Rookie Blue Season 6 Recap

Rookie Blue Recap: McNally On the Run

And baby makes… an awkward foursome?

On Thursday’s Rookie Blue, Andy finds herself having a difficult time fitting into fiancé Sam’s life now that he has a child with his ex. She arrives at his place for a date night only to find Marlo sleeping in his bed. Nothing happened — she just showed up looking for some help with the baby so she could catch some shuteye — but Andy is still confused and frustrated by the situation.

“How am I supposed to marry him in the middle of all of this?” she wonders. “I wish I could fastforward through all this.” Enter Juliet, who offers Andy an undercover gig in Vancouver for five months, until the dust settles.

“Last night I came over, and I interrupted a family – one that I have no part of,” Andy confesses to Sam. “The life that I wanted with you, you’re having with somebody else.”

“You and I are going to have the life that we want together,” he replies. “But we have to stick together and figure it out.”

Unfortunately, Andy can’t see how they can do that, so she tells him about the job offer. Sam is not pleased, to put it mildly. “You promised you weren’t going to do that anymore,” he exclaims. “This is Andy McNally running away one more time.”

My, we’ve come a long way when Sam is the one talking relationship sense and trying to make things work. Then he delivers this swoonworthy speech: “The only reason I ever thought I could be a dad in the first place is because of you. Being with you has changed me. I’m a better man. … Please don’t go away again, not for five months or five minutes. … Andy McNally, you are my family. Yes, I love that baby. I love that baby so much that I want more babies. I want our babies. We’ve both tried running away. We’ve both tried being with other people. But we keep finding our way back to each other. So let’s please, Andy, try the one thing we haven’t: let’s stay together.”

“I’m, obviously, going to stay,” Andy replies like it’s the most obvious thing in the world (and to TV watchers, it is). “I love you.”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Gail has to testify at Steve’s hearing, which turns into quite a moral conundrum when her father asks her to lie so Steve will have a better alibi for the bombing. “Your bother was a guns and gangs detective. How long do you think he’d last in prison?” he says. As Gail waivers on the stand, Steve asks to speak to the judge privately so he can confess and take a plea deal. In the midst of all this, Gail remembers that she had a meeting with her case worker, who reveals that another family is interested in adopting Sophie.

* Andy may not have chosen to go to Vancouver, but someone else did. Nick’s not sure if he can trust Juliet again, but as Oliver points out, “if [she] leaves, you’re never going to know.” So Nick tracks down her airport limo and announces that he wants to come with her.

* Due to the corruption scandal, every division is restructuring, which means most of 15’s people will be shuffled, transferred or promoted to different platoons. Ruh roh!

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the penultimate episode? Are you relieved Andy and Sam worked things out? And how sad is that Gail may not get Sophie?

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  1. bill says:

    You forgot to mention that Dov saved Chloe’s life in heroic fashion.

  2. MaryElizabeth says:

    No! I hate Andy and Sam! She belongs with Nick. Ruined the show for me

  3. diane says:

    Glad Andy and Sam worked things out together.
    I cried at Gail’s last scene.

  4. S says:

    So we lose Nick and Steve, and we still think keeping Duncan was the better choice?!?

    • JeffDJ says:

      Yeah, I still don’t get the Duncan thing. Last season he threw Andy under the bus when she called him oyt on his incompetence, he was basically the pariah of the entire squad — and this season that seems to have been forgotten and he’s all chummy-chummy with everyone. WTF?

    • bj says:

      I saw this episode several weeks ago but I was sure Duncan was being transferred. I remember cheering.

  5. cookie says:

    4 words for Marlo, bitch plz and Materity leave! ! Marlo wanted to have this baby and didn’t tell Sam until she was 3/4 months in to it. So yeah she is on materity leave so if she needs to sleep odd hours with the baby she can. And why didn’t just ask Sam to pick up the baby so she could sleep, who is writing this script a single guy. Sam is working and she had all the time prior to secure a baby sitter and where is her family?? She’s spoiled and conniving! !. And for the writers to think that they could take Andy away again I was screaming at the tv. Been there done that, no more running away from conflict. I was so happy when Sam said look what happened when they tried to go in different directions and date other people. I’ve said it before I don’t like Marlo and I think she has hidden agena. I wish someone kidnaps the baby and kills her in the process and then Andy and Sam have to find his baby and grow closer and Andy realizes he truly loves her deeply. Go away Marlo. She’s Like A Light bulb that is screwed in half way and only comes on some of the time. I can’t believe that Gail was willing to lie and Steve finally spoke up.
    I know he’s family but really. Good episode for Dove and Cloey.

    • Maxsmom says:

      I can understand shipping a couple but beating up on Marlo, a new mom, I don’t get it. It is not easy to find babysitting and when you can it’s expensive. Marlo always knew Sam was in love with Sam but he denied it. He does leave her for Sam and she finds out she is pregnant. She is manic depressive and probably never intended to have a baby but she keeps the child but discovers as all mothers do: having and raising children is the hardest job in the world. Sam wants to help, he cant carry or deliver the baby but he can take care of the baby to allow a very tired woman to rest. Andy is the one in the wrong here.

      • Bigdede says:

        Yeah Andy is in the wrong. Andy is acting like a spoiled brat. This is a newborn baby so of course Sam will need to help out. I hated Marlo had to come at the end and apologize to Andy. Why is she apologizing? Sam is that child father and he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.

