Supernatural Renewal

CW Boss on Supernatural End Date, a Nina Dobrev Comeback and More

Supernatural will outlive us all.

There is absolutely no end in sight for the CW’s everlasting drama, network president Mark Pedowitz maintained Tuesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “If the numbers hold and the [producers] want to do it, we’re in,” he said of continuing the series beyond its upcoming 11th season. “We’re very excited that the guys want to keep on doing it. They bring fresh enthusiasm every week.”

Also at Tuesday’s CW exec session, Pedowitz weighed in on…

A Supernatural Spinoff | “We’d love to do one,” he said. “It probably will not happen this year, but at some point, there will be another swing. (For the record, Pedowitz had not heard of the Wayward Daughters offshoot fans are campaigning for.)

Beauty and the Beast | Fans will likely have to wait another nine months for the show’s fourth season. “I truly like it as a summer series,” he said. “It gives us original programming. One of our goals for the network is to have year-round programming, and we’re doing more and more of this. I plan to keep it there.”

Nina Dobrev’s Vampire Diaries Exit | “We would have loved Nina to stay,” Pedowitz admitted. “She did a great job for the six years she was on the show and she’s welcome anytime she wants to come back. I have to give credit to [executive producers] Julie Plec and Caroline Dries in terms of [re-focusing the show] on Damon and Stefan … as well as having Kat Graham and Candice Accola’s characters stepping up in ways we’re very happy with.”

Jane the Virgin‘s Emmy Snub | “I was disappointed for the show,” said the exec. “[Jane] won a Peabody Award, an AFI Award, a Golden Globe nomination… We are going to have to earn it. [Series creator] Jennie [Urman] and the whole team is out there to earn that nomination next year from the Academy. And they deserved it this year.”

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  1. webly3 says:

    It’s not Jane the Virgin’s fault that they didn’t get the Emmy nominations. It’s the Academy’s fault for not recognizing shows on The CW.

  2. jh says:

    It’s not kind to put “end date” in the title when it’s about the fact that there isn’t one. lol. I died a little on the headline but then got really happy in the first sentence. :) Thanks for this!

    • Yeah, I momentarily freaked out, too when I saw the headline about an end date for Supernatural. I actually just started watching Supernatural this past season about three or four episodes into season 10. I’ve been binge watching Supernatural on DVD in order to get caught up on the show since the middle of December. I’m about halfway through watching season 5 at the moment, and I definitely don’t want Supernatural to end any time soon. :)

    • Ibitola O says:

      Me to! Nearly had a heart attack. But ok now lol 😊. Supernatural is the best show ever. As long as the show is on TV I’ll be in front of that screen

  3. iHeart says:

    Oh come on even Smallville ended eventually

    • Yeah but Supernatural is still entertaining…

    • Jenny says:

      Jensen and Jared don’t want to leave. They get producer credits, Jensen can direct, it gives them a good job with good people they like and helps provide for their families. The fans love them- hell I don’t even watch Supernatural and I still love them.

      They get paid to go to fan events- why end it? lol.

      • Stephanie says:

        Supernatural is one of my favorite shows, but everything has to end eventually. There’s only so many times they can avert the apocalypse. Come on, even Buffy had to end. It’s time to lay the show down before it gets stale. End it when it’s still on top.

        • Dakota60 says:

          Buffy ended because SMG got bored with it and it showed. The J’s are still excited by the show and are still passionate about their fans.. The show will end when they lose interest.

          • Lucifer says:

            Everyone throws SMG under the bus for Buffy ending, but it wasn’t just her. Joss was fine with the show ending (the comics are just a way to George Lucas his way into more cash). The ratings were also not great and having the main cast (especially SMG) renew their contracts would have been unrealistically expensive.

            And as much as I love Buffy, it was getting to a point where calling it quits was the best thing to do. Supernatural has been absolutely horrible in the writing for about 4 seasons, but it has good ratings. And of course Jensen and Jared are hanging on to this show, they know they will likely never get a gig as good as this again.

      • Art says:

        I’m pretty sure J2 have said before they don’t want/need producer credits, though, since that’s usually just a pay thing. They still get plenty of input on the show – more than most actors – but don’t need that “producer” ego boost. I really commend them for it. :)

        • ninamags says:

          Wanna bet?? On ALL your points???

          • Art says:

            Well, considering I heard Jensen say it at a con with my own ears… :) He said this last year, that neither he or Jared needed a producer credit, since it just costs the show more money and they have input while shooting. *shrug* I know I’m not making it up.

