How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 Premiere Recap: Girl, I Didn't Know You Could Get Down Like That

I know the Keating Five are supposed to be the smartest kids in the class at How To Get Away With Murder‘s fictional Middleton University, but sometimes — like a juror immune to Annalise Keating’s gravitas — I have my doubts.

I mean, honestly, when I sit and think deeply about their ratio of student-loan debt to future earning potential — and how it might be affected by a prison stint for felony conspiracy to commit murder — these students’ undying loyalty to stern taskmaster/educator/bosslady Annalise Keating strikes me as more than a little cray-cray.

Couldn’t Connor or Laurel or Wes or Michaela simply dial 9-1-1 and start the conversation with an Arrested Development-esque callback: “I’ve made a huge mistake“?

The good news is, though, every single one of our core characters is clinging to secrets of his or her own. If Annalise, for example, pins Rebecca’s murder on Bonnie (spoiler alert: Lurky McChurchmouse did the deed — and took her damn time doing it  via electrical tape/plastic bag over the head, too), then her ferociously loyal minion possesses enough ugly intel to drag Prof. Keating down into the sane prison-bound whirlpool, too. (That said, Bonbon’s pretty much all heart-emojis for her employer, yes?)

Speaking of whirlpools, though, there’s not one series regular who’s not being drown in an eddy of guilt and bad acts by the end of the hour – titled, rather cheekily, “It’s Time to Move On.”

Let’s recap the action in four juicy bullet points:

CASE OF THE WEEK/SEASON | Annalise, bored by the ongoing investigation into her hubby’s death, spends half the episode seeking to undermine a rival firm in their defense of a pair of twenthysomethings in the death of their adoptive parents. Once Annalise lands the case, however, we get a creepy scene of girl twin cooking up an oil painting of her late parents, and then, two months later, gunfire from their estate — leading into a shot of a fleeing/panicked Wes and a followup of Annalise, bleeding out on the floor, gasping for her life. Unless you’ve never watched anything more complex than Scooby Doo, you know the first impression isn’t necessarily the most accurate — but kudos to showrunner Pete Nowalk & Co. for cooking up the kind of “Whoa-Em-Gee” imagery that’ll keep us hooked for the next 15 weeks. Annalise isn’t going to die — SHE’S THE SHOW, DAMMIT! (along with Connor’s naked-torsoed hijinks) — but whoever tried to off her may not survive the season, is my guess.

WHO KILLED REBECCA? | After Annalise and Frank set a trap to see if Wes was the one who killed Rebecca, it becomes clear he’s as innocent as Annalise had hoped. Annalise figures out it was Bonnie who offed the girl — declaring her right-hand woman a monster in the process — but Bonnie is less sniveling/repentant than we’ve come to expect, despite having ended Rebecca’s life with electrical tape over her mouth and a clear plastic bag over her head. (Rated C… for Collllld!) “You were in trouble more than you ever knew,” Bonnie hisses later to Annalise, and it’s clear that she’s developing keen powers of standing silently in doorways and soaking up intel like a Bounty paper towel to an overturned cereal bowl.

THE EVE OF SOMETHING STARTLING | Annalise’s “rip my law-students to shreds” monologue is interrupted by the arrival of her college “pal” Eve (Famke Janssen). But their past tension isn’t case-related, it’s more about the fact that they were law-school lovers (!!!) — and that Annalise left Eve for Sam. Eve returns to Annalise’s orbit because hers is the defense-attorney number Annalise gave to Nate, but before long, Annalise is (euphemism alert) taking a bite of Eve’s apple, and Eve is agreeing to represent the dude Annalise set up to take the fall for Sam’s death/is secretly hoping to exonerate. If Eve has a therapist, that therapist is not very good, because a chick as accomplished and sexy as she is does not need to be dragged into the bloodied wallpaper of Annalise’s orbit. Still, slow clap here for Annalise’s prowess in converting simple nookie to a lifetime of sometimes felony-level false testimony!

