Post Mortems
Devious Maids Season 4

Devious Maids EP Talks Possible Finale Deaths, [Spoiler]'s Big Return & More

Devious Maids‘ third season reached its fiery conclusion Monday, wrapping up the year’s biggest mysteries and leaving several fan-favorite characters’ lives hanging in the balance.

Before we reveal what executive producer Sabrina Wind told TVLine about the game-changing hour, here’s a quick recap: Sebastian, who was revealed to be Blanca and Louie’s killer, was caught in an explosion at Powell Manor, one which might have cost Adrian his life; Zoila experienced complications during labor, prompting the doctor to ask Genevieve to prioritize her or the baby; Rosie visited a memory-challenged Spence in the hospital, only to find that Peri had returned (!!!) to nurse him back to health; and Taylor and Katy used fake names — plus a bottle of hair dye — to find safety far away from Beverly Hills.

Now that we’ve established where everyone ended the season, it’s answer time:

TVLINE | Let’s start with the explosion: I’m assuming Sebastian is dead, and I won’t be shedding any tears over him, but could Adrian really be gone, too?
[Laughs] Let’s just say we have a really great story to tell with that.

TVLINE | Adrian dying would potentially solve all of Evelyn’s problems, but she still seemed distraught at the idea of him being in the house. What’s going on in her mind at the moment?
Minutes before this happened, she realized she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with him, yet the moment she discovers he’s missing is devastating to her. She’s come to the realization that she very much cares whether or not he lives or dies. And how that affects her informs where her story goes.

TVLINE | Have you even considered what Evelyn might be like without her other half?
My thought of what Evelyn would be like post-Adrian is … the things she thinks she wants might not be as interesting to her if she got them.

TVLINE | While we’re talking about lives in the balance, what went into the decision to put Zoila on Death’s door?
The easy story would have been happy-happy, joy-joy, but that’s not our Devious Maids style. We found this situation to be incredibly compelling, not just Zoila being at this critical moment, but the doctor looking at Genevieve — who so rarely has to make any important decisions — and asking who they should prioritize, Zoila or the baby.

Devious Maids Season 4TVLINE | I have to imagine that, regardless of who she chooses, there will be a certain amount of guilt.
I think that’s safe to assume.

TVLINE | I was thrilled to see Peri return, but is she really still in love with Spence?
When she left, she was mad because she felt cuckolded; nobody leaves a star for a maid! I don’t know exactly what Peri is thinking, but for me, this is her chance to get back at both of them.

TVLINE | So she’ll try to destroy their happiness purely to heal her own bruised ago?
[Laughs] We are talking about Peri here! Honestly, though, Mariana Klaveno is one of the greatest actresses as far as being able to deliver those kinds of lines. We couldn’t give up the opportunity to put her back into our story.

TVLINE | What about Jesse? Any chance he’ll be back if you get a fourth season?
Although we said he went back to Seattle because he needed some calm and peace in his life, we’re under the impression that people don’t stay away for long. Nathan Owens is so fun and charming and fabulous, so if we get the great honor of doing more episodes of Devious Maids, we’d also like the great honor of more of Jesse.

TVLINE | And Ernesto?
[Laughs] Honestly, it’s the same line. We haven’t heard whether or not we’re doing a fourth season, but if we get one, I don’t see him completely disappearing.

TVLINE | We learned this season that Carmen had a child she gave up for adoption. Might that story have legs?
Yes, absolutely. That was the intention to introduce that for Season 4.

TVLINE | Can you say when she had that baby? How old would her child be today?
I can’t say exactly, but it didn’t happen yesterday. It was a while ago.

Devious Maids Season 4TVLINE | Lastly, Taylor and Katy — or should I say Abby and Rosie — appear to have left for good. Should we expect to see them in our hypothetical Season 4?
We should not expect to see them, which is not to say that we’ll never see Taylor again, but we really thought of that as a beautiful way to end their story; they’re happy and safe from the cartel. And here’s a bit of trivia: Taylor’s fake name, Abby, is what the character in that storyline was originally named before one of the writers came up with the idea to bring Taylor back.

Devious fans, do you think Adrian is really dead? Will Genevieve choose Zoila or the baby? And what’s Peri got up her sleeve this time? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Semaj Debose says:

    I love Rosie and spence together and I want to see Rosie fight for spence against Peri

  2. Alicia says:

    Has there been any talk on the odds of renewal? They can’t leave us hanging like this? I would be very surprised if they renewed UnReal but not this. (Not a knock on unreal. I watched and loved that too.)

