Extant Season 2 Finale TAALR Lives

Extant Season 2: Was That Finale TAALR-Made for a Follow-Up?

CBS’ Extant wrapped its sophomore run on Wednesday night with a double header — and no, a pun was not intended.

As the two-hour finale came to a close, Charlie and Ethan found Julie juuuust in the nick of time, though just as Molly-X — a Humanich replica of Halle Berry’s heroine — was gunning down JD in cold blood. The real Molly later arrived on the scene to find a gravely wounded JD, whom she saved with a transfusion of her own, special blood.

When JD came to, it took some convincing but Molly ultimately proved that an evil twin assaulted him. They then fast-tracked their plan to infiltrate GSC, only to get stymied by the maze of (partially projected) walls. Molly cracked the code (i.e. some floor tiles represented Greek letters in binary code, because) and found her way to the server room with the amulet, only to come face-to-familiar face with Molly-X.

The ladies slugged it out some, setting the stage for a Star Trek/”The Enemy Within” scenario where JD had to decide which Molly to shoot. After some debate, he correctly unloaded his pistol into the fake, explaining that Molly’s “eyes” were the difference. (Personally, I would have preferred a more clever deduction. But JD ain’t Spock, I guess.)

Humanich Lucy then showed up and found the amulet on the floor, but rather than destroy it she surrendered it to Molly, having earlier gotten a taste of TAALR’s grand plan and her own disposable part in it. Molly used the amulet to shut down the Humanichs system and all of its progeny, though Ethan was spared thanks to a “firewall” John had apparently installed in the lad.

And yet, seeds were planted Extant_TAALRfor any possible Season 3. For after a glimpse of an “emergency reboot” being triggered deep inside GSC, and while Molly held a presser to introduce the world to Ares and the other “life” that is “out there” and now here on Earth, the second hour closed with the sight of TAALR — having assumed Humanich form — fetching himself some java at a coffee shop, where the barista amusingly spelled his name correctly.

What did you think of the finale, and were you left clamoring for a Season 3? Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s continued involvement a deal-breaker for you?

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  1. Tiffany says:

    This season was amazing. Hope it gets renewed. Love Extant and Halle.

  2. jackis1974 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that if we get to see TAALR’s face, it’ll be John’s? Really hope this gets renewed for a 3rd season.

  3. DonnaMama says:

    Anyone think that might be John there at the end???

    • Yes, It definitely would be interesting to see John’s face on TAALR and its a shame John was killed off at the beginning of season 2. Would liked to have seen him continue on in the series.

  4. Cody S. says:

    Really loved Season 2. Here’s to hoping CBS renews it for a third season.

  5. Tange says:

    I hope that a 3 rd season come back on. They cAnt leave us hanging like that, some of the covered robots move when power came back on. So I hope it did not stop and ended on 2

  6. YaYa says:

    I think Molly should contact fsociety for help. ;-) (come on season 3)

  7. laurelnev says:

    LOVED this season, BUT one thing really bothered me…they all SAW what Fake Molly was wearing on the robot cam–WHY on EARTH didn’t Molly say “Oh, let me at least take off my jacket, and maybe even change my clothes, just in case we run into me again, you’ll be able to tell Fake Me from Real Me”? Yes, we wouldn’t have gotten that cool scene. But then again, maybe it wasn’t REALLY Molly’s eyes that gave her away, rather it was the BLOOD STAINS she had on her clothing, not having changed or taken off her jacket or anything since tending to a bloody JD! Or the fact that Humanichs don’t have crow’s feet around the eyes…

    • Cstevens says:

      I was thinking a code word would have been a good idea to agree on going in since they knew they could run into roboMolly on the mission.

      • Jane says:

        I thought the same thing, why didn’t they have a code word or why didn’t she change her clothes or cut her hair. The show has always been poorly written but that was just really stupid.

        • Dianne says:

          Well Jane the majority of us love the suspenseful well written show. Your way off base. So don’t watch it.

          • Diana says:

            I agree I love the show! I would like it be renewed and also think it will be John since he created Taalr it would be fitting

        • AB says:

          It would have been great if JD asked Molly something she only could answer. The part about her eyes I found it disappointing. I expected more

    • Sruja says:

      Exactly, or the most simplest and convincing thing they could do was make real molly show off her alien eyes because fake molly cant do that..Molly is smarter and she could have thought something like this than stand like the fake molly and just beg that its her!

  8. Cristina Castel says:

    Thank you Mr. Fisher & Mr Spielberg for this AMAZING show. Please, don’t kill off Jeffrey Dean
    Morgan. It looked like John in the last scene. Did anyone noticed the spelling on the cup of coffee? Hmm…Season 3…PLEASE.

  9. Chris says:

    Why would Jeffrey Dean Morgans involvement be a dealbreaker? Did I miss something?

    • dan says:

      JDM is joining the cast of The Good Wife, however I’m not sure if he is a regular cast member or a guest star. Perhaps CBS wanted to make sure he was available for Extant season 3 (if it is renewed) so they booked him on The Good Wife to keep him in the CBS family

    • Carol says:

      He made the whole season worth watching!

