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Dancing With the Stars Week 3 Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

On paper, Dancing With the Stars‘ TV Night looked like a hot mess.

A samba set to the Gilligan’s Island theme song? A jive choreographed to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack? A quickstep courtesy of The Jeffersons? It sounded as though the ABC reality staple was handing us laughable routines on a silver platter.

In execution, though, TV Night was arguably the strongest installment of Season 21 thus far, allowing for innovative choreography, over-the-top set pieces and dance styles that challenged even the most impressive celebrities on the roster. (Except for that samba set to the Gilligan’s Island theme song. That was just as underwhelming as you would expect.)

Of course, not every contestant could put Monday’s episode in the win column: After suffering a mini-stroke last week, Kim Zolciak-Biermann was forced to withdraw from the competition due to doctor’s orders that she wasn’t fit to fly back to Los Angeles. (Tony Dovolani, at least, went out on a high note, performing an I Dream of Jeannie-inspired number with fellow pro Jenna Johnson before bidding adieu to Season 21.)

Before we get to the results, let’s break down the five routines worth talking about from Monday’s broadcast:

Alexa PenaVega and pro Mark Ballas (Jazz to the Breaking Bad theme) — I promise I’m not ranking this routine solely on Mark’s uncanny resemblance to Walter White. (But I couldn’t have been the only one to do a double-take, right?) Rather, the impressive number lands at the top of our leaderboard for its creativity, attention to detail — the gas masks! the (hopefully) fake crystal meth! — and complex choreography that Alexa nailed every step of the way. In a HazMat suit, no less. Judges’ Score: 36/40

Nick Carter and pro Sharna Burgess (Viennese Waltz to the Downton Abbey theme) — Put the words “Downton Abbey” and “Viennese waltz” into the same sentence, and your eyes might glaze over before you even get to the punctuation mark. But Nick and Sharna’s performance was far from yawn-inducing. Not only were Nick’s nerves finally out of the spotlight, but he brought grace, elegance and class to every stride. Judges’ Score: 36/40

Paula Deen and pro Louis Van Amstel (Samba to the Gilligan’s Island theme) — It probably goes without saying that Louis isn’t giving Paula quite the same choreography he would give to a more able partner like Bindi Irwin or Tamar Braxton. But that shouldn’t mean Paula has to stay in one tiny corner of the dance floor every time she performs. As fun as it was to watch Louis, Paula and their backup dancers brave a faux rainstorm in the middle of the ballroom, the routine barely included any content that the judges could properly critique. Judges’ Score: 20/40

Andy Grammar and pro Allison Holker (Quickstep to American Bandstand theme) — No, Andy isn’t grasping the finer details of his routines quite as well as I thought he would. No, his busy tour schedule isn’t doing him any favors when it comes to rehearsing. But even though Andy and Allison’s quickstep wasn’t the most technically flawless performance of the night, their colorful costumes, dazzling smiles and start-to-finish nostalgia trip (including Tom Bergeron’s old-fashioned introduction) easily made their quickstep the evening’s most entertaining 90 seconds. Judges’ Score: 29/40

I think we all know it was Gary Busey and Anna Trebunskaya’s Addams Family-themed tango. Enough said. Judges’ Score: 25/40

And your results:

Andy Grammer and pro Allison Holker
Paula Deen and pro Louis van Amstel

No one! Since Kim was forced to withdraw from the competition, neither of the bottom two were eliminated, and their scores will carry over to next week’s show.

What did you think of Monday’s DWTS episode? Were you surprised by the couples in the Bottom Two? Hit the comments!

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  1. Angela says:

    Figured nobody would be eliminated after Kim’s situation tonight. But that’s fair, considering the rough circumstances. I felt so bad for Kim, and I wish her well going forward.
    As for other topics…
    I promise I’m not ranking this routine solely on Mark’s uncanny resemblance to Walter White. (But I couldn’t have been the only one to do a double-take, right?)
    I KNOW, RIGHT?! Spoooooky. But yeah, his and Alexa’s dance was awesome. Never would’ve considered the theme to that show for a dance, but they made it work quite well. And Nick did nicely, too.
    I’ve already ranted about who needs to go home in previous discussions, so no need to rehash that here. But it’ll be interesting to see how next week plays out, and who can and will use this extra week of safety to their advantage.

