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Arrow EP Addresses Our Concerns About Workplace Romance, Felicity's Spark and Season 4 Flashbacks

Arrow fans needn’t worry that the coming together of Olivier and Felicity will affect the superhero drama’s path.

Speaking with co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim at the CBS/Showtime/The CW TCA press tour party on Monday night, TVLine relayed several of our hopes for Season 4 (as detailed in the slideshow below). Here is what Guggenheim had to say regarding three specific Arrow points:

CUPID’S ARROW | Whereas Vlada Gelman and I expressed the wish that the new Oliver/Felicity romance almost be “incidental” to the weekly goings-on inside the Arrowcave, Guggenheim used the word “organic” to describe the impact. “The show is still the show,” he maintained, adding that “body language” will more often than not take the place of more overt indicators. “Like, when Oliver and Felicity are together at her workstation, now he’s got his hand on her shoulder,” he shared as one example. “It’s a difference of degrees. Basically, we’re treating them like two coworkers who started dating.”

‘FUNNY’ FELICITY IS BACK! | Over the course of investigating Sara’s brutal murder, coupled with Oliver’s own “death” and then his journey to become Ra’s al Ghul, Felicity’s spark had far fewer chances to shine in Season 3. “The show got really, really dark last year, and I think she reacted accordingly,” Guggenheim acknowledged. “Certainly no one was more tired of the crying than Emily [Bett Rickards], but right behind Emily was the rest of us.” But with love now in her life and picking up five months after the events of the finale, viewers can count on reuniting with the “strong, capable, funny Felicity… we know and love,” the EP assured.

FLASHBACK TO BASICS | On the issue of flashbacks — TVLine had pointed out that Oliver’s Hong Kong escapades weren’t nearly as compelling as his island or freighter adventures, nor did they strongly synch up with the present-day arc — Guggenheim met us halfway. “I’ll be honest: The episodic connection, week to week… that cart started to drag the horse for me a bit,” he admitted. “So toward the end of last year I said to the writers, ‘What we really need to do is not worry so much about the connection between present and past and just tell a really amazing story in the past.'” As a result, the Season 4 flashbacks, which kick off in Coast City but then head to a destination being kept under wraps, have Guggenheim “really happy.” As he raved, “I feel like we have our best flashback story ever.”

VIDEO: Arrow Team Previews ‘Olicity’
Road Trip, Premiere’s Shocking Ending

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  1. jo says:

    Can’t wait for season 4. Go felicity! & olicity 🙆

  2. Gregory says:

    This all sounds promising. I mean I didn’t expect Oliver and Felicity to make out in the lair but I am glad to hear it will feel organic. I am excited for the different change to the flashbacks, I am sure they will still all connect to what is happening present day though.
    Yes to Felicity getting her spark back, we all need that.

  3. Trish says:

    LOL, I love how TV Line was sure to point out concerns with how Olicity and Felicity were portrayed in season 3 but glossed over the rest. Is it because no one ever cares about anything else enough to discuss it? Or is it because placing the focus on Olicity and Felicity shifts things away from other aspects of the show that continue to be an issue three seasons later? Inquiring minds want to know. Because I have yet to see an article raise the issue of why season three was spent on the fallout of a character that was deceased, only to have her rise from the dead the following season. Sort of seems like a waste of time. But no no, let’s focus on Olicity shoulder touches that have always been there anyway, and the fact that Felicity didn’t laugh and crack jokes while surrounded by death and misery at all sides. Oy.

    • Erik says:

      Have you ever read a comic before? There was a whole years worth of fall out to the death of batman and captain America but they came back to life. Those things happen in comics. It’s silly to think they can’t or wouldn’t happen in a show based on a comic. Especially after they introduced one of the major ways to come back from the dead in the DC universe.

    • That’s pretty much the most honesty you’ll get from a still-under-contract EP. They’re never going to disown an entire season, but I suppose it’s a start. For me, there were far deeper issues with the show than were even touched on (plot-induced stupidity and ridiculous plot inconsistencies being the major two). But I genuinely hope S4 is better.

      • ab1973 says:

        What kills me is that it’s all his fault. He was crowing on his Tumblr all season about how awesome everything was and how great the ratings were. (I will never ever understand why the ratings were, indeed, so good.) So I don’t trust, at all, that he’s actually learned his lesson.