  3. Jared says:

    That episode was amazing. I was a little shocked that Sebastian was the killer, but man was that an amazing twist. I hope they get a Season 4 !

    • Sebas says:

      Were you shocked? I saw the promo of this episode and it was clear that it was sebastian, everybody figured it out from it, I was hoping he wasn’t the killer, so I’d be surprise but not :/

  4. LADY_in_MD says:

    that was a crazy finale
    Please renew devious maids
    I was tearing up during the last five minutes Zoila and the baby! Adrian possibly dead? Taylor on the run and Perri! I was not expecting that at all
    Glad to see spence is alive but I want him and Rosie together!
    How cute that Katie’s new name is Rosie hoping they come back some how

  5. Diane says:

    Glad Spence is alive.
    Genevieve and Zoila are great together.

    The murder mystery ending fell flat though.

    • Danielle says:

      I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this season felt different. I found myself being annoyed with the characters’ actions, versus rooting them on. It was also a tad too predictable. I’ve watched from the beginning, and I have to say, this season was a bust. If they come back for a 4th season, they need better story lines.

      • frankie says:

        I agree! To me, I think it had so much potential, but their two mysteries didn’t really intertwine at all. The whole Katy situation was kinda sloppily done at the end, so it was a bit of a let down. I think that the killer was quite an interesting storyline, though. The finale was probably my favorite finale yet, because there was just so much to it. But, as an overall season, I think it was the weakest. Then again, since the finale opened so many doors, Season 4 could really deliver

      • Marie says:

        My main problem was the Rosie/Spence/Ernesto love triangle. That was just stupid.

  6. fernando933 says:

    I love Devious Maids with a passion but I’m going to be the one to say it, that peri, Rosie, and spence storyline is so Desoerate Housewives mike losing his memories and Edie taking advantage of it but either way I am looking forward to this I actually miss peri.
    Zolia will lose the baby and will blame Geneviene, I just hope this story helps Valentina come back I miss Edy.
    I can see them going with Adrian dying I’m sure if given a season 4 they will need to make more budget cost and so someone or ones will have to go from the show. I wouldn’t mind seeing Evelyn try to put her life together without him even though I will miss him.
    I can’t wait to see Carmen baby story, finally we will see a softer side to her.
    Then we have marisol what will her story be for next season she’s really starting to not fit in anymore story wise aside from being friends with the girls, she doesn’t stand on her own. Maybe her son can be the mystery again for season 4.

  7. Charlotte says:

    Okay who do we cry to just to make sure there is a 4th season? I love this show

  8. Jules says:

    ohh shucks!…I just spoiled the finale for myself..I had forgotten the finale was on tonight, when i saw the article I just clicked not realizing it was a recap…my first reaction was ‘What explosion??’

  9. Dude says:

    So that’s why Taylor’s story felt so out of character for her, it wasn’t even written for her

  10. DramaMomma says:

    Glad that Spence is alive (and not with Roaie but sadly that won’t last long I am sure). Nearly split my gut when the nurse remarked, “Even I am confused and I don’t have amnesia!”

    Bummed that Michael is dead. He was grumpy but a good guy. If Adrian is dead too, Spence will be the last original husband left!

  11. Jon says:

    I haven’t been in love with this season as a whole but I have to say, this finale was awesome!

  12. James C. says:

    It was a great episode, although Sebastian going from accidental killer to a wild-eyed gory body chopper-upper in less than an hour, and then becoming a full-on psychotic serial killer, was beyond believability. But the rest of the episode made up for all that craziness.

  13. Never missed a second of this show says:

    I first saw devious maids in 2013, if my memory serves me correct, the first few episodes. Don’t really watch tv, my then pregnant sister was thr one watching. Fast forward to 2015, I started watching from ep1 ti this finale.. while it has been entertaining for the most part, it got quite predictable for the most part which was kinda boring. Who are you, I said that right before Spence asked Rosie. Peri coming back and trying to take over is technically irrelevant, as Rosie is currently Spence’s spouse whether he remembers or not. It’s easy for access to be denied to Peri interacting with Spence in the hospital setting. Yes, she was married before, but Ernesto was deemed dead so her marriage to Spence would be legal. I never liked the fact that Zoila found love then her husband came and knocked her up and gone … they could have found some way to end the relationship with Javier than the way which it was done. We know Zoila needs to be in the setting of Genevieve’s house as basically she’s the main character along with her boss. Hoping for a 4th season tho. PS. Neither Rosie nor Peri deserves Spence. Spence needs a fresh new character as a love interest. About time he gets some peace and calm… Good guys always end up with _____

  14. Deion says:

    I just don’t see killing both Michael AND Adrian. I wouldn’t be able to forgive that. But I guess Taylor on the run from the law or her part in covering up Louie’s murder means that Michael is really gone, unless Adrian got him out. Didn’t see Brett Cullen lying on the floor in that last scene. Nope. I’ve decided. Devious Maids without Adrian Powell is not a show I’m interested in watching.

