Once Upon a Time Recap: Fury Road

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Regina’s “Savior” secret had deadly consequences in Camelot, while in Storybrooke Hook put his honey where his mouth is, in hopes of saving Emma.

IN CAMELOT OF SIX WEEKS AGO…. | After meeting Queen Guinevere, the heroes are shown where Merlin is — stuck inside an enchanted tree, and only the Savior’s magic can extricate him. Using the dagger, Regina silences Emma so that she can step forward and claim to be said Savior.

Later, as everyone preps for the ball being thrown in the Storybrooke guests’ honor, Regina gets two cold left feet, revealing that she doesn’t know how to dance, which she frets is yet one more sign that she can’t pass muster as Savior. After Charming remedies that with a quick lesson, Mary Margaret, Emma and Regina are welcomed into the ball, where they twirl up a storm with their respective fellas. Elsewhere, Grumpy makes Belle feel better about the slowly withering rose, while Henry makes the acquaintance of a young girl named Violet, to whom he introduces iPods and Yazoo.

Sir Percival, during a dance with Regina, reveals that he knows she isn’t the Savior, thanks to the “seeing” pendant he gifted her with earlier, coupled with his vivid memories of the Evil Queen burning down his village years ago. When Percy draws his sword, Robin tackles the guy and David eventually runs him through with his sword. Robin is nonetheless gravely injured, and Regina’s magic is no help since Percy’s sword was enchanted to kill her. Regina implores Emma to use her (dark) magic to save Robin, and after great hesitation — and despite taunting by the vision of Rumple — she does. And she kinda seems to like the taste of power.

Afterward, Regina comes clean to Arthur, who shrugs off the deception and professes Camelot to be a place for “second chances.” Later, Arthur in private reassures a frightened Guinevere that they will help their guests vanquish the Dark One, if only so that they might then obtain the dagger and make Excalibur whole again.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Anxious to get outta Dodge after Sneezy’s petrification, the dwarfs experiment with crossing the town line — only to witness Dopey get transformed into a… tree?  Meanwhile, Hook confers with Belle about whether True Love’s Kiss can undo a Dark One, and she explains that it worked once for her and Rumple, until he eventually chose power over love. Plus, she wisely points out, “a curse isn’t a curse if the afflicted wants it.”

Out by the docks, Henry summons Emma, who reassures him that he wasn’t among those who failed her back in Camelot. Regina shows up, vowing to undo the memory wipe and curse Emma has cast, but the Dark One warns Regina & Co. soon will have other, bigger fish to fry.

When Arthur and his knights/subjects also surface in Storybrooke, Robin helps them set up a camp — until the aforementioned threat swoops in, a Fury that’s after Robin. Regina does her best to fight off the Fury, but gets tossed around like a beanbag, and Robin is taken away. When Mary Margaret coddles her a bit too much after the rumble, Regina worries more than ever that she’ll never be able to lead this town as Savior.

Hook forges ahead with his plan, which Emma unwittingly assists by magic-ing him to her quaint new digs. Being the Dark One “doesn’t mean we can’t still be together,” she purrs, leading him into a kiss. Alas, TLK is not gonna work here. “There’s nothing to fix,” Emma contends, seeing Hook’s disappointment. “Why can’t you accept that?” Emma invites Hook to take her as she is, but he defers, explaining, “This may be who you think you are, but this is not who I am.”

Belle explains to Regina that the Fury is here to collect the price for using magic, though of course no one recalls what went down in Camelot, with Robin almost dying and all. Regina challenges Emma to be the bigger person and call the Fury off, but 1) Emma says she is “done fixing” Regina’s problems, and 2) she didn’t conjure the Fury. Rather, the creature is here to collect on a debt incurred in Camelot. And short of Robin Hood’s life, someone else’s will have to be offered. To that end, Regina sacrifices herself to the Fury, but Mary Margaret, and then David and Grumpy, ally with her, and their concerted front wards off the creature. So, Robin is spared, and Grumpy is among those now convinced of Regina’s cred as a Savior.

Gathering later at Granny’s, Hook nurses some rum while explaining to Belle that if he can spent a century trying to kill the Crocodile, he can take just as long trying to save the woman he loves; Henry and Violet meet (again), over music/Yazoo (again); and Mary Margaret frets to David that if they “win,” “Emma loses.”

