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Scandal Season 5 Mellie

Scandal's Bellamy Young: Ousted From White House, Mellie's In 'World of Hurt'

For Mellie Grant, Scandal‘s Season 4 finale marked the best of times… and then the very worst.

“Poor Mellie, man…,” Bellamy Young laments, reflecting on the quicksilver series of unfortunate events that found her ambitious alter ego getting ejected from the White House she called home. “It should be the best time in the world — she got her senate seat! — but it’s like the worst, because Fitz kicked her out. And he was so cold when he did it.”

Adding insult to the considerable injury, Young says, “She knows in her heart that Fitz has Olivia on speed dial as the door is shutting behind her” — meaning, Mr. President’s lips likely never had a chance to get cold before Olivia arrived on the scene, for that warm, season-ending reunion. (“Oh,” Young scoffs, “his lips were never cold, that Fitz.”)


With Cyrus subsequently fired as Chief of Staff, and given that Mellie’s gal pal Lizzy Bear is the one that threw her under the bus full of assassinated jurors, Season 5 (premiering Thursday, Sept. 24) “starts out in a world of hurt for Mellie,” Young says. And because it picks up near-continuously, she and other crippled characters will be seen struggling to emerge from their respective abysses.

“That season finale pulled the rug out from under everyone, so I think everybody was pretty happy that we were starting back immediately after and getting to go into those moments” versus gloss over them via a time jump, says the actress. “It was a relief.”

Young says that Mellie will be “less self-indulgent” as she processes this blow, compared to how she coped with Jerry Jr.’s murder. “There is no greater pain than losing a child, but she’s absolutely devastated,” she shares. “She’s having to regroup, but she’s sort of by herself completely, because everyone is alienated at this point. She’s never going to give up without a fight — I mean, shes Mellie! — but a lot of options are no longer open to her.”

But why even bother with a fight this many rounds in, with Fitz and Olivia standing blissfully in the opposing corner? Why doesn’t Mellie simply cherish her position and senator and wash that commander in chief right out of her hair, never looking back?

“If she didn’t love him, that would be the better plan,” Young concedes. “She hates herself for loving him, but she loves him! Oh, her life would be so much simpler if she didn’t! But she does.”

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  1. INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

    Move. on. Mellie. He’s just not that into you.

    • Lizo says:

      Duh. She’s not been “into” Fitz for years. She’s sacrificed A LOT to get him where he is and she expects the same in return. That’s why she’s staying, because she has aspirations too and staying married to him make them easier to achieve. Fitz is the one screwing her over.

      • LeeSP says:

        Please, Fitz has been honest about his feelings and yet she clings onto him like a leech. Where is her self respect?

        Mellie needs to pull up her big girl panties and move on to something better for her.

        BTW Mellie did not sacrifice anything but her self respect to gain political power.

        • Bigdede says:

          Where’s Mellie’s self respect? Olivia’s the mistress!!

          • LeeSP says:

            The American Puritans and their silly view on sex. Having a married lover does not destroy self-respect but clinging to a dead marriage with a man who despises you does.

            Mellie needs to grow a backbone and stand on her own feet without Fitz. She talks about being spectacular but we have not seen her do anything note worthy.

          • TrudiV says:

            The mistress who the president moves heaven and earth to be with. I wonder if Mellie was the one kidnapped if Fitz would have started a war for her…
            Methinks not.

        • Jules says:

          Mellie’s self respect it right there in her marital home beside her husband through thick and thin. For better or worse. The only one without self respect is Liv!

          • Scandaliscous says:

            Jules—Did you miss the finale? Mellie not being honest with her husband and going behind his back once again cost her that marital home beside her husband. She has no one to blame but herself. We have seen the last of the Grant marriage ever trying to work things out.

          • Cheyenne says:

            C’mon Jules, we know you hate Olivia with a purple passion. But really, Mellie is contemptible. Sucking up to her rapist for political gain? Talking about her son’s death was his sacrifice for them to have 4 more years in the White House? Sending 17 people to their deaths? That b*tch is plain evil.

          • Jules says:

            @Cheyenne ….So Mellie is evil as opposed to Saint Fitz who send how many troops by the way to their deaths for 1 woman? And self-respecting Olivia overlooked this and went back to Fitz…I don’t hate Olivia..I hate Fitz!

          • Cheyenne says:

            Jules, grow up. Mellie being evil doesn’t make Fitz a saint. They are both flawed individuals.

          • Jules says:

            …Well Fitz is not flawed..he’s a idiotic

          • Cheyenne says:

            If he’s “a idiotic” then he’s flawed. You don’t waste a lot of time thinking, do you?

          • Nathalie says:

            “Mellie’s self respect it right there in her marital home beside her husband through thick and thin. For better or worse. The only one without self respect is Liv!”

          • Danni Smith says:

            it’s art imitating life-I am watching a situation like this, have seen several situations like this. Until it happens to you, you will not understand the meaning of the heart knowing nothing of reason.

        • D says:

          Mellie was raped by her father in law and it destroyed her but she kept it hidden and dedicated herself to Fitz political aspirations as a way of avoiding what had happened to her, she’s damaged, she couldn’t “be” with Fitz because he reminded her of his father and the shame/fear she felt that her son wasn’t Fitz’s. Almost everything she’s done has been a result of the psychological damage she suffered from her rape, she’s still a victim and still suffering because she’s never dealt with the trauma and the damaged she’s dealing with an abusive husband, Fitz is one of the most abusive people I’ve seen on TV to both Mellie and Olivia.

          • angel says:

            I agree! I can’t believe how many fans of the show are rooting for Olivia and Fitz when he is one of the most despicable human beings to have ever been on television. He is abusive to Olivia and Mellie. He proclaims that he would give it all up to be with Olivia, but he has never made one real move to do it. He only talks about it. Then he tries to come off as this poor innocent man who only does good yet is surrounded by people who continually plot evil things. Apparently, he has forgotten that he shot down a jet full of innocent people and murdered Verna in cold blood. Not to mention, the men he sent off to be killed just so he could save his dear Olivia.

