Suits Boss Previews Flashback-Heavy Finale, Talks Harvey's Therapy Arc

A little therapy can go a long way — and in the case of Suits, Harvey’s sessions made for one of the most compelling seasons of the USA Network series yet.

But executive producer Aaron Korsh admits to TVLine that he wasn’t immediately gung-ho about the idea of the lawyer talking out his emotional traumas. Thankfully, a Donna twist on the pitch got him to change his mind, the EP reveals below.

On Wednesday’s summer finale (9/8c), however, the action won’t be on the couch, but mostly in the past as both Harvey and Mike grapple with a big choice.

“The focus of the episode is very much on the backstories of both Harvey and Mike influencing their decisions and what they’re going to do moving forward,” Korsh previews.

For the newly minted junior partner, that means visiting a priest who played a significant role in his childhood after his parents died, while Harvey tackles his mommy issues. Read on as Korsh teases the trip down memory lane and more.

TVLINE | This season was really interesting in the way it tackled things head-on like Harvey’s personal issues and Mike’s secret. Going into the season, what was the objective?
My objective going into every season is the same. It’s just to get through it without dying. [Laughs] And just to try to do something that we think is interesting and good. We were kind of stuck. We didn’t know what to do. We had to deal with the fallout of Donna [leaving Harvey], and at some point, I think it was [executive producer] Dan Arkin pitched it: Harvey goes to therapy. My initial reaction was, “No way! There’s no way he would ever go to therapy. And what would those scenes be?” I remember coming up with the idea of the scene where the therapist turns into Donna, and I was like, “Oh, that’s a Suits way of doing therapy. I like that!” Then the only way Harvey’s going to therapy is if he absolutely has to. That led to the panic attack idea.

TVLINE | The finale has a pretty significant amount of flashbacks. What were you hoping to explore with those?
[We wanted] to have Mike and Harvey each grappling with this huge decision of whether they should stay or go. We had been wanting to explore Harvey and his mom stuff from the beginning of the year, once he was in therapy, and this just presented itself as a way to dovetail those two. With Mike, I don’t 100 percent remember how the idea of the priest came out, but it was a way to give him someone that he knew his whole life, who’s still alive, [who] he can go and talk to them about the thing, but the person didn’t know what he’d been doing. It sheds so much light on him. When we were writing it, I thought, “We should see the day he found out [his parents died]. We should see this thing that affected his whole life.”

TVLINE | Is Mike taking Trevor’s words that he should quit to heart?
Ever since Mike got promoted to junior partner, it seems like his secret is looming larger and larger, in his mind. It was a combination of Claire said to him, “If you really love Rachel, you won’t marry her,” and then Trevor, ironically of all people, says to him, “If you really love Rachel, you’ll quit being a fraud.” That’s the thing to do. So yes, that is what’s ringing in Mike’s ear. Trevor is the one person who can say to him, “I know what it’s like to be living a criminal life. It’s not worth it. Give it up.” That’s a huge thing. That’s what drives him to go talk to the priest.

TVLINE | There’s been a lot of power struggles on the show — within the firm, from people outside the firm. How is this one with Hardman different?
That is an excellent question. We have had a lot of power struggles. And I struggle with how many power struggles we want to see. But on the other hand, if we never see any power struggles… In real firms like this, there really is always a power struggle going on. I will say this, we brought in Jack Soloff to shake things up in the beginning of the year and we had no notion that he was going to be in cahoots with Hardman. I think it was around Episode 5 or 6, we had two different rooms going one day and both rooms, literally in the same minute, came up with the idea that he was in cahoots with Hardman. So we thought, “Wow, this must be a good idea or a terrible one,” but we decided to say it was a good one. What’s different about it to some degree is that it came from both inside and outside. Jack Soloff is not a purely trying-to-come-after-us guy. He actually, ultimately, ends up being a reluctant foe. When he brings up that vote in Episode 9, you can see that he doesn’t want to do it. But he has no choice because Hardman has something on him. … In order for Harvey to consider resigning, you really have to think there’s no other choice. And the way to make that be the case is Hardman and Forstman joining forces along with an inside man, Jack Soloff. It’s that triumvirate that makes it feel like Harvey has to lay down or may have to. That is the difference.

Suits fans, make sure to check TVLine after the finale on Wednesday for more scoop.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I realize that Mike’s “secret” is a problem but I really wish they’d find a way to deal with it once and for all. At least for me I’m tired of that story and the fact that it always has to be up front and center every season. I know it’s a huge deal that follows Mike in whatever he does but it’s getting really old.

    • Kim R says:

      I would like to see them come up with a creative way to put an end to the “secret” as well. Too many people know now and it seems unrealistic at this point that it won’t blow up. Rachel can’t seem to keep her mouth shut. I mean she wanted to tell her mother! I would just like them to fix it so we can all move on. :)

    • rusty says:

      I am glad that others are fed up with the Mike secret thing. Either figure out a way to bury it for good or just have him quit and really go to school. I miss the cases and the way they had to figure them out to win. Now it’s always the same thing, “Oh no! Someone else now knows Mike secret, Oh no! Harvey and Louis are fighting, Oh no! Hardman is back trying to take over the law firm,” Are the writers really that stuck on how to write a legal episode? I mean these story-lines are getting realllllly old. If they are always going to do the same 3 subjects, I fear what was a great show, will lose it’s viewers and be cancelled.

      • tomus225 says:

        I couldn’t agree more! If we didn’t have the Donna thing and Harvey seeing a therapist the ENTIRE show would be rehash. You can sit for the Bar without going to law school. How many times has he ALREADY passed it for different people? So everyone at the FIRM won’t be “Harvard Law” so what. Get on with the great cases like Year 1. I want to see Harvey WIN WIN WIN! ENough with the angst.

