David Boreanaz Health Scare

David Boreanaz Returns to Bones Following Health Scare

The mystery surrounding Booth’s looming Bones disappearance has been solved.

David Boreanaz reveals to TVLine exclusively that he suffered a health scare earlier this summer that delayed his return to the Fox drama. To accommodate his late start, Bones producers crafted a Season 11 storyline in which Booth goes missing.

The good news: Boreanaz — who we’re hearing suffered a bad reaction to an antibiotic — is back on his feet and scheduled to report to work on Tuesday, Aug. 25. First up for the actor will be taping scenes that can be inserted into the episodes he missed, beginning with the Oct. 1 premiere.

“Nothing matters to me more than Bones, so I was thrilled when the producers came up with a way for me to take a few extra weeks to recover from a personal health issue without delaying production,” Boreanaz said in a statement to TVLine. “I’m happy to say that I’m now feeling great and will be back to work tomorrow, and that our 11th season premiere will broadcast on schedule – with me in it.”

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  1. Lily says:

    I was worried that might have been the case. I’m so very glad he’s okay though!

  2. I’m glad they figured out a way to get him in there and still allow him time to fully recover, but I’m even more glad he’s okay! Hope he’s all better now!

  3. lorna says:

    I don’t watch, but love DB. Glad he is ok.

  4. Lyn says:

    I watch for everyone except Booth & Brennan, but I’m glad he’s OK.

  5. aph1976 says:

    I wonder if the scenes David taped taped that can inserted into episodes already filmed is of Booth been held captive somewhere.That way the scenes might be mostly with Booth alone and maybe trying to escape.

  6. Steven says:

    I’m glad David’s ok!

  7. Liz says:

    That could have been horrible! Sweets leaving last year broke my heart, I’m glad they found a creative way to get around David’s absence without causing too much stress to the viewers. I’m so glad David is feeling better!

    • too bad they couldn’t accommodate the actor who played Sweet. I don’t watch now that he is done. I find Tempe insufferable.

      • Tatharnio says:

        They accommodated him two years ago when he asked to take the first half of the season off to work on Vacation. They wrote him out temporarily, (remember his leave of absence from the FBI to work with inner city kids?) with a whole storyline to be resolved later. He then came back and told them he didn’t need the time off and wanted to be back on the show after all. They then had to shoehorn him back in to the planned episodes. So when he asked for the same thing for last season, you can understand why they were a little less accommodating.

  8. imars says:

    Wow, so our “gut” told us once again something was up. So happy to hear he has recovered and looking better than ever from the pics posted off set over the weekend

  9. Rita Sioros says:

    I am so Happy DB is well & able to return to BonesSeason11. He has been missed all summer! Sending Love!

  10. Carole says:

    Thought there was something going on cause of your tweet w/dad. Glad your better and will be wishing you well!

  11. Angel says:

    So glad he is all right. Wishing David the best!

  12. Marge says:

    I, like so many Bones fans have been very concerned about DB! I can totally relate to his health issues. I was hospitalized 38 days in May & June for severe reaction to medications. It felt like death at times so I hope & pray David is fully recovered and able to work!! Sending prayers & best wishes from the heart for a return of good health, David!! I have missed your comments and communications these past months!! Bless you and your family!! <3

  13. kmw says:

    I am glad he is ok. They obviously had a different story before he got ill and they had to make change.

  14. Doretha says:

    I’m thrilled to know that David is doing fine, Bones would have not been the same without him, continue to be in the best of health of David. Welcome Back.

  15. demographically insignificant says:

    1) glad to hear DB has recovered from his health scare. Antibiotics are a tricky thing!
    2) thank you to the show’s crew (particularly the editors) for working their magic with DB’s scenes!

    • kmw says:

      Yes a big thank you to cast and crew for making sure we can see Booth in first episodes. I am really glad David is ok. If they had to delay the show another month it would have been alright. His or any other actors health is more important than a television show The big change in titles for first two episodes made me think something was up. Once again happy he is ok and feeling better.

  16. Brooke says:

    Glad you are feeling better angel! Love Bones, wouldn’t be Bones without ya!

  17. L0rraine Pace says:

    Glad he is ok and he is happy to be back on Bones:-.

  18. David4 says:

    I’m glad that explains the stupid storyline and more so he’s ok!

  19. Jo says:

    I’m so sorry to read that David has been sick & so happy he is feeling better. Looking forward to Bones it’s been a long summer.

  20. patricia says:

    Hi, i am very glad that David is now on the road to a full recover. It’s great to see the team of Bones are coming back have missed the show. Good luck for season 11.

  21. b says:

    I’ve loved him since Buffy and Angel! He gets better looking the older he gets.

