Bones Season 11 Jared Booth

Bones Exclusive: Dilshad Vadsaria Back as Padme Booth — But Where's Jared?

The mystery of Bones‘ season-opening vanishing just got a bit more mysterious.

In the wake of the news that Seeley will be missing when Season 11 opens on Thursday, Oct. 1, TVLine has learned exclusively that Dilshad Vadsaria is set to reprise her role as Jared Booth’s wife Padme.

Fox, however, is mum on the status of Jared himself, who in the past has been played by Roswell alum-turned-Night Shift doc Brendan Fehr. (Of note, as a reader reminds my TCA-taxed brain: The second episode of the season is titled “The Brother in the Basement.”)

Vadsaria, whose TV credits also include Revenge, Greek and Fox’s midseason drama The Frankenstein Code, previously portrayed Padme during Bones Season 5.

What do you make of this bit of casting, the Jared mystery and how it all might figure into Booth’s disappearance?

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  1. skrable2 says:

    It’s pretty obvious: TVL reported earlier that “a death unlike any other” would bring B&B back to the Jeffersonian. That would be Jared’s death. Investigating it, Booth goes missing.

  2. Sniff says:

    I assume Jared is “the brother in the basement”

  3. July Lark says:

    I’m more interested in the lack of David Boreanaz on set, Booth may be missing but David better be back. No David no Bones.

    • Joyce Smith says:

      No DB on set is my worry also. The subject sounds good but- no DB no Bones for me. He is the show in my opinion with out him there is none. Hope he is not ill.

      • Nancy says:

        Whatever is keeping DB away, I’m sure it cannot be avoided. He will be back. Is ED shooting? It’s all about B&B – we need them both!

      • E says:

        BOTH ED and DB signed on for S11!!! Why are you people worrying about this?!

        • E says:

          And who says DB isn’t on set right now? How on earth would you even know? Why do people just make stuff up or ‘guess’ and try to pedal it as a fact.

          • John NYC says:

            Also such senior people such as David can get deferred to when their schedules get crowded: he very well could have a director’s gig that has caused a slight gap.

      • Sara says:

        If his character is missing, why would he be on set?

    • Elle Reed says:

      Was it announced that David (and Emily) are not on set, or does one automatically assume that if no one mentions him on set / doesn’t tweet / doesn’t post a picture of David / Emily on set, that he / they actually aren’t filming … because god forbid there be life outside of Twitter.

      • kmw says:

        No nothing of the sort was announced other than the fact that Booth is missing in the first episode it doesn’t mean we wont see him or Brennan for that matter. What kind of season premiere would it be if most of the episode had neither one in it. Clearly they come home because of something to do with Jared and his wife. I hope they do not kill Jared. Booth doesn’t need another loss in his life so soon after Sweets death Maybe Jared’s wife dies and he goes missing which leads Booth to go looking for him which then leads to his disappearance

        • Marge says:

          Kind of sounds like “Wayward Pines”! : ) But I do agree with you that the opening episode would need Booth & Bones to at least appear.

      • Marge says:

        SO TRUE!! =)

    • Marge says:

      I’m with you July Lark! I’m disturbed that Booth will be missing from the first 2 episodes. But, it also makes me very sad to see Brennan go through another separation from Booth and with a new baby!! I love BONES so much that I will always watch – no matter how painful it might be!

      • John NYC says:

        Missing from the awareness of the team doesn’t equate to missing from the show. When Brennan and Hodgins went “missing” when they were buried by The Gravedigger they still had plenty of screen time.

  4. A says:

    So are they killing Jared off?…..eek…..I loved her on Greek and her last Bones ep was great…CAN’T WAIT

  5. Bones, I love you very much, but please don’t kill Jared :(

  6. Nancy says:

    I like this the idea of Booth going to look for Jared. I sure hope they don’t kill Jared though, I hope he’s found alive in the basement! They could kill Padme!

  7. Elba Montalvo says:

    I love bones watch it and this seems like a good mistery. Can’t wait

  8. Ronald Snu says:

    Put new session on my calendar

  9. Marci says:

    I wish the “Bones” PTB would leave Booth and Brennan alone for a while. How many crises involving them do we have to endure?

  10. Pat says:

    I cannot wait for Bones to start up. If Jared dies, that is really ashame. I was hoping for a season where none of the main characters, nor any of their family members, are kidnapped, hurt or even killed. Also, I thought I read that David was going to direct a show that he would not be in. I am not sure how accurate this information is, but if by chance it is, could this be the show he is directing?

  11. kmw says:

    Just because Booth is missing doesn’t mean David Boreanaz isn’t on the set and all of them started production last week. It very well may be that he is directing this episode, but we really don’t know anything yet. Yes I wish Booth and Brennan would be left alone and I really hope Booth isn’t lying to her about this. After he gets kicked out he would risk his marriage again. We all know Booth would do anything for his family but risking his marriage because he doesn’t think Brennan should know? Still sounds very interesting and really hoping Booth and Brennan at least get an opening scene or two together with Christine and their new son

    • LizB says:

      S11-EP1 is directed by Randy Zisk, not David Boreanaz.

