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Teen Wolf Theo Chimera

Teen Wolf Boss Talks Parrish's Finale Reveal and Theo's Next Step, Previews 'Clash of Titans' in Season 5B

Even by Teen Wolf standards, Monday’s midseason finale was a lot to take in.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Jeff Davis about how the episode’s biggest twists will affect the second half of Season 5, but first, a quick recap of the hour’s most important moments:

Parrish was discovered to be a hellhound; Liam struggled to accept the loss of Hayden; Braeden returned (!) with some bad news for Malia about the Desert Wolf; and Theo, who was revealed to be the Dread Doctors’ original creation, formed his own pack by reviving the fallen chimeras at the Nemeton.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, it’s time to find out what’s next:

TVLINE | Not gonna lie, I never would have thought to guess Parrish was a hellhound.
I’d heard that several people online had guessed it, and I was really happy to see that. We laid out quite a few clues, so we were hoping the clever ones would get it. [Editor’s note: I’m not one of the clever ones.] The first clue was the Wild Hunt in 501, which was known to be connected to black dogs and hellhounds.

TVLINE | Lydia’s research also mentioned “Devilish Riders.” Will those be seen in Season 5B?
[Laughs] You’ll have to wait and see, but that’s definitely something that’s come up in the writers’ room.

Teen Wolf Parrish HellhoundTVLINE | We’re still not sure if we should qualify Parrish as being “good” or “bad.” Will that also be explored?
Yes, you’re going to discover that he’s not necessarily one or the other, but he definitely has a place in the supernatural system of Beacon Hills. The reason he took the chimera bodies is that they were abominations; he was doing the supernatural clean-up work, essentially. Now that that’s out in the open, he’ll discover exactly what he’s been doing and what his role is.

TVLINE | Parrish’s hand-holding with Lydia was one of the first times they connected outside of his hallucinations. What’s their relationship right now?
In a way, they’re unconsciously bonded together by their supernatural powers. They’re drawn to each other, and whether that becomes something romantic and realized has yet to be seen. It’s all been in Parrish’s mind, but it hasn’t happened in real life. That’s something the writers have been flirting with all season: Are they, or aren’t they? That first moment where Lydia takes his hand in the jail cell is her acknowledging she has feelings for him, as well.

TVLINE | We haven’t seen the last of Stiles’ Jeep, have we?
[Laughs] No, you haven’t! We could never do in that Jeep. Trust me, you have not seen the last of Roscoe, as the fans are calling it.

TVLINE | That’s a relief, as was Braeden’s return.
It’s funny, because we’d been writing her in for several episodes. She was supposed to return in Episode 7, but it didn’t quite fit, so we moved her to Episode 8, then 9, and finally, we got her in Episode 10. It’s a dance by the end of these episodes, where to place certain characters, but we’re very happy to have her back. You’ll be seeing quite a bit more of her in Season 5B.

TVLINE | What can you say about Braeden and Malia’s plan of attack for the Desert Wolf?
They’re definitely in league together. Malia told Stiles to give up the search, and she erased the Desert Wolf from his board, which she did because she wanted to find her herself. Braeden is the mercenary who’s going to help her find the Desert Wolf and take her down. … I can say that Episode 514, which we’re breaking now, is a big Malia episode. She’s a big part of 511, then 12 and 13 are a step back for her to let things simmer, and then 14 is all about Malia.

TVLINE | I’m also worried about Sheriff Stilinski. He wasn’t looking so hot at the end of the episode.
You should be! Episode 511 deals a lot with Sheriff Stilinski and the fallout from those injuries. It revolves are Scott and Stiles’ desperate attempts to save his life.

Teen Wolf Scott DeadTVLINE | Speaking of Scott and near-death experiences, he was technically dead for 15 minutes. How will that change him?
He’s going to come back a different person. A lot of this season was about Scott failing as a leader, and how he’s learned from those failures. We’re going to see an older, wiser Scott in the second half of Season 5.

TVLINE | It feels like it’s going to be Scott’s pack vs. Theo’s pack in 5B.
Yeah, they’re definitely going to be going up against each other. It’s partially about the other dangers in Beacon Hills. It’ll be an epic, cataclymic, clash of the Titans that’s abut to happen, and they’ll be caught up in it.

TVLINE | I imagine Hayden being a part of Theo’s pack will create some interesting conflict between her and Liam.
Yes, because she’ll be drawn to both. She’s drawn to Liam because she’s in love with him, and she’s drawn to Theo because she believes he can protect her.

TVLINE | I also feel like a lot of parallels were drawn between Hayden/Liam and Allison/Scott. Was that intentional?
Some of it was, yeah. One of my favorite shots from this season is when Scott’s in the locker room in Episode 7, watching Liam and Hayden fall in love. The camera moves to him and he’s got this look on his face as if he wants to tell Liam, “You have no idea what you’re in for.” But it’s different because Hayden is now powerful, whereas Allison was human. We’ll see Hayden getting used to that power when we come back for the second half fo Season 5.

