Fall TV Preview
Arrow Season 4 Spoilers

Arrow Season 4 Preview: Diggle's 'Emotional' Arc, 'Challenged' Felicity, [Spoiler]'s New Job and More

Our Fall TV preview extravaganza was just a small taste of the Arrow intel we’ve collected.

Like Oliver, we aimed higher and are bringing you even more scoop from showrunners Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle about the ex-vigilante’s “bumpy” attempts to get back in Dig’s good graces, Laurel’s struggle to fit in on the team and much more.

Love is in the air for Oliver and Felicity as well as many of the show’s other crimefighters, but at least one person won’t be getting romanced in Season 4, Mericle reveals in our character-by-character spoiler guide.

The EP also shares what some recurring fan faves will be up to when The CW series returns on Wednesday, Oct. 7, while Guggenheim previews new enemy Damien Darhk’s badass qualities.

So click through the slideshow below — or right here for direct access — to get all the juicy details, then hit the comments with your thoughts on what’s store for Team Arrow. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Drew says:

    It’d be interesting if Felicity completely sucked at the business side of running Palmer Industries. She is tech smart, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is business smart. Ray is coming back anyway, so…
    I hope to see more Laurel/Ted interaction. Not necessarily romance, but they work well together. She must always be something of an outsider on team Arrow. Maybe Ted can eventually (down the line) convince her that she is her own hero and not part of Oliver’s team.
    Malcolm should go away.
    Capt. Lance should be thrown in prison after he went off the rails last year.

    • Shaun says:

      Felicity also has a run away mouth so that could be a fun struggle.

    • Liz1 says:

      Has it been confirmed that Ted is coming back?

      • JC1 says:

        As far as I can remember, it hasn’t even been suggested that Ted might return, much less confirmed. I don’t think I’ve heard one word about him in anything about season four. I don’t think we’ll see him again.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          (You would be correct; zero word on that front, not even rumours.)

        • Liz1 says:

          Ah ok. I was just wondering! Thanks. :)

        • Drew says:

          Most characters (especially the significant comic book characters) have a way of coming back when they’re needed. So I think we will see him again. We really need to, since they completely dropped the ball on his last appearance, wounding him and then forgetting all about him.

    • kath says:

      Felicity kept Oliver organized when he was a completely unqualified CEO, and she took over running Palmer Tech when Ray disappeared for 2 weeks to work on his suit. They could write her as sucking at running the company but it would make more sense to have her able to do a good job but frustrated at the comporate stuff.

      I wonder if Lyla’s new job is going to be going undercover at HIVE to help Diggle find who ordered his brother killed.

      I don’t see how Laurel is going to fit into Team Arrow now that Thea is going to be the sidekick replacing Roy and Diggle is equal partner with his new suit but I doubt they will be willing to spend the time showing Laurel running her own team. She’s really still most useful as a lawyer defending Team Arrow.

      • Lex says:

        I agree with Lawyer!Laurel being her best use – those sassy legal comebacks are one of the things Katie rocks – but I sincerely hope they try to relocate Laurel as relating to the team through people other than Oliver – maybe being the big sister to Thea she hadn’t been to Sara, making a great deal of effort to form a genuine bond with Felicity that doesn’t throw her sister under a bus or reek of character shilling. Diggle, however, should remain more of a colleague; there was never any impetus in season 3 for him to relate to Laurel that he still thought of himself as Oliver’s bodyguard – it was too intimate a confession of grief to someone his interactions with had generally been more negative.

        If there is any effort to foist Felicity off on Curtis and have Laurel become a replacement in Diggle’s life I’ll be the first one coming up with a hashtag and organizing the riot, but I have hope her joining Team Arrow. And I’m at the point of letting bygones be bygones with the botched training arc. It still remains physically impossible on a kinesthetic level for the human body to gain the skill seen with only one or two episodes of being battered and bruised (I learned this after a discussion with a friend getting a Ph.D. in kinesiology), but we can’t fix it now. Let’s pretend she went to Canary bootcamp over the summer so “fully arrived” at the beginning of season 4 is plausible.

  2. Daniel P says:

    This season looks very promising. It’s giving me season 2 vibes and I loved season 2. A dark Oliver in the flashback contrasting a more lighter happier Oliver in the present will be interesting to watch

    Diggle will be the one to certainly shine this year, I am here for David Ramsey killing every scene this year.

