Under the Dome Cancelled

Under the Dome End Date Set, Series Finale to Air Sept. 10

It’s three and done for Dome.

CBS announced Monday that Under the Dome will not be back for Season 4, meaning the Sept. 10 Season 3 finale will now be a series finale. And the network is promising closure.

“In the series finale, when the Dome comes down, many questions about its origin and power will be answered,” per the episode’s just-released logline, “as two groups of residents engage in one final conflict that some won’t survive.”

Under the Dome opened in June 2013 with a boffo 13.5 million total viewers, and by its freshman finale was still pulling 12.1 mil. Season 2 averaged 7.2 million weekly viewers, while its current run — airing Thursdays versus Mondays — hasn’t come close to even 6.5 million viewers. At last tally, it drew 4.6 mil with a 0.9 demo rating, after hitting series lows.

“Two years ago, Under the Dome broke new ground in the summer and became an instant hit on CBS, as well as with viewers around the world,” said Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment, in a statement. “Dome’s event storytelling and multi-platform business model paved the way for more original summer programming with the successful rollouts of Extant and Zoo. We’re excited to present the final chapter in Chester’s Mill as the story comes full circle, with the Dome coming down as dramatically as it went up.”

Thoughts? Is Dome packing it in at the right time? Or did it run one (or two) seasons too long? Hit the comments (after you watch the series-finale promo below)!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CAN says:

    I was hoping that Barbie would wake up and tell Julia he had the craziest dream with a really awful person named Christine ruining his series! What a mistake bringing her in.

    • mo says:

      This has beenan awful and boring and TRULY unfathomable deason which has ruined all interest in series that has now insulted our intelligence and any imagination.

    • Dean says:

      I always said that every show Marg Helgenberger does post CSI gets canned. And her character on dome did no favours.

      • Never liked her on CSI

        • lechatnoir says:

          I feel she’d be a talented actress if she did not have a permanent poker face on. Her facial expressions are difficult to interpret. And yup she is the kryptonite , every show she’s on get canned.

          • Jane says:

            The fact that she still dresses like she is the hooker from China Beach is what turns me off about her. I couldn’t stand her on CSI because with all of that cleavage she looked like she was working the streets of Las Vegas not protecting them.

      • Sharon says:

        @Dean…you are soooo right!! She was great on CSI 15 years ago. She needs to move onto a new genre more suited to her “talents!”

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree with you!!

    • kelli1968 says:


    • Maria says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Bringing in Christine was a huge mistake. I missed watching a few episodes because of her addition to the show. Her character was not needed and was detrimental to the show. I felt that portions of the old movie “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” was unnecessary.

  2. Missy Kelly says:

    does anyone care? Season 2 was so bad and so illogical that I haven’t bothered with Season 3

  3. AJJJ says:

    Yeah, it was time to end. The writing has been pretty awful in a lot of recent episodes. I’m currently 3 behind. Not nearly as much a fan anymore, as the first two seasons. Hopefully though, it’ll bring closure like they’ve said.

    • cookie says:

      Ajjj u really need to watch the episodes and get caught up. I spent last Sat and benged watch 5 episodes. The best part spoiler alert!!!!!

      Some one gets killed and it was great. I’m really surprised they are cancelling the show. I’ll watch the finale and then I’m going to Netflix. I’m so tired of my favorite shows getting canceled. USA Network, ABC, now CBS. I just hope the arrest Big Jim for all the murders he committed in season 1, and Julia is the one who puts on the cuffs. She knows where the bodies are buried. Also for the hero Julia ‘ s boyfriend I never got his whole story back round. He killed her husband in season 1. Oh well Netflix here I come.

  4. m3rcnate says:

    2 season too late. The original idea to have this be a miniseries was right on the money, but nope, speaking of money, the show was such a hit they abandoned that idea and instead sacrificed the story, character development and overall quality of the series by making it open ended (aka a long form tv-series). Garbage garbage garbage is what it became after S1 (and it wasn’t THAT good in season 1 to being with).
    Barbie was cool, the dome was a fairly cool mystery, a few other characters were decent, the psycho boy was horrid, the girl that he was obsessed with was sub-par, but overall it was a show i was having fun with. :/ then they had to go and frak it all up.

  5. Carla says:

    Season 3 has been awful, thanks to Christine and Ava/Evil. No idea what possessed them to take a great series and totally destroy it. They literally took everything good about the show and just ripped it apart. A real shame. But I do totally agree it should end now — no way this series could come back from this disastrous season.

  6. DatDude says:

    Aside from a handful of characters, the show has been getting progressively worse….