        • suzyque says:

          Agreed, but the thing I keep holding on to is that MG admits that he reads recaps (he’s even commented on io9’s), and I don’t think I can recall any end of year review that didn’t point out serious issues with S3 — way beyond the Olicity drama. Even a show-friendly site like TV Line pointing out things they want to change has to leave a mark. Here’s hoping he’s read things and takes the criticisms to heart.

  4. GildedRose says:

    I can’t wait to see Oliver and Felicity together as a couple in the new season. The romance shouldn’t be forgotten in the story (nor the sexy!) but I also don’t want to lose the action, adventure and danger that makes Oliver and Felicity exciting and fun. They should be allowed to do *both.* So I’m excited to see them be partners in and out of the bedroom. Bring it!
    The whole season was depressing. I don’t know why people choose to harness all that on Felicity and act like she was somehow… I don’t know… out of line (?) with her reactions. I think in a way she became the symbol for what we were missing: The Fun. Not just for Felicity (because NO character should be held back in terms of emotion, story, etc) but for all the characters who spent the entire third season dark, depressed, brooding, moping, etc. There wasn’t a single character last year that didn’t suffer from it.
    That said, I’m excited to see Felicity continue to grow as a character, gain more skills, continue to be the strong, amazing woman she is, and I really need the show to get to her story. Every year they keep saying they’ll get there, then say they had to push it back. No more pushing it back. Let’s give her the attention and growth she deserves.
    The flashback news is totally welcomed. Make the flashback story just as exciting and compelling as the present day and don’t worry so much about them absolutely “having” to mirror each other or tie in so direct. I think that’s a great call and an exciting direction.

  5. Maria says:

    Can’t wait for more Original Team Arrow Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. Also Oliver and Felicity together and working to take the bad guys down as a couple.

    • Mike R. says:

      Original Team Arrow is dead, Thea and Laurel are now and most likely forever a part of it.

      • Heather says:

        Original Team Arrow was Oliver and Diggle. It died when Felicity joined and they had to take a lot of Diggle’s purpose as a team member away not to mention dumb down both him and Oliver to make her indispensable. There were episodes in late S1 where literally the only thing Diggle did while Oliver was out on a mission was sit in the foundry, because Felicity was providing all the support. Remember when Diggle and Oliver could hack things? That was dropped pretty quickly. No one complains about that for some reason.

        • ab1973 says:

          When did Digg ever hack anything?

          • DatDude says:

            not hack as in computer hacking…”hack things” as in “handle things”

          • ab1973 says:

            That is not what the poster meant. In context it was clearly meant “hack” as in computer hacking, aka what Felicity does every day.

        • Liz says:

          David Ramsey himself says the Original Team Arrow were Oliver, Diggle and Felicity, especially since she was an honory member anyway. So if he says they were the original team, I’ll go with that.

          And the episodes in season 1 where Felicity provided the support was when Diggle left the team briefly because he was upset that Oliver wasn’t there for him. This hating on Felicity is really ridiculous now.

        • Maria says:

          Nope. Everyone knows from the media to most fans OG3 is Oliver, Diggle and Felicity.

          Even Stephen Amell and David Ramsey will tell anyone who asks.

      • Maria says:

        Nope the EPs said they will do Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. So it’s not dead. That’s their money maker right there.

    • Liz says:

      Sadly I think Original Team Arrow is a thing of the past but I also think we’ll see the strength of their bond, just the three of them, in times of need. Just like we did at the end of season 3. When it mattered, Oliver wanted to talk only to Diggle and Felicity. We’ll see that again. They’re the core of the show and always will be. Sure, Thea and Laurel will be fighting with the team, they’re a part of the team now, but those original three have too strong a bond to destroy.

  6. Geo says:

    The flashbacks just need to go. If there’s no particular storytelling reason for them that relates to the main narrative, why are they even going to be there? They worked fairly well in the first season or so, when they gradually revealed more of the origin story of Arrow and one of the main villains. But now? Why? The show has needlessly locked into a formula that viewers don’t seem to particularly want, and that often just interrupts the main stories we care about. I don’t think many people will complain if we don’t have flashbacks next season.

  7. Justine Grey says:

    This all sounds good to me. Oliver and Felicity sounds like it will be written in the dynamic of Season 2 with a romantic vibe to it. And also happy to hear Felicity will be her fun loving self again but its not unexpected for her to be in a foul mood when the love of your life dies.