  2. Joyce Smith says:

    Why won’t they cancel this stupid show? Surely ABC has a show waiting for a chance. This one is done!

  3. JBC says:

    Really enjoy what Alek & Lindsey bring each week. He is quite good for a non dancer. All in all, I thought all the routines were enjoyable to watch tonight. Thought Nick & Sharna’s dance was beautiful & the Breaking Bad themed dance very unique & fun to watch. Go Mark!

    • DW says:

      After a couple of lukewarm attempts at Tango, Alek really impressed me with the real deal. Lindsey is making Alek look good and vice versa.

  4. Tomi says:

    Paula Deen and Gary Busey can’t go home soon enough!!! I agree, the show should take a hiatus!!

  5. lauri5567 says:

    I figured Kim was the one going home.

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    Gary Busey is as stiff as a board, but I want Paula Deen to go first. B/w the highlight of show for me was hearing the True Blood theme song again. I sort of miss that show. Well the the good parts anyway. -_-

  7. Grace M says:

    Poor Tony can’t seem to catch a break. His best parents was and always will be Melissa Rycroft. Nothing against Dereck, but why does he get all the good partners?

  8. Vick says:

    How in the world is Gary Busey still on the show??? Honestly, America! Don’t keep someone on the show out of pity or as a sick joke. He is not improving. Paula Dean at least can improve. Busey just can’t. Judges shouldn’t give pity scores either. Busey needs to go.

  9. john says:

    I don’t like how they say the two in jeopardy because that doesn’t mean they are the bottom two. I would like to know who is actually in the bottom two each week. And can we please stop with the themes each week? Stick with most memorable year and latin night, and that’s it!

  10. Nancy says:

    Gary Busey and Paula Dean without a DOUBT!!

  11. Kenna says:

    If Andy goes home before Gary or Paula i’ll be so upset. They bring nothing to the show (aside from your weekly dose of annoying) I do feel bad for Louis and Anna though.

  12. Bob Backus says:

    Oh please! All you people are nuts. Paula go home? Not at all. She’s a breath of fresh air and all her struggles to overcome difficulties in the packages and he down-home-isms don’t at all sound like a last effort struggle to overcome the N-word incident earlier in the year. (yes this is sarcasm- she should go!)

  13. K kaplan says:

    I’ve been very disappointed in the show this season, and I’ve never missed one. Although, Len Goodman could be highly critical, he was the most honest and brought a sense of finesse to the judges. I think Alfonso is quite obnoxious, and winning last season has gone to his head. The show could have done fine without him last night! As far as Paula Deen is concerned, I give her credit for trying, but she should stick to cooking…she’s such a cry-baby…grow up. Everyone has crosses to bare and overcome!!! I’m sorry to say that the show is missing pizzaz,that it had in prior seasons. I hope it picks up…so disappointed!!

  14. Dome from on high says:

    Seriously? Uncanny resemblance to Walter White? He had an uncanny resemblance to Megamind due to his high dome from all the hair shoved under the bald cap. Just like the actual show itself, critics/judges fawn all over it when it was just meh…

  15. daisy says:

    Paula has to go. Can’t dance and what is she going singing into her trainer face.

  16. Patricia beaudry says:

    Dancing with the stars this season is a big disappointment,I am always so excited for the show to begin but this season seems pretty short of excitement.
    I really felt that Alfonso was out of line by assuming that he was a qualified ball room judge,rather than a fun winner of one contest.
    I hope this season will pick up as I do enjoy the show.

    • K kaplan says:

      It seems that you and I have judged the show in a very similar way. I would love your feedback next week. Hope it’s better…I always looked forward to Monday evenings- I never made any other plans for the nights dwts was on. You can see my comments under k kaplan 9/29 @ 8:30AM

  17. Rose Dezonno says:

    Gary Busey is the worst. He should have been gone at the very beginning. I think he is allowed to stay just to be funny. He’s not. As far as Paula is concerned, she tries hard but
    just doesn’t make it.

  18. Frank says:

    Kim is an over the top dramatic nut job. She never deserved to even be on the show. I don’t believe a word about her “mini stroke” ordeal. Drama queen.

  19. ted furman says:

    why isn’t gary busey eliminated?he does not dance.he just waves his arms.he also looks and acts in a bizarre manner.

  20. Brenda says:

    I do not understand why Derek always get the young and better dancer every season. Why don’t they give him someone like Paula Deen