BOOGIE, OOGIE, OOGIE | At the end of the hour – no doubt prompted by Eve’s memory that her ex-girlfriend used to be fun — Annalise takes her core four out to an underground nightclub, and as per usual, I can’t tell if she’s trying to pull down Wes’ (legal) briefs or provide him with the mother figure he so clearly craves. La Keating’s got moves, though, and they prompt her students to forget their troubles and come on get happy (and for Michaela to ignore texts from the Eggs 911 contact Rebecca was texting with). Whatever the case, Wes now believes Rebecca is alive and well and just choosing not to get back in touch. Connor has moved in with Oliver. And Lauren is proving to Frank that her critical mind is both sexy and threatening. It’s not cleat what, though, Michaela has done with her recovered engagement ring. Meanwhile, it becomes clear Asher is working with the prosecutors looking to take down Ms. Keating. (You know Annalise is going to give him a crisp slap across the face when she discovers his treachery, yes?)

OK, your turn. What did you think of HTGAWM‘s Season 2 premiere? And who gunned down Annalise? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. rcb918 says:

    I felt it last season, and it continued in this episode. I feel like Bonnie has feelings for Annalise, which Annalise mistakes as feelings for Sam. The episode was really solid and felt as good, if not better, than any Season 1 episode.

    My only issue is that if Michaela phone texted Eggs911, wouldn’t Eggs911’s number be in her phone? If so, couldn’t they try and look into that cell number and who it belongs too. I’m sure Frank could find a way.

    • Eva says:

      I agree, to me the whole scene with Bonnie apologizing to Annalise after kissing Sam showed some really strong feellings on her side and I’ve been waiting for the show to acknowledge them. And I also agree about Eggs911.

    • Hannah says:

      See, at first I thought about them being able to look into Eggs 911’s number, too. But then I figured it must be a burner phone or something bc that really does seem like the obvious course of action and, at the very least, Annalise and Frank aren’t idiots and would have thought of it.

      • Eva says:

        Well, he or she is still using the phone, which they could’ve established by simply calling it from a different number. And it wuld’ve given them at least such basic information as whether it is a she or a he. And possible a way to locate the person. It seemed like Annalise and Frank completely forgot about Eggs911. It’s a bit like when the creators expected us to believe an autopsy missed Lila’s pregnancy in season 1 — how far can you go with the suspension of disbelief?

        • Luvprue1 says:

          But isn’t eggs911 Bonnie?
          The article said Bonnie killed Rebecca, so Bonnie must be eggs 911. But why would Bonnie be texting Michaela?

          • Jess says:

            …Whoa, honey, you need to put the bottle of wine down and go take a nap, then come back and rewatch the entire series because you’re on a whole other level.

    • Mashdown62 says:

      Great comments. I bet that number is a burner phone. Not as easy to trace. They will save who this is for a big reveal later this season. Last night’s episode = mind blown!

  2. abz says:

    I SO did not see that Annalise/Famke Janssen bisexual thing happening at all. WOW! And that ending. Mind blown. This show definitely came back bigger and better.

    • A says:

      Neither did I, but I felt that it was really forced. IMO, it was the weakest part of an otherwise strong episode.

      • abz says:

        Annalise is still a very mysterious character. Once the shock wore off for me, it didn’t really seem that out of the realm of possibilities that she was bisexual. Or she could be manipulating her once again just like she mentioned when they were vaguely discussing their past together. After all, I bet its only a matter of time before the show ups they creepy factor and has Annalise manipulate Wes into sleeping with her. Besides, I like seeing Famke Janssen on the show. I really enjoyed her in X-Men and Nip/Tuck.
        I’m just glad I didn’t spoil it for myself because I get unlucky sometimes and accidentally come across spoilers (which I usually don’t always mind, but it’s still nice to be surprised). I was genuinely shocked.