    • Ashley says:

      I tried to reply to this earlier so if there’s a double reply I apologize. But I agree with you completely about Felicity. I’m happy she’ll be happy because she deserves that, but she thought Oliver was DEAD. She’s head over heels for the guy, of course she cried! She had to deal with the weight of that, as well as Oliver becoming Al Sah Him when she though she’d never see him again, he might as well have been dead. She thought he’d become evil!. Crying was warranted. You write a depressing situation like that, a character will act accordingly. Some people are so quick to criticize female characters, but when male characters like Barry cry many times throughout the season, it’s “touching” not “annoying.”

      • ab1973 says:

        She cried or did cry voice in about half the episodes. I am a woman and a Felicity fan, and I was absolutely tired of it halfway through the season. I don’t like Barry so I don’t care how much he cried, but if he cried as much as she did then he cried too much, too. There were a lot of bigger things to hate about the season, but the writers and directors certainly did not do Felicity any favors.

        • A.M says:

          This! I’m a woman too and I was just so annoyed at how they portrayed Felicty this past season. And I’m happy to know the showrunners were sick of it too (even though they could have done something about it) because it was just ridiculous. 90% of the time she spoke to Oliver she was tearing up.
          I watch the Flash and Barry did most of his crying when it had to do with his dead parents & it was nowhere near as often as Felicity.

          • ab1973 says:

            And some people seem to think Felicity can only have two responses to stress: cry or crack jokes. So if I say she cried too much, that means I wanted her to crack jokes at Sara’s dead body. Um, no. There are 100 other responses besides those two. Felicity faced a lot of terrible things in S2 and cried like twice, but suddenly her only response to every bad thing (so many bad things, S3 was both dismal and nonsensical) is to cry? There were SO MANY THINGS wrong with S3, from Oliver being dumb as unbuttered toast, to RAG the mildly creepy spurned boyfriend, to consistently terrible stunts, to Ray the misogynistic stalker, to Malcolm not dying like he needs to and having the dumbest plan ever…but Felicity crying every other episode (and crapping on Sara’s memory/helping trick Lance/dating Ray the Cane Toad who electrocuted her friend Roy) was certainly one of the many problems.

        • Liz says:

          I think the problem is that Barry cried as much as Felicity and he never once gets called out on it. Why is it only the women who get so much focus and hate? It’s sexist and misogynistic. The double standards in this fandom are disgusting and really worrisome.

          Also, it’s really tiring to see Felicity and her crying blamed as the ONLY reason for why season 3 was so bad when there was so many more problems than a woman’s emotions. But again, she gets the focus. It’s frustrating and incredibly unfair.

          • ab1973 says:

            This article isn’t about the Flash, though. And I for one have made it clear that her crying or Olicity was in no way the worst thing about the season. For me, it was the entirely nonsensical plot/story, from the premier to the finale. All so dumb it was physically painful. I can actually dislike lots of things about a show simultaneously, and my list of aspects of S3 Arrow that I dislike is very, very long.

          • M says:

            I’d be with you but you failed to bring up the treatment of Laurel. She was railed against for (justifiably) hating the ex boyfriend who inadvertently caused her sister’s “death” because they were cheating together and spiraling into depression/addiction (something her father also did) after she found happiness again with another man only for him to die. The only reason she’s hated with such a passion is because she’s a woman–there have been countless other male characters who have gone through similar trials (wallowing in man pain every step of the way) only to end up garnering sympathy, not so much hatred that people have been advocating death or being written off as a solution. Whether or not you like a character is a personal preference but bringing up a double standard now because Felicity is the one going through the hard time really seems like faux feminism.

            Felicity *did* cry a lot this season. Yes, it was too much and yes there were other mistakes made this season to make it overall weak. But this article focusing on Olicity/Felicity is only because that fandom has made it a mission for those two things to be the primary focus. So you can’t get mad when an article does it but it doesn’t necessarily say the things you want to hear (even though it needs to be said).

          • Liz says:

            M, I didn’t think I needed to bring up Laurel considering that the topic was focused solely on Felicity and why she cried so much. If I wanted to embellish my point, sure, I’d have named Laurel in there but I didn’t have to. Don’t you think my blanket statement of ‘why is it only women who get so much focus and hate?’ was enough? Don’t attack me and accuse me of faux feminism just because I left out a name. I didn’t mention Thea here either. Don’t see you talking about her do I?