    Felicity having more of a storyline outside of Oliver and Team Arrow is needed to grow her character

    Thea transitioning to a full scale heroine in season 4 would be a delight to see.

    My question is other than being heavily involved with Sara’s storyline what is Laurels purpose on season 4? Is her character really needed on this show. She should leave with her sister and Arrow should bring back the Huntress to join Team Arrow or another female DC heroine. As we say “Laurel Lance, you are the weakest link”

    • Paria says:

      Laurel has her own arc. Like it clearly states she will be balancing her work as Ada and as BC. As a lead female she gets her own separate arcs!

      • George says:

        That isn’t an arc, that is just her everyday life. We need further direction as to what that means for her, also while everyone gets a love interest she’s still not allowed to have one? That sounds like someone not having a longevity on the show. Her story line is YET AGAIN tied to her sisters.
        I don’t know if there is a female lead on Arrow, the only lead is Oliver Queen everyone else is a supporting character.

      • Ri says:

        “Female lead” that misses a lot of episodes lol. She’s certainly not the annoying bitchy character that she was before, but now she’s just there.

    • What was Felicity’s purpose in s3?

      • kath says:

        Creating Ray as the ATOM and propping up Laurel when she tried to quit being a superhero.
        And also the shining prize that Oliver denied himself.
        Girl really needs her own storyline this season.

        • Lex says:

          Word. We got episode 12, where she showed Malcolm that he may be the magician, but she’s clearly the queen on her throne, and then she told off Oliver for returning from death with a few brain cells (and a hell of a lot of common sense) missing. Prior to that there was Laurel, who needed to be confirmed as the Black Canary by saying “Sara had no light” (both out of character for Felicity and a complete misread of Sara’s arc – or where she had been going before being fridged) while Laurel did.

          Post-3×12 we had several episodes prepping Ray for his own spin-off (my outrage somewhat soothed knowing Sara would return) by being the dumb blonde assistant going so far as to reiterate his brilliance (and her complete lack of collaboration – the suit was totally Ray’s work, yep) on The Flash.

          Once the Arrow became a wanted man she became more of herself. I was never so happy to learn it was Felicity and Diggle together who planned Roy’s escape (THAT’S the team I want Oliver working with!). Banging Oliver (in a scene that will live as “one of TV’s sexiest” for a long time) as a tragic goodbye, drugging him in a last-ditch effort to save him, and crying – though admittedly excessively – were all in-character for her, but they were all reactions to Oliver’s story.

          I see Felicity finding herself a little in over her head as CEO, then finding Curtis as her ally, helping put everything straight and serving the (predictably) misogynistic Palmer Tech board members a piping hot serving of awesome. Anyone who has seen Friday Night Lights know a happy couple can still have their own stories as well as internal drama between the two of them, but barring any obvious obstacles (like a rival love interest arriving with REBOUND tattooed on his forehead – my first thought during the meet cute in Tech Village with Ray), Felicity’s relationship with Oliver will be a given; there will be tension and there will be conflict, but I see it as the romantic version of Oliver’s relationship with Thea – bumps in the road doesn’t stop them from loving each other, they’re just a part of normal human relationships.

          Of course, it could still go all to hell. But you might say I’m a dreamer…

    • Shelley says:

      Yes, this^

    • Lex says:

      Hey! Laurel has an arc – you can see it in the pictures! I don’t think season 1 Laurel would willingly wear flannel! And yes, go ahead and find a screencap proving me wrong. Seeing her dressed so casually in those pictures was disconcerting for me – nice as it indicates she’s getting more loose – but still disconcerting.

  3. Coal says:

    Arrow is better binged watched. all three of the previous seasons I’ve watched at the end of their run. So basically this is the last arrow article I’m going to read until next year. Deuces !!!

  4. Liz1 says:

    Everything sounds pretty great for this season. I’m really looking forward to seeing Oliver happy and at peace, especially with Felicity. I’ve been rooting for those two and I can’t wait to see them together in a relationship. I don’t need fluff all the time. They can have challenges. But I don’t want them apart anymore for contrived reasons. Had enough of that in season 3.

    Really excited about Diggle’s storyline. I’ve waited 4 years for this. It better be the Year of Diggle. He deserves it. Still angry about his stupid helmet though. Whoever thought that was a good costume idea is a total idiot.