    • jjk says:

      I think they should just have him start law school secretly. It would add the tension of him needing to do a lot of studying and still maintain his work schedule which is hard to begin with. But he would not be able to disclose it. And further, when he would graduate and pass the bar he couldn’t really tell many people. And all of those hurdles he would be sweating that someone would recognize his name.

    • Sandra says:

      Yeah its not called Secret but Suits. Let be business, maybe theyll have a new business adventure.

  2. When Louis tried to get Soloff to discuss what Hardman had on him & Jack refused, I hoped that was (as he says here) “a Suits way” to hide the fact that Hardman truly has nothing on him, so it disappoints me to read this & see it seems he truly has something.

  3. justsomeguy says:

    The Mike is a fraud story is so tired. Hardman finding a way to tangle with Jessica/Harvey/Louis is tired. This whole season is just tired. It’s a rehash of the past 4 seasons and it is boring. Every year I always wonder if this is finally the year they tell a new, and interesting story and every year I’m disappointed because it’s always the same. Let’s tell a whole story of how someone else is clued in to the fact that Mike never went to law school. How many times can you tell the same story? It kills what would otherwise be a pretty entertaining show.

  4. lkh says:

    I dunno–I’ve actually enjoyed this season. At first a little cynical about Harvey being so vulnerable–but it’s good, been handled well. I’m a little tired of the Mike thing too, but I can’t figure a way out of it. It’s one thing for him to just quit, but at this point what has happened actually impacts the whole firm not just him. Getting out of this situation is very tricky. If you want to talk something that is really a pain, it’s Hardman being back-ugh.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I’m 100% with you on Hardman. When I saw that he was back I thought about not watching the rest of the season. The character is just the worst. And whenever they come back to the Mike not going to law school thing I always bang my head against a wall. They have given Mike all kinds of firewalls against being caught throughout the run of the show and then the writers just choose to ignore them. They need to just leave it alone and not bring it up again until the last season.

    • Harvey says:

      I also don’t see a way around Mike’s secret and am pretty sure at the end he would probably leave for a way smaller firm like Harvey once said in an episode, but for now there are some temporary ways around it so no need to bring it up all the time

      Hardman I love him, so like he’s back

  5. Snow says:

    The show started with a very interesting sorry but I wonder why they don’t innovate and find new ideas instead of bringing the same stories over and over again throughout the show!!

  6. Liz says:

    I am getting a little tired of Hardman but other then that this season has been fantastic. Still not sure why this show is known more. It seems to be the curse of the USA network. Psych, White Collar were all fantastic shows but not really as big or celebrated as they should have been.

  7. Manu says:

    I loved this series when i was working in the US and followed it every week for 2 seasons .Now that i am back in India i get to watch it 2 days late on Comedy central channel from our cable provider here.whatever i still get to watch it
    But frankly i don’t enjoy Harvey being vulnerable at all ,period.That’s a let down for me this season.Also where are the legal cases i mean the travis tanner, Shaun cahill episodes this is what suits was all about for me.

  8. Sarah T says:

    I’ve actually really liked this season. I thought it was a fresh take on what have always been the main two issues on Suits; Harvey’s commitment issues because of his mom and Mike’s secret. Before, Harvey never full on dealt with his mom issues. He would find a way around them. But because of Donna leaving, he’s had to deal with them head on and work through them. Mike never really dealt with the issue of his secret before either. Harvey (or Jessica) has always managed to bail him out. Now, because of his plan to marry Rachel and getting promoted to junior partner, he’s had to deal with it head on and really take a good look at the impact it’s having on the other people in his life. I think this is one of their strongest seasons yet.

    • Androu Ska says:

      I agree with you. Mike’s secret is like a time bomb clinking away and it is only a matter of time until it explodes. I think that it is a big part of the show and that it is time that Mike takes a good look at the impact it could have on people close to him if he is discovered. I think he will have to decide what is more important to him, his career or his love for Rachel. I also think that it would be nice to see how he can build himself up again and find a way to have a legit job where he could use this big brain of his to good use. If Trevor can change his life around, so can Mike I guess. It is also nice to see Harvey struggling and having a crack in the armor. Whatever happens, I hope Mike and Harvey still work as a tandem because they are at their best when they work together.

  9. Susan J B says:

    I thought that Harvey would tell Mike that he would REALLY send him to law school. I really don’t want any of the others arrested for hiding Mike’s secret. There are too many others outside of the law firm that know Mike’s secret. I am tired of the Mike story too. And I am tired of Louis. I was hoping they would have written him out this season and not make him a nicer person. He is still kind of two faced and he should have let Harvey explain himself better about having sex with Louis’s sister that it was after he helped her out and didn’t expect her to ask him for more help.

  10. favour says:

    I love soo much that I think it’s soo cool if I get to see more of her. Buh frankly am fed up with the way each season centers around the same thing.

  11. favour says:

    I love Donna soo much that I think it’s soo cool if I get to see more of her. Buh frankly am fed up with the way each season centers around the same thing.

  12. ginger bee says:

    My comment was never posted. I do not use questionable language nor reference my personal life. It seemed very odd that it never even sent the message that it was being reviewed for content. The post had something to do with proposing a way to move the story forward without destroying the integrity of the characters we have grown to value. Seemed innocent enough, however it challenged USA and the writers to think outside the box. I won’t give away my idea’s again. It will be interesting to see if any of my thoughts post this time since it does not have the content of the first attempt I made regarding the problems with the plot.