Ray Donovan Finale

Ray Donovan Finale: EP on [Spoiler]'s Fate, Ray's Breakdown, Grace Zabriskie Spinoff (?) and Season 3's Romantic Misstep: 'It [Wasn't] Our Best Move'

Ray Donovan wrapped its most creatively satisfying season to date Sunday with a three-years-in-the-making moment. In the episode’s closing minutes, Liev Schreiber’s titular fixer at long last opened up about the childhood sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of Father O’Connor (the fact that his sounding board was also a man of the cloth and the setting of his emotional breakthrough was a church heightened the sequence’s potency).

The epic catharsis marked a major turning point for the psychologically tortured character, one that, according to exec producer and new showrunner David Hollander, will lead to an “increased vulnerability” in Ray in Season 4.

Other significant developments in the season-ender: Bridget’s crush/quasi-obsession with Mr. Donellen (Mad Men‘s Aaron Staton) reached a violent (and not entirely unexpected) climax; newly-married Bunchy learned that he was going to be a dad, Mickey finally took a hint and got out of dodge (for good?); and Terry flirted dangerously close with Grim-Reaper territory after being shot.

In the following candid Q&A, Hollander takes us behind the scenes of Schreiber’s stunning tour-de-force, reveals how close Terry came to dying (spoiler alert: really, really close), weighs in on Jon Voight’s future with the show, opens up about the one creative misstep he made in Season 3 (hint: it involves Katie Holmes’ Paige), and responds to my request for a prequel series built around Grace Zabriskie’s late, scene-stealing gangster Mrs. Minassian.

TVLINE | It appeared as if Terry was out of the woods at the end of the episode. Can you confirm that is indeed the case?
That is accurate.

TVLINE | Was there ever a discussion about him actually dying?
There [was] a long and hard and frank discussion about him dying. Up until the writing of the episode, I was in a tumultuous state. Spiritually, Ray needed to have his legs knocked out from under him. I don’t believe in the edict that you have to kill your characters. That’s the stock and trade for a lot of cable shows. Thematically, the show is about… awakenings. And I knew awakenings were going to be the magic realism of this episode. So [ultimately] I felt Terry’s eyes opening were justified by Ray’s actions and the larger story. But it wasn’t until we wrote that draft and Terry’s eyes opened that it felt organic and earned.

TVLINE | Was Eddie Marsan aware of just how close Terry came to dying?
[Laughs] Yes he was.

TVLINE | How did that make him feel?
I think he was both understanding and devastated, and yet curious about the process. And I engaged him in the process.

TVLINE | The Terry/Abby flirtation was one of this season’s big surprises. Do they have genuine feelings for each other? Or are they just two extremely lonely people in desperate need of a connection?
Yes to both. In talking to Eddie this year, he made it clear to me that a lot of his internal monologue was channeling the voice of Terry’s mother — the morality, the center, the judge, the caregiver… So I think Terry was providing comfort and love [to Abby] and that slipped a little toward the lonliness. But it’s not a triangulated love story. Terry is not going to steal Abby from Ray. He will always regret [kissing her]. And, in a way, Terry will perceive what he did as one of the reasons he got shot.

TVLINE | Will that romantic tension continue into Season 4?
The friendship will continue but the flirtation will not.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Ray’s big breakdown/confessional scene. You directed the episode. What was it like collaborating with Liev on that sequence?
Liev is an extraordinarily gifted actor, and a person who sees the big picture. So he brings this amazing combination of overview and specificity of character. What I knew that I needed and wanted from the scene and how Liev needed to find his way there merged. Liev added the really strong element of, “I need to believe that [Ray is] here to bring a priest to his brother.” And I needed to add, “And yet he [also] needs to tell everything to someone.” That was a script collaboration, because Liev and I have long discussions about every script. On that day, Liev did what a great actor does: He prepared and then let go and trusted the script and trusted us and trusted me. He gave an extraordinary performance. There wasn’t a person on the floor that wasn’t sure that we had something extraordinarily special.

TVLINE | How does his catharsis impact him moving into Season 4?
Increased vulnerability. And some desire to seek some self knowledge. He’s on a journey. He’s facing some very hard questions, and we’re going to challenge him with those questions and see what happens.