    Felicity getting her own storyline away from Oliver is all I’ve ever wanted. As much as I love Olicity, she deserves her own focus. It’d be interesting to see if she maybe struggles with being a CEO or whether she comes into her own. Also looking forward to seeing her friendship with Curtis/Mr Terrific. I really liked what was shown between them in the trailer.

    I like the parallel of Thea’s story with Oliver’s. Trying to balance hero life with normal life and having a romantic relationship. Sounds good. Also can’t wait to see how they deal with the effects of her going in the LP.

    I can’t really comment much on Laurel because she doesn’t interest me like the other characters do but is her who storyline going to be about Sara? Because last year it was about Sara and it seems like the same is happening again. Kind of strange if you ask me. One thing though, her and Oliver do need to repair their friendship. I don’t think the even liked each other last season. They need to work on that if they’re going to be team members.

    Finally, I can’t think what they’ll do with Quentin but I’m pretty done with that character after last season which is sad because I disliked him in season 1 and then really liked him in season 2 and they ruined it. Maybe they should make him evil for a while or something.

    • Sil says:

      I don’t know what to say about your feelings about season 3, but, to say Thank You. Oliver was so focused and able to make decisions season 1. Season 3, he was unable to do either. Det Lance and Oliver were ruined in season 2. I agree with everything you’ve said. Oliver and Laurel need to mend fences to make Team Arrow work and feel real. Personally, I have no feelings for Laurel. Good or Bad. Just indifferent. Her character is best as an attorney. Diggle. It’s about time for his story to take place, but, most importantly, his place as fierce soldier in the field. I adore Thea. I’m ready to watched her grow into her place in the team. Lastly, Felicity will be fun to watch again, having her own story. Making her way as CEO might bring a varied look at the different facets and abilities of Felicity. Plus, watching Felicity and Oliver together will be rewarding.

  5. “dire the straits” well, now I have Money for Nothing stuck in my head…

  6. GildedRose says:

    This season sounds like it’s going to be great. I like the idea of a lighter tone, and all the preview stuff sounds really good. I’m most excited about Oliver, Felicity, & Diggle’s stories, along with seeing Oliver/Felicity tackle things as a “team” & united front couple. I’m so glad the show put them together. Now I’m hoping they’ll focus on the telling good, action packed stories that include them and forget the will they/won’t they stuff. Every story needs conflict, but there’s far funner ways to do that, imo. I think Damien Darhk/HIVE sound awesome! I’ve been waiting since Season 1 for them to bring in the story involving Diggle’s brother’s death. Glad they finally got there. Are we going to find out who Felicity’s father is too? There have been some great teases for that. One thing am watching is the super-powers vs mysticism and where Arrow’s drawing the line between the two. Some of the preview stuff had me raising a brow and wondering if the mysticism claim is just “re-branding” to try to make it seem more “gritty and real” as Arrow is supposed to be. Totally watching you, Arrow. Stay on the ‘grounded’ side of the fence, please.

  7. Eric F says:

    I really do not care what they do to Laurel. Less air time better. I am excited about Diggle and Felicity this coming season. Original Team arrow was lost last season. To much emphisis on masks last season. I would prefer to see Huntress return.

    • Liz1 says:

      I agree there was too much emphasis on masks last season. It also focused too much on the wrong masks. This show is about Oliver and he was kind of pushed aside. But I think that’s just one of the things we have to accept about the show now. Annoyingly.

      I liked the Huntress too. I’d like to see her come back. They could do a mini Birds of Prey arc with her, Thea, Laurel and Felicity.

  8. Riana says:

    Laurel doesn’t need a man, but they can put her with Nyssa.

  9. Paria says:

    I don’t care about anything else but Laurel!! Just give me more laurel story and arcs and I’m good

  10. Everything I have seen about Felicity and her storyline (outside of Oliver) sounds and looks like she is in a completely different show, she is fast becoming the odd (wo)man out and the levels of believability with her character seem to go off the planet. I really hope they scale back this character to more of the levels we saw in season 1, as season 3 was just plain ridiculous.

    Looking forward to Oliver turning into Green Arrow, Black Canary and Speedy – and Diggle’s HIVE story, the rest ho-hum.