        • Angela says:

          Or she could be manipulating her once again just like she mentioned when they were vaguely discussing their past together.
          This is what I was wondering, too. I think she’s definitely bi, mind, if for no other reason than the fact that she has some SERIOUS “tension” going on with Bonnie that clearly needs to be resolved in…some…fashion.
          But we also know how good she is at manipulation, and I have no problem believing she’ll use the history she and Eve have for her own gain, too.
          After all, I bet its only a matter of time before the show ups they creepy factor and has Annalise manipulate Wes into sleeping with her.
          After tonight I am totally seeing the show going in that direction, yes. And I will be squirming the entire time if and when that happens :p.

        • the girl says:

          Annalise is a psychopath. And I don’t believe her sexual relationship with Eve is about attraction as much as it is about manipulation. AND I think Eve knows that deep down, but just because you know you’re being used/manipulated doesn’t make it easy to resist. Even with Nate, Annalise was like, “he’s not my boyfriend” – there are no feelings there. There were no genuine feelings for Sam and none for Bonnie and I doubt there are any for Wes either. She was right when she says she ruins (destroys?) people but even that confession was strategic.

          • Mary says:

            Completely agree. I don’t think she feels love that way…she gets off on the power. Which also explains the weird oedipal attraction to Wes.

          • Love this show says:

            I think Analise is West real mother. When her mom was on the show she said Analise was raped by an uncle or something and she became really busy in college with men. I think Analise had a child it was West, that is why she said she will always protect him.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Really I felt sexual tension between the two of them quickly… Then dismissed it thinking I’m being silly… lol

  3. Steven says:

    This show just continues to blow my mind. I’m so glad to have it back in my life.

  4. C. says:

    I’m not sure there’s ever been a better, more appropriate use of a Destiny’s Child lyric in a headline.

  5. laurelnev says:


    • dan says:

      Last year I predicted that Bonnie had killed Lila. Clearly I was wrong. However, I was right in knowing that Bonnie had that killer instinct! My only question: how did Annalise suddenly figure out that Bonnie did it? I wish there had been a little more explanation to her enlightenment. Good episode to start the season and I’m glad we aren’t (hopefully) seeing a new case each week. I’d rather them work on one season long case which appears to be the set-up this year.

      • julie smith says:

        I’m thinking it was when Frank was in the kitchen with Annalise, referring to Laurel, but you could see the lightbulb go off in Annalises head when he was talking about “damaged girls”.

      • laurelnev says:

        I think we’ll see the Bonnie story unfurl in the next couple of eps.

  6. Rachel says:

    I’m just happy we don’t have to see scenes of that dang bonfire all season long.

    • Alex says:

      I guess we will see bleeding Annalise the whole season instead.

      • 'Bamiyo says:

        Lol. Just like we saw the bonfire scene over and over again till the present met with the future. The use of the flash-forward technique is really cool.

        At least, we know what the climax of this season, and yet anticipate what will lead to this climax.

        Good one for me.

  7. O'yaya says:

    I didn’t know how much I needed a Bisexual Annalise until I got her. Amanda Waller and Jean Grey, I SHIP IT. definitely deserving of that Emmy…. not if only Cookie would get with that Mimi Whitman like I’d hoped…

  8. sosis says:

    It’s Laurel* not Lauren :)
    Folks, let’s all take note – this is how to win the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

  9. Rifai M says:

    Okay I honestly think that the adopted boy is actually Annalise’s son!!! Why would she randomly want this case SO badly; the only reason I could think that she would go through all this trouble to take on this case is that the adopted boy is her son! Also this case seems like it will be around all season, so it must have some significance! Here is my theory:

    – adopted boy is actually Annalise’s son
    – adopted girl killed parents
    – adopted boy killed Aunt to protect sister
    – adopted girl shot Annalise
    – Wes is just somehow always there -_- (poor puppy) and was running for help

    Ah I could be completely off, but wow I’m so anxious to know the truuuuuuth!

    • BPark07 says:

      No, I think WES is actually Annalise’s son!! That would definitely explain all her affection for him.

      • Luvprue1 says:

        I think Wes is Annalis’s son too, or she’s Wes’s lover. She has a connection to Wes that she didn’t have with the others students.