          • ab1973 says:

            If it helps at all, the characters I feel have been most thoroughly ruined by S3 are all men: Oliver (used to be so smart, now just takes a mass murderer’s word for it that he didn’t kill someone and leaves a functional parachute RIGHT THERE for a supervillain to use to escape a crashing plane despite the whole PLAN being to crash the plane); Quentin (thought it was fun to torture Oliver with Roy’s “death,” decked a handcuffed prisoner); and Malcolm (scary supervillain with contingency plans in S1, moronic delusional hambone in S3).

          • M says:

            I’m not attacking you Liz. You brought up a character on a completely different show to make your point while I brought up one currently in the show to make mine. You said this fandom has double standards among male and female characters when it fact, it goes much deeper; there are double standards between female characters. Felicity getting criticism for being “whiny” is something that has happened with both Laurel and Thea, something that is conveniently forgotten a lot by some fans. If you had brought that up, your point about double standards would have held more water but you didn’t, which brings me to my point about faux feminism. I’ve seen the same commenters on here lamenting double standards because Felicity went through a rough patch, trash Laurel despite going through much worse. So I’m crying foul on a larger issue. If it doesn’t apply to you personally, don’t worry about it. If it does, well it gives you something to think about.

          • A.M says:

            It’s not just Felicity’s incessant crying that contributed to a bad season but the Olicity angst as a whole.

    • Liz says:

      This is exactly what I want from Olicity. Back to their wonderful dynamic with a little bit of romance thrown in. Perfect! I’m very excited by it. And ditto to everything you said about Felicity. Happy she’ll be happy but I also don’t fault her one bit for being so unhappy last season. I would have thought it weird if she was happy while everyone around her was depressed.

  8. All of this makes me so excited for season 4!!!!! Oliver and Felicity, happy/funny Felicity and an awesome flashback story. I seriously cannot wait until October, I am so pumped!! <3

  9. ab1973 says:

    Guggie acts like this stuff just happened. No one except EBR was more tired of her crying than you? You’re the frigging boss of the show. Stop writing/directing her as crying! Voila! This is not rocket science.

    S3 was absolutely terrible, in nearly every way. The whole plot, from start to finish, was idiotic and nonsensical, and Oliver is now the dumbest superhero ever filmed. Even the stunts stank. Oliver’s final fight with RAG was so slow and boring it looked like a couple 70-year-olds having a pretend swordfight in the dark, dressed identically so it was impossible to tell who was slashing at whom. Oh, and nice job with the penultimate stab to RAG being obviously entirely outside his body.

    • rinaex says:

      I agree with everything you just said. Two 70 year olds, lol, so true, and a symbol of everything that was wrong with Season 3.

  10. M says:

    This past season was the weakest for the show, but hopefully the move towards making Oliver more “Green Arrow” will work and it’ll find its footing again. All the points you guys brought up were great ones but I’m really happy to hear Felicity will be back to her normal self. They should take some time to develop her more individually because she needs to become more than hero support. I’m pretty meh about the romance right now (I think they jumped the gun a bit) but the flashbacks…on one hand I want them to finish what they started but on the other, I want them to spend more time in the present developing the characters there. Laurel & Thea will be more accomplished (yes!) but they still need more and Diggle needs to get back to the way he was! Hm…guess we’ll see :)

  11. Ashley says:

    I’m excited about Olicity and that Felicity will be happy this season because I need my girl happy, and Oliver & Felicity will be happiest together, but what about other concerns about last season? Like suit overload (how many new suits are needed, they don’t bring anything new to the table)? Or the fact that because of the show’s success Arrow is being used as a perpetual spinoff launcher to the detriment of it’s core characters, even Oliver, but also Felicity & Diggle? Oliver got sidelined in his OWN show last year during the back half, esp 10-15. Or that the Sara death plot was pointless and depressing, given she’s coming back? Or that Ra’s was a mediocre villain because of the lack of direction the mystery surrounding him had? Or that the flashbacks were boring in comparison to S2s because they didn’t tie as well or as naturally to present day? These are the issues that need to be addressed this season. I’m optimistic with all we’ve heard so far, but I hope they realize this.

    • Trish says:

      This! All of this!

    • Ashley says:

      Ok, I see that they did address the boring flashback issue in this article, but other than that my other above questions remain. I’m hoping they remember these things.