    • Liz1 says:

      We must be reading different things because Felicity is an important part of the team and the show. I don’t know how her becoming CEO makes her from a different show. She’s an MIT graduate with a genius level IQ. How is that unbelievable to you? And trying to keep Felicity in her season 1 box is ridiculous. Characters evolve and grow. Felicity has every right to develop too.

      • Felicity as a CEO is the most ridiculous storyline to come out of Arrow, wait sorry 2nd most ridiculous storyline, as Olicity gets that title. Genius does not equate to being able to run a billion dollar company. I don’t mind character evolving organically, I do have a problem with inorganic storylines. Season 1 IT backroom girl, now in Season 4 she is running the company, freaking hilarious. Is this the light side they were talking about? #megafail

        • JC1 says:

          I’m not sure how Felicity being CEO is any more unbelievable than several times over college dropout Oliver Queen being CEO, and we’ve already seen that. At the very least, she can’t do worse than he did.

        • Liz1 says:

          Wow. Ok. Take it easy. And I have to 100% disagree with you that it’s the most ridiculous storyline. I think things like mind-raping drugs that influence people’s actions and surviving stab wounds and a fall off a cliff are far more ridiculous than a genius MIT graduate becoming CEO. And I see Olicity as completely organic to the characters. They worked together 24/7, respected and admired each other. Were attracted to each other. They fell in love. Felicity was the only woman who knew who Oliver really was for the longest time and she accepted all sides of him. Makes absolute sense that Oliver fell in love with her. You might not like that but it doesn’t make it inorganic.

        • Ri says:

          Sorry but insta-Black Canary Laurel takes the cake as the most ridiculous storyline this show had. Even now she would be still struggling if her transformation had any logic, but according to spoilers she’s now a full fledged super hero LOL.

          And who’s to say Felicity won’t struggle? Wait before you bitch about it

          • Drew says:

            Laurel struggled a lot as she learned. And we are going to see a time jump of several months.
            If her training is unrealistic, so is the training of most soldiers who spend months in training, not five years (supposedly) on an island.

          • JC1 says:

            I’m not denying that Laurel’s had several month of training at this point, but comparing her training (while still holding down a full-time job) to soldiers going through boot camp/basic training is WAY off the mark. Not a great comparison.

          • Drew says:

            We haven’t seen Laurel’s calendar. We have no idea how much time has been devoted to training. We have no idea exactly what she knew before this, except that she had some fighting skills already.
            We’ve seen her try and fail until she could get something right, and it hasn’t been smooth sailing for her by any means. She trained more on screen than Roy or Thea. Why does she get more hate?

          • JC1 says:

            Where did I hate on Laurel? I simply pointed out that comparing her training to a soldier going through basic training/boot camp is deeply flawed.
            Before season three, she had self-defense training. Period. That’s stated within the show. How much exactly is up for debate, but it’s been made pretty clear that the extent of her training prior to starting with Ted was self-defense courses.

          • Brigid says:

            How is Laurel ANY different than Thea? Thea had less training and yet you don’t think that is unbelievable? No one can answer that for some reason. Thea should be falling all over the place but she is INSTA Speedy.

          • JC1 says:

            We’ve been through this. Thea did not have less training than Laurel. Thea had six months of Malcolm Merlyn hard-core league-style training before Laurel ever picked a boxing glove. She kept training with him, and then later with Oliver as well, after returning to Starling. She also was pre-established as having archery skills. And with all of that, she still didn’t suit up until five months AFTER Laurel did. Please explain to me how Thea is or was less trained than Laurel.

          • Brigid says:

            Thea trained with Malcolm over the summer, that is 3 maybe 4 months, the first month in the flashbacks she didn’t even do hard core anything. Laurel took martial arts classes in Season 2 and I have no recollection of Thea having archery skills what so ever. Laurel was trained in the boxing ring and was training with Nyssa around the same time Thea was training with Oliver. They should be on a level playing field and that is the truth.

          • JC1 says:

            Laurel never ever took martial arts classes in season two – I don’t know what show you were watching but it wasn’t this one. Thea had archery trophies in her bedroom in season one – google it. Thea left with Malcolm in early May – Laurel started training with Ted end of October. That’s six months. And she kept training with him all the way up to when she sent him to the LoA.
            Laurel had about two-three months more or less with Ted (considering in Midnight City he acted like he hadn’t seen her for a while) and maybe about six weeks of training with Nyssa before Nyssa got kidnapped back to the league. And she’s presumably been training with Thea and Diggle and maybe Nyssa over the summer. But Thea’s still ahead of her in time training, and that’s the truth.