TVLINE | For someone running around with a fresh, untreated bullet wound, Ray accomplished a lot in the last 15 minutes of the episode. Is there scientific evidence to support such a mind-over-matter phenomenon?
Depends on where the bullet is. [Laughs] Ray is built of different stock, and I think the audience accepts that. As far as what kind of damage was done, we’ll get into that next season. Terry’s bullet was real. Ray’s bullet was kind of a metaphor. He needed to be in that type of pain and duress to speak the words that were the most important to the show this year, which were, “I did it because I cared for him. And I have pictures in my head that I can’t get rid of.” And it needed to lead to an emotional and physical collapse that would feel organic so that he’s in a place of enormous vulnerability. That was the whole purpose of the season. Every other piece of plot was a mechanism to get us to the ambiguity of that moment.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.45.21 PMTVLINE | One of the things he did while injured was beat the crap out of Bridget’s teacher/crush Mr. Donellen, even though, in many ways, it was Bridget who was the predator in that situation and Donellen was the victim. Were you trying to make a statement with that relationship?
Absolutely. Ray Donovan has looked at people whole cloth without judgement. [Series creator and former showrunner] Ann Biderman was an extraordinarily generous viewer of people’s flaws and foibles, and has great compassion for what is most broken, and she really set a template along that line. I could never write a character where we were directly vilifying [him or her]. More importantly, Bridget needed a smart person to learn from. She chose an interesting target in Donellen. But she needs an older person. And her father wasn’t going to be that person. And Marvin onvciously couldn’t be that person. She was trying to digest and learn and she got a little crazy. She had her own version of madness.

TVLINE | Bridget reminded him that she turns 18 soon. Was that foreshadowing? Is it possible they could try to make a go of a real, legally-sanctioned relationship next season?
I’m not sure if there’s any more with Donellen himself, but there’s going to be more with her independence and how she pushes that. She walks out the door [at the end of the episode]. And when we meet her again she will be much closer to 18, if not already.

TVLINE | Do you know how much of a time jump there will be between seasons?
I don’t. I have to begin to write the story from exactly where we left off, and know every moment. And then decide when to start. I know where the next season is going in the larger storyline.

TVLINE | I feel like you have your work cut out for you trying to find a way to bring Mickey back into Ray’s orbit. He left California in the finale and, for the first time, essentially has no reason to come back. No one wants to see him again.

TVLINE | Is Jon Voight still a part of the show?
Absolutely. I laugh only because that’s the easiest part. Mickey always wakes up in a new place, and that place feels permanent until it’s not. Boston. Mexico. North Hollywood. And somehow, some way, whatever he is doing, it’s going to drag him right back into the heart of Donovan land.

TVLINE | It was nice to see Bunchy get a break this season when he met and eventually married Teresa. Why did you feel like it was time to give him a win?
He’s the only Donovan that tells the truth about himself. And there’s a karmic place for people that tell the truth. Everyone else is a con man covering up the pain. Bunchy just speaks it. I didn’t really know where we were going with Bunchy. It was a stroke of luck that a week before we started the writers’ room a friend of mine had been running this new TV show called Lucha Underground, and invited me to come down. And I was watching these female luchadors and it struck me that Bunchy would be really turned on by a dominating comic-book character. And if she had a heart underneath then maybe he could be intimate with her in a way that he had never been before. And then we just dove into that headlong. We just said, “F–k it. We’re going to do this. And we’re not going to f–k it up. We’re going to treat it like an old fashioned love story and see where it lands.”

TVLINE | There have been a lot of deaths on Ray Donovan. Few have upset me more than Grace Zabriskie’s Mrs. Minassian. I loved that character. And I loved watching Grace play her. I’m sorry to see her go.
I’m a huge fan of hers. And we worked together before. When we offered the role to Grace it was one line in one script. She nods at Mickey and she gives him some money. That’s all we had. So I called her and said, “All I know is that you’re up to no good, things are going to get really strange, and then you’re going to die.” And she was really game. She loved Ray Donovan. She came in with crazy, wild ideas. And our costume designer Christopher Lawrence just went to town. And we let Grace run loose. Killing her sucked. I hated killing her. But she had to go. And maybe she’ll be back as another character. She’s a chameleon.

TVLINE | How about a prequel spinoff built around her character?
[Laughs] Exactly. Better Call Mrs. Minassian.

TVLINE | One thing that didn’t quite track for me this season was Ray sleeping with Paige (Katie Holmes). I never got the sense that he was particularly drawn to her — emotionally or sexually.  Why did he follow her up the stairs that night?
That was… one of those flaws in the design that… We knew in the design of the character that that was supposed to happen. I don’t think it was our best move. I think we were in kind of a dynamic place where it needed to happen to trip up other wires. And by the time it happened we began to downplay it, to the point where it was a blip. I wouldn’t disagree with you. Any showrunner makes several mistakes over the course of a long process, and I think I could’ve done better there.

