Person of Interest: Sarah Shahi Confirmed for Full-Time Return

Reason No. 39 why Person of Interest needs to return sooner rather than later: Shaw is back, for real.

Sarah Shahi, who has been on maternity leave from the CBS drama since the middle of Season 4, is returning for much of the coming run, the actress told TVLine at CBS’ Television Critics Association press tour party on Monday night.

“I go back in September — full-time,” Shahi, who gave birth to twins on March 1, shared. “I’ll probably do eight or nine” of the shortened season’s 13 episodes.

As for Shaw’s return storyline, “I have no idea what the plan is,” she admitted with a laugh.

Shaw has been glimpsed twice since being shot to “death” — in a “She’s alive!” reveal filmed before Shahi took leave, and in a season-ending tag that was pulled off with digital trickery.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    So glad she’s coming back. Can’t wait.

  2. william says:

    sarah shahi’s character was the best reason to watch POI. i must not be alone in that thought or they wouldn’t be bringing her back. it is one of my favorite shows on tv.

    • Well it was decently clear they didn’t really want to repeat what they did with Taraji’s Carter character the season prior, but that death was for narrative purposes (and they’ve done a good job making it feel significant, even a season later) while the whole Shaw thing was done due to the pregnancy situation. Plus I’m sure the network wasn’t keen on having one of the most popular same sex romances end abruptly after having one of the strongest female characters on television (who also happened to be African-American) bite it last season.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    This makes me very happy and POI is bringing Shaw back from the dead. Great to see her back from maternity leave.

  4. Jordan says:

    So excited :) it’ll be awesome to have Sarah back as Shaw full time! Can’t wait for season 5, Person Of Interest is always incredible and mindblowing!!!

  5. ellie says:


  6. Bobbi says:

    So very happy that Shaw is coming back.

  7. Megan says:

    This is the article I have been waiting for!!! Thank you Sarah Shahi

  8. paco says:

    Interesting. Shows you how popular the “Shaw” character is. All the comments here are 100% positive. I, for one, am thrilled she’s back on board… What about Root now?

    • Elena says:

      …i really hoped she would NEVER return…

      But the positive result of it: If Shahi returns Caviezel can FINALLY get killed off of this show and do actually something where his talent is appreciated!!!

    • cookie says:

      OMG-GOSH Root will never be the same, she has always felt Shaw was alive!! ROOT, she has never wavered in her beliefs that they would find her a live, I can’t wait for the reveal.

  9. tyranthraxus says:

    I must admit Ive always watched for Reese, but Shaw is a great part of the show too.

  10. Toots says:


  11. crazyforsushi says:

    YES! I’m so happy, I’m dancing at work right now. I have always loved Shaw and it was noticeable that the show completely lost itself mid-season 4 after she left. It didn’t help that Amy Acker was absent for a few episodes either – and when she was on, Root would remind us of Shaw every single second of her screen time. I know they weren’t popular at first, but Root and Shaw is a big draw for the show right now and certainly one of the reasons why I tune in every week. I can’t wait to see how they’ll deal with Shaw’s return as well as that much anticipated Root/Shaw reunion.

    • BenM says:

      I love Shaw, but it’s interesting that your view is that the show lost itself. I didn’t feel so. I felt it just acknowledged its (dare I say it) roots quite nicely for a short period of time – it allowed reflection on how much the show has developed and changed. And then Root was back and it was back to being its normal self.

      Especially if this season is to be the end, it is fantastic that Shaw is back for this run.

      • queerpuff says:

        I don’t know, I kind of agree. After M.I.A, the show delivered a handful of filler episodes in a row, that felt much like season 1 – and that’s all fine and dandy, but not after an explosive first half of the season dealing with Samaritan and their hunt for Shaw. Episodes 14-18 could have easily not happened and we wouldn’t have missed a thing. It picked up the pace quite nicely with 19 and, of course 20, with Taraji’s guest spot. The last two episodes were some of the finest hours this show has ever produced.

        • BTM says:

          I really hate the term “filler episode.” It’s incredibly denigrating to the hard work and creativity that the writing team put in.

          Not everything has to advance the mythology or main plot

          • Toots says:

            Greg Plageman himself referrered to those episodes as “fillers” and said there will be none of that in season 5

          • Marc says:

            “Filler episodes” have been integral to what makes POI the show it is: saving or stopping the machine’s number of the week. There have been at least as many of these as there have been episodes centered on Elias, the Brotherhood, Samaritan, or HR story arcs.

      • Sandra says:

        Why do you say if this is the last season? My husband who does not even watch TV except golf is also hooked on this show as I am. I was so excited to hear the show was renewed as I know many were.
        Have you heard something indicating that this will be the last season?

        • Paul says:

          The official word from CBS is that they haven’t made a decision. However, there is precedent for a short order as a prelude to cancellation.

  12. GC says:


  13. Seeing “Root” playing a now-key part on “Suits” this Summer has only reminded me how key each of them have proven to be on the show since each showed-up (not to mention “Carter” on Empire, & Samaritan seemingly winning the war).

  14. Mark Bruso says:

    Only 13 episodes. CBS sucks.

    • ComeOn says:

      I love POI and even 23 episodes is not enough; but it does gives Nolan more time to work on Westworld, so it’s not all bad. CBS’s lost is HBO’s gains. As long as CBS doesn’t cancel after season 5 then shorter season may be be too bad.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Would you prefer ZERO episodes? That was a distinct possibility given declining ratings. Just be happy that it’s back regardless of episode count.

  15. Alma says:

    I’m so happy Shaw is coming back.

  16. Missiue says:

    yaaaaas!!I’ve been waiting this day for so long!Can’t help thinking about root and shaw.