TVLINE | I’ve missed Kira these past few weeks. When will she be back?
She’ll be back soon. We’ll see her in Episode 12.

TVLINE | Lastly, about that drawing the Dread Doctors discovered at the end of the episode… Can you offer any hints?
There’s a French word that the Doctors are repeating over and over. I can tell you that Season 5B is a clash of titans, and both of the titans in that [drawing] are … well, one of them is somebody you already know. The one surrounded by fire.

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  1. DD says:

    This has been a lackluster season, i’m not a fan of any of the new people and the story seems to have jumped the shark

    • The phrase “jump the shark” has jumped the shark

    • Maryann says:

      The story was just nonseniscal, and the new people were just confusing. And what was the point of turning Scott into a weak loser?

      • ScottJ says:

        Scott’s weakness was due to him inhaling wolfsbane for weeks. Theo kept giving him laced inhalers. The whole point was to weaken him enough so that Liam stood a chance of killing him. It was explained in the show.

        • luke333 says:

          the fact someone watched it, and didn’t realize that huge plot point if prob not a good sign

          • ScottJ says:

            It was quite clear to me. Although I had been watching the inhalers with interest ever since Theo started coming out with them some episodes back.

        • Ari says:

          It was clear to me too. As soon as Scott crushed his inhaler and said, “Wolfsbane” it all fell into place. Honestly, anyone who didn’t connect the dots at the moment probably wasn’t watching very closely.

          • Kristen says:

            Watching very closely, if at all. I don’t know how much more obvious it could’ve been. Lol It all made perfect sense why he was so weak. Before that reveal, I thought it had to do with the Dread Doctor’s bringing about everyone’s worst fears, or something of the sort, and how Scott’s seemed to tie into something that happened to him in the past, but then Theo and the inhaler. Agh! It all made sense! Of course he had to weaken him, it was the only way he stood a chance. Now Scott is going to come back with far more wisdom given him pretty much dying for a good span of time, and he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. As long as him and Stiles can stay on the same side. Not looking forward to them fighting.

        • Maryann says:

          Yes, I got the explanation about the wolfsbane in the inhaler. I still didn’t like seeing Scott as so weak and not acting like an alpha for basically all of 5B.

        • Andrew Moss says:

          what kind of werewolf n true alpha is he that he couldn’t sense a difference between a simple inhaler and wolfsbane which they are allergic to.. i mean seriously!.. this season is all messed up .. last episode of season 2 was even better than this when allisons granddad wanted to have an alpha bite and chewed wrong tablets …he realized it in no time that it is mountainash.. and also what kind of werewolves are these that they can not sense a supernatural among them and their kind.. aren’t they supposed to have that sense automatically.. there are soooooooooo many plot holes and especially in season 4 and now in 5.. that writers seriously need to pay attention to.. seems more like a kids show now …

          • hmmmm.. but in the last episode of season 2, they used mountain ash in huge quantities, he also didn’t realize it until the bite and that took a long time. also, remember mountain ash has a lot of reaction to supernatural so of course he should feel it immediately. i think his capsules are mostly placebos, just to calm himself when feeling the pain from his cancer. wolfsbane doesn’t work like that. it could be manufactured to work differently. the calaveras use it for sleeping gas, the others use it as poison, my guess is theo used just a very small quantity but enough to weaken him with continuous usage.. like jowy did in suikoden 2. and of course scott wouldn’t realize it. he hadn’t thought of himself as strong and he had anxiety attacks since the previous season (i think that was the season he used his inhaler again after season 1)

          • DL says:

            I agree that weak Scott was very aggravating, wolfsbane or no. But despite that I still thought this was easily one of the stronger seasons of the show. For me 3A will always be the worst (while 3B was the best), and this was loads better than 3A and all of Season 4.

      • Josie Lopez says:

        maybe to show that even powerful people fall sometimes

    • bryce says:

      I so disagree, and I don’t know how you couldn’t be excited for 5B after that

  2. Jane says:

    But… what about Lydia?

  3. Allen says:

    more of scott getting beat up becasue hes the weakest alpha on the show

    • Colby says:

      He was weakened by wolfsbane from the inhaler…

    • maybe he needs more betas? as the wolves say in the earlier season, an alpha is only as strong as his pack. and he doesn’t use his full abilities because he’s afraid to kill. though it’s sad that he had trouble with 1 zerker but teen/ adult beta derek matched them by himself and he was losing power. i think he adjusts himself on the strength of his enemies. the weaker the enemy, the more he struggles as he is afraid he might kill it. with stronger enemies, he could be on par with them like peter, his whole pack while being possessed by a zerker skull, he fights well against the onis, etc. and yeah, he also seems to not be able to use his full strength against women.

