Rosewood Full Season

Does Fox's Rosewood Have a Pulse?

In the premiere of Fox’s Rosewood on Wednesday, we learned what a private pathologist is and does. Many times. We even learned his fee! But is this latest wrinkle on the buddy cop/medical drama what the doctor ordered?

Up front, let’s acknowledge how fantastic it is to see Morris Chestnut fronting a series. The guy has paid his dues with co-starring roles on V, Legends, Nurse Jackie, and here his innate charm serves him well, seeing as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood — the “Beethoven of private pathologists” — is overflowing with swagger and style.

Because the body count apparently can get high in Miami, the M.E. can get overwhelmed and — again, apparently — there is the sometime need for a freelance pathologist such as Rosie, whose face is plastered on many a billboard. (Who here checked where takes you?) And though the senior Miami PD detective played by Anthony Michael Hall has little patience for Rosewood’s antics and intrusion on crime scenes, others on the force appreciate the helping hand. Since, you know, the guy is brilliant at his job and all.

The pilot efficiently sets up the premise by allying Rosewood with Det. Annalise Villa (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz), a Miami native who has returned from a New York City stint for reasons we learn later. Villia’s intro is a bit heavy-handed with the kickboxing, unfounded bullheadedness and all, but over time she of course comes to see that Rosie’s expertise is more often than not on point, as they collaborate to solve a drug-related murder that was disguised as a driving accident.

Along the way, we meet Rosewood’s mother Donna (Forever‘s Lorraine Toussaint) and his lab assistants Pippy (The Game‘s Gabrielle Dennis), who’s also his sister, and her fiancee Tara (Anna Konkle). The convenience of that workplace set-up is quite a leap and checks many boxes, but I was more distracted by the Star Trek-like gizmos this private practitioner has at his disposal. But I guess $6,500-an-autopsy adds up…?

Pippy suspects her brother has a thing for the new detective, and she is right. And the partners in crimesolving do share a chemistry. At first, Rosewood/we are led to believe that Villa is married, but as she reveals toward the end, her husband up and died one random morning nine months ago, hence her (sad) Miami homecoming.

Rosewood, too, has his own “secret,” which ostensibly is the series’ very special twist on the standard set-up: Because of a congenital heart defect, two holes in his pumper that he was born prematurely with, he has maybe 10 years left to live. Ergo his fixation on his work.

Is Rosewood bad? No. Is it slight? Oh yes, as light and fizzy as one of the candy-colored drinks flowing in any of the party scenes. But maybe something airy is what one needs before diving into Empire‘s saturated insanity come 9 pm?

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  1. Candice says:

    I’m bias. I love Morris Chestnut. I’m going to watch it until I can’t watch it anymore.

  2. Temperance says:


  3. Aleana says:

    Gave it a B I like it but I’m afraid it’s the first new show that going to get cancel

  4. Al says:

    Just horrible

  5. It is so awful. Apparently I will just have nothing to watch before Criminal Minds all season.

    • Steven says:

      I recommend The Middle and The Goldbergs. It’s best to laugh before Criminal Minds.

      • tp says:

        Yes, a good laugh before AND after! I had to let CM go a few seasons back, it was giving me nightmares. Some of that stuff was just too believable. I was jumping out of my skin at every little sound the day after it aired. I don’t watch The Middle but The Goldbergs is hilarious!

  6. Nichole says:

    Wow, usually the polls on here show everything as being “Awesome” or at least “Above Average”. Haven’t had the (dis)pleasure of seeing this show yet but given the run down reads like the bio of the recently canned Forever and the poll numbers, not looking forward to it all that much now!! Was wondering if the show has had a lot of advertising?? I’m not in America but still have seen very little about this show and no promo’s on YouTube. Given the million + Blood & Oil spots out there you’d think there would have been at least one Rosewood floating about :P

    • Jessica says:

      Well in Forever the guy couldnt die, and in Rosewood the guy could die any minute, so its totally different! lol. I didnt hate it that much, but did we really need another show about a cop and an unconventional partner this season?

  7. Wow…so much hate. I don’t think it’s bad.

  8. Maryam says:

    It was awful

  9. Big Mike says:

    Still proof that House should still be on

  10. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give Rosewood an F and I’m sticking with my grade (TRUST ME). Called it “worst new drama of the season” and this series may cause a little dizziness.

