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Suits Season 5 Spoilers

Suits Boss on Mike's Secret Twist, Donna and Harvey's Future and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday’s finale of Suits.

Wednesday night’s summer finale of Suits pulled a bait and switch when faux lawyer Mike decided to quit the firm — for his sake and fiancée Rachel’s — only to then be arrested. (Perhaps that confession to his childhood priest wasn’t such a good idea?)

Meanwhile, Harvey also resigned after saving Pearson Specter Litt from Hardman’s clutches. But now that his protégé is in trouble, will the lawyer return to work? Are the other keepers of Mike’s secret in trouble? And has therapy made Harvey into a man that can be with Donna? Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh answers those burning questions and more.

(Reminder: Suits‘ usual lead-out, Mr. Robot, had its finale postponed this week; the episode features a scene similar to this morning’s Virginia reporter shooting on live television, so it will now air Wednesday, Sept. 2 at 10/9c.)

TVLINE | Should we assume that the priest was the one who gave Mike up?
The rules of confession are that he absolutely cannot hand Mike in, in my mind. That doesn’t mean he didn’t. But it’s very interesting. It is everybody’s first question: who turned Mike in? That wasn’t my first question. My first question, both as a writer and when I put myself in the shoes of our characters, is: “What the f—k are we going to do to get out of it, if anything?” The writers, their first question also seemed to be, “Whodunit?” We ended up finding a middle ground where we both explore who did it and try to find out who did it in service of getting out of it. We don’t find out right away, but we will find out. Hopefully, it will be someone that you do not expect.

TVLINE | Now that Mike’s in trouble, will that galvanize Harvey to come back to law and help him?
Every decision that everybody made before Mike got arrested, it’s all now back up in the air, back in flux. [His arrest] just trumps everything. They have to circle the wagons and do whatever they can. It will, absolutely, at a minimum, cause Harvey to reexamine the choice he made. However, Forstman and Hardman are still out there. If he could have undone that decision easily in the first place, he wouldn’t have made it. That’s one of the challenges of the first episode back is dealing with that.

TVLINE | There are a lot of people who know Mike’s secret, who are accomplices to his crime. Are they in legal jeopardy now, too?
Seems to me they probably might be. [Laughs] Yeah, they’re certainly not free and clear.

TVLINE | Jessica told Louis that he was part of the family. Going forward, can we expect him to maybe stop trying to attack his own colleagues?
[Laughs] I don’t necessarily view Louis as always attacking his own colleagues. Sometimes I do. To defend Louis for a minute, Harvey did promise him that he wouldn’t sleep with his sister. Harvey did punch Louis. Louis might have shoved Harvey, but Harvey punched him. But I like to see both sides of it. Louis is, obviously, very loyal and very loving of his firm and his family. In the back six [episodes], he’s going to probably be Louis. He’s going to probably have moments of heroism and moments of less-than-heroism. This thing is going to test some pressure points of our firm. It’s going to allow people to both rise or fall depending on the situation.

Suits Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Are we going to see more of Harvey’s therapist next season?
I would like not to be done with Dr. Paula Agard. I thought she was a great addition to the cast as a character and as an actress. We are trying to figure that out. It’s possible that we may see her in the back six and/or that we may see her in Season 6.

TVLINE | Harvey made so much progress in therapy. Is there a change in him in the back six? Is he maybe more ready for a relationship?
He did make a lot of progress. In a world where Mike hadn’t gotten arrested, that progress would manifest itself more… He’s going to be in crisis mode right now rather than looking to pursue a healthy relationship moving forward. His growth has occurred in fits and starts and will continue, just like I said about Louis.

Suits Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Given the emotional progress Harvey has made this season, do you feel like you’ve inched closer to the possibility of a relationship between Harvey and Donna?
The truth of the matter is I do not have an answer to that because I don’t know. The story is going to take us where it goes. All of a sudden, one day, something’s going to happen and we’re going to know and then we’ll do it. In terms of major things that have happened in the course of the show, many of them were not pre-planned. Donna getting fired was not pre-planned. It happened during the middle of a rewrite. Mike getting caught was pre-planned at the beginning of this season, but I certainly didn’t know it a year ago. Even Scottie coming in and them trying to make a go of it. So many things that have happened are just in the moment, “We’re going to do this.” If something happens with Harvey and Donna, it’s going to be like that, I think. We’re still working on the back six. You never know. That’s the best I can say.

