Alicia and Kalinda

The Good Wife Creators Break Silence on 'Kalicia'-gate, Insist 'There Was No Attempt to Dupe Viewers'

Last spring, I shared with you my disappointment/anger that the much-ballyhooed Alicia-Kalinda reunion/farewell scene in The Good Wife‘s Season 6 finale was shot — incredibly —without Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi ever being in the same room together. As I stated then, the behind-the-scenes issues that drove a wedge between the two Emmy-winning actresses was less of interest to me than the impact the apparent falling-out had on a show that I love.

Now, three months after that piece ran (and in the context of a larger fall preview piece, to be be published separately), series creators Robert and Michelle King agreed to speak to me about the controversy some have dubbed “Kalicia-“gate. Below, is the mostly raw transcript of our relatively brief exchange on the subject.

Before we get into Season 7, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. I want to give you a chance to comment on it and then we can all hopefully move on. Looking back on the past three seasons, and the creative maneuvering you had to do to avoid Kalinda and Alicia being in a scene together, there can be little doubt that it impacted the storytelling. My question is this: As showrunners, how much of your energy got devoted to keeping these characters at arms’ length — and were there specific instances where it may have hurt the storytelling, like Will’s death and Cary’s imprisonment?
ROBERT | One of those three seasons you’re talking about was the fifth season, which was, in my personal opinion, the best season we’ve ever done. And if you looked across critical reaction, you would see that’s the case, too. Maybe I’m not objective enough, but I would say some of our best seasons have been within the last three years. We’re writers and we love writing these characters, so we were thrilled at any chance to have new dynamics. We have always played off of [real]-life, like when we [lose] a character [i.e. when Josh Charles left the show] or when an actress is pregnant [like Melissa George]… we write it into the show. We want Alicia to be dealing with the same things we deal with. [Laughs] We just play off of life.

The scene in the finale was shot without Julianna and Archie in the same room together. You’d promised fans a “satisfying” wrap-up for Alicia and Kalinda: What do you say to viewers who feel like they were duped, and that a degree of trust has been broken between them and the show?
ROBERT | I would say… that was not the intent. The story of Alicia and Kalinda seemed to be a story about pride getting in the way of friendship. There was a deep friendship there, and because Kalinda slept with Peter, the relationship could not get over that hurdle — until, and this was always the plan, Alicia had a humiliation of her own, in this case a very public humiliation of a scandal. And what we always intended was for that humility to allow her to get over the boundary between them. The sadness is that it happened right at the point when Kalinda has to leave. Now I say the character’s names for a special reason — we’re talking about the storytelling. When someone sleeps with your spouse, you don’t get over it in a set period of time. Fans can feel what they want and we respect them because they keep the show on the air, but I hope they don’t feel duped. Because that’s fairly strong storytelling.
MICHELLE | We are certainly never ever hoping to hurt the fans’ feelings or make them feel like that trust has been broken. But we’re making the show every day using tricks, like if you’re in a car and there’s green screen and it looks like Chicago out the window but that’s not exactly where we are. That’s an every day, run-of-the-mill thing on the show.
ROBERT | If there was any point where the fans maybe should’ve felt duped, it was when Josh Charles left the show. We kept something from the fans for a long time, because we knew a year earlier that we were going to be killing Will… And I think when you play a real emotion, you get around that duped factor. That sense of, “Oh, this is all because of Josh not wanting to be on the show anymore…” Yes, but if we can play into that and make a story that means more, we’ll try to do it. And I think if the audience feels duped about the way Kalinda left, they should see how next season goes for them. This is a seven-season story of the education of Alicia. The other stuff, the elephant in the room you talk about, is all the gossip of it.

I just want to clarify: viewers didn’t feel duped about the way Kalinda was written out. They felt duped because those two characters — and their portrayers — were not in that scene together.
ROBERT | Here’s what I will say about that without going into the gossip of it… We’ve had reporters in the editing room before and they can see the tricks we bring to [the show]. What I don’t like is how this connects itself to gossip. Just so we’re clear, Josh wasn’t really killed. We faked those gunshots. We fake everything in the show, so I can address this on a storytelling level that there was no intent ever to dupe the viewers. We’ll be an open book there. But when it attaches to gossip, part of the privacy of the set and the privacy of what we do on the set, allowed us to keep secret the fact that Josh was leaving for almost a year before we showed that episode. Part of the shock was that we had such a tight, close-knit set — [The Good Wife cast and crew] know the difference between storytelling and who we are as human beings. And we benefit from that because we’re allowed to have reveals be secretive. I do know what you are going after, and the only thing I will address is the storytelling. The mechanics of how we do our show is its own thing and we’re usually an open book about it, until it comes down to gossip.

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  1. TaMara says:

    That was….awkward.

    • Big Mike says:

      Hope they bought new tap shoes for that dance they just provided us.

      • Mike M says:

        Clearly they would never have discussed it at all if it were not for the fact the seventh season is looming and the issue has stubbornly refused to die. “We do not wish to discuss anything other than the characters and the stories related to our show”. How hard is it to just say that? And if you really wanted to comment why now, why not back when you’ve been asked previously. CBS King Robots.

        And to do it so badly – yet another utterly failed public relations attempt. No intelligent person can ever trust a thing the King’s say now, I mean in his very own words “We fake everything in the show”.

