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Vampire Diaries Season 7

Vampire Diaries Season 7: Steroline's 'Curveball,' Bonnie's 'Surprising' New Romance and More Scoop

It’s too bad Elena passed out early, because it sounds like she’ll be missing one hell of a party when The Vampire Diaries returns for its seventh season on Thursday, Oct. 8 (The CW, 8/7c).

TVLine caught up with executive producer Julie Plec at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where she teased Bonnie and Matt’s new love interests, the return of Damon and Alaric’s bromance and a particularly surprising “curveball” being thrown at Stefan and Caroline.

TVLINE | Let’s start with the season premiere title, ‘22,190 Days.’
You know, I saw that somebody leaked that title, but it’s not the whole thing. It’s actually something like “Day 20 of 22,190, Give or Take.”

TVLINE | I feel like I know the answer to this, but what is that counting down to?
It’s counting down to the beautiful inevitability of his reunion with his one true love.

TVLINE | So is that also his countdown clock for when Bonnie’s going to die?
[Laughs] Well, by then, Bonnie will have lived a nice life. He tacks on an extra decade for her every now and then. No, what’s really lingering for Damon is … he waited for Katherine for a long-ass time, so it’s the waiting game. That’s not what’s hard for him; it’s what to do with himself and how to behave as a man and a vampire in the interim.

TVLINE | And what are some of his coping mechanisms?
Well, drinking, as always. And now he has Alaric back on the bourbon wagon, because he’s also been dealt the s–t end of life. Bonnie has sort of taken it upon herself to be the uninvited chaperone, which is funny because she and Damon have so much unspoken between them — the guilt, the resentments, the gratitude, there’s a list of things they’re dealing with. Watching them air it out together is actually really nice. We’ll continue to watch their friendship build, because they really do owe each other a lot. They’re going to go through this whole thing together, which is a fun dynamic we’re exploring.

Courtesy of The CWTVLINE | When last I spoke to Kat Graham, she said she pitched a bisexual story for Bonnie.
She did! In theory, we were all for it, and it’s entirely possible it could happen someday. At the time, we were still so close to Buffy. So if we also made our witch gay … frankly, I didn’t feel like reading all the tweets calling me a hack artist. But Kat really believes in it as a potential road for her character, and we support it 100 percent, so if it ever feels right for the character, we’re all for it.

TVLINE | But you are planning to pair her up with someone this season?
Yes, yes we are. It’s not a woman yet, but it’s a little bit surprising. It comes strangely out of nowhere, but it will make a lot of sense. That’s my enigmatic tease.

TVLINE | And what’s the plan for Matt? I think it’s time you introduce a nice woman he can settle down with and start popping out babies.
I will tell you this: There’s a pitch on the table as we speak. I don’t know if she’s nice yet. In this town, they often have two sides to their personalities, so one can never predict if a nice girl will be a nice girl. But I do think it’s time for Matt to start asking himself what kind of people he’s willing to be surrounded by. I think you’ll be surprised by the answer.

TVLINE | Anything you can tease about Stefan and Caroline that you haven’t already?
I would say Stefan and Caroline are part of one of the bigger surprises of the season, which we’ll unfold around Episode 6 or 7. It’s a bit of a fun curveball to throw their way.

TVLINE | Lastly, I know Nina Dobrev is done filming, but might we see old footage of Elena used for flashbacks?
None that we’ve done so far, but I don’t think we wouldn’t use it. If it calls for it, we will.

Your thoughts on the latest Season 7 teases? Drop a comment with your personal hopes for TVD‘s future below.

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  1. spindae2 says:

    Intrigued by the Steroline curve ball and please don’t let Alaric be Bonnie’s boyfriend. I have the lingering feeling they’ll go for Balaric and that is just ….

    • Binge-watcher says:

      I’ve got to be honest with you: unless the new boyfriend is Damon there’s no tension for a boyfriend plot.

      • spindae2 says:

        Really don’t think they will go for Bamon, maybe insinuate it a couple of times, put them in awkward situations and stuff but don’t see it really happening. That is just me.

