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Scream Will Death

Scream's Latest Victim on His 'Brutal' Death, the Fate of Emma's Mike & Ikes

After several weeks of (relatively) smooth sailing, MTV’s Scream on Tuesday finally killed off another one of its core characters — and it was spectacular.

In the episode’s final moments, Will — who had successfully survived being stabbed by the show’s masked assassin — was strapped to a particularly sharp piece of farming equipment, which Emma unknowingly triggered, causing her ex to be split right down the middle.

Below, actor Connor Weil discusses filming the bloody masterpiece of a scene, how he and his co-stars reacted to Will’s death and, of course, the all-important question: What’s to become of those Mike and Ike’s that Emma dropped?

TVLINE | My condolences on your death, but at least you got to go out in a huge way. Best death yet!
Thanks, man, it was awesome. The crew was very good about safety, and it was actually more special effects than anything else, so I wasn’t in any immediate danger — thank God. But it was intense to shoot; it was a really big deal.

TVLINE | I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting something so brutal to happen in the middle of the day.
That’s a really good observation, and I think that’s what they were trying to say. Like, this guy can get away with this even in broad daylight — he’s really in charge.

TVLINE | Did you get to watch them throw the blood all over Emma? That was cool and gross.
[Laughs] I did! I was standing off to the side after they shot all of my coverage, and it was so crazy to watch. Everybody had their slow-mo cameras out and filmed it, it was awesome.

TVLINE | And I imagine, besides feeling gross, Emma will also feel guilty over this.
Yeah, that’s the crazy thing about it: The killer really messes with her, so that technically, she’s the one who did this. It’s going to be rough for her.

TVLINE | When did you find out Will was being killed off? And how did you respond to the news?
I found out as soon as we were about to shoot Episode 6. It was that cliffhanger where Will gets dragged off, so they told me, “This isn’t the end for you … but it’s the beginning of the end.” It was such a great process; I thought I had such an amazing death, and to have Will fight his way back to life only to have it all end so brutally is such a beautiful, horrible thing.

TVLINE | Did the rest of the cast find out at the table read? What was it like watching them react to that?
That’s a great question, and I did. They kept every else in the dark, so when we read the episode together, everybody was like, “What?!” and I was just like, “Yeah…” It was an emotional thing to watch the other cast members find out I was dying.

TVLINE | If you could come back as a ghost, what advice would you give the survivors?
Keep your wits about you. This is no one to try and bluff with. Keep your heard on straight.

TVLINE | Lastly, I need to know the fate of those Mike and Ikes Emma dropped.
Yes! Thank you! I was like, man, she lost at least 12 or 13 Mike and Ikes. Come on! I’m glad you noticed that. … On set, they were like, “You realize we’re shooting your death, right?” and I was like, “Yeah, but guys, the Mike and Ikes!”

Scream fans, were you blown away — and/or surprised — by Will’s gruesome offing? Watch the series’ new midseason trailer below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the Lakewood killer.

(Scream‘s official soundtrack, coming out Aug. 14, can be preordered here.)

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  1. -A says:

    That was awesome. It was a great hommage to the first “Scream”-Movie when the boyfriend of Casey was murdered.

  2. robandco says:

    Not expecting that and totally loved it. The character was such a douche. I hope Jake is next. And the mayor’s daughter.

  3. zac says:

    There’s no one to root for in this show. Maybe, Riley but she was got killed off first from the core group.

    • Rook says:

      I root for Noah. I’m really hoping that he doesn’t die.

    • Riley Who? says:

      If baffles me how people thought Riley was awesome. She was an obvious early death. She was always just kinda “there” and feel like was slipped in to be fodder for pacing to keep viewers hooked early on and to make Noah more of a rootable character. Nothing she did outside of her Noah interactions were relevant to anything. When she died, I had a feeling of “meh” as even her death was boring. Will had a ton more depth and I was shocked more by his death.

  4. DatDude says:

    Another show that is far more entertaining and well done than I ever could have hoped for

  5. riandyliu says:

    Crap. I liked Will’s character.
    Suspect number one is Kieran with Audrey as accessory.

  6. Evan says:

    I hated that character so I’m fine with the death, even if I am a bit shocked. This felt like a big catalyst going forward into the final three episodes, so I’m excited about that. The show is very sloppily written, but it’s entertaining and the way Will’s death was done was awesome. I hope the killer reveal is actually worth it and not some secondary character we barely know (like Emma’s dad – I can see the setup and reasoning now and that would just be the WORST).

    • Sanaa says:

      I couldn’t believe he died and I started to cry like I was so connected to will. I think that was an amazing death scene but sad at the same time you know it was awesome ! Can’t wait for the next episode !

  7. Matt C. says:

    His death scene was so crazy! This show keeps getting better and better. But it’s pretty obvious that there are 2 killers (at least) that cover for one another. Emma and Brooke (and maybe the parents) are the only characters that I don’t think are the killers.

