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Question: Can you give some Grey’s Anatomy spoilers, specifically Arizona and Callie? —Barbara
Ausiello: Shonda Rhimes gave me some additional intel on the “exciting romances” Callie and Arizona will be embarking on in Season 12. For starters, their new squeezes will not be characters we’ve met before. Additionally, “They’re going to both be dating women,” Rhimes confirms, adding, “I do want to honor the fact that Callie is bisexual, and we’ve established that she’s dated guys. But in terms of where she’s going now, she’s going to be dating a woman.”

Question: Haven’t heard much about Grey’s lately. How is Shonda Rhimes planning to keep Season 12 fresh? —Isaac
Ausiello: Well, for starters, Maggie will be a little less homeless. “I can tell you straight up that Maggie has a home,” declares portrayer Kelly McCreary. “Remember how we never saw last season where Maggie lives? Now she lives with Amelia and Meredith in Ellis’ house, which is super cool. There will definitely be some conflict, but of the hilarious variety as opposed to the sisters-pulling-each-other’s-hair-out variety. You can expect some ‘clashes of the titans’ going on.” McCreary also confirms that Rhimes plans to “explore Maggie’s love life some more” in Season 12.

Question: Is there going to be a time jump when Castle returns? If so, how long? —Gabi
Ausiello: “Only a few months” will have passed since the events of the Season 7 finale, co-showrunner Alexi Hawley says. But oh, how much has changed! (And that’s not even to mention the new little one Ryan and Jenny have on the way.)

AAQuestion: What intel can you give us on the upcoming season of NCIS? —Marsha
Ausiello: This much you probably know: With Gibbs having been shot, “The premiere picks up right at that moment, and [guest star] Jon Cryer is coming in to do his darnedest to save Gibbs’ life,” Brian Dietzen shared with Matt Mitovich. But this next bit is probably news to the NCIS faithful: “Jimmy Palmer is some of the glue that keeps the characters together — meaning he’s the confidant, he’s the friend,” Dietzen reminds. “But by the end of the year, his friendships versus his professional obligations are really going to be tested, specifically with DiNozzo. That friendship will be super-tested.”

Question: How will Arrow’s Captain Lance and Laurel react to Sara returning, again? —Jake
Ausiello: Frankly, it could be the last thing Sara’s family needs! “Thanks to Laurel helping him see the light at the end of last season, Lance is back on the wagon for now, trying to keep on the straight and narrow,” Paul Blackthorne previews. “But that will of course be tested when Sara comes back from the dead. Because I think when your daughter’s coming back from the dead, she may not necessarily come back as quite the same person. Yeah, that’s going to be an issue for the family to deal with!’

Question: Any scoop on how The Flash‘s Wally will be related to the Wests? Brother? Cousin? And how he will appear on the show? —Cilla
Ausiello: It sounds like the spinoff will be putting its own twist on Keiynan Lonsdale’s junior speedster when it returns on Oct. 6. “We are a doing our special Flash magic where we take a comic book character and give it just a little bit of a ‘Hmmm,’ so that you’re like, “Oh!” showrunner Gabrielle Stanton says. And while she’s mum on specifics, Stanton did tease that Wally will be incorporated “in a really, really cool way… that I don’t think the audience will see coming. He will definitely have a very interesting and close relationship with Team Flash.”

AAQuestion: Flash scoop, please! —Tatiana
Ausiello: Arrow addicts may recall Cisco and Caitlin making mention of ex-S.T.A.R. Labs employee Doctor Light when they first appeared in Season 2’s “The Man Under the Hood.” Turns out, that was some stealthy foreshadowing. Stanton tells us that the metahuman will turn up this season on The Flash — but “it’s going to be the female version” of the character.

Question: Is the plan still to not replace Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? If so, any word on the actors/characters that will be rotating in? — psquared
Ausiello: As of Monday night, only Aisha Tyler — who is filling the brief void created by the tail end of JJ’s/A.J. Cook’s maternity leave — has been tapped to step in, showrunner Erica Messer told us, “and there’s still no one replacing Kate. But we’re looking forward to the opportunity to bring in other ‘good guys’ to be guest stars.” Perhaps even via a second stint by Tyler, who will exit when Cook returns. “We’d love to have her come play as often as possible, because she’s amazing and she fit right in with the cast,” Messer raves.