      • Joanie says:

        Agreed Binge-watcher. Why wouldn’t Plec go down the Bamon path they ooze chemistry unlike the brother/sister duo they keep forcing down everyone’s throats. How about this for a ‘cureball’ Caroline wakes up in s7 and realizes Steroline was all a dream. Bamon need to happen, give Stefan a new love interest that he actually has chemistry with and have Caroline with Enzo.

    • LOL says:

      LOL no matter how boring this season sounds at least we won’t have to watch dullena. It’s funny how that fandom always put others down and told people ‘get over it’ or ‘your ship is dead’ but now their ship is literally in a coffin and the girl that plays half that ship is gone. LMAO

      • spindae2 says:

        I don’t interpret this season as boring. I think it has so much potential and could be on par with earlier seasons. So now it all depends if the fans can look past the original ships and enjoy the show.

  2. Amadeu says:

    “It’s counting down to the beautiful inevitability of his reunion with his one true love.” #barfing

    • Ann says:

      Ditto. First thing I did after reading that was groan. Amazes me how writers of show are more jazzed and pumped about Delena and maintain that loyalty now….seemingly having eclipsed any interest or excitement the actors who play the characters ever showed. It seemed Ian and Nina got rather bored with it and yet the writers never give up….never surrender. Fine….maken Delena endgame I will tune in for it when the show wraps up but for now can I at least get a break from it and all things Elena? For at least a year or two???? Please?

      • Brycelyn says:

        I don’t understand how keeping DE afloat while one half of the ship isn’t even on the show anymore and might not return worth watching!? They gave the der’s a good send off so why can’t we have a story with and about the remaining characters without having to maintain that side plot? All it does is put a shadow on the whole season because they are keeping Damon prisoner. Elena should’ve been killed off or sent away (they bring back characters all the time) so Damon could move on.

        • tvdisajoke says:

          Soo agree with this! How is any of this interesting or exciting when everyone knows Damon ends up with Elena and that’s what he’s waiting for. They should’ve just ended this show when Nina left if this was what they were going to do. smh

  3. jbj says:

    So, I take it that the Sarah Salvatore storyline us dead in the water. Not that it was the most awesome ever, but I do love the idea of Matt dating/marrying/making babies with the last living Salvatore.

  4. Sarah says:

    Cannot tell you how disappointed me and soooo many people are that they killed off Stelena . Stelena is why me and so many stayed with the show…Dullena is why we left. Any chance of me returning as a viewer is GONE! I do NOT WANT Stefan with Caroline. Bring back Stelena and me and the millions of viewers you lost since you forced Dullena down our throats will come back.

    • Dude says:

      How can they bring back Stelena without Elena?

    • tvjunkie says:

      How do propose they do that when half of Stelena is no longer part of the cast Ms. Genius?

    • Zia says:

      Im sorry. I get that you like Stelena. I did too. but even if we ignore the fact that ND has left, why would you want Stefan to go back to Elena? She treated him horribly & slept with his brother a day after breaking up with him!! Not to mention she’s been banging Damon for over 2 seasons.. I mean Stefan should have more self respect than that..

    • Becky says:

      Besides… Stelena is just not gonna happen you kinda gotta face the facts.

    • JJ says:

      Nina is gone so you can’t have SE. She might come back for the finale but it’s going to be to reunite with Damon. If she was going to end up with Stefan, they would need to be built back up over a few seasons. After the way things went, he deserves better anyway.

    • Ann says:

      Hey I was never SE….but yeah you Stelena shippers really did have a rough time of it. I started watching the show for the odd triangle thing (ashamed to admit this) but favored Delena. I do like stefan w Caroline. Seems much happier ‘ship for him. Elena did him quite dirty, true?

    • rose says:

      it should have been STELENA!!! the chemistry was just damn AMAZING! stefan and caroline? just boring!!! totally boring. no spark! none at all! it was stefan & elena’s romance in the first place that keep me hooked up…

  5. Vampie says:

    Yes more Alaric and Damon bromance plizz

  6. Freya says:

    Well….that all sounds completly boring.
    Honestly, this show is on life support and Ms Plec needs to wake up and realise it. I can not even stir myself to contemplate watching whatever sterile curveball comes Sterolines way. Of all the chemistry lacking couples in the history of television those two might be the worst. What a paint by numbers romance. And again with the Damon man pain, wasn’t that what the first seasons were about? The only thing these spoilers have done is give me another reason to abandon this show and find something where the writing inspires rather than bores me to tears.

