Scream Recap

Scream Recap: Family Secrets

Scream‘s body count remained steady on Tuesday — sorry, sickos! — but our ever-expanding list of theories skyrocketed following several major reveals.

Let’s get the biggest twist out of the way first: Emma has an older sibling, a brother or sister who could very well be the person killing everyone she cares about (and also Nina). It turns out that “Daisy,” in an act of rebellion against her cheating boyfriend, slept with Brandon James, then left town so she could complete her pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption.

(Side note: Didn’t Emma also have a boyfriend who cheated on her with the most popular girl in school? My, how history loves to repeat itself.)

Scream RecapColor me crazy, but that first revelation has to be connected to the second-biggest surprise of the night: Piper, the bespectacled podcaster who somehow remains un-stabbed, has major daddy issues. Sure, that might not seem like anything special — after all, having daddy issues is a prerequisite for all characters on this show — but there was something about the way she referred to her dad “never coming back” that has me thinking: She must be Brandon James’ daughter, and Emma’s older sister, right? Frankly, the only reason I even question that theory is because it feels too obvious at this point.

Speaking of parents who are just the worst, Brooke’s dad finally told her the truth — or his version of the truth, at least — about that body he was seen moving in the security footage. Apparently, and I’ll remind you that this is all according to Brooke’s dad, the body belonged to a man who O.D.’d in their house; he was a friend of her mom’s and didn’t have any identification on him at the time. In order to avoid a scandal, which apparently worked real well, he disposed of the body and sent Brooke’s mom off to rehab. Pssh, a likely story.

And then there’s good ol’ Seth Branson… or should I say Seth Palmer, the original name he used when his teenage girlfriend was murdered at his previous school. That little identity reveal, coupled with the bloody knife Noah and Audrey found in Branson’s Palmer’s classroom, landed the touchy teacher in handcuffs — and right in the middle of hookup-turned-bloodbath with Brooke. (Either way, dude’s guilty of something.)

All right, it’s time to lay your theories on me: Is Piper the daughter of “Daisy” and Brandon? Is Brooke’s dad lying about the O.D.’d corpse? And isn’t Seth a little too obvious to be the real killer? Drop a comment with your latest hypotheses below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Michael R says:

    It’s one of these 3 theories (all of which include Mr. Branson being the true mastermind’s accomplice)
    1. Piper is the daughter of BJ & Daisey
    2. Father & son sherif & Kieran as BJ (after stupid convoluted facial reconstruction surgery) and BJ/Daisey bastard son
    3. Kieran alone is mastermind. In season finale, casual convo btw sherif & Daisey reveals, oh, by the way, Kieran was adopted. Dun dun dun!

    Again, Branson is definitely a recruited stooge in all 3 scenarios. He was the only one who knew where Brooke would be the night either she or Riley were on the chopping block & the trailer for next week made it sound like he’s always at least been the voice on the phone.

    • tvfan says:

      I like the sheriff being involved. That or is his just completely incompetent. It bothers me when people are not paranoid about their safety. A killer is on the loose, law enforcement is clueless, but people are constantly alone and vulnerable, what gives?

    • JS says:

      Yea Theory 1 holds the most weight!

      It’s 100% Kieran… That’s been obvious since almost episode 3. The question is who is the 2nd killer. The mom did say “I don’t even know if it was a boy or a girl”…. And Piper the reporter keeps dropping “from someone whose dad is never coming back”. Maybe Maggie gave birth to Piper? And the killer “knocked out” Piper in front of Will and kept him alive so that he would tell the others that Piper wasn’t involved since she was “attacked”…. I kind of feel like it’s Kieran and Piper…

      I was sure the Sheriff was Brandon James’ brother, but now I don’t know. Definitely not Jake. And Mr. Branson will be the last big red herring before the reveal (after several obvious red herrings like Noah, Tyler, Audrey, and the Mayor). It’s obvious they wanted to go through each major cast member as a red herring. I’m not sure if they’re doing a season 2 but I feel like either Maggie or Brooke or Jake is getting the ax next.

      • Chris says:

        What is the significance of Audrey having a photo of Brandon James on her mirror? How does the murder of Audrey’s private-school girlfriend factor into all of this? Practice for the killer(s)? Could the Brandon James murders all be the red herring and the real focus should have been on Nina’s murder? That would make Audrey quite the suspect. She would need a partner, because the killer is much taller than her.

        Why not three killers? Sheriff is Brandon James’s older brother (or maybe even Brandon James himself after massive plastic surgery); Piper/Kieran is the child of Brandon and Daisy. And…..Noah is the wannabee killer who is obsessed with the Brandon James murders and wants to emulate them. He certainly has gotten over Riley’s death quite quickly…

        In any event, given the genetic syndrome that Brandon suffered from, it’s a 50/50 proposition that Daisy and Brandon’s offspring also suffered from it and would need massive amounts of reconstructive surgery to appear unaffected.