Question: I spent the entire weekend catching up on Jane The Virgin, and I need some scoop! —Dominic
Ausiello: Just as Jane’s pregnancy served as the CW dramedy’s main storytelling engine last year, Season 2 will have an equally compelling A-story. Or two. “There’s definitely a long-term mystery that has to do with Sin Rostro,” executive producer Jennie Urman previews, adding that the season will be “building” to Jane’s wedding — but to whom? “She makes a choice in the first five [episodes]. Whether that’s the choice or a choice, I can’t say,” Urman teases of Jane’s Rafael-Michael dilemma. “We play a little bit [with the] who, and then she realizes who she wants to be with at this moment.”

AAQuestion: I’m excited for the new Prison Break series, but I still don’t quite understand how they’re going to get around the fact that Michael is dead. Any insight? —Ed
Ausiello: According to star Dominic Purcell, “When you see it, it makes perfect sense… It’s justified.” Personally, I’m not one to argue with Dominic Purcell, mostly on account of the fact that he scares the s–t out of me (see Exhibit A, right).

Question: I’m psyched that Constance Zimmer is getting more work, but I’m also a huge UnREAL fan — please tell me that her S.H.I.E.L.D. gig won’t affect my new favorite show! —Janna
Ausiello: I’m happy to report that won’t be the case. “She’s committed to us and the show,” UnREAL boss Marti Noxon says. But here’s the bummer: The reason the double-duty won’t be a problem is because the Lifetime dramedy probably isn’t going to start shooting “until next spring,” Noxon laments.

Question: I was wondering if you have any new Downton Abbey scoop. —Kristen
Ausiello: I do! Michelle Dockery tells us that Mary will be in “business mode” when the sixth and final season bows in January, adding that her perpetually messy “romantic life” takes a backseat, initially. “She’s taken on the role of the estate agent because Branson’s left, so she’s a working girl. She’s not really actively looking for anyone.” Well, not until Matthew Goode’s Henry Talbot re-enters the picture. “He comes back into her life [and] it’s complicated as it always is,” Dockery shares. “It’s never plain sailing in her love life.”

Question: I’m desperate for some Bones scoop! Things have been quiet for way too long now. —Claudia
Ausiello: Angela and Hodgins are going to make a little noise this season. Even though they didn’t move to Paris in the finale, “They have a really interesting, emotional, powerful arc,” teases executive producer Jonathan Collier. “We’re taking them on a ride.” Adds EP Michael Peterson: “In Episode 10, everything will change for them.”

Question: There are lots of rumors of Noel Fisher not returning for Shameless Season 6, yet he was at the table read for the first episode…. — Sam
Ausiello: We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but star Cameron Monaghan told us Mickey “is in prison for attempted murder at this point, so it’s hard to keep him heavily involved [in the new season],” which picks up a few months after the finale. In the meantime, Ian is trying to “find some stability in his life” via medication for bipolar disorder and a job at the diner with Fiona. Bonus Spoiler: Monaghan thinks Debbie’s possible-pregnancy plot will be the most surprising for viewers, and here’s why: “She has a big decision to make and this decision is one that someone her age probably shouldn’t be making.”

This AAnd That…
Confession: I had extremely low expectations about Season 3 of Ray Donovan when I heard that series creator Ann Biderman would not be involved. It’s a rare show that doesn’t self-destruct when the main creative force exits. But, miraculously, five episodes in, I’m happy to report that Ray has improved on its first two seasons. I (occasionally, rarely, mostly-never) love being proven wrong.
I’ve learned that the second hour of The X-Files‘ six-episode revival — the Glen Morgan written/directed “Home Again” — will pick up several months after the events of the premiere, and word on the streets of Vancouver is that the installment (featuring, as I previously reported, a Monster of the Week called “Band-Aid Nose Man“) is absolutely brutal. Some are already dubbing it one of the most violent X-eps in history. Speaking of Episode 2, did you see this?!
Bates Motel‘s upcoming fourth season will bring back Ryan Hurst’s “crazy mountain man” as well as some familiar faces “from Season 1 that you haven’t seen in a while,” showrunner Kerry Ehrin tells me.

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  1. Al says:

    I am actually excited for GA shockingly

    • T.W.123 says:

      Ditto! All the information I’ve read thus far sound like exciting creative decisions/ avenues to explore

    • Jamie says:

      Haha, same here. Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia all have VERY strong personalities (especially Mer and Amelia), so this living together thing is going to be interesting. And yay for Callie getting another lady!

  2. Joni says:

    Regarding the “NCIS” quote from Brian Dietzen: WHOA!