A forlorn Emma watches the others from outside, then retreats home, where Rumple informs her that there is much work to be done. He explains that as long as there are families and friends and undying love lingering out there in the world, the Dark One is always at risk. So if she can just remove Excalibur from the stone now in her cellar, and rejoin it with the Dark One’s dagger, she can snuff out the “light”… once and for all.

What did you think of “The Price”? A more focused and more compelling story than the season opener, right?

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  1. laurelnev says:

    Okay…Snow was WELL acquainted with Lancelot when she/Emma were 1st sent back to the EF, and Snow and Lancelot reminisced about Arthur and the Round Table. So how come they were introduced as Mary Margaret and David, rather than Snow White and Charming, and why did Arthur not know who they were? Why wasn’t it a reunion filled with hugs? And why was Regina so surprised that someone recognized her. Are they really both just playing the other? I’d stay in hiding too if I were Merlin then. ;)

    I know MANY will disagree, but I’m really just not feeling this season yet. If the fury wanted a life, I’d think they’d give up Zelena in a heartbeat, saying “And I want future credit for the 2-for-1 you’re getting here.” I really wish they’d go back to the characters and the issues surrounding being Fairy Tale characters in a modern, earthly realm. I know they want this year to be the year Regina proves her redemption, and I hope it gets better as the episodes go along. Last season started out a little off too, but regained its old mojo by about episode .

    • laurelnev says:

      Wishing for an edit button about now. :) That garbled sentence/end SHOULD read: I know they want this year to be the year Regina proves her redemption, and I’m looking forward to that arc, but it seems kind of forced right now. But so did Elsa at the beginning of last season, and the season before that got off to a rough start. But I still love OUAT, and I hope it gets better as the episodes go along. Last season started out a little off too, but regained its old mojo by about episode .

    • PJ says:

      I agree with you on this: I am still not sure I like the new direction either, The acting is like emotionless for lack of better word.

      “Snow was WELL acquainted with Lancelot when she/Emma were 1st sent back to the EF, and Snow and Lancelot reminisced about Arthur and the Round Table. So how come they were introduced as Mary Margaret and David, rather than Snow White and Charming, and why did Arthur not know who they were? Why wasn’t it a reunion filled with hugs? And why was Regina so surprised that someone recognized her.”

    • StephonJS says:

      Snow and David knew of Camelot but had never been there. Snow and Lancelot didnt reminisced about Arthur and The round table. Lancelot told Snow he was a disgrace knight of the round table because of love.
      It was Regina’s price to pay not Zelena. She begged Emma to use dark magic so Regina had to pay the price.What hero would do want to say?
      What make u think: “. I know they want this year to be the year Regina proves her redemption, and I hope it gets better as the episodes go along.”? That scene where Regina was going to give her life for Robin and the group joined in proved it’s going to take more then Regina to save Emma.

      • Martina says:

        Because they said something like Regina is going to be the new savior. And also if Emma is the Dark One, there still will be a Savior.
        I also thought, Lancelot and Snow don’t remember, because it wasn’t Lancelot back then, but Cora in disguise.

        • laurelnev says:

          Yeah, but Snow THOUGHT Cora was Lancelot, was psyched to see her good friend, and was all hugs BEFORE she found out it was Cora. She asked about other Camelot folk. Arthur would, at the very least, KNOW the name “Snow White.” WHY did she introduce herself as MM? Certainly, if Lancelot was ever palling around with Snow, Arthur would know who she was!

          • Rebecca says:

            REAL Lancelot married Snow & Charming before his mother before she died though.

          • laurelnev says:

            Forgot all about that. :) MORE reason they should be known in Camelot!

          • I think Snow White switches to her Mary Margaret alter-ego when she is Cursed from EF to Storybrooke. From Storybrooke, she is MM, and she goes back to EF Camelot not via a curse but via a spell from the wand, so she remains in her MM identity (if she switches to Snow her hair would grow back, like when Regina un-Cursed everyone back to EF in Zelena’s arc).

            I guess to them, whether it’s Snow White or Mary Margaret they are the same person and both are equally true for them.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree about how they got rid of the Fury. Just hold hands? Really? It can’t be that easy. That Fury should com back to get what it came for!

      • Rich says:

        They totally “Guardians of the Galaxy’d” That Fury! (And most likely gave up 20% of their life essences in the process. (Regina, Snow, Charming, Grumpy, & Arthur)

    • AngieD says:

      Robin was the ‘target’ because dark magic was used to spare his life in Camelot.

