Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: Bad Bromance

Never trust a pretty face, Teen Wolf fans — especially one you haven’t seen since middle school, then suddenly resurfaces and tries to break up your pack of supernatural besties. (That’s a relatable teen problem, right?)

Anyway, Theo’s plan to topple that house of hormonal cards known as “Sciles” finally came to fruition in Monday’s episode as the Dread Doctor groupie ratted Stiles out to Scott, making Donovan’s murder sound way more brutal — and far less defensive — than it really was. For good measure, Theo told Papa Stilinski that he killed Donovan in an attempt to rescue Stiles, thus earning the sheriff’s trust (and a weird locker-room hug.)

Cut to Scott and Stiles, screaming at each other in the rain about the proverbial line now drawn between them. “How do we fix this?” Stiles eventually asked, which felt was the perfect segue for a Notebook-style embrace, but no such luck. Instead, they just kind of awkwardly changed the subject, though I have no faith that their bromance is in any kind of fit shape at the moment.

Teen Wolf RecapIn fact, the newfound rift in Scott’s friendship with Stiles was also the final nail in the coffin of his confidence. He didn’t even feel safe biting a dying Hayden, an act that would surely save her life by turning her full-werewolf. (“Maybe she’ll heal,” Theo suggested, as if we can trust anything that he says ever again. You know what? I’m officially demoting him back to Mike Montgomery as of… right now.)

THE BEST LAYDEN PLANS | Speaking of Hayden, is anyone else getting major Twilight vibes from her scenes with Liam? No longer shall I refer to her as Baby Selena Gomez; she is, now and forever, Baby Bella Swan. And there’s an innocence about Hayden and Liam that I really dig, which is why I did not enjoy watching her get stabbed in the neck by that Dread Doctor. That said, the unfortunate event did trigger my first real theory of the season: Since I refuse to believe the show would kill off Hayden after spending all that time establishing her relationship with Liam, I’m guessing Theo will give her the bite, thus beginning his own pack. … Come to think of it, was that his plan all along? To use the Dread Doctors to make scientifically modified supernaturals for his new pack? Did I just (finally) figure out Teen Wolf?!

PROGRESS WITH PARRISH | Silly me, I actually started to get my hopes up, thinking we might finally discover Parrish’s supernatural origins this week. To the show’s credit, we came closer than ever before — we can hypothesize that he exists to cover up supernatural disasters from the outside world — as his and Lydia’s stroll through the forest proved most eye-opening. Plus, am I the only one who thinks that fight scene was kind of hot? Don’t get me wrong, the age difference is suspect, but I’m sure many of you still root for Aria and Ezra to get back together on Pretty Little Liars, so let’s not even go there.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any new theories about Parrish’s species, Theo’s connection to the Dread Doctors or the future of Scott and Stiles’ friendship? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. kate says:

    I think Theo suggests that Liam is the only one who can take Scott’s power and then Liam can give Hayden the bite but before Liam can do that Theo kills Liam and steals the Alpha power because Theo can’t steal it from Scott but he can from Liam.

    Also Stiles tell him what happened !!!!!

    • Rook says:

      I don’t think they’ll kill Liam. I do think Theo is gonna convince him to try and take Scott’s alpha status to save Hayden.
      But I don’t really understand why Scott said no to turning Hayden. Is it because of his weird feeling that something is wrong and needs his inhaler vibe??

      • ScottJ says:

        I replayed that last scene a few times. I might be wrong but it looks to me as if Scott has worked out what’s going on. I already thought it very odd that the Doctors didn’t just kill Hayden outright as they’ve done with all their other failures.

        • Felicia says:

          I agree, I think Scott heard Theo when he told the dread doctor he needed more time when they were fighting. Scott maybe just playing along, kind of l Iike how he did Allison’s grandpa in season 2.

          • Kate says:

            This is exactly my thought, Scott suspected something more about Theo last episode and then there was no need to have that conversation then and there with Stiles, especially since Scott knew both Theo and Liam were inside. I think his plan probably is slightly different because he has no idea what to do about the Dread Doctors, but this is strictly about Theo. I also think this is a bit more like Oliver’s plan to kill Ra’s at the end of Season 3 (though I suspect he reached out to help when he left the club who might follow up with Stiles so Stiles doesn’t get to Diggle levels mad at Scott).

          • Ari says:

            I think he’s been on to Theo since he read that kid’s memories last week. I am pretty sure he’s just conning Theo at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if his fight with Stiles was staged because they knew Theo was nearby. I don’t think for one second he was pouring his heart out to Theo at the start of the episode because he trusted him.