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  1. monica4185 says:

    Thank god he agrees that Ray sleeping with Paige was sort of a mistake.

    • Tim says:

      I felt that was wrong too, but this show is excellent—all 3 seasons!

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      I don’t see it as a mistake (in terms of the show not in real life of course) as it needed to happen to have other things happen.

      But I find it refreshing that a showrunner admits he could have done a better job writing that. Especially when others don’t admit huge errors.

      • Charlie Fear says:

        I don’t think the fact that he slept with her was a mistake, as such. The fact that they made Rays character appear to have little feeling towards her and then still made him sleep with her. They should have made it so he was actually into her, like with the reporter.

      • Princess King says:

        I love your reply n how your able to see it as it is; instead of like many i’m sure that have been severely cheated on; take it out on the character in a TV show. Great reply!

    • Sandra says:

      I don’t see it as a mistake, Paige and Ray are similar to me, both have f’ed up fathers that have really screwed up their trust issues. I see them as recognizing that in each other and banding together because they both appeal to me as deeply needing love and devotion. Love and devotion they do not get from their family. They give each other something, even if it just a shot at running a football team. For Paige its independence for Ray it’s something legit so he can have that for his family. They are both sexy so they try for the love part too, maybe it didn’t work but they try it so I am okay with that. I rather expect it given their pasts. Sex as a tool is used by them both. Ray has such devotion and love and sense of family; no matter that his family is so selfcentered, I mean gees they never even noticed Ray was shot! Never mind that they always want something from him. Abby’s fixation on a better house, a bar a whatever else she wants, a dog, an affair with a cop, his brother, whatever she wants, he is willing to give her anything! His dad, I can see not noticing, because he is so self-centered and Voight does that with brilliance. Mickey is never going to get it! Poor Ray, yes, he hides his pain from the family, but seriously they anger me in their neglect of him. Did just one of them say hey what do you need Ray? Probably why the show is so compelling. What Ray needs is them happy and safe, there’s the rub! The finale was awesome! The depth of Ray’s cries at confession for some one to care for all that he loves and to help his family, always first to him, but I was glad he finally sought it for himself too! Is there someone to help him? (Liev was just brilliant, award worthy performance) I worry for Ray because he opens once again, to a priest, as he did in his youth having bore the stress of being the family’s go to guy, will this one actually help him? That is the great question! Bunchie is open and gets his dream, will Ray now that he opened up get his? I soooo hope he does. What would it be like to see a Ray that gets his dream?

  2. Ian says:

    I wish he could have explained a bit more about how the Paige/Ray dynamic got away from them. I thought Liev and Katie had fantastic chemistry.
    And he all but said Donellen won’t be back, but too bad because I was loving Aaron Staton’s performance and his baby blues. We’ve all had that teacher we were in love with in school, and I thought Donellen was a better study into depression than Bridget.
    And what a performance from Liev tonight! Why do I get the strong impression that Ray’s confession about having had “feelings” for the priest that molested him, means Ray will be exploring his sexuality next season? Would they have the guts to go there?

    • kay coron a says:

      Please no it would destroy the mystique of ray

    • Jimmy says:

      He had feelings because he was a child, confused by a psychopath’s abuse.
      I doubt there is anything the adult Ray needs to “explore” about that.

      • Ian says:

        The way he said he still sees pictures everyday and how he understands how he was manipulated but is still so tortured over it, makes me think there’s a deeper insecurity involved. It relates to why he needs to feel so alpha all the time with any attractive woman he encounters despite being married, etc. The EP is saying that Ray undergoes a journey next season to understand himself, confronting his fears. So we’ll see.

    • Rich says:

      The Paige/Ray dynamic when it comes to sleep or not to sleep sort of reminds me of the dynamic in “Lost in Translation”. Sophia Coppola said she was thought she made the right decision when she didn’t have Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson sleep together. Her reason was that in real life cheating on ones spouse is hard. Paige was damaged emotionally and needy, a little different that the other women Ray had had sex with up till that point. Abby may have picked up on that distinction.

      • Elizabeth Ann says:

        I agree 100% that Abby picked up on that. Call it a wife’s intuition. And in Lost in Translation, I loved the fact that Scarlet and Bill didn’t “consummate” their lust/desire/affection for one another. It would have ruined the friendship they built. Two lonely people in a foreign country theme.

    • Bigdede says:

      I didn’t see or get anything about Ray questioning is sexuality in those scenes. He cared for the priest like a father. He looked up to him like a father so that’s why Ray stopped fighting it. It’s like Ray allowed that priest to molest him as a way of thanking him for all he did for Ray. Ray showed agony in those scenes where he said he still had images in his head not guilt. He would’ve showed guilt if he actually liked what the priest was doing.