    • Stephanie says:

      Seriously. Though I can’t help but wonder after reading last week’s Dinozzo/Gibbs ‘relationship’ spoiler and now this… are they planning for Tony’s exit? It sounds like there’s going to be a ton of turmoil this season.

      • Mel says:

        Yeah, and it all seems to be connected to Tony. This makes me very nervous.

        • Joni says:

          I think that’s what we’re suppose to think but I in no way think Michael is leaving or thinking of leaving. (Got enough “thinks” in there? Tee Hee). I’m excited because it looks like we’re going to get a lot of the great Gibbs/DiNozzo dynamic this season and leading into next.

          • Stephanie says:

            My thinking is that we know Gibbs is going to be out of action at least three episodes (based on the Jon Cryer spoilers). This means Tony takes over as team leader again (presumably). Maybe this time he’s not so willing to cede to the boss upon his return? The question is, does it cause a rift within the team?

        • Darlene says:

          And I’m oh so glad that it’s all connected to Tony. I can’t imagine what would happen between Tony and Jimmy that their friendship would be tested to the extreme. I would invite a clash between Tony and Gibbs where Gibbs is assuming he’s just going to come back to the team and carry on as if nothing has happened (especially if he pulls that dumping Tony’s things back on his old desk like he did last time) and Tony doesn’t think that’s what’s best for the team this time. How they work it all out, I have no idea – but it’ll be fun to see!

    • Sherri says:

      Well if their conflict causes Palmer to be in a friendship vs. professional situation, it could perhaps involve Palmer finding autopsy results that Tony wants him to bury.

      • Erin says:

        I just hope whatever the conflict is, it doesn’t make Tony look bad. They’ve all but ruined the character by always making him the clueless butt of the joke. Everyone seems to get to evolve in a positive way except for Tony. They haven’t had a story arc that actually focused and flattered Tony since season 4. If this storyline is another one that diminishes Tony to make others look better, I think I’ll have to give up on the show.

        • Dianne says:

          I still want Ziva to return. She was a dynamic persona who added a dimension to the show and to Tony that has been missing since she left. Bishop just doesn’t fulfill the need. Get Cote back and dump Emily or send her to another NCIS show. She is dragging the original NCIS down and is rather an unbelievable and flat character. She is a square peg being pushed into a round hole. Offer Cote a huge increase and maybe she will consider returning–please. NCIS used to be a must see– but not anymore–Bishop has spoiled it–unload her and her preppy clothes and dull husband, Jake!

          • as524 says:


            Nothing like a broken record in the midst of an interesting conversation on the actual spoiler

          • Erin says:

            I really couldn’t stand Ziva by the end and hope that she never returns. This thread isn’t about Ziva and she’s been gone for two seasons now. It’s time to move on or go to facebook where you can find some soul mates.

  3. Kristen says:

    Thank you for answering my Downton question again! Looking forward to the final season!

  4. lkh says:

    Regarding Castle–changes! We know Beckett is Captain now, and Castle is hangin’ with a new investigator, and now we know Ryan is going to be a Dad again. What about Espo, and also Lanie? Does Martha move out? Where’s the daughter? – still at home, in college/grad school? I’ve lost track of everyone, know Gates is gone.

    • Maria says:

      Alexis should be a college senior if they’re sticking to a regular timetable. We still don’t know what her major is. I’m not sure Alexis knows either…

  5. lkh says:

    Liking Ray Donovan too, but having a hard time seeing Katie Holmes as a love interest–actually, is she?

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Seriously. How does that woman get jobs? She’s a terrible actress. Just saw her in Woman in Gold…the film was terrific, Mirren a joy as always, Reynolds and Bruhl incredible, and there she was…as blah as she is in those commercials she does.

    • drhenning says:

      Not sure about KH being the Love Interest… But I have been really enjoying this season of RD…

    • Ray says:

      Agreed, I have never found her femme fatale material. She’s Maggie Gyllenhall with half the talent. It amazes me she gets so much work since Dawson’s Creek!

  6. For me I can see the departure of Ann Biderman in how they frame every episode. It is not the same as it was the first two seasons.

  7. Just one thing says:

    Ryan and Jenny are going to have another kid we never see? Good for them.

    • lkh says:

      perhaps in that hidden room/elevator…

      • Just one thing says:

        Oh, you mean the abandoned precinct basement? I can’t remember her name (Sarah something), but she should be in preschool by now. LOL
        I guess Jenny, Sully, Gates and Jim Beckett can alternate lessons.

