Once Upon a Time Season 5 Poster Marries Evils Old and New

The poster for Once Upon a Time Season 5 features something old and something new — and both symbolic of darkness.

Give it a gander, then read on for more:

Once Upon a Time Season 5

Taking a cue from the ABC series’ Season 1 posters, which featured the iconic apple with which Evil Queen Regina poisoned Snow White, the new key art adds in its bold, graphic treatment of the “Dark Swan” Emma has become after sacrificing herself to the Darkness in the May finale.

In the Season 5 aftermath, Jennifer Morrison has said, Emma aka the new Dark One “is going to face the darkness in herself… instead of repressing it.”

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  1. Val says:

    I dont like the apple .Never have.
    Give Dark Swan something new. Not a rotten apple
    Give Emma Swan a good poster with her OWN signature element

    • Bryce says:

      I completely agree. The apple in front of the poster has already been used twice in Once Upon A Time posters. It’s time to have new and fresh ideas.

      • Val says:

        I dont mind the poster but atleast put something that is Emma in the poster not the bloody apple. I dont know maybe her yello bug turned into black bug lol

      • Marco says:

        Three times, counting the s3 DVD cover.

        • ER2015 says:

          I find it surprising that they are only mentioning 1 and 5, as you mentioned 3 has an apple cover as well (and I don’t think it’s the evil queen on the front, it doesn’t look like her). Kind of sounds like this article was meant to bait a certain part of the fandom.

    • len84 says:

      As much I also do not like the apple (esp since its in connection with Evil queen) I think the purpose is to showcase Emma going that forbidden route of darkness kinda thing.
      I am here for Emma Swan and her journey and her loved ones – parents, son and her Killian

    • spindae2 says:

      The apple symbolizes the temptation Emma is facing and I think they did a nice job incorporating it.

    • Chris says:

      I always used to love the season 1 and 2 box sets with the town and character portraits and it would change depending on how you looked at it. Since S3 they’ve been doing the apple posters and it looks ridiculous. The Frozen one from last season? Yuck.

    • I hear ya. I think they can do so much better than an apple on almost every cover. The artwork seems lazy and it seems too dated. Come up with something else.

  2. DarkDefender says:

    Thought they’d do something different from the building banner at SDCC. But this is good. We know what we are in for.. Poster says it all (unlike the recently released Castle poster).

  3. Bianca says:

    Wish OUAT would do some new stuff & not recycle stuff. Cast hasn’t even had a promo shoot since S3.

    Not excited for Dark Swan, more excited for Regina’s stories with Henry, Robin, Zelena. But maybe the upcoming teasers will get me more invested!

    • Zelda says:

      They desperately need some new cast promotional pictures. Their last official group picture is from early season 3 and reflects neither the current cast nor the current theme of the show.
      I’m not hugely interested in Emma as the Dark One yet either, but I’m looking forward to visiting Camelot and to what’s going on with the other characters, especially Rumple and Regina.

      • ER2015 says:

        The Once Upon a Time website on ABC official is still descriptions from after Season 2, going into Season 3. I laughed when I saw it! How hard is it to update a website with some new descriptions? Not to mention it’s been two years…

  4. Phil says:

    TVLINE – PLEASE stop running ads that block ALL of your content. “Check out this poster… right after the ad covering the ENTIRE THING finishes.”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Please help us investigate this issue, “Phil” — on what sort of device and browser are you experiencing this?

      • len84 says:

        I think the person needs to download Ad block on their pc or laptop so it stops the ads.

        • thisismenow says:

          Adblock prevents TVLine from getting paid though. Which means, that we don’t get awesome content as soon as it breaks. I’ve never found their advertising to actually block content on my Android, PC or iPad. :\ So I hope “Phil” figures it out.

      • Phil says:

        I’m on Firefox 35.0.1 on an iMac, with pop-ups blocked. I just checked it on Safari 7.1.7 and the ad didn’t cover the poster, but the ad at the top moved the whole page back and forth. I don’t understand why these “banner ads”, if they can’t be eliminated, can’t be positioned just below the images/photo galleries, so they look like they are part of the image but aren’t actually blocking the content I’m coming to this site to see. Hope that helps, Matt!

      • graze says:

        If I use Chrome and Firefox with Adblock on, for the past 2 months it cuts off the right edge of articles, headlines, galleries, and comments. So if I try to live with it knowing I don’t have to worry about the ads. I have a Macbook pro, Safari works fine, but I’m used to Google Chrome.

    • Steven says:

      It does the same thing for me on my Mac and tablet. An ad will suddenly pop up and start playing while reading an article.