    • Liz says:

      Yep, yep, all of this. I have many concerns. I feel like the cast is already over bloated with guest stars. Too much focus on suits. I know this is show about heroes but it also needs balance with those who don’t wear masks. I want the show to be about Oliver and his origin story, not the origin of Laurel or anyone else. The show is called Arrow and it’s time they remembered that. I also hope the villain is good this year. I barely remember Ra’s and what he did. He was so lame. So yes to all of this. Concerns about romance are literally the bottom of my list.

  12. Paria says:

    Seriously nothing on Laurel?? Come on. There is more to the show and couples

  13. Lucy says:

    Can’t wait for season 4. I’m so excited for established Olicity and a return (hopefully) to Original Team Arrow.

  14. JB says:

    Olicity ZZZZZzzz. I like Felicity but i’m tired of the show focusing so much about her.

    The show is turning in a soap opera focused in a ship. Arrow used to be more than a show about a ship. Praying for Speedy and Black Canary save s4.

    • saku says:

      i dont get why you just noticed that Arrow is turning into a soap opera… its been a soap opera for a long time, not to mention that even comic books have their own soap opera elements… need i remind you of the sister swap storyline, the baby mama storyline, the being with my dead brother`s wife storyline (diggle), the being with my best friend`s ex-girlfriend storyline, etc… Arrow has been a soap opera for a long time but you just haven’t noticed it… olicity in my opinion has been the least soap opera storyline in the show… its just two people who became friends who became more than firends who became lovers… thats a story thats very common and more mature than the rest of the romantic stories of arrow… i for one love the show and feel they balance the romance and the action well… and from that article it seems like it’ll be even better in season 4!!

      • Maria says:

        It’s a typical Laurel fan. They think the only soap opera elements are to be blamed on Felicity and Oliver. When every character has soap opera elements. You can’t reason with these people. You can tell who they are a fan of. Funny considering this is a post about Oliver and Felicity and here they are wishing for BC. Why don’t they go advocate for their favorites on her own articles?

        • A.M says:

          ….As if Olicity fans are any better at being reasoned with! SMH
          When did Arrow become about ships. Trust the showrunners to fan-pander and push forward romance & shy away from the real meaty issues of the show – better developed villains & characters amongst other things.
          I don’t care who Oliver is with, as long as that does not steal away focus from the action of the show.

    • Liz says:

      This argument really has no basis. Arrow has been a soap opera from the day it began. All comics are soap operas. As the comment above me says, there are many soapy storylines and arcs that happened before Olicity even started. Sister swapping. Coming back from the dead. Thea finding out her dad wasn’t her dad. Evil dastardly plans of evil! Come on now. You don’t have to like Olicity but please get your facts right when making claims about soap operas. You just sound bitter because your ship’s not happening.

  15. M says:

    Should just rename this show The Olicity Diaries and be done with it.

  16. saku says:

    Olicity rules!!! ok!! love them!! and i am happy the show will balance even more the romance for all the people who felt there was too much romance last season (obviously i am not one of those people lol)… i enjoy the action as much as the romance so for me everything is well as long as olicity stays a couple!!

  17. Luca says:

    I’m excited about s4. I’m glad we’ll get felicity funny again and for olicity thank s fior the amazing interview

  18. Liz says:

    All sounds promising. So basically nothing is changing? Haha. Oliver and Felicity always gazed at each other full of affection and touched shoulders and stood close. It’s not like this is anything new. Maybe this time they’ll throw in a kiss or two. I am ALL for it. Yassssss!

    Like others here, I’m kind of tired of seeing Felicity and Olicity blamed for the problems of season 3 when there were a host of them. Yeah, Felicity cried a lot but like MG said. She had reason to. She acted accordingly. I’m glad they’ve settled that once and for all. Now hopefully people will stop moaning about it. Let’s move on shall we?

  19. Roses says:

    I may be one of the few people who doesn’t ship Oliver with anyone! I started this show cause I always loved super heroes then it somehow turned into an Olicity show, which has made it go down in my fav list of shows to watch!

    Now another past love interest for Ollie? So when he used to say I spent 5 yrs on a hellish island, he should have added and dated 3 women (maybe more), all while I was keeping the picture of the woman I supposedely missed for those 5 yrs (Oliver’s words in the pilot)…
    And let’s not forget that his son and his mother still need to make an appearance…..
    But yes this show is still the show!