  10. kirads09 says:

    First – way to go with the Star Trek reference because that was the first thing that popped to mind during that scene. I do feel s2 has been 1000x improved over season 1. I love Jeffrey Dean (that smile is everything) and he has really brought a great presence. I hope he stays on as regular. I also hope Melina Kanakaredes stays as Dorothy and has a deeper role as long as they don’t degrade into some sort of love triangle over JD. I too thought that TAALR in “humanoid” form could be John. This left me hoping there is a S3 surprisingly.

  11. AW says:

    Extant S2 was definitely better than Under the Dome’s S3. I hope Extant returns for S3!

  12. herman1959 says:

    I enjoyed the series overall and I’d grade it a B. That said, I felt like TAALR taking humanoid form was a little over the top, BUT I would watch a season 3. FYI: I believe Goran signed as a regular on Crossing Lines which films in Europe, so him as TAALR might not be possible. Oh well, as long as we have Ethan…

  13. LaLa says:

    I would watch Season 3, but I was watching last night as if it were the series finale.

  14. ryan says:

    The most secure facility in the world like Fort Knox and by that I mean no external security, public entry to the front door, and at least 2 guys at the front desk with an eye scanner and 9 more that come out when the alarms go off. Anyway suspending disbelief I love this show, looking forward to next season when the Borg attack and TAALR is hunted down and enlisted to help save the humans.

  15. Jaimie Conroy says:

    I enjoyed the show in the first season and the second season. I am interested in finding out what happens in the third season. I hope it gets renewed.

  16. Boiler says:

    Except for the obvious Kat McPhee from Scorpion looks just like Halle in this photo!!

  17. Tom says:

    During season one I could take it or leave it, just watching sometimes, and giving up on it mostly and only watching a few episodes here and there. Maybe it was necessary to have understood and followed the storyline, but wow did this show take off like a rocket in Season 2. They better not cancel now, because suddenly it’s the best thing on TV! By far!!!

  18. ciera says:

    Love Love Love Extant I want more.

  19. gg says:

    awesome! please renew

  20. One of the BEST Series!

  21. So TAALR is now a Humanich who drinks lattes? Of course, now the conspiracies can begin. Whose hand was that under the gauze-like stuff. Is John actually still alive as TAALR or is it the General. Hmmm. The show has gotten predictable and tiresome and strikingly boring as the series went along, and the dialogue was becoming tedious. I was hoping it would come to an end.

  22. Moni says:

    I love this show! I’m about to get amazon so I can watch both seasons again. Love seeing Halle Berry every week. Thank you Steven Spielberg let’s do it again.

    TAALR = John what a story–Season 3

  23. Sruja says:

    Thank you so much for producing something like Extant..This season was amazing..it not only gave us a brilliant story but also stated that even an alien cannot be that much of a threat to us, but at the end human’s creation that is our technology can become hazardous..Artificial things are more of a protagonist to humans than natural stuff!

  24. guest says:

    i bet 7 year old minors are voting, or people who have not been watching real TV. BECAUSE all halles lines are either what she wishes for in real life and never will have and her acting is just a false sense of no hope,get ride of halle berry

  25. Mia says:

    It was a brilliant 2nd season. Want more. Please do a season 3 🙏😀

  26. Personally, I gave the show an “A” for Awesome. I didn’t rate the show on it’s sketchy “science” or any of the technical shortcomings, I rated it on it’s high caliber of “entertain-ability” which is why I watch any show for that matter. I do hope we all get to see “John” play TAALR DURING SEASON 3.

  27. Kath says:

    I’m for keeping JD He brings a badly needed humanity to the show.

  28. donnease says:

    I really like extant i faithfully have my dvr set to record extant only to find out it wasn’t there really disappointed

  29. TayJohn says:

    I didn’t want Extant to end!! It’s such a good show and every episode ends in a cliff-hanger. And TAALR is in robot form!!!!! That’s still cliff-hanger!!! I hate it when shows do that to me!!!! They end on a huge cliff-hanger!!! This is torture!!!!!

  30. sandra says:

    why are you stopping extant that was the best show you keep all the other stuff that make no sense to keep on i think you made a big mistake on cancelling extant halle berry was great in that show

  31. Nina dickson says:

    Loved Extant. Don’t care about those who didn’t. I would watch another season. Please bring it back. Wow jeffrey dean morgan is so hot. I love him ..

  32. MyMy Davis says:

    Extant NEEDS a season 3,4,5…. Etc. Such a wonderful show !!!! So sad it got cancelled… CBS is stupid for stopping it . If it wasn’t enough viewers yall need to do reruns of season 1 & 2 and promote it better . All if my family and friends watches it . OMG so sad and mad that’s gone . Someone bring it back !!!

  33. Joel says:

    Love this show just finished watching it! From the moment John was killed I knew he wasn’t dead, I wasn’t like “HE CANT BE DEAD” like I didn’t even think twice about the fact hes alive. T.V RULE #1: If you don’t see a body, they aren’t dead