      • Kate says:

        I don’t think it will get that far either, Theo will convince him to try and take Scott’s alpha status because he is the only one that can and Theo’s plan is then to steal what would be a regular alpha status from Liam. It won’t get that far, basically, I suspect Scott has a long game planned (like the conversation with Stiles when it was had and where it was had was a bit of a ruse, he is concerned that if everything is going wrong, maybe something is wrong with Stiles too – and I’m a little concerned he hasn’t healed more – and sometime in the period between leaving the club and arriving at the animal clinic, he went for or called in some help). Like, it looks like Stiles might delay Theo long enough for Scott to get through to Liam but something happens.

        Remember when Peter assessed possessed Stiles and said he seemed to weak to accept the bite? I think part of that was running through Scott’s mind and then Paige and he wouldn’t want Liam to have to do that and then, well, I suspect he needs to let Theo believe his plan is still in effect.

      • Paula says:

        I don’t think Liam will be killed of either, but since Theo wants to be the alpha, it would be the only way to become one.

    • John says:

      No i Don’t think so because i remember back some seasons ago , Peter says a true alpha status cannot be stolen or absorbed , but i still don’t know what to expect!

      • Kate says:

        Deaton said something to the effect that a Beta of Scott’s own making can take it, which means only Liam right now.

    • Jax says:

      I think Scott after just talking about not killing with Stiles knows that there is a chance Hayden might not survive the bite, like Dereks high school girlfriend. Its a risk Scott now is not willing to take because of what he just said to Stiles. He is doubting himself that he wont kill her, which is what Theo wants.

      • candilish79 says:

        If Scott turns Hayden and she dies Scott would no longer be a true alpha. He bit Liam to save him from falling. Liam and Hayden seem to hate anger management issues. Scott can’t take on (2) I.E.D. betas. And and and all of this is in the hopes of someone taking a true alphas power. The dread doctors can’t do it. Theo can’t do it because he’s already killed someone. Liam won’t… Either way a true alpha gets his power through force of will, not anger or jealousy or experimentation.

  2. TVDiva says:

    This weak alpha version of Scott is killing me. I know that it has to look like Theo is winning but come on.

    • Mary Kate says:

      Seriously he was annoying me tonight! And for him to trust Theo over Stiles? Maybe he’s pulling the long con on Theo, but I think that’d be asking too much of Scott lol.

    • Kate says:

      I am starting to suspect a Season 2 level of con being played by Scott.

  3. MK says:

    Theo you were bad before, but you just crossed an unforgivable line tonight! PLEASE stop with Lydia/Parrish…gag me, so bored of Parrish’s story line.

  4. Ditty D says:

    Is it just me but was the Scott and Stiles scene in the rain hotter than Scott and Kira’s last week? I hope they can mend their friendship.

  5. Yedish says:

    This season is certainly an improvement from S4, but at the end of the day I’m always just thinking to myself, is this the episode Allison, or Jackson, or Issac, or Derek come back in? Lydia/Parish storyline has dragged on all season. Pretty pathetic. Scott was literally unbelievable in that scene with Stiles, it felt fake (probably subpar acting) or on purpose. And I’m sure they’ll end with some Desert Wolf cliffhanger.

  6. Matt says:

    I think we should be talking about Lydia mom more. She knows A LOT.

  7. Noor Kiarie says:

    you’ve killed it season 5

  8. The reason I watch Teenwolf is for the moments of humour during the high drama. This season that is missing, along with the temporary wins. those moments when the good guys manage to get on top only to realise that worse is coming. This season has been consecutively dark and even depressing.
    Since when does Stiles not tell Scott everything? Especially coming on top of what happened to them last season. There are only a few episodes left but honestly I’m getting to the stage when I’m about done with Teenwolf.

    • superhappygenki says:

      Stiles stopped telling Scott everything in s1 when Scott stopped actually listening to him which was EARLY on when Stiles just wanted Scott to listen about “Hey, I think you’re actually a werewolf”. The narrative presents a lot of info that Stiles helped Derek look for Boyd and Erica before s3 started, but we never actually hear about it, just see that they’re more comfortable around each other, have shared knowledge that no one else does, etc. Scott was off reading books and doing things that Stiles didn’t know about because he needed a recap of what Scott did all summer, meaning they didn’t really see each other. And the end of s2 where we find out that Scott switched Gerard’s pills but never told Stiles? That was a nail in the coffin of their communication. Why would Stiles tell Scott everything when Scott won’t return the favor?