      • Linda says:

        CHILDREN of sexual abuse often have a myriad of mixed emotions. He could have loved him like the father he never had and he could have love him in other ways he could not–and still cannot define. And a victim can “enjoy” sex even if it is done against their will. Men have been raped and have an orgasm–the fact is they were still raped. Women not so much their sexuality is not the same (ie., they are not as easily aroused as men, just a biological structural fact) however there can be parts of the sex act they find some pleasure in.

        Regardless if you have ever been traumatized and betrayed and made to “do bad things” that you have been taught even as a small child as taboo, you stay haunted. PTSD.

        • raysgurl says:

          You are way off base with stating girls/women don’t feel anything when they are abused. Have you ever been? Did you recognize the depths Liev had to go to to pull off that scene? To admit he cared for, i.e. loved his abuser?That is the stuff his nightmares are made of. Every person he killed personified every time ye couldn’t strike out at that priest when he was a kid.

    • Bigdede says:

      I don’t think the writer wanted to state the real reason the Ray/Paige dynamic didn’t work. Paige was miscast. Those two had no chemistry and Katie Holmes doesn’t exude sexy. Last year that reporter was sexy and her and Ray had some great chemistry. That’s why it was believable that Ray was so attracted to her.

      • Sharron says:

        Totally agree with that!

      • Elizabeth Ann says:

        I said the same thing to my husband. I look at Katie Holmes and see Dawson’s Creek. She and Ray had NO chemistry at all!

      • Clandestine Green says:

        Wow…that was right on. Katie Holmes was not up to the acting standards of this show. I think it was odd that she was cast but she simply didn’t pull it off. I also feel like her disposition is too “soft” to turn on her father so I felt she was also cast in that respect. She was a faiil in an otherwise excellent season.

  3. kay coron a says:

    When does the new v season start.

  4. Nelson c says:

    What happned with the Nazis?!? Someone put the Weight on terrys desk and then again on the reception desk…….?! Are nazis coming back

  5. Mark says:

    I found this season not nearly as good as the first two. I don’t believe the teacher would have been so stupid to let Bridget in his home, or in a bathroom, or in a hotel room. And how would anyone find out the desert grave site? And why would anyone focus on the fireplace poker. Lack of logical basis. And I like the tough guy Ray — and this breakdown/sensitivity crap is high brow Hollywood crap. I do not look forward to a more sensitive Ray

    • Nelson c says:

      I agree. Season 1 and 2 were more intense. This season was in some ways lighter. I really hope we dont get a bridget storyline again. Shes had season 2 and 3 based on her.

    • You’re clearly watching a different show from the rest of us. The molesting storyline was in there from season 1. The grave was discovered from surveillance of Avi driving the guy’s car and cell tower positioning of his phone. It’s a small stretch that Hank Azaria would notice the poker was missing, but you don’t get to work for the FBI without extensive investigative training. He didn’t even realize what the poker was until he was looking over the photos he took of Avi’s storage.

    • Linda says:

      Yeah also I don’t buy that Ari would keep a murder weapon in a storage room he rented with his own name. Any cop with a subpoena could go looking around in there. The writing was light this year.

  6. Enrique Chaparro says:

    Ray’s confession was superb acting. It captured the agony and internal suffering that he carries every single day and that through incredible violence is expressed. The viewer cheers for Ray but the violence of his actions sometimes is overwhelming. Only at this final scene it all comes together. It is cathartic to the character and to the viewer.

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      I thought his actual acting was pretty bad in those scenes. Way too much over-acting.

      • I’m glad you’re not in charge of casting anyone. Have you never seen a person try to talk while they’re in the middle of a massive cry?

        • Rich says:

          I thought he did a great job in that scene.

          Your innocent brother is on his deathbed for something you indirectly caused and probably should have foreseen, you are down on your knees in a confessional letting go of years of pain, anger, guilt, and at the same time confessing to a murder in order to get the priest to help save that same brother. I thought it was the perfect tone given the circumstances.

          How else could he have played it?

          • browneyegurl says:

            I think Liev done a wonderfully job as well. I mean, of course it was going to be a great emotional scene. It would be ridiculous for him to deliver it robotic when he literally been holding in those feelings for 3 decades without taking anyone. Some people don’t have much sense.

  7. Lisa says:

    I’m wondering is the priest taking ray to the hospital? It seemed like a long drive. Loved this season! ! Now onto Homeland.