          • LeeSP says:

            That Mellie rape story was stupid and long time viewers did not buy the bid for sympathy. Mellie was seen as flirtatious and giggly best buddies with Big Jerry when he was alive. Then we are told that he raped her and she was so traumatized that it ended her marriage. Get real. That was just bad writing and when the show started to derail.

            Fitz had nothing to do with the rape and people blaming him are idiots. The marriage was shaky from the very beginning as both Mellie and Fitz have said it was a political/business arrangement.

          • Jules says:

            @LeeSP What do you mean long time viewers???How about you speak for yourself! Just say Olitz fans who never want Mellie to be seen in any light other than being monstrous hated that rape storyline because it humanized her.
            I’m an OG gladiator and I was in love with Fitz & Olivia like everyone else but I came to my senses and realized Fitz was useless and incompetent in everything yet he gets everything he wants on a silver platter. He does not deserve those two beautiful strong women!

          • TrudiV says:

            Oh gimme a break. Enough with the Mellie being a victim card.
            Mellie’s character was rewritten. And such a poor job was done of it, that only people who want to elevate Mellie to some deranged psuedo sainthood still grab a hold to this nonsense.

            Mellie was from a supposedly blue blood of American family- she had options
            Mellie was a partner in a law firm – she had options
            Mellie could have told her husband – she had options
            Mellie could have seen a shrink – she had options

            If she couldn’t be with Fitz because he reminded her of his father then the thing to have done was get away from Fitz as far as possible. Yet she didn’t – Mellie had options
            Instead she has held on to Fitz – the man that supposedly reminds her of his father according to you( I don’t understand how this could possibly make any sense to you)

            Every single thing she has done based on the rewriting of the character shows no self respect. Any abuse received from Fitz is because she welcomed it. She had options she didn’t have to stay in the marriage. She should have kicked Fitz to the curb and let him have Olivia.

          • angel says:

            “Any abuse received from Fitz is because she welcomed it.” Wow, TrudiV, are you blaming Mellie for Fitz’s abusive treatment? I suppose you also blame Olivia for Fitz’s abusive treatment, too. Is that how it works? Do you believe it’s the woman’s fault if a man abuses her?

          • carpathia says:

            Fitz is a highly flawed character, but he’s not abusive to either Mellie or Olivia. All of these characters are in an emotionally damaged situation: Fitz has long wanted to divorce his wife because they’ve been in a dead marriage and he is in love with someone else. When he seriously raised the possibility of divorce, Mellie went on national TV and said she was pregnant even though she wasn’t so that he couldn’t divorce her (season 1 finale). The second time he tried to raise the possibility of divorce, Mellie induced early labour so that again, he couldn’t divorce her (season 2). He’s stuck in a marriage he doesn’t want to be in. Mellie wants to be stuck in the marriage even though she needs to find a new, healthy relationship with someone who is in love with her. And Fitz and Olivia have been unable to figure out how to have a healthy relationship as long as one of them is married and president. The Season 4 finale, might have changed that, however.

            Complicating matters is that sometime in season 3, the writers rewrote Mellie’s character to include the rape backstory. Suffice it to say, it’s highly problematic for them to “use” a rape story in that way –i.e. as if it justified or explained all of her terrible behavior (faking a miscarriage to help win an election, helping rig an election behind Fitz’s back, doing anything to maintain her position as first lady by lying to the American public that she was pregnant, inducing early labor, etc.) These acts–and many others that she has committed across the first three seasons of the show–always came across as pretty obvious power plays. Mellie cares deeply about her own power–note: her reason for wanting to be president is that she “wants to rule the world” not that she cares deeply about any policy position, or really cares about helping anyone. Because that’s how it was represented in the show, it’s hard to go back and say that all of those acts represented trauma when they were never depicted that way.

            But additionally, even when terrible, traumatic things happen to you, you are still responsible for the choices you make afterward. One can still feel pain for Mellie’s backstory and want to see her find a way to be healthy and strong on her own and yet still believe her choices have been terrible and cannot just be excused and ignored just because she was traumatized.

        • Cheyenne says:

          She doesn’t love Fitz and she never has. But she loves being First Lady and all the perks and prestige it brings with it. That’s why she’s hanging on like a leech.

          • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

            Eh…I don’t know that she enjoyed being First Lady all that much. She seemed bored by it.

          • Cheyenne says:

            She wanted to be a power player and was frustrated at discovering that her role was to be more or less ornamental. But she sure loved the perks that went with it.

      • TrudiV says:

        Mellie is screwing over herself. She is like a willful, spoiled teenager who thinks the world revolves around her.

  2. Brian says:

    Hope the writers bring it this season when it comes to the drama. The drama has been really lacking for awhile now. Mellie taking on Fitz & Olivia could be alot of soapy fun.

  3. Matt C. says:

    I want Mellie to raise hell against Liv and Fitz! This season has so much potential to be amazing. I hope Shonda and co. don’t screw it up!

    • tonya says:

      Melllie is no match for Liv. She couldn’t beat Liv on Liv’s worst day. Try again

      • Jules says:

        Liv is now a dog without teeth…so I’m pretty sure Mellie & Cyrus can take her. I cant wait!

        • LeeSP says:

          I’m pretty sure that you are watching a different show but keep being delusional if you want.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Jules hates Olivia. He’s been rooting for her to fail. He wants Fitz and Mellie back together. Poor Jules still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

          • Jules says:

            Stop using pronouns if you are not sure if I’m a she or he!
            Lol when you feel the need to directly insult a person who has posted something you don’t like about fictitional tv characters it reflects your level of intellect or lack thereof. How about we stick to Liv & Fitz & Mellie…

          • Jules says:

            BTW LeeSP & Cheyenne… Matt said “One (1) user name per IP address, thank you so very much!” on one of your posts further down
            I’m guessing this applies to you…YES!

          • Cheyenne says:

            No, it does not apply to us. Lee is Lee and I am me. Two separate people, both calling you out on your ignorance. You’ll just have to deal with that.