TVLINE | Does Donna feel like Harvey is ready or good enough for her right now? Before when we talked, you said that Donna was of the mind that them in a relationship together would never work. But now that he’s been in therapy and she knows about it, might her feelings change?
I don’t know that the notion [of] just finding out someone’s been in therapy makes them ready. If someone walked up and asked Donna that question, I’m not 100 percent sure at this moment what her answer would be. But that question isn’t going to be brought out in Donna unless it’s relevant. She’s not sitting around wondering if Harvey’s ready. Something’s got to make that question present in her, and it would have to be a moment that they have together. If that happens, she would evaluate probably based on the current circumstances what her current feelings are on that matter. But I don’t know just that the knowledge that he was in therapy is going to get her to think, “Oh, he’s ready.” Because she doesn’t know what’s going on in that therapy.

Suits fans, what did you think of the finale cliffhanger? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. LEP says:

    Wow. Totally wowed. Gripping episode. Had me crying, and that’s very unusual for me.

    • LEP says:

      One thing, though. I was really bothered how even the therapist blamed Harvey for the family split. It was the MOTHER’S fault. He had gotten to the point where he wasn’t going to tell, and then his father literally bashed it out of him to where he told him in excruciating emotional pain. I don’t understand how that ends up being Harvey’s fault.

    • LEP says:

      After reading the theories on “who told” I would just say, it’s not the priest. First off, he wouldn’t break the vow of the confessional, but, even more so, he’s obviously been in Mike’s corner his whole life and finally made a breakthrough with him. He didn’t turn him in when he stole the money all those years ago. He didn’t turn in Mike now. He knows Mike was doing the right thing.

      • Leah says:

        But the priest did say he should have had him arrested, and also he got mike to make his confession in the open and not in the confession box. He knew what mike was going to say, because Trevor already told him. Perhaps this was his way of justifying ratting mike out. He certainly didn’t seem all that fond of him!

        • You don’t have to be in the literal confessional. If I remember correctly, Mike actually told the priest he was making a confession. I’m pretty sure that’s all it takes. I agree, the priest certainly seemed at the end of his rope with Mike — but he still couldn’t inform on him. Also, I don’t think Mike’s arrest is about his Big Secret; that would destroy the firm! Can’t wait for the mid-season premiere!

  2. Bwhit says:

    I’m usually wrong in my guesses of what I think will happen but I think Robert Zane turned him in. Rachel’s mother probably told him how she clammed up with the guest list and other wedding issues and he did some digging, maybe to reassure himself something wasn’t up with Mike because he grew to like him when they worked together. It would benefit him professionally because Harvey and company would be in deep trouble and personally he would believe he’s protecting his daughter. Just my guess but probably not.

    • Ben says:

      I could see that too…

      Id assume Mike will first think it is the priest, then he’ll blame trevor, and then maybe one other person before finally figuring out who it was. My guess is Hardman, but Zane would make sense too.

      • Ange says:

        I think it’s going to be Rachel who turns him in.

        • Sara says:

          Rachel was my first thought too. I expected her to start moving toward him, ready to beg the men not to do it. She stood there like a statue, just watching him get arrested. What she seemed was ready to beg him to understand why she turned him in to the feds, then saw him being dragged away, suddenly realized what she had done and it was bad.

          • Carding says:

            i think rachel told her mom about mike, because she confides with donna and donna told rachel not to. so i think rachel told her mom and her mom tell it robert zain… or might be trevor.. (done that… might do it again.. or his ex fantasy girl that rachel begs to keeps mikes secret…) or just another case of being a fraud… no fraud lawyer… coz he done the email by himself on his last case of being a junior partner with the senior partner that recommended him in 1st place…

      • awesomenesslelz says:

        It makes no sense for it to be Hardman.
        If Hardman knew, he’s use it to rip the firm to pieces. He’d have Jessica, Harvey and Louis in handcuffs. He’s not going to quietly send info to the DA. He gains nothing out of it.

      • Adahn says:

        I don’t think it’s Zane, even if he had suspicions, without anyone to confirm them (from the people who already knew), he wouldn’t take the chance he was wrong, as it could forever turn Rachel against him. Even if he found out I think he would first try to make Mike back off, in order to spare Rachel a scene like the one she witnessed.