    At this point, I’ll consider it a victory if they just kill off Julia before the final episode.

  7. Karen says:

    I watched 1st season but when they killed offBritt Robertson they lost me

  8. Yolanda says:

    So once again we’re gonna end up with no conclusion? The worst is when networks cancel something and promise it’ll work fine as series finale but that’s always a lie. I think all the shows should have guaranteed in their contracts that in case it gets canceled it’ll get a TV movie to wrap things up.

    • John says:

      That actually sounds amazing because they never explain everything. I mean they said this was cancelled 11 days before the finale. Thats not even 2 whole weeks.

    • AtlLady says:

      I think CBS decided to cancel UTD early in the season (or maybe before filming it) but didn’t announce it until now so folks will tune in to see the ending. Once the Dome comes down – goes up (?), that should be the end of the story.

      • Shana says:

        Yep- I remember before this season even started, there was an exec or showrunner statement/interview where they said that the season pretty much wraps up the story and it sounded very final to me. In fact, that was the only reason I watched this season, b/c it wasn’t something I really wanted to stick with, but figured I might as watch 13 more eps and finish everything up. They said something along the lines of “there may be a way to continue the story if another season happens” during that same interview so I think they all knew this was the last season well in advance.

      • Robert Booth says:

        I really hope the dome doesn’t come down till the end of the series finale and I also hope they make this last episode a 2 hour finale as well…

    • heenzie54 says:

      Agree, agree, agree!!!

    • M says:

      I agree with you. I have watched it since day one and cant stand being left hanging not finishing the story. I wish the tv networks would give the fans that have did stick by and do right by us and finsh the shows. I did enjoy the show up til the end but after that like i said left us hanging with no conclusion which sucks. It would have been great as a mini series at least then it would have been done right….lol

  9. Anne says:

    I usually like Marg Helgenberger, but not in this show. I’m sick and tired of the networks moving good shows all over the place, and pitting them against other networks popular shows. It’s all or nothing, either 2 good shows are on at the same time, or there is nothing on. I’m still into this show, although they could have done without Christine, and the Barbie storyline could have been better.

  10. Melora says:

    Enjoyed Season 1. Enjoyed parts of Season 2…though it got stupid near the end. Season 3 is fun to hate watch and mock. The addition of Christine was stupid. Barbie being brainwashed. The baby thing. It became a ridiculous joke. The only actor who made this season worth watching was Dean Norris. And I bet he even cringed at those scripts.

    • Brigid says:

      Totally agree except I thought Season 2 was cringe worthy to watch. This season has been enjoyable because it’s a laugh fest especially Dean Norris. When he called Julia Dexter when she gave Barbie the needle, I laughed so hard. The fact that it’s only 4 weeks in and Julia runs around like she wasn’t close to death in Season 1 makes it even more unbelievable. I’m not heart broken at all by this cancellation.

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    I can live with this.

  12. Denise Rambo says:

    Thanks God! I really liked the book and, if they had stuck with what happened in the book, it would have been a GREAT show. What the show turned out to be was so far from the book that the only thing they shared were the title and some character’s names.

    • Carl B says:

      It’s called creative license. They had Stephen King’s permission and he even wrote episodes for them. There was another one of his short stories they adapted into a TV series. You might of heard of it: Haven. It worked out good too.
      But this one is done. I think this season was driven off the tracks or maybe nobody was driving. Even if this was to be the last season, it could have been written better.

  13. Robert says:

    The first session was good but the 2nd session went downhill and the 3rd session was all in and it just doesn’t seem to be working. It is still good enough I am still watching but no where near as good as the first session.

  14. GuessWhat says:

    GOOD! I watched all 3 seasons — but it’s just gotten so ridiculous. the last few eps it’s been “UNDER THE DOME” merging with “EXTANT.” so yeah, it’s long overdue.

  15. Mr. Tran K says:

    UTD deserves to end after three seasons and why should they. Really hope Extant is next.

  16. Hemi says:

    Got so bored after season 2 but keto watching as really want to see what’s happening. Only half watching each episode now just to keep up with it but sirens most of each episode pottering around doing other things and just listening in. Can’t wait forth finale. I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

    • John says:

      You know when you dont pay attention to something its not gonna seem as interesting. You dont just go into a movie and talk the whole time and tell everyone that the movie was horrible

      • Hemi says:

        I Potter around because the show now bores me. Other shows I watch keep me entertained enough that the cleaning up can wait till later. This Il one just can’t draw my attention why from menial tasks anymore. It used to, but now it doesn’t.