      • mythoughts1289 says:

        I think Wes killed his mom and both Annalise and Eve represented him as defense attorneys although they believed that he did it. (maybe from that point on she stop being concerned of whether her clients indeed committed a crime or not ,and focused on defending them only). little Wes (Chrsitpher) was way too relaxed during his interrogation and he seemed okay with his mom’s death. When Eve told Annalise that she was not a bad person she could mean that she indeed protected a child from going in. Bahhhh idk .. also lets remember that Wes once again intended to kill. Even Rebecca pointed that out to Connor and she does have a higher IQ.

    • 'Bamiyo says:

      The predictions are actually looking like it, but really those guys always have a way to make three plus one equal four rather than the two plus two equal four which will look regular.

  10. Well, its not Game of Thrones, after all this is broadcast television, but its coming about as close as possible.

  11. Angela says:

    Dang. Welcome back, HTGAWM. Welcome back. That ending. WTELF?
    I’m so curious about the whole “Eggs 911” thing. I was already cringing when that bag was left unchecked at the bar-the you-know-what is going to hit the fan soon, and HARD, with that whole situation.
    The scene where Bonnie killed Rebecca was very chilling. Bonnie’s got the cold, calculating demeanor down.
    If I were Annalise, I’d be a little wary of how easily Wes can create an outburst (or vice versa, for that matter). Their close (and twisted) relationship may allow them to work that sort of thing out now, but I can already see Wes’ attitude or Annalise’s refusal to be challenged colliding badly down the line. Great opening scene with them, though-Wes confronting her like that in front of the other students was intense.
    On a significantly lighter note, yay for Connor and Oliver dealing with their situation, though I somehow think their little “domestic bliss” thing isn’t going to last very long. And I’m kind of in love with the interaction between Connor and Michaela (not shipping it, mind, just enjoying the idea of them forming an entertaining friendship), and I’m all for them getting some more scenes and interaction as the season goes on.
    All right, so yeah. I am in yet again for the ride this season. Cannot WAIT to see what happens next.
    (Also, Slezak, your review was highly entertaining :D.)

  12. MyFairLady says:

    MindBlown…This episode just helped justify why Viola D won that Emmy. Her level of complexity is unparalled. There are no words to describe this season opener. I’m so glad this show is back and I hope this season has more than 13 episodes

  13. Matt C. says:

    The scene with Annalise and Eve was more shocking to me than the reveal that Bonnie killed Rebecca. It was surprising, yeah, but the build-up to it wasn’t done as well as the season 1 reveals (Wes killing Sam/Frank killing Lila). And the ending with Annalise shot was so crazy! I honestly had a feeling that the show would probably pull something like that in the future, showing Annalise dead/injured in the first episode and then flashing back to the events that led to that scene. Amazing premiere, this season will be awesome!

  14. Bigdede says:

    Having Bonnie kill Rebecca still doesn’t make her an interesting character. She’s the worst character out the bunch and if she left yesterday I wouldn’t miss her. Yeah I’m glad Rebecca is dead but since Bonnie killed her, I don’t care. Wes has to be Annalise son. She is too devoted to him and too attached to him. I just love Nate. Love him. Annalise better fix this! Like Eve and Famke still looks good. The adopted kids storyline better be good and the fact Annalise gets shot is exciting. I didn’t care about who killed that girl last season but I really care about who shot Annalise.

    • Mashdown62 says:

      You will get your answer on Wes being her son…he’s not as they most likely will have sex this season. I am on board for the son on trial being her son and not Wes. Annalise has maternal feelings for Wes that most likely will cross the line.

      • I suppose they could actually not know they’re related? Then they could still screw, and then only to find out sometime after. That might be a bit much for most people though? Lol

        One way or the other, My money has been on Wes and Annalise most likely ending up having sex at some point sooner or later since season one — but I agree that the hints that they might have been especially strong this season.

    • rebecca says:

      I think Wes is Annalise’s son too. He was on the waiting list, maybe she pulled some strings to get him admitted to the college.

  15. B says:

    A+ HTGAWM has officially avoided the dreaded sophomore slump. I’d go as far as to say this season premiere trumped the series premiere.