        As for my guess, we just need to take a look at a list of people who knew Mike’s secret and start crossing people off. After crossing off people who like Mike (like Harvey), people with no motive to suddenly speak out now (like the Harvard professor), I think that the most suspicious person is Jenny. She wanted Mike and Trevor to keep away, which happened until now, plus she will have learnt from Trevor that Mike and Rachel are getting married, and given that Mike dumped Jenny in favor of Rachel, I don’t think that there is any love lost between Jenny and the two of them and the marriage probably awakened some bitter feelings.

        • Randomphantom2000 says:

          I think that you are all forgetting Lovab Sanders who might be coming back for revenge cause we know he on the brink of hiring a private investigator earlier so then it might have taken half a season to find it out

    • Marissa says:

      That’s such a good guess and it makes great sense

    • Lee says:

      Love the theory! Hoping it’s Zane, it’d add some nice drama next season and bring some fun players back in the game .
      I would love to see Katrina back at the firm, helping them again. She’s a nice dynamic

    • Very good answer… I could see it being Robert Zane digging after Rachel’s Mom mentioned Mike not wanting his Harvard Dean at the wedding. I hope that eventually Mike will get his law degree. Keep it coming USA best show on television!

    • That’s a decent theory, but I mean the laundry list of people who know is quite large:
      Donna, Luis, Jessica, Harvey, the Professor from Harvard, the Ex-Girlfriend, Scottie (I think knows right?), The Priest, Zane….. That’s all I can think of, but as good as Hardman is at getting dirt on people I’d say it was probably him …. Though I was thinking it might not even be about that at all just some other case that Hardman has drummed up to hurt Harvey, because if it was his secret, I mean it would take 2 seconds to prove that he didn’t go to Harvard, so there would be no way out of it and it would destroy the show. So I am thinking maybe it has nothing to do with the secret (if like 9 people knowing a secret is very secret… :-)

    • Chester says:

      Jessica turned him in. She chooses the firm over people, remember? And there was that broad hint at the end when Harvey resigned. She had already done what she needed to get the vote on her side.

      • Bwhit says:

        How does that help though? Only Louis and Harvey knew. Mike wasn’t even on their radar about anything. She’s implicating herself big time in the cover up if she gives up Mike. I took her look as surprise but relief.

      • Diggy says:

        Interesting theory. Makes sense. I got the feeling that Jessica thought she was cooked without Harvey resigning so maybe she thought turning Mike in would be the only way she could engineer Harvey staying @ the firm in the end cuz Harvey will now be bent on clearing Mike.

    • lkh says:

      I think it’s the woman lawyer that he dated when he was a bike messenger–she was very firm about their relationship and really didn’t have any reason to keep the secret.

    • tvjunkie says:

      If Robert Zane found out I think his character would have confronted Mike directly before even considering turning him him.

    • MMD says:

      First of all he was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud so who is the co-conspirator? I don’t think it was Zane because then he would be in trouble as they worked together plus all the records have been altered at Harvard to reflect his attendance there.

      I think it has to do with a case and not the fact that Mike is not an attorney. They were specifically vague about the charge when arresting Mike. As for all the people named, I think that Mr. Korsh is deliberately throwing out red herrings to keep everyone interested, which it will. All I know is that I never want to lay eyes on Jack Soloff ever again.

      Awesome summer finale – had me in tears!

    • That’s an awfully vindictive way going about it though. I think Robert would’ve confronted Mike first, maybe both Mike and Rachel, before going straight to the police. But this is Suits, where characters are a-holes for no other reason than to be a-holes. So maybe it was him.

    • david garner says:

      great hyothesis

  3. Ben says:

    So heres a theory…

    Why did they keep talking about what Hardman had on Jack Soloft for it to never come to any fruition? Hardman didnt have anything on Jack Soloft himself. But he found out about Mikes secret. Thats what he held over Jack. Everything Jack then ended up doing was to prevent Hardman from going to the feds to turn in Mike. Jack wanted to save the company, but in order to do that had to take down jessica and bring hardpan back. Jack actually liked Mike so he was just trying to help out mike but the only way he could do it was to take down Jessica.

    After Harvey resigned and Fortson stopped backing Hardman, Hardman realized he lost and decided to turn in Mike.

    As far as the back 6 episodes go, Id assume Harvey and/or Jessice and/or Louis will defend him in court and most of the back half of the season will be his case/trial. Any ideas how they will get him out of this one?

    • Shaun says:

      my guess is that since he passed the bar on behalf of others that somehow he’d be considered already a lawyer.

      • Look how many people are lawyers because of Mike passing the bar for them! This is going to be real interesting… Nice Theory about Hardman Ben!