      Plus, there’s only one episode left for this half of the season. The other 10 episodes will continue this story probably in January or so.

  9. Alice-Ginevra Micheli says:

    So I want to know how they plan on wrapping up the Dread Doctors in one episode? Also I’m hoping the fight between Stiles and Scott was a fake one because while I get that friendships can be strained, it can’t go that far! Please! I need my Sciles!
    Also the humor, feel good and romance has really been lacking this season. No two kisses between Scott & Kira and Hayden & Liam does not count.

    • Lily Rose says:

      The Dread Doctors won’t be wrapped up in one episode. Season 5 part 2 will feature the Dread Doctors as the villians still. So we basically have a whole season more until we will properly find out about the doctors!!! Everything from this season is carried over into 5b – it was basically a 20 episode season with a break in the middle.

  10. Davendavid says:

    Parrish is a phoenix.

    • Ari says:

      Parrish was looking old in this episode. This season has aged him.

    • ScottJ says:

      Jeff Davis said on Wolf Watch last season that Parrish is not a phoenix, and there’s been no sign of Parrish resurrecting anyone either. Ryan Kelley also implied in a recent interview here that the creature was one he’d heard of, but only because he’s a mythology geek. So its probably fairly obscure. There are plenty of fire creatures but I suspect the body collecting is the significant aspect.

  11. candilish79 says:

    I believe that both Stiles and Scott are playing the long con with Theo (pardon me Mike Montgomery) I think Scott listened to Stiles from his first complaint. Werewolves can sense/smell other wolves, Scott nor Liam ever mentioned sensing him. They know they can’t track the dread doctors or their experiments but somehow Theo found Donovan, Tracy and other guy on the roof who’s throat he ripped out. Or maybe that’s because he was tracking the rest of the pack… Besides the point, Scott has his number and I believe the entire pack is already a step ahead. I think Scott confirmed it last episode when he alpha jacked into the last teen extra. That’s what I’m calling them because trying to remember their names is pointless. They were picked from the same teen extra catalog

  12. dazzlingangel says:

    I hope scott and stiles mend their relationship cos it will really hurt my feelings if they didn’t besides where the hell is Derick? This season is so boring without him

    • Radha says:

      Really? Because the character of Derek hasn’t been doing much in the show for the longest. So I can understand you saying you miss Tyler Hoechlin, but as a character, Derek wasn’t producing much except for eye candy. That is the writers’ faults though.

  13. H says:

    Was 5A filmed when Dylan was filming “The Scorch Trials”? He has been really absent and not with the group this first half which I find not good. I also really hope they are just playing Theo because that was really heartbreaking and Scott and Stiles are Teen Wolf. Is it wired that I keep thinking that “Void Stiles” will pop up to deal with Theo or the Dread Doctors? Remember the last time Stiles was away from the group, the awesomeness and sadness of season 3B.

    • Kate says:

      Yes, I believe it was and it was more in the middle of these episodes when he was away. It might leak into the beginning of Season 5B too (that’s sort of why I suspect Stiles isn’t entirely in on a con Scott is playing on Theo, because, like on Arrow, you can understand Diggle not forgiving Oliver right away beyond just kidnapping Lyla (because come on, who else sort of thought of anyone on Arrow, Lyla likely could have escaped if she wasn’t already suspecting Oliver of playing some sort of part) and even if Stiles helps ultimately hold the pack together and save Scott, he can still be mad at him for making him go through this.

    • Paula says:

      Dylan said at Comic Con at the Nerd HQ panel 2014 that he filmed The Scorch Trials in the eight weeks that he was off of Teen Wolf.

  14. Dane says:

    I think that Scott heard Theo saying that he needed more time to the Dread Doctors.. well I hope that.

    Lydia and Parrish omygad I ship them so badly.
    Poor Stiles.. His tears are stuck in my mind urghh-

    Scott is definitly suffering from all this, but I think he should rely on his abilities more.

  15. Emmy says:

    I do think it will turn out to be an act on Scott’s part…however, I don’t think Stiles is in on it. So when they get all of this resolved there might be some lingering tension between the two of them. But hopefully they resolve that soon!

