The Big Bang Theory Season 9

The Big Bang Theory to Introduce Leonard's 'Other' Woman in Season 9 — See Who's Playing Her!

This could put a crimp in Leonard and Penny’s potential honeymoon.

The Big Bang Theory has decided to throw kerosene on the fire by introducing the woman Leonard kissed while on that North Sea expedition — an indiscretion Penny was made privy to on the eve of the couple’s elopement. And TVLine has learned exclusively that Melissa Tang — AKA Suzanne Taylor on Mom — has landed the plum role.

Tang’s character, Mandy, will turn up in Season 9’s second episode.

The actress’ additional credits include guest stints on How I Met Your Mother and New Girl, as well as a series-regular gig on Fox’s short-lived Goodwin Games.

Meanwhile, TBBT‘s Sept. 21 premiere picks up a few hours after the events of the Season 8 finale, with Leonard and Penny en route to Vegas to tie the knot (but with Leonard’s infidelity threatening to derail the whole shebang).

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  1. Abe Froman says:

    Can’t believe they’re going to pinch out two more seasons of this. I am one of its biggest fans, but even I can’t make it through an entire episode now.

  2. Todd says:

    The last season of TBBT was awful. Bad writing, boring stories and a season finale that was a waste of time. I won’t be watching this year.

    • wjm980 says:

      Do the rest of us a favor, and don’t comment on a show you don’t watch.

      • suzyku says:

        people have a right to their opinions and frankly Todd was right! If you don’t like people that disagree with you I suggest you stop reading the comments!

      • ViningsGal says:

        I don’t think Todd said he didn’t watch it. He made a pretty much accurate opinion how bad the show was last season. I’ve watched this show religiously from day one and have all the seasons on DVD but didn’t buy last season’s. It was horrible. Sheldon’s and Penny’s characters were the worse. Sheldon’s condescension towards everyone, especially Leonard isn’t funny but irritating. And Penny still thinking she is the hottest thing there is beyond old and so untrue. We need to see more of Amy, Howard and Raj, and some of the old writing they have done in the past. Otherwise, this show is doomed.

      • Tom says:

        It’s not unbelievable at all. Ever watched 2 and 1/2 Men?

      • Tom says:

        I’ve watched it from the beginning. And he’s right. After leveling out in season 5 and 6, it’s on it’s way downhill.

    • tvjunkie says:

      That’s ok Todd you can stick with your Real Housewives and other mindless reality shows.

    • Jojo says:

      I can’t stand Emily. I’ve been a fan from the beginning but I’m done with it,too.

  3. Maria says:

    Are the writers taking their ideas from Castle or something? (Beckett’s “fake” marriage that wasn’t really fake ended up ruining the original wedding…). I personally don’t care whether Leonard and Penny get married or not, although I genuinely like both characters. But I do care about stupid story lines and, well, I think this qualifies.

  4. abz says:

    Can they stop with the creating of fake drama? Penny and Leonard need to grow up already and finally get married or move on. Same with Sheldon. Leonard has to move out and things need to start changing. Sheldon will not change or grow because the Leonard/Penny constantly enable him. I love this show, but it’s aging and while it can still be funny at times, it’s been slowly losing a bit of its early magic.
    Shamy barely progress much in that relationship. Penny/Leonard are still childish. They don’t even seem like they love each other sometimes. Honestly, though it’s mostly a vibe I get from Penny really. Doesn’t seem like she even wants to marry him sometimes? Who knows what goes on with Raj. Howard/Bernadette are the only ones who’ve steadily moved a bit forward. Maybe it’s time for them to finally have a baby.

    • shaun says:

      Think Raj or Stewart should move in with Sheldon,would be hilarious.

      • abz says:

        LOL Raj and Sheldon would be a disaster. Remember the episode where they had to share an office and Raj had the big desk. That was too funny.

        • Allison says:

          They did live together, sort of. Remember the episode when Leonard and Raj traded places for a while when Leonard was dating Raj’s sister? Raj stayed with Sheldon, signed the roommate agreement, went through orientation and everything. They actually got along pretty well from what I remember. Long term could be a different story I guess. I do think there are people that would be much funnier to put with Sheldon and have to put up with all his crap than Raj. I don’t know how they could make it fit and make sense in the story but Howard having to live with him would be hilarious!