  17. T smith says:

    This is such crap they could of turned the views around the Christine and Eva thing sucked oh I’m so mad they cancelled this

  18. Hemi says:

    Got so bored after season 2 but kept watching as really want to see what’s happening. Only half watching each episode now just to keep up with it but spend most of each episode pottering around doing other things and just listening in. Can’t wait for the finale. I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

  19. Rhonda says:

    I record Under the Dome weekly as I cannot always watch it as it airs. It is one of my favorite shows!!!

  20. Melisa says:

    I will miss Big Jim he always says shoot them and worry later

  21. web says:

    No it should not end just put it back on Mondays duh. Like it says it did good on Mondays it’s not that the show isn’t a good show just need’s to be on Mondays is all… Try that and lets see what happens and lei’s keep it going. People just do more outside in the summer who wants to be in the house on a summer night.

  22. A Season Four would have been fine with me, but if it ends, it ends. If CBS was spending the money on Under The Dome that they are THROWING AWAY AND WASTING on shows like Madam Secretary, Scorpion and CSI:CYBER(and probably at least 3 more new shows) then Under The Dome would be a much better show with higher ratings. Being just a summer show doesn’t help either.

    • Doug Henning says:

      All the shows you mentioned are ones I watch and I think they are all good… The first 2 have very high total ratings but like most things on CBS, they are older… Cyber I think will be better with Ted Danson moving over from the Mother Ship after it ends…

    • suzyku says:

      Madam Secretary is an excellent show and so is Scorpion! What do you like, “reality” t.v.?

  23. Mike says:

    Good. Only better thing would be if the last two seasons never happened and it was cancelled after the first.

  24. Brandy says:

    I love this show, but even I can admit that this third season has been terrible and completely disconnected from the other two seasons. They killed it with this kinship crap. Hoping for enough closure in the finale.

    • John says:

      Yeah but the thing is its the only season that has actually in any way explained what the dome is and why its there. The first two seasons were just what the dome did to them but now that we’re learning things people are complaining. It honestly doesnt make sense to me. I really like season 3 cuz it actually provides information on the main conflict

  25. Geo says:

    But where will I get my fix of endlessly repetitive storylines, characters who behave illogically and in pretty much random ways, and always undoing/reversing even the slightest of interesting twists the very next episode?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I need to go check what the maximum amount of TVLine Power User Points (no cash value) I can award in one batch is. Please hold….

      • fayedigi says:

        Hey Matt, thanks for commenting on my post last night on “Falling Skies.” That was another show that ran too many seasons long. If you have any influence with the networks, maybe you can tell them that some shows need to be limited duration.

  26. Dawn Darling says:

    I loved this show if they kept it at the people trying to survive under the dome could have been good. But the intro to the “alien/crazies/possessed” lost me. Some gov. secret could have been better. Like the dome was not originally to be on this town. And who survives and the earth still exists outside of the dome. Give a 15 min wrap of what happens to key characters return to normal life.

  27. I’d rather see Extant & Zoo cancelled than UTD…

  28. Michele says:

    Under the Dome was solid and conceptually interesting first season… But as the Dome stayed put…what more is there to say except…No tears shed here for UTD cancellation. Oh and seriously, I cannot take one more alien hybrid child growing at an inordinately fast rate… Mr. Spielberg I’m sorry the arrival of alien queens on Earth and fast growing alien-hybrid babies on two of your cancelled shows this season really? please I know you and your showrunners/ writers can do better… If not there is a lot of us out here willing to give it a try…

  29. wgsecretary says:

    I will watch only to see how the ending differs from the book. The books was one of the worst endings I’ve ever read. I’m curious to see how the show will end since it promised a different ending than the book back when it started.

  30. You left The Divide off of your gallery! Still wish that show would come back.

  31. Sharon says:

    Darn it! Just when I thought they were going to get rid of the “kinship” scenerio, and move in a new direction for next season, bam…cancellation time! I’m sorry, Marge Hellen Germany did NOTHING for the show and I believe that entire storyline killed this season. But then, I guess my opinion doesn’t count for much.

  32. Irish says:

    First season was great fun, second was not up to par. I haven’t watched the 3rd.

  33. Judy Maston says:

    Well it stinks that it was canceled. There are so few good shows that are worth watching and this was one of the only two shows that I recorded. Sure do hate it.

  34. fayedigi says:

    I am glad this is the last season. I think it probably should have ended last year. I still watch it and it started to drive me crazy that three seasons in, they were still saying “the Dome appeared three weeks ago” At least a few weeks ago, they made it “four weeks ago” but that was still ridiculous. And the whole business with Christine and the “Kinship” has been just too much.
    I am glad that things will be resolved so that the viewers like myself who have stuck with it will get closure.