    • Brad says:

      Lol why even

      • Just one thing says:

        I guess they figure someone on the show should be having kids.
        I’ve always been on the fence about Caskett babies, but that’s probably pretty annoying for fans who really want them. Lol Ohhhhh welllllll.

        • Brad says:

          Lol ya everyone else on the show will before caskett

        • Kim says:

          They better get on the babies on castle with beckett and Castle. They need to have 3 remember!!! I really want prediction from “”time will tell” to come true.. When all is said and done !!!!’ #caskett

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah… I think the guy altered the future by telling them. At this rate, Caskett will be child-free and senate-free for the rest of their marriage/lives.

          • lkh says:

            cool-philosophy! would that be ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ or ‘character is fate’.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Not annoying for this fan. I don’t want Caskett babies until the very last scene of the last episode, unless of course SK gets pregnant in RL.

  8. Brad says:

    Why give Ryan another baby

    • Mary says:

      As much as I love Castle, I agree – don´t see the point on doing that!

      • Maria says:

        Agreed. They had this little side-storyline about Ryan taking on a second job because he was worried about finances and the cost of college for Sarah. Why would they want another baby when they’re so stressed about affording the first kid? More inconsistent story-writing.

        • lkh says:

          inconsistent writing-consistent with life?

        • Carla Krae says:

          You do realize that babies don’t come as planned most of the time, right? Ryan and Jenny weren’t trying to have a second kid.

          • lkh says:

            ahhhhh, how do you know that?

          • S. says:

            I don’t know that I agree that they don’t come as planned most of the time. It’s easy to get that impression given the representation of it in the media, but a lot of people have kids on purpose and figure out when they’re ovulating, go off birth control, etc. It’s not something that I see as a ‘most of the time’ thing even if you try to argue it’s above 50% and I don’t know that I’d even concede that. As for Ryan and Jenny not trying to have a second kid, given his concern about finances, it’s reasonable to assume they weren’t but we don’t know. Maybe with Beckett’s promotion he gets one along (well, something that’d lead to a raise). I presume that Beckett made more than Ryan and Espo even though they were all detectives. Maybe they could afford another and got to work asap.

  9. If Angela and Hodge lose a baby, lose their money, or have something happen to Michael Vincent it will be way too predictable… hopefully their emotional journey where everything changes is something unique and interesting and not just the same old emotional turmoil in all other shows… I expect more from Bones.

    • dave says:

      Bones writers are lazy,you know it’s going to be more soap opera.I think Hodgins and Angela were the blind item about the couple who breaks up.

      • kmw says:

        Could be but since the blind item said early fall, Bones 10th episode will not air until late November or early December. They said Jack’s brother would be back and I have a feeling he will have something to do with it. I have to admit some of their stories are becoming more soap opera like but that is probably coming down from FOX since they are up against a soap opera. It will be interesting to see what they do with them

    • SoFla says:

      Didn’t they say that Hodgins’ brother was going to appear again this season? Perhaps they think they can take him home with them now that they have money again, they can have him live with them and have proper care for him at the same time. Which they were not in a position to do when Hodgins first met him. JMO.

  10. OhNo says:

    Who’s leaving on Criminal Minds?!?!?! We need to know!!!

    • Kristen says:

      JLH already left. AJ Cook is on maternity leave having just had a real life child. No one’s leaving.

      • Angela says:

        Actually, there was an article the other day on Zap2it stating that MGG would be directing an episode where one of the regular team members leaves. No word on if that departure is temporary or permanent at this point, though, or who that character would be. The start of that article said that a team member would “take some time off chasing the bad guys”, which would imply their leaving is temporary, but other than that there wasn’t much to indicate for certain either way.
        And since JJ is going to be returning eventually, to me that implies that would leave one of the other five as potential people leaving. I know Mantegna mentioned earlier this year that he’d signed on for two more years, and there was an interview with MGG earlier this summer where he pretty much stated he’s happy staying on the show for a good long while (and besides that, with all the talk of possibly bringing his mom back this season and maybe focusing on his love life again and whatnot, I imagine it’d be pointless to even consider any of those storylines, let alone start working on them, if he were going to just up and leave shortly afterward anyway). So if we go based off that, that would bring us down to Hotch, Morgan, or Garcia as possible options.
        Whomever it is, I do hope their leaving is temporary and not permanent. I love all the regulars and I’d hate to see any of them leave for good. But hopefully we’ll get some more details on that story as time goes on.