        Season 7 is the last. I’m guessing it’s going to be interesting to see who survives to the end – a bit like being amongst the lions at the Colosseum; I want to stop this is utterly hideous what they are doing to us, but-I-just-can’t-turn-away.

        Michael I’d love to see the results of this poll: “Will you ever invest your viewing hours in another series starring Julianna Margulies?”.

    • pamill says:

      I wouldn’t say awkward, I would say unnecessarily condescending and somewhat insulting. The Good Wife is my favourite show, I have great respect for the Kings, but boy, this “no, dummy, tv isn’t real so stop asking stupid (=legit) questions” approach pisses me off. Yes, dear, we are aware that you don’t kill actors for death scenes and that you don’t make your star drive on the freeway when her character is driving on the freeway but that doesn’t explain why you needed to use special effects for a scene that due to its intimate nature, basically could have been shot with an iPhone ….IF both actresses in the scene had been willing to be in the same room while shooting it. “Kaliciagate” made the two actresses look bad, now these ridiculous comparisons make the Kings look bad. Lose-lose situation all thanks to unprofessional behaviour, yes unprofessional, because whatever their personal issues were, work was supposed to come first. And I say that as a big fan of all four of them.

      • suzyque says:

        Yes to all of this!

      • B says:

        I agree. I don’t even care about whatever happened between the he actresses, but the whole “we didn’t actually shoot Josh” thing is just an attempt to make anyone who is unhappy with this choice seem stupid. It’s an attempt to just shut people up, and that is annoying.

        • Not a Dummy! says:

          Was I born yesterday? How can anyone make a statement to say “we didn’t really shoot Josh.” I feel like that statement is directed at a 4 year old ….”you know he is not REALLY dead.” So the object of that statement was to Make the readers angry so they don’t notice that the interviewees never answered the question. They are being so defensive about their answers ~ I wonder even more about what’s really going on and why there is a gag order.

          I am sad that this incident has caused me to question watching the show at all.

          • jm says:

            In some years there will be a Lifetime Movie about the Matter. You need just to wait for that :)

          • Joc says:

            It feels like a statement directed at a 4 year old because it is; because if someone genuinely feels upset and duped that two actors are shown in a scene that the actors didn’t film together then that person IS acting like a 4 year old.

      • Daisy says:

        I agree. It would have been less annoying and far better (IMHO) for them to have said nothing, than what’s in this article. You’re not going to address the ‘gossip’, but there’s no actual reason that these two professional actresses couldn’t have spent a few hours together filming a scene. I get that they don’t want to address what goes on on the set, but this whole thing makes me like the Kings and the actresses less. Whatever personal differences Panjabi and Margulies might have with each other it’s time to grow up and be PROFESSIONAL. They get paid a lot of money to do a job and that should trump any negative feelings they have for each other. The Kings should have said that they weren’t going to put up with that BS and required that they film the scene together. WTH? This is just so odd. I love this show, but seriously they shouldn’t have said anything. They should have just left it alone and said they weren’t going to comment. *sigh*

        • Mary S says:

          I don’t know where Panjabi was at the time of this filming, and I really don’t care, but, considering that she was already written out of the show, she might have been on the opposite Coast, in production on another project.
          Anyone who takes offense at the way the scene was filmed really needs to find a new hobby!
          And, if someone is rude enough to ask questions about things that are none of their business, well, they open the door for whatever kind of BS answer is given.

          • ultimate troll says:

            Are you like, Julianna Marguiles’s grandma or something?

          • Nissa says:

            ultimate troll, you get a cookie! ;)

          • Amy K says:

            Exactly. Case closed.

          • Mike M says:

            FYI I will clear up your little problem: she was in a green room where she had been ordered to go by the show’s producers. People give up many hours of their lives watching a 6 or 7 season TV series. When they enjoy it they become engrossed in the characters and the plot stories. It can become something people get very attached to and invested in. So when the shows makers say in interviews to expect a very special and appropriate closure to the departure of one of the main characters then yes, it is a big deal to those people, especially that they have it from the “horses mouth”. When it happens and it’s been faked, on top of a never ended series of rumors and known separation of the two stars, all those fans want is for these people in the know to step up, recognize it’s US who made them, not the other way around, take it on the chin and tell the truth. And they refuse. May you’ve never be lied to over something you care about, though from your post it seems possible that there is nothing at all in this world you could care about enough for it to matter. So perhaps it’s YOU that needs the new hobby.

      • No. 1 Punjabi says:

        Agreed! VERY condescending! And, yes, very unprofessional behaviour all around!

      • Cactus Rose says:

        Totally agree.

      • I agree 100%. I don’t care if JM and AP hate each other. They are professional actors and could have sat in a room, in a scene for 30 minutes. People who don’t get along work together all the time. They were being immature (or maybe just one was, who knows.) Also, the Kings are doing the same thing to the viewers. They are treating us like idiots. Season 6 was not a good season and their condescending attitude is uncalled-for.

        • fiberlicious says:

          This BS did not help thie show one little bit. I really lost interest in it once I learned about JM’s prima dona behavior. First, we were deliberately duped. Then we’re “don’t worry your pretty head, dear”-ed by the show runners. I’m done here.

          Good job trying to make them answer the question, Michael – a lot of very famous interviewers let the non-answers slide. You gave it your all. Be proud.