          • Jules says:

            No it’s def just you. You are the only person here slinging around insults to people to who do not share your views. There are alot of Olitz supporters here who know to argue within the confines of the subject matter.

  4. Jo says:

    After the stunts he’s pulled, he’s the last person who should be unforgiving.

    • Ben says:

      No kidding. Murdering one of his best friends by strangling her death to save his presidency (never mind any of the other stunts he’s pulled off). He’s the last person who should be so judgmental.

      • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

        Why do people always forget that Verna tried to kill him first? TWICE!

        • William says:

          There’s also the fact that Fitz shot down a plane full of innocents. He knew exactly what he was doing in that situation, which makes him a hypocrite.

          • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

            He was a navy pilot and he was given an order by a commanding officer. They (mistakenly) believed there was a bomb on a plane headed for London. So it was either shoot down that plane and kill those 300 hundred passengers or let detonate and kill thousands. What would you have had him do?

          • Geo says:

            And Fitz allowed at least thirty U.S, soldiers to die to save just his mistress, which pretty much blows any notion that Fitz only kills on orders or only kills those who directly threaten him out of the water. If a real president caved in to blackmail and caused thirty or more U.S. soldiers to die simply to save one woman he was sleeping with, he’d be a weak treasonous monster.

          • Jay says:

            @Geo if a real First Lady
            1.induced labour and risked her offspring’s life to keep the President,
            2.bribed a White house staffer to lie that she slept with the president to stop him from telling the truth,
            3.forged the comatose president’s signature so she could run the country while he lay dying, rigged an election behind his back,
            4.set the Vice president’s gay husband up to create a sex scandal then laughed when his wife murdered him,
            5.conspired to cover up said murder behind her husband’s back, tried to manipulate her husband into starting a war on television for a bump in the polls, and
            6. justified her son’s murder because it got her four more years in the white house does that not make Mellie an even bigger monster?
            Fitz kicked her out because she gave the names of a list of jurors to a stranger to cover up her affair with Andrew Nichols, which Fitz had already helped cover up by not arresting him earlier.
            Andrew Nichol’s, Fitz’s FRIEND, who by the way kidnapped Olivia to START the war you’re so upset about and couldn’t be punished because he had proof Mellie had been sleeping with him and Fitz was protecting MELLIE’S career!
            He started a war to save Olivia but he let his friend get away with treason AT MELLIE’S REQUEST to save her CAREER. Not her life, her CAREER.
            Fitz may have started a war for love but Mellie tried to start one for POPULARITY.
            Who’s the monster?

          • Amanda says:

            1.induced labour and risked her offspring’s life to keep the President, NO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, SHE GOT PREGNANT TO SAVE THE PRESIDENCY! REMEMBER AMERICA’S BABY?
            2.bribed a White house staffer to lie that she slept with the president to stop him from telling the truth, BECAUSE THEY WERE ABOUT TO LEAK THAT HER HUSBAND HAS A MISTRESS
            3.forged the comatose president’s signature so she could run the country while he lay dying, rigged an election behind his back, TO STOP SALLY FROM TAKING THE PRESIDENCY AWAY FROM HER HUSBAND
            4.set the Vice president’s gay husband up to create a sex scandal then laughed when his wife murdered him, THAT WAS THE VICE PRESIDENT (WHO FITZ SELECTED) AND HIS NEW CHIEF OF STAFF, MELLIE WASN’T INVOLVED
            5.conspired to cover up said murder behind her husband’s back, tried to manipulate her husband into starting a war on television for a bump in the polls, and NO THAT WAS THE VICE PRESIDENT AGAIN
            6. justified her son’s murder because it got her four more years in the white house does that not make Mellie an even bigger monster? SHE NEVER DID THIS EITHER
            Fitz kicked her out because she gave the names of a list of jurors to a stranger to cover up her affair with Andrew Nichols, which Fitz had already helped cover up by not arresting him earlier. SHE WAS TRICKED, AND IT WAS HER CAMPAIGN MGR, WHO IS NOW THE PRESIDENT’S CHIEF OF STAFF
            Andrew Nichol’s, Fitz’s FRIEND, who by the way kidnapped Olivia to START the war you’re so upset about and couldn’t be punished because he had proof Mellie had been sleeping with him and Fitz was protecting MELLIE’S career! FITZ WAS PROTECTING OLIVIA AND HIS CAREER, STOP FOOLING YOURSELF
            He started a war to save Olivia but he let his friend get away with treason AT MELLIE’S REQUEST to save her CAREER. Not her life, her CAREER. NOPE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN EITHER
            Fitz may have started a war for love but Mellie tried to start one for POPULARITY.

            Sorry for the caps but you were just about wrong in everything you said and I wanted to separate mine from yours!

          • Anna says:

            Amanda, I seriously recommend that you re-watch the whole series :D

          • Cheyenne says:

            Amanda, every single time you post on here you manage to make a fool of yourself. Watch the series before you comment. Then you’ll start making some sense.
            Season 2: Mellie induced her labor a month before her due date because Fitz was ready to file for divorce.
            Forging the President’s signature is a crime no matter what the reason was.
            She most certainly did try to justify her son’s murder as an act of sacrifice which gave her four more years as First Lady.
            No it was not Andrew who set up Daniel Douglas, that was Cyrus who pimped his own husband out. Actually Mellie was the good guy in that mess as she tried to talk Cyrus out of doing it. Score one for Mellie.
            Lizzie Bear gave the jurors’ names to Rowan on Mellie’s orders.
            Every single thing Mellie has done has been to further her own agenda. She doesn’t care about Fitz or Andrew or the country or anything but herself.
            Strongly suggest you re-watch the entire series, starting from Season One, and this time, PAY ATTENTION.