  4. Xander says:

    ‘La Bete’. That’s a french word that means The Beast. Could it possibly have something to do with the Argents?? If I’m not mistaken, Alison’s french ancestors killed a ‘Bete’…. Intense.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    So…when is Danny coming back?

  6. Mary Kate says:

    Jeff please no do not go there with Lydia and Parrish. This whole season was good but honestly felt stretched out and just like a warm up for the real stuff to happen in 5B.

    • Stephanie says:

      Agreed, its an unnecessary pairing. Why are we putting a high school girl with an older cop and promoting it like its super healthy and good? Idk I’m very frustrated with the idea of them being anything other than friends.

      • ScottJ says:

        She’s 18, he’s 24 or 25. That’s the same gap as my parents had, and no-one thought twice about them.

        • Radha says:

          I’m so sick of people using this as an excuse. Just because it CAN be done doesn’t mean it should. That is a suspect age gap and just because no one was bothered by it in your parents’ families, doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same. If Parrish was 20 or 21, I wouldn’t bat an eye. He is closer to 30 and Lydia just turned 18. Just because a person becomes legal for something doesn’t mean they HAVE TO DO IT. Oh, I can drink legally now and smoke cigarettes! Let me run right out and get drunk and inhale tobacco. Or

          Now I’m 18 so I can date that 26 year old that’s been sniffing around. No, I don’t think so. How come shows don’t depict teenagers actually dating just teenagers is another story. They are pushing this Marrish thing in order to bring Parrish into the storyline more and I found him, when he was acting like an actual deputy and working with the Sheriff, to be quite interesting and wanted to know more about him. This “thing” with Lydia is forced in order for his storyline to be relevant and I find myself no longer liking his scenes.

          • Tom says:

            It’s still just your misguided opinion on the matter. Society has decided that at 18 one is a legal adult and there is certainly no moral issue with an 18 year old dating older. Get off your high horse.

          • Marrish AF says:

            My gosh, this is free world and you can date whoever you want. In whole world age gap between people are more significant but people are keep rolling this few years difference bc Stydia is sinking. Very mature, very mature. I admire yall for this passionate and envy hating on Marrish and Parrish. I’ve never seen something like that and yours hate give me strenght to ship them more and more everyday. Thank you!

          • Xander says:

            Hail, Marrish!! People saying Parrish is too old for Lydia?? What?? He’s 24 and she’s 18. She’s legally an adult now, capable on making decisions on her own… Just because your ‘Stydia’ ship is sinking… Tons of people dying every episode, and this is the main concern you have?? hahahahaha.. And, btw, their chemistry is real.. Screens catch on fire when they’re together.. BOOOM.. have several seats!

          • Lois says:

            What particularly annoys me about this whole thing is that Parrish is getting more development than Lydia, and he’s not even a main character. Her entire storyline is revolving around him at this point. Some of us care about Lydia as a character and want to see her involved in the mythology, not just as a prop for another white male character like this show so often does. Her storyline in the finale was literally all Parrish, then she disappeared for half the episode and then she was attacked by Theo and made catatonic. Parrish was fine in small doses, but shoving Lydia into all of his scenes is so forced and annoying not only as a Lydia fan but as someone that genuinely enjoys the show.

        • Luke says:

          People are so passionate about the age gap cause it was the main legit reasons anti-sterek people used to justify not making it canon…. And now the writers/fans barely bat an eye when the same age gap is applied to a straight couple.

          • Zachary says:

            wait, so your complaining that two straight men did not hook up, in a show which is pretty blatantly LGBT supportive, but think its favoring a straight couple? Every other character (outside the established main cast) is gay. Teen wolf has never been shy about showing a man on man love scene, but the writers are against a FAN PAIRING because its a gay ship? The fucq?

        • ScottJ says:

          What’s even funnier is that Teen Wolf screens around the same time as Significant Mother, in which a guy is dating his best friend’s mother. That’s a 20 something age difference and I have yet to see any complaints about that show.

          • Hmm. says:

            I have a sneaky feeling this “age gap” conversation is just a recycled excuse by certain fans to keep Lydia away from anyone other than one particular male character.

          • Ari says:

            I have a feeling not many people know that Significant Mother exists.

        • Steff says:

          People have an issue with a 25 year old getting it on with an 18 year old that is still in High School because it feels (please note I have put FEELS as this is NOT what I’m implying happens all the time with large age gaps, just what society views large age gaps like when teamed together with someone who’s age still has a “Teen” label attached to the end.) very much like statutory rape or pedophilia.

          I’m not saying that I dislike Marrish (because trust me I’m LOVING the chemistry between the two of them), however as a 26 year old myself I couldn’t fathom trying to start something up with an 18 year old in school still. It makes me feel squicky just thinking about it.