          • No longer a fa says:

            I Agree! Micheal did a great job on the interview and that is why I am here. Micheal is not about gossip. He is about the fact. He tried very hard to clear the air on this issue once and for all. He tried to share our concerns and he was stonewalled with double-talk. I am now more frustrated with the lack of an answer and the pat on the head, “don’t worry…this is beyond your understanding.”

            I am done with the show and I will demonstrate my disappointment by no longer being involved with the show. I know my changing the channel won’t influence the ratings an iota; however, it will make a big difference for me

        • cookie says:

          Thank u thank you well said.

      • cookie says:

        Than you Pamill for this comment. To allow these 2 actresses to dictate to the creators, about on scene shooting is Rediculous! ! I felt more offended by their rashinal of the creators. Every contract should have a clause they have to finish shooting, no matter what. Cause before this I loved , loved Julianna Marqulles, now I feel she thinks the show is all about her, refusing to film with Archie, cause she became more, popular. Shame shame on these writers and still lying to us. And yes I was livid when I found out the final scene, was CGI. Don’t insult us, with this after 3 months babble! !!

      • George says:

        Pamill’s comment is spot-on. Treating your viewers like sheep or downright idiots (“we didn’t kill the actor”) is the worst thing to do, and only proves that whatever humbleness was there in the beginning is now gone, and that commercial success has once again partially ruined a fine show and totally ruined its writers.

      • joel f says:

        Agree w/ you 100% pamill… Great post…

      • lori says:

        Agree completely.

      • swanjun says:

        I wish there were a “like” button for this.

      • LinoaB says:

        Totally agree. The King’s attempted “distraction” from the real point was condescending and flat footed. They both lost a little respect from me to have talked down to this interviewer and their many, many viewers who quite legitimately wanted to know what the hell was getting in the way of these two women working together as pros.

        The “gossip” they pejoratively refer to is one of the expected by-products of a beloved show, where the characters and the actors are topics of conversation. Popularity of a program always breeds speculation. To deride it is insulting.

        They woud have done better to come clean or at least say “we do the best we can with the parameters we have.” I suspect there is some contractual reason why they can’t be candid in their explanation. It’s quite plausible that this is more than a professional courtesy or the Kings protecting their stars. (I’m convinced they have binding agreements that prevent them from telling any interviewer what’s really going on between Juliana and Archie.) That said, the snarkiness was uncalled for and inappropriate, and insults the fan base they rely on for their show’s success. Shame on them.

    • fiberlicious says:

      “Awkward” is forgetting to lock the bathroom door and being interrupted in mid-whatever. This was deliberate lying, manipulation, and obfuscation worthy of a couple of presidential candidates I don’t care to name.

      They really should stop it – they’re really bad at it.

    • JB says:

      Defensive and evasive.
      These people should be politicians.
      Sounds like they’re afraid of their stars throwing a tantrum, running to CBS and getting them fired.

    • Jeri says:

      No kidding. Talk about the elephant in the room. They act like children caught in the act that think denying it over & over will work. No-one asked about Will, only they kept bringing up Will. Count me as a former fan, I’ll still watch but I doubt the past enjoyment of viewing a good program will be there. Good job Aus. Thanks for calling them on their BS even though they refuse to admit it. Just like OJ.

  2. LK says:

    They managed to avoid answering the question repeatedly there. Why wont they comment on the controversy directly? Did you ask them why the two actresses didnt want to be filmed together?

    • danyelle says:

      Ausello stated up front he’s not there to gossip about the actresses drama. Just why the show bent backwards to accommodate it. Classy move IMO

      • LK says:

        Its not “gossip” if you ask them for facts.

        • Rob says:

          Mike did the best job he could’ve done in this case. They were giving him nothing and equating the truth with “gossip”

        • c-mo says:

          Robert somewhat addressed it by mentioning the “privacy of the set”, meaning it’s not for public discussion and will never be for public discussion. Imagine if you were an actor and you did something that could be considered career suicide on set but you were very well respected so it was kept quiet. Well, a bunch of reporters caught wind and started asking questions of the showrunners and the showrunners caved and blabbed. Do you think any other reputable actor will work on a show with an indiscreet cast/crew? I sure wouldn’t, regardless of amazing the script was. I wouldn’t be able to trust that my most private information wouldn’t be leaked just so someone could make a buck or two. I do t have to like that they won’t address the issue directly but I have to respect them for it. And I also have to respect Michael for asking the question in a way that was not offensive or accusing.

          • LK says:

            They can address it in a way that doesnt fuel the rumors or reveal secrets without being so damn shady about everything… wouldnt be the first time that actors on a show didnt get along… but the way this one is handling it is really bizarre.

          • Joey says:

            Let’s get one thing clear. This has nothing to do with making a buck or two. This has everything to do with the fact that a fan-base as loyal as The Good Wife’s, wasn’t reciprocated that loyalty in return. We were all told to be hype about their reunion, and regardless if this is about the storytelling or not, their reunion wasn’t anything to be hype over ESPECIALLY when it was discovered that the actresses, MEANING THE CHARACTERS, were not in the same scene. I think many people are over the gossip aspect of why JM and AP don’t like each other, but they want to know why it couldn’t have been handled more professionally.