  22. Chelsea says:

    I’m so glad he’s ok. I have loved him since Angel. I had a bad reaction to an antibiotic also earlier this year! Very scary and takes a while to recover!

  23. carol says:

    I love that show cant wate tell it comes on

  24. "K" says:

    Fantastic that David (Booth) is going to be back on Bones. Bad choice of putting Betty White on the show. I refuse to watch any episodes she is in.

  25. patricia says:

    Hi Jeri, Thanks for the reply, It’s great to no that David is on the road to full health. Bones would not have worked if he had not come back, there would have had that the same magic,sexy , and action in if they had put some one else in. Thanks once again. Can’t wait for the show to start.

  26. Floxed says:

    My guess is that it was Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. If so, hope he speaks out about this poison!

  27. Helen duthie says:

    Glad to hear he is well and will be with Bones hope he gets a guy hug x

  28. Barbara White says:

    So glad your better David (Booth) just love you, can’t wait for season 11, and seeing you and Bones (Y) Love you <3

  29. I am glade he is going to be ok. Was really worried about him. I’m also happy that he will return to Bones.

  30. Connie DeVaux says:

    I just started watching Bones in June and love the show. TNT started the series from season 1 and is showing them in order. I do have to look away from some of the scenes which is why I had not watched the show sooner. I am looking forward to catching up before season 11. So glad that DB is well now.

    • patricia says:

      HI. Connis, I have watched all ten season about three times over time, because it’s just a great show. We have had to wait a long time for Bones and Booth together. Let hope they keep them that way. they have there ups and downs like anyother couple, but they work through them and so do the rest of the team that’s what make them so great. Welcome back team.

  31. mrsfoxxe says:

    Glad he’s ok. Like him, but don’t like her! Hope this last season

  32. Aubrey Adkins says:

    Point for those unaware, this kind of thing killed Bruce Lee. He had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic compound he was taking for a cold/stuffy head as well as I can remember. Allergic reactions can be fast and fatal or they can sneak up on you with the same disastrous results. Glad he is okay.

  33. Gail Soldato says:

    Been watching for Bones to show up. All though I’m sixties, I never miss a show. Great to hear about Betty White being added to show. She is a Wonderful Lady. Love to be like her in my older years. Even started rescuing dogs too, Never enough homes for our faithful, loving, funny dogs. So many dogs, not enough homes for them all. All need a family to love and care for them.

  34. Louise Gawrys says:

    I am SOOOO glad David is returning to Bones because it wouldn’t be the same ithout him. He is a very important part of the team.

  35. Sandra says:

    I am so glad he’s feeling better. And now I will keep watching. I would have been one sad fan

  36. Tracy says:

    A few weeks to recover from a reaction to an antibiotic – who is he kidding? Antibiotics don’t last that long in the system and you find out quickly if you can’t tolerate them! My brother is very allergic to penicillin which we discovered when he was a kid but even as a kid he had a terrible reaction after one dose and was recovered in two days! Same sibling also had a bad reaction to a vaccine as a kid but he would get the shot (back then the school mandated it), his arm would swell and be red, he would have a fever and be fine in around four days. Sorry David but this is a terrible story!

    • Namma says:

      1) Sorry Tracy but you are comparing apples and lawn mowers. Your brother was “a kid”. Children, teens and YOUNG adults recover much, much more swiftly than people who are older. Boreanaz is 46, not 10, not 13, not 22, not 30.

      Things change as you get older. Don’t believe me, go ask your family.

      2) It was polite that he let the information out. He did NOT have to. In other words, it’s non of your business anyways. What a graceless and nasty person you are to respond to a little news with some ill thought out rejoinder that only shows exactly how clueless you are. I guess that’s the face you love showing the world, eh?

      • mary jane caruso.. says:

        I love D.B. , I have to say I wasn’t. aware of his illness. I know I can love him so much so I try very hard not to find out too much. I would love to come to Hollywood to cook for him I make the best sauce he’ll ever eat/ I am Sicilian as my Mom would say not Italian but Sicilian. I know his Mother is an outrageous, cook, and baker I don’t bake I just make sauce for macaroni. I love you very much MR. D.B.

  37. Beth troxell says:

    I’m happy you are better. Love your show and all that you have been in. Love you

  38. Jennifer S says:

    I know Boreanaz is great at everything but I still think he would need anther week to recover.

    • Jennifer Steckling says:

      David Boreanaz is so strong and cool that he is really good that being Booth. I know that David Boreanaz was sick 😷 but hey HE BACK! HE IS READY TO ROLL! LET’S GO!

  39. Jennifer S says:

    I was so scared for him but hey HE’S BACK! What could they do without him