    • Missy says:

      I could not agree more. There is nothing about any of the “spoilers” that Julie or the rest of her crew have given out since the ending of S6 that makes it seem remotely interesting. I could care less about Sterosnore they honestly put me to sleep and we’ve already seen man misery Damon. What a bummer I was actually looking forward to a season without Elena but these storylines are horrible.

    • Jess says:

      “Paint by Numbers” is a good way to describe it. I honestly cannot think of anything intriguing, surprising, or even interesting that this couple has done thus far. If I wanted Pacey and Joey, I’d go back and re-watch Dawson’s Creek. This snoozefest isn’t the fun trash that I look for in TVD.

    • Heather says:

      LOL paint by numbers romance! I spit out my drink, that is right on. These two are what’s suppose to keep TVD going? Look I like both characters but put together they are dull and I thought that word only belonged to DE but I think SC has them beat. There’s nothing about them that’s exciting. The way they’ve been written each of them needs someone intriguing to make them watchable. I was counting on Bamon but of course they aren’t going to use people that actually do have chemistry. This show keeps sinking.

    • Neil says:

      Paul and Candice has an amazing chemistry. If you can’t see it then maybe you are blind (just saying) .

      • Lily M. says:

        Oh! but they have chemistry, just not romantic.

      • Freya says:

        Nope, not blind at all. Steroline is just a boring contrived ‘paint by numbers’ romance. There is no fire, no substance and therefore no drama and for me no interest. As friends they were fine as love interests they are just boring. There is no slow burn here it’s just a clumsy contrived snooze fest.

        • Al says:

          I would honestly love to know your examples of chemistry & slow burns on the show. I mean SC has been building up since season 4, if that not slow burn, Im genuinely curious as to what is.

          • BonBon says:

            SC fans see what they want to see just like every other fandom does. Some people are going to think they see a slow burn and others that don’t like them won’t. Get over it not everyone likes SC.

      • tvdisajoke says:

        Funny Nell but they really don’t have chemistry. I’m not sure why these comments bother you because it doesn’t seem like Julie is going to keep them apart. Please don’t be like the DULLena fandom haven’t we had enough of them?

        • Lily M. says:

          Totally agreed with you and BonBon, everyone wants to see what they want to see and to GA, Steroline have no chemistry and much less they are a “slow burn”.

    • zed says:

      so agree with you, after reading this interview all my hopes for interesting TVD season 7 IS GONE! BAMON was the only exciting thing, but since that is out of the picture, seriously, what is the point. Sorry, it’s not fresh and new direction, it’s just plain filling time to get Dullena walk away in the sunset one day! Meeeh!

  7. Ian says:

    Even though Bonnie’s sacrificed everything for all of these people numerous times, you can bet they’ll have this whole resentment thing be totally one-sided with her feeling oh so guilty she’s whats keeping the lovebirds apart and Damon

    • Ian says:

      will be treating her like garbage. So much for friendship. Plec is incapable of showing Bonnie the slightest respect and of letting Elena go. Im already ready to laugh at whatever random joke of a romance they throw at Bonnie this year. More than likely a possession by Jo so she and Alaric can still be together.

  8. Lily M. says:

    So again we don’t have individual story line for Caroline or Stefan ; once again it’s all about the “slow burn” Steroline and each revolves around the other.
    Did you know that for pushing this couple nor Caroline and Stefan met Kai? The main plot last season.

    Stefan and Caroline isolation is what will continue watching, so that writers make us see what means “even better than true love” lol

  9. Sohpie says:


    • Dmac says:

      Hopefully they realize how awful they are as a couple and decided to remain friends.

      • may says:

        hopefully ! there hasnt been two people with worse chemistry since the utter failure of joey and rachel

      • Alisha says:

        Yeahhhh.. Sorry to break it to ya but they dint build them up so much just to give up on it just coz “some” people think they’re an awful couple.. They’ve been building it up since season 4 & should follow through..

