Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Poster

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Poster: Sunny Forecast for Widow Meredith

Ellen Pompeo can check an item off her bucket list: She finally has a Grey’s Anatomy poster all to herself.

TVLine has obtained the official key art for Season 12 of the ABC medical drama, and it features Pompeo’s recovering widow Meredith front, center, solo and perched under a black umbrella.

But the image, and accompanying “Let the sun shine” tagline, confirm that the Seattle-based storm clouds surrounding McDreamy’s death have passed and clear skies are on the horizon for Mer. It also underscores the “much lighter tone” Grey’s will take on in general in Season 12, exec producer Shonda Rhimes recently revealed.

Meredith is single and she is living this life that she’s never thought she’d be living again,” shared Rhimes. “That evolution… is beautiful.”

Scroll down and take a closer look at the poster, then hit the comments with your thoughts/hopes/dreams for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 (bowing Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c).

Grey's Anatomy Poster

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  1. Al says:

    Love it
    Super exicted for new season

  2. Valentina. says:

    Mer got a haircut???

  3. Jessica says:

    LOVE IT!
    Ellen Pompeo is gorgeous, and about freaking time to see her shine, all on her own. I hope s12 will be great for her.

    • trainwreck says:

      LOVE Ellen as an actress and a person.. loving the poster as well though I wish they could’ve kept a medical coat on her instead of a normal coat .. it is a Medical Drama at the core afterall

    • Lucifer says:

      How messed in the head do you have to be to think it’s time for a woman to “shine, all on her own” because her husband died?

      • Nik says:

        Jessica is talking about *Ellen Pompeo* shining all on her own, and Ellen hasn’t lost a husband. Performance-wise, that’s what we’ve been promised; a strong performance from Pompeo honoring the strength of anyone who’s ever been widowed and has had to pick themselves and move on with their life. Ellen has always had very strong co-stars and it made Mer sometimes come off as a bit dull or too dependent or whatever, now we get to see a different side of the character.

        • Jessica says:

          Yes, thank you!! I am talking about Ellen shining. While it’s heartbreaking what happened to Meredith, it’s the worst thing anyone can go through, it’s a new challenge for her to play.

  4. Leah says:

    For once ABC did a wonderful job on the Grey’s posters. Ellen looks amazing.

    Can’t wait for the new season. If Ellen is there, I am in.

  5. SA says:

    LOVE IT!

    SUPER exicted for the new season

  6. Mandy says:

    Excited for a lighter season. The show really needs some fun back. I’m looking forward to Meredith’s story of moving forward. Its the most interested I’ve been in Meredith in probably 5 years.

  7. Val says:

    I am looking forward to see what life brings Meredith after losing her love and with her sisters – Maggie and Amelia.
    I do hope the one day Meredith does again finds love. I hope her fate doesn’t end up exactly like it did with Ellis.

    I also hope we see more of McHottie – Dr Andrew DeLuca played by Giacomo Gianniotti

  8. Lauren says:

    My husband is dead! Huzzah!

  9. abz says:

    Great poster. Meredith/Ellen looks so beautiful. I hope the show really focuses realistically on her life post-Derek and her struggles. After all she was widowed with 3 kids. That’s not an easy thing for a woman to do raising three children all almost still under like 5 years of age and trying to maintain your career. I like the idea of the lighter tone, but It won’t be easy for Meredith. The struggles and hardships will unfortunately continue.

  10. Whatevah says:

    I’m so glad Meredith is over Derek. Me on the other hand, am not.

  11. Sara says:

    Ellen Pompeo is flawless!!! I can’t stop staring lol. TVline please interview Ellen before season 12 starts! Thanks!

  12. EM says:

    Gorgeous but Rhimes turns on a dime. If Ellen pisses her off she’d kill off Meredith in a heartbeat. Looking forward to a lighter tone.

  13. Karen says:

    Slap in face to viewers that watched for 10 years for Mer&Der.

  14. Lulu says:

    She finally got that poster all to herself.

  15. Butter says:

    Well I’m glad Mer is over the death of Derek. I’m still not watching and it’s not even to prove a point or anything. It’s simply because I can’t. It’s too painful. Best of luck to the new season of GA.

    • sharon says:

      Agree,its still painful for me also. She was still a strong women with Derick and that was destroyed . I don’t plan on watching ,it will never the same show.

  16. Dave says:

    It looks like a reboor

  17. Ali says:

    He is not the sun, you are


    I can’t watch it :'(

  18. Katie says:

    I can’t tell if that one band on her pointer finger is supposed to be hers or Derek’s wedding band, but if so, ugh, that is kind of…I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It hurts but I’m glad she might be keeping a reminder close.

  19. Maryl says:

    I’d like to see a bit of romance with her new “person” Alex… she has spend enough time since Christina left jumping into Alex’s bed it could be interesting:)

    • Anon says:

      Have you even watched 11 seasons of this show??? Alex is the last person Meredith would start a romance with. He’s like her brother and has been for years. I could see her kiss Jackson before she even thinks like that about Alex. Their friendship has been one of the most platonic TV male/friendships and I cringe whenever I see people like you say they should be together. Btw have you seen how Meredith treated Alex last season? Like a doormat and not like her person. Plus he wants to marry Jo and has been in a relationship with her for over 3 years, I can’t believe you would want him to cheat on his girlfriend with Meredith. This time she really would become an adulterer since Derek and Addison were separated when she met Derek.

    • Mary says:

      Ew gross. Not gonna happen. Shonda has emphasized that she wants to focus on Alex with Jo, they will probably get married (which is great because she’s the one for him and they have been ignored for too long) and she also stressed that Alex will be there for Meredith in a brotherly way. If that doesn’t scream “I don’t want any romantic Meredith/Alex” then I don’t know what does. To me it’d feel like incest. Just because Meredith’s person is a guy now doesn’t mean they should be together. Meredith is as interested in Alex romantically as she was in Cristina. Why is that so hard for people to see???