        • Elle says:

          IIRC, they had said they wanted producer credits a few years ago.

      • Well,, they need to get away from all this internal angst where either Dean or Sam are fighting inner-demons. Come on!! Can the focus just be on external challenges again? How many times do these 2 characters have to be possessed by angels or demons? What next? Will Dean decide he wants to be like Caitlyn Jenner?

  4. makparis says:

    “Supernatural will outlive us all.”
    As it should.

  5. Annie says:

    And they still won’t tell us the premiere date for the 100. That’s literally all I wanted to know

  6. Pat says:

    Wow, my heart jumped when I saw the headline of “Supernatural” end date. I like watching this show and I really thought they were going to give us an end date in this article. Thank goodness they did not.

  7. erin says:

    ImoImo TVD ended on season 4 episode 1 but that’s just me. The rest is like a nightmare came true full of fan service and horrible storylines. As much as I would love to see Bamon happen although the idea of Steroline tstomach makes me sick to my stomach I honestly don’t see how the show will last without Nina aka Elena. I absolutely love Supernatural though. Been a diehard fan from the beginning

    • goddessisa says:

      EXACTLY!! They ruined the show and it’s never been the same. I stopped watching VD with S4 and although I miss the guys I’ve never looked back.

      • David says:

        I too quit watching VD halfway through Season 4 – There was just so much I could take anymore – I think what did it for me is when Elena got her humanity back and still ran off with Damon – Not that I didn’t mind them together, if it wasn’t forced because they were dating. And then they quit dating and I think the show suffered because of it. Anyhow, with everything that was gone through with seasons 1-3 where Elena and Stephan being soul mates and needing each other that was fine, even the storyline of Damon being Elena’s sire I was okay with and then turning off her humanity etc etc you know the story… But when she regained her humanity and still chose Damon, it jumped the shark for me. All the build up of the previous 3 seasons was thrown out the window. I have still bought the DVDs and someday I may sit down and watch them, but in my opinion, it just wan’t the same anymore. I still read the recaps on here though and keep up with it a little just to see how everyone plays out, but for me, it just wasn’t must see TV anymore…

  8. steph says:

    Thank you for bringing Wayward Daughters to his attention!

    • orchardist says:

      Yes! This. How good of you to mention it to himl

      And thanks for asking about Supernatural in general. Felt a little sad by it’s absence at th TCAs.

    • The Squatch says:

      I really like the idea of the female-led show, however I really think it would have worked better if they could have brought in Felicia Day’s character, Charlie. Which of course they can’t for… reasons. Sad, sad reasons…

  9. Supernatural is still my current favourite show – so thanks for the heart-attack inducing ‘headline’!

  10. TW says:

    ‘Supernatural’ and ‘end date ‘ should ever go in the same sentence together.

    I’ve been a huge fan of SPN since the beginning and I still love this show and the cast so I’m super happy to see there’s no end insight for SPN.

    Now if only CW would promote Supernatural a little bit more the ratings could be a lot higher than they are.

  11. IMHO says:

    Fantastic News for us and the Supernatural cast & crew ! It’s great to hear the network stands behind the show and has no intention of ending it.
    The article headline did make my heart skip a beat…

  12. TW says:

    ‘Supernatural’ and ‘end date’ should never go in the sentence together.

    I’ve been of a huge fan of SPN since the beginning and I still love this show and the cast. So I’m super happy there’s no end in sight for SPN.

    Now if only CW would promote Supernatural a little bit more the could be a lot higher than they are.

  13. Julio says:

    NOOO!! I just started watching Supernatural and I am obsessed!

  14. Lizo says:

    I’ll never forgive Nina Dobrev for leaving TVD. She ruined the show and she kind of slapped the faces of everyone who has been watching since the beginning. I will not be supporting her as she goes on to “bigger and better” things. Don’t bite the hand of your fans. Loyalty goes both ways.

    • Fee82 says:

      I’m glad that loser is gone her voice was tooo annoying.

    • Fee82 says:

      So was her Character.

    • Letti says:

      How was Nina not loyal? She completed the six years she signed for. Why should she have stayed, when Elena was like the most hated character ever, turned completely dumb and only a fanservice tool to fulfill the dreams of Delena fans? And it must have been great for Nina to play lovey-dovey with her ex who married her friend. Why should she have stayed to do this for more years? Nina just recognized the show sucked and she left the sinking ship. Not that she had any interesting storyline anymore. Elena was so done.
      And it wasn’t only Nina who left, but Steven McQueen and Michael Trevino too. Six years is a lot. And I’m sure Kat Graham is also on the fence of leaving, and so is Paul Wesley, who would have left a long ago if it wasn’t for Phoebe Tonkin and directing oppurtunities.