            The Kings prides themselves on keeping the secret of Josh Charles’ leaving for so long. When the Kings themselves told us to be excited and hype because Alicia and Kalinda were reuniting after almost three seasons, they could’ve just kept that a secret as well, yet those chose not to. Gunshots being faked and two people having a quiet conversation in a bar are two completely different things; the reality is, in terms of production, one of those needs to be faked in order for it to even look believable…two people talking should not have to be faked.

          • Andrea says:

            But the “privacy of the set” argument sailed probably a year or so ago. Sure, the details are still private, but I don’t think many viewers are interested in the details. I know I’m not. The details are irrelevant and the concept of privacy is laughable at this point. I’m not even an actor, and I know something went on on that set. You don’t think someone who is about to work on TGW isn’t going to use his or her personal or professional contacts to, at least informally, get a true picture of the lay of the land? Robert and Michelle, the privacy that you think you’re maintaining is an illusion. You’re just simply choosing to not confirm details, but it’s widely speculated that your set’s a mess due to this issue. You two seem to be the only ones who seem to be under the impression that you’ve kept this matter private.

            I think we’ll eventually learn what happened, though maybe not for several years.

          • Lerbert says:

            I agree with your comment here. First, I think Ausellio asked questions in a way that was polite and not salacious and also representative of the fans who had a great appreciation for the Kalinda/Alicia relationship and were disappointed. The responses could have been better. But while I understand the frustration with the situation, frankly, none of us should expect any kind of explanation as to why the actresses didn’t shoot this scene together from the show-runners because they most certainly cannot publicly comment on their actors and their behaviors as they are still shooting. As you point out, c-mo, who is going to want to work on that set if the King’s make those kind of comments? This is a show that has a revolving door of actors.

            Certainly to have this scene play-out the way it did wasn’t a creative choice and the Kings must have had an inkling this would put them in a tough spot with critics which would make anyone sound defensive. That being said, I don’t know why they thought an off-the-cuff response was the best approach. I can’t imagine they pre-planned those analogies of Will’s death and other green-scene fakery. Ultimately, the real d’oh! moment was hyping up the “satisfying reunion” before it was shot. Now it seems that this situation is going to be one of the top “worst” moments when the show wraps up and “the gossip of it” will probably follow the actresses around for some time.

          • Angela says:

            @LK: Yeah, if they’d hoped to try and divert attention away from all the mystery surrounding this whole situation with their answers here, they…failed. Badly. All their answers did was make people even more curious to know the full truth.

        • Mary says:

          It is gossip when it is not about you personally. Fact is everyone is upset because they don’t know why those two women maybe had a falling out.

        • Gimme a break. The only reason anyone cares about this or that they feel entitled to a “genuine” last scene with the actresses in the same room is because of the sheer amount of time spent reporting on this “news”. It doesn’t matter that most people were fooled the first time they saw it. It says a lot that the story holds together if you don’t poke at it. It’s not an issue until after we overanalyze and point fingers and conjecture imaginary diva attitude problems into these amazing actresses. It is the best broadcast network show on TV. Nothing else matters if you were entertained.

        • Mary S says:

          But if the “facts” you seek are about someone’s private life and personal feelings, what make you think you are entitled to them?? Either you like the show, the characters, and the storyline, or you don’t. You watch the show for those things, not for the PRIVATE, BEHIND-THE-SCENES, none-of-your-darn-business gossip.
          Would you like for your every thought and feeling to be scrutinized, if it had nothing to do with the job you were doing? And don’t try to tell me that one scene was the pivotal scene of the entire season…it wasn’t. And for an outsider to sit in judgment on a situation about which he/she knows NOTHING is beyond rude and meddlesome.
          And all the comments here sound like you all REALLY need to get a life and quit trying to run everybody else’s!
          If they thought it was significant to your understanding of the show, they would tell you. As it is, you are just revealing the prurient side of your nature, and it is not pretty.

          • ultimate troll says:

            All people probably want is the two actors in question to be professionals and work together on the show they both work on.
            True, the show had a reason for K and A to be distant to one another but for it to become noticeable over the course of years that they didn’t share screen time and only spoke on the phone means it is effecting the show itself.
            Did we get an Alicia and Kalinda scene after Will’s death? Anyone want to claim that was a creative decision?
            The King’s should have just said the last scene wasn’t an attempt to trick anyone and that they thought it turned out fine – and left it at that.

          • Andrea says:

            “Would you like for your every thought and feeling to be scrutinized, if it had nothing to do with the job you were doing?”
            Here is the flaw in your argument, Mary. It had A LOT to do with the job that was being done (or in this case, not being done). The job that was supposed to be done here is acting, and these two people could not share a room long enough to end their story by performing in the same room. Not only in this scene, mind you, but this situation has affected the on-screen dynamic of the show for quite awhile, in the form of lots of telephone calls and minimal scenes between two important characters. It is grossly inaccurate to say that this had nothing to do with the job that was being done. It had everything to do with the job because the situation affected the final product that was seen onscreen.

          • Amy K says:

            Mary S., perfect answer. As you say, “Either you like the show, the characters, and the storyline, or you don’t. You watch the show for those things, not for the PRIVATE, BEHIND-THE-SCENES, none-of-your-darn-business gossip.” The idea that anyone feels entitled to more than that is inappropriate. Perhaps the complainers should switch their viewing habits and watch more reality programming, where they can meddle in some real drama (please note tongue firmly planted in cheek).

