America's Got Talent Winner

America's Got Talent Finale: Who Will Win? (And Who Should Win?)

The 10 remaining acts in America’s Got Talent‘s 10th season have spent nearly three months pouring their blood, sweat and (in some cases) contents of their stomachs into the competition — and in a few hours (9:57/8:57c-ish) , a victor shall be crowned.

But before the winner is revealed, let’s take a look at the 10 remaining hopefuls:

* Oz Pearlman, the mentalist — no not that mentalist — has a pretty decent shot at the Top 5.

* Uzeyer Novruzov, the ladder acrobat, barely escaped elimination last week. (Thanks, Dunkin Donuts!) Talented though he may be, I expect him to be eliminated early in the night.

* Benton Blount, whose covers of songs like “The Story of My Life,” “Jolene” and “Fight Song” have wowed the judges all season, probably won’t win it all — but you can bet someone will give him a record deal, and rightfully so.

* Gary Vider, one of several comedians left in the competition, was the most recent recipient of the coveted Judges’ Choice honor. Despite lacking a hook — see Piff the Magic Dragon and Drew Lynch, below — Vider has proven himself a stand-up (…) guy, and although I don’t suspect he’ll win, I do expect to see him elsewhere in the future.

* Piff the Magic Dragon, the magical comedian, recently launched his adorable sidekick Mr. Piffles — aka the “World’s First Magic Performing Chihuahua” — from a cannon. That momentary lapse in judgment aside, he’s my personal favorite to win. (Side note: Piff might have merely launched a robot version of Mr. Piffles last week; like I said, this guy’s a magician.)

* Paul Zerdin, the only ventriloquist in the bunch, has been a consistent crowd pleaser, thanks to his rotating cast of characters. But is he the next Jeff Dunham? Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable guessing where Zerdin will land in the finale; he’s kind of a wild card.

* The CraigLewis Band, a solid R&B duo though it may be, isn’t one of my picks to win. That said, you can’t beat this kind of exposure, so don’t say goodbye to these guys just yet.

* Derek Hughes, yet another comedic magician, has developed a solid rapport with the judges over the course of the season. That said, I’m predicting he’ll find himself in the Bottom 5 when all is said and done.

* Stevie Starr, the “Professional Regurgitator” — yes, that’s now a thing to be celebrated — has left stomachs churning and thumbs tweeting since his first appearance. (Needless to say, if he does win, his Las Vegas show won’t include dinner.)

* Drew Lynch, the comedian who captured America’s hearts with his adorable stutter, is a favorite to win — though, admittedly, not a personal favorite. (Don’t hate me. We all have our preferences.)

Browse the 10 finalists in our gallery below, then vote for your favorite to win (plus who you think will win, since we know they’re not often the same). And while you’re down there, feel free to drop a comment with your reasoning.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Neal says:

    Oz Peralman was NOT the guy who temporarily cured Howie of his germaphobia. That was another act that got eliminated in Judges cuts week. I think you need to check your facts

    • JM says:

      Yup, you’re right. And it’s a shame because Oz HAS done many memorable and amazing feats. I’d pay to see him, Steve and CLB–they are my favorites.

    • Mette5C says:

      Yeah, it’s embarrassing that someone writing about AGT (er whatever else) doesn’t even check basic facts before posting them on the web.

  2. If I recall correctly, Oz wasn’t the one who “cured” Howie of his germaphobia, it was Chris Jones. Maybe I should write for this website, at least I’d have my facts right.

  3. David says:

    This was the worst finale ever for AGT. Seriously, there were so many bad acts last night that I would have buzzed. Mediocre singing, didn’t laugh at the comedians, it should have went a lot better….

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Totally agree with you
      Derek and his rope trick was so boring I was so distracted by those dancers
      Piff was underwhelming
      The ladder guy was boring
      Except for CLB and Drew I didn’t think this was a finale episode at all no one pulled out anything big

    • Chemau says:

      Thank God someone else feels this way. It was mostly awful and boring. Maybe next year the talented people will actually be put through. Really could not believe the semi final results that left viewers with this mess. Also. I disagree that the singers should go to other competitions. Why? It is America’s Got Talent. That includes singers, most of whom were superior to the finalists we have now.

  4. Shaun says:

    It’s terrible that Siro-A didn’t make it.This show is an abomination,lol.Way too many comedians in the finals.

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    Yeah got your info wrong about Oz. Anyway, it’s between Stevie Starr and Piff for me. I don’t why they find any of the comedians funny and magicians (with the exception of Piff) are too dependent on the judges.