        • LaShawna says:

          Right now, my money is on Morgan leaving. Shemar has mentioned in the past that 10 seasons would be enough for him, and this past summer, some of his social media posts could be interpreted as wanting to move on. If so, I bet all the real life pregnancy drama last season cut into any possible Morgan exit arc. So if he is the one leaving, the early part of the season could be setting up his exit.

          • Angela says:

            I’d heard a few people mention that thing about his comments about 10 seasons, too, yeah. I never read the article or whatever in question where he made those comments, so I’m not familiar with the specific wording, but if that’s the case, that would certainly make sense.
            I also don’t really keep up on the guy’s personal life, so I don’t know about this real life pregnancy drama you speak of, but that’d be another valid reason, too, whatever the deal was with that.
            Like stated above, I’d be sad to lose any of the remaining regular team members, especially considering that save for Rossi as well as the brief loss of JJ in season 6, all the others have been there since the beginning. I’d miss Morgan’s friendship with Reid if Morgan were the one to leave, especially for good, and it’d be interesting to see how Garcia would deal with it, too.
            But whatever happens, I’ll be curious and interested to see what kind of send-off they get. So long as nobody’s killed off, that’s all I ultimately care about :p.

          • LaShawna says:

            Real life pregnancy draa meaning the fact that Jennifer and AJ were pregnant in real life and the producers decided to write both pregnancies into the show. Factor in that Jennifer decided to leave, and there would have been no room to set up anyone else’s exit story.

          • Angela says:

            @LaShawna: Ohhhhhhhhhh, okay, I see. I completely misread that at first and thought you were referencing something related to Shemar there :p. My mistake. But yeah, you’re right about that possibly messing with any other planned storylines, definitely. It’s situations like that that make me feel for show writers a little-so many possible situations out there to throw wrenches into potential story ideas!

        • Patricia Angelica says:

          I bet on Hotch leaving… he has been through a lot since “100” episode and before that too. But Derek is a good bet too. =/

          • I don’t want any of the rest of the cast to leave. If its anyone please let it be Rossi, the rest I can’t live without. And Morgan, he’s Garcia’s yang, it won’t work!!

          • LaShawna says:

            I have my doubts about Hotch leaving. From a story perspective, it would make sense after “Mr. Scratch”, but I don’t think it would make sense from a real life perspective. I have a hard time seeing CBS renewing Criminal Minds if Thomas wanted to leave. This show has experienced enough turbulent cast changes.

          • Angela says:

            @LaShawna: Agreed. I know people have talked about how Gibson’s mentioned the difficulty sometimes having to go back and forth between shooting the show and where his family resides, but I think he still does like working on the show itself. And I think you’re right about the necessity of his presence on the show, too.
            If this departure is just a temporary one, though, and it were Hotch who briefly stepped down, I do hope it would tie into the events of “Mr. Scratch” somehow. I’d like to see them touch on how he’s doing after all of that next season.

    • Ray says:

      Aisha Tyler is joining the cast, though! She’s good!

  11. alistaircrane says:

    Not sure how they can bring Wally on as anyone but Iris’ nephew unless they are plucking him from the Multiverse like Jay Garrick. It’s entirely possibly Joe has an older son that he never mentions.

  12. Nitemar says:

    I would love to know who are the women Callie and Arizona are dating, there has been no casting announcement that I know of. Stoked about X files spoilers, can’t wait!

  13. Sara says:

    Not sure I can watch shameless without Mickey

    • TTM says:

      Who would want to? Mickey is the best part of the show. Whoever made this decision made a HUGE MISTAKE.

      • Jamie says:

        Not a decision they made – quote from the executive producer a few months ago:
        “it’s really a decision for Noel to make. He was going to do a movie and wasn’t prepared to sign on for another year…He has a very thriving film career, and we really just hired him for a few episodes when we started, but we keep expanding it, and he always comes back when he’s available. So, some of where the characters end up will be dictated by availability…”

        So we’ll just have to wait until Noel Fisher is available again. Really hope he is able to come back for at least part of the season.

  14. Mel says:

    I love the Jimmy/Tony friendship. Hope that doesn’t get changed in a negative way. Always thought they were moving towards Jimmy and DiNozzo having a dynamic similar to Ducky/Gibbs. That said, looking forward to more scenes between these two characters.

    • Sherri says:

      I’m guessing the problem between them eventually gets resolved. They are both important parts of the NCIS team.

  15. All the Bones spoilers are so vague! lol I wish we got something more specific.

    • dave says:

      c’mon,Angela and Hodgins are the blind item.If they separate Booth and Brennan again they might as well cancel the show.