      • Jenn says:

        He didn’t pass the Bar for other people, though. He took the LSAT for them.

      • lkh says:

        Nice idea–but I don’t think it works exactly that way. Not only does he not have a law degree (JD), I don’t think he has a bachelor’s degree either. Many, many years ago a person could intern with a lawyer for, I think, 3 yrs and then sit for the bar test. I guess someone could pull that out, but I doubt if it’s really still possible.

        • Ashbash says:

          Technically though didn’t back in season 1 that computer hacker hack into the Harvard database and add Mike to it so that it would look like Mike went to and graduated Harvard Law. I thought she made him a whole background with a fake college degree since he didn’t have one. I think this would all go down to the fact that Mike never took or passed the bar exam this legally making him able to practice law. Considering all of the cases Mike has worked on and won for the firm they’re completely screwed if they don’t come up with a way to get Mike out of all of this

          • Anon says:

            The computer hacker lady was towards the End of season 1. Mike had practiced law and won cases before then. If he wasn’t OK to practice law legally from day 1 harvey never would have hired him

          • lkh says:

            I agree, regardless of his ‘wins’ or fraudulent history he isn’t a member of the bar and he can’t practice law. Since they(the firm) knew he wasn’t and allowed him to go before the bar and present himself to clients that he was an attorney and represent them, I think everyone is in trouble.

          • lkh says:

            and, there may be some clients that did not fare well who might want to really bring a case of their own…

        • eoin says:

          did they not get the computer hacker to put him in the bar database in series 5 when they where in other trouble ?

      • oshb5ems says:

        That could be why he was arrested for passing it for someone else? Hence the Co conspiriter and being charged with what he was. When read his rights?? Yes???

    • analythinker says:

      I like it more when you said Hardpan.

    • Mechan says:

      You Sir are the next Mike Ross- your deduction, I applaud it!

    • awesomenesslelz says:

      That’s really stupid.
      Jack wouldn’t go to such lengths to protect Mike. He’s not Harvey.
      Also, if Hardman did know, he’d threaten Jessica and Harvey and force them to step down directly. Or better yet, he’d get them arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud.

  4. I can’t wait to see what Harvey is going to do in order to help Mike! Can it be Winter now?

  5. Michele says:

    Mike should have got arrested at the beginning of season six. Gesh leave us a little happy for the finale. Real life is hard enough.

  6. Ambriel says:

    The episode was just Wow. I sometimes wonder how these T.V serials affect our lives. It certainly has mine. I will eagerly wait for the next season. I wish they make many more seasons in coming years. This is one of the best Television series out there. It’s inspiring.

  7. Anon says:

    It really bugs me when show’s lose track of their own Continuity. Mike Ross was always a Lawyer, as he had passed the bar exam. Mike was always legally allowed to practice law he had just never been to Law School, more specifically Harvard Law School. This was an issue in the first episode as Pearson, Hardman had a company policy of only hiring Harvard Graduates.

    Mike was origionally hired by Harvey with full knowledge of his education history. So in accepting the job at Pearson Hardman, Mike had done nothing wrong and Harvey had gone against company policy but no laws had been broken until Harvey coerced mike to lie about having graduated Harvard. In maintaining that ruse Mike committed fraud, and a few other minor felonies but he was always a lawyer.

    • Jen says:

      Probably going to be tough to prove he passed the bar when he wrote someone else’s name on the exam.

    • trj says:

      Passing the bar exam doesn’t make you a lawyer (particularly since Mike didn’t take it under his own name, he was being paid to take it for other people). In New York you cannot take the bar exam or get admitted to practice unless you go to law school (or do a combination of legal study and law office work). So no, Mike is not a lawyer and never has been.

      • Mike did pass the bar under his own name. When he took the LSAT’s someone else used his name vise versa.

        • Jenny says:

          I thought he never took the Bar. Just hacked the database to add his name. Plus, like the other comment said, that doesn’t matter in NY. He actually has to have a JD (or maybe an LLB)

        • lkh says:

          You can’t fraudulently take the bar, pass it and then call yourself a lawyer…

      • Anon says:

        I’m not sure about the real world specifics, but under the shows internal universe logic he was legally allowed to practice law, based on his previous study/exam’s passed ect.