          • JC1 says:

            Let me be clear, in the purposes of perhaps ending this argument. I do not care if they want to make Laurel a badass now. I will call foul if they make her able to go toe-to-toe with Oliver, Diggle, or Sara, but beyond that….whatever.
            But it is not factually accurate to say that Thea has less training than she does, or that her training in any way compares to a soldier’s military training, and I am always going to take issue with people making those kind of claims. The end.

          • Ambur says:

            Are we forgetting years of self-defense classes. The girl has been shown she can fight since season 1. Seriouly people do we watch two different shows?

        • lilyb says:

          Yes, Felicity (who is an MIT graduate, and spent last year as the VP of the company she’s now running) becoming the CEO of PT is the most ridiculous storyline to come out of this show by far. Not Oliver surviving a long fall off of a short cliff onto a bunch of rocks. Not Oliver making Malcolm – a man who tried to level part of Starling City, and then drugged his sister into killing his ex-girlfriend – the leader of the League of Assassins. Not Laurel getting her ass kicked by a common street criminal at the beginning of an ep, and kicking the ass of LoA members at the end. Not Diggle – a special forces guy – willingly staying behind with Felicity in the Arrow cave while a fledgling Laurel goes out to flail around and attempt to fight crime, just because she told him to. Not the fact that a hot tub that can restore dead people to life exists in this universe.

          Yes, the most ridiculous storyline on this show is that a smart woman who worked at an executive level in the previous season is now running the company she helped run before. Ludicrous!

        • Ashley says:

          She could hire someone to do the day-to-day running and all that kind of thing. She may just be a figurehead who focuses more on the R&D.

    • George says:

      Felicity and Diggle seem to be having their own story lines, which they certainly deserve after three seasons and being sidelined last year along with Oliver for less uninteresting characters like Ray Palmer and Laurel Lance.

      How is she becoming odd woman out, Palmer Tech designs much of the tech and gadgets Team Arrow uses and Felicity and Mr Terrific will be the force behind that.

      Also Oliver turning in to Green Arrow is a result of Felicity, so how are you looking forward to that but at the same time dismiss Felicity as a member of the team?

  11. Inga North says:

    Looks like it’s going to be an exciting season. Cant wait to see my Olicity, Diggle and Lyla, Thea and Laurel back in the action. Also Damien Dahrk looks very promising as the big bad. Bring on season 4!

  12. Ri says:

    I’m super excited for Felicity’s storyline. I love her with Oliver, but she deserves to have her own thing going on.

  13. Clara says:

    It looks all looks more than promising to me! Oliver & Felicity finally in a relationship (strike), Diggle arc, Mama Smoak returning, cupcakes – what more i need??? Counting the days!!!!!

  14. Clara says:

    It all looks more than promising to me! Oliver & Felicity in a relationship, Diggle arc, Mama Smoak, Cupcakes – what more do I need? Counting the days!!!!!

  15. datdudemurphy says:

    Too much Felicity…. I don’t think they understand all the problems with last season

    • That's Just Me. says:

      They’re just pandering to the fans who scream Olicity at them anytime they’re online. The problem is they aren’t understanding that Olicity shippers are not the majority, they’re just the loudest; and it’s cased some fans to stop watching because of Felicity last year.

  16. Papatya says:

    I can’t wait for a lighter season! Last season was definitely too dark for my taste even though the best thing happened there (Olicity). I can’t wait to see them in a relationship, can’t wait to see Oliver and Diggle repair their friendship. What I’ looking forward to is to see all the special effects that will come with the magic introduced and Oliver making a joke in the second episode. I’m so excited by everything I’ve read so far!

  17. Diane says:

    It’s so hard to work up interest in Laurel- she is what— doing what everyone else is? working in the day and vigilanting in the evening…. ok? Maybe if I was more comic cannon oriented this would be provoking— she needs some sort of conflict between being a source of justice in and out of the system— but this is never a struggle for her. Im sure she’ll get fancy weapons and a new look and I just—ok. Great. I tend to FF her. Im glad for her fans she’s getting everything they want for her, I cant even work up hate. It’s generally when she is ok screen- SNACK time.