  20. A.M says:

    “But with love now in her life and picking up five months after the events of the finale, viewers can count on reuniting with the “strong, capable, funny Felicity… we know and love,”
    ..so does this mean that Felicity can only be happy now because she’s got love in her life…so if things don’t go well should we expect a s3 Felicity to be back again. smh
    …Further more, why is there so much focus on Olicity this and Felicity that….Season 3 was terribly annoying because of all the angst and crying…Olicity is going to be the death of Arrow. They keep shoving that rship front and center & not paying attention to the real problems the show has. It’s all well fine for Oliver to be happy & in love but that should be way in the background like with Diggle & Lyla

    • jane says:

      The different between olicity and dyla is oliver queen is the main character, his life is the focus of the show, his romantic life can’t be as subtle as dyla, but from this article when it come to their work in the lair, they still focus on fighting crime while just give a hint that they’re together like shoulder touching,
      What I want for season 4 is balance, that’s what missing in season 3. Give us balance between romance and action, and Season 4 will be amazing

  21. jane says:

    To be honest I want to know more about felicity as an individual, I want to know her story, it’s been more than 3 years, all characters seems to found their path except for her
    I love olicity but give me felicity Smoak’s destiny outside her romantic life with green arrow

  22. Drew says:

    Season 3 wasn’t darker than any other season. In fact, I would say that most of the big plot points were absurd to the point of being silly. Oliver’s “death” was such a non-event. And the Ra’s tantrum (which amounted to the worst reaction to “he’s just not into you” ever) was no darker than Malcolm’s plot, or Slade’s revenge. I wish people would stop using “it was so dark!” as an excuse for bad characterization.

  23. If it was going to be organic then it would never have happened in the first place. Everything about Olicity is so fan forced. The fan servicing of this non-romance is beyond ridiculous. If the damage to Arrow in season 3 wasn’t enough we have another potential season of it. Tell me when it’s all over.

    BTW can we have a story on TVLine that is not Felicity or Olicity related, you know for the rest of the fans, thanks.

  24. Maria says:

    Also Let’s not act like Felicity is to blame just because she wasn’t bubbly.

    Let’s see we had people become I sta-heroes overnight, which belittled Oliver’s years to becoming the Arrow. Let’s kill Sara to make room for Laurel and let her have another unecessary arc. Let’s kill Oliver and let her have an unecessary arc again. Let’s bring back that character because of fan reaction. Let’s reduce Felicity’s role from always going to Palmer. Let’s have Palmer undermine Felicity and then make her apologize to him? Absolutely not. That was ridiculous.

    Original Team Arrow is what I watch for. Can we calm down on all these new additions? I thought we were going back to the core three. New additions are fine but it feels like one or two are being announced every week. Where is the material for Oliver, Diggle and Felicity?

    Oliver has touched Felicity’s should many times this isn’t new. We need more of OG3

  25. Shelley says:

    I’ll have reservations about season 4. Wait and see will be my motto. Season 3 was a drag and an almost waste of my time. My opinion. I’m elated that it ended. I hope the creators of Arrow choose to take a different path from s3. I won’t go into season 4 thinking great things, I’ll have to experience them. I loved seasons 1& 2. If there is going to be a lot more mysticism, magic, and supernatural characters and stories of this nature, that’s not my thing either. I’ve never read the comics. So, this kind of mystical story telling might push me over to something else to watch.

  26. Maria says:

    Theapplefour maybe you should stop trying to hijack other character’s posts and you know maybe write in a question of your own. We all know you love insta hero Laurel yawn. Maybe if you’d stop whining about them writing certain articles then you can start writing questions in. I don’t know though all you do is whine so I’m guessing you don’t have time to write in your own question.

  27. DatDude says:

    The emphasis on “Olicity” is proof enough that they do not understand what was wrong with the last season of Arrow

  28. JC1 says:

    I don’t care about Olicity. I’ve always said that I don’t care who Oliver’s with as long as it’s not Laurel, and that’s still true. I’d rather them address the issue of giving their main character a near-terminal case of plot-induced stupidity, and the completely nonsensical plot lines. Or how about the issue that they began the season with Malcolm having Sara murdered and ended it with him basically being rewarded? I seriously would really like to know if that was always their plan. Because early on I had the very strong impression that Amanda Waller and ARGUS were going to play a much larger role in the season than they ended up doing, and I’m wondering if the mess with Malcolm came from them having to rearrange some pieces on the board partway through the season. If so, I might be inclined to cut them some slack – if not, well then….insert Nick Fury “stupid ass decision” gif here.