  11. jo says:

    Do not like the female lead

  12. Dave says:

    Fox is a trainwreck this fall. Gotham hasn’t improved. Minority Report was lifeless. Scream Queens was mind-numbingly stupid. Rosewood was awful tonight. And I never thought Empire was anything more than a silly, over-the-top melodramatic soap opera. This lineup of shows is pathetic. Maybe Grandfathered and The Grinder will be Fox’s saving grace this year.

    • Temperance says:

      Gotham was fantastic. I hated Rosewood when I saw the pilot weeks ago, and I only made it though 5 minutes tonight. Ugh.

    • Fido says:

      I’m with you with Rosewood but I liked what I saw with Minority Report and Scream Queens was a big load of fun (unlike the Scream tv series).

  13. Not Today says:

    I watched it and tried to love it, but didn’t it. It’s so boring. After 30 mins I started playing soda crush. Morris Chestnut is too damn fine and talented of an actor to play cliche TV characters. He deserves better and so do his fans!

    Also, what is with Hollywood pushing the gay agenda? Is it a prerequisite as a writer or producer that in order to get a show aired on TV there has to be a gay couple in it? The women had no chemistry and it looked like the writer just threw that into the story line to be politically correct. You know what would’ve been different and possibly more interesting? If they had made the black woman his love interest or wife. Although it would not have saved the show, but it would have been nice to see a heterosexual Black couple on TV for a change.

    • Ulrich says:

      Agree. Well, it isn’t “different” to pair him with a hot black chick as n)black men overwhelmingly date colored women (ALL biracial births are down in western nations, from 3.5% to 3.1%, and this is all possible combinations….WHO source). But I just find that black men have better chemistry on-screen with their own women than with other races. While colored women (only the pretty, slender chocolate ones)I feel have connections with both us white men and colored boys.

  14. Lazy script that relies on an angry female cop to violently attack citizens and break the laws of due process to get to point. They should of thought that through considering the current state of affairs and resistance against unnecessary police violence

  15. Cindy says:

    If Fox really wanted to do a show featuring a medical examiner and a cop, they would have done better by picking up Forever. (Yes, I’m bitter.)

    • Karen says:

      Why don’t they have a like button? Absolutely what you said!

    • monica says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. A death obsessed medical examiner, a widowed lady detective, and Lorraine Toussaint… I had gotten over ‘Forever’, but this show just opened up the wound and rubbed salt all over it.

    • Temperance says:

      Forever was a million times better than that drek, and I understand why Forever got cancelled.

  16. cuius says:

    Can it beat “Blood and Oil” for first cancellation?

  17. Ram510 says:

    Move along, nothing to see here
    Fox is 0-3 with new shows so far

  18. Rusty says:

    Lets see, cop has chip on shoulder, ME has chip on shoulder. Both are arrogant. Cop believes in beating up suspects to get info. ME agrees by not doing or saying anything to stop it.
    If i was a black actress in Hollywood, I would be up in arms over the fact the all the male black leads always have non black wives/girlfriends. There are plenty of attractive and talented black actresses around.

    • Ulrich says:

      To be fair, all the colored femalesl leads are with white actors too…. which is about time that pairing gets air time because they are far more likely to MARRY, rather than “hooking up” just to make babies and their marriages are uber successful. And yes, the numbers of couples are neck and neck, especially here in Europe.

    • DMan says:

      Geeeez can’t black women find something new to complain about? This dead horse ain’t rising any time soon!

  19. spoonreck says:

    it was Ok it passed the time. THe lead charachter is way over the top a little to much.

  20. Ashley says:

    Wasn’t good, wasn’t bad, just…ok. I’ll probably give it a second chance, just out of the hope that the show starts showing signs for growing into something worthy of Morris Chestnut and his character

  21. Charlie says:

    PC police run amok. Looks like the writers are trying to check every box on the PC agenda. Did you notice that the only white male character was the older detective at the jumper scene? You know, the one they made look like an idiot.

    • tp says:

      Are you going to say anything when Blood and Oil comes on and the only person of color is the help?

      • Charlie says:

        Not planning on watching that show. Looking on imdb I see Delroy Lindo cast as the sheriff in all 13 episodes?? My point was more about the absurd political correctness than race. No matter, I won’t be watching either show.

        • DMan says:

          Your complaint seem to be about a black man being he lead and white fits not being he dominant race in everything anymore. Might as well get over that right assed bigoted white boy.

  22. Keiva Kelley says:

    Rosewood remind me of burn notice the tv show but a better version. Morris Chestnut should of been got his own tv show

  23. Win says:

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Rosewood, and (though I love Morris Chestnut) I still am not sold. However, I have to say that I was glad to see some signs of life in the female lead police officer character (not stone cold, not over the top).