        • Lili M. says:

          “building it up since season 4” where? if everything was abrupt in S6, Stefan went from not wanting nothing with Caroline to love her in one episode, plus everyone had to convince him.

          • Zia says:

            “Wanting Nothing with Caroline?”.. At least say something remotely real.. She is his best friend. The only person he knew could curb his ripper side & bring him back from the loss of Damon.. And if you go through their scenes in S4 & S5 & think there’s no build up, then I dont know what to say. Friends to best friends to more seems like a build up to me..
            Also Stefan pushing away & taking time to realize his feelings seems completely justified given his track record with “true loves”..

  10. Kinsey says:

    Can’t wait for more Steroline in season 7 and I’m really excited to see this “curveball” Wonder what it is hmmm

  11. Zia says:

    Stefan and Caroline need to get together.. I dont want this “curve ball” to be another tactic to keep them apart. They belong together.. Get to it!!

  12. Michelle says:

    I have a feeling that they are going to pair up Bonnie with Matt.

    • julez says:

      Yesssss Matt and Bonnie or Bamon either or will be great

    • LetBonnieBeHappy2K15 says:

      That was my thought initially, as well. But then they talked about Matt getting a separate love interest so…
      Of all the guys currently on the canvas, Matt’s the only one I can see them actually putting her with (because they clearly have no intention of pairing her with Damon despite their insane chemistry) that would work. Bonnie/Alaric makes no sense and Alaric is still grieving his almost-wife and babies so that romance would be awful. Stefan’s with Caroline and they don’t seem to have any plans of changing that. (Unless Stefan falling for Bonnie is the “curveball” they discussed,) And Enzo is on the opposite side of this fight so it wouldn’t make much sense to have them get together. So it’s either Matt or an entirely new character.
      Given the way they usually treat Bonnie, it’s probably going to be a new character. And said character will either die or turn out to be evil because gods forbid they ever let Bonnie be happy. My only hope is that Plec is lying about the bisexual thing and her new love interest will be one of Lily’s female family members because at least that would make Kat happy before it ultimately goes nowhere.

    • tom says:

      That’s what I thought too, reading this. Her comments on Bonnie’s new love interest and Matt’s new love interest, in my mind, lined up to imply each as the other’s new love interest. Which I’m all for, because I don’t feel like watching them try to introduce new characters as love interests for them.

  13. silverpetticoatreview says:

    I agree with Plec. I don’t think they should make Bonnie bisexual. Not only would it be a rehash of Buffy, but of True Blood as well. They can come up with something interesting and unique for Bonnie. She’s a great character who definitely deserves to be front and center with an awesome story line of her own. I hope this upcoming season will be the one where we see it!

    • Lin says:

      I agree as well. They’ve never even hinted that about Bonnie so to bring it in now would be silly and would be out of character. It would be nice to see some of Bonnie’s family or a story line about her family. Really just more Bonnie would make me happy.

  14. Angie says:

    Pleasee stop with Steroline!!I can’t anymore with this couple!Caroline is better than a stupid love interest..

  15. Guest says:

    Bonnie… bisexual? “NO” .. please don’t go there….

  16. Molly says:

    Well this is underwhelming. Vampire Diaries is suppose to be Stefan’s story yet we rarely see him because it’s all about Damon. We’ve seen Damon man-pain a billion times! Caroline is basically a rotating door for love intrest, I like Steroline but what else does Caroline do, what’s her actual purpose? Give Bonnie something interesting this year, last year was such a big season for her don’t ruin it by trying to shove a character that not here in our faces every episode. Stop making BOnnie always feel guilty, IT WASN’T HER FAULT. And PLEASE FOR THE LAST HOPE TVD HAS DO NOT MAKE BORLARIC her love interest! I still don’t understand why he needed to be brought back. Grams, Lexi, Kol, Jenna, heck Vicki would’ve been a better choice.

    I looking forward to a season(s) without Elena but its up to TVD to keep the interest.

  17. may says:

    sounds amazing toats gonna watch NOT

  18. tayslick says:

    Is Julie crazy again with this wanna be spoiler. Enough with the in group relations its old change the thought my god she infected The Originals with groupie mess.
    I won’t miss Elena she got my man Kol and Finn killed easy. Less Elena is more about vampires
    Matt got problems on this show, lol he turned down Rebekah. He forced her to leave.