    Thrilled for Felicity, she can be the Zuckerberg of the group- young genius CEO (lol when people say its so unrealistic, Pls turn your attention to all major stocks to come out in the last 8 years, the CEOs are young tech kids)… love she is getting a friend and more time away from Oliver. She is a great team lead for the facilities and weapons aspect, esp with a villian that you need brains to handle. I’d like to see O/F have realistic fights but no break ups.

    Thrilled for Diggle minus his costume (does the helmet have no back?) and the HIVE storyline, would like to see him step into his own hero journey more. Want to see the Oliver and Diggle Friendship back….

    Thrilled for Oliver maybe getting his brains back? The worst aspect of s3 for me was he lost his brain, working with Malcolm, fighting ra’s to prove whose is biggest? walking into traps? Come on. Tactics is his thing. Let him be smart

    I’m still unsure about Thea, she has definitely grown the most but her storyline is super quiet— she has a new man but is she crazy? Is she not? What’s the deal with evil daddy? Is Sara gonna slap her a few times

    Im excited to see the original canary! I love Sara, a little bummed she wont be back on Arrow but maybe they can get her for a ton of crossovers….

  18. lame says:

    Looking forward to see how TPTB lighten the series. After two years of dark and darker this sounds promising and as long as they keep the frenetic pace that elevates it above the others.

  19. Maria says:

    Can’t wait for Oliver, Diggle and Felicity story lines! Thea, Mr. Terrific and Damien Darhk all look good so far.

    Lol at the hater or Felicity. Come back when you know whose story doesn’t revolve around their sister again for the third straight season.

    You’re just pissed Felicity is smart, has her own storyline and is a love interest.

    You know who was asking her fans to tweet the showrunners for her wanting to kiss Stephen again. She is the biggest flip flopper on the show. Now she’s acting like she’s better than certain characters because she doesn’t have a love interest.

    • Hmm says:

      I’d take a female character’s story revolving around their family over revolving around a man any day. The anti-Laurel arguments here are really getting weak. Laurel’s story next season will be about finding her own place in Team Arrow, growing as both an ADA and vigilante and how those challenges can be overcome, and how the return of her sister will affect her life as both Laurel Lance and The Black Canary. I’m struggling to see how this is such a bad thing for her character? How can us fans of Laurel be pissed that Felicity is all those things when Laurel is also smart and has her own storyline, not to mention dynamic and flawed? She’s a real character: rainbows don’t shine out of her ass. She stumbles, she makes mistakes and she has bounced back from so much loss and adversity. I would have more respect for a character like Felicity if I understood a bit more how she got to where she is today: what hurdles has she overcome; I’ve never witnessed her have to struggle for anything. Lastly, you need to take a step back and chill. The venom attached to your last few statements regarding KC is misplaced. Can you site me one example about how Katie is “acting like she’s better than certain characters because she doesn’t have a love interest?” And since when did it become a crime to love the character you portray and support the character and her stories?

  20. Athena says:

    I have so much hope that this season will truly deliver on the things I enjoy about Arrow: Strong, individual story lines for Oliver, Felicity and Diggle, Oliver and Felicity as a couple and Original Team Arrow. And I’m grateful for the lighter tone Arrow seems to be going for this season. The show can still be gritty, real and dark without the pervasive misery of last season.

    I’m so happy Oliver and Felicity are finally together; and I hope the show keeps them together. Arrow can totally blaze a trail here by giving its hero a solid home life. Doesn’t mean there couldn’t be conflicts or friction between the two but I’d rather have that over unnecessary angst. No more will-they-won-they for Olicity; the characters are so much better together. I want danger, excitement, adventures, fun and lots of sexy times for them.

    Very excited for their individual stories, too. Oliver possibly going into politics? Felicity as CEO? Bring it on! Would this mean a return to those fancy events Arrow used to have? Because I do like seeing Oliver and Felicity all dressed up :) BTW, Matt, any word on the introduction of Papa Smoak?

    Diggle finally getting his HIVE questions answered is also what I’m here for. I have total faith David Ramsey can sell the heck out of his emotional arc. And I love seeing him in the middle of the action in the trailer and promos. No more sideline, Dig, OK? I much prefer watching him beat up the bad guys.

