea Arana says:

        I second that. I mean the news that Caroline gets kidnapped by the Heretics and finds out something about Stefan she doesn’t know…Caroline always gets kidnapped (or tortured) by someone more powerful and threatening than her. It’s the exact same plot line for Caroline since Season 1-6. Plus, as per usual (from what I saw in the previous seasons) all of the people she cares about are leaving her alone with sociopaths. If there are any scenes away from Stefan is a win for me!! Sterobore is a perfect name for this ship and the same old storyline they keep repeating over and over

    • Hannah says:

      Sterobore is right! Oh please let Stefan find chemistry with anyone this season. It’s a shame that they stuck him with Caroline. I’m hoping Julie realizes they have nothing and finds someone else for Stefan.

  8. Vampie says:

    Have you noticed how Damon (Ian S.) look more buffed this new season?

  9. Kelly says:

    I’m gonna be real pist if Bonnie and Damon get together when she’s supposedly the reason elena is in a permanent sleep, and they have already demeaned stefans relationship with elena last series by him saying he and elena wasn’t soul mates and him and Caroline are which in that case makes series 1,2,3 pointless

    • Ms.O says:

      I understand what you’re saying but Nina is gone and while everyone is under the delusion that she’s coming back even for the ‘end’ I think that chick is done. She ran and hasn’t looked back which I say good for her! If they don’t put Damon and Bonnie together I’m going to be pissed that they didn’t use their chemistry. Their the only thing worth watching on this pathetic show.

  10. j says:

    I feel like the heretics are gonna cast some fort of spell, and caroline is gonna end up pregnant with stefans baby. Just so they can write it into the show

  11. Rinti says:

    I love Mat Donovan in uniform

  12. Rinti says:

    The season is looking really great

  13. zed says:

    Oh Bamon look so kickass action heros! Bring it on – seriously they are the only life line this show has got!! Rock on, Bamon!!!

  14. mb says:

    Calling it now; they make her human and impregnate her with Elenas soul to revive the character at the finale

  15. Linsey says:

    Can’t wait for Steroline and more Caroline focus, I’m super excited. :)

    • Wes says:

      I hope they kill Caroline and Stefan finds someone more compatible.

      • Julia says:

        I don’t want them to kill Caroline but they are making me not like her. They made her into a whiny and insecure woman all over a guy top that off with them not having any chemistry and ughh! They both are boring characters as well so I think they need to be put with exciting ones to make them more interesting. I enjoyed the Carenzo dynamic but I think they are putting him with Lily or Bonnie. Someone on here suggested putting Stefan with one of the vampwitches and that would be interesting if it was written well.

    • Oikos says:

      Steroline? Try Calaric if rumors are true! YESS! Stefan might be free after all!! LMAO

  16. Kimmy says:

    Wow! Bamon look so good together and Bonnie looks so beautiful. I’m so happy they are going to have scenes together….ahhh

  17. Alima says:

    Love Bonnie and Damon’s chemistry. Always have [fire emoji] chemistry. Shame the writers will never ever ever go…numpties.

  18. sarah says:


  19. I like Bamon, but it doesn’t come close to Dalaric. Dalaric is the original #teambadass, anything else is just a cheap knock off.

  20. Hey hoe are you boonies Ivan love Joe and dad

  21. Becky says:

    Soo excited can’t wait for the return after the holidays… I’m so hooked on this show more than I ever was the books… ***Soo IN LOVE WITH Damon’s mysterious side***