          The age difference becomes more perspective once the person is generally past the age of 20 as most of society no longer sees them as children, but rather young adults that can make their own choices and learn their own lessons. (Just a side note, when I was 20 I dated a guy that was 29, and my parents had no issues,(also I’m the eldest, so its not like my parents took a chill pill between us) but my sister dated a 21 year old when she was 18 and there was snot and drama every time she wanted to see him because my parents didn’t approve of the connotations of a 21 year old male dating an 18 year old female.)

          Your parents were most likely dating in their 20’s (but if however they WERE dating whilst one of them was still a teenager, A) Ask them what the reaction was from their Parentals when they found out they were dating someone a good 7 YEARS their senior whilst they were till IN SCHOOL. or B) better yet, go straight to your grandparents. Chances are quite high that they would most likely have disapproved to what they would have viewed as “Cradle Robbing”)

          Some people are saying that everyone is up in arms about Marrish because it’s sinking the Stydia Ship, but truthfully the people who are complaining about the Marrish direction tend to have the view that they are not comfortable seeing a 25 year old man with an 18 year old girl, not that they want Stydia back. I ship it all Sterek, Stydia, Marrish, Sciles, Stalia, Scira, Scallisaac and my absolute fave Sterydia (I <3 this)

          Anyway, hope my long rant has shed some light on why people are a little disturbed by MArrish.

      • Marrish AF says:

        hahah if you want Stydia to happen just said that and stop sulk that Marrish is unnecessary only bc that :):) cuz i could say exactly the same about stydia cuz they’re like siblings for me lol.

      • Ashbash says:

        Derek is around Parrish’s age and was dating Ericka back in season two and no one cared. Those two kissed more than once without a bat of an eyelash yet Lydia and Parrish just held hands and it’s inappropriate. At least Lydia is of age. I honestly don’t care how old Parrish is because I ship due to their chemistry and the Stydia ship has all but sailed away completely so I say more Marrish in 5b.

        • Liz says:

          Derek and Erica never dated. He seduced her into getting the bite and then when she kissed him, he literally threw her off and told her never to do that again.

        • aw says:

          I WAS very appalled by this back then, but wasn’t that storyline more about how much of a terrible alpha Derek was? Him seducing Erica was absolutely wrong but in 2A, I remember him doing everything wrong. Didn’t Peter have a lovely monologue about that (… there’s lizard people running aroud… geriatric psychopaths…)? Ah, those were great times… I feel that Parrish and Lydia are promoted as a great possible xouple and that is the essential difference to me!

      • Maddy says:

        They put Stiles with Malia, who has been shown to abuse him, face punch, back scratches. So it’s obvious that TW doesn’t care if a relationship is healthy or not.

        • it’s not abusive. she’s learning and have been improving. and if you really don’t know how he got those back scratches.. well….. too young?

        • Sometimes I feel like I love Teen Wolf and the next day I want to be done with it. So crazy.
          I just hope they’ll give Lydia something outside of her love interests because it’s really annoying how she’s just there for romantic relationships, ugggghhhhh.
          Yeah I love Stiles and Lydia but if they don’t want to appreciate their awesome chemistry then it’s their own problem. I just need their scenes and closure at the end of season 5 or season 6.

          It’s actually Parrish and Lydia now that is forced the same way as it was with Stiles and Malia back in season 3b and 4 (now S and M are becoming quite interesting because they have got crisis but when they get back together I just hope it won’t be the same again).

          Just give us something more than relationships and some kind of (sometimes) cheesy fights.

    • isosim says:

      I don’t that will be the case. It turns out they are actually colleagues both interacting with death and Parrish still has to train her for the action in episode 1.

  7. cari says:

    I also liked the idea of bringing void stiles back. That was a highlight of my teen wolf viewing

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I second this. Void!Stiles was the TW’s best villain and O’Brien is their best actor so the show would be taking a turn in the right direction by giving him the lead for 5B. Also, is there a possibility of Void!Stiles returning? Sorry, haven’t been keeping up with this season so I’m confused. Can anyone fill me in on what’s going on with Stiles?

  8. H says:

    So does this mean stiles technically didn’t kill Donavan since he is alive now. Thus semi taking the guilt away and once Scott see that his skull wasn’t bashed in they can start to heal the best relationship on this show? Also who do you think will beat Theo to a pulp more Scott is or avoid Stiles?

  9. Stephanie says:

    Everything was fine except for the fact that they are apparently going ahead with Lydia and Parrish being a thing. No thank you. I think its very wrong to have high school girl be dating a deputy, no matter if she is 18. And for Jeff to say it was a “will they? won’t they?” thing all season is insane because he was having creepy hallucinations about her the entire season. Also isn’t that what he always says about Stiles and Lydia? I think a relationship between them would make a lot more sense, I think its a bad thing to be going down the path they are with Lydia and Parrish. Its just annoying because its just one of those things that is so unnecessary to me. I think it is seriously gross and I wish they would pair her with someone closer to her own age.