  2. Love this new direction!!!

  3. Aly says:

    I much preferred this week’s ep to last week’s! Last week was sluggish and didn’t seem to have a particular story it wanted to tell. This week had an interesting storyline with humour and drama, great character moments and a far better balance of screen time for all. And finally I was intrigued about the Camelot storyline…

    I can’t say the promo for next week has me excited, but I will reserve judgement until we get to see it. It’d be nice to see the Charmings have a centric ep, since this arc is about their daughter. So hopefully it will be about them.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Seriously, I could have done with a whole episode set during the ball. There was some entertaining humor in there (Henry bragging about saving people from an alternate universe), dancing in fancy garb is always fun…. I thought that Percival was going to leverage the secret against Regina, make her do his bidding (to steal the throne?) in trade for his silence. Surprised he went for the impulsive kill/vengeance instead. Short-sighted, boy!

      • Aly says:

        I would have enjoyed more time at the ball too! It was nice to see smiles on peoples’ faces…and each character got a little moment (I wish we saw Belle and Grumpy dancing heh heh). The Regina-learning-to-dance scene was wonderful especially.
        The Regina/Percival scene was perhaps my favourite moment of the episode. His description of the Evil Queen at the height of her cruelty (and her awful smile), plus Regina’s growing dread and her lack of attempt to even pretend to not know what he’s talking about…It was an excellent moment reminding us of how evil she actually was, plus how far she’s come. I too thought he’d try to blackmail her, or perhaps do a dramatic reveal in front of the whole court. Short-sighted boy indeed!

      • Rachel says:

        Totally agree with you, the ball was so interesting. Between all the interactions (like Belle and Grumpy) and the palace intrigue, I would’ve been sold on that episode.

      • MaryC says:

        And there was Yaz! i was so psyched to hear that song. But it made me laugh, Henry listens to 80s synth pop??

      • Boiler says:

        I also really enjoyed the ballroom scene. Could have been the whole show. Another fun episode. It is hard to get used to dark Emma. Must be fun for Jennifer to play this side of her

  4. Teresa says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. Like Matt said, it was better focused. I was surprised Percival died so soon, not that he was that important but the manner in which he died was shocking. I liked how they explained why TLK won’t work (something alot of people thought would rid Emma of the darkness ). I do wonder what price Emma is going to have to pay. Can’t wait till next week!

    • Jess says:

      Also, I still have doubts Hook and Emma are in enough love for it to be true love’s kiss. I mean they haven’t even been dating that long and Emma barely told him she loves him. We don’t really know at what capacity she loves him.

  5. Rachel says:

    Absolutely loved the episode! I loved seeing Regina be so insecure about being a savior, but in the end she really stepped up and showed she has what it takes. Her dynamic with Emma, both in the present day and in Camelot is so interesting to see. They’ve developed so much since the first season. I can’t wait to see how it develops even more this season!

  6. Zelda says:

    I enjoyed this one more and quite a bit more than the premiere even though it was very fast-paced and had enough material to fill at least two episodes.
    I’m glad we’re seeing minor characters like the dwarves again more so far this season, the whole Sneezy thing was great comic relief and Granny’s line about parties she doesn’t have to do the catering for was a good one too. I also always love seeing little Roland. I wasn’t sure about Henry getting a love interest this season when the spoilers first came out, but so far I’m liking it. Very cute. I’m also getting a real kick out of what Robert Carlyle’s doing with imaginary Rumple, but I do hope they’ll wake Mr. Gold up soon…ish too. I’m just so curious what he’ll be like now.
    Camelot and present day was a good setup for Regina’s story this season. It makes sense that the Dark One is trying so hard to feed into her self-doubts about being able to save the town because when she does believe in herself she’s a great leader or could become one this season and it seems to come to her almost naturally.
    Poor Robin just can’t catch a break, between the end of season 4 and the first episodes of season 5 they’re really putting the poor guy through a lot. Here’s hoping that was the worst of it for a while and he and Regina won’t have to take turns saving each other every week now. Although their scenes were easily among my favorites in this ep.
    I wish we had seen more of the ball too and I was surprised they killed off Percival this quickly, but then again that means there’s now a vacant spot at King Arthur’s roundtable and I think I have an who might be able to fill it.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m going to venture to say that although all signs point to Regina being the savior this season, Mr Gold is likely the one that can provide answers regarding how to save Emma. Having been the Dark One, he would be able to provide insight.