  24. rowan77 says:

    Morris Chestnut is wasted here. His character is boring: A perfect guy who’s perfect at his job, solves crimes with a smile and always saves the day. Everyone loves him except for the requisite grumpy-Gus (played by another actor wasted in the part, Anthony Michael Hall). It’s lame that they think that if you talk fast and walk, exposition will look clever (Sorkin can pull that off because he’s a master at it dialogue and knows how to interject comedy into those moments – these guys not so much). The only thing interesting about this “Sherlock-with-a-Smile” is that his sister and their female co-worker are engaged to be married. Of course there is no character development and very little story for either of these women.

    All the actors deserve better.

  25. Lee Pierce says:

    Homer Simpson’s “Police Cops” was more believable.

  26. OA says:

    I’m ok with it, since USA seems to have changed their formats, I need some more blue skies meaningless fun ;)

  27. So, it’s basically Forever in Miami, except the guy isn’t immortal, he’s congenital.

  28. Pam says:

    I actually loves the show, fresh, funny and serious. Good plot. BUT, I refuse to be subjected to another lesbian couple being totally excepted on another television show. I loved the show but I have already canceled my “one pass” to record yet another insult to Christian America!

    • Temperance says:

      I personally hope you get ‘insulted’ like that a million times a day for the rest of your existence. It’d be a karmic start to balance your hate.

      • Ulrich says:

        It isn’t “hate” to love his Jesus and religion. Most Abrahamic religions contain an anti-homosexual dogma, but preaches to love them and help them back to the light. I am all for the lgbt folk to be allowed their lifestyles, but NOT IF IT RESULTS IN DISCRIMINATION AGAINST OR BACKLASH FOR CHRISTIANS. There must be a peaceful coexistence. The Christian commenters get to voice their opinions too!

  29. Maryann says:

    I really wanted to like this show, and from the previews I was expecting to, but the acting (or was it the writing?) was just forced, the scenes with Rosie’s sister and her fiancee and with Rosie’s mom in particular. And I don’t think it was the actors’ fault, but rather the director’s. It sounded like they were reciting their lines, not acting the scene, trying to get everything out in a limited amount of time. And the action scenes seemed forced. In short, it was a mess. I will give it one more episode, in the hopes that it will get better, knowing that a show often cannot be judged by its pilot. Does anyone know if the second episode has a different director?

  30. Ulrich says:

    Cancel this junk now, and save this actor’s dignity. And the latin girl is an over-the-top, idiotic female character. Meh.

  31. D. says:

    Loved Morris Chestnut and his profession. Disliked the super aggressive, tough portrayal of the female cop…Yawn…Who is the advisor on this production??? Really tired of the ‘must have’ lesbian relationship coupled with the mother who references church attendance. Very, very tired of having this politically correct storyline forced on the viewer. Oops, I misspoke. I don’t have to watch again…and, despite the lead actor and the potential of a good Thursday escape I won’t be tuning in again. Shame on you FOX.

  32. Patricia says:

    I really wanted to like this show. I tried to watch it 3 times. Morris talks too fast and there’s no way he can diagnose the cause of death that fast. The script is unbelievable. It also focuses on the arguments between the two main characters. It can be fixed. I hope the writers make an attempt
    I do however like the cast.

  33. Bozo says:

    I enjoyed this show a lot after only giving it a shot because Wednesday is such a dead night. It felt like a show that would have done well on USA back when they had fun shows like Monk, Psych, and Burn Notice.

  34. DMCo says:

    It was overacted and Rosewood is actually too boring of a character because he’s a know-it-all.

  35. Gwen says:

    I don’t understand the person that is telling the viewers what is happening when we can see what is going on. It is very annoying. The show is awsome, but the commenting to the viewers make me not want to watch it. I have stopped watching shows because of this.

  36. Goodyweaver says:

    I really love Morris Chestnut, but Rosewood is just so DULL. It’s so hard to care about anyone on the show, and the interactions between characters seem so forced and fake. It’s hard to watch.

  37. Linda says:

    We so enjoy this one. Entertaining. Tired of murder and mayhem..

  38. Cindy R says:

    Where did Anthony Michael Hall go?

  39. Tawana edwatds says:

    I love the show ..what a great cast. I love love love the show.this is what TV show should be!!! Keep up the good job.

  40. Cj says:

    I love rosewood story line hope to see more when does it start? I can’t believe weatherly is leaving ncis he make a big part of the show I still wish zeva was on the show.