          • abz says:

            Oh yeah, I forgot that episode. I wasn’t a huge fan of Priya’s episodes so I must’ve tuned them out. Although I did love the one where she went against Sheldon’s roommate agreement.
            In the end, I just think it’s time in general for Sheldon and Leonard to separate. Leonard needs to move out if he’s finally gonna start his life with Penny. Sheldon needs this opportunity to grow up. A new roommate who isn’t a pushover and wouldn’t put up with all his crap would be interesting to watch.

    • fiberlicious says:

      I DO watch the show, and really have a hard time ‘believing’ that hot-girl Penny would ever be attracted to short, ungorgeous geekboy Leonard. Likewise, I could understand FourEyes lusting after the cheerleader he could never have, but she’s….an idiot. And they have nothing in common. I know a bunch of real-life geniusboygeeks, and they could never maintain a relationship with an aging airhead.

      • Bill Cord says:

        Your comment hits on the biggest mistake BBT writers made when they made Penny and Leonard a couple. The show was really funny when Leonard watched various boyfriends bed Penny. Another mistake was marrying off Howard, who was a very funny character trolling after women.

        It would be interesting to know the thought process behind changing a great format of science nerds hapless attempts to get a date into a format about their dull relationships with wives/girlfriends.

        • I agree with you bill. I was surprised that out of the group of guys Howard was married off. He was funny when he was single. I love the show but this past season was not that funny and it do seem like its winding down

        • Benjamin says:

          The biggest mistake was to make the show a complete chick flick… from the moment it begin to be about the girls, about whiped guys, relationships and “what girls wants” it became boring and lose a huge ammount of okur-ness and fun.

          Seriously!, Howard was soo disgusting and funny… sheldon was sharp, merciless and clever… and raj and leonard quite likeable… but after the relationship whip… it’s all just… meh!… now It’s a show about strong women dating needy regular nerds (not interesting nerds like in the earlier seasons).

      • fearpanic says:

        Sounds to me like you need to spend so time with a few physics. They need the “airhead” to get them though life. I know I am marrying one I am by no means dumb but next to him I am

  5. CDM says:

    If Leonard and Penny finally tie the know and move in together, I think it would be great to bring back Zach as a roommate for Sheldon. Someone he can teach and mold! Plus it would be a great foil to have a non-genius in the mix!

  6. Lauren says:

    Boo! Ya know, this is one show that didn’t jump the shark when the key couple finally got together. I still enjoy their chemistry and the group dynamic as a whole. I think they could find another way to make this show interesting without blowing Leonard and Penny apart (or bringing them to the brink of it).

  7. Alia says:

    Bye bye Penny. She is the worst TV character of the history and the actress is terribly bad. I LOVE TBBT but not Penny.

    • Eric says:

      Why would you think they’d get rid of Penny for this girl? Cuoco-Sweeting is one of the stars of the show so they wouldn’t just can her for no reason. Seems you have a bit too much hyperbole in you also for saying she’s one of the worst TV characters ever.

  8. Adrienne says:

    I hope they settle the Penny/Leonard will they/won’t they relationship drama one way or the other – for good – early in the season so that the series can move forward. There are so many more things that can be done with this show, but they keep doing the same things over and over.

  9. Bill Cord says:

    This show lost its way back in 2009 when it linked Leonard and Penny and got Howard a girlfriend. Those moves took away two of the three story lines that made the show funny.

    Leonard longing for Penny while watching a string of idiot boyfriends stream by his door (don’t you miss Zach) along with Howard being such a hapless troll. The show has become painful to watch because the show runners have boxed themselves into situations that do not work.

    If the 2014 episodes had been the first year of the show, it would have been gone before the 10th episode. Successful TV shows always make the mistake of marrying characters on the show to try to generate renewed interest when it really kills viewership.

    • Eric says:

      While some TV marriages do sort of hem in storylines, marriage is a natural part of life for the characters this age so not having it would be almost unrealistic.