    • Amanda says:

      You know if Alex were single I would be like “hmm sure why not, a little bit romance won’t hurt anybody, both are lonely and maybe a short fling won’t hurt” but Alex is in a serious relationship and I for one like him wjth Jo. Also i think that Meredith and Alex have been friends for so long, I can’t really see them become more. It would feel inappropriate to me and I find it stupid that people would only want her with Alex now because Derek died. He was Izzie’s second choice when Denny died, why does he have to be Meredith’s now too?

  20. Sarah says:

    I’m wondering if people watched the same show I did last season. I used to love Meredith but now she’s become my least favorite character. All season long she acted like an A+ bitch, being awful to her friends, especially Alex, treating her coworkers like crap, not even acknowledging that Jackson and April lost their baby while everyone else did, acting like she’s the center of the universe just because Cristina told her so, risking patients’ lives just because of her huge ego and even killing one because she wouldn’t listen to Alex, the pediatric surgeon. She was also not a good mother (Derek was a crappy father for leaving his children for so long too), for she would rather sit all night next to a 3D printer than go home to her babies. I was watching with astonishment how not one single person ever called her out on her crap, people like Karev usually would’ve done it after 2 days. Then she lost Derek and became everyone’s hero because all of the misery she went through. I get that too, she went through hell for all these years but she’s not the only character on that show. A lot of other characters lead terrible lives and had it bad too but nobody is as cold as Meredith and nobody ever gets as much credit as she does. In my opinion Shonda ruined her last season but everywhere I look I see people worship her and I can’t understand that AT ALL.

    • NKyle says:

      I am so right there with you. Not even tuning in this season – I stopped watching last season before they killed Derek. That just validated my decision.

  21. T.W.123 says:

    Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. 8 days and counting!!

  22. Fred says:

    Meredith is a bit of a dishrag, can’t carry the show. Bring back Christina.

  23. michelle says:

    ohhh i cant wait for it to strat again i miss the show

  24. Deion says:

    Get it, Ellen. Wow.

  25. PL says:

    So…they give Grey’s first episode photos and a poster, but both Scandal and HTGAWM get promos. Um?

  26. Lucifer says:

    So her husband died in a horrible way and now she’s “free to be happy”? Really twisted message ABC, Shonda, and the fans are delivering to the world.

  27. Am so excited that the wait is over! Love Love this show! Hope she finds happiness again!!

  28. Barb says:

    Not watching S12. Meredith has turned into a cold character, and Ellen is just egotistical. She couldn’t wait to get rid of Dempsey so she could claim the show all to herself. I hope she’s happy being the lead of a boring, pathetic excuse for a show.

    • S. says:

      Wow you just made up a nice little story in your head, didn’t you, Barb? Dempsey is the one who wanted to leave. He put in his time. Who expects a show and character to go on over a decade? Ellen has no control whatsoever over what deals he chooses to make and she’s not gonna push him out after 12 years. If you can put up with someone for that long, you can keep on doing it. He didn’t want to anymore and after that many years on Grey’s he’s richer than God probably (even after paying alimony). He probably would’ve done better to focus less on racing cars and more on his family and he might still be married, but whatever, it’s over now. Not everybody can be like Paul Newman and do both.

      • Lucifer says:

        Barb is talking about how Ellen was recently whining about “why can’t I lead the show like the ladies on Shonda’s other shows? It’s Meredith’s time to start fresh on her own!” Sure, Dempsey left; but Ellen saying fans are “conditioned” and suggesting they are sexist for being upset that Derek was killed off , along with her “why not me!?” crying makes her worse.

        • Tom says:

          Ellen was referring to fans who claimed that Meredith could not carry the show without Derek, whereas Olivia and Annalise both carry the show as solo acts and are “on the poster” so to speak all by themselves. She was simply gesturing to a double standard.

          • Lucifer says:

            It’s not a double standard because HTGAWM and Scandal had sole female leads from the start. Grey’s had always been Meredith and Derek co-leading. A more equal comparison would be if they killed Kate off of Castle and tried to spin it as Castle starting a new chapter of his life. I know that when the rumors of Stana leaving the show last season came up, fans lost it and declared the show wouldn’t be the same.

  29. Rachel says:

    Sorry but no. The show was so focused on Meredith and Derek that without Derek it’s not going to work.

    • sharon says:

      Agreed. The show may hobble along for a few more years but its over for me and many other Grey’s fans.The fans deserved better.

    • Sara says:

      But the show must go on, Dempsey got what he wanted after years complaining, he left.. Why should the show end cause of that? When actually Ellen and the rest matters too and work so hard, more than Patrick Dempsey did in the last 4 seasons. Especially since it was always on his schedule and when he could shoot because of his racing and he was barely in the episodes anyways, except for a scene or two with Meredith.

  30. Seth says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  31. Chris says:

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This is just too heartbreaking a show where they take characters you love and make you feel bad about caring.

  32. Kaliera says:

    Only one other person so far has gotten the reference to Christina telling Meredith that she is the sun? The poster is allegorically saying that it is Meredith’s time to shine.

  33. greysfan says:

    I love everything about it! Brilliant poster

  34. abuela12 says:

    loved the poster with Mer!….but I have to tell you, I read all the season-ending spoilers regarding McDreamy’s death and I could not bear to watch the last 2 episodes, still have not watched yet and probably won’t ever-they are still on the DVR, can’t bear to watch or to get rid of…can’t wait for the new season though even without our beloved neurosurgeon…