    • Kate says:

      I’m envisioning the show opening on an angry and upset Stiles driving away and then the jeep dying on him and he is having a bit of a fit when a motor vehicle of some sort approaches, all we can see are the headlights, then a figure gets out and starts walking toward Stiles and he and we are scared and its whoever Scott contacted after he left the club and took forever getting to the animal clinic. My money is on Chris. I envision sort of levels of Diggle/Oliver from Arrow in the season finale, like Stiles understands and will help but he is not particularly happy that Scott pulled this on him.

      • Emmy says:

        Yes, this is exactly what i’m envisioning will happen. Diggle and Oliver are exactly the people I was thinking of when Scott and Stiles were fighting.

  16. Goodbyenoway says:

    Hayden is so fugly I can’t look at her. That pushed in face is scary. Theo is so hot I can forgive him anything!

  17. Prime says:

    This all confused me..
    Am I the only one thinking that this must be all an act, I mean the fight between Scott and Stiles. Why were they arguing in the rain while Hayden was poisoned? Why was Stiles there at the same moment as Scott arrived? And even if Scott called him out (Which I do NOT belive) That is just not the right time to talk about It, is it? Besides Scott is able to sense another werewolf right? How could he not sense Theo who was listening the whole time?
    I hope that Scott is aware of Theo’s shady side..

    • Kate says:

      No you are not the only one that thinks its an act. I suspect at the moment, though, Stiles wasn’t in on it. I think Scott did it then for Theo’s benefit, but Stiles won’t be in the dark for long. I’ve heard both Chris and Peter might make their appearance in this episode and one of them probably stops Stiles before he gets far.

      I think Scott might have a not well thought out plan, and its really only to reveal Theo not solve the Dread Doctors, but he ultimately thinks its for the good of the pack.

  18. What is really great about this show, unlike PLL, is that it does not keep a mystery hidden for too long, thus making the reveals satisfying and not totally dragged out. As to the Theo-Dread Doctors-His Own Pack theory, I do quite like that idea, and if so, it will eventually (perhaps the 2nd half of the season?) pit Scott and Theo against each other, which would be interesting arc to watch, especially since Theo is perhaps the only really interesting new character.

  19. wendie says:

    I cannot stand these bloody dread doctors. A series loses its interest when the villains are omnipotent, they just lose time and time again against them. How stupid is the pack when trying to fight them, the doctors have tubes, wires and gadgets, why the hell don’t they ever yank them out rather than trying to hit a metal mask! It’s been proven time and time again that brute strength doesn’t work but they are all a bit too stupid to try anything else. Stiles is smart, do something with an electrical force to short them out rather than trying to always out muscle them. I am done with the stupid fight scenes, can we move on please?

  20. Balleng says:

    Does any1 remember that episode when sciles was arguing in the rain and they ended up calling each other “brothers”? That’s the only thought I had while watching this bromance fall apart! Season 5 had such promi but now I am lost! Oh… And WHERE IS COACH? He was 1 person who could make us laugh in the darkest hour! Oh… I sort of have a wishful wish that from Donovan’s bite, Stiles slowly becomes the dredd doctors’ success! But hey we need a human, right. Oh and when will Derek be back? By the way I loathe Theo but that guy can make you freeze every scene he is in. I mean the way he was smirking while lying about stiles and then full on tears within seconds, that impressive!

  21. Alex Jadiel says:

    I think Liam’s will trigger to attack Scott, but not even with Hayden life’s in play, he will be able to kill Scott who has been the friend who cared about him. I think Theo will receive the beating of his life to be angry and resented with them for the rest of his life, but with no other choice, but to flee and ho into hiding or for the Dread Doctors to kill him, because he is loose end.

  22. Tay Bryan says:

    Scott knows something. He may not know that Theo is lying about Stiles but he knows something isn’t adding up. From the time he was laying on the ground and Theo was telling the Dread Doctor that he “needed more time” up until the end of the episode it seemed like he knew something. Maybe that’s why not one single viewer could understand the mumbled response that the dread head gave Theo but if you listen closely, it kind of echoes like Scott was using his hearing and listening in and maybe it will be a flash back in the next episode and they will have it cleared up. But Scott knows more than he is leading on. Remember Derek’s advice back in season 2? “Always have a plan?” He didn’t tell anyone his plan then for Grandpa Argent and it all ended up working out. I think that’s the direction this is going for the finale. We will see soon enough

  23. tommyhart says:

    Scott is becoming pitaful he gets whipped by a beta lol

  24. tommyhart says:

    Scott can’t whip a beta lol what a alpha

  25. Summer_Blues says:

    Just kill Hayden off For GOOD. She is a terrible character who brings nothing to the table. Not to mention her voice is so annoying.