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CBS, NCIS' Mark Harmon Developing Navy SEAL Drama

Mark Harmon, already an executive producer on NCIS (which he also fronts) and NCIS: New Orleans, now is teaming with CBS on an adaptation of The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America’s Deadliest Marksmen.

In the bestseller, former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, with author John David Mann, details his experiences as a member of the world’s most elite sniper corps — from his years of training in Naval Special Operations to his combat tours in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV take, inspired by Webb’s own story, will follow an experienced but newly promoted Navy SEAL.

Harmon will exec-produce the project, which thus far has a script commitment from CBS, while Todd Robinson will pen the pilot.

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  1. Tybois says:

    I already see a cross-over opportunity with NCIS: Los Angeles as LL Cool J’s “Sam Hanna” is a former Navy SEAL. With Mark Harmon heading the project, there is, of course, crossover possibilities with NCIS and of course NCIS: New Orleans…and even Hawaii Five-0 with “Steve McGarrett” being a former SEAL. Should be good. :)

    • Mark Harmon will never do a cross over with NCIS Los Angeles…he’s stated that repeatedly.

      • angel says:

        I’m a little confused by this comment. Do you mean this new seal show and NCIS: LA never having a crossover? Because NCIS and NCIS:LA have already had crossovers. Gibbs, McGee, and Abby went to LA on the Rifkin case that set up the beginning of the NCIS:LA series. In addition, Dinozzo is slated to appear on NCIS:LA this upcoming season, and I can’t even count how many times Vance has been on NCIS:LA as well as Abby.

        • mary says:

          That was before the big-to-do with Bellasario. Harmon never liked the LA version(not the actors, just the idea). When he took over, he said it doesn’t “exist”. Besides this makes me think all the more that Harmon might be hanging up Gibb’s shoes soon.

      • Jim Rusk says:

        Hope Harman makes good on that pledge. The network is diluting this show too much. Stop the spinoffs.

        • Patty Hewitt says:

          I agree, I do not like NCIS LA, and NCIS New Orleans. Why cant we stick to NCIS and have all the story lines from there?

          • Ken Miller says:

            Easy to do, don’t watch the ones you don’t like. You can stick to what you want and others can stick to what they want.

          • I agree with you. I sometimes see the LA versión and like it, but it seems like a totally different series altogether, and I am a native Angelino. I have not seen the New Orleans versión. The original NCIS is the real jewel. I have a nephew who is a Naval Academy graduate and in the marines, and I like to joke with him about staying on track … or I will have Agent Gibbs get on his case. We both laugh about it.

      • cathy says:

        He has already done a crossover with NCIS Los Angeles. I see no problem seeing it happen again…. It would be even better this time with Henrietta Lang as the “Team Leader” in LA. It would be interesting to see how Henerietta and Leroy Jethro Gibbs would work together.

      • Anne L Maxwell says:

        Why? Does he not like LA one

  2. The Rookie says:

    They should reboot Jag with Catherine Bell as a General and acting JAG, Bud as Captain and new lawyers and staff. Would give them many crossover opportunities with all NCIS shows.

    • Pat says:

      Would much much much rather see a JAG reboot than this. Or even a spin-off with Admiral Chegwidden’s new law firm.

    • Rylee's Mimi says:

      So very true and wouldn’t that be exciting? Are Harm and Mac married?

    • tom fab. says:

      Oh yes, you could bring Chatherine Bell, back into any fold, anytime. I thought she was sweet.

      • Doug Henning says:

        CB has her own Good Witch show on Hallmark that pays her well enough as the star and producer.. Seriously doubt she’ll want to do another full network type series… Her old partner on Jag (DJE) had a guest spot last season on Scorpion and the years have not been good for him looks wise… That’s the tough thing for some of these actors who have 20 year old shows with their younger selves still showing on TV… CB has been on enough shows since Jag ended ( years on Army Wives and the Good Witch movies and now series) to have her fans see her age so well..

        • Bess says:

          She is a beautiful women as well as an excelent actress. i make it a point to watch all of her shows even the re runs she is just beautiful person

    • John M says:

      Pretty cool idea.

  3. Ellinas1978 says:

    CBS: not an original idea in years.

    • Leia says:

      What’s wrong with doing something based on a book? Harry Potter anyone? Aren’t all doctor shows rip off of Dr Kildare ,or St Elsewhere or ER? All DC based political dramas ,on the West Wing, all non police who done its on Murder She Wrote,or Burkes Law or The Name of the Game?