          • Cheyenne says:

            William: Fitz was a Navy pilot. He was ORDERED to shoot down that plane. He did not have the option of asking why or disobeying an order. If you are in the service and you are given an order, you obey the order unless you want to find yourself court-martialed and dishonorably discharged, and maybe doing time in a military prison.
            Now Fitz declaring war on West Angola to save Olivia was a whole other issue. He was President then and it was his call. He should never have done it.

          • TrudiV says:

            Good gracious me – do you people ever watch shows with understanding and any common sense? Why are you blatantly ignoring the fact that Fitz was in the military. Do you have any idea what that means?

      • tonya says:

        No Ben he strangled a already dying would be killer to save his wife, his Chief of Staff and the love of his life from a lengthy prison sentence for stealing an election without his knowledge.

      • TrudiV says:

        Verna was not one of Fitz’ best friends. Where did you get that from? No such thing has ever been shown on the show.

  5. William says:

    Melllie deserves a victory after everything she’s endured over the years. It’s frustrating constantly seeing her get the short end of the stick. I want Mellie to prevail, especially if it means that her and Fitz remain enemies again.

    • LeeSP says:

      Mellie does not deserve anything. She is the definition of White privilege with her attitude of entitlement. Mellie got an undeserved Senate seat for which she did no work – Fitz, Olivia and Cyrus all saved her campaign.

      She needs to move on and prove that she can be an effective Senator and stop being constantly whiny (you owe me or save me).

      If a man or woman is not in love with you, then let them go. Clinging to someone who does not want you if PATHETIC and weak. Being happy is the best revenge.

      • Lizo says:

        She’s not clinging on because she loves him, she’s clinging on because she knows it’s hard for women to get anywhere in Washington. If the world was better, she would have been the president and not Fitz; she’s smarter, better at negotiating, better at politicking, ect. You think Hillary Clinton would be running for President now if she’d divorced Bill? Nope. Mellie’s political aspirations are dependent on Fitz owing her back for all her hard work. And she has worked hard. Yes, she has a crap ton of privilege, but the show is aware of that.

        • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

          Did you even read the interview? Bellamy Young (you know, the actress playing Mellie) says point blank she’s clinging on to him bc she loves him. As for it being hard for women to get anywhere in Washington, um…hello? Isn’t Sally Langston a woman? Isn’t Susan Ross a woman? Isn’t Josie Marcus a woman? Mellie’s smarter, better at negotiation, better at politicking? Say what? Where are the receipts?

          • Cheyenne says:

            She’s BS’ing. She doesn’t love Fitz, she loves being First Lady.

          • TrudiV says:

            Obviously Mellie like the writer,s do not remember her past lines. She obviously have forgotten her long winded speech to Fitz about love not existing that it’s all pretend.

        • LeeSP says:

          What hard work has Mellie done? Please tell me. It irks me to see people praising Mellie for doing nothing but talking big.

          Mellie is an Ivy educated fool. She is not smarter, better at negotiating, better at politicking, etc. Every action or decision Mellie makes ends in a disaster from which someone has to rescue her.

          Have you been watching the show? Mellie is the David Rosen of the White House. Hell even Cyrus knows it and he wrecked his Chief of Staff position conspiring with Mellie and got James killed and more.

        • Grey's Fan says:

          The idea of a woman’s success being dependent on a man (her husband in most cases) in real-life or in reel-life is sick and disgusting. Why should a woman get married for the sole purpose of advancing her career when she really wants to be single and independent with a thriving career? The idea of depending or relying on a man for anything makes me want to vomit.

          • Sabrina says:

            (Butting in).

            SR and the crew is aware of that though. Mellie even pointed it out on the show: “America will forgive a man for a million infidelities but will never forgive a woman for one.” I honestly read this interview thinking Bellamy is either keeping something under wraps or is just directly lying because Mellie hasn’t loved Fitz as a partner. You say the show is disgusting for “promoting” a message of submissive women — but it really isn’t. For the power players of DC, the press clamors for details on their sex and love life like the plague. If Mellie could, she wouldn’t be using Fitz to run for Senator. In all actuality, I am convinced that she would run by herself. But because the political laws of DC are so heavily grounded on the sanctity of marriage — Mellie is playing by the rules and carving her way to the top. SR isn’t promoting women as cut out dolls for the patriarchy; she’s giving us the honest truth, which is something I admire about her, to be honest. She’s detailed so many feminist (and by feminist, I don’t mean the women who fight for more rights than men — I’m talking about equality) monologues to express this point.

            Modern day America is still sexist as hell. Maybe not as much as some other countries, but nonetheless, there is still sexism. Yeah, women shouldn’t have to depend on husbands or lovers to be able to climb the ladder of ambition — but honestly, American society is set up like that, especially in political circles.

    • Bigdede says:

      You are right, Mellie does get the short end of the stick. Mellie had no clue who Rowen was and second those jurors would’ve died anyway. They shot the bus up at the courthouse o anyone could’ve waited for them. I hope Mellie hires Cyrus and ruins the White house

      • LeeSP says:

        Mellie is an Ivy educated lawyer (as she keeps reminding everyone constantly) so she knew that anyone who wanted a list of jurors for a Secret Grand Jury under the Patriot Act was going to do something illegal to those jurors. Even giving the names of the jurors was an illegal act.

        Mellie and Cyrus ruin the White House? Hahahahaha They are Dumb and Dumber. Has this bumbling duo pulled off a successful caper? They always screw up their plan.

        • Aly Lady says:

          Cracking up laughing at dumb and dumber bumbling duo Cyrus and Mellie. HAHAHA! So true. It’s so cliche. The problem with Mellie is she thinks like a woman. She acts fueled by her emotions and ends up making the wrong decision.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I’d call them Dumb and Devious. As Olivia correctly observed, Mellie is her own worst enemy. But Cyrus is a demon. Fitz made himself the world’s worst enemy. Anyway, I don’t see Cyrus and Mellie working together because they loathe each other.

      • tonya says:

        You mean ruined the White House Mellie and Cy are to quick to lash out at things instead of thinking things through clearly. The are both hotheads. They wont be good for anything but being in Liv and Fitz shadow.