      • Bill Cord says:

        TV series are not real life. Shows that last a long time do not alter the core premise of the show (example; MASH, Law & Order, Cheers) and remain popular until the main players decide to end the series. There was no reason to hook up Penny and Leonard or get Howard a wife. Those two changes have destroyed two of the main story lines that made the show successful. BBT will end up cancelled because of poor ratings rather than ending on terms of creators.

    • Luli says:

      Bernadette is a great addition to the show. She is hilarious! She is definitely one of my favorite characters.

      • Bill Cord says:

        Bernadette is a good secondary character and one of later moves by the writers that has worked. However, adding Bernadette killed one of the three story lines that made the show funny. Losing Howard the troll was not worth adding a good character that averages about four minutes a show over the season.

      • I am not a fan of Bernadette… she’s a bossy, man castrating witch with the most annoying voice in the world. At least to me

  10. Oh great…ANOTHER Penny/Leonard break up!

  11. RJ says:


  12. CM says:

    Hopefully this paves the way for Penny and Sheldon.

  13. Connie says:

    I don’t think you should ruin the show by introducing a woman he kissed a long time ago.

  14. Iona Kranz says:

    My now 29 yr old son turned me on to BBT and at 66 and because of it I have laughed so much I now have a six pack and didn’t have to use the athletic club…..merely sat on the couch LMAO.

    I have one request and three hopes.

    REQUEST. By the end of this season, Leonard takes his stupid jacket off.

    HOPE 1. Kupprepali ends up with the Human Resources lady.
    HOPE 2. Penny takes them all to her hometown for a visit.
    HOPE 3. Leonard and Penny finally get their act together….whether it’s together or with someone else IDC. Can’t take it much longer. Hahaha.

    They all have a special place in my funny bone.

    PS. If they do go to Penny’s hometown, maybe Penny’s girlfriends could talk Amy into wearing something “hot”, Sheldon’s eyes bug out and they both lose their virginity on a hayride.

    Iona CW Kranz 😀

  15. Badpenny says:

    Anyone remember when this show used to be about science geeks who could not get laid. Now its always about relationships; which is one of two reasons I did not watch it much last season. The second being that the commercial breaks were so long I could watch an entire other program just waiting for the commercials.

    • abz says:

      I’ve noticed that too with a lot of Chuck Lorre shows and some CBS comedies. They make the commercials longer and shortening the actual show. Before, TBBT used to be around 21-22 minutes per episodes. Now these past few years they’ve continued to shorten it slowly and they’re around 17-19 minutes. Sometimes I watch and I’m shocked that it already finished because it barely felt like anything happened or it felt like there could have been a whole other extra scene to include that would have been funny. Same thing with Mike & Molly. The episodes are now typically like 17 minutes long because they waste like 1-2 minutes for the “Previously on” clip. It’s stupid. But my guess is its because TBBT has such high ratings, they just want to make the commercials longer because they make more money.

      • Lyn says:

        On the bright side, the 1/2 hour comedies are often on opposite a 1 hour show I enjoy and the commercials are not spaced the same for a 30 minute show as a 60 minute one. so, I can watch both shows at the same time. Multi tasking.

  16. BostonGreekGirl says:

    BOO! Why do shows always cause problems with our favorite couples. It is why I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy years ago. Let Leonard and Penny be happy.

  17. Chris H says:

    My husband and I love this show. Sheldon needs to loosen up a touch so tired of him squeeking. Penny has always supposed to marry Leonard. They just fit each other. We wil watch the show till the end. Makes more sense than How You Met My Mother pr whatever that show was !!

  18. Chris H says:

    My husband and I love this show. Sheldon needs to loosen up a touch so tired of him squeeking. Penny has always supposed to marry Leonard. They just fit each other. We wil watch the show till the end.

  19. Nicole says:

    Do the writers know that there is more drama/laughter to be found in having a couple get together and stay together then having then do the break up/get together thing for a millionth time? At first it provides good storytelling but this will they or won’t they is getting old.

    • This. If sitcoms think that things can’t be funny or dramatic after characters get together for good, they need to watch Parks and Recreation. Andy/April and Ben/Leslie were great couples that didn’t need to break up a million times to retain humor or storylines.