    • Thomas Powell says:

      Really? Well, throw in NBC, ABC and all other channels who redo or reboot shows every single time. They are all rehashes of other programs or books. I could say the same for your unoriginal comment as well……

  4. Maria says:

    Gonna walk around in the shallow end of the pool here…hard to believe Mark is going to be 64 in a couple weeks. Day-um he’s gorgeous!

  5. Bob Backus says:

    SNIPER Oh my little girl panties, time for the whiny liberal brain-dead actors to come out calling everyone hideous chickens again.

  6. thomas says:

    i feel mr.harmon is a great actor he is always adding good stuff to ncis seriers and i mite add very successful as well thanks tom turner

  7. Cathy Viviano says:

    Way too many dramas—–need more family friendly comedies on tv

  8. nekili says:

    WOWZA CBS…U R SO INVENTIVE !!!…. (ironic)

    • Thomas Powell says:

      WOWZA NEKILI…U R SO LAME!!!…(Sarcasm) (Of course, since you must be so ahead of the game–when do your ideas for new programs come forth in the entertainment field??? We all will wait in extreme excitement…not.)

  9. TinLV says:

    I would rather see a series based on a real SEALS’ story than watch NCIS. I really liked JAG, but have never been all that caught up in NCIS.

  10. John Bradley says:

    If Mark Harmon is involved, it will be a great TV . Keep up the great work Mark (Gibbs).

  11. Jason says:

    Anyone remember The Unit? CBS show about Delta Force. Seeing this makes me miss that show. It had such great potential but I think was affected by the writer’s strike. Still, there were many great episodes. I do love how they never mentioned the word ‘delta’ throughout the entire series.

    • Billie says:

      I used to love that show.

    • drhenning says:

      The Unit was a terrific show with a great cast that many have homes on other shows these days.. But it had low viewership in the “demo” so naturally got canned eventually.. With all the real life terrorism in the world today, would have found it interesting what “The Unit” would do..

  12. aprilyn43 says:

    Should be a good show. Harmon is known as hard working and dedicated, plus we’ve seen what he has done for NCIS.
    Just hope they keep the homosexual and transgender stuff out!

    • S says:

      Homophobe much?! WTF does that have to do with anything regarding this article?
      I’m sure if there are gay characters in it, nobody will give a crap if someone as hateful as you doesn’t watch!
      I know the Harmon family & I’m certain you are not someone they’d have any respect for!

  13. Patrick Moore says:

    Should be a great series. I really look forward to it.

  14. Carol says:

    The new season of NCIS should be great I can’t wait

    • Lara says:

      I still wish Ziva would return to NCIS…even if not full time….the chemistry of that “Gibbs” team was excellent…even though I did miss her predecessor’s character. At that time the writting seemed to have more “jump up and suprise you” whitty humor I appreciated immensely.

  15. I feel that mark has a great show . we never get bored watching it We like all the players in the show they all act like they are family .By taking some off and putting on another person ruin the hole theam of the show I love the navel scenes time on the show that is what make it a good show it is not the same thing over and over .stay with it mark we love you and your staff

  16. diane says:

    More of Mark Harmon…I’m all for it…..!!!!!He could sell me a broken clock or pencil with no lead…more please….

  17. I look forward to the show each week It is my favorite show it keeps me on m y toes each week love all you

  18. Denise Miller says:

    I love everything Mark Harmon has his hands . It’s got good morals and never harsh Cuss Words nor God’s name in vain. If I have a stressful day , I can turn on an episode of NCIS and it all gets better….

    • Lara says:

      Thank you for tour comment! I agree enthusiastically! TV needs more shows with real heros that we can lookup to that are intelligent down to earth decent people not out for themselves…realize value of doing it right….giving the best you can to help…a true hero “family” NCIS! But want Ziva back or someone with more spunk, faceted, and intriguing.

  19. Barbara Gambrel says:

    I hope this goes thru. Another series that Mark Harmon is associated with would be great. The storyline sounds amazing.

  20. covitch says:

    As originally stated, this is NOT a spinoff of NCIS etc. This would be a show of its on, re the Navy Seals operations and I would love it. Anything that Mark Harmon gets involved with, re producing or directing should be dynamite and I would look forward to the addition of this to the CBS lineup. Can hardly wait to see who would be cast in a strong series like this .

  21. Sdog says:

    Why does Hollywood continue to make heros out of murderers who kill people with high powered rifles from a mile away. Do these snipers even know who their targets are and what they have done to deserve death. The military is turning our young people into killers who come home with a ton of mental problems. It is time for the American people to stop glorifying war.