        Mike also took the bar under his own name because a guy bet him beer that he couldn’t pass it. the pilot gets really specific with all this stuff about how its only the internal rules of pearson hardman that he is breaking ( until his friend hacked harvard)

        • Jennifer says:

          If I remember correctly, Mike – without a JD or passing the bar – can practice law (basically a paralegal). The only things he can’t do are 1. say he’s a lawyer (that’s where the fraud charge he was arrested on would come into play) and 2. Go before a judge (pass the “bar” in the courtroom). I think he only did that once on his own. He can be 2nd chair.

          • lkh says:

            Interesting argument–paralegal. I think he doesn’t have a bachelor’s or any certificate, and has usually presented himself as an attorney rather than an attorney’s assistant and exceeded the type of work he would be allowed to do, and has been in court by himself and done work(not paralegal) with clients privately, ie, without an attorney present–however, the escape may be that they call him a paralegal. We’ll see. Good idea. (Can practice only some types of law…limited to certain types of legal work.)

    • casey says:

      You are correct. New York even allows people who have not gone to law school to practice law if the apprentice and then pass the bar. So Mike is legally a lawyer. It’s the lie about going to Harvard and hacking that database to say he had which is possibly the real crime

  8. Susan Ritchie says:

    Please get Daniel out of this series, he isn’t adding anything to the show

  9. Dave says:

    why is everyone assuming the arrest is bec of Mike’s secret ? lol the writers could want us to think that when in fact it could be about a case that Mike worked on

  10. Sean Swanson says:

    The summer finale of Suits has me concerned about season 6 to say the least. Suits is currently my favorite show on television at the moment and a big reason for that is the relationship between Harvey & Mike. I can’t imagine where the show will go from here but it seems somewhat clear that Mike will not be practicing law next season. That being said, it’s hard to imagine Suits without Mike being an attorney. I am affraid that the strong dynamic between Mike and Harvey will be effected negatively by this. I hope that I am wrong and I look forward to seeing how thing play out. Nomatter what happens I am a Suits fan for life. -Unless of course the show ends with Mike, Harvey, Louis, Rachel and Jessica in prison and theres a spin-off called Hardman Soloft Attorney-at-law-

    • Lara duncan says:

      They already tried Mike not being an attorney and it did not last. Harvey and Mike apart is not working on this show. I am not a lawyer but when I heard the charge being “conspiracy to commit fraud”, that is why initially I thought the arrest might be about another case not Mike’s secret. Even if season 6 is their last season I cant see the reason of having Mike secret out that early. Maybe they have plan to fix it once and for all. Cant wait for winter.

      • Shaun says:

        yeah,conspiracy usually means you’re not the perpetrator but have knowledge of it happening.Think it might be about something else.

    • swaggyp24 says:

      I understand what you are getting at. In my opinion wouldn’t this dilemma encourage Harvey and Mike to be together (assuming that Harvey would come to Michael’s aid.) The relationship between the two shouldn’t be limited, especially if the two are both currently not working for the/a firm.

  11. Navy Family says:

    The finale was great now that mikes arrested where will that put Harvey. I wonder if Harvey could get arrested if it comes out he knew everything and let mike be a lawyer anyway. I think it was the woman that knew mike and he had to hide before she saw him

    • J says:

      He’d probably initially get arrested but Harvey wouldn’t go to jail (most likely). Just massive fines and lose his license for ethical breaches

  12. Mark says:

    I do love the show, but I kind of hope this puts Mike’s secret to bed once and for all. I’m ready to move beyond that story line.

  13. Evan says:

    My theory:
    Soloft and Mike are working their case. Hardman finds out. He still wants revenge and he knows Soloft wants to go places in the firm. He finds out Mike’s secret, tells Soloft he either helps get himself back into power (and keeps Mike’s secret) or he exposed Mike and the whole firm comes crashing down. Soloft wants to keep moving up so he helps. Harvey resigns, Hardman realizes his plan won’t work so he exposes Mike to bring the firm down.

  14. Tony says:

    How about this theory… Mike’s arrest is because Zoloft turned him in. They had a falling out last episode correct? So in anger Zoloft turns Mike in because of the fraudulent emails. Mike cannot be arrested because of the law degree issue. That in itself would end the show.

    • Lara duncan says:

      Exactly my thought. The agent said conspiracy to commit fraud so it must be about the fraudulent emails who help them win the case. But wouldn’t Soloft be part of that fraud as well since he benefited from the deal. He did not say anything after finding out.

      • Tony says:

        Then perhaps that was Harman’s smoking gun on Soloft and it was Hardman who turned Mike in. Hardman knows Soloft failed him at the vote and used what little leverage he had left now that Forstmen is no longer funding his revenge.