  8. Daniel Farebrother says:

    My theory is Mr Branson (Brans’ son) is the illegitimate son of Brandon James and Emmas mother. This is more of a guess, but I think Kieran is his brother and the Sheriff is Brandon James. If anyone wants to discuss it find me on Twitter @danfarebro182 or on Facebook !

    • Sarah says:

      Holy crap Branson/Bran’s son! You just blew my mind!

    • robandco says:

      Very nice theory. I love the Branson pun that’s right before our eyes from the beginning. But don’t you think Emma’s mom would have noticed and said something if she had a child with Brandon James ? I mean everything is linked to Brandon James and people are dying. It’s a bad secret but I do not think it is worth the lives of half the town 17 year-old population. But again, it’s a TV Show! I hope you’re right though!

      • Daniel Farebrother says:

        Good point about Emmas mum (unless she is in on it ?) However can’t think of a motive for why Emmas mum would kill all of Emmas friends. We will all find out soon ! Great series so far !

        • robandco says:

          Oooooh yes, she could be in on it, but how extremely twisted would that be?! As for the motive, her love for Brandon James trumps her love for her daughter and she’s still madly in love with him and she will protect him/his secret until the very end.
          Yes, Scream has been an overall very pleasant surprise. I loved the movies and I didn’t expect to like it so much.

    • Nicole says:

      I was thinking the reporter was his daughter and She was working with someone.

    • Riley Who? says:

      I had the same “Bran’s Son” realization a few episodes ago, but linking the sheriff in seems a bit of a reach. My main suspects for accomplices so far are Jake, Piper and even Brooke.

    • jezebel says:

      To b honest thinking about it u may actually b right. At first I had my eyes set on Kieran cause he is super hot with no flaws and plus he was missing in the episode where Riley was killed. And also he and the killer have an equal interest in Emma. But I also think he could not be doing this all by himself. He hated Will so he obviously killed him. And there is obviously 2 killers someone talking and manipulating people and there is someone else killing. But the Mr. Branson being Brandon James ‘s son, I don’t think so.

  9. Essie says:

    This show has surprised me so much. It’s so good, Will’s death scene was crazy!

  10. Skyla says:

    Honestly I hate that Will had to die but I heard he’s gonna be in the last three episodes and it will shock you I wonder if it’s true.

  11. Lauryn says:

    I think it was horrible to kill off Will! Things were starting to look up for him, and it was cruel to kill him off so fast. His character made the show more interesting, and it won’t be as good without him!😕

  12. Olivia says:

    Didn’t really like Will so I’m not upset. I think Piper is involved and probably BJ’s daughter or something equally predictable, in true Scream fashion. I also think there’s more than one person involved. I think the tv show’s rules are mostly based on Scream 1 & 4. And going by the movies rules I think only Emma, Audrey and Noah will survive from the high school crowd until the mess starts again (plus they have some similarities with Sid, Gale and Randy).

  13. annakatlum says:

    Okay, so I have 2 theories. One is that Emma’s mom had a baby with Brandon James and that baby was Emma and then Emma’s mom faked it being “Emma’s dad’s” baby and then once he found out he left and now he’s going around and killing all her friends to rip apart their relationships like Emma’s mom did to theirs. My second theory is that Mr. Branson is Emma’s mom’s and Brandon James’ son and Emma’s mom gave him up for adoption and then Mr. Branson figured out the whole bad blood issue between Emma’s mom and Brandon James (like how she basically unintentionally led him to his death) and now he’s trying to get revenge. I’m not completely sure, but if anything I think my 1st theory may be true.
    Will’s death was BRUTAL. I was wide-eyed during that scene.That was disgusting. Also, Jake totally would’ve died after that stab wound. He got it worse than Will, and Brooke should NOT have pulled it out of him. Leave that to the doctors. Jake should have died, not Will.

  14. Chris says:

    Hear me out on this crazy theory, due to the Will’s death being kind of a throwback to Steve’s death in the original Scream, I started to think that maybe Emma isn’t this generations Sidney Prescott, but this generations Casey Becker! What a twist that would be if they extended Casey’s story like they did to Tina’s in the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake! In the season finale Emma bites it in at the very end and her mother finds her hanging from a tree swing in the backyard setting up for the second season, keeping the killer’s identity a secret still. In Scream 4 Charlie even mentions the fact that remakes provide false endings, what if Nina’s death was the false ending to Casey’s extended story? I think this would be an insane twist that would leave jaws dropped until season 2, I know it’s really, really out there but how insane would that be?

    • Riley Who? says:

      That would be a pretty sweet twist! If it turns out to be the case, the series would probably gain a huge following before season 2 with everyone who wrote it off from the start probably giving it a chance.

  15. tsevca says:

    What exactly does the police do there? He is kidnapped by serial killer, is saved and kidnapped again the next day, perhaps even the same day. No one thought the killer might want to finish the job? No one? And they made Dewey the incompetent cop in the original.