      • suzyque says:

        Agreed. He was not asking for gossipy details of the rumoured feud; he was trying to get them to discuss how they, as the showrunners, couldn’t do their job and get two actresses to momentarily put aside their differences for the good of the show. Equating Will getting shot as a “trick” that’s the same as actors performing a simple two-hander scene is ridiculous.

    • Mary says:

      Read between the lines, they are never going to say why the two actresses don’t care for each other, nor should they. It happens every day people who work with each other don’t get along. In this case they were able to work around that. Is is unprofessional, probably but I think what they are saying is that they are not going to feed into the gossip of it. Time to move on, maybe down the road one of the these two women will tell but I give them credit for not feeding into the frenzy.

      • Steven says:

        I don’t always get along with my coworkers. The difference? I don’t let it interfere with how I do my job and my overall performance. Julianna and Archie did.

        • Mary says:

          My statement said it was unprofessional, however it is time to move on. The writers worked around it, not to everyone’s liking but it is over and done. Why should they reveal why the actresses didn’t get along. Maybe Micheal should ask one of them and not the writer of the show.

          • Jamie Ball says:

            Again, no one was asking them to reveal why they don’t get along. The question was why couldn’t they be professional and work together? And why didn’t the Kings, as showrunners, require them to?

          • Mary says:

            @Jamie – you answered your own question. Put yourself in that position. How would you have answered the question without revealing specifics. There could be many reasons why the last scene was shot that way, and not only because they didn’t get along.

  3. peace2speak says:

    A lot of deflecting, changing the topic, and downright lies. Lost a lot of respect for them after reading this.

    • Antonio Kerty Mota says:

      Same here. It’s actually embarrassing to read something like this knowing these were two adults talking… I feel sorry for Ausiello!

    • Sabrin says:

      For a second I thought I was reading a statement by my local politician

      • Herman1959 says:

        I know. I’m so glad that I don’t watch this show because this would have been the final straw for me because it’s such and insult to the viewers. The worst thing, though, is that they implied that people know the scene was false because there was a REPORTER in the editing room – like people watching couldn’t tell

    • Jamie says:

      Totally agree. They could just say it was a private matter and leave it at that. To equate it to the death of another character (he wasn’t really shot) is just lame. I respect privacy. I don’t respect trying to justify it as anything else.

    • B says:

      agreed. Why even agree to comment on the situation if you are going to give non-answers

  4. GeoDiva says:

    They really don’t get it!

    • Abe Froman says:

      They really don’t. We obviously know they fake locations with green screen, etc. because they don’t shoot in Chicago. But this was a small, intimate scene between two actors who COULD have (ans should have) been in the same room.

      • swanjun0 says:

        *All* gunshot scenes in TV shows are faked. Two characters talking a foot part? Possibly never faked unless one actor is playing their own twin or something!

  5. Rob says:

    So they’re just going to equate it to they’re not really driving in a car and Josh isn’t really dead. No s*it, Sherlock. Obviously you don’t literally kill actors when they die. But the base level of how shows work is that when two characters share a scene, they’re actually in the same room at the same time. Period. End of story. Don’t try to make it out that we don’t understand movie magic. Thanks for bringing this to us, Mike. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the interview, I would’ve been seething.

    • Will says:

      Even Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano were able to film together during Season 3 of Charmed when tension was at its highest. If those two managed to film physically together, then surely these two could have as well!

    • Mary S says:

      For all we know, one of the actresses was ill that day, with violent stomach or digestive issues, unable to sit still for more than 20 minutes at a time. I know that there have been days that I refused to be more than 10 paces from my bathroom; haven’t any of you? And would you really like to say that to 10 million people? It’s better to talk about the show than say “Oh, yeah, that was the day I threw up all over the set and couldn’t finish a sentence without being physically ill.”
      Have you never had a situation in your life that really was NOBODY’S BUSINESS BUT YOUR OWN? And there was that one person who kept trying to make you talk about it? And didn’t you just want to shove your fist down their throat for being so bloody nosy, but you couldn’t so you gave them the most outrageous answers you could imagine?
      Yep, sounds like what Robert did…he was protecting secrets not his own, and he did it well.

      • abjr says:

        okay, one of them had an upset tummy for two years……now it makes sense:)

      • Amelia says:

        I don’t need to know details, but I would’ve much rather preferred they said “Its a private matter, we tried our best to give the fans and the story what they wanted” and not act like we’re idiots and didn’t know Josh Charles was shot.

      • Dmac says:

        Wow, we get it you think it is none of our business. The problem with that line of reasoning is that you aren’t the one to decide what is and isn’t our business and you never will be.

        People are curious and the Kings gave a half a** explination that created the exact opposite effect that they wanted. They are the show runners and they are dealing with actors who make millions per season and they are supposed to be in charge and yet it seems that the actors were running the show and not the other way around.

        Many actors don’t get along and yet they still are in scenes together because that is their job. The conflict between the two did effect the flow of the show so yes, I do think it is my business. So get over yourself.

  6. Chris says:

    So basically they didn’t answer not even one portion of any of your questions lmao I think I am sitting next season out. The least they could do it just say a simple statement of “yes Julianna an Archie had personal issues that we all did our best to work around and that is all we will say” But going on and being condescending about “josh charles didn’t really get shot” etc they can take 1,000 seats with that bull crap, I am over it.