      • kmw says:

        Thanks for the info. As for David Boreanaz he may not be in this episode a lot but I doubt he is going anywhere. The new show runners said the would be challenging Booth and Brennan this season

  12. Jo says:

    Jarad coming back would be OK. I want to know if Parker will ever come back. Parker was a very important part of Booth’s life from the beginning of the show till season 7. The last time Parker was seen was at Booth & Brennan’s wedding “Woman in White”. Booth has always been portrayed as such a loving farther. Never mentioning his first born leaves a big hole in Booth’s character.

    • NatesMama says:

      Stephen Nathan assured us in an interview at the end of last season that Parker would be back this season.

    • Nancy says:

      Luckily, Stephen Nathan is not running the show anymore! Who cares about Parker? lol I don’t see a big hole. I’m sure he’s fine and Booth talks to him often. I son’t worry about him at all. Booth being a good father is demonstrated regularly with the children he has with Brennan. Parker brings nothing to the mix.

      • kmw says:

        You are right luckily Nathan isn’t running the show anymore but Parker should have been at least mentioned more often. He probably is coming back for more an episode or two but I doubt he will ever be a regular member. Most of Booth being a father to him has happened off camera, doesn’t mean he is a bad father to him. Anyway I am looking forward to how they manage to get back to their jobs and life. Still hope Booth isn’t lying to Brennan about his brother. Cannot wait till October 1st!!!

        • Nancy says:

          I agree, Booth has done too much lying of late, some honesty would be nice here for a change! Booth needs some growth of character along with Brennan’s. It does sound like interesting story! I want to see where B&B have been and how they get back to doing what they do best!

      • anon says:

        ummm….the many MANY people who ask about Parker care…the person asking about Parker here in this article cares…..you do know that Parker getting mentioned and in an ep takes away NOTHING from Christine…Parker is Booth’s kid he shouldn’t be treated like a replaceable goldfish, in this day in age of SKYPE and technology it is awful that they dont even have Booth say hes skyping Parker or whatever, the kid needs to be mentìoned…it takes one minute of airtime, I am sure you could stomach that *eyeroll*

        • Nancy says:

          Too funny! I hope they mention skyping Parker, so all the Parker worriers feel he gets his due! Parker was a plot device back in the early years. Like Russ, the need for him is gone. Is anyone crying over Brennan not calling Russ? All they need to do is refer to him every once and awhile and I’ll be complete!! LMAO
          Pops is dead and they haven’t even mentioned that!

          • kmw says:

            While I too do not feel like Parker needs to be on the show all the time they should mention him more often But like many other characters, including Parker and Russ, they feel the story is served better if they just move ahead. This is one reason I am surprised they are dealing with Jared, I assumed we would never hear from him again as well. They did recast Parker but for some reason they couldn’t fit him in this past season. As for Pops I hope they deal with him eventually because he was very important to Booth

          • anon says:

            Pop isn’t dead. Ralph Waite is, RIP…know the difference between character & actor, until stated differently, Pops is off screen, living his life in his nursing home/community….FYI there is a huge difference between a MIA brother & a MIA son, a huge difference…lucky for me & many others, Parker will return S11 & you can just fast forward the ep through the offensive “showing Booth’s first born scenes” *double eyeroll*

          • Nancy says:

            Anon – Parker is fictional – I’m not too worried about him! Brother or Son – they are just brought back for needed plot points. Brother will be easier (less sad) to kill than son, so that may be the reason they are even mentioning Jared. But I hope not. I liked the CHARACTER of Jared more than I liked the CHARACTER of Parker.
            I realize the actor that played Pops is dead, and tptb could very well opt to get another actor to play Pops. I honestly don’t care any more it’s been so long. lol It’s all good and it’s all pretend! Not caring about Parker is ok, because Parker isn’t real! :)

          • anon says:

            Booth isnt real either and it is just pretend, right, but you sure do care when Booth relapsed and lied in the process…pretty lame argument, pulling out “its not real card” when it is to do with other characters but NOT when you are venting about the status of B&B relationship….mmm..

          • Marge says:

            You make some very good points, Nancy! I think just a mention of Parker now & then is good. They still have(or had) Parker’s room. As for Pops – he died on NCIS not on BONES so they can write that in at anytime and not make an entire episode abt it! But it’s only right that there be some closure regarding Pops!

  13. kito816 says:

    I can’t wait for the 11th season to start. I love, love, love this show. The writers for this show are extremely talented & know how to keep us wanting more. I agree with the others who said, ‘no Booth, no Bones’, it just won’t work

  14. Sharon says:

    These things are ok but I am not at all happy with the idea of Angela and Hodges being the center of the show at all, I watch Bones to see David and Emiley as Booth and Brennan.

  15. wolfgang luft says:

    maybe they should bring back Zach Addey to help look for Booth