  19. Jess says:

    I despise Steroline, but it looks like that’s the ship du jour for S7 and I’ll deal with it. If there’s a pregnancy and this show jumps the shark THAT BAD, I will peace out so quickly and just forget that it ever existed.

  20. m3rcnate says:

    What’s cool is they have set themselves up nicely with Elena and Daemon by having her be in the position she is in. When they get word that their upcoming finale will be their last (idk if that will be this season or next or 3 from now) they can call Nina, (hopefully) get her to set for a few days, have the finale be a time jump so Bonnie is 80 years old and dies a natural death, and Daemon and Stefan and Caroline are there to greet her as she wakes up, and Daemon and Elena “run off into the sunset” as it were.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Lol, mature and classy…exactly what i’d expect from most TVD/CW show fans. Nice Kat. Time to grow up a bit, just because you aren’t a fan of something doesn’t mean you need to without class rain on others parades.
        By “ride off into the sunset happy” i didn’t mean specifically that, THAT cheesy/sappy. But that is the general idea, that instead of having her die, they can bring the actress & character back in the finale, time jump to a time when Bonnie dies naturally (in 60 years) and show the vampires that have survived (you’d think Daemon, Stefan, Caroline) be there when Elena wakes up, and welcome her back.

      • Emma says:

        Same Kat, same.

  21. Fatsireni says:

    Wow shocked by the delusion of Plec that they are in any way comparable to Buffy. Even if there are plot similarities, at VD’s season 2 best it was basically Buffy-lite. And then her comment on not wanting to be called a hack?! Awkward because she knows she is and is admitting to it publicly. We really didn’t need that peek into her fragile psyche. Oh dear.

  22. PJSBEATY says:

    Just don’t care anymore,,,,People think that DV didn’t bring anything to the show,,,Ian ,just made a messed of this because he married that NR,,,DV could see this coming along way,,yea she was friends with DV,,,,this just makes me sick,,,,,people need to read the books,,,,they should of ended this show last year,,,I hope that NR just broke up a great show,,,,

  23. Ray says:

    There is more chemistry between Bonnie and Damon. They should stick with that!

    • Fiona says:

      Agree with you Ray but that would take logic which Plec/Dries have proven over and over again that they don’t use logic. What a waste of chemistry and potential story lines.

  24. Key says:

    lolol this season is gonna be such a fail and i love it. all i’m waiting for is the this season’s series finale so nina can come back and i’ll get my delena happily ever after ending.

    also why are people surprised/upset at the fact that bamon isn’t happening romantically? chemistry or no chemistry that would be so massively out of character for damon it’s not even funny. it wouldn’t be believable.

    • Marta says:

      I would believe in a Bamon romance more than the Dullena toxic junk they forced for the past three seasons. Sorry but not everyone bought into that crazy story.

      • Key says:

        oh god… the toxic argument again? i love how people like to pretend that damon and bonnie’s relationship is so much more healthy. how many times did damon jeopardize her life/threaten bonnie this year alone when they were actually friends? i mean honestly any ship involving damon with any girls that have been on the show could be considered toxic. he’s not the most stable vampire.

        but “toxic” relationships aside and whether you bought into it or not you can’t deny that damon loved elena. damon’s not gonna move on from elena who he’s been ridiculously in love with since season 1/2 in one season… especially when he knows that eventually they’re gonna be together again. it’s just not happening. it’s not in him.

        • JJ says:

          I don’t know if they will bring up the possibility of a Bamon romance at some point, even if it is only to make the characters realize that they’re better off friends and that Damon will always love Elena, but now isn’t the time for anything to happen between them. It’s too soon. They have to cope with what happened first, just like Ric probably wont have a love interest any time soon.

        • Emma says:

          Toxic was used all throughout their relationship so if you don’t like that term then you can get over it because that’s what the writers wrote. Elena lost all of her agency but yes that was the most epic of epics of love stories…please.LOL The writers have changed so much in this stupid show so yes it would be believable that Damon could fall in love with Bonnie who he spent four months alone with. At least if nothing else we get to see Bamon have scenes together.