      • Ashlyn says:

        Mike actually did commit fraud. In season 3 he let a Hacker put him into the Harvard Database AND has a Harvard Diploma hanging in his office. So he basically forged a document (doesn’t matter if he got help) and forgery is punishable with jail.
        IMO that’s a larger problem than the bar exam.

  15. Da Yuc says:

    it was rachels mom.. boom!!! that is my thought,

  16. Kelly says:

    Gabriel Macht needs Perfomer of the Week. Like, right now.
    I mean, did you see the boxing scene?!

  17. danoregon says:

    That he was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud made it pretty open ended. It could be just the fake e-mails he used to get a deal in that recent case, could be the old friend who rebuffed him in the last episode. It could be something else. Kind of odd that the season started with Mike out of the firm and now he’s back outside. Thought the flashbacks were a little overwrought, but the show has earned the right to go there at this point.

  18. Eric Payne says:

    Who says the two men who took Mike into custody are really agents? Perhaps Trevor, or someone else from Mike’s past, had a couple of buddies “arrest” Mike, to drive home to Mike the hurt he could inflict on Rachel. After all… Mike doesn’t even show up to the office until after the vote on Jessica — which we were reminded, man times, was 7 PM — and “conspiracy to commit fraud” is one of those crimes in which the accused is given a chance to surrender to authorities before actual arresting agents are dispatched.

  19. Luke says:

    What about Scottie. Her name was bought up in tonight’s episode. You wouldn’t expect her, she promised to keep it a secret. Harvey said it tonight, he is apart of their family. He will be back. Just have to see out it pans out over the next 6 weeks. I think jack is actually a good guy.

  20. LorelaiAnn says:

    I think Rachel’s mother did it. She probably looked into her future son in law, she has the resources to hire a private investigator.

  21. Morgan says:

    After this episode, I guess next season Mike is going to Greendale Community College, to follow in Jeff Winger’s footsteps. If nothing else, Dean Pelton will totally embrace him as part of his campus!

  22. cc says:

    I stopped watching Suits last season (and really have no interest in start watching it again), but I am glad they decided to finally expose Mike’s “secret”. The show had been dragging that storyline for way too long.

  23. Naz says:

    Doesn’t Harvey convey Mike’s resignation as “good news” to Jessica? Why would that be good news?

    • Sarah T says:

      Because Jessica no longer has to worry about Mike as a liability, something she typically throws at both Harvey and Mike.

      • Naz says:

        Well yes, but then of late, Jessica even promoted him as Junior Partner and has treated him as an integral part of the team.

        The way Harvey said it didn’t shown any remorse, and was very off the cuff, especially Mike being his protege.

        With this seasons theme having Harvey coming clean and even taking it to the extent of him resigning, I wouldn’t put it past him to coming clean with the whole Mike Ross thing too.

        Sounds very radical but hey, that’s good old Suits for you. In his mind, he is simply doing the best for his “family”. Like not keeping the secret of his mom from his dad, though there is no exact parallel, its his way of coming clean.

        Although I hope I am proven wrong, don’t exactly like that angle as a fan!

    • Prish says:

      Gasp! Maybe, they have a plan. It’s about time. They’ve been running on reaction for 5 years, fun but time to show their smarts.

  24. rafael_ says:

    best season ever. but i hope they deal with Mike’s secret – and not something else that happens to be the fraud stuff.

  25. Imzadi says:

    I’m wondering how old Donna is supposed to be because I would guess that if she wants (Harvey’s?) kids, she can’t wait too much longer. I realize women are having babies into their 40s now, but it’s not the optimum time for it. I had my youngest at 35 and my daughter had her younger one at 38. We both decided that those would be our last.

    • justsaying says:

      Your choice. But not others. Sick of people scaring women about pregnancies stiffen they’re older. My friend its the youngest of ten kids. All of whom were well out of the house when her mom had her which means her mom was well into her forties. She turned out just fine. Yes statistically there’s a higher chance off something going wrong ing an older pregnancy but that doesn’t mean definitely

  26. swaggyp24 says:

    I find it hard to believe that the priest turned Michael in because as a Catholic, I was told that whatever you confess to a priest, the priest should not be going around telling others about your confession and I believe priests must take an oath or something related to not tell the public of your confession. Possible people who could’ve turned Michael in (in my opinion) are The Zane family (not including Rachael but her parents), his ex gf Claire, or if the writers do something drastic where Daniel finds out about his secret. I also find it hard to believe that Trevor has anything to do with this but who knows we have to wait for season 6.