    • Rob says:

      Right! The so called “gossip” would be stopped if they were allowed, or chose, to comment on the “gossip.” Julianna, the Kings, and even Archie (although I think she probably got a gag order) make this 100x worse by saying nothing. Squash it and move on.

    • I agree. Just remain silent if you are not going to add anything to the conversation. To say Josh wasn’t really killed is insulting!

  7. Jay says:

    What a bunch of bull! They managed to talk around every single question asked and chalk it up to us not knowing how a TV show is made. We may not know every technical aspect, but most shows have the actors FILM together.

    They really want us to believe that we can’t tell the difference between Josh and Will. Have several seats.

    *rolls eyes*

    • Rob says:

      By the way, I work in TV, and I know how it’s made. All shows have actors film together. This green screen CGI garbage rarely ever happens.

      • percysowner says:

        There are rare times when green screen is acceptable and necessary. On Supernatural for the season 2 finale, they wanted to bring John back. Unfortunately Jeffrey Dean Morgan had other commitments and couldn’t make it to Vancouver to shoot in person. So they green screened him and inserted him into the scene. I’m sure there have been other times when illness or inability to reach the set have made using green screen the only way to shoot the scene. But refusing to work with an fellow actor for an hour or two is ridiculous.

        • Rob says:

          Exactly! Extenuating circumstances—not personal relationships between actors. If I didn’t have to be in a room with every coworker I didn’t like, I’d be alone a lot. Suck it up, grow up, and film the scene.

  8. Margo says:

    Wow! I would have to give them a pat on the back for how they managed to avoided the same question THREE TIMES in a row. They only added fuel to the fire, clearly, there was no “close knit” family between Julianna and Archie…there is no smoke without fire. They can talk about storylines all they want but are they going to tell me Julianna and Chris consistently have the same arrangement to preserve the story telling? Probably not. They will never admit to the drama but I think its safe to say, we know there WAS something going on between the two of them and it’s unfortunate it had to happen because they ruined probably one of the best friendships on TV. Oh well.

  9. EM says:

    Damage control before the new season starts. I don’t even care that much that they did it anymore except for the fact that it was so poorly done that I noticed it. If they were going for “fake” then they were successful. The gossip part of the two actresses…no one really knows what goes on behind the scenes so no point in speculating.

  10. Scott21 says:

    Who cares about the death of Will in an interview which is about Alicia and Kalinda? I mean I am sad that Will died, but that story was great. This story wasn’t at all… They are mentioning Josh Charles’ depature again and againg to distract the readers about the Julianna and Archie situation… Nobody felt duped when Will died because we wasn’t promised Will will live forever, but we were promised to get a satisfying Alcia and Kalinda scene which we never get to see. This is interview is the oldest trick when you don’t want to deal with a problem you create another one…

  11. TGWfan says:

    The “pride” explanation is BS. Alicia and Kalinda have been talking over the phone (and only over the phone) for a season and a half. So, was Alicia mad at Kalinda or not? Was she just mad when she was in the same building, but hey, over the phone it’s all OK?

    • John NYC says:

      “over the phone” was likely to an aide reading the other end’s part of the conversation: and then they spliced…

  12. Lily says:

    So a complete and utter refusal to answer the question. No one should let them off the hook for this until somebody answers the question. They brought it on themselves and now they have to face the consequences.

    • Mary says:

      It is none of the fans business if their was tension behind the scenes. I see what they are saying, for the story how do you forgive your friend when they slept with their husband? They don’t have to answer the question, it is really nobody business. I actually give them a lot of credit. Look at it this way if you leave employment do you want your boss bad mouthing you???

      • Whatever says:

        You are *really* missing the point. It *isn’t* about the gossip or the tension behind the scenes. It’s the utterly ridiculous non-explanation that this team gave several teams, all the while insulting the fans. Here’s a way to do it without apologizing or acknowledging any gossip. “Sometimes things happen that require you to work quickly within certain constraints.” Full stop. If they weren’t going to discuss anything beyond that, rather than insult the show’s fans with “we didn’t really shoot Josh” instead of answering any follow up questions they could have shook their heads until Michael moved on to a different line of questioning. But for you to sit there and say that the fans are just begging to know the dirt behind the scenes – I don’t think that’s the case at all, and I question *your* motivations for posting all over this board.

  13. Mare says:

    I don’t even watch this show and have never watched it, just read Ausiello’s article, but WOW. I don’t think it’s possible for these people to dodge the questions and completely miss the point more.

  14. Emily says:

    My issue is not that they were not in an actual scene together. My issue is that them not being able to even do a scene together reflects poorly on two actors whom I respect. It also seems to speak to the nature of panjabi’s departure from the show. If she is leaving based on her relationship with Marguiles, even in part, that is not gossip, that’s a reason for fans to be concerned about the show. The moment you let actor drama dictate storytelling is the moment the story begins to suffer.

    • fayedigi says:

      I agree with a lot of the comments here, particularly the one from Emily. The question was not answered and the bringing in of Josh Charles’ character was irrelevant. These actors get a decent amount of money and most of us “common folk” don’t have the privilege of working with only people we like. The actors should not be dictating the storytelling. My opinion of The Good Wife – which had been my favorite or one of my favorite shows has gone down alot. I will continue to watch, but it won’t be at the top of my list.