  7. James D says:

    first that seems like a highly unlikely song choice for young Henry, he is certainly a mature wee lad but I highly doubt he would know Yazoo, second I freaking love Yazoo I start singing the whole album after I heard them play Only You it was very obnoxious but totes worth it :) third much better episode than last I’m loving the flashbacks and I particularly loving how they are writing Dark Swan she’s not balls to the wall crazy evil like some others who have worn the title, but she is definitely dark, and I’m enjoying trying to figure out what happened to make her turn. I could of done with out the save Robin for the hundredth time seriously that guy should get some better body guards he’s in trouble a lot. Hook clearly saw the locked door so are we going to have to wait five episodes before he finally tells everyone it could be significant, I hope not.

  8. Brad says:

    I am pretty sure in the end, I am sure Emma will have the power to save herself some how. Killian, Merlin, and Henry will have something to do with it, but the only person who saves Emma is Emma.

  9. antisocialbutterflie says:

    Can someone explain to me why Snow and Charming constantly forget that they have a very small child at home and keep throwing themselves simultaneously into fatal danger? Considering that Emma is out of the picture, there isn’t anyone to take the inevitable orphan. All that “being better parents” talk doesn’t mean anything if you are going to leave the new kid parentless like the last kid.

  10. Luli says:

    Much better episode than the premiere. I loved having a MM and Emma scene, I miss the mother/daughter moments…. Emma’s relationship with her parents needs to be more central… Lately it’s been more about the couples (CaptainSwan…), than most of the relationships that made me fall in love with the show (Emma and MM, Charming family scenes…), but at least we’ve had some good scenes between MM and Regina, and Emma and Regina.

    They have so much opportunity to explore the Charming family dynamics with their daughter being the Dark One, and I feel like they are kind of wasting it on Hook.

    • Karen says:

      I’m no fan of the overemphasis of romantic love over other forms of love either. The montage at Granny’s with the monologue about the Dark One’s ties to the light was great until they acted like romantic love was the most important all. It’s not. It wasn’t in the past with Rumple and it shouldn’t be now with Emma either. At least Snow and Charming had lines this week, I wasn’t sure they even got to speak last week. So that’s good. But I could do with less mopy-emo Hook and more Snow, Charming and Henry in Emma’s Dark Swan story too.

      • Luli says:

        Completely agree!!

      • CbinJ says:

        One of the reasons I continue to keep up with Once is the hope that more emphasis will be put on the relationship between Emma and her parents. But one thing people should consider when constantly berating romantic love for being prominently featured–romantic love is the ideal foundation from which family love begins. Without parents there are no children and without children there are no parents. If there was no romantic love between Snow and Charming, then Emma wouldn’t even exist.

  11. StephonJS says:

    I find everyone in Camelot including Violet to be very shady. I dont trust none of them. I feel like they are the reasons Emma embraced the darkness and turning against her family and friends. They put each one of them in a position to force Emma to use Dark Magic which caused her to embraced the darkness.
    With that: I loved the episode. I’m glad in took more then Regina to save Robin.
    I love that Henry is growing up before our eyes. His 1st crush wow.
    Also I dont care how Emma got that house, Im just glad she moved out her parent’s place.
    Poor Dwarfs need to be cut a break. something always happening to them.

    The only negative I have is “The SAVIOR” keeps getting thrown around.

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    I’m LOVING the Camelot storyline. There’s so much from which to draw (hoping Morgana is involved eventually) and it’s not the redundant Snow/Evil Queen backstory that’s been done to death in the show. How the Camelot mythology is being woven into the already-established characters is fun to see play out. I wish it was done in real time rather than flashbacks since the “present day” stuff isn’t as interesting IMO. However, some of my favorite single moments tonight were “present day” scenes, go figure. First, Hook and Emma at her new house. What a GREAT display of both of their transformations. She was such a vixen! The man has some serious will power. I *almost* wish he struggled with turning her down for just a little longer. He’s gotta be tempted, right? Second, I really liked the Belle/Hook stuff. I know some Belle fans will hate that she’s even speaking to him let alone giving him advice and drinking with him. Their comaraderie at this point makes perfect sense though. They both know what it’s like to love the Dark One (as Belle said “it’s far easier to hate a Dark One than to love one” — great line!) and deal with those conflicting emotions. I don’t expect them to become BFFs and maybe they won’t have any more bonding moments at all, but I’m happy with what we saw tonight. This may sound awful, but I love that Rumple is still in a coma. Robert Carlyle is SO much more interesting and entertaining as Emma’s subconscious darkness tutor. Overall I’m really enjoying this season!