  27. awesomenesslelz says:

    I thought it was actually a really weak episode.
    While I do like the flashbacks, I thought it was a really bad time. I mean, we’re all expecting firepower and both firms trying to outmaneuvre each other, like they do on Suits. There was a lot of character development, which is what you expect in an episode in the middle of the season. Not exciting or gripping enough.
    It was also disappointing to see that no one even challenged Forstman or Hardman.
    Also, Louis has got to be the worst name partner in history. There’s literally nothing he’s done this season that’s heroic. His first solution is to make Jack name partner? Is this a joke? Does he think name partner is like a lollipop, one for everybody? And then threatening Hardman by saying he’ll kill him. Are you for real? That was a colossal writing failure. Come on, Louis has his bad moments, but even he is not that dumb.
    Mike getting arrested was an amazing moment though. However, their idea of leaving the season on a cliffhanger didn’t really work for me, because I did not care much for the episode. Mike getting arrested is clearly designed to leave the show on a high and make everybody’s last impression a good one.
    However, I think that the priest clearly didn’t turn Mike in. First there’s the legal issues that the priest cannot reveal the info. Also, he wants the best for Mike. I personally think it could have been Trevor’s wife. Or Rachel’s mum. I cannot see Louis, Jessica, Rachel, Harvey or Donna (who are the only person knowing it) to have done it. Others include the Harvard guy or the actor who’s his wife in real life.
    Also, I don’t get Hardman’s and Soloff’s plan. They throw out Jessica, then what happens? Who’s the managing partner? Hardman is not even in the firm and I am sure that Soloff doesn’t have the votes to be managing partner, so what is the deal there?
    This entire season has been disappointing. Need more excitement and more logic.

  28. Gerald says:

    Clarify one thing for me. The charge was conspiracy to commit fraud. Not Fraud. It is like they were charging him with something he had yet to do. Whereas if they knew the truth it would just be charging him with fraud. Is that semantics? Sounds like everyone is assuming he is Totally busted for everything. I got the impression it could be something else.

  29. Kelly says:

    The priest is not allowed by his order as a member of the church to expose confession. That’s why when Mike arrived to talk to him he explicitly stated that he want a confession. Mike knew he was protected. As per Rule on Evidence the confession is a privilege communication hence inadmissible as evidence in court.
    Another point, Mike was arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Fraud. It was not fraud per se. And for me it was either Forstman or Hardman who did that to Mike. Everybody knows how Forstman deals with people. I think he set up that agreement with Harvey. Harvey told the partners that Hardman is no longer the lawyer of Forstman as evidenced by a letter signed by Forstman. Forstman the calls Hardman to tell him that that letter is not his real therefore tantamounts to fraud committed by Harvey. Mike was arrested because as harvey’s protegé.. Hardman thinks Mike helped Harvey to arrive with that idea.

    Orrrr. Hardman was the one who did this. Remember when Hardman wants Harvey to undergo a drug test and when the partners are about to vote. Here comes Mike with a document stating that it was a signed affidavit by a person (i forgot the name) stating that Hardman asked him to do something fishy and then the partners ousted him in firm.

    Im just guessing. Haha


  31. suzyku says:

    This is the best show on television, best scripts, best acting, especially Gabriel Macht!!!!!!

  32. liame says:

    I don’t get the pushing of Donna and Harvey together. I’m just not seeing the chemistry/romance that others see. She comes across as a over protective sister, imo. Her one expression look is rather boring.

    • Naz says:

      Agreed! They try to make Donna look like this wonder woman and being partner might be a nightmare. Remember how the patch up date between her and Harvey went? She started admonishing him about his fling with Louis’ sister..

  33. Gareth bowers says:

    I’m enjoying reading some theories here and after reading producer interviews I’m trying to piece this all together. So for me we know there is a season 6 after the next 6 episodes and the whole show is based on the ‘lie’ so I started to think being arrested for fraud is a pretty big thing, but who says the fraud has to be about the lie we know!? Surely the follow up has to be Harvey working on getting Mike off a BS charge rather than trying to get him off something we know he can’t. If he’s been arrested for fraud for practising law illegally then that’s it, he goes to jail, Rachael leaves him and the shows done

  34. I am not convinced that the fraud for which Mike was arrested is related to his lack of a law degree, There just wasn’t that much information given. But if it was, I suspect that the Harvard Law ethics professor that he helped will be instrumental in getting him out of trouble/

  35. Harding says:

    I was tempted into falling for it after all Mike was arrested for conspiracy to commit Fraud. I think Solaf did it per the fake emails he trumped up and that mike’s secret is somewhat intact: the season might see them fight to keep that little detail undiscovered.