        • CHH says:

          Well, they’re co-paenting the kid. Doesn’t mean Marlo can just drop in and expect him to do whatever. She could’ve gone home to sleep and Sam brings he kid to her in a few hours or takes it for a spin around her house where the crib is. They share the kid, not their entire life.

      • Mel says:

        I agree, Marlow is having to tip toe around Andy. It’s weird. It is a tense situation, but I think everyone is behaving maturely. People wailing on Marlow are just bitter that Sam and Andy didn’t get a picture perfect ending, well I say that is sweet justice for everyone who had their hopes crushed by Andy and Nick ending. Dov has not gotten enough credit for his heroism in this episode.

    • CHH says:

      I find it funny that she’s home with the kid and doesn’t need to work etc. yet she goes to Sam who works odd hours and expects him to take care of the kid too whenever she needs him to. So much for her wanting to it all alone. And it’s clear that she disrespected his relationship with Andy by simply showing up. I mean Sam does have a life apart from being a father. They aren’t in a relationship so it’s not his job to cater to her every need. And what has she been doing while she was pregnant and decided keeping it was a stellar idea? Didn’t she pick up a book on parenting or had any thoughts on how a baby would impact her life? I can’t believe that she’d be surprised that she wouldn’t get much sleep or that there would be a time when she wouldn’t get much sleep because the kid’s fuzzy. I mean with her mental illness she knows sleep is important to keep her moods balanced, so why does she just know try to build a support system that doesn’t involve Sam? I mean she knew from the beginning that she’d be a mom who’s single, even with Sam in the picture. And it’s clear that she indeed wants to take care of it mostly alone, meaning without Sam/Andy having that much impact on it. Doesn’t sound like she makes good decisions no matter what it relates to.

  6. cookie says:

    Duncan is an idiot, and he should have very minor role on the show. I agree.

    • Bigdede says:

      He shouldn’t have been back this season. All last season they showed how incompetent he is as a cop but now all of a sudden he’s comic relief? He’s not funny or attractive. He needs to go

  7. liame says:

    I feel sorry for traci.

    • Bigdede says:

      First Leo now this. I wish Traci would’ve been at the courthouse with Gail. I want to see more than one episode of Traci struggling with that betrayal although I was elated to see Gail and Chris together again

  8. Rae says:

    Love this show! Cant wait till next week…….they are getting married!!

  9. Nicole says:

    Folks, you all will be happy in the finale don’t worry! It just seems like there is a lot of hate for the characters on here!

  10. Maxsmom says:

    I am the anti Sam/Andy shipper. Andy is a selfish brat who has not deserved any of her love interests especially Sam. That was a swoon worthy speech and it was wasted on the woman/child that is Andy McNabb.

    Nick is such a great dude, he should be with my favorite unlucky in love female, Tracy over the conniving liar Juliet.

    This show has grown on me but I would not be sad if this was the penultimate season with a short wrap up season to follow. These writers have just about emptied this well.

    • Maryanna says:

      100% agree with this! Can not stand Andy.

    • Chris says:

      Couldn’t agree more with this! (except for liking Nick – he’s not a man. He’s a big dull girl. No wonder Gail dated him – she’s a lesbian) I too detest Andy. She’s an arrogant, ungrateful, spolied-rotten bitch. She doesn’t deserve the spectacular Sam Swarek in any way. Marlo was better than her. ANYONE is a better woman and cop than Andy. I used to love Rookie Blue but this myopic focus on trying (and failing) to make Andy look important and professional has ruined it. Worst of all is the terrible way she treats Sam. It’s cringeworthy.

  11. Bev says:

    I really like this show and hope it keeps on the air. I am invested in all the characters. Love Sam and hope he is happy with Andy.

  12. olivia says:


  13. RICCIJIM says:

    The rating where LOW because it was listed as a rerun, NOT a new show

  14. Jenny says:

    Seriously I feel like most of the characters have had little to none character development. Of course there are relationships but les-be-honest Gail hasn’t gotten any real wins since Diaz! Gail deserves Sophie! C’mon Marlo and Sam?!? We barely got insight to their relationship other than “Jerry Died” argument.

    The ratings are going down because writers aren’t true to the characters. RB began as underdogs trying to do what’s right in their daily jobs, the new season becoming more like Grey’s A trying to reach the sexy quota.

    I don’t mind Sam’s hoochy pants but seriously can we get more in-depth crimes and murder solving action like when Jerry was alive?!? RB was my PG rated Criminal Minds with real humanized main characters.

    I think the show went down well before the new season when Gail became a lesbian (every show has the token). Just don’t end the show early and unevoled predictable HIMYM ending. Just let the characters have some real wins like Noelle and Oliver.

  15. Jay says:

    I’m just surprised this show is still on the air. Haven’t seen it since the 1st year. How this summer season soap opera with cops fiasco has managed to stay on prime time tv for all these summers is a complete mystery.

  16. Well, I think Andy should have dump the douche bag and move to someone, who will not break her heart all the time.

  17. June says:

    Have loved this show from the beginning. Thanks for such great entertainment and drama. My only complaint is that for the last two(?) seasons the voices are very difficult to understand because of background noise or loud, inappropriate music. What gives?

  18. Tina tucker says:

    I am glad that Sam and Andy is working out I want them to get marriec