    • Tom says:

      The show is full of unnecessary things but this is where you draw the line? Kids, women, innocent people in general being killed? Ahh, ok. An adult potentially dating another adult? Oh hell no! Whocares if she is in highscool? What if she dropped out of school and was working instead? What if she graduated early and was in college already? The age gap is too much? What if one was 50 and the other 60?

    • Marrish AF says:

      Seriously i must repeat myself: if you want Stydia to happen just said that and stop making this ridiculous reason to Parrish and Lydia can’t be together and saying that they’re unnecessary only bc that :):) cuz i could say exactly the same about stydia cuz they’re like siblings for me lol.

    • Nadine says:

      Lol Stydia shippers holding on to one thing in order to justify that Marrish shouldn’t happen. There’s nothing wrong with an 18 y/o dating a 24 y/o grow the eff up.

      • Radha says:

        I am not a Stydia shipper. I am going by what I think is appropriate for a TEENAGER. If Lydia was 20 and he 24, fine. But I don’t think ANY teenagers, regardless of maturity or legality should be dating anybody in their mid-twenties. If you think so, fine. But, I don’t. If, at 18, I had come home and told my parents I was dating a twenty something year old deputy, they would have gone ballistic. As they well should. So, for ONCE I’d like a show to depict teenagers as teenagers. Not all teens run off and hook up with grown people and I’m tired of the trope that it’s okay. Because it’s not. Has nothing to do with me, as you so eloquently put it “growing the eff up”, as I am a 36 year old woman. If Parrish were 40 and Lydia 30, great that is fantastic. If he was 30 and she 22, also fine. But I just don’t think teens should be with an older person like that because they are in different mental places in their lives. People change so much from a teen to when they are in their twenties and I don’t see why a grown man is drawn to a young girl like Lydia instead of a woman closer to his age. Or even an older woman! Like Melissa. No problem there.

        I have the same issues on PLL where they act like “Ezria” is the second coming of Jesus. Not okay.

        And Stephanie below sums it up pretty well.

        • Steff says:

          *gives standing ovation to Radha* Well said :) Its also like me trying to get involved with an 18 year old (I’m 26)… We would literally have maybe one or two things in common, and trust me, I would get HIGHLY agitated with someone that age very quickly, as a teenager has a different mentality to a person who is A) Older and B) In the working class. They are literally GALAXIES apart when it comes to life experiences, and as you say, at different mental levels in their lives.

          • ScottJ says:

            That’s an interesting point but it doesn’t always work that way. My 18yr old mother was a working big city office girl, who was looking after her ill mother after her father drank himself to death. My father (7 years older ) was a dumb farm boy who barely knew what a city was, and spent his days surrounded by hay and horses. My mother had the life experiences and the older mentality, my father had basically nothing.

            Teen Wolf hasn’t gone into Parrish’s back-story very much. We know he was army, we know he’s seen a lot of death. Lydia, as a banshee, has probably seen even more death, and she’s now quite a dark character. I would argue that on the show its the younger Lydia who has more life experiences, and a much greater mental age.

        • Isobel says:

          eh I was at uni at 17, I wasn’t going to be celibate for 3 years. Erzia I agree had serious issues as she was 16, he was her teacher and he knew even when they meet that she was 16

        • when I was 22, i had a 17 year old girlfriend. and the relationship started when I was 20. the relationship isn’t irksome. it’s possible, the only thing is, it’s hard to manage.

    • Stephanie says:

      I just think it unnecessary to pair a teenage girl with an adult who is a cop. If people ship it that’s fine but you guys need to understand that not everyone is comfortable with the age difference and the imbalance of power and that has nothing to do with shipping Stydia. Just because she’s 18 (we’re just assuming that) doesn’t mean she should be dating him. Just because it’s technically legal doesn’t mean it isn’t weird. The maturity level between an 18 year old and 25 year old is a lot different than one between a 50 and 60 year old. All I’m saying is you might not agree with me but you have to recognize if people find it not okay. Regardless of if someone ships Stydia or not. I find Marrish forced and the age difference is uncomftoable for me. I’m not asking you to agree just to understand why someone may not like it.