  20. Bark Star says:


  21. LM says:

    This storyline of the “other woman” is a joke. It is indefensible. Why? If you rewatch that premiere episode where Leonard’s at sea, there was ZERO indication of another woman.

    In fact, the episode ended with Leonard bragging that Penny was his girlfriend, showing her shower scene from the movie she did. The second of the two-part season opener, had Leonard coming back early to spend exclusive time with Penny. There was not an inkling of guilt on Leonard’s part. Nothing.

    So, the show runners write tension into last season’s finale, creating a storyline that did not exist up until that point. Bad writing.

  22. Angus says:

    Time for this bore fest to go away.

  23. suzyku says:

    I no longer care! I thought last season was mediocre at best and the show is getting a little tired now!

  24. pam says:

    This should be interesting. I love this show. Some hit and misses but still makes me laugh!!

  25. Rosemarie kury says:

    If he just “kissed her” and it was before they got engaged, why are you doing this? I could see maybe throwing in Sheldon’s assistant but this is ridiculous!

  26. zella says:

    This season is going to be so awesome

  27. Marsha Kerr says:

    Finally kick the alcoholic Penny to the side. She can go on to Steward after all she has been cuddled up with ALL the men and she had a date with Steward back there.
    She has a better job – more money time for her to move out to re-think her relationship with Leonard and new ladies to move into the building. TURN that car around!!!

      • Marsha Kerr says:

        It was a joke…she has already went on a date with Stewart.
        Leonard seems to be over his lust for Penny.
        Penny doesn’t need him to pay her way and take care of things for her she got a better job. Seems the only way she can hang out with any of them now is if she is drinking.
        They don’t even talk to each other about their jobs and neither listens to the other about anything else. So tired of anything he wants to do she rolls her eyes.
        They talk about Amy and Sheldon and that is about it.

    • Tod Wason says:


  28. toad johnson says:

    It used to be about the science followed by the science of relationships, now its all about the soap opera drama. Why can’t they keep it about the science do something with new scientific discoveries and travels and something crazy like Sheldon figures out time travel or something they are ruining the shows scientific magic with the whole relationship soap opera people have enough of that every day in real life.

  29. Tod Wason says:

    When do we get to meet Sheldon’s brother?

  30. FJE says:

    If anyone has never seen the original TBBT pilot find it on youtube and enjoy. There is no Penny. Leonard already has a girlfriend who is a fellow science geek. She confesses she once slept with Sheldon. Yes, you heard me! They meet a desperate woman on the street whom they take in as a roommate. Would this have been a better show? Who knows?

  31. Roger Jeffrey says:

    When I first started watching The Big Bang theory I could not wait until the next episode came because it was really funny. Now I can watch the whole show and it might get me to grin once in a while.

  32. Fern says:

    Big fan of the show, Would love to see Mee maw come to console her moon-pie.Carol Burnette or Betty White are great choices. Lets develop Amys character more. I like her but perhaps she goes home and we meet her mother? This could be the year of the parents. Would love to see Raj’s mom come to visit, his parents are so funny. Don’t forget Howards Dad and just like his mom where we only heard her voice maybe we just see his clothes and especially belt buckles since Howard loves them.You could do episodes where you see parts of his face but dont reveal idetity until another season. Explore, develop the relationship as we find Howard is going to be a daddy. Lots of good comedy there. Howard ends up being the one afraid of havinng a baby and Bernie now wants one. Imagine all the fun with her being pregnant. Keep Shamy together but draw it out. Visits from his mom with her sage advice. Love his mom. Perhaps the girls get together and do a makeover on Amy make her more appealing but still nerdy.

  33. steven says:

    Kaley needs to grow her log hair back can’t get used to the short hair she’s much more sexier with hair long

  34. Mystery47 says:

    The networks almost always seem to overlook what made these programs popular to begin with. LIke “Friends”, these shows take place in a warm, cozy, friendly apartment and show the interactions of a group of friends. Most people are rather lonely in comparison and wish to have such an existence. But, we don’t so we live vicariously through the shows.
    But, when they start adding love interests that take away from the initial premise of the small group of friends then the show degenerates into something that doesn’t resemble the original. Unfortunately, Big Bang will soon pass into reruns because of this.