      • ultimate troll says:

        Slap. In. The. Face.
        True Fans knows this.
        Spoiled Actors need to bake me a cake and tell me how special I am because I wanted to watch their tv show.

  15. Pat Albright says:

    Heard 2 of the cast (Misha & Mark aka Cas & Crowley) chatting online here @ & they hinted about season 11 being dark themed & “pre-biblical”. Sounds 2 me like a very powerful season of interesting drama! Good job! Can’t wait 2 see it!

    • Art says:

      That was a great interview – Misha and Mark are very delightful to watch and listen to, so witty and a real passion for the show and its fans. J2M2 absolutely make the show for me.

  16. Art says:

    Honestly, I’ll watch Supernatural for another ten seasons so long as they keep Jensen, Jared, and Misha. We truly have a fantastic (and more important, kind) cast!

  17. Alice says:

    “As long as we have a steady supply of women to kill in order to further the guys storylines, why would we ever want to stop?”

    • Lizo says:

      Hahahaha. Comment of the day

    • Lia says:

      Well, it is a male-based show.. any supporting character, male or female, is peripheral to the main guys, and serve to support THEIR story. And if you look at ratios of male:female deaths, the men die more frequently. I mean, there are a lot of shows I watch for a female-based storyline, but SPN is definitely not one of them.

      • Jane says:

        Don’t bother to try reason with people who put out these type of comments they just ignore them and continue to troll.

    • Lucifer says:

      Oh look, an ignorant gender ideologue. I bet you also think more women face violence on Game of Thrones… SMH

  18. orchardist says:

    Supernatural is my favorite show. I binge watched it a few years ago and still can’t get enough. I’m really looking forward to S11.

    Any spoilers? Bueller? Anyone?

  19. Heather says:

    Just throwing this out there, Supernatural could go for another ten years and I would keep watching it. Great writing, acting, production, etc. Love it.

  20. Itzel says:

    Please don’t end supernatural this is my favorite show

  21. Fee82 says:

    As long as it airs I’ll continue to be happy, So love Dean.

  22. Chad Cronin says:

    I feel like there’s renewed energy for Supernatural and I love Supporting Jensen, Jared, and Misha and their campaigns. No more end talk for a long time.

    • Mel says:

      I agree. I really love how much good J2M does for others – I’ve been involved with Random Acts for years now, and I really love the Always Keep Fighting campaign. Those three guys have such big hearts and they’re damn talented, too – I’ll happily watch for another 5-10 seasons as long as Jensen, Jared, and Misha are around.

  23. Avo says:

    If the cw wants a supernatural spin off, I strongly suggest resurrecting Bobbie Singer and Rufus Turner. “Grumpy old hunters” is a show I would binge watch

  24. Elizabeth Muller says:

    I’m ok with a 30 or more seasons of Supernatural! Its my favorite show on T.V!

  25. Brit says:

    Stop saying supernatural should end because so and so show was finally put to rest. Look at Dr.Who that’s had how many seasons with different doctors. Only difference is Jensen and Jared don’t need to be replaced.

  26. Supernatural used to be my favourite show until Carver and Co turned it into a soap opera the only reason this is still going is because of the fans love of J2M2 not the wash rince repeat story lines .

  27. Red Snapper says:

    I’ll be happy to watch Supernatural for as long as it airs. By all accounts the cast and crew are glad to keep going and it shows. Its one of the shows that I can watch over and over again and never tire of. I’m currently about done with my 4th or 5th time through. Some seasons are better than others but overall I think its maintained it quality. It never set out to be the best show on television or pretended to be more than it was which is why its so great. One of the reasons its lasted so long is how they change it up every few years with new enemies and mythos and that’s why I’m excited about the new season with The Darkness, its something new.

  28. Jane says:

    What are you trying to give me a heart attack with that headline!!? I still love Supernatural and will watch it as long as they want to make it. Carry On.

  29. wesley thompson says:

    Man this show is still on dam.

  30. Angus says:

    CW’s coming out with a tv version of The Notebook. Any bets Dobrev nails the lead.

  31. I think the spin-off should be about Cole Trenton (Travis Aaron Wade). He’s a hottie and I think it would be an interesting show.