    • deenabraun says:

      And that’s the point of the Mellitz relationship, they’re enemies–not lovers. Fitz was never IN love with Mellie. When true love came along, he fought it initially, but chemistry like he and Liv share is a once in a lifetime deal. Mellie doesn’t stand a chance at a happy marriage with him. If she’s all that, she should stand upon her own two feet and find someone who will truly love HER and stop her ridiculous delusion of reconciliation.

  6. Grey's Fan says:

    I’m guessing D-I-V-O-R-C-E is the main plotline this season, along with wedding plans for Olivia//Fitz. After all it’s not like he has another election in his future and only two years left as “ruler of the free world”.

    In other news, please more Grey’s Anatomy scoop. :)

  7. dj says:

    I know it’s the point of the show, but I’m sick of the Fitz/Olivia relationship. In fact, I don’t care for Olivia at all. I enjoy the rest of the cast, but Olivia could go as far as I’m concerned.

    • ruth fishers says:

      Mellie> fitz.
      Fitz is the worst. He is the absolute worst. He can’t be alone for 3 minutes without leaning on someone

      • LeeSP says:

        Mellie is the crybaby on the show with her constant whining (you owe me, you owe me, everyone owes me) and waiting for someone else to do the work (save me Fitz, Olivia, Cyrus, Lizzie, etc.). STFU

        She is annoying as hell.

        • Aly Lady says:

          Mellie has always been manipulative getting Fitz to run for Governor and POTUS so she could live the life she wanted. Fitz helped her get the Senate seat so she should move on. She’ll act like a scorned woman though proving what a mistake it would be to consider her as POTUS.

        • Jules says:

          There’s no bigger woose/crybaby on this show than FITZ.. he cannot do anything for himself. His only use is to be a lovesick puppy.

          • TrudiV says:

            The lovesick puppy that Mellie is still trying to hold on to with a death grip. What a twit Mellie is!

      • carpathia says:

        Nah, for the worst, I’d go with Papa Pope, who loves his own power so much that he has people killed or tortured for sport, or Huck, who derives physical pleasure from torturing people. Fitz is a contradictory character; he has done some terrible things as everyone on the show has.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Good call. What in the world is Shonda going to do with Huck? I don’t know if he’s even salvageable at this point.

    • Lee says:

      I don’t think Olivia can go…em she’s actually the lead?

    • Lizo says:

      I adore Olivia; she’s badass. But Fitz needs to go OMG. He’s just awful and their romance, while compelling (at least in the first two seasons) is excessive now. He makes Olivia a worse character.

  8. michael scott says:

    I love Mellie, she’s a stone cold bitch
    she deserves better than flopfitz

    • scavo says:

      I stop watching Scandal because of the way Fitz treats Liv.

      • ohwell! says:

        Then the Mellie character must not realized that because she has done everything to hold onto hom , including inducing her child.

      • Jackie says:

        and yet you still comment on the show, like mellie, MOVE ON!!!! -> door is that way

      • fiberlicious says:

        I’ve come close to not watching because there is no reason on this Earth for a strong, powerful, brilliant woman (O) to be so besotted by a mooing lovesick spineless nebish like Fitz. I don’t get it. I’ve never gotten it. He’s…there’s just no THERE there.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Replying to myself to add: How could she chose President Limprag over JAKE????

          • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

            Because Fitz has a j-o-b.

          • LeeSP says:

            Because Jake is bland, boring and useless? All he talks about is killing her father, eating damn Gettysburger and running away from life. Olivia can’t talk to him about politics or social issues like she does with Fitz.

            Jake is like the attractive high school or college quarter – kinda dumb but thinks he is hot stuff. He barely lasted as Command (now that was hilarious). How many time has Olivia or Fitz saved his life?

          • tonya says:

            LeeSp summed that up perfectly. Will the olakers take the door marked exit please. That dingy has sunked. Olitz is the show. Fitz loves his Livvie and she loves him. Haters be gone. I loved how Fitz dismissed Mellie like the peasant she is. Bye haters!!!

          • Jules says:

            Literally any man on Scandal better than Fitz..there’s no one more mind-numbingly boring than Fitz. He’s weak. Everything he’s ever accomplished is because of other people. When he’s left to make decision by himself, he starts unnecessary wars & sacrifices the lives to 30+ men for 1 woman (and Olivia is stupid enough to overlook this). For me it’s not about Jake or Fitz….it’s about Fitz’s incompetence at everything else in his life except when it comes to being a whiny lovesick wimp

          • Cheyenne says:

            We get it, Jules, you hate the show. You hate Fitz. You hate Olivia. Then you would please quit punishing yourself and boring the rest of us sh*tless with your constant whining and stop watching it? Are you a glutton for punishment or what?

          • Jules says:

            Lol Cheyenne be careful not to give yourself a stroke…best you get off this comments page if you don’t want to be annoyed.
            “Because Jake is bland, boring and useless”…That is the definition of Fitz. There’s nothing or no one worse than that sorry excuse of a POTUS on Scandal. Shonda needs to kill him off … we deserve better

          • Cheyenne says:

            Jules, have you lost your marbles? I never mentioned Jake. Lee mentioned Jake. Once and for all, we are two different people. Your paranoia is getting out of control. You need to do something about that.

        • tonya says:

          Jules you really think Shonda is gonna kill off half of Olitz. The reason people watch Scandal is mainly for Olitz and Fitz is half of that relationship. No matter how you feel about them, Olitz is the show not Mellie or Joke. Shonda is impulsive but not stupid she’s not gonna kill her bread and butter. So dream on. But Joke is expendable. He is of no use on the show . Actually don’t know why he is still on there or why he hasn’t been dropped to a guest star. Don’t bring up merder because Patrick wanted out Tony is very happy being on the show and will most likely be around until he gets another steady project.

          • Jules says:

            We can always count on Shonda when it comes to pulling off big popular/unpopular WTFs…….Anyway time will tell what’s in store for Olitz.

      • Nathalie says:

        How did he treat her? She has a single, handsome Jake there for her if she wants. She is free to move on…What the point?