  16. B says:

    Jean Grey, who has been my favorite Marvel character, guest starring on my favorite show is the cherry on the cake I hope she stays for awhile

  17. Sangeeta says:

    If Connor or Laurel or Wes or Michaela simply dialled 9-1-1 and started the conversation with: “I’ve made a huge mistake“?, would there have been an ensuing story at all? Imagine scene as per writer comment- these guys calling cops, cops arresting the perpetrators, confession follows, end of HTGAWM before it even takes off:-p

  18. Ronnie says:

    Sometimes you just have to take your club wig out and hit the dancefloor…

  19. Allison says:

    I love this whole setup of who shot Annalise and cannot wait to see how this develops. I like that we get to see in the first episode what the big mystery will be for the season. Every time I see Famke Janssen, all I see is the Phoenix from X-Men. When she and Annalise made out, I kept thinking uh-oh Annalise is going to get the life sucked out of her and there goes the show. Then the last scene of the episode with Annalise bleeding on the floor and gasping for air made me think that well maybe I wasn’t too far off… I didn’t peg Bonnie as a cold blooded murderer. Color me surprised. I adore Oliver and was sad of his HIV status. Shocked that Connor is being a decent human being and supportive boyfriend. I found it funny that Michaela was attracted to yet another gay guy – poor thing – it happens. It is always nice to see Nate. It is always very nice to see Nate shirtless…dang…oh well…maybe some other time. All in all it was a very good premiere. Congrats to all involved!

    • Piper says:

      I thought I was the only one who thought that about Famke in every scene! Just waiting for her eyes to go all full tilt pupil and her hair to be red and that’s a wrap. I agree, great premiere! Can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

  20. Bob Backus says:

    “I know the Keating Five are supposed to be the smartest kids in the class . . . have my doubts.”

    Absolutely hilarious quote. I’m guessing you didn’t watch the first season, because as supposedly great and smart as prof Keating is, she is in reality a rather middling lawyer. Several of those episodes last year either looked like they were written without any legal oversight, or they were simply scripts stolen from After School Specials decades ago. Her ploys are many times tired cliches, while she ignores real legal issues that would win the case. As for her students- YES they are stupid. Again go back to last season where not one of them had an inkling of what “cycle of abuse” was (in the episode where the husband kidnapped and hid the two women in his basement). That show was horribly written. Maybe 40 years ago no one would have heard of beaten/abused wives who stay with their husband, or how one could be physically and mentally abused for so long that they’d go along with the abuser in future crimes, but today it’s a well known condition. Yes the students are stupid, but so is Keating.

    • Xoxo says:

      And yet many today still doesn’t accept such things as cycle of abuse… you would be surprised how many doesnt understand or accept it … because honestly it is a lot… and many laugh it off as nothing and doesn’t think about it in real life. I had a law calls 3 years ago I was the only one knowing what battered woman syndrom was, someone in my class actually answered if it was a woman who beat a man to death with a bat, and another asked if she had been beaten with a bat.

  21. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Holy Sh*t! That was a good opener WTF Bonnie?…….I thought it would be Frank since he’s the ”HITMAN” who killed Lila. Anyhow loved the episode the scene btw Annalise and Famke’s character didn’t see that coming at all!!!!! Happy the show is back can’t wait for next wk.

  22. matt says:

    Not gonna be able to make it through this show without Cliff Notes. Super complicated

  23. newsdee says:

    So glad that you all enjoyed this episode………but I am so tired of these forced gay scenes. No more HTGAWM for me. Congrats to the very deserving Viola Davis for her Emmy win though.