  15. Antonio Kerty Mota says:

    Is it just me or were they kind of rude? Ausiello never asked about the feud between the actresses involved, he asked them to confirm they didn’t film that last scene together, nothing more. But hey, that’s the reaction people have when they know they did “something wrong” and don’t want to admit.

    • Herman1959 says:

      Definitely, VERY rude.

    • JM says:

      Agree. Rude. Condescending. Failure to answer any questions and an inept attempt at misdirection to “Josh”. This interview was a bunch of malarkey and Michael should have been more of an “Aushole” and confronted them over their failure to answer the question.

  16. Robert says:

    does anybody really think they’re going to address this while the show is still on air? of course not.

  17. ale says:

    those writers should be politicians

  18. Kailani says:

    I had already given up on the show after that scene, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to read an interview like this. Unfortunately, their responses only fueled and confirmed EXACTLY why I won’t watch the show again. They treat the viewers like we are idiots. No thank you.

  19. James says:

    That was a useless article. It basically didn’t answer anything accept CONTRIBUTE to the conspiracy. Sometimes it’s better just to rip the band-aid off. Ya know?

  20. Lisa says:

    This level of BS non-answering makes me feel less guilty about quitting this show

  21. Ladymoonkac says:

    Not only did they AVOID answering the “real” question, but went out of their to deflect it! WHY did Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi have a falling out and what was it about? Sure seems like the show went out of their way to accommodate this riff which is also strange behavior on the part of a network.

  22. Steven says:

    He keep saying he won’t comment on gossip, but that just adds to the gossip. I just want answers, not a bunch of dodging the question. No one asked about when Josh Charles left, but he kept changing the subject to that.

  23. johnhelvete says:

    I still think the more interesting question is why the scene in question was badly filmed and edited, and why they did not get a more experienced director to shoot the scene (pretty sure Robert King directed the episode). The Kings are never going to answer why the two actresses were not in the room together and I am not sure the fans are really entitled to know why. I do think the fans are entitled to a better version of the scene and the borderline incompetent way it was filmed was inexcusable.

  24. NB says:

    So glad we got an answer about Josh’s departure when all we wanted to know was the deal with Alicia and Kalinda’s final scene…That was some skillful avoidance

  25. Jan says:

    “Josh wasn’t really killed.” No, really?? How unsatisfying! Do they really think we’re all that stupid? OY!!!

  26. Steve F. says:

    Wow, Michael. Just… wow. How you were able to restrain yourself after being force-fed the same excuses the Kings gave you is the sign of a true professional. (Seriously, the Josh Charles-Will analogy made me want to slap my forehead and groan for them thinking that the viewers were stupid.)

  27. John NYC says:

    “and the creative maneuvering you had to do to avoid Kalinda and Alicia being in a scene together, there can be little doubt that it impacted the storytelling.”

    They quite obviously, for public consumption at any rate: disagree.

  28. bill says:

    Is this all because Archie won an emmy and developed a sizeable fan-base? The “star” didn’t want to share the spotlight?

    • jeronimojackson says:

      That’s my read, as well as all the critical acclaim Archie received. The character, Kalinda, was mysterious and much more entertaining than Alicia.

  29. dru mont says:

    Most of us have to work with people we may dislike – but we have to put those differences aside for the sake of the whole team. If there are legal reasons why no one can speak the truth about this unfortunate situation involving THE GOOD WIFE, then I wish they would just go ahead and admit it. I hate that the two actresses had to be separated from each other and if one or both of them pulled this diva act, then it seems like it will hurt their reputations. I will continue to watch THE GOOD WIFE – it has been one of my favorite TV series for years, but the show has been marred by this mysterious upset.

  30. Katrinka says:

    All I need them to say is “Yes, the two actresses were not in the same room when the scene was shot. Did we want to do it that way? No. Was it necessary to do it that way? Yes.”

    I don’t need the “gossip” behind it or any details – just admit what you did without spin doctoring &/or deflecting.

  31. Hannah says:

    “The Good Wife Creators Break Silence” << They broke no silence! They didn't comment on it at all! They keep trying to say the Josh Charles thing was a bigger deal. Yes, it was surprising but the Alicia/Kalinda friendship was such a unique thing on the screen that it kept me coming back over and over. It may be "gossip" but if you're going to say "break silence" provide some actual answers to the questions being asked.

  32. Cate53 says:

    The problem was they tried to make it seem like their would be a JULIANA/ ARCHIE scene not just a Kalinda/ Alicia scene. There really was no need to have them appear together but for the fact everyone had been speculating on the supposed feud and that we wouldn’t see them together ever again. This scene WAS meant to dupe us, to make us think the actresses on the show were able to suck up any personal differences and film one lousy goodbye scene for a major character.
    I love The Good Wife, but this business has definitely made me think less of the actors and producers.

  33. queenbrat says:

    They never directly answered the question. They just deflected and went around in circles.

  34. Raymond says:

    The most annoying thing is how they pulled out of their butts the excuse that Alicia was not ready to forgive Kalinda until she experienced her own humiliation. Cool, ok except for the fact that Alicia had already forgiven Kalinda in season 4 and they made their peace. It would’ve been one thing if there was another falling out over Kalinda betraying Cary and giving Lockhart Gardner the address of Florrick, Agos when they got found out. But there was never anything. I’m not sure why they can’t just say “this is a private matter and we respect the fans dedication to this show and we apologize for the way this has affected our show”. Instead they talk down to the fans and say things like people don’t die when they’re shot on screen. What?