      • Steff says:

        Stephanie I agree with you on the whole “Parrish, a DEPUTY in the SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT, is going out with an 18 year old High School Senior” is something left to be desired. He certainly seems to be a man that has certain morals, and I just felt the push to Marrish was a tad bit forced to begin with, but Holland and Ryan do have FANTASTIC on screen chemistry, so maybe the writers decided to go that way after seeing the on screen chemistry? Who knows?
        And for Tom, who clearly states that it wouldn’t be an issue if they were 50 and 60…. People have an issue with a 25 year old getting it on with an 18 year old that is still in High School because it FEELS very much like statutory rape or pedophilia.
        The age difference becomes more perspective once the person is generally past the age of 20 as most of society no longer sees them as children, but rather young adults that can make their own choices and learn their own lessons.
        For Nadine and Marrish AF…. You are saying that we are up in arms about Marrish because it’s sinking the Stydia Ship, but truthfully the people who are complaining about the Marrish direction tend to have the view that they are not comfortable seeing a 25 year old man with an 18 year old girl, not that they want Stydia back.

        • Stephanie says:

          They do seem to have chemistry on screen but at the end of the day its never going to be my ‘ship’. Maybe if Lydia was older I would be shipping it. And also why wouldn’t shipping Stydia be a valid reason not to like Marrish? Like I think that’s just as good as any other thing but some people think otherwise. Either way I think people should like what they like and dislike what they don’t. It doesn’t bother me if people can’t ship Stydia b/c the ship Marrish of vice versa you know? Its weird. But this age difference thing really concerns me and its even more concerning people can’t see why something might not be okay with it. Thank you so much for this comment I felt like I was crazy and alone on here but your support means a lot! :) Thanks!!!

          • Radha says:

            You aren’t alone. And it truly bugs me that as soon as someone says they don’t like a ship it automatically means you’re a crazed shipper who is angry their ship isn’t happening. That’s BS. It means we have legitimate reasons for not liking the ship. Sure, there are extenuating circumstances where a teen may be honestly mature enough to date an older person such as: they were having to take care of themselves or be emancipated and already living an adult life. But those are rare occasions and shouldn’t be used as the common factor in these huge age gap adult/teen relationships. For every one of those relationships, there are a ton of teens who wouldn’t have looked twice at a person in their mid twenties because there are people closer to their age and life experiences to date. When I was 26, my mom’s friend’s son, who was 17, thought I was “old” and to him, yes I was. I wasn’t even offended. To him, I should be thought of as an adult or an elder. Not someone to potentially date. Not me, personally, but a 26 year old.

            And yes, Parrish is now about 26 on the show. In season 3 he was 24. At least a year has passed now in the show time line so he would have to be at least 26 now assuming he didn’t JUST turn 24 in season 3.

            But putting all this aside, Parrish was an interesting character in his own right before they started trying to force feed this “relationship” with a teenage girl. Stop thinking of Holland and Ryan’s real life ages and depict them as their characters properly, Teen Wolf writers.

  10. Summer says:

    What would be awesome if they brought back allison, derek, jackson and issac for season 5b to help scott kick theo’s butt. I’ve been watching teen wolf from season 1 and I have all 4 season and I wished they would put it back on Netflix I really liked it on Netflix….now I have to wait to own season 5A 😢

    • ISAIAH BERNAL says:


  11. I’m 100% on board with Marrish! Holland said that Parrish and Lydia are very similar and Lydia never had that before with anyone. Also, they have crazy chemistry! The confirmation that she has feelings for him too is great, and i can’t wait for 5B!

  12. fatalsin says:

    I loved it except for the way they brought scott back that was a bit of cheese but overall yay cant wait for 5b!

  13. i miss the feeling of watching TeenWolf Seasons 1-3.

  14. Mike says:

    I don’t care what anyone says I though that this season was amazing like I loved every minute of it

  15. hello says:

    Whose brilliant idea was it to stick Miley Cyrus’ obnoxious face in the right lower corner every two minutes?

  16. dm says:

    Lydia and Parrish are fine to have a thing, i think Parrish will do good. And Kiera shouldn’t return, Scott was soo much more stronger, more capable, strategic with Allison. Keira is like a distraction or rebound.

    • Ari says:

      I so disagree about Kira and Allison. I think Allison was the worst match for Scott. She flip flopped between being willing to kill him and willing to kill for him. She was a petulant child during their relationship. Kira at least tries to support Scott and is willing to sacrifice for his safety .

  17. Akeel Medina says:

    Okay everyone here is hating too much. This was only PART of the season, I really think the next part will make much more sense than 5A.

  18. KT says:

    Worse thing about the entire episode? Those dang Miley Cyrus commercials! I’m scarred, disgusted, and offended. Nothing I can do about that, but I do need to vent a little. I thought it was great. I love that Scott has an arch nemesis that is not Peter and more along his scale of age, knowledge, and experience. Best two lines of the night, “I’m about to get more,” (Stiles) and “You’re barely even human,” (Scott). I felt so bad for Liam, nearly killing Scott for his first love, and Mason having to see his best friend in that state. Personally, I was a little fearful for Mason’s safety with Liam losing control and then Theo later. I don’t think that it compared to my favorite finales of Teen Wolf (S2 & 3B), but this was also the mid-season. At least we know where we are going in January when it comes back.