    • ab1973 says:

      Oliver was so unbelievably stupid all season long that I don’t know how his autonomic nervous system (breathing, heartbeat, digestion) functioned. I mean holy crap is he dumb now. It wasn’t just a few times, either; he was horrifically, frighteningly stupid in nearly every episode, and not just on emotional stuff. I understand that it was all in service of the unbearably stupid plot, because if he’d had two brain cells to rub together he would have short-circuited the EPs moronic plot in the fourth episode of the season, by not just taking Malcolm’s word for it that he didn’t kill Sara (because mass murderers are trustworthy?) and actually putting Malcolm under his protection (WTF?), but not even turning him over to the civil authorities. Who cares if he’d just escape, that’s not Oliver’s problem, and being outed as alive would certainly inconvenience Malcolm, plus make it easier for the LOA to pick him up. Oliver helped Malcolm avoid any consequences whatsoever for murdering more than 500 people, including Oliver’s own father, Malcolm’s own son, and Oliver’s ex-girlfriend. How is Oliver even a hero anymore?

      • JC1 says:

        Yeah pretty much.
        Even though I don’t ship them, I’m always amazed at all the people claiming that Olicity was the biggest issue with season three. I know, different people have different opinions, but for me the biggest issue with season three, far and away, was Malcolm Merlyn. I know they love JB, but the plot contortions that they contrived to keep Malcolm relevant damaged all the characters, particularly Oliver, but also Thea and Laurel. And Quentin still doesn’t know the truth behind who killed Sara. Or that, albeit unwillingly, Laurel was working with her sister’s murderer by the end of the season, in spite of her vows to bring Sara’s killer to justice. Or that Thea so easily accepted he man behind her father’s death (Malcolm may have been her biological father, but Robert was the father who raised her).

    • Shelley says:

      Agreed. Oliver is my favorite; however, he was the most stupid of the show in season 3. They ruined him, Lance, lack of use of wonderful Diggle, and Merlyn’s story of using Thea to kill Sara. That was the worst. Then, he’s humanize do by the end of s3. I adore Felicity. But, that was not not good storyline IMO. And, Ray was a third wheel. Why bother to introduce a potential superhero and just make him creepy and a fill in for Felicity?
      I love Stephen’s version of Oliver in season 1 and 2. Not season 3. IMO, what a waste of a wonderfully flawed character. I don’t want him to end up with Laurel either. I don’t care who he ends up with. I want him to be happy. Season 4 better be different from season 3 for me to stay with Arrow.

  29. Eli says:

    Oliver and Felicity and explosions and fight scenes and Diggle and baby digglet and Thea and Malcolm and olicity and Lyla and more Oliver and Felicity and Diggle

  30. Re: Olicity – So, in other words, the closeness that was hinted at in the last three seasons is going to be shown. I’m for this plan.
    Felicity’s wit making a reapperance? Yes, please!
    Could the location of the flashbacks after Coast City be Russia? :) We’ve been waiting ot find out how Oliver knows Russian for a good, long while. And if he’s going to Russia in the flashbacks, can we at least have a cameo of Raisa? I miss her.

  31. anna says:

    This sounds great! Love Olicity!

  32. Lenore says:

    Okay, I’m going to say it: I don’t like Olicity. Never have. I don’t buy this romance, at all and I LOOOVE Felicity but it feels contrived to me.

  33. BeckyBoo says:

    Gimmie allllllllllllll the sexy Olicity time, can’t WAIT to see the dynamic of these two as a couple – finally! After all the sadness and angst of last season, I’m so ready for the show to return to the better balance of seasons 1 and 2.

    It sounds like the EPs know where they missed the mark in season 3, and fingers crossed they’re able to course correct with better balance, better plotting and better characterisation in S4. All the signs are good, in terms of what they’re saying, so fingers crossed they can deliver! 8 weeks to go¬!

  34. Liz says:

    sounds great! i can’t wait!

  35. Jared says:

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t see the chemistry between Oliver and Felicity. I do like the characters though but I did miss the funny Felicity we met in S1.

  36. Rick says:

    enough with this olicity c*** can we have more information about Diggle’s new role, Black Canary and Speedy bound and protection of the city, anything on Nyssa and HIVE?

  37. Patty says:

    Can we please get finally something else than another Olicity scoop? It’s so annoying that every article is Olicity heavy.. I mean, I thought that this show is about Arrow not about Olicity, but it seems I was wrong all along. It’s sad…