  35. Abel Garcia says:

    Is this TBBT way of jumping the shark?

  36. Abel Garcia says:

    Is this Chuck Lorre’s idea of Jumping the Shark.

  37. Brad says:

    Enough with the Corrie and Topanga routine. Let Leonard and Penny be married and happy (like Howard and Benadette). Get back to the humor and quit with the drama.

  38. Beej says:

    Penny and Leonard should divorce (art mimics life-l know, low blow), Leonard marries Mandy, Penny marries Sheldon, Amy marries Raj and Howard and Bernie start a swingers lifestyle with them. : )

  39. Craig says:

    This is our favorite show before we go to bed. Funny but real life! Kudos to the writers and directors for making such a human show!

  40. Roger Jeffrey says:

    Is this supposed to be a comedy or has it turned into a soap opera. The programs this year really suck and are not funny at all,

  41. It’s getting old, lets someone tell Sheldon off. To a point that he understands he’s an a–. He’ll still be Sheldon but with a better understanding of other people’s feelings Get Leonard to man up, it;s time stop playing w/ his fingers, and grow a pair, take his coat off while everyone else is in T-shirts

  42. njvinny says:

    No one reads this, but the shows getting old, The boys need to grow. Sheldon has (if he’s so smart) start to understand others and feel. Leonard needs to grow a pair, stop playing w/his fingers, stop wearing a coat while every-ones in a T shirt. Wimpy is nice for awhile but it’s time to mature some.

  43. garmain says:

    This show has sadly gone down hill since Howard got married. It was about 4 nerds. Now Two are married Rog has lost all his quirks and is with a girl and even Sheldon is chasing Amy. Good Grief put it to bed.

  44. Aces says:

    As much as I like the show, I really think they should try to wrap it up in the next 2 seasons. First, Sheldon and Amy get together. Second, Leonard and Penny don’t make it…they never would in real life. A girl like Penny would never end up with a guy like Leonard, so have some hunky guy come along and steal her. Or better yet, have Priya or even Leslie come back into the scene. The show constantly plays Leonard as a guy who thinks he isn’t good enough for Penny, and ultimately that will do in the relationship. Bernadette will continue to run Howard’s life and Raj ends up in an arranged marriage. Kripke and Stewert end up with strippers who use them for their money, and that’s a wrap.

    • marshkerr says:

      So agree could not believe they went through with their marriage.
      Maybe they could have something was wrong at the wedding site / minister or Penny didn’t SIGN the papers.
      Penny drinks all the time and they have nothing to talk about. She treats him horrible.
      Really wanted the pretty intern that had worked and flirted with Leonard to be the one that kissed him and she returns. Maybe even have Leslie want him and all of a sudden all these different women are paying him attention. All the others could be jealous.
      Then instead of Penny not sure she wants to try again on marrying Leonard instead Leonard is not sure he wants to try it again.
      Much better story line than Leonard married Penny!!!

  45. glen says:

    sorry but i don’t like it. he has been in love with penny form day one. no way in hell would he become a cheating whore. you can bet if they don’t knock this in the head in a hurry i wont finish the season. if they going to change anything change Bernadette’s nasty voice.

  46. Larry Talbot says:

    I smell a soap opera coming. Along with the demise of the show. Only Kripke can save it now. Bring Kripke back or you will be exposed to ridicule!!!

  47. Wenger says:

    Nobody has stated the obvious: Sheldon has a one-nighter with Leonard’s mother and to get even, Leonard and Amy become an item. Amy is very content in her new relationship.

  48. Linda says:

    I am completely baffled that “kissing” is equal to infidelity. Mountain out of molehill. Who Cares?
    Penny had does enough stuff for the both of them, this should not even be an issue.

    • njvinny says:

      How about Penny and raj ? that was also before they were married and a lot worse. Hey Leonard man up or get out now, stop being a mop.

  49. Mike Ballard says:

    Really a great show always has me laughing they do a great job as geeks

  50. William says:

    Hopefully the writers won’t carry on too long with Penny and Leonard and the “kiss” with the other girl. After all, it was only a kiss! They’ve been waiting way too long to get married. Enough already, let them carry on with their married life. Even though i’m a big fan, i will lose interest in that nonsense.