  6. JM says:

    Wow. I don’t get the love for Piff AT ALL. I thought he was boring last night. He was one of my favs in the beginning, but like so many acts, his last two performances just weren’t that great. The Mr. Piffles magic was so basic, and you could see the person in the background bring out the dog behind the blanket. And man, am I tired of watching him eat–that gag was funny with Neil PH, but by now it’s just old.
    Anyway, Steve Starr is by far the most unique act on the show. His ‘magic’ is utterly baffling. My husband is in medicine and is completely blown away. He got our votes and should win.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      Oh crap I forgot about the blanket with the dog. Yeah that was bad. >_< I really do hope Stevie Starr wins.

    • Steve says:

      “Anyway, Steve Starr is by far the most unique act on the show”
      So unique that he has been on like 5 or 6 other versions of Got Talent already.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        I wonder how he was able to come on the U.S. Version after being on so many others he’s even had specials on TV before I think it’s all fake with him no way someone can swallow lighter fluid and not have done any damage to himself over the years

    • Mette5C says:

      Totally agree. I now find Piff’s so-called humour tiring, juvenile and one-dimensional. Old, yes. As you would say in Danish, Piff’s cooking too much soup on one bone -> soup is thin and tasteless.

  7. Rebekah says:

    #TEAMBENTON BENTON BLOUNT IS THE BEST BY FAR! We are trying to show you nay sayers that we love him and BELIEVE IN BENTON!

  8. Teresa Chapman says:

    Benton Blount should win it all! He is down-to-earth, sings from his heart & I just a great guy! His voice shows his soul when he sings–that is talent not a trained act……just sayin!

  9. Luke says:

    I’m so sick of singers on this show. There are already dozens of reality competition shows for singers out there. Get Blount and CLB out of the competition and leave it to the people who have no other venue for their talent. Professional regurgitator, Zerdin, and Pearlman couldn’t do this anywhere else. I hope Drew Lynch wins, but if he doesn’t he could definitely get a job tomorrow writing comedy for a TV show or something, because I just don’t see a long term possibility of him doing stand-up.

    • I’m so sick of people saying singers should go on other competition shows. There’s also a show for dancers and comedians. Singing is a talent. I’m more bothered by the fact that a lot of them aren’t “American”.

    • Troy says:

      Thank you!! It’s called America’s Got Talent not America’s Got Singers! I’m tired of these singers with their sad depressing back stories winning. Go on American Idol or X Factor or The Voice. Leave America’s Got Talent to the unique acts!

    • casey74 says:

      Blount would probably not make it on another singing competition with his performance night, his pitch was off.

  10. Mette5C says:

    What about Paul? To me, he was the only one who didn’t crumble under the pressure last night. The real deal. And super, super talented (how Howie cannot hear the difference in the voices is beyond me. Wonder what HE has in his ears…)

  11. Dana Jordan says:


  12. Benton is a true winner. He is a talented singer & songwriter(check him out on YouTube & iTunes) and a wonderful person. He is kind, humble and lovable. He has shared his talent & his family with all of us. I am proud to be a member of #TeamBenton

  13. Jake Piddly says:

    I think the professional regurgitator should win. He has the most unique act that is very entertaining.

  14. Diana says:

    Benton Blount was the best on the show..hands down and he should win!

  15. Marjorie Sweitzer says:

    we follow your show from the beginning. after watching last night’s show I cancelled the taping of tonight’s show. thats who you came up with as potential million dollar acts? the acts eliminated were much better than what you are left with. if you come back for an 11th season I will consider myself freed up for an hour or more every week.

  16. Elf says:

    OK, I don’t watch this show at all but just thought I’d click on the article to see what kind of acts are left. I was stunned to see Stevie Starr’s name. My ex-wife and I saw him in Las Vegas on our honeymoon back in 1989. He wanted to take my wife’s ring to swallow and she would not take it off. It took lawyers and a judge to eventually get it removed…

    Also, since I’m here, and don’t know anything about any of the other acts except for Mr. Starr and Piff, who I saw on the original version of Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, if the comments are leaning towards the two of them as the likely finalists, consider this a vote for Piff. Unless of course, Piff tries to swallow Mr. Piffles…

  17. shesterisatribble says:

    Benton should win it all. Personally I think the regurgitator and Uzeyer should have been replaced by Ira and 3 Shades of Blue (which were my top two acts). The regurgitator is disgusting and my family agrees and Uzeyer sucked. He should not have been voted through with a messed up act.

    • Levi says:

      Lmaoooo 3 Shades of Blue. No. They were the worst of all the singers let alone being higher than the Regurgitator. You must have an extrememly weak stomach if that makes you disguisted. I was laughing so hard in his act. And no Benton should not and will not win. He was pretty bad. Let me restate myself. He was terrible. Lol Oz is probably gonna win or Paul. Just not Benton.