    • hud says:

      This is what you have been waiting for? Up the meds, go outside, live a real life. You may be surprised at what you see. Comments like yours make me feel sad. Live life it doesn’t last forever. Reruns do.

      • retsim says:

        Rather stupid comment as most people do have Real Lives and are not on medication.But as the comments make you feel sad perhaps you should get some anti depressants so you feel better.Then you can be part of the society that you think we belong to.Or perhaps don,t bother reading the comments in the first place .Some of the hard working or studying people just like an occasional bit of escapism now and again. No harm no foul.And for some of the older generation we know only to well life does not last forever and we may not be around long enough to watch the reruns.So please don,t criticise things you only think you understand .

      • Jake says:

        Says the man who frequents a tv news website and post comments at nearly 2 in the morning.

  17. King says:

    Yes! I just hope they are not bringing her back just to kill her character off that would be awful and unacceptable! Root and Shaw deserve a happy ending!

  18. Missy Kelly says:

    Yay but I am worried. Is she the next big bad????? Has she been brain-washed? Please need me some happy to have her have my back Shaw, saving John and fighting the bad guys.

  19. Geo says:


    I’ve been Rooting for her to come back!

  20. sammy says:

    Maybe CBS won’t cancel POI and just give it like a few shortened seasons. I think that might be best. This show is not on its last leg and needs more time on air!
    They need to get Shaw back on team machine very quickly! No she’s bad crap.

  21. Elena says:


  22. Mark says:

    Great news!

  23. We are delighted that Shaw will be back. We have missed her character.

  24. steve lozoya says:

    Sweet glad she’s back. I love her.!!!

  25. Can'tWait4POI! says:

    That’s is the best news ever! Great to have the team back together. Guess a shortened season works out okay for a new mom, so that’s about the only thing I can say about the shorter season………. Sarah’s back!!! Can’t wait to see what her storyline will be. Yay!

  26. Billie says:

    I am so excited for her return!! Missed her and was afraid she wouldn’t be coming back.

  27. Tommy Boy says:

    Have loved this show from the beginning but it took a major hit when Carter left, then it took an even bigger hit when Shaw left. Root is absolutely integral to the whole show so if you knock her off, the show will again suffer. I look forward to every episode every week and I’m excited and happy that Shaw will once again return to do battle as she does so well. I truly hope they NEVER take this show of the air. Best show on TV, IMO…

    • Lin says:

      AGREED but Shaw, Harold and Root are the reasons why the show survived carters death – amazing characters and the storyline was becoming more interesting. The show lost its way a little mid season 4 after shaws death but it ended good. I hope everyone watches POI on netflix in September so POI can have a season 6!

  28. sauginres says:

    Glad to see show will be back. It’s so good I don’t mind watching the re-runs.

  29. norma says:

    I was so hoping to never see her again…I hope they cut back the Shoot festival that was PoI…give us more Finch and Reese, that’s the show.

    • Toots says:

      Here. Take your bitter pill.

    • Elena says:

      This news reads like Jim Caviezel is on his way out.

      Season 5 will be all about Shoot :((

      What a nightmare

      • Glen says:

        “Shoot”? Oh, I see what you did there! Very funny. What’s your problem with Shaw? She’s interesting, enigmatic, apparently unpredictable, not to mention smokin’ hot. Or is it Sarah Shahi you have a problem with? I can’t believe you would stop watching just because of that. That would be like me dumping Game of Thrones just because I didn’t like Ramsey Snow.

  30. Mike Meeks says:

    Awesome news , Shaw is an awesome character and adds to the chemistry of the cast . Can’t wait for her return .

  31. Ann Wang says:

    I am so glad she is back. I do hope they won’t cancel this show. This is one of the few shows that I watch every week.

  32. vp says:

    While I agree with William, my best reason is the show and mostly Jim Caviezel that look he gives and those eyes mmmmm.

  33. Elena says:

    I wasn’t sure if i should watch Season 5, because Season 4 was such a horrid season in so many ways, but KNOWING that Shaw is going to return fulltime is something i really can’t take!!!!

    I’m 200% not gonna watch this show any longer….

  34. Lew says:

    Really exciting news! I miss her grumpy personality and her interactions with the team. Now we may finally get that Root and Shaw reunion. Sweet!

  35. Buyiswa Dana says:

    I am soo excited that she is back, i missed her and the show was not the same without her. After loosing detective Carter i couldn’t take another loss.

  36. queerpuff says:

    Really exciting and much better than I expected. I was optimistically hoping for 5-6 episodes. That’s the storyline I’m looking forward to the most in season 5, along with Harold and Root rebuilding The Machine.

  37. Nour says:

    Now we talk…
    Welcome back Sarah

  38. 324B21 says:

    Awesome news to wake up to! Can’t wait for her to reunite with the team especially Bear and Root. They’re too miserable without her.

  39. Fantastic news :D
    So glad Sarah is able to return, it just isn’t the same without her.

  40. Murica! says:

    Yes!! Great news!!

  41. cookie says:

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! Love uuuuu Sarah Shahi, thank u for recommit in to the show. OMG-GOSH I love her and Reece, and her bad ass self. This is what I been holding my breath for this news. So happy. I can’t wait for POI return. I know that that cast must be happy too. Maybe now that she has been saved and recused she’ll smile now and then hahaha!!!

  42. Jon says:

    Excellent news!!

  43. Lynn says:

    Looking forward to her return and to Season 5–POI is one of my favorite shows.

  44. mari johnson says:

    Good that she is back, but does the short season mean the end? When CBS shortened CSI, they cancelled it.