    • prish says:

      I use Firefox on a mac and never have nor had a problem, fyi. Of course, I have to click on “allow” to go to my bank’s website page, when I login to the account, but that is no biggie.

      • prish says:

        I always use Safari on my iPad mini retina2, and the ads behave themselves, only changing position if I hold it lengthwise or up and down. There was no dancing around or covering up the article. Chrome worked ok, also, with the ipad. fyi

  5. len84 says:

    I am here for Emma’s journey as always. I do think hopefully Snow and Emma will be more focused on esp since we know Brave/Merida is coming.
    Also to see how Emma and Hook’s relationship will be and go through.

  6. Lex Roberts says:

    YES! This is awesome! I love that they’re using the apple AND that it’s black.

    I can’t wait to see Emma’s journey. I really want her to BE dark. The possibilities are endless.

    While I know it’s not going to happen, I actually want Regina to struggle with her own darkness as she, Henry and The Charmings fight for Emma.

    I’m excited for this season to start!

  7. NG says:

    Yay ! What a surprise !! I love the poster!! Emma and Regina have a deep connexion ^^ maybe in the darkness too !!

  8. Buttercup says:

    Can they stop with the Dark Swan stuff? I’m already over it. I want our hero Emma back ASAP. Never liked storylines of heroes going dark. Villains being redeemed are inspiring stories (think Regina, Hook, Ingrid). A hero going dark is just depressing. Who wants to see that? I wish they’d promote Camelot more. I’m much more interested in that.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I love this. Yes, the apple has been used before. That’s actually great marketing because it’s become iconic and is easily recognizable. Yet, it’s also a new twist on it. I suspect that many people who don’t like the apple don’t like it because it’s associated with Regina, nevermind that it’s a nice callback to the show’s origins.

  10. Terry says:

    Very excited for this season. Lana is a master at playing evil but still making you root for her somehow. I’m curious to see how Jennifer does with it, will be interesting for sure. Bring it on, Swan!

  11. Eva says:

    I love the poster, the idea, the art. It’s good.
    What I absolutely loathe is that the apple is Regina’s trademark, not Emma’s and not Elsa’s.
    Give Emma something else, please.

    • Zelda says:

      The apple represents the fairytale aspect of the show. The Snow White fairytale is the heart of their show, the apple is one of the major aspects from that story that everyone knows and identifies with fairytales. I think it’s a good choice and one that makes this a Once Upon a Time poster and not just a Emma Swan poster.

      • Eva says:

        For me the apple is the Evil Queen’s symbol, though. I know they decided to go with the apple for promo posters ever since the frozen apple for S3.
        Honestly, I never associated the apple representing the fairy tale aspect, at least earlier. The first poster was on point with S1 and Snow White, so I thought that was it.

  12. Andrew says:

    I understand that the apple might seem repetitive at this point, but I don’t get why people dislike it so much.

    Poisoned apples are not exclusive to Snow White. There have been many other fairy tales that make reference to them or to a witch using a poisoned apple (or to apples in general).

    Who knows if Emma will even use a black apple in Season 5? Even if she did, it would probably be different from Regina’s anyway.

  13. I guess Emma’s going to taste Regina’s ‘forbidden fruit’ after all from the looks of this poster xD Viva La Swan Queen!

  14. I think the apple is an excellent idea in the poster. Because it symbolizes her parents past and now it gives us the longing of how the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree. Snow White’s fairytale has a defined relation to the apple so I get it and how its related to The Dark Swan. But overusing the element of the design doesn’t give us the detail of the season because if I do recall a new set of characters are joining why not make something that symbolic of that not just the Dark Swan but as a whole to what is to come.

  15. JR says:

    I like the poster but maybe the dark ones dagger in the apple would work than just plain? I’m interested to see what deeper connection Emma & Regina have coming in September. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the two were somehow related? Or that maybe Henry is the real savior by somehow getting back into being the author and helping/saving that way? Idk just my thoughts…… lets not forget we also have Merida and King Arthur to look forward to as well. September will prove most interesting!

  16. Tina Gelinas says:

    I agree I have never been a big fan of the apple. I think the black them is awesome but how about a black swan or something like that. Her name is swan and now she is evil. So maybe black swans and swords.or just the swords with black swan wings

  17. Jenna says:

    I know apple is not a new idea, but its a symbol . A symbol of temptation and darkness . And in this ppster , its black and rotten! Isnt that wonderful ,
    And jennifer morrison mentioned that the dark swan is white like her mother and has red lips , but she also has this thing from black and white swan ( eyes) and also a bit blond like her dad . This is beautiful people come onnn!