  35. fayedigi says:

    I thought “Wayward Pines” did the right thing in being a one summer show. I don’t know why networks (well actually I do, it is for the money) have to drag things out and make shows that were supposed to run 10-13 episodes and be done, continue on for two or three times the number of episodes there were supposed to be. Some ideas are suitable for limited duration series not those that drag things out.

  36. Ellen Lipschitz says:

    So many summer series seem to go down in the second and third seasons. It seems as if the writers are prepped for one season and when its a hit, they really don’t have the vision with the following seasons. I think it is definitely time to haul it in. If not it would just get crazier and crazier.

  37. CactusRose says:

    The term “jumped the shark” comes to mind when thinking of the last two seasons of Dome. I gave up at the beginning of this season. They should have quit sooner but Sept. 10 will do!

  38. Allison says:

    Christine was a huge mistake! The Dome started losing me when “she” entered the scene. She chewed up the set and made it all about her.

    The only reason I have continued watching it is because I read the book when it first came out, all one thousand and one pages, and it left me trying to figure out exactly what that Egg was all about. I came to the conclusion that it was a bunch of kids playing a video game.
    So we shall see what it’s all about soon, or maybe the ending will be as lame as the last two seasons have been.

    I must sum up by saying that this season has been one-great-big-bomb! Too much “Stephen Spielberg” and not enough “Stephen King”. The King should always rule and not take the advice of the Hollywood people too seriously. That just might be what happened! I’m hoping the finale will not be a waste of my time, for I might just trash my TV.

    My Advice: Kill Christine between now and the Finale so we don’t experience her bad acting in the final episode. That would be a blessing. Those close-up shots of her have been terrible.

    By the way, the original cast has been superb in spite of the script extensions. They are all terrific actors, which makes the add-ons look so bad I suppose.

  39. LOIS CAMPBELL says:

    I am more than ready for it to be over!
    It’s getting to be like “Lost” was.

  40. Diz says:

    About time. It should have been a 1 & done like it was supposed to be. I really enjoyed S1, S2 was ok, but this season is a chore to get through. I think I have 5episodes still sitting on my dvr.

  41. Kay gialenios says:


  42. GIant forehead girl, way too much politically correct garbage, immensely unlikeable characters and meandering plotlines instead of go for the throat stab in the eye slam hammer into side of head horror. This began as a science fiction horror “book” by a salami maker. It should have ended sooner and more efficiently a la The Prisoner (original 60s proper one) or been an ongoing that learned from the welter of mistakes the arrogant showrunners of LOST made.

    It fell in the middle and died.

    But seriously, the unattractive (that matters in a visual medium) and tiresome forehead girl killed this show.

  43. DavidSask says:

    This show is winner of biggest slide into crap in long while! It proves that the show should have stayed with one season and done as planned. Us fans who stuck though it all were not respected, therefore the downfall should be learning curve for all executives, show-runners etc.

  44. Joey Padron says:

    Had a feeling show would get cancelled cause of poor ratings. Glad the finale will have closure can’t wait to see what happens in finale.

  45. Molly says:

    Won’t miss this one. Housemate watched it. I occasionally sat with him and poured on the ridicule.

    Horrible writing, even more horrible acting, trite dialog, cliched plot devices, plot holes you could throw a planet through and an alien baby. King should sue for damages.

  46. Ruth says:

    Well..hell. I liked it. It was out there, but entertaining none the less. Kinda bummed by the decision.

  47. 62Starfire says:

    But what will replace it….another lame sitcom meant for 8 year old minds?

  48. Grietje says:

    I am said, cause i love the show i watched season 1 and 2 over and over again and watch season 3 on dutch television, We have 5 episodes to go and every week get 2 episodes de last week 3 episodes so 2 weeks left and it’s all done here. I am gonna miss norrie and joe sooo much, they are so cute together and Barbie and Julia are very hot together, I am currious as how they gonna end this all.

  49. grietjeh1979 says:

    I am said, cause i love the show i watched season 1 and 2 over and over again and watch season 3 on dutch television, We have 5 episodes to go and every week get 2 episodes de last week 3 episodes so 2 weeks left and it’s all done here. I am gonna miss norrie and joe sooo much, they are so cute together and Barbie and Julia are very hot together, I am currious as how they gonna end this all.

  50. Jim J. says:

    This has got me thinking that the scripted summer shows on CBS will need only three to five seasons to tell their story, and such stories contained within those serieses will have a beginning, middle, and end.