          • Key says:

            all throughout their relationship? pretty sure that’s an exaggeration. i could’ve sworn it was used once or twice in an argument in season 5 but ok…

            And well I definitely don’t think damon falling for anyone at this point is plausible but I don’t mind bamon having scenes together i’m all for damon having a friend besides alaric and it’s nice that damon finally cares about bonnie beyond it being solely about elena.

  25. Pam kyriakides says:

    Please release the first 17 episodes of season 6. I’d really like to know what’s going on when season 7 starts. I just started watching on Netflix this yr 2015. These episodes aren’t available.

  26. JJ says:

    “It’s counting down to the beautiful inevitability of his reunion with his one true love.” Love it, feels very Notebookey.

  27. JJ says:

    “It’s counting down to the beautiful inevitability of his reunion with his one true love.” Love it, can’t wait for the last episode so we can get a glimpse of their reunion.

  28. murfee says:

    I really would like to see Sarah Salvatore back on the show- i thought she was a great addition and could be a potential love interest for other characters such as Matt!
    Im gonna miss damon and elena so much though- that was the show’s highlight! hoping that nina dobrev will change her mind and rejoin. And please just keep Bonnie and Damon as good friends- that seems wrong for them to date.
    Also, what about Bonnie and Jeremy? Did he leave too?
    still so excited for the next season i hope they have a really good storyline planned!

  29. Justin P says:

    Please don’t go the “gay” way with any of the characters. I don’t condemn people for the way they live their lives, I don’t judge, but I refuse to watch it on TV. I’ll be a long time fan, “long gone”!

  30. Sharon says:

    I’d like to see more Caroline and Bonnie time. Also Caroline is a people person, she really needs to be around more people then just Stefan. Plus i’d rather see Caroline and Enzo hang out together then Caroline and Stefan.

  31. Stella says:

    I would love seeing Damon and Bonnie together they both have shared so many amazing adventures together not only best of friends ; And they way he look at her like she is his heart and love now it time for them to find out what their true feeling are; and having her play as bisexual will take away the powerful connection they can have; Bonnie always taking care of everyone her friends and family now it’s time for her to find love with Damon. I been waiting for that for her.

  32. Ann says:

    If they do a whole “oops Caroline and Steffan get preggers” thing I will fast-forward every scene with them in it. Come on. That would be rediculous. Look at all the vampire sex that went down between Delena and others and no babies. To do that now would be absolutely stupid. The ONLY place I think I could accept a baby on the show is with Bonnie. She needs to continue her Bennett line and also would be an interesting angle for Bonnie. Plus heck they are counting down to her death may as well give her heirs. I was really looking forward to Elena-less season 7 (and guess what? I was Delena from beginning of this show) and deeper Bamon connection. I cant remember how/why I started focusing more on Kat’s Bonnie but I just really got into her acting and her character growth and love the chem with Ian. Bonnie and Damon eclipsed the fondness I had for Delena but some of that had to do with fact I could tell Nina was getting bored playing Elena. There was no energy there in season 6. Kat wants to push the envelope w a bi-sexual storyline but if she doesnt watch it she will get what she asks for and be relegated to back of the bus with some random chick for thrills and shock value with minimum character growth and less screen time and writers could make that go on forever…..if it was one or two episodes I could handle it but if Bonnie all of a sudden started acting like a character off “L Word” it would be so ooc and forced. Give Bonnie some progeny, a real relationship and toughen her up. Let her be a badass witch protecting her friends and her family. If the writers are going to force Delena thru season 7 at least let me have some good Bonnie moments. From the way Plec made it sound like Damon would be sadsacking his way thru season 7 why not just have him jump in the coffin with Elena with a bottle of bourbon and be done with it??? I am not into shipwars but I saw the appeal in Delena for long time. Loved it but I have been over it a long time and quite frankly the Delena scenes in season 6 were enough to last for a few years. Lets put Delena into the slumber along with Elena for awhile please??

    • BonBon says:

      Wasn’t into Delena but I agree with everything else. Why can’t they let Damon and us move on from Elena? Who’s to say that Nina will even be available to come back when they need her to? I’m afraid the writers are going to look back at the wasted opportunity of bringing some viewers back.