  18. Sue says:

    I saw the regurgitator swallow 5 tacks but he was only asked to bring up 4 to the magnet. I want to know where the 5th. went.

  19. Veejman says:

    Pretty simple way I judge…would I pay money to see them? only 2 based on the 6 shows I’ve seen and the finale…Steve starr and OZ Pearlman…not a penny on anyone else!

  20. Adrienne Arden says:

    I loved Derek Hughes throughout this competition, but what the heck was he thinking with that final performance? I’m hoping for a Piff/Piffles win.

  21. TheZone says:

    If that guy benton blount wins then it’s effectively a twitter contest, migth as well skip the show and just have a social media popularity contest. Guy did well last night but there were half a dozen better singers than that guy that got eliminated.

  22. TheZone says:

    If it’s truly a talent contest and not a twitter fanfest it has to be zerdin, craig lewis band, or stevie starr. I like stevie starr even though he’s been on 3 or 4 ‘got talent’ shows already and isn’t american (wasn’t it funny when guest judge piers morgan acted like he didn’t know his act when starr made the semis on BGT 5 years ago when morgan was a judge!!)

  23. Mike says:

    Oz is a fake. Part of his act is simply slight of hand. The judges are on on it. There is no way he could predict that Howie would name Mel B’s daughter. If he was that good he would be a professional poker player making millions in the World Poker Tour. Paul is great but he can’t sing. Piffin blew it last night when we saw the guy reach under the cloth to put the live dog there. The two comics are not that funny. Craig Lewis duo is best talent of the show was f the acts that are left.

    • Tammy says:

      Judges aren’t in on Oz’s performances. He uses a popular ‘mentalist’ gimmick where you have an well concealed tiny marker attached to the tip of his finger. he can write on it whatever he likes while holding a piece of paper. He writes down everything after the judges gives their answers. He spelled Heidi’s Father’s name incorrectly LOL.

  24. Don Weyrer says:

    Just a note about the regurgitator. I have seen him perform for about 20 years on different shows. Last year they had Wendy Liebman compete as a comedian and she has actually done shows with Howie. The year before her was a guy who had a big hit record with “Life is a Highway” 20 years ago. Enough with the professionals competing with amatures.

  25. sharon says:

    That stupid Piff stunt last night and you saw the dog run out behind the curtain ridiculous and not good. Don’t get him. Love he Craig Lewis band, the ventriloquist,and the mentalist. I think Gary is a lot funnier than Drew. Hope another ventriloquist wins.

  26. Mikel says:

    I’m pulling for Piff!!!!

  27. Destiny says:

    I’m so excited for this ! It’s going to be very hard. This is a tough one! Can’t wait to see!

  28. Ellen Captain says:

    Love Drew Lench. And Ox Perlman.

    I cannot stand the regerstator

  29. Jeremiah says:

    Why is this so difficult of the last final votes.

  30. Paige says:

    Where to begin? Well, to address comments below… if you haven’t figured out yet that this show is fixed and not legit, you’re living in reality show denial. Most of the acts intentionally threw the prize away last night. The show put Stevie, Piff, and Drew at the end because those are the acts they’re pushing.

    It’s also important to ask yourself… would I pay money to see an hour of this? Can this person sustain an hour-long show? For most of them, the answer is a resounding no.

    And yes, Wendy Liebman IS a friend of Howie Mandel. And Ray Jessel is a pro who’s been around for decades. Stevie’s been doing the same act for over 20 years in Vegas, on the road, and has already been on other talent shows. If he was that great, he’d have it hit big by now. The fact that the items come up dry is proof that it’s magic, not real. He’s never allowed anyone to take an xray of his stomach after allegedly swallowing stuff. Why? Because he doesn’t swallow it.

    Now I’ll perform an autopsy on that cadaver of a show last night. Some of the worst performances from these acts!

    Drew Lynch. Howard is right about Drew needing to stop that ridiculous laugh, which he begins even with his entrance. Last night’s material was weak and pretty much one drawn out joke about giving his phone number to his girlfriend. Also if you paid attention to the segment before his act, he BARELY stuttered, in fact it seemed he intentionally stuttered a word here and there as he realized he wasn’t stuttering. On stage, he plays it up for the laugh. It’s one thing to find the pony at the bottom of the pile of sh**, but he can’t sustain a career on stutter jokes.

    Piff. WTF happened? He had been my favorite until last night. The dog switch was sloppy, but worse yet, there was no continuity. He phoned it in, as they say.

    Steve Starr. Already addressed above.