  16. Not sure I like the NCIS scoop because I always loved the DiNozzo/Palmer friendship/relationship! Why do I get the feeling that everybody’s now out to get DiNozzo?

    • I was thinking that, myself. I hope not; I’d like to see Gibbs and Tony get back the relationship they had in the early days of the show.

    • Erin says:

      I think that the main ones out to get DiNozzo are the show runner and producers. They obviously instruct the writers to make him the butt monkey while flattering other characters. It’s definitely the super/tragic Gibbs all the time show now, but last year they tried to feature McGee making him sympathetic and attempting to make him interesting by making him the only other agent of value and it sounds like they’re going to push Jimmy forward this season too. The only character they have consistently downgraded is DiNozzo. I can’t fathom why. The show was SOOOOOO much better when he was used for more than to be the resident ass clown, but I guess they can’t let any actor shine who might accidentally outshine Gibbs. I think that’s why they’ve done the darndest to make sure DiNozzo never gets any action or has stories that allow him to viewed in a sympathetic light.

  17. Heathers says:

    Still nothing on Tyrant

    • There’s never anything on Tyrant. Sucks! I’ve sent in a few emails asking about spoilers and never hear anything back.

    • drhenning says:

      Tyrant has been great and based on comments by the head of the network, it could on track for a third season to build on what they’ve been doing this year… It’s only a few more weeks till the season is over so hang on… The only thing we are waiting for is a renewal

  18. Nicole says:

    Wally is totally Iris and Barry’s son from a future alternate timeline OR Det. West’s son/Iris’ brother from an alternate timeline and he’s been shunted to this universe.

    • Jeff says:

      I think it’s the former or something similar. A merging of Wally West and Impulse. Creates a totally different character and avoids any conflict with the upcoming Flash movie.

  19. Mik says:

    I like the extra scoops in the AAnd-section, but I also loved it when you gave your own opinions/commentary on shows (like you just did with Ray Donovan). It reminded me of the good old Spoilert Alert days. So more of that (imo).

  20. monica4185 says:

    The Katie Holmes’s character on Ray Donovan gets on my nerves. I could do without her. Other than its a great season so far.

  21. James says:

    When they said Prison Break would “ignore” Michaels death, I was *really* hoping that they meant that literally. Like, pick up where Season 2 or 3 left off or something.

  22. aph1976 says:

    I like that on NCIS Palmer will get some more story.However it sounds to me that maybe he gets a job offer away from NCIS but also puts him in conflict with the agency.As for Gibbs’ i don’t think he might recover physically or psychologically quickly after been shot by that kid.So Tony takes over because Gibbs may take a break from the agency as he recovers.Plus Gibbs may not go back into the field right away either.Plus i also wonder if the other characters start to wonder what they will do if Gibbs dies because would they still be a team without him been in charge?So Gibbs been shot could start the other character reevaluating their own careers and lives.

    • Darlene says:

      I like how you think. Lots of character examination and growth potential challenging the characters to think about moving out of Gibbs’ shadow and about what that would look like. Tony, especially, and McGee have been with Gibbs so long, they gotta be itching for more leadership responsibilities.
      While I worry that NCIS will go all topsy turvy on us and McGee somehow ends up as Team leader, I’m so happy that the show is taking a chance and shaking us up.
      Bring it on, NCIS!

      • Erin says:

        If McGee is turned into the team leader in a year long “humiliate Tony” arc, I will be done with the show. That would be the ultimate slap in the face to Tony fans and sadly, given the way they write Tony now, wouldn’t surprise me one bit. But for me – that would be the end of NCIS. I don’t care how many good stories and bells and whistles they attach to McGee – he’s milquetoast.

  23. Thanks so much for answering some Flash questions! I cannot wait to see Wally, and I hope he’s close to Iris. Also excited for a new female metahuman. The Flash sorely needs more weomen.

  24. I could care less if Kevin Ryan had another kid. Really, why are the writers wasting my time on a supporting character’s home life and kids. They all know we want to see Castle and Beckett with a baby not Kevin Ryan. It really frustrates me when a supporting character gets to do all the firsts before the two romantic leads.

    • lkh says:

      well, you never know–maybe this time Espo really is the dad–uh oh. You don’t want Caskett to be the first there, yes?

    • Maria says:

      I don’t want to see Castle and Beckett with a kid.

    • emily says:

      because then the show would just have 2 characters… castle and beckett. it should be an ensemble show. and its not like we get real storylines with the supporting cast anyway. its always all about caskett. a supporting character gets to do all the firsts because its all about the long journey for the main couple.