  35. Andrew says:

    Would it have been so difficult for them to just answer “Yes” to the first question? All shows have real world obstacles that you have to write your way around. While writers would usually prefer not to have such obstacles, that’s not an option. Sometimes you find a workaround that works great. Sometimes you end up at one that’s unsatisfactory.

    It’s perfectly fine that they don’t want to talk about the underlying cause of this particular obstacle (although I can’t wait for the day that someone dishes), but I can’t see why it would be particularly harmful for them to simply acknowledge that never being able to put their lead in the same room as a major supporting character was not what their storytelling preference. If I may use their favored Dead Will analogy, they were perfectly will to acknowledge the real world obstacle in that instance (i.e. Josh Charles wanting to leave) being one they’d rather not have had to deal with.

  36. Pixel says:

    My question is: now that Archie is gone…who’s going to be the next one to be exiled from Alicia’s reign and get awful storylines?

    • Ashbash says:

      I thought it was obviously going to be Cary. I will not be surprised if Matt Czuchry is the next actor to leave the show. Want to talk about an actor whose storylines always turn out in the pits. Nothing makes me angrier than the fact that they had Cary created his own law firm only for Alicia and Diane to hijack it. What I want to know is what did Matt ever do to deserve the disservice that his character gets

      • Pixel says:

        “What I want to know is what did Matt ever do to deserve the disservice that his character gets”.
        Being Archie’s friend? I think in that show it’s enough to be treated like rubbish.
        And unfortunally if season 7 is the last one he won’t have the time to leave the show but I’m sure the Kings will find a satisfyng way to screw up his character and storylines anyway.

  37. jbutler says:

    It seems that the storytellers were not or did not want to answer the question of the last scenes with Kalinda and Alicia. They sure had a lot to say about Josh Charles. Why not what went wrong with K&A

  38. Jerry says:

    Unbelievable. Thank you Michael for asking the obvious questions, but the Kings are still unwilling to admit that they tried (and failed) to trick their loyal audience into believing the characters were willing to say goodbye to each other. If they had any respect for the fans, they would simply admit that one or both of the actresses refused to act in the same scene together and they felt there was nothing they could do about it. At least be honest with all of us and not try to deflect from the questions by bringing up the storyline of Will’s death. That storyline had nothing to do with the fact that the two actresses did not film together and because of that, the final scene between Alicia and Kalinda was awkward and fake. What the creators should remember is that loyal fans will still have fond memories of the show, but because of their refusal to get the network involved and force the actresses to do the real scene together, the show’s legacy will always have this black eye upon it.

  39. jim says:

    Quite the politician…a host of blah blah blah…misdirection and no straight answers.

  40. Yunuem says:

    “The Good Wife cast and crew] know the difference between storytelling and who we are as human beings.” In that case tell the actresess to suck it up and do their damn job, we all have to work with people we don’t like and we manage to do it, they should’ve done the same

  41. Mickey Mouse says:

    Spin, spin, spin! Own up and answer the question! Trust having been lost isn’t the biggest concern; it’s that last season was abysmally bad. Cancel this mess.

  42. Michaela says:

    Really disappointed, totally ridiculous how they refused to answer questions. These questions were because of the way they handled both characters. They really talked down to the interviewer and the shows viewers…

  43. AJ says:

    These are the most ridiculous responses I’ve ever heard. Robert says at one point he knows what you are getting at. As if you are asking him why Margulies and Panjabi can’t be in the same room. That is clearly not what you are asking. You are simply asking if the fact that they could not be in the same room for the last 3 seasons effected the stortelling and they are saying no, which I do not buy. You weren’t gossiping or asking about gossip, you were asking questions about the quality of storytelling being effected by behind the scenes drama. And they will not admit to it.

    And then they want to compare using fake gunshots for Will’s deaht to the camera trickery they used for the Alicia/Kalinda scene. That’s just a ridiculous comparison. Obviously fake gunshots HAD to be used. But the camera trickery was NOT a necessity other than for the sake of the drama between the actresses.. Just shaking my head and the ridiculousness of their answers.

  44. Hipper says:

    Of course they won’t comment on it. Juliana Margulies is a producer of TGW and the controversy involves her.

  45. Ben Kabak says:

    But there was a clear attempt to dupe fans. They aren’t in the scene together! Please, Kings, stop comparing this to Josh Charles. IT IS NOT THE SAME.

  46. Louise says:

    They provided zero information. Their response was insulting to everyone’s intelligence. Even less likely to tune in next season.

  47. JC says:

    And this is why I would never watch this show again. They’re writers can’t even answer a simple question.

  48. Tom says:

    Sounds like the creators are blaming fans for becoming invested in the characters.

  49. Kymberlie says:

    You know it’s disappointing because at the end of the day I feel like the actors should have had more respect for the show and just got on with it. The show runners have had to make the best from what I can only imagine was a nightmare situation dealing with actors egos and now they’re having to answer the questions which really should be julianna and archie’s to answer.

  50. Deni says:

    That was the most pointless jumble of words i’ve ever read…. they didn’t even say anything about anything…