    Totally intrigued by Damien Darhk. I’m not totally sold on the magic stuff. Stopping arrows midair? Hmmm. I’ll have to wait and see. But he does deliver on the menace right off the bat so that’s already a step above last season’s Big Bad.

  21. Azerty says:

    I have meant to send a question to Tvline, I am really wondering if there is a chance to see Colton Hayes back as Arsenal or just a civil Roy? A guest spot for the November sweeps would be great!

  22. pat says:

    Very excited with everything I’ve seen so far. Totally looking forward to the new season—Oliver and Felicity as a couple—and waaay passed the angst, lighter Oliver, Oliver and Diggle getting passed their issues, DD looks like an exciting villain — all in all, cant wait for #4.

  23. Nya says:

    LOL at the people claiming that they’re not interested in Laurel, but then continue to b*tch about her.

    Anyways, this season should be interesting. I’m actually looking forward to it.

  24. Jane says:

    Wow, I actually like all characters storyline for next season. The main villain looks promising and everyone seems to finally found their real place on life. Have huge hope for season 4, good luck for arrow cast and crew

  25. Brigid says:

    The only thing I don’t like on the show is the romance between Oliver and Felicity. I just have never seen the romantic chemistry and enjoy them much better as friends. However, I do love ALL of the characters and I’m looking forward to this season and the paths our heros take!

  26. Petar says:


    Oliver – Now he seems a lot different, him saying that, or even being that happy is kind of great.

    Felicity – Wow CEO, now that sounds interesting, we all know how being a CEO was for Oliver. Felicity i just can’t imagine how will she handle the load, the trips, the meetings and not to mention while being with Oliver and in a way being this version of Watch Tower!

    Digg – Well he sounds kind of changed, a little bad change, because he is going all the way in with his pursuit of people connected to his brother death and the pursuit for answers.

    Laurel – It sounds bad for her. She is my favorite character (yes favorite even before Oliver or anyone of the team) and i can’t see her ride this season being easy. Someone who had so much bad things happen to her and her family i think deserves a good love interest who would at least make her happy. To me it sounds like they are making her the background hero.

    Thea – Sounds very interesting, with her connection to Oliver the way they are introducing it kind of interesting and intriguing. And the love interest i’m interested to see if they introduce the running around hiding the way Oliver did with his love interests.

    Lance – Sounds changed, but i guess only temporary, i hope it’s not, but i guess it wont be. But hey maybe being on our side means maybe a little bit better relationship with his daughter.

    Malcolm – Well let’s how will this work out for him. The title is given to a lot of people, but very little can actually keep it long enough to become powerful enough to be feared and to be a threat.

    Lyla – I definitely want to see her new place of work. But why do i think it might be head of Security for Felicity?

    Sara – I hope really she isn’t that changed. I like Sara and i like that she was “Normal”, but if they make her completely different i don’t want her back.

    DAMIEN DARHK – Let’s hope he doesn’t have powers like they showed in the trailer. I like big bad who may provide a challenge, but introducing Magic, or powers in this series well i guess i’m not ready. In the previous season we didn’t even get the answers to how that had powers, so why does now someone shows up again with powers.

  27. anna says:

    Excited for Felicity, Oliver, Diggle, and Thea’s storylines! Looking forward to seeing Olicity in a solid relationship, Felicity being CEO, and Oliver being a lighter, hopefully funnier (and consequently, much more fun) character. Also can’t wait to dive into the HIVE storyline with Diggle. I’ve wanted that story since season 1, and I’m SO happy I’m finally going to get to see it. Also super thrilled that Diggle is back out on the field, where he belongs!

  28. jo says:

    Looking forward to more felicity sl this season 🙌

  29. Eli says:

    So far I’ve decided to tune in live again this year, so keep the Oliver, Felicity and Diggle goodness coming.

  30. Henry says:

    where is ray palmer cause we all know he didn’t die….legends of tomorrow trailer showed us ray got small so is he still living in his lab?

  31. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview of characters for season 4. Can’t wait to watch new season next month!

  32. john says:

    Arrow is becoming to Feminine and needs to pull back on all the emotional subplots. Last year I was using the skip forward on the DVR for more then 15 minutes of the each arrow show. The series is supposed to be about a superhero fighting crime not a female soap opera of emotions. Nothing dooms a superhero series quicker than adding massive amounts of emotions into a series.