    • abz says:

      Quitting a show for that reason is so stupid to me. If you actually think about it, Annalise’s relationship with Eve is quite character driven and not as forced as some are claiming it to be. Annalise is a very manipulative person. She may be bisexual or whatever. She may also be the kind of person who does what she needs to do and seduces anyone (man or woman) to get what she wants. She clearly has this effect on people. After all those years, Eve still had feelings for her that Annalise is more than willing to exploit to get her to do her bidding to save Nate. She’s basically using one ex-lover to help her save her other ex-lover. That’s pretty twisted. She had this hold over Nate and ended up using him and framing him for murder to protect Wes. And who knows this sick hold she has over Wes and when she will probably eventually make her move and seduce him to keep him quiet or using it as a way to control him for some yet-to-be-determined reason. She’s a very manipulative AND sexual character.

      • Lila says:

        Yeah, that makes more sense. If it’s the case of Annalise manipulating Eve then I understand and it goes with the flow of her character. But honestly when that scene came, I was really turned off by it as it seemed forced and out of place (plus I really liked her with Nick). I wasn’t shocked by it, because Eve somewhat hinted at their relationship before the scene. It just seemed weird and off putting. I mean I was expecting a scene like that with Bonnie, and still am. But what you said about her reason for doing so makes sense overall. I like your theory and that’s probably why Annalise did kiss her. Especially considering at the end she seemed a little too chummy with Wes.

        Also, I am just glad that Wes didn’t kill Rebecca.

      • tom says:

        It’s not that I care if they make annalise bisexual — it’s just it felt like they were just doing it to along with what is in nowadays and incredibly forced and lazy — there are other ways to make tension and stories without resorting to this storyline.

  24. Alex says:

    The final scene gave me the “Damages”-vibes, didn’t they show the supposedly dead body of Ellen in the end of every episode? I hope it won’t be the case here. Anyway it clearly rips off a lot from “Damages”…

  25. LL says:

    Why does Annalise have to cry in every single episode?

  26. Lynn says:

    You all need to add the letter O to the voting poll for “Off the chain!”

  27. flower-petals says:

    The whole ep was great but my fave part is the Oliver/Conner scenes. I love them!

  28. James says:

    I’m so glad HTGAWM is back! I so didn’t see any of that coming. Great start and it can only get better.

  29. Brittney says:

    I think that Wes & Annaleise were getting a little frisky at, perhaps a celebratory party of Annaleise winning the murder case(the picture that girl painted was on the wall). They went upstairs to get a little frisky after one too many drinks and her girlfriend walks in. Of course, Annaleise will have convinced her girlfriend she loves her and is not manipulating her, which we know is probably a lie. Her girlfriend freaks out and decides she can’t take it anymore. As they’re fighting, Wes runs out. He is already out of the house or almost out of the house when Annaeleise is shot by her girlfriend. He’s terrified and has no idea what to do so he just keeps running. I know it seems a bit different than the direction the show has been going but Idk. It made sense to me.
    Another theory I had is that Asher shoots her because after working with the prosecutors trying to nail Annaleise, he finds out all of her secrets and has no idea what to do. However, that would change his character too much and I don’t think there is enough build up for that so that’s my most unlikely theory.

  30. shadester says:

    I dont think wes is the one that shot her. It could the client or bonnie? Why do i feel annelise brought them to the club for an alibi. While that lady had her throat slit. Wow great episode. oh and what was the prosecuter talking about that she had on douceface.

  31. james says:

    Bonnie being the killer just did not make any sense and was a bit of a letdown. Annalise being bisexual? I can just hear middle america just groaning at this — its way too forced.

  32. Saw all of season 1 ,but switched off in the middle of this episode . I have nothing against gays , but really dont enjoy having to watch them kiss and make out on network tv

    • abz says:

      LOL so you made it through watching the entire first season with Connor and his sexcapades, but NOW you decide to quit because of same-sex kissing. Yeah, that makes sense. (**eye roll**)

    • Xoxo says:

      yeah you clearly don’t have anything against gays right… But you would have no problem with a man and woman making out or having sex on tv right? hmm…
      and first season had Connor and his boyfriends…

  33. jl24 says:

    This episode was perfect, they started a new history, new mysteries, new characters and most of all I’m glad they are not going to drag around “who killed Rebecca” the whole season and just end that history on the get go and star fresh with a new set of twists (beside the lesbian thing that for me was a little obvious)

  34. Rob says:

    I think Annalise did to Bonnie what she’s doing to Wes. She picks one student to have these overt flirtations with (because sex is power and a weapon for her, and we now know she’s sexually fluid or bisexual….not sure which one) and then she manipulates them into being her lapdogs.