  25. Rayne says:

    Excited for Arizona’s new love interest! Hopefully whoever it is has as much chemistry with Arizona as Arizona/Lauren had.

  26. Missy says:

    I binged the first season of Ray Donovan. Gave up on trying the second. Was recently bored plus i like Katie Holmes so binged the third and you are so right. It is a much better show. less depressing and I actually look forward to it now.

  27. Jessica says:

    The Grey’s scoops are so boring. Dont care about Calzona and Maggie dating. And three sisters living all together. Yawn, they all have money to live on their own.

    • Jamie says:

      The point of them living together would be that Meredith is now a single working mother of three and her sisters want to help her out. Obviously they have enough money to live on their own, but they want to support each other.

  28. kmw says:

    That X files episode sounds brutal. Really hope Scully’s mother isn’t involved with that case.

  29. lame says:

    Ryan is gonna keep the Irish tradition of large families intact. Ha, ha.

  30. lame says:

    It would be hysterical if the writers kept Jenny pregnant for the remainder of the series and the size of the Ryan clan reaching biblical proportions .

  31. Fart Allen says:

    Wally = Iris’ younger brother, he is somehow connected to why Mrs. West left Joe and Iris.

  32. Cleo says:

    My only criticism of Jane the Virgin would be how after episode 14 (arguably one of the best of the season, definitely in the top 5) there were all these post-ep interviews saying that we hadn’t seen the end of luisa x rose/sin Rostro and that toward the end of the season they would pick up on that. Yet there was nothing. Luisa returned with some random new girlfriend, kinda seemed like a much duller version of her previous self with little to no storyline(s) with the most brush-over mention of her relationship with Rose/Sin Rostro and how she had gone to the ashram to get over her. If they pick back up on this in S2 and deliver their promise then job well done but if they don’t or they handle it poorly I’ll never understand how the most interesting and riveting relationship and storyline on this show had the lifespan of only 14 eps. I’m not an idiot, obviously since Luisa knows of Rose’s double life as Sin Rostro they’re never going to sail off into the sunset but the last line spoken by (Bridget Regan as) Sin Rostro is her confessing to Luisa that the only real thing in her life for the past was what they had had together and what she felt for her. Seems a waste to obviously purposely give the villain some humanity, speak of Luisa as her weakness playing a part of their storyline in future episodes and then not deliver. And they’re absolute fools if they don’t get Bridget Regan back as Sin Rostro. Since this is a self-aware telenovela and the self-reflexivity is a part of its charm, having her come back with a change of hair style/colour, a prosthetic nose, beauty spot and re shaped eyebrows or something would work to their advantage with the narrator making some self-aware joke that for a sinister drug lord/murdered she didn’t go to much effort with the plastic surgery. Plus the chemistry and dynamic between Regan and Martinez deserves more screen time. They’re magic together. They’re what drew me into the show.

    • liv says:

      Hey! I actually really like that idea re BR coming back as SR with hilariously minor adjustments made to her face. You’re definitely right that this is the kinda show that could get away with it, especially, as you said with some self-aware comment made by the narrator. I’m glad you mentioned the whole Luisa and SR thing being MIA in the second half of the season because I too read that would be revisited. I guess that’s what they’re referring to with this SR spoiler for JTV. I wouldn’t worry about L + R/SR not being touched this coming season as you can’t bring her back without there being something relating to her relationship with Luisa, it was too big a plotline to just never be brought up again. It’s too heavily woven into their character arcs. Can’t wait for season 2 though!!

  33. Greg says:

    It’s time for Tony to get married and become a father, like Sam and his wife to be involved in more cases .

  34. Pat says:

    Oh for crying out loud, Bones executive producer, Jonathan Collier,says that they are taking Hodgins and Angela on a ride and that in episode 10 everything is going to change for them well this better be something positive and not negative. I just want this up-coming season to get back to normal. Please, Bones producers hear my plea for no main characters to be kidnapped, maimed, shot, buried alive, deadly illnesses, tortured, separations and break up of marriages. I am sure there is probably more to add to this list. I just want to have the normalcy back where they solve what happened to the bodies that are brought into the Jeffersonian.

    • dave says:

      I would love that too,but everything they do now is for drama.I think Hodgela is the blind item for the couple that break up.I think fans will revolt if B&B are separated again.