    • Carly says:

      Me too! It seemed like a long drive, and the priest had a strange look on his face in the car. But wouldn’t be out of character for the priest not to take Ray to the hospital?

      • patricia carroll says:

        That priest Romero creeps me out and has from the get-go. I don’t think he is taking Ray to the hospital. I just hope whatever he has up his sleeve is not sinister.

    • Ryan says:

      i think the priest is taking him to the hospital Terry is in.

      • Rich says:

        Either to the same hospital or to a “doctor” that will not report the shooting to the police. Father Romero is acting in Ray’s best interests.

  8. Rosemary Zappia says:

    I found bridge story annoying.

    • MzTeaze says:

      Me too. She totally reminds me of Dana from Homeland. Every scene with her has me running for my iPad to do something else rather that suffer thru it again.

      • San says:

        I’m so over her, I even stopped watching season 2 because of her storyline!!

        • San says:

          Of course I started again this season because I love Ray Donovan and I thought the finale was excellent.. Just wish I knew where the priest was taking Ray!

      • Derrick says:

        No sir, Dana is far worse. That was one of the worst characters ever created.

        The thing I disliked most about this season was Terry and Abby’s connection..very gross. Glad they are leaving that crap alone. I also think Abby is at fault for her family ‘s dysfunction. Ray has afforded her a luxury to sit on her ass and not have to work.. she is a horrible mother too.. what type of mother randomly leaves her kids for weeks like she did? She is selfish and a cheater as well. I mean, she was about to screw his gross looking brother, Terry. Type of crap is that? Lol.

        I hope they bring that family closer. Time for Ray and his wife to love each other better. Time for ppl to care for Ray.. nobody gives a damn about him. Smh.

        • swanstarr says:

          The point is they ARE ALL VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL! DO we have to remind our viewers of the fact that Ray cheats all Abby, well the whole family too, time? Abby has only cheated one other time, and kissing her husbands brother is clearly mistaking his kindness and being there for her as what she really wants in her own marriage, yet she catches herself. Thanks goodness, because that;’s too close to incest for my thinking. She misses the unmet emotional intimacy, versus a quick lay, males often seek, instead. Abby cheated on him with the cop, remember, and didn’t bother to hide it from anyone. So, I guess she was honest? That takes courage to make a statement, that loud and clear,…so, Ray will know what he’s not hearing in words! Whats the diff to her, who it was or later if she catches herself, again, with the brother…this time she has remorse, right! She’s dysfunctional as Ray, but acts it out a little differently….and what’s up with the heat over being a stay at home mom that takes a three week brake to shake the crap out of her scull, and try to get herself straightened out…because she doesn’t work, doesn’t mean she’s infallible? Why is it any different than when Ray takes weeks off and hides out in his “cheating apartment”? the dog affair really cracked me up though, and where are we going with her blowing $300,000 on a failing bar? Who does that? Then the brother oops..who cares what the brother looks like, anyway? He’s the only one of the brothers who has a brain and a heart, both. PS..sick of the daughter drama as well.. She’s just not that great of an actress, yet, to steel the show or hot enough to make a sizzling side show. So, over it…let’s see something from the younger brother? I really love the work of Daryle this season…he has some great break out moments of honesty and anger! Am curious myself about where this priest is taking Donavon, myself??? I don’t trust him, either!!! He lied his bum off, to get into the family circle, and he seems to be holding onto some dark secret of his own? I first thought the look on his face as they drive away was murky, and the long drive is out of the city…could it mean he was taking Ray away to show him his own brand of cleansing and enlightenment…he’s a spooky dude…like I would not be surprised if Donavon comes up missing in the beginning of the series and there is a mystery to solve? That’s got to be the next drama.

        • swanstarr says:

          The point is they ARE ALL VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL! DO we have to remind our viewers of the fact that Ray cheats all the time on Abby, well the whole family, as well? Abby has only cheated one other time, and kissing her husbands brother is clearly mistaking his kindness and being there for her, as what she really wants in her own marriage, yet she catches herself. Thanks goodness, because that’s too close to incest for my thinking. She misses the unmet emotional intimacy, versus a quick lay, males often seek, instead, or realized mistake she made with the cop. Remember when Abby cheated on him with the cop, and didn’t bother to hide it from anyone? So, I guess she was honest in her cheating? Perhaps, that takes courage to make a statement, that loud and clear,…either way hurts the family, however, Ray will know what he’s not hearing in words! What’s the diff to her, who it was or later if she catches herself, again, with the brother…this time she has remorse, right! The brother “oops” kiss happens..who cares what the brother looks like…really? He’s the only one of the brothers who has a brain and a heart, both. She’s dysfunctional as Ray, but acts it out a little differently….and what’s up with the heat over being a “stay at home mom”, whom takes a three week brake to shake the crap out of her scull, trying to get herself straightened out. Just because she doesn’t work, doesn’t mean she’s infallible or invulnerable? Is it okay that Ray is a cad, but a women can’t react in this manner? Where does Ray get off leaving all the parenting to the mother, just for the sake of reversing roles? Why is it any different than when Ray takes weeks off and hides out in his “cheating apartment” with other women? The “dog affair” really cracked me up, though, and where are we going with her blowing $300,000 on a failing bar? Who does that? I was conflicted on the Katy Holmes character either not going anywhere or not happening at all? I was left wanting something…I do not agree the she is not sexy…she’s got it in this piece of work, but for some reaon the writers leave her impotent and frazzeled? She could have been written in as being healed by the love of Ray, empowered by her moves around her father and ex husband, but the writers leave her shattered? Take a page from her recent thriller “Miss Meadows”, which portrays her as sensually sexy with bone crushing spirit! She has it in her, butt the writers missed the opp! PS..sick of the daughter drama as well.. This actress is just not that great, nor hot enough to make a sizzling side show. So, over it…let’s see something from the younger brother or more on Daryle? I really love the work of Daryle this season…he has some great break out moments of honesty, anger and intelligence. Im very curious, myself, about where this priest is taking Donavon, myself??? I don’t trust him, either!!! He lied his bum off, to get into the family circle, and he seems to be holding onto some dark secret of his own? I first thought the look on his face as they drive away was murky, and the long drive is out of the city…could it mean he was taking Ray away to show him his own brand of cleansing and enlightenment…he’s a spooky dude…like I would not be surprised if Donavon comes up missing in the beginning of the series and there is a mystery to solve? That’s got to be the next drama.

  9. Katie says:

    Not Paige. Bridg had the obsession with the teacher.

  10. Rich Ormsby says:

    Great interview and one of the more rewarding season finales I have even seen. I love that they don’t “kill off” the characters, à la “24” and other similar cable serials. You just get used to some one and then they’re gone.

    Live’s Schreiber’s performance at the end was special, they saved the best for the end. Looking forward to next season.

  11. Brian says:

    So glad Terry survived. And I agree the Bridget storyline was annoying. The teacher should have been more forceful about not letting Bridget get to close to him and didn’t understand why Bridget wasn’t more concerned about what her father would do once he found out.

  12. gary says:

    Thought Abby signing the Irish song in the hospital to Terry was awesome.

  13. lkh says:

    The confession scene was amazing. I was actually taken back and just stared at him. Really good.
    The daughter-what a pain, but see what havoc teenagers can cause. And the teacher, he has his own demons, no help in sight from him.
    I thought, where are they going? Where’s the priest taking him? Was that supposed to be toward LA? I think so–trying to remember if the priest’s church was in the Valley. hmmm

  14. Daryl says:

    Let’s be honest here. This entire season was an inconsistent mess. I heard there was going to be a new showrunner but judging by this season I would’ve sworn it was Shonda Grimes.

    Ray should’ve put a bullet in Mickey’s head during the shootout. But oh wait… Mickey is untouchable which is why this show has fallen off a cliff. Schreiber deserves better.

    • Rich says:

      I loved the entire season and I think they know where they are going with this. It reminds of something allegedly Alfred Hitchcock said about writing a thriller, (or a thriller series à la RD by extension) “A dead body comes out of a finished car on an assembly line. if you can answer the question as to how it got there you have a movie. Just fill in the blanks.” I think they know exactly where Ray’s character is going, and all the other characters revolve around him. In that sense it seems consistent to me.

    • marcaroni500 says:

      Yes confess, it was a mess. I don’t believe so much of the storylines, as if Teresa would gov for wimpy Bunchy — I thought she was going to kill him (for the lawsuit money) when they went in the woods.THAT I would believed.

    • J.B. says:

      Who is Shonda Grimes?

  15. Charlie Fear says:

    I liked the scenes between Ray and Paige. She was definitely into him, I’m surprised he only slept with her once! I hope she is back for Season 4.

  16. Nicole Cunningham says:

    This season finale was perfect.

  17. Steve drettler says:

    Best show I have seen in years, riveting. Keep it going!

  18. tricitysteel says:

    At the end, I thought Ray was being driven to the sight of Father O’Connor’s grave in the desert,we’ll have to see.