    • Brigid says:

      I agree, Miley Cyrus is disgusting. I DVR Teen Wolf so I fast forwarded the gross commercials. Does she not have any self worth left? Ugh If I watched award shows at all, I would totally NOT watch those so I could avoid her tongue and breasts. Why would anyone watch those with her as host? Pathetic!

  19. Emmy says:

    While this half of the season has definitely not been my favorite, The end of the episode gave me hope for the next half. While this season was about tearing them apart it’s pretty clear that next season will be about bringing everyone back together…and that is always much more fun to watch. What is it they say…there can’t be light without the dark…

  20. Angels of the underworld says:

    Wat happen to the insane doctor cyclops guy????

  21. Angels of the underworld says:

    Wat happen to the creepy cyclops Guy????

  22. Ari says:

    I like that Hayden is “in love” with Liam after a week. This season took place over such a short period of time it is laughable that they are saying Hayden is in love with him. I would be shocked if Hayden even knew Liam’s middle name, let alone knew enough about him to be in love with him.

    • KT says:

      It does seem short lived, I agree. I respect your opinion. However, they have known each other for a while, even if they ‘didn’t like’ each other. I am sure we can all remember being vengeful and learning everything about that person because we were also borderline obsessed. I can remember couples like this from when I was in high school and they were definitely much in love. I think it is a realistic approach, at least from my experience. It certainly didn’t take me more than a week to know that I was in love with my high school sweetheart.

    • KC says:

      Totally agree. I was hoping she wasn´t gonna return for 5b. I now i really hope she dosen´t make it to S6.

  23. Dove says:

    Great to hear that 5B will have Scott acting older, wiser and more like an Alpha. The first part of this season was frustrating and depressing, if you’re a Scott fan. Yes, I know the inhaler had wolfsbane, but he seemed Alpha lite (practically non-existent) the entire season. Granted, he is a high school senior but after 5 seasons, countless fights and multiple mentors the fact that he is still alive should mean something. The fact that he and MOST of his pack are still living, should have more to do with skill and abilities than luck and pluck.

  24. Evan says:

    For everyone saying how weak Scott is… you are wrong!! He is not weak, It has more to do with the fact that he doesn’t want to hurt anybody so he holds back majority of the time!! What was that painting at the end???

  25. KC says:

    Don´t like this Liam and Hayden at all. It feels forced on and fake. I was actually happy to see her go. Because Liam changes to a brat right after meeting her. They were like enemies from 6th grade, then fell in love and then he wants to kill his friend to save her even tho Scott said the bite will kill her? It´s just.. what? I hope they all apologies to Scott in 5b and Scott hugs Stiles because really.. talk about not believing your oldest friend.

    • Brigid says:

      Really? The super moon mentioned 500 times in the episode didn’t register that Liam’s emotions were SUPER hightened? Teens are so emotional already, they are always madley in love the second they start dating.

  26. Brigid says:

    What a great episode, I’m loving this season! Can’t wait to see how Scott gets his pack back and give Theo an a** whooping!!!!

  27. Maryann says:

    Was wondering how others interpreted the people that Theo brought back. Are they permanently back to stay, or would they die again if something happens to Theo? That serum he used to revive them is open to so much interpretation and speculation.

  28. Youngqriest says:

    And finally donovan will face with z old enemy STILES

  29. Promise Aklamanu says:

    After reading this interview with Jeff Davis everything have fallen in place and am excited for season 5b, it going to epic and excited as previous season, i personally think the season 5a was a preparation for something bigger, badder and better, so guys dont get too disappointted with the produce, teen wolf will come back next year ever better. cant wait for next year.

  30. CB says:

    thought it was a pretty bad ep. The ending was terrible and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m so confused by the season and the finale didn’t do much to clear things up. How did lydia pick what parish was? Up until this ep he had gold wolf eyes not fire eyes and he is on fire not a black dog it makes no sense and SCOTT HAS BEEN SO PATHETIC THIS SEASON for an alpha. What was the pic of at the end with the doctors….

    • Smartone$ says:

      Because she said it herself that parrish took the bodies cause he the guardian of the supernatual .once she knew that she needed to find something to match ,in which kira told her . it all make since hell hounds are guardians of supernatual. im more worried about odin being mention if the hellhound exist that means he does too.

  31. Ken Smyth says:

    Im a big fan of the show cause of my daughter. I really enjoy it myself. My only criticism is I would like to see Scott a little tougher like the way Derek was. A little soft for an Alpha. Toughen him up if he’s there to lead a pack.