    Benton Blount. Nice guy with very average voice. I wouldn’t buy his CD or see him in concert as he’s boring and mediocre. This is supposed to be a TALENT contest, not a popularity contest. At least one singer went home who was infinitely better.

    Craig Lewis Band. Polished. Vocally great. You could see them sustaining a show. I’m just not a fan of their style of music, but they were among the few who delivered last night.

    Derek Hughes. By far the worst. The gimmick of “this is what you’ll see if I’m in Vegas” fell flat and honestly, if that’s what I’d see, thanks but no thanks.

    Paul Zerdin. Howie is 100% right. Paul’s voices are almost identical, other than pitch. He’s very good, but not outstanding.

    Uzeyer. Should NOT have been in the finals. Not only did he fail the week before, but watching a guy on a ladder isn’t a show.

    Gary Vider. He’s this year’s Taylor.Williamson. His material is above average, but shy of brilliance. He’ll be able to tour clubs around the US and now have name recognition. That’s about all for him.

    Oz. Impressive magic, but I don’t like HIM. He’s not approachable and even a bit arrogant.

    Prediction of top 6 = Drew, Stevie, Oz, Piff, Paul.
    Winner? Probably Drew for the sympathy vote.

    The show should NOT give back stories for sympathy.
    The show should NOT allow anyone on who’s been on another talent show, or who’s already working professionally.

    (Comedians on “Last Comic Standing” are infinitely better.)

  31. Karen says:

    I was very disapponted with the finale. Drew was funny as usual and Oz Perlman still baffles me. I have loved Piff but last night was beyond boring. Drew snd Oz are my top two picks.

    • Tammy says:

      Knowing how Oz does his tricks makes it a bit boring. Since he uses the same concealed marker trick over and over and over.. he just writes things with the tip of his finger while holding the ‘predictions’. Same with marking the envelopes. He asks to choose a number. then he writes the number and give them the one he wants.. Its called ‘DEALERS CHOICE’. so simple yet effective. I like the guy though he’s legit in his presentation. And I love a good magic act like that where the judges actually really aren’t in on it. Piff was super boring last night but you gotta give him credit for what he’s done throughout the season.

  32. Christie says:

    Drew Lynch has never failed to make me laugh out loud. Love him.

  33. alisha says:

    I think drew lynch should win. U are the greatest drew.

  34. Lori H says:


  35. Tina Grypp says:

    I want this guy win americas got talent. He is the best out of all the others. He deserves it. I think he beated jeff dunham as for being.really funny.

  36. Maria says:

    Seriously If Piff The Magic Dragon wins I WILL fly out to Las Vegas and see one of his shows! I’d absolutely want to meet him- he seems pretty funny

  37. Paul says:

    First act in a million, new and talented a real talent not hard to see; should be the winner again and again after how many trials. For me by far the most talented…. Stevie you got my vote.

  38. Zerdin is the best! I do love Drew though!!

  39. judie says:

    Its a toss up between Paul zerdin and Drew Lynch, I love them both

  40. easy says:

    Zerdin onky has 1 voice for his dummies….

  41. Aaron Schell says:

    I say Drew Lynch should win because he is really well. So what if he has a stutter, I LOVE him. He should win. I hope he does. I honestly think that their should be “TWO” Finalists for Season 10. The two should be Drew Lynch and Paul Zerdin.

  42. Hi I’m Alyaa I’m 10 years old I love America got talent expacaily pual zerdin

  43. Guy says:

    Hope it’s not the fake stuttering wannabe comedian he sucks

  44. pam kamer says:

    Love this guy !!

  45. Lb says:

    Nothing but mercy votes. Way more talent that should have stayed. I’m never watching AGT again. What a disappointment. Drew lynch NOT FUNNY, NOT MILLION DOLLAR ACT.

    • ShellyO says:

      Thank you for saying what you did. Too many sympathy votes, and the judges trying to sway America how to vote. Howie was practically running a telethon for Drew Lynch. Inspiring story, not a million dollar act.

  46. Daisy St.clair says:

    Paul sucked. Drew Lynch should have won it. He was really gud.

  47. Cheryl says:

    America got this right! Congratulations to Paul Zerdin.

  48. Amani Tasi says:

    First of all thanks to all the contestants
    They all did a great job and also I think season 10 is the best season so fall.

  49. Bebe says:

    I’ve watched AGT from Season 1 and I vote by whether I would pay to see them!! AGT, 1st should not describe contestants life to gain sympathy votes! The ladder guy was a prim example of sympathy voting!! This was the worst finale in AGT history, all wrong finalists! Comedians not funny, was better singers and ventriloquist shouldn’t of won!