  15. Sammy says:

    I hope devious gets season 4. This was by far the best season finale ever. Lifetime should at least give them a way to wrap everything up. Anyways I think east end got cancelled because season 2 was crap. Compared to season 1. Creatively they lost the way….

    It just sucks they killed michael like that. He was such a good guy.

  16. Everol says:

    Pleased bring season 4. I love Rosie and the powells

  17. Betty James says:

    Awesome finale! We need a season 4- would love to see Carmen reconnect with her baby. Zoila and the baby need to be ok! And I truly want to see Evelyn and Adrian be happy and back together- their banter is hysterical and their chemistry is amazing- if Adrian is killed off, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll watch the show anymore.

    • Theresa says:

      Betty I totally agree with you on all aspects. I want to see Rosie and Spence get back together, Evelyn and Adrian need to start over and adopt another child or Evelyn should get pregnant. They work so well together. The Powells add a lot to the show. Unless they don’t want a baby on the show to keep cost down, Zoila will probably lose the baby. I hope not. Carmen connecting with her child will be another story line.

  18. Francess says:

    Bring devious maids back

  19. jenn says:

    season 4 must come!!!! me my friends and family are waiting for season 4 please

  20. pamill says:

    Carmen was 37 in Season 1 (there was a whole bit with Odessa revealing her age to spite her), so assuming the child she gave up, was born in her (late) teens, that child could be around 20…so I think it would make a great storyline if the daughter she gave up, inherited her talent and musical aspirations, and went on to be a big teen pop star. Something like this would have so much potential : kind of funny, kind of sad, kind of infuriating. Thoughts ? Paging Selena Gomez ? Or keeping it in the Desperate Housewives family and just go with Maiara Walsh ?

  21. Marisa24 says:

    I love Peri, but her introduction is stupid. She is the famous actress, Spence was the famous actor. Newspapers and internet surely are full of information about their divorce, Spence marriage to Rosie and Rosie in coma. Spence can easily figure out the whole story.

  22. amber says:

    I really hope devious maids is renewed for a 4th season if not i really hope another network picks it up! yes there ratings were not high but thats because of all the pirates out there, if you have a look online its been downloaded over 5000 times its really a shame people do that because you just ruin it for everyone atleast turn your tv on the channel devious maids is on so they can get the ratings!

  23. leah says:

    come on lifetimetv this deserves one chance for a season 4 with more eppisodes to, and if they get a season 4 bring back deon and javier and adrian they were my favs on the show oh and evelyn :)

  24. I love this show so much! I hope there is a season 4 and it doesn’t take a year to come back!

  25. robandco says:

    That was so good and satisfying. All those classic soap/telenovela tricks work so well. Amnesia, dead husbands brought back to life, crazy ex-wives, elevators that conveniently induce labor, childbirth scares. Just genius. I love Devious Maids and I hope Lifetime isn’t stupid enough to cancel it before at least season 6 or 7.

  26. Shelly says:

    Love this show!!! Please come back – I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  27. va says:

    Please have this series renewed… and don’t kill off adrian. I really want to see the powell family get their happy ending. About marisol, she needs her own story. I think nobody wants a weird friend who just snooping around trying to solve a case like a detective even though she isn’t, it’s annoying.

  28. Irene Webb says:

    Will not watch if no Adrian! The lines between Adrian and Evelyn are the best part of the show!

  29. Ethel Jane says:

    way to go writers, you know how to keep us guessing. Love love love Devious Maids

  30. Mikaela Nichols says:

    I totally love this show and we seriously NEED a season 4. I really hope zoila and the baby lives. Perri should be out but as how she’s back I think Rosie will fight for spence now and that should be interesting. Can’t wait for season 4 :) :D

  31. janiah says:

    too many things happening at once, i wish the show was 40 minute long episodes, but i thought it was great, i saw that sebastian did something but i didnt think he had it in him to hurt more people, but we really need season 4!!! i love this show!!! but ps desperate housewives was my fav show and they need to stop trying to be like them and be more original!!! when they did that whole lesbian thing?? my head was screaming desperate housewives but still love the show!