    • Aly Lady says:

      Mellie loves controlling Fitz. She loves herself and the life Fitz provided her. Fitz was willing to start over with her and be a team but once again she went behind his back. She has no one to blame but herself.

  9. Lana says:

    Fitz doesn’t love Mellie like she loves him. She’s the mother of his children, of course he has feelings for her and such, but Fitz is and has been deeply in love with Olivia for ever! So, Mellie should move on, she knows Fitz loves her.

  10. M says:

    But why is Mellie always the victim? Her character could be so much better if she were to realize she needs to be her own person and not getting everything by kicking and screaming while hanging on to her husband’s coattails.

    • LeeSP says:

      Exactly, the people rooting for her remind me of the Donald Trump fans – mentally challenged.

      • Lizo says:

        Ahh yes, because rooting for a feminist character on a feminist show is exactly like supporting Trump. /eyeroll

        • LeeSP says:

          Mellie is a feminist? ROFL Maybe a White Privileged Feminist – all talk but no action.

          All the other female characters (Olivia, Abby, Quinn, crazy ass Sally Langston, Lizzie, even Mellie’s sister Harmony) on the show are independent women and not clinging to some man for power. Mellie is not a feminist. She is a leech.

      • Jules says:

        @LeeSP **eyeroll** Oh please, you’ve obviously run out of solid, intelligent arguments when to resort to calling strangers “mentally challenged”…

  11. True Gladiator says:

    no one care about Mellie, she is supposed in the show for like just 3 episode ! for ppl who root for her it’s all RACIST just admit it

    • michael scott says:

      speak for yourself, Mellie is one of the reasons why I’m still watching scandal

      • ohwell! says:

        What is it that you like about her? I find her idiotic, self indulgent ad entitled. It’s laughable that she is used as a representation of feminism in the show.

        • fiberlicious says:

          I see her as a representation of the ANTI-feminist. She’s all “stand by your man” and “riding his coattails to the top” and “grin and bear it.”

          • Lizo says:

            That’s not her at all. That’s who she has to be because she’s aware of how society and politics work. She doesn’t believe those things, she has to go along with them to get what she wants. Most women have to go along with crap like that in their daily lives, hers is just amplified because she’s the First Lady. If she could pitch Fitz and take the House without him, she would.

          • Chica says:

            @Lizo. I have to disagree, that is exactly who Mellie is and further, she had the opportunity to “pitch Fitz and take the House without him” and passed on that opportunity. Perhaps you weren’t watching the show when she went live in S2 and Fitz had Cyrus make the offer to her. She is a piteous, miserable blood sucking leech.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I agree with self-indulgent and entitled. I’d add impulsive to that. But she is hardly an idiot. She’s extremely intelligent. She just doesn’t think anything through.

      • ohwell! says:

        Please let there a divorce already, I am tired Mellie and her ” I was first in my class , but always messing up ” self. If they want to portray her so great, then let her be great without Fitz and Olivia helping her. Stop making her her so incompetent and telling us how smart she is. Bellamy knows that Mellie doesn’t love Fitz, she love what Fitz (by extension Olivia) can do for her.

        • TrudiV says:

          Speak these words of wisdom!
          I simply do not understand how people who claim to have watch the show missed these scenes.

          I too am tired of Mellie’s incompetence.

    • Lizo says:

      I root for her and Olivia. It’s not racist to root for white characters. It *is* racist to root against Olivia and want her gone from the show. Which most Mellie supporters don’t want. Most people who support Mellie also support Olivia…cause we like our women fierce and demanding.

  12. Laverne says:

    “”versus gloss over them via a time jump, says the actress. “It was a relief.”””
    As opposed to the lazy story telling at Grey’s Anatomy. Good on ya, Scandal!

  13. Scandalicious says:

    I would feel bad for Mellie if she genuinely loved Fitz and not always trying to control and manipulate him. Since they got married she always been scheming behind his back only concerned with getting to the WH. Mellie needs to own up to her role in the failed marriage. She called him weak yet Mellie is afraid to stand on her own without Fitz to fall back on. Fitz did right ending it.

  14. Lee says:

    Mellie’s said time and again that she doesn’t love Fitz, marriage is pretending, etc…. Being angry that you’ve lost your trophy isn’t the same thing as love. The reason Olivia and Fitz even MET was because Mellie and Fitz’s dreadful marriage was becoming a political liability and it took a shouting match to even get Mellie to agree to be AROUND Fitz on the campaign trail, so I don’t know what this is all about. At any rate she can’t be Senator and First Lady at the same time, it’s illegal. Did Mellie not think that through?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Did they actually prove that it’s illegal, though? I think there was a lot of argument about that. Unethical, certainly, but not illegal. As far as I know there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents it.
      The rest of your post is spot on — Mellie calling marriage a pretense, her lousy relationship with Fitz long before he ever met Olivia, etc. In fact, Mellie was the one who encouraged the affair. She only got her drawers in a bunch when she realized Fitz had fallen in love with Olivia. That broke her rules.

    • Aly Lady says:

      There’s no law stating the First Lady can’t be a State Senator. There is the Virginia law stating you have to be a resident in the state for at least 2 years if running for Senate seat. As far as we know, Fitz and Mellie came from California so how she suddenly resided in Virginia is beyond me. Shrugs…

  15. Chica says:

    Mellie doesn’t know what love is, all she’s capable of is manipulation.

  16. Lizo says:

    Mellie is my favourite character, I just find her so compelling and relatable. I want good things for her. Well, what I really want is for Olivia to ditch Fitz and hook her wagon to Mellie; them working together to put Mellie in the White House would be so friggen awesome. So, Shonda…if you’re reading this….

    • Aly Lady says:

      You forget how Mellie calls Liv a whore because Fitz loves her and is willing to walk away from everything to be with her. Mellie and Liv are not friends.