        If Seth Palmer/Branson is the Brandon/Daisy offspring, then this strikes me as far too obvious (Bran’s-son). Is it worth noting that Palmer is the last name of Betsy Palmer, the actress who played Jason Voorhees’s mother in Friday the 13th, and who was avenging her son, who drowned in a lake? Hmmmmm….

        In the case of multiple killers, what I truly hope this series does is take a page out of what they did on Harper’s Island years ago, and that’s show us at least one of the killers in Ep 9, and then have Ep 10 be a balls-to-the-wall finale where motives and connections are revealed and we finally get closure without some god-awful coincidences. Part of the fun of these mysteries is having all the info in front of us needed to solve it and connecting the pieces.

    • I have always thought Kieran was either involved or a red herring but I am hoping that he is not the child put up for adoption since he and Emma slept together. It’s the only reason I don’t think he is BJ’s child.

      I think of everyone left in the show that Piper has the best chance of being BJ’s child. I also thought, maybe, Mr. Branson/Palmer was her brother. They are close in age – maybe they are twins? But Daisy would know if she had twins, right?

      • brigitte says:

        The ultra sound only showed one baby.

      • Joseph says:

        Mr. Branson is in his LATE twenties or early thirties. He’s a teacher. Not a college student. Which makes it IMPOSSIBLE for him to be Brandon James son. The baby was born between 1994-95. There is only ONE person on the entire show who could be 21 years old, and that’s PIPER.

    • brigitte says:

      If it is Keiran then the sheriff would have to involved. How else would Keiran be enrolled in school as the same age as Emma?

      • Pierre-Yves says:

        the weird thing is ..Keiran said at like epi 2 or 3 to his fatyher im your son, your 21jump street snitch which might involve the sherrif was investigate at the college

  2. Cody S. says:

    As much as I love this show, I am curious as to how the writers will keep it going with the same cast next season. I think this would have worked better as an anthology type series where each season introduced a new group of characters and a new incarnation of the killer.

    • DL says:

      I totally agree. But on the other hand they managed to do it with the film series. So I’m holding out hope they’ll pull it off. The series has impressed me thus far.

    • Skyler says:

      An anthology series would’ve been cool because I love American Horror Story, but I think they could get a good three or four seasons out of Emma. I think it will be a lot like the movies. Emma always survives along with a select few and then their are new characters each season. But the only issue is, it could get very repetitive and boring if they don’t change it up a bit. Scream was awesome but it did suffer from repetitiveness and that ruined the third movie (part of the reason it was bad) but the fourth one recovered from it (at least in my opinion)

  3. Steve says:

    If Piper is behind it all she has to have an accomplice, which would either be Branson or Jake. Piper could have been the girl Branson had an affair with at the previous school. I must say though that I feel Jake has to have some role in all this due to the fact is one of the only victims still alive, other than piper. Its also a classic scream move for the soon to be revealed killers to be stabbed in non vital places as a cover beforehand. I felt strongly Branson was the lone killer from the beginning, but they would not reveal it this earlier if he really was. I suppose it also cant be ruled out that piper is James child, but not the killer. Overall, I’m am very intrigued to see how this all plays out as it could really make or break this series.

    • DL says:

      I kind of agree about Jake, but on the other hand I don’t know… He was stabbed in the left side of the chest. So he had to be very lucky (or the killer was very precise, if it was deliberate) not to have any sort of injury to the heart. That said, he still should have had a punctured lung which can easily be fatal. Seems like a pretty risky injury to fake.
      However, this is TV and it’s possible to write it all off for dramatic effect. So at this point I don’t really know whether to suspect him or not. However my top suspects are definitely Piper and Kieran. And I’m also thinking we’ll have two killers in classic Scream fashion.

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  5. ryuu says:

    the killer is Piper.. who is an estranged sibling of Emma n a transgender.. duh

  6. Roland says:

    What do you think going the killer is kean

  7. robandco says:

    It has to be Piper and Branson. It’s always a duo. They either dropped major clues last night (daddy issues) or some PLL writers have been moonlighting in the Scream writers room…

    • Brendan says:

      It’s NOT always a duo. In Scream 3 it was just one killer (although they did plan for Angelique to be the second killer) but in the end it was just the one and it was on that seemed dead at first. So just because someone died doesn’t mean they are dead… except for Will and Tyler, they are dead.

      • robandco says:

        I realized I have yet to watch Scream 3. It’s been ages since I’ve watched them but I don’t remember them so well. My bad!
        I sure hope poor Will is dead because I guess he can’t recover from being sliced in two in front of a witness.

  8. Mr. Smith says:

    Who plays Emma’s father in last night’s episode?

  9. Piper and Audrey are the killers.

    • Toby says:

      Audrey totally is one of the killers. I hope it isn’t Piper or Kieran as the other… that just seems too obvious.