  32. Supernatural forever. I do part of the family.

  33. Liane says:

    I would love to see a Supernatural spinoff or a Supernatural movie. Something that spans the years from when Mary died until Sam went off to college. Basically, showing how the boys grew up and learned everything. Yes, I know we’ve been told, but to actually see it in more than just little clips and flashbacks would be awesome!

  34. Jared says:

    I like BATB as a Summer series too. Happy to see The CW keeping it around for atleast another season. Can’t wait to see Britney on Jane the Virgin!

  35. ZhaneEndrick says:

    I just recently started watching Supernatural on Netflix. Up to season 3 now, and I’m really enjoying it. Not sure how I’ll feel as I continue to get caught up, but for now I’m glad there’s plenty ahead to see.

  36. Ari says:

    Oh Supernatural! You can be so creatively strong and so creatively weak that I just don’t know if I want the show to end or not. All I can think is that Dean will be pushing 40 soon.

  37. charlotte thomas says:

    Thank you for keeping supernatural I love the show :)

  38. Earlene Greene says:

    If your looking for places to shoot supernatural come to harlan Kentucky you’ll be suprised

  39. I haven’t seen anywhere that they have signed contracts. I know their contracts end this season. So while it seems as if there is a lot of talk from the network saying yes we want them this is probably still in negotiation. Unless I am wrong and they have signed new contracts, otherwise, as far as I am concerned if I haven’t heard that they have renewed their contracts by the premiere or shortly after, I’m going to prepare for it to be the last season of the show. Unfortunately, as it seemed to have gotten it’s groove back.

  40. Veejman says:

    I can’t believe people are still watching this show…I watched the first five seasons and just had enough. Personally, any show that goes past 4 seasons gets boring and repetitive. All shows should have a plan…intro, tell your story over a 3-4 season stretch and conclusion…move on to the next project! The only thing I hate more is investing my time into a show, and the jerks at the networks (hey i made a rhyme), cancel it without a reasonable ending!

  41. D.j. Campbell says:

    I love Supernatural so much that I have watched every episode since it started. I also love The Vampire Diaries and have watched every episode of it as well. I would really like to see both shows continue for many, many more seasons . I personally wouldn’t mind having Nina Dobrev come back at some point without having to kill off Bonnie (Kat Gram). Maybe find a way to unlink Elana and Bonnie, then have Elana awake to reunite with her best friends. As for Supernatural. I would personally like to find a way to bring Bobby and Joe back. If not both at least Bobby. Somehow. That would really be awesome for me. I miss having Bobby calling the boys ijits and saying “balls” as well as helping look out for our boys.

  42. Fay says:

    I’m a huge fan of supernatural and don’t want it to end. When I saw the headlines, I also thought that it was going to end. Yeaaa…!!!! This is great, keep the show going!

  43. Dana says:

    Same here, I’ve been watching since the pilot aired when I was 7 years old and I thought my whole life was about to come crumbling down around me.

  44. Jared Lancaster says:

    I will continue to watch Supernatural as long as it airs. I love everything about this show. Even when things got a little “hokey” during season 4 or 5. It’s not that it’s a theatre masterpiece or anything, but it is entertainment at it’s highest point….on cable. The characters are brilliant and brilliantly played. The relationships between these characters seem so natural that they have you actually worried for a week when the show ends on a cliffhanger. Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, and Jim have an electrifying bond throughout the entire show’s run. Not to mention Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the only man bad cool enough to produce two children like Sam and Dean. Lol. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t believe this show has ever been given enough credit. The cast is very talented. Plus they grind into some very controversial religious topics as well.(Trust me. I was raised Catholic.) Back that up with monsters and the best tv soundtrack since Welcome Back Cotter, and you’ve got yourself a dang fine work of art! So glad to get that off of my chest. Lol. Peace and love to everyone and much love to my fellow Winchester fans. ✌

  45. Monique says:

    I read the head line out loud. My 4 kids and I freaked out. Then as we read on we were relieved. Thanks for the article. My family loves Supernatural we would all be so upset if it were cancelled.

  46. Eric Vanfleet says:

    Supernatural is one of those shows that you can never ever get enough of I’m pleased and very excited to know that the show will go on. I’ve been a follower since the first episode and will always be one. Let’s keep it goin fans!!! Supernatural dominates their predecessors by a lot!!

  47. Supernatural deserves awards more than most movies. I’d like to see it stay on TV because it is a awesome show with awesome actors.