    • kmw says:

      I do too but I am afraid they will not listen to us( or the fans who left in droves last season) Understanding that Bones is a drama and all I get the need for serious stuff but they used to have some lighter moments and now that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Jack’s brother will probably be their issue at some point but just because they are going on a wild ride doesn’t mean they are splitting( I also do not think Jared is going to die; if they do that to Booth for a second year in a row, that would be horrible) Hope for the best for the new season!!!

    • A says:

      I get the need and want to see our Bones characters happy, I *really* do but Bones has ALWAYS had these narrative elements that you no longer want to see, they aren’t new to later seasons….S1 had Brennan nearly murdered & kidnapped and Booth blown up ALL in the same ep, S2 had Hodgins & Brennan kidnapped by a serial killer & buried alive, then Booth got kidnapped, S3 Booth got shot by a stalker & Zack was a serial killer’s apprentice, S4 Booth got kidnapped & developed a brain tumor, S6 Booth went head to head with an ex-sniper & Vincent got murdered….do I need to go on, see my point? Bones has ALWAYS had these elements they aren’t recent developments and quite frankly they made for some damn good episodes…Bones is a drama, of course I dont want any breakups or more murders wìthin the team/family but they do need to inject dramatic themes amongst happier/comedy ones too.

      • kmw says:

        I know they need the dramatic moments, but given the fact they skipped almost all of Booth and Brennan’s romance and really other than her pregnancy last season and the wedding the season before where is ANY happiness the last 3 seasons. Most all of it off camera. I like Bones cases, most of the time, but Booth and Brennan are the center and especially last year they weren’t acting like a couple let alone they were barely partners. I also understand marriages aren’t happy all the time but it would be nice to see them have fun, just an episode or two, with each other. Don’t get me wrong I know they need the dramatic stories to survive because happiness all the time would be boring as well.. My real issue with Bones is balance. They didn’t have it last year, most certainly and over last three years shootings death and such and such is happening way more frequently than they used to. Your examples are right but they were spaced out better. The only episode from last season that had any of what makes Booth and Brennan great was The Light in the Life. All I am really saying is they should lighten the show a bit.

        • A says:

          I totally hear ya, but its hard to see Booth & Brennan as connected & having fun banter like they use to when they only had like 5 scenes per ep ìn S10, that was my main problem with S10, that and B&B partnership kicked to the curb, BRING IT BACK….but that said Teacher in the Books and Putter in the Rough were fun eps in S10, B&B rapping with their daughter was a fun ep too imo…but here’s to MORE B&B focus on their partnership balanced with personal, man, I missed it!

  35. Arrowette says:

    I may had not received the memo but since when it was said that Sara was returning from the dead for hte new Arrow season? I never read that anywhere.

  36. Amy J says:

    Haven’t seen Shameless for a couple of seasons – Debbie being ready for a pregnancy storyline is too disturbing for me now.

  37. mooshki says:

    Aaargh! I can’t wait that long for more UnReal!!!!!!!!

  38. Vanessa says:

    so… 3 kids and 3 adults living together after the death of a spouse? When did Grey’s Anatomy become Full House?

  39. Paul says:

    Sorry Michael but regards your “confession” about this season of Ray Donovan…I can’t agree. I really am not happy so far this season. I love Ian McShane and his involvement with Ray but the Katie Holmes character is just annoying. And I hate the current sub-plots involving his dad Micky as a pimp and his wife’s trip to Boston was a bomb. You think while she’s there she can work on that aaawwwful Boston accent? And while we’re on the subject, if the whole family is from Boston, why is she the only one with an accent?

  40. NDfan says:

    I NEED Mickey on Shameless. Noel Fisher is so fantastic.

  41. Oh, good golly. Can the Lances catch a break, already? This family has had nothing but drama since the Gambit went down with Sara on it…
    Kid Flash sounds promising. Earth-2 character? Illegitimate child of Joe’s? Future child? This being the Flash, who knows?
    A female Dr. Light? Well, that’ll make things interesting…

  42. Don’t really care about Greys with no Japril

    • Jamie says:

      Japril definitely isn’t over. We’re likely going to pick up right in the middle of their drama (April returning to Seattle or something like that), but I seriously doubt they’re done for good.

  43. When is xfiles premiering???

  44. When is xfiles premiering??

  45. Say it isn’t so, Criminal Minds! NOT Aisha Tyler, please! She did an episode of Hawaii Five-0 that I can’t even watch on my DVD or in reruns it was so awful. Total overacting and unbelievably bad screen presence. Looks like I’ll be skipping some CM episodes as well.