    • Bess says:

      if you do not like what is being shown then turn the channel parents do not have time fore there kids and they havet ime fore other things but not there little ones THEY SHOULD BE TAUGHT RIGHT FROM WRONG FROM THERE PARENTS.iam a mother and grandmother and a greatgrandmother i can say i worked just like you parents only i had to work we did not make the money you parents make to day now . SO DO NOT BLAME THE T.V.

    • Lara says:

      I agree glorifying war and murder is wrong and the military does need to do a lot more for its people returning from the mental and physical harm suffered for our country to be sure.
      I do like this show. It could use more focus on mystery intrigue clever plot twists than on ugliness of murder and war on terror but remember the heros that risk their lives and minds for us..this is the basis of the show. .remember the morals of this show, the family of NCIS that look out for one another these are good things….few shows have this.

      • Bess says:

        I agree with you Lara. they do not have to much killing . but i do not think it come from the shows on t.v I think it come from the violence of these game boys.i have greatgrand chrildren that when we see them they say hi give you a kiss and back to there game .I realy do not think we need another show you might get burned out and lose the story line and repeted stories . the group you have are good and if you are not on them we do not watch it . love your show and please do not change any more players they are ike family ,you can see the love for each other in there eyes.

    • Leia says:

      A military snipers job, what they were trained to do, is protect their fellow soldiers in a war zone by taking out enemy soldiers and combatants. They are also deployed to eliminate enemy leaders such as an officer who leads the enemy. These are soldiers at war not, gang bangers, guess what war still exists and it appears that it’s not going away anytime soon. The enemy will take you out with no thought or regret, I’m not going to wring my hands if our soldiers get them first. Heroes.

  22. Chris says:

    I am a Mark Harmon fan… What is the connection with Mark and Gary Sinise with the military ?

  23. hoardnot says:

    Anythig “Gibbs” touches is gold. Can’t wait.

  24. ANNE says:

    Good Mark Harmon is one of the better actors left in Hollywood, the rest of afraid of not being politically correct, to bad those libs can’t just relax and injoy life.

  25. I am looking forward to this coming out . It seems Mark Harmon gets better with age. Let’s all wish Mr Harmon a Happy Birthday – it is tomorrow 9/2/15- he will be 64 – he is 3 days younger than I am :LOL 9/2/51

  26. Bess says:


  27. Bess says:

    I agree but mark has a mind of his own and he will do what he want to do .

  28. Peter says:

    Great Idea Mark, Best of luck…another winner I’m sure!

  29. Anita Norman says:

    I can hardly wait to see it, if Mark Harmon is involved, it will be every bit as awesome as NCIS and NCIS New Orleans

  30. Anita Norman says:

    I can hardly wait to see it, if Mark Harmon is involved than you know t is going to be every bit as awesome as all of the NCIS shows.

  31. Dayle says:

    If Gibbs dosen’t come back then that will be one show I can take off my list esp. If Tony is taking over and I really liked watching NCIS

  32. After seeing “An American Soldier”, I look forward to this show. They have long deserved it!!!

  33. Carleen J Wallior says:

    Being a fan of NCIS and the spin offs; I’d be one to watch this series.

  34. David G. Stern says:

    I think it is great. Especially if they can command the level of writers that has made NCIS so fantastic. NCIS-LA and NCIS-New Orleans are both very good, and getting better, but the original to me still has the best writing. I just hope they’re not getting bored and that it continues to exist for many more years. I did think Jethro looked amazingly old however. Hopefully there will be something inserted to give him new zest for his work.

  35. Richard Wagner says:

    To Mr. Harmon and/or other producers: How about NCIS: Southeast starring Brad Shelton. Considering the areas of responsibilities hiring Asian and Latino actors would open a whole new window of possibilities for story lines.

  36. John says:

    Our research reveals that a majority of the viewers of Mark’s shows have a problem with the loud backgound music that makes the dialogue very difficult to understand. Hopefully this message will get to him and he can do something about it to make his shows more enjoyable.

  37. Love all 3 NCIS. Background music is too loud. Drowning out actor’s dialogue. I miss hearing all the speech

  38. Jack says:

    The music is so load that it drowns out the voice’s of the actors. Is the acting that bad that you have to turn up the music load.

  39. Gail Jones says:

    I love NCIS and have been a huge fan for 12 years. I’ve even changed some of my schedule so not to miss an episode. I, as well as many fans, love the characters Tony and Ziva. I was devastated when she left the show, especially never having fulfilled the love interest with Tony. Now Tony is leaving. Can’t they be put together before he also leaves, or at least write him leaving to finally be with Ziva in Israel. There are so many of us who really wanted them to be together…a real love story with a happily ever after.

  40. Dawn says:

    Is Michael Weatherly the main guy?