  13. abz says:

    All the talk about the Underworld and my mind instantly jumped to Hercules/Hades. I wonder if we’ll see them this season at some point.
    I’m enjoying Dark Swan! Loved her scenes with Henry and Regina. Although, and I say this as a fan of Hook/Emma together, the kissing after she healed Robin felt very awkward. It was just random and weird.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought of Hades too. Could you imagine if this show incorporated Greek mythology? Talk about an endless source of material! But maybe they’ll avoid it since Percy Jackson already flipped the script on modernizing Greek myths.
      The Captain Swan kiss after she healed Robin certainly came out of nowhere, but I still liked it. I chalked it up to her feeling a rush of power and wanting to take anything she could in the moment. Someone on social media suggested it was Emma’s attempt at using TLK to remove the Dark One curse.

      • abz says:

        Definitely! So much material if they go that route. I’ve been wanting them to tackle Hercules/Hades for years. How much you wanna bet though if they bring on these characters, there will be people once again whining about more character? For me,
        this show is one of the few shows where I welcome new characters. This show brings out the kid in me. So much nostalgia. I like them balancing out the main characters with the new ones. There are still so many characters/stories I’d love to see them bring on: Pocahontas, Esmerelda, Hercules/Hades/Megara/The Fates, Tiana, Aladdin/Jasmine maybe. I’d also love to find out what happened to the Anastasia/Red Queen in Wonderland. I was so disappointed when we didn’t get a decent explanation as to why Will wasn’t with her.
        Yeah, I gathered that it was like a rush of power, but like you said it just felt out of nowhere.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree with your thinking. The kiss was a power rush.

  14. Gail says:

    If the reason no one remembers what happened in Camelot is because of another curse and the person who cast it was Emma, whose heart did she crush in order to cast it ? It has to be the person she loves most. Guessing Emma did not cast it. Perhaps Merlin did.

    • DD says:

      The “heart of the person you love most” curse is the curse that creates Storybrook in the real world. Storybrook still existed for the six weeks they were gone, so this has to be a different type of curse that just implements some of the elements of the other curse (wiped memories, transporting to the real world, town border issues).

    • CbinJ says:

      I don’t think Emma cast the curse, either, at least not by herself. My first thought was Merlin, too, because of the way Dopey got turned into a tree when he crossed the town line. I also think the way Emma interacted with Hook in the house (“I wish I could [answer you about what happened in Camelot.”) makes me thing there is something else at play.

  15. Bianca says:

    Very much enjoyed this episode. Loved the Camelot stuff this week, really loved the ball – was fun to see the fancy, upbeat stuff too and not just drama, and it was lovely to see all the couples together. But was interesting to see percival going straight for the kill!?

    This week was more intriguing to me than the season premiere.

    LOVED Charmings disapproval of Regina’s outfits, and Charming helping her to dance!

  16. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    I really enjoyed this episode! Nice use of Hook’s and Emma’s two true love kiss attempts to finally explain a mystery that’s been haunting me for some time: why didn’t Rumple and Belle’s later kisses after their first kiss break the Dark One curse? Now we know. If the Dark One doesn’t want to be cured, it won’t work. Also, I liked how this explanation gives Emma the agency here. She knows now she has the means to break the curse, but she has to choose it. She has to truly want to get rid of the curse. She has to choose love over power–something Rumple was never able to do. If she does, she can save herself.

    I also loved the scenes with Robin Hood and Regina. Those two have been through a lot. Seeing them dancing at the ball and enjoying themselves was really nice. And both of them were ready to sacrifice themselves for the other–Robin almost died to save Regina at the ball, and Regina was ready to trade her life for Robin’s with the Fury. I’m starting to like them more and more. There was also a nice parallel where Regina was begging Emma to save Robin’s life that called to mind the scene in the season 4 finale where Emma begged Regina to stop Robin’s wedding so they could save Hook.

    I felt somewhat disappointed in the Charmings in this episode. The scene with Regina choosing a dress for the ball was amusing, and the Snow/Emma moment was cute, but Snow spent most of the episode worrying more about Regina than her own daughter. Right now, the Storybrooke crew, with the exception of Killian, seems more concerned with fighting Emma than saving her.

    Other thoughts: Hook/Belle friendship is wonderful, Henry having his first crush is adorable, and glad to see Sneezy de-stoned. The promo for next week looks intense, too. Can’t wait!