  32. Jasmine says:

    I’m so so so shoked by the series finale!! Please, renew for a 4th season!

  33. Theresa says:

    Loved the show. I didn’t see this ending coming. Can’t wait for next season.

  34. Cara Carvalho says:

    I was on the fence about watching Season 3, so glad I did. Best season yet! Looking forward to Season 4! A true fan, my favorite show this Summer. Great finale.

  35. Camille says:

    I will be devastated if there is not a season 4

  36. Miss S says:

    Omggggg…. Devious maids is amazing. My boyfriend, my mom and EVEN MY dad watches it!!! It would be a shame if they cancel. I can’t imagine them cancelling such an awesome show.

  37. Andrea says:

    that is such a great series!!! im absoultely amazed!!! in the last season they made it a tiny little bit more mainstream and some character were a little bit more generalized, but still had these wonderful unexpected twists and dialogues. i like the music and the while story, the cahracters a lot. i hope it keeps staying special and doesnt get more mainstream then it is.

  38. Lilli Kalenderian says:

    I really wanna see Rosie and Spencer finally (forever) together. Because like, seriously, we all wait for them to FINALLY be happy! And I totally love Zoila! I really want her and the baby to live. Maybe she could name the baby after Genvieves real name :)
    oh gosh I just HAVE to keep watching I wanna know how it goes on! And Carmen has to get a real man, who loves her unconditionally!.

  39. Michelle says:

    With the twists and turns of season 3 and the way they always wind up connecting people, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Katie” turned out to be Carmen’s baby.

  40. Serga Khlau says:

    Carmen has got to learn a lesson from this,Marisol always good at solving crimes,Rosie has got to fight Peri for Spence,Oh my Ziola she n baby should come out alive.Please Please Please they should grant a renewal,will love to watch it to the end,the finale was just awesome I can’t wait for season 4.

  41. sheema says:

    i cant say that the season finale was awesome look how it ended so many questions and concerns the fact that we dont know if it wont be a season 4 is even more upsetting please we need another season cant leave us fans lost like this

  42. Cosmo says:

    I certainly hope there will be a Season 4. I thought the conclusion was pretty good and tied up a lot of loose ends. And the cliche content was as high as ever!

    I didn’t know that Carmen was quite as old as some people on this site say. I would love to see her music career take off, or even just see her perform in some clubs as part of the plot. I’d also like to see Carmen get together with her long-lost daughter. They could form a singing duo (like the Judds) or the daughter could be fat and unattractive or something.

    As for Adrian, (as a long-time soap fan) I predict that he will survive the explosion horribly burned and after extensive plastic surgery and months of convalescing with heavy bandages covering his face, the bandages will be removed to reveal a startling new face and the character will be played by a new (probably younger and more handsome) actor. I like Tom Irwin (the actor who plays Adrian), but can imagine the part played by, oh I don’t know who. Maybe James Denton? Or is that too “Desperate Housewives”? It would be fun to see James play mean and amoral.

  43. Dolly Dinkle says:

    I rarely watch television. This is really the only show I follow! Outstanding in every way. Enough trash to be a good escape, but really twisty surprises that keep it interesting. There is a little hole in my life now that the season is over. I wish all the best to the fine actors, and hope to see them next year.

  44. Sasha says:

    Anyone who calls Devious Maids boring is pretty much a mentally retarded and a complete snooze fest! Best show after Desperate housewives. Please Please it be renewed!! I can’t believe it’s over

  45. zack says:

    I was waiting for Jesse to come to the rescue at the end, that would’ve been good and I wander if Carmen’s boss will finally release her album knowing her husband tried to murder her

  46. Leigh says:

    Adrian must come back!! Devious Maids must come back!

  47. Pam says:

    LOVE this show. Everybody in it is GREAT!! Can’t wait for another season. I’m with you all on Lifetime cancellations. I still miss Army Wives!

  48. Ermin Ledger says:

    I wud love to c Rosie beat peri to the cube again for spence love seeing them together….. I don’t think Evelyn could leave a day with out Adrian their are to alike n that’s y their can’t stay away…..

  49. jbdean says:

    I going to be honest when I say there are only 3 shows I watch (and live for) on Lifetime. Devious Maids is #1, 2 is Project Runway & 3 is Hoarders.

    I will be totally devastated if Devious Maids is not renewed! I love all the main characters but The Powella and Rosie & Spence are my very favorites.

  50. Sandy says:

    I hope we have a season four! To many unfinished stories!