      • Ann says:

        I agree BonBon…writers seem to be in such abject denial. A large portion of viewers WANT to enjoy the show with a non-Elena focus and here is our chance to do so in a way unoffensive to other part of fanbase (applause to writers for creative way to write her off) but yet it seems they want to keep bringing her up all season? You have an actress who wanted to leave and left and two actors on the show interested in exploring something more w/ their characters (Bamon) and a lot of followers of the show who would love to have it but yet we can’t because??? Because it might make some viewers unhappy? It would be ooc for Damon? Im sure they could figure it out. There are a lot of Delena types that have had growing want and curiosity for Bamon while Elena takes a nap ;)

    • Steve says:

      Vampires can’t have babies – That was clearly stated in Series 1 !

  33. poetryinmotion74 says:

    Damon kissing a trail down Bonnie’s neck is my unrelenting thirst. This yearning for Bamon is not un-similar to that of a dying man who’s been cursed. They are the simmering glass of water just out of reach. To replace that euphoric liquid with a drop of sand (or in this case Alaric) would be a total breach.

    However, if I am forced to wile the days away amidst a barren sea of land, I’d chose Matt or Enzo, as her strong-willed, ardent man. For I’d give a thousand gems to see her light up a city block, and still a thousand more if the guy on her arm was hot-to-trot.

    And yet again, I still thirst for what can be, and that need, and want and desire for it has brought me to my knees. For Damon is the missing puzzle to Bonnie’s broken clock, and she is the windswept, fiery key to his dark and locked heart.

    Yet despite the electric force that binds these two lost souls, these writers and producers persist in leaving a giant hole. Well, I, a fan of book and show, refuse to answer that call, until a romance between the vamp and the witch is written, coveted and celebrated above all.

    And before I bid you all adieu, allow me to leave just one last thought. It was Damon who made the choice to abandon his obsession (Elena) over his heart (Bonnie). Because the fact still remains that he chose his ‘little bird’ over an ideal, and he did it, knowing he’d rather spend the next sixty years looking at a woman who is ‘real.’

    Thank you for reading. :)

  34. S says:

    I wonder if they’re going to put Bonnie and Enzo together? That could lead to some Damon jealousy down the road

  35. Melissa says:

    I was really looking forward to watching this show Elena-free, but I see the Elena worship is still going on. Are they really counting down Bonnie’s death? Shame on this show. How disgusting.

    • LOL says:

      Feel the same.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. Nina will move on to other projects and writers will still be pining away for her

      • BonBon says:

        This all day Ann, all day!

      • Steve says:

        I wouldn’t be so certain about Nina moving on to other projects. When she announced she was leaving TVD, she said it was to work in films. Well so far there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of that working out – All she seems to be doing at the moment is attending award ceremonies & going to parties. Directors & producers don’t seem to be beating a path to her door with offers of parts ! Personalyy I think she’s finding it a bit bleak & cold outside TVD’s tent.
        Would anyone else care to bet that if there’s a Series 8 of TVD, that Nina will be begging to come back ? !

  36. kathy says:

    That Nina Fiberboard comes back now that Kia is dead the spell should have broken to.so sad when one of you favorite cast member all of a sudden is gone.after 6 years they are all like family. But I do understand why she left and I do think it had to do with Ian and Nikki and that’s sad to lose your job that she seamed to love have to leave. I’m heartbroken for her. And I’m not even going to get into the whole Nikki crossing the boundrey think just this no class at all.

  37. fan87 says:

    honestly, i really loved the idea of klaus and caroline. either she needs to go to the originals or he needs to come back to tvd!

  38. eva575 says:

    I think that Bonnie love interest might be Enzo that would be interesting

  39. aph1976 says:

    Even though Damon is waiting for Elena i’m wondering if a part of him is going to be protective of Bonnie and making sure she has a good life and make sure Elena’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing.As for Bonnie and Damon hooking up i don’t see that happening because they each would be betraying Elena in a way because then Elena would ahve made that sacrifice only to have Bonnie hook up with boyfriend.However maybe Bonnie and/or Damon do develop feelings for each other but they fight them.