  36. Rusty says:

    After watching the show and reading the comments, I have a theory. The arrest is not about Mike’s legally being able to practice law. But is about one of the recent cases he worked on. The fake emails were just a ploy, but he did write one email that was supposedly from the CEO of the company. That is fraud, so I think the next 6 shows will be about that. I think everyone was supposed to jump to the conclusion that he was being arrested for the law school thing and will be surprised this winter when it continues on that storyline or one just like it.. Just my 2 cents.

    • MMD says:

      I agree. I don’t think it has a single thing to do with Mike’s secret. All the people mentioned are simply red herrings. I think you are right on the money about people jumping to conclusions because everyone has. Goes to show that 2 cents still buys something. :-)

      That is why when Mike was arrested they were very vague and said it was for conspiracy to commit fraud so it has to be about a case. Mr. Korsh is playing mind games and it’s working. He probably doesn’t know yet what it’s about.

      Great character development in this season and I really want to see it continue.

  37. mohammed khaled says:

    i really felt like this epis is the greatest but i didn’t know it is the final :'(
    great things and strong things happened
    i’m really dying to see the nest season ….

    • MMD says:

      It is just the summer finale – the final 6 episodes will air in Jan or Feb. This was only the first part of season 5.

  38. Sal says:

    I think,big surprise. Possibly the chick who forged his records or louis ex…personally. As for the show…gotta be forstman… screwing harvey twice over.

  39. Jean Pierre Jimenez says:

    This show is just amazing. Best show ever.

  40. Ann says:

    I think Travis ratted out Mike. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the winter series.

  41. Joan Lowell Smith says:

    Absolutely my favorite show…great storylines…great acting…great pace. My daughter is a nationally known trial lawyer and I was a boring legal secretary eons ago. We both love “Suits”!

  42. Rick Doherty says:

    I think Hardman turned Mike into the police, that that is what he had over Jack. He forced Jack to try and overthrow Jessica. Once Harvey resigned, Hardman no longer could use the “Mike” card over Jack so he just turned Mike in.

  43. Jax says:

    My concern is if he was arrested for not being a lawyer then that sounds like the end game for the show. Sure the next half can be about them covering their butts and trying to get Mike out but what happens after that? He can’t go back to the firm ever again.

    Also if he is indeed caught then all cases he touched at the firm will be re-opened and maybe subjected to overturns or compensation. Also the firm will get sued left and right. Interesting to see how they get out of it.

  44. I had two thoughts on the possible person that gave up Mike….
    Robert Zane – for the reason many others have talked about.

  45. streap tease says:

    These lucky, you found

  46. Lindasays says:

    If Mike’s arrest was about his lie, wouldn’t everyone who knows be co-conspirers? Wouldn’t they have all been arrested? Esp the most speculated whistleblowers? It has to be about something else.

  47. Chuck says:

    I’m coming way out of right field on this one, but I suggest it was Harold Gunderson. He was always told Mike was the best ever and he was horrible. He lost his job at the firm. And he always has a crush on Rachel. When he found out earlier this season about the engagement, he was upset. Mike getting something else he wanted. He gets mad at Mike and tried to find a way to break them up. In doing so, he finds out Mike didn’t graduate and continues to find out more.

  48. Joan Lowell Smith says:

    I like the theory that Mike is being arrested for a case and this arrest has nothing to do with his lack of a law degree.

    • Hassan says:

      What if its Eric Woodall behind Mike’s arrest?
      Harvey finds out about his sick first wife and so he counter attacks.

  49. Liz985 says:

    The series finale was probably the best episode of the entire season. I like where they are going with the characters even if I am a bit tired of “The firm is in jeopardy of a takeover! Everyone go into crisis mode!”

    I’m hope, too, that they are finally going to address Mike’s illegality. There’s really no way around the fact that major laws have been broken by many people that not only puts them in individual jeopardy, but all those faceless clients who will experience legal repercussions through no fault of their own. The series really needs to deal with that.

  50. TrudiV says:

    I do not want Donna and Harvey together. That sort of chemistry does not exist between them. I simply do not see the point of forcing it. Why must there be a love story between these two when they are like brothers and sisters?