    • Heather N says:

      I agree with you completely…Piper and Audrey are the killers. In every episode, one or the other is planting ideas in Emma’s head (in this last episode, it was, “Don’t trust Kieran!” I think Piper is the daughter of Brandon and Daisy, or the daughter of one of the students that Brandon (supposedly) murdered. She came to town looking for revenge, but needed an accomplice to be successful, preferably someone close to Emma. So she recruited Aubrey. Likely through sex (I think they’re lovers). Note the pic of BJ on Audrey’s mirror, the murder of her girlfriend (which does not fit into the whole ‘Let’s hurt everyone close to Emma’ storyline, and was committed by Aubrey to either throw suspicion off of herself of because she felt like what’s her name was going to break up with her), Aubrey’s DNA being found in the mask (she wore it when she killed her gf), her pushing Emma and Noah towards thinking Mr. Branson and/or Kieran are the killers…I could go on and on. Piper is the mastermind, Aubrey just does her bidding. I think Piper broke Mr Branson out of jail and is hiding him away somewhere, what she’s going to do with him I don’t know. Great show, great writing, I didn’t figure it out you this last episode, but now that I know it’s Aubrey and Piper, looking back, there are so, SO many clues.

  10. Jordan says:

    I think Seth is, indeed, the killer. The fact that it would be “too obvious” for him to be the killer is exactly why he probably really is the killer.. I think he also is being framed maybe, if not the psycho slasher of Lakewood… that situation with Brooke seemed too weird though, like he disappeared and the killer was all of a sudden there… There scream writers know how to really throw some curveballs

    • robandco says:

      That’s the power of the franchise now. They have toyed with many possibilities so now every possibility is a surprise.

    • Rook says:

      If Seth is involved this is his plan, to make him look guilty and then have his name cleared only for a surprise I am the killer season finale shocker.

  11. So nobody is touching the Branson = Brandon + Son thing of it all?? Also, probably a red hering, Jake Fitzgerald share’s the same last name with Willa who plays Emma…

    • Pierre-Yves says:

      I absolutly though about the branson they did in I still know what you did last summer! with the will Benson which was the son of ben (killer in the 1st one) not scream related …but who knows..its a good plot twist :P

  12. Josh says:

    Seth is definitely one of the killers. He changed his name to Seth Branson. Bran-son” as in Brandon’s son. Get it?

  13. I think Piper is the daughter of Maggie and Brandon, BUT she is not the killer.
    For the killer theory, I’m looking at The Sheriff (aka Brandon’s bro) and Noah working together.

  14. Lj says:

    I believe there are 3 to total killers/ acomplises. the sherif aka BJ after surgery, keran, and Branson, offspring. He is the only person who is old enough to be BJ oldest child except the reporter. If you take a look at the entire season the sherif has never been were he was supposed to be. I.e while Riley was getting murdered he had the entire police force on a wild goose chase. What better way to cover up a crime if your the police. Also if he was BJ he was stupid ably killed by the sherif now he is doing the killing as the sherif both ironic and a solid motive when think about his back story. I believe kerian and Brandon take turns being Ghost face to not arouse any suspicion. Last episode when the sherif was confronted with the evidence against Branson he got hostel cuz he realized he had to call it. But after calling it in he could of easily called keran gave. Him a heads up get in costum so they may have a possiblity of clearing Branson’s name of murder but not statchtory rape lol. It’s not to far fetch for Branson To mean brandonson in I still know what u did last summer the killer was the son of the guy the murder ( John) the new killers last name was johnson

  15. Daily says:

    Just to toss it out there what about Brooke? How many times has the killer been right behind her in perfect stabbing distance, but yet she managed to get away every time? And all she has suffered is a little cut on the arm. I find it funny how also managed to disappear the night Riley was killed, she didn’t seem to upset about Nina rather she was way to pleased to start using the same lipgloss Nina did like she wanted to be her. She’s also was the who leaked Wills secrets causing suspicion and problems there, and the timing of her very bold seduction of Mr Brenson in a public place coinciding with the discovery of a bloody knife in his class room(she has hidden things in his class room before). To me She’s a common denominator in all of the plots but she manipulating things to be seen as a victim or this good friend or completely out of the cloud of suspicion.

  16. says:

    Noah is the shows MVP no question.

  17. Joseph says:

    I hate that so many people think Mr. Branson could have been Brandon James son. We know the EXACT year of when Brandon James died (1994) which means we know the MAX age this child could be. He/she can only be TWENTY ONE (21) at the very oldest. Mr Branson is in his late twenties/early thirties!!!!! He’s 100% NOT the son of Brandon James.
    There’s only ONE character on the show that could be 21, and that’s PIPER. Isn’t this obvious?? It’s possible Kieran is really 21 and just posing as a HS student (Which means his dad sheriff MUST be an accomplice as well)….BUT that would mean Emma had SEX with her half BROTHER?? Is MTV really gonna do that??

  18. John says:

    99.9% sure it’s noah