    • Daniel kai says:

      yeah Scott is the weakest alpha so far in the beginning peter easily defeated Derek and Scott, as an alpha Derek defeated Scott as an alpha Peter almost defeated Scott as an omega where did that power come from that he used in defeating peter, and why did his face change when he nearly killed a guy in the dead pool session, Scott’s a true alpha even Deucalion a demon wolf was afraid of him we haven’t seen why, Scott need to toughen up we want to see him kick some ass, I was ashamed of Scott when Liam is beta could easily defeat him there is no excuse to that, was it the super moon? he also tried to use it or was it the wolfsbane why did it give him back he’s breath and didn’t notice it was wolfsbane, liam appeared and they want us to believe it was because of his asthma and because he inhaled wolfsbane, we want to see a tough true alpha and maybe the void in stiles that Theo talked about and maybe this time stiles should be able to control himself

  32. Maddy says:

    She crawls into his bed uninvited and he most certainly did not look happy when he showed the scratches to Scott. So there’s something wrong with that.

  33. snapmemories24 says:

    Hey everyone !
    I just have few questions about midseason final !
    -Why cant Theo kill Scott and become an Alpha ? Because Scott said that Theo will steal that power from Liam later, so I don’t get it !
    -Why did Theo leave Lydia at the end as he wants her in his pack ? Or maybe he gave up with stealing Scott pack and decided to create his new one as Liam failed to kill Scott ?
    Awesome finale anyway ! Can’t wait to be in January !

  34. Ash says:

    Yes this whole hating on Parrish and Lydia just makes no dang sense to me at all. About 80% of the people on this message board seem pretty dang convinced he’s a disgusting ->26<- year old praying on a high school girl. 1) where the hell are these people even getting 26 from?? Did they ever mention Parrish's age? Not that I'm aware of. If he went into the service right after high school he would have been 18 or 19 years old (and let's not even mention at this point in my rant that maybe Parrish is just as smart as Lydia and he graduated early), minimum time in the military is 2 years but I'll go ahead and ASSUME he stayed in for 4 years bumping his age up to 22/23 plus 6 months of academy for pd/so. But again, he could have done 2 years in the military and while yes standard minimum age for law enforcement is 21 some departments take cadets as early as 18 years old. So basically he could be anywhere from 20 years+. We don't know his age once again so please people if you don't like the ship find another reason for it because age is not the issue or the fact that she is in high school. Especially since the majority of people seemed to be okay with a 16? year old dating an early 20 year old in ppl.

    • Steff says:

      Ash he mentions in Season 3 that he’s 24 years old (I think its the ep where the Nogitsune had placed that “bomb” on the bus that he needed to diffuse? Can’t really remember, but I do recall him mentioning that he was 24 and as Season 3and 4 were lumped as one year in this Season he is about 25-26 depending on when his birthday falls… *shrugs*

  35. Ryan Ward says:

    Scott is the weakest Alpha I’ve ever seen!!
    OK I’ve seen a couple others post about it and some even defend against it so I thought I’d shed my opinion.

    Season 1, they show how badass alphas can be, strongest of their kind the whole 9. Season 2, new alpha same concept (remember Scott vs Derek as an alpha).

    So far as an alpha he’s been scared of his own power, beaten up by the twins as Omegas, literally made to be a little bitch from Kincaid (blue eyed beast of a wolf), Peter for the most part beat him up as an Omega, one of the first Chimeras dropped him with ease. Malia could get up faster than an alpha after getting hit w/ kanima poison and the dread doctors can throw him around.

    I’ve been kind of disappointed with this season.

    • ISAIAH BERNAL says:


  36. Predict that the Dread Doctors are going to create Typhon.

  37. Diz says:

    This whole show has just gotten stupid. None of it makes any sense and it has just become so hard for me to sit through each episode to the end anymore.

  38. Ehsan aziz says:

    when will season 5B start and what about tyler hoechlin as derek hale.he has completely been out for the season 5 A

  39. Kofi says:

    all I wanna know is when is season 5b coming out

  40. Mieko W3N says:

    Loved 5A.. Can’t wait for 5B.
    Yeah Scott was alil too weak in this season, but with the wolfsbane thingy nd mostly the plot of it all, it’s undastndable. Hpe they do sth bout that in 5B tho.
    Now bout Marrish, hmm, i simply love em.. Need mre scenes 4rm em.. The age gap, not that big of an issue. I respect the opinion of those who dnt thnk its appropriate tho. But in Nigeria, where am 4rm, that kinda gap means nothn compared to what i’ve seen. Like i said its nt that big of a problem. Some pple r just blowing it up alil too much. Anyways i would love it absolutely. Marrish all the way.. Oh and i totally love Stilles.. Theo is kinda hot too

  41. stinger says:

    i watched s4 e10 and scott face looks animal near the end i wonder if he becomes the beast