  35. PoorAnnalise says:

    I think that the adopted son killed his parents and the aunt and the adopted daughter is just there, because, after all, he conveniently got back from a “run” after his aunt was found dead in her car with a slit throat.

  36. Donna says:

    I’d like more lawyering and less murdering. The lawyer stuff is fascinating, the murder stuff and all the back stories are melodramatic. From the other comments, however, it appears I am in the minority. I may not stay around for the whole season.

  37. Areli Acevedo says:

    What is the name of the song they were deacon to in the night club? Season 2 epic 1 btw

  38. Julia says:

    Wes is obviously not the person who will shoot Annalise..the writers wouldn’t have made it so obvious so I think either it was Nate or her lawyer friend who is also her lover

  39. Valentine says:

    Please which can I go to download the movie?

  40. Valentine says:

    Please which site can I go to download the movie?

  41. michael says:

    is it weird that Laurel is trying her hardest to stick up for wes everytime someone try to says he did it or try to sell he out, does she like him or something? i mean she chose wes over the other.

  42. P.A.M.inPA says:

    Who was the bloodied/beaten body out on the front entry to the mansion?

  43. Katrina says:

    Glad we don’t have to watch the flipping cheerleader at the beginning of every episode lol

  44. tsevca says:

    I was really disapointed by the relationship between Annalise and Famke´s character. Forget the fact that we´ve seen plenty of Annalise and her sex life and nothing ever indicated her being bisexual. Also forget that Sam never used it against her. But this is starting to be the cliché of this decade. Does every strong character have to be homosexual? Don´t get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuality, but nowadays on American shows it´s like if you aren´t homosexual, you´re meaningless. Homo/bisexual badass female characters have become a terrible cliché. I doubt that really helps. But most importantly, I expected more from this show. Especially, when they already have one great homosexual couple. I´m a fan of only few homosexual couples, because I usually find them interesting in nothing other than being homosexual or the characters have bigger chemistry with people of opposite sex, which really ruins the magic of a couple, but they did such a great job with Connor and Oliver. That´s why it´s bigger shame they came up with something that doesn´t seem thought threw ahead and done only to shock and be cool.

    • Readonna Terry says:

      Annalise Keating is really a psychopath period!she has had so much pain and disappointment in her life that she truly does not know who she is ! She is literally “acting” in life and will do anything to get what she wants in life not a good role model at all this woman is really sick! They are showing Annalise as a confused troubled depressed woman with a strong exterior lol this so cliché and untrue

  45. NeeNee says:

    Omg! Is West Annalise’s son? I should be studying but I couldn’t miss HTGAWM. And why does everyone want Annalise dead? She has been protecting everyone since day one. I really hope the computer geek isn’t dead. This show gets better and more suspenseful each week.

    • mocha_milf says:

      I think he may be. I was reading commentary from last season and people where speculating then that it could be a possible plot twist. Then she hinted that it could be the case on last night’s episode. It would explain alot. The “sexual” tension people sense could be a mother/son thing. I admit I was waiting for Wes and Annalise to maybe get it on in the very beginning but as time passed, the thought seemed gross to me.

      The theory of Caleb being Annalise’s son is an interesting one too. That would definitely explain her sudden interest in the Hapstall case. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.
      If one of them is her son or even better, they turn out to be fraternal twins (lol)…please bring back Cicely Tyson’s character as Annalise’s mother to give her two cents on the matter.

  46. Agoroh says:

    I don’t know if its just me….but could Annaliese be wes’ biological mom!!!

  47. Readonna Terry says:

    Annalise Keating is really a psychopath period!she has had so much pain and disappointment in her life that she truly does not know who she is ! She is literally “acting” in life and will do anything to get what she wants in life not a good role model at all this woman is really sick!