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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Video: Can Hook Summon Dark Emma to Return?

Storybrooke, we have a problem.

As seen in this sneak peek at the opening minute of Once Upon a Time Season 5 — and as Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas told TVLine at Comic-Con — getting Emma back after she merged with the Darkness and thus became the Dark One isn’t as simple as commanding her via the dagger.

Press play above to get the heroes’ assorted reactions to Emma’s tragic vanishing (including Regina’s distinct “Now Emma’s a problem” POV) and find out why the dagger isn’t able to bring back the fallen Savior.

VIDEO: Once Upon a Time Cast Describes Season 5 Premiere in Two Words

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  1. Skittles&Bits says:

    Ah! “Guyliner!” She called him “guyliner”. Evil Queen is forever snappy with her insults. Fingers crossed for S5 of OUAT. This show was gone downhill from me since mid-S2. The season was Pan was simply unbearable. The back and forth with Rumple (he’s good! but he’s evil! but he’s good with evil intentions! Nay! I say he’s evil with good intentions! Say what now?!) had me rolling my eyes so I’m hoping Dark!Swan will revitalize a show that I fervently loved in S1. I need some of that first season magic back desperately.

  2. Kat says:

    Somewhere along the line the writers decided Regina being a horrible, petulant jerk to everyone around her in all situations was a good character move. I think they think it’s “sassy”. It’s not. Watching her call Emma’s grieving loved ones names because she’s uncomfortable with guilt and her emotions are always the most important? Grow up, stop acting like a child. Maybe be a strong adult for your son, you know the one standing right there freaking out over his other mom disappearing. Regina’s “redemption” has been a joke, but now I can’t even enjoy her as a morally gray character, because she’s just mean and nasty all the time. She has no filter or self awareness. NOBODY should want to be Regina’s friend, she sure isn’t a good friend to anyone else. But she’s the writer’s pet, so everyone just puts up with her crap and no one can ever tell her to shut up for once. I give it 2 episodes max before someone is bending over backwards to help Regina or make her feel better about a situation that is entirely her fault.

    • Jackie says:

      I totally agree. They’ve really confused “sass” with out-and-out rudeness. Regina ruined that scene with her insults and made it all about herself instead of Emma’s parents and son and boyfriend and their pain. She didn’t even try to comfort Henry! I’m tired of them having Regina be a selfish jerk who insults everyone while at the same time act like she’s changed and is a hero. They try to have it both ways and it doesn’t work. They keep shoving Regina front and center even when she shouldn’t be on that particular occasion, and it’s really hurting the show and sucking screen time from other characters. I have such Regina fatigue. Why were Emma’s parents and son so far in the background in this scene? They should’ve been up there with Hook, not Regina.

      • Val says:

        Regina is just rude The name calling and so on. Saying Emma is a problem and that to in front of the ppl who love and just lost her – her parents, son and Hook. She didnt give care for Henry in that moment. Only one who looked at Henry was Killian, whilst he was summoning Emma.

    • Aciel Zoubi says:

      I agree with you guys! I like Regina but come on is this really the time for her to start calling Emma’s loved ones names while they have just lost Emma? Anyway’s I totally didn’t like the way that Regina just acted in this scene, especially after Emma just SAVED her. I understand that the writers want Regina to be sassy, but that was just plain rudeness.

  3. Lysh says:

    I need this back in my life!

  4. Lyn says:

    I’m so ineffably tired of the Sean McGuire and Colin O’Donoghue show, I’ll likely skip this season.

    • SayNay says:

      Ditto. Last season was such a struggle. I barely made it to the end. I probably will sit this season out as well.

  5. Denny says:

    Regina is just being insensitive! She of all people should understand what Hook’s going through and there is Henry with them, worried sick for his mother. Jeez.
    I’m tired of her attitude, I don’t care if she’s feeling guilt.

  6. LADY_in_MD says:

    Wow It only took an hour for the Regina hate to start
    It’s a fantasy show take it for what it is and enjoy people!