  19. NMM says:

    I thought the shootout with Mickey and Ray was awesome. Finally, father and son had a common cause. I think Mickey is finally gaining some insight into the damage he has caused to all of his sons and he is experiencing regret for the first time in his sorry life. Next season, perhaps there should be some background on the forces that formed Mickey. Both Liev and Jon are amazing actors!

    • Bigdede says:

      What made that scene really good is right before the shootout, Avi’s irritation of Mickey always showing up messing up stuff

  20. sladewilson says:

    Bridget annoyed me more than Connor and that’s saying something. Abby actually stepped up this year. I love Bunchy and Teresa. I love how she stands by him even when she wants to pop him one. I’d actually like to see Darryl bond with Ray. They have more in common than meets the eye but if you listen to them, it’s there. Love the Abby Terry friendship (and that’s all – not the crush – glad that’s dead). Oh yeah, where’s the dog? I liked the dog.

  21. Lee says:

    But he never addressed Paiges’ braces !!! Why?

  22. Ms says:

    This is an Emmy show & Liev is excellent in the role as Ray as all the characters are ,glad to see Darryl move out of Mickey shadow & glad a season 4 is coming

  23. No one has mentioned Hank Azaria’s “return”. Some funny moments there. He’s such a sleazebag, but a smart one. I am pleased to see Bunch/Brendan finally grow up and find love, even if she is a dom sort of girl. ;) I do worry about how effective he will be as a parent; anyone remember that incredibly awkward scene with him bathing his former girlfriend’s son? Ray’s confession moment was moving, but I wonder how trustworthy the priest/Catholic church will turn out to be? Where the heck was the priest taking him there at the end? Back to the hospital where Terry is? Looking forward to next season!

  24. LT says:

    Please let Liev win the EMMY next year. That was an amazing episode for him.

  25. Carlos1027 says:

    Ray Donovan and Shameless are the two most entertaining shows on TV. Period. Thank you Showtime!

  26. Why did the Katie Holmes character, Paige, with all of that money, have a mouth full of hideous, corrective metal?

  27. Ellinas1978 says:

    The writing for the confession was good, but Liev’s acting left a lot to be desired. Maybe he was overacting to show that he was also in physical pain from the injury, but it didn’t work. He’s supposed to be a way better actor than that.

  28. Ray Donovan is my favorite show and the best drama on television. My last favorite was ’24”. The season finale was so powerful I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Liev did a fantastic job, so compelling and authentic. While Live is my favorite actor on the show, I must say everyone does a terrific job and I love Jon Voight. So glad you brought up the scene with Katie Holmes……I kept saying, ‘come on Ray, go home to Abby’. ‘You guys just got back together and I could see absolutely no chemistry with Paige’. I was grateful that it ended there. I don’t know how I’m going to wait until next July to find out where the priest is taking the injured Ray. All in all, this seasons Ray Donovan was so fantastic, so creative and powerful that I would be shocked if it doesn’t get nominated for several Emmys.

  29. Sharron says:

    Hope that means Paige will not be back? Not at all a Katie Holmes can.

  30. Randy says:

    I think the priest just might be taking Ray to the police. After a long drawn out charade of priestly sympathy, understanding, and forgiveness, just to extract Ray’s confession.

  31. Mary Beth Henschel says:

    I only started watching it this past season. Wow! I LOVE IT! Love LS anyway, but he’s fantastic in this role!

  32. Elizabeth Ann says:

    I HATED that Ray slept with Paige! That was the only storyline that disappointed me!

  33. R L says:

    Whats up the the ghost writing on the book on the dash in the last scene when Ray and the preist where driving towards LA? They show a view through the windshield of Ray with a book on the dash with no writing when a white text appeared on the book saying “Abbey Donovan” and a second line I could not read? Anybody see that?

    • patricia carroll says:

      I saw it. It is s black book cover with gold letters. It looks like a Day Timer or address book. Definitely says “Abby Donovan.” Can’t make out what second line says.

      It’s also weird that Romero did not simply call an ambulance. I don’t trust that guy at all. I hope he’s not a creep who hurts Ray.

      • Rich says:

        I am not sure but I think that it’s not a book but a cell phone. Abby was probably either texting him or calling Ray to tell him Terry was out of the woods, and would survive, Or it could have been Father Romero’s cell phone and she was calling him for some reason not yet known to us.

        Check it out again and you’ll see the phone’s screen light up showing a call from Abby.

        That would be a surprise if Abby had been in secret talks with Father Romero to help redeem Ray.

        Good way to start off next season.