    • Gail says:

      I am still thinking Emma is doing this for the greater good. Her scene with Henry, where she says everyone else let me down but you didn’t, kind of hints that there was a noble reason for her embracing becoming the Dark One.

      Favorite scene was Regina dressing for the ball. Her first instinct to dress as the Evil Queen was very funny. Her saying she didn’t know how to dance because she never had reminds us that all she ever did at balls was march in say something evil, kill someone, or have them captured and ether march out or disappear if someone tried to kill her.

  17. Terry says:

    The dwarves trying to get out of dodge with the stone statue of sneezy strapped on the hood, so funny! I am left wondering what happens to poor dopey now. Regina’s reaction: “well that’s new”… also very funny! I really enjoyed this episode.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song that played when Henry introduced himself to Violet? My daughter really liked it.

  19. Ayannali says:

    One Minor plot that confuses me (sorry if someone already brought it up)
    Exactly How did Sir Percival have a blade that was enchanted to kill the evil queen? Who enchanted it? Why would he be hoarding such a weapon for decades?
    Also what was the significance of his shield?

    another point, What is Emma’s game? why would she blame Regina for not paying the price of a life when she never asked her to do so? And if EMMA used the magic to bring back Robin, no matter whom asked, isn’t it Emma’s price to pay?

    • CbinJ says:

      I have a feeling the Enchanted Blade was just a one off plot device used to get Emma to heal Robin instead of Regina. We might just have to infer that Percival had a mission–and weapons to carryout a mission–to kill the Evil Queen since she killed his family.

      The significance of the shield–I don’t know about the symbol itself, but I think it was to point out that in the next episode Arthur is probably going to be looking for a replacement for Percival. The dark and light design (and mythology surrounding Percival) could symbolize Hook being that replacement, but from promo it looks like Charming will step up to the plate.

      I, too, am wondering what Emma’s game is, but I guess that is just the mystery of the season.

      We did see DO Rumple demanding a price even while he preformed the magic for others. The phrase “all magic comes with a price” was taught to Rumple by Zoso (the DO before him). So, I think it really is about who asks for the magic, not necessarily who uses it. But Emma did pay a price for healing Robin because she indulged in the dark power which kept TLK with Hook from working immediately after healing Robin.

      • Nicky says:

        I’ll say Charming may fill up the plate, because he is one the most honorable and worthy knights himself. Hook is not knight after all. I can’t wait to see Charming and Arthur work together and bromancing together, starting in the next episode.

    • aykm says:

      Percival must have access to magic because he gave Regina the enchanged necklace that allowed him to spy on her.

    • Sarah Y says:

      I have a feeling that Guinevere is the one behind most of this. I also agree with the theorists who say that Guinevere could possibly be Morgana in disguise. It would explain where the pendant came from, why we heard the use of magic at the tail-end of Guinever & King Arthur’s part, why King Arthur is SO desperate to make Excalibur whole with hidden intentions FOR HIS WIFE, why Merlin is trapped in a tree (along with why the new curse transforms people into trees if you go across the town line), and why Emma is almost completely dark. I also am going to take a wild guess and say that no matter who puts Excalibur back together, the sword will have DARK effects. No one person is purely good like Emma was before she took on the Dark One. Regina can have light magic, and maybe even be the savior, but I just don’t see her taking out Excalibur. I think an interesting twist would be to see Hook take it out, or even Emma later on as her “light” self. The storyline for Excalibur can go one of two ways: 1) The sword only has dark effects when being put back together, or 2) The sword can be used for great good or great evil, depending upon who wields it as a whole weapon. I believe there is a reason why Merlin didn’t want Emma to extract Excalibur from the stone. Maybe he had foreseen her being the DO, or maybe he doesn’t want it extracted at all. He split Excalibur for a reason.

  20. It’s time to let go of the Storybrooke aliases. Stop calling Snow White “Mary Margaret.”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Usually I go with Snow, Charming etc, but this week I somehow didn’t. [Shrug] Oh well!

    • CbinJ says:

      After all of these Seasons, it still drives me nuts when David calls Snow “Mary Margaret”. Like when David called out MM, when she almost got killed by Dragon Lily…I don’t mind any of the other aliases–I just will never get used to Mary Margaret.

  21. Shawn says:

    I have a feeling Merlin is evil and trapped as a tree for a reason. Perhaps he was the original dark one and too strong to kill so they broke the sword and trapped him? That would maybe explain why Excalibur is broken.