  7. DarkDefender says:


  8. Ginger Snap says:

    Once again Hook is a useless boy toy wearing guyliner.

    Good one, Regina.

  9. len84 says:

    Its just so heartbreaking for Hook. Losing his love again to the dark one. Becoming the very thing. Heartbreaking and also seems like this is the first time he has held the dagger and it happens to be with Emma’s name on it. :(
    Poor Snowing and Henry too. Look at them and Hook. They have to find Emma.

  10. Val says:

    Pure heartbreak and angst. My heart breaks for Emma, and Hook.
    Hook will FIND Emma and also Henry, its what they do as does her family

  11. Stephanie says:

    Love Regina. She is the only reason I am still watching this show. Looking forward to S5 with both Regina and Robin Hood.

  12. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    Wow, Colin’s acting is incredible here! Ginny, too, although they didn’t let her say much. My heart aches for them. Regina was way too snarky for my taste. Generally, they give her some good one liners, but this was neither the time nor the place. If they’re going to continue this idea that the Evil Queen has reformed, they need to let her be kind and compassionate once in a while. Being snarky and rude to people who just lost someone they loved makes her character unlikable.

    I liked the interaction between Hook and Robin Hood. I know Colin and Sean are buddies in real life. I’d like to see them develop that friendship on the show. Lord knows, Hook could use a drinking buddy right now!

  13. ninergrl6 says:

    GAH I want more! Great opening scene.

  14. Neco J Long says:

    Do any of you think this has been the plan all along for Emma to be the Dark one? I mean I have not followed the show as I am so behind. Gold made the curse, gave it to Regina, we all know Gold wanted out of the deal but then all the twists and turns. I think the Dark one has been waiting to get into Swan.

  15. Kelly says:

    How come people can’t like Hook and Emma? Without barraging me with “ship” stuff, they could probably work really well together since they’ve both done real bad things? Like as a team?

    • SarahK says:

      Because their respective arcs and characterizations in the past two seasons were inconsistently and badly written. I could have gotten behind their cooperation, if not romance, in season 2. Season 3 started derailing all that was interesting about their interactions for the sake of shoehorning in a romance and it hasn’t improved since.

  16. browneyegurl says:

    So the most important feelings to be explored is a boyfriend of 2 months over her parents who she has reconnected with after 28 years and feeling like a orphan and her son who she reconnected after 10 years and share true love with? Oh no, we have to focus on Hook’s man pain.

    It is so obvious that people who ship Captain Swan really don’t care for Henry, he is just an accessory to the relationship. That is why people will say “Look how bad Hook feels………….oh, yeah, Henry will be sad too.” You Hook stans aren’t fooling anyone. You don’t care Emma’s relationships outside of Hook. Ironically, and this is like a perfect match in heaven since Hook doesn’t give a darn about anybody outside himself, Emma is his object of obsession, she is his “happy ending” which, coming from him, is more demeaning than actually romantic.

    With this in mind, the writers also have shown to not even realize Emma nor Regina have a son. That is why we barely get scenes of Henry with Emma or Regina because the show is basically all about relationships now and Emma and Regina forgot that they have a son.

    Heck, [spoiler alert], there is bts pics of some girl kissing Henry. The kid barely interacts with children his own age, we don’t even know he has friends his age, but yet we just HAVE to see him with a girlfriend? Man this show is entertainingly bad. And this focus on romance has done nothing but plummet ratings for the show. Won’t be surprise to see this as the last season.

  17. Danni says:

    OMG so much show and ship bashing its actually really sad/pathetic that you dont seem to realise its only a tv show made for entertainment and thats its not real. Simple sulation if u dnt like it stop watching and grow the hell up.

    • C f says:

      The evil one has spent 7k & wants nothing more than happiness and a fair agreement worked out for all. One that makes sense without any vengeful attitude on either side. Taking no chances the best was hired to use the dagger. A call can put it to final season the right way & best for 2 or it will proceed either way I feel 100% this is final season

  18. Me says:

    Come fast to me my love come back fast LOL