      • Lizo says:

        I know they aren’t….but imagine how friggen cool the show would be if they started to become friends. The show has constantly shifting allegiances; Mellie and Liv could easily come together over something and their professionalism might make them realize that they work well together (much better then when they work against each other). They’d be a force to deal with. It’s not a relationship that would come easily or quickly, but it would be neat to explore and it would open up new narrative options for the show. How many times can they keep doing the Olivia/Fitz stuff before we all get *truly* exhausted with it

        • carpathia says:

          But that’s precisely what a presidential divorce does for the show–it generates new narrative options and allegiances.

        • TrudiV says:

          Sounds like crap to me. Why on earth would Liv ever want to hitch her wagon to Mellie’s? Mellie is an afterthought that should go back to being an after thought this coming season. The constant whining grates on my nerves.
          “I did it for the team” – my aunts fanny!

    • LeeSP says:

      Yeah, because the black female lead should help the white supporting character who calls her a whore gain power. Subtle racism at play here. Makes me want to vomit.

      Else you would be rooting for Olivia to be President since she is more qualified than Mellie – smarter, analytic, strategic thinker, respected political player, etc.

      • sladewilson says:

        LeeSP – you missed one major part in your argument. It was a black woman who wrote those lines for the white supporting character to say to the black female lead. Kerry Washington herself has said on numerous occasions she doesn’t understand anyone who looks up to Olivia as a role model or even a sympathetic character. She’s awesome at her job but her personal life is a raging mess. The person who annoys me out of all of this is Fitz. He’s weak. He’s a brat and he doesn’t deserve Olivia nor Mellie. At the end of it all, I hope they both walk away from his sorry ass….

        • LeeSP says:

          I was responding to the person who said Olivia should help Mellie be President when the show has made it obvious that Olivia thinks Mellie is a nitwit – not about the writers of the show.

          Kerry Washington has also said that Olivia should be admired for her professional skills and that none of the characters are all good or all bad. That everyone on the show has done terrible things so there is no worst person except for Papa Pope.

          Fitz is not weak. He is idealist which is why Olivia loves him. He wants to do good things as President and does not worry about approval ratings unlike Cyrus and Mellie.

    • singsongsoy says:

      Lizo: Absolutely NOT. Scandal is not the BY show. You forget that. If Shonda wants a lead character storyline for BY; she should come up with another show. THIS show is about Olitz!

  17. carpathia says:

    Um, I’ve not once watched Scandal and had the impression that Mellie was deeply in love with Fitz. The show has been depicting it as a dead marriage full of mutual antagonism since Season 1. Mellie is hardly Fitz’s victim; they have both done horrible things to one another. Finally pursuing a potential presidential divorce will breathe tons of life into this show. Besides, it will be interesting to see Mellie with a man who is fully in love with her as opposed to Fitz, who is not in love with her, or Andrew, who just used her.

    • Cheyenne says:

      LOL all the Melliestans thought Andrew was Mellie’s true soulmate who would rescue her from her horrible marriage and live with her happily ever after. Were they ever wrong!
      A lot of them thought it was awful how Shonda “turned” Andrew but I thought the way she wrote him was brilliant. She didn’t “turn” him at all. Andrew, just like Rowan, is a textbook sociopath. The most common characteristic of a sociopath is he comes on strong, charms the hell out of you, and you never see his bad side until it’s too late.

  18. Jason says:

    I think you mean the season FOUR finale. Season five starts in September.

  19. flaca says:

    Everyone is blaming Fitz. Why? Mellie and Cyrus had what was coming to them for so long. I’m glad Fitz gained Presidential balls and fired Cyrus and kicked Mellie out. Enough is enough with the lying, scheming, and treachery and then say it was done for the team. Fitz settled in making it work with Mellie and she blew it. Go over Seasons 1-4 and then ask yourself should you feel sorry for Mellie. No. No. No. I have the Season 4 DVD and there is an extended version of the season finale. Fitz and Olivia’s phone call and Fitz’s toast to Mellie was edited and if Shonda didn’t edit it you would have understood why Fitz was harsh. Olivia was more emotional than what we saw on the finale on that phone call and he told her even though we are not together thank you for everything. Then he poured his heart to Mellie in that toast for bringing him back together after Jerry died. Meanwhile she knew there was a secret looming over there heads. Fitz was tired of everyone running the show so he did what he wanted and I cheer him on. Stop recalling his mistakes cause last time I checked every last cast member should be wearing an orange jumpsuit and doing hard time (federal prison). Mellie is team Mellie when will she ever learn. Usually Mellie would have a rebuttal but as you can see she left because she finally realized she pushed him to far. Mellie needs help because anyone who stays cordial with their raping father law is nuts. BTW everyone Mellie was the first one to have an affair and it was with Andrew. She shut her husband out and confided and sought comfort from another man. An emotional affair is the worse of them all it took Fitz 10 years to step out of his marriage, but Mellie took the first steps. My rant is over now. I just hate the poor Mellie campaign. Please don’t contribute to her cause because it’s not a worthy one.

    • Cheyenne says:

      There’s a really good scene in the extended version that never made it to TV. I’m talking about the scene where Quinn, Huck and Charlie are in the morgue checking out the dead jurors. Quinn looks closely at this juror with his throat slashed, then she looks at Huck, and you can see the light dawning in her eyes. She realizes then and there that this is Huck’s work and she is horrified. All she wants to do is get the hell out of there.

  20. Peter says:

    Bellamy is the best. She elevates everything she is on. Let her sing.

    • LeeSP says:

      LOL – Bellamy Young has been on tons of shows and has not stood out on any show. She is a background player who gets sympathy for playing this role. She got lucky that Shonda did not do the presidential divorce at the end of season one like she originally planned.

  21. b says:

    I love Mellie!!

  22. Liz1 says:

    Only reason I’m still watching is to see Mellie’s rise to power. She deserves it, especially when her husband is flaunting his love for someone else so brazenly. Ugh, it’s so gross. Olivia and Fitz are welcome to each other.