        • R L says:

          Good eye! Your right it is a phone, I suspect it is Ray’s (on the dash in front of him)
          It just didn’t compute until you pointed it out. Appreciate it!!

    • Dave says:

      It’s Ray’s cellphone. He receives a text from Abby that says: “Terry just woke up”

  34. patricia carroll says:

    Liev Schreiber gave such a stunning performance all year but the the finale entered uncharted territory. Absolutely devastatingly brilliant.

  35. David Moore says:

    Ray’s callous and tough guy image has taken a huge hit. His persona will definitely be vulnerable as mentioned above, and I’m not sure that’s good for the show.

  36. FMC says:

    Would love to see more of Lena’ s character she is always enjoyable! Great season finale.

  37. Jason says:

    Two things. One when is Connor getting a storyline. Paige had two seasons and I have no idea if he’s gay or straight they need to explore that character Paige is boring and spoiled. And two I just noticed Connor’s name comes from Father O’Connor.

  38. Sandy says:

    Liev’s confession scene was one of the most powerful performances I have ever witnessed. I was mesmerized. The hair was standing on my arms and I was holding my breath. It will stick with me for a very long time. I hope he knows how impactful that work was for people watching.

  39. love Ray!!! Just love the whole show it’s so smart. Don’t trust that priest in the end are you sure he was bringing him to the hospital? I hope Abby finds her dog I’m a big dog lover. Connor’s role is a little bit boring this season. Can’t lose Mick he makes the whole show. It’s just a great show. My sister and I can’t get enough of it that’s all we do is watch it over and over again. Thanks for such great entertainment!!!’

  40. Candy Allen says:

    I am still in shock and emotionally distressed! Can it get any worse?! It made me cry, laugh and then I couldn’t stop bawling-RAY!!!!
    Brilliant show!
    Bye bye Micky

  41. Sandra says:

    I love the characters! Yeah they are flawed and not much goes right for them, but you find yourself saying “wow, please let them get one break!” Who couldn’t love Ray, he feels so deep, loves with devotion. It’s not what he says but what he does, that counts. Genius cast!

  42. DanielleZ says:

    Ray Donovan has gotten better and better with each season. I’m looking forward to the next one. And it was nice to see Twin Peaks alum Grace Zabriskie in Season 3. She portrayed another interesting character in The Killing.

  43. Scott says:

    Avi and Lena are the 2 best characters on the show, more of them and less of Bridget. Best drama on television, well maybe tied with House of Cards.

    • Rachel says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. They are both amazing.
      Kate is such a talented actor. Giving her a couple of one liners each episode is such a waste…as well as frustrating.
      I hope they really expand both of their characters in season 4.

  44. Linda says:

    I cannot STAND that daughter. She is ruining the teacher’s life and she laughs it off as being like a Kafka novel. What a clueless little idiot. No regard for anything but her little fantasy. She is allowing everybody to believe that the teacher is having a relationship/and/or sex with her. Bother kids are twerps. And the wife is getting to be a pain as well. And I know Terry is a great English thespian but I don’t care much for what he’s bringing either. I agree, the directing and writing is inconsistent. Voight is a gem as is Liev, no matter what the material is they are fun to watch.

    • browneyegurl says:

      I agree as well and I was warming up to Bridgette. If she truly loved the man, she should have realized that her actions can get him in trouble. Just selfish. She needs to find another hobby then trying to find a boyfriend.

  45. florence dagenais says:

    I have found few missteps in the show – only 2 that really bothered me: what happened to Abby’s rescued dog? Important in 2 episodes and then never seen or mentioned again? And Hank Azaria mysteriously noticing the missing poker and connecting it to the death of Paige’s husband’s death?

  46. Paige’s races were a mistake. I read all about wanting to show Paige as flawed and vulnerable but that is what ACTING is… The braces were an unnecessary crutch an over illustration that didn’t work.
    No kid as smart as Bridget would have gotten someone they “loved” in that situation, rebel yes, outright stupidity no. Whoever is coming up with and writing the story line for her must not have young adults.

  47. Donna says:

    The best show on television hands down

  48. Mary Jane says:

    I miss Frances. I hope she comes back in season 4. Loved, loved, loved, Season 3. Could not understand why Paige didn’t wear invisible braces. She could have afforded them, I’m sure there was a psychological reason she chose the ugly ones.

  49. Lorri Moree says:

    Just love this show. Levi is so sexy as Ray. Hard core with a soft spot. I’ll play a bit part happily.

  50. Dee says:

    Could not watch any scene with Bridget, hated that story line. FF’ded through all. Over Abby character also, there is no love there…move on.