  40. Lock says:

    okay, my idea is something that would never happen bc the writers have made up their minds about who the endgame ships are. But if it was me, I would have Elena wake up 60 years from now or whatever after she’s had all this time alone to her thoughts. She’d realize all of the horrible things that Damon has done to her and her family and friends. Upon awakening, she would reject him and go be with Stefan. He could take the other cure and her and Stefan could actually live the life they were made to dream of back in season 5. Because let’s be real, the thought of Damon as a father is just plain terrifying.

  41. Ash says:

    Gosh please if Bonnie and Matt are both getting love interests this coming season let it be with each other. They are the only 2 characters left who’s moral compasses point direct due north. They deserve to find love with each other and then get the hell out of that town with its Elena worshippers’

  42. Katie says:

    Damon and bonnie should get together as boyfriend and girlfriend

  43. Bryteyez says:

    This show needs to exit now! Meaning bow out gracefully while they are still at the top…CAROLINE MOVE TO NEW ORLEANS AND BE WITH KLAUS MAN YOUR REAL LOVE. GOD WHAT ARE U PPL WAITING FOR???

  44. Mmjc says:

    I wish steroline thing to grow into a big epic story,damon & Alaric to find their way out of the hard way they r passing thru.I hope dat bonnie is with matt,look nc 2gether,enzo has 2chose what’s best.let’s wait for big surprise dat season 7 is carrying for us.

  45. Wilson says:

    I’m so happy i’ll be watching without seeing Elena’s face……!

  46. Candace says:

    I think something should happen between Bonnie and Matt Damon should be upset half the season Stephen and Caroline should have a chance to be together it’s time the show focused more on someone else’s then mostly on elana

  47. Toby Corbett says:

    I get off the couch and go get a snack when Stefan and Caroline are trying to be romantic. It’s just sort of awkward. I WANTED to ship them, I swear…but it’s just not there. Stefan barely had chemistry with Elena either. Now he did have chemistry with Katherine. Kind of strange….Elena, not so much; Katherine, GREAT chemistry—same actress, different feeling. Soooo it has led me to the conclusion that Stefan desperately needs a bad girl. Him and Caroline are like 2 pieces of Wonder bread together. If it was my job to pick, I’d put Caroline and Enzo.

    • Natasha says:

      Omg! I totally forgot about Enzo! We all know that Caroline has a thing for bad boys (Klaus!) so Enzo would be a great match for her! Plus, I, too, agree that Caroline and Stefan are too similar and, thus, too boring together.

      Personally, I think one character that should be brought back to the show is Lexi (I know she’s dead but this is a supernatural show so they can find a way to bring her back). While I would prefer Stefan instead of Damon pining away for Elena (read my comment below), I also think Lexi is a good match for him. She’s fun, free-spirited, and has a conscious. I think she’s the perfect mixture of bad girl/good girl. Plus, she did always have chemistry with Stefan.

      Even if the show did not want to pair her with Stefan, she would make a good pairing with Bonnie if they ever decided to go down the bisexual route.

  48. Natasha says:

    I get that the end game is reuniting Damon and Elena. However, I’ve always wanted Damon and Bonnie to end up together. I was hoping with Nina Dobrev’s exit that would happen. Then again, if it were up to me, I would put Bonnie and Damon together; have Stefan pining away from Elena; and put Matt and Caroline back together.

    I doubt the last 2 will happen but I truly hope eventually there is something between Damon and Bonnie. In an odd way, they are perfect for each other.

    • Brittany says:

      Matt and Caroline? Hell no. Matt is so boring. Lmao at shipping Bamon and giving Caroline the boring vanilla human. CarolinexEnzo all the way.

      • Natasha says:

        When I made that comment, I totally forgot about Enzo. I’m a Caroline and Enzo shipper all the way!!!! But Matt seriously needs a love interest. Someone a little wild to balance out his drabness

  49. Chantall says:

    I hope they do get a love intrest for bonnie someone outside the current cast, maybe that will spark something inside damon

  50. Scott Leadbetter says:

    Im lost somehow??? which bit did i miss as i thought caroline and stephan were an item but then in ep6 she is with alarik and pregnant. Can somebody put me straight ? PLEASE