  23. Platynum says:

    Ive watched this show from the beginning and Im not a fan of ether the Fitz/Liv pairing or the Fitz/Mellie pairing.We all know that the previous are to end up together but I would pray for woman kind that Liv and Mellie end up with other nen who treat them as their equal.Fitz is the worse man on that show right now.Im never going to forget when he lied to Liv in her face about sleeping with that intern or when he shouted at Liv when he found out that Mellie was raped.How he treated Mellie when it comes to other women or when he wanted her to get over her sons death in his time.Let Liv be the person she is in the boardroom,strong ,independant,Let Mellie (my fave character by the way) be free of Fitz and his childish ways.Looking forward to Season 4.

    • TrudiV says:

      How much longer was she going to grieve, eat chicken and be a slob? She was not the first person whose child had died. Most people’s jobs give them 3 days and that’s it. She had 3 months. Enough already!

      Fitz was right to tell her enough!
      Ah but don’t forget, her son died so that they could be in the WH.

    • Aly Lady says:

      Funny how most women automatically focus on all the wrongs men do but don’t mention the wrong things women do. Mellie has been abusive to Fitz. In some ways just like his father. She talks down to him when she doesn’t get what she wants and turns on the charm to manipulate him. It’s probably one of the reasons she chose him to marry. Weak people can be easily controlled or so she thought. Fitz has been honest with Mellie but she kept secrets from him there entire marriage. That is toxic to any marriage. It’s time for Fitz and Mellie to end their miserable union and both find the happiness they desire.

  24. Platynum says:

    Ive watched this show from the beginning and Im not a fan of ether the Fitz/Liv pairing or the Fitz/Mellie pairing.We all know that the previous are to end up together but I would pray for woman kind that Liv and Mellie end up with other men who treat them as their equal.Fitz is the worse man on that show right now.Im never going to forget when he lied to Liv in her face about sleeping with that intern or when he shouted at Liv when he found out that Mellie was raped.How he treated Mellie when it comes to other women or when he wanted her to get over her sons death in his time.Let Liv be the person she is in the boardroom,strong ,independant,Let Mellie (my fave character by the way) be free of Fitz and his childish ways.Looking forward to Season 4.

  25. crentist says:

    i hate mellie grant haters so much
    she’s more complex and she’s much more than just a bitch, so much better than her loser husband,

  26. Allison says:

    After I binge watched Scandal from the beginning, I found myself rooting more and more for Mellie. At first, I was just not that into her, but as the show went on, I began to root for her. Well, maybe I just appreciate Bellamy Young’s performance as Mellie. Bellamy Young, herself, is so likable that I find it hard to hate Mellie. I find Fitz’s and Olivia’s actions to be way too selfish. I don’t feel like their love is some grand love – that is just my opinion and just like butt holes we all have one – I feel like they were two people that were insanely attracted to each other and had undeniable chemistry, but that’s it. As awful as Mellie has been to Fitz, he gave as good as he got – they were equally awful – because of that, I think Mellie will be much better off without Fitz. This ousting is a new beginning for her and I know that she is a survivor. She will have plenty of company with Cyrus. I believe they will work together to cook up something deliciously devious. Cyrus will definitely settle the score between him and Lizzie Bear. I am looking forward to it!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Just guessing: Cyrus will dig up some really nasty dirt on Lizzie Bear which he will leak to the media and effectively end her career. But that won’t get him his job back. He will be more of a Machiavellian power player behind the scenes and do everything he can to bring Fitz down. I just hope he doesn’t sacrifice poor Michael in the process, but I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  27. pitaz says:

    Shondra have you seen the contempt and animosity you’ve created on this board because of a “make believe” TV show. These adults fairy tales are becoming a bit too much to handle, hahahahaha!

  28. dp99 says:

    This should have been the last episode the show. Liv and Fitz are just not realistic. I’m really over it. All she does is scream, they are all evil murderers. The show lost it in season 3, now it’s just a hot mess.

    • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

      Seriously? Out of everything on the show, Liv and Fitz is what you find most unrealistic?

    • deenabraun says:

      You say the show is now just a hot mess … yet, here you are commenting on it. Can’t get it out of your system can you. That’s the power of Olitz.

  29. TrudiV says:

    Are we going to see another rewrite of the Mellie character. It better not be. Once was enough.

    Get a life Mellie! You already told the man you don’t believe in love, that love is all pretend. Go find some other man to pretend with.

  30. TrudiV says:

    Would Fitz have sent soldiers to be killed for Mellie?

  31. TrudiV says:

    Shonda, more Olivia and Fitz please.

  32. INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

    All you Mellie stans should actually be thanking Fitz for kicking her out. Y’all think she’s too good for him, but it’s clear that she would have never left on her own, so he had to be one to pull the trigger. Who really cares HOW we got here? Didn’t Fitz/Olitz and Mellie stans get what we all wanted–Fitz and Mellie away from each other? Are Mellie fans just upset that it was Fitz who initiated it and not Mellie?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Of course it matters to them how we got here, because now Mellie is the dumped humiliated wife who got kicked out of her own house. If Mellie had kicked Fitz to the curb and walked out, then he would be the humiliated one and they would be delighted. To add insult to injury, now Mellie’s rival is sleeping in the president’s bed. Poor Mellie must be devastated.

      • ohwell! says:

        It happened perfectly, in my opinion. Mellie was looking out for herself. The Mellie stans will just have to get over it.

  33. Guest says:

    Well, hopefully, the show is done with BS, uh B613. Enough with that already. Enough with the conspiracy garbage. It’s old, played out, NOT interesting anymore. Go back to what the show was during the 1st few seasons. Taking on cases that would turn into something crazy.

  34. TrudiV says:


    I most certainly blame Mellie. Read my post once again.
    To live with a man who tells you and shows you every single day that he is totally in love with another woman sends the message that you welcome his abuse.
    The moment Fitz told her and showed her that Olivia was it for him, she should have packed her bag and kicked him to the curb.
    To put up with the abuse that posters like you claim she has received from Fitz means that she welcomes the abuse because if she didn’t she would have exercised her options.