Did UnREAL Hunk Cross the Line? No Angel Reunion on Suits? Pretty Little Moms Spinoff? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Strain, UnREAL, Pretty Little Liars and Mr. Robot!

1 | Based on what Killjoys’ “Lucy” detailed about the timing of John’s return to the ship, can we deduce that the Dutch/D’av sex didn’t last much longer than “8 minutes, 29 seconds”?

2 | Is there a single stereotype that Disney Channel’s BUNK’D didn’t assign to its young Asian camper?

3 | Why, Strain fans, The Strainwould a vampirism outbreak result in office buildings burning…? And does Young Setrakian kinda remind you of Jason Segel?

4 | An excellent True Detective point raised by TVLine reader Mike Donovan Lacy: How did Lt. Burris know which tunnel exit Paul would use?

5 | When/where did Falling Skies’ Anne get such a pristine, new, tailored leather jacket? (Not that we are in any way complaining!)

6 | Why have Food Network Star judges Bobby and Giada stopped emphasizing point-of-view and branding as crucial components for winning? And which of the three online Star Salvation hopefuls — Dom, Rue or Alex — have the best shot of upsetting Season 11’s two-horse Jay-Eddie race?

7 | How hilarious were Bachelor in Paradise‘s opening credits this week? And did they make you wish sitcoms still had such fantastically cheesy intros?

The Fosters8 | Man, the Fosters promo for next week isn’t hiding anything, is it?

9 | On Chasing Life, did April’s mention of a honeymoon in Italy — coupled with the fact that Italia Ricci was recently in Italy (yet seemingly sans Scott Michael Foster, who’s now on Blood & Oil) — make you panic about Leo’s future on the ABC Family series?

10 | There’s no way UnREAL‘s Jeremy can come back from what he did in the finale, right? No one’s still Team Jeremy, are they?

Devious Maids11 | Safe to say that Devious Maids‘ Carmen is as flummoxed by her giant “fish skeleton” earrings as we are?

12 | Did Pretty Little Liars‘ mom-centric scenes give anyone else flashbacks to Desperate Housewives? And when can that spinoff happen?

13 | Any coincidence that So You Think You Can Dance had its best live show of the season on the night when we finally got all duets, rather than all those unwelcome trios and quartets?Dawson's Creek Jack McPhee

14 | For those watching the Dawson’s Creek repeats on ABC Family: Were you impressed by how incredibly powerful Jack’s coming-out episode, “…That Is the Question,” still is today?

15 | Isn’t it a shame that Suits hasn’t yet been able to get former Angel co-stars Gina Torres and Amy Acker in a scene together?

16 | Is the Mr. Robot mask supposed to look like the Monopoly dude, Guy Fawkes, or both?

17 | Is Mr. Robinson‘s school so strapped that it would have a substitute teacher greeting the kids’ folks on Parent-Teacher Night?

18 | Who’s ready to join us in rioting if America’s Next Top Model doesn’t let openly gay (and openly gorgeous) military guy Miguel — who got very little screen time in the premiere — make the Top 14?

19 | As TVLine reader Jessica wondered: Why didn’t Rookie Blue‘s Sam and Andy show the explosives supplier a photo of Oliver, to confirm that the man he met with was really Oliver?

20 | Is Empire done guest-casting yet for Season 2…??

Mistresses21 | Snap poll! A pregnant Karen on Mistresses — brilliant or blasphemous?

22 | If you’re Complications’ Dr. O’Neal, are you stealing away to a supply closet to pop open that envelope and listen to John’s mysterious audio recording?

23 | Which Big Brother showmance gives you a bigger case of the heebie-jeebies: Clay/Shelli or Austin/Liz? And did the return of Derrick and Cody make you long for the smart gameplay of BB16?

24 | Was GOP debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly’s tone unexpectedly mocking heading into the final commercial when she teased, “After the break we’re gonna let the candidates make their closing statements, their final thoughts. And… God! Stay tuned for that!”? Also, how did Trump’s hair maintain its “blurry thicket” effect through the entirety of the high-def broadcast?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Was anyone team Jeremy to begin with? I just need the writers to come up with an organic way to bring Adam back honestly

    • David says:

      Agreed. The guy was an jerk. He cheated on his fiance and he had the gall to call her a bad person (which she is granted…but glass houses dude).

      It would be nice if Adam learned from the show and being dumped and came back with another bachelor as kind of 2nd chance season. He was a player and I hope seeing himself changes him. If it doesn’t he can take a flying leap.

    • A.M says:

      People need to stop acting like Jeremy is the devil on this show. He’s by far the least messed up person on this show. And to be honest Rachel does not deserve him! Ok I admit what Jer did in the finale was terrible but how is someone supposed to act when they find out the person they love was about to run-off with someone else…whats worse is Rachel going back to Jer & acting like everything is ok when Adam pulled the plug on the plans …at least Jeremy had the decency to break things off with Lizzy when he had slept with Rachel.
      The reason I like Rachel & Adam together is because they are both promiscuous, self-serving, flaky, selfish and kinda immature people…Anyone else paired with one of these 2 would be hurt to no end so best to pair up the toxic people with each other. Plus they also have amazing chemistry..I hope Adam returns for s2.

    • Jeri says:

      I think it is Rachel that showed her true colors. She was AGAIN going to publically dump Jeremy to fly off with Adam, humiliating Jeremy for the nth time. I think he (Jeremy) had every right to trick Adam into confession & exposing Rachel for winning his heart just to publically, in front of all his friends & co-workers, toss it aside and run off with a “playa” not even a pretense of a good guy.

      I like Rachel but she treated Jeremy like her Ken doll and had no consideration for his feelings. She is not ready to settle down and she could have explained that without humiliation for Jeremy. That just wasn’t as much fun for Rachel.

      I don’t think Jeremy is the bad guy here.

      • She didn’t publicly dump Jeremy again. Last time she went crazy aches had to go get help with her mental issues and this time she left him a note on his pillow there was no public dumping by anyone except the one that Jeremy did to her.

    • I agree I was never team Jeremy I was so thrilled when she ran off to go be with Adam then to find out he was changing his mind because of Quinn was devastating and then in the end she forgives her aches tells her she lives her ugh hopefully they can find a way to being Adam back fully annulled of his fake marriage and ready to beg

  2. webly3 says:

    23: I think that many people are playing smarter in BB17 than they did in BB16. The only person who played a good game during BB16 was Derrick while everyone else played horribly. Donny, at least, saw right through Derrick, but he never could do anything about it. I’m not longing for better gameplay because this game is much more interesting and unpredictable than it was last season. This season only a few people have a bad game, while last season was filled with pathetic games.

    • Dude says:

      The only people currently really playing the game are Shelli, James, Jackie and Vanessa and Vanessa is barely playing. Meg, Becky and Johnny Mac are just bouncing around from one power player to the next, Austin, Liz and Julia are too wrapped up in their threesome drama to do anything else and I forgot there even was a Steve.

      • LK says:

        You must not be watching the feeds.. Vanessa is certainly playing.. her problem is she is playing too hard. Austin and Liz are also playing.. and Steve is playing a very sneaky game, that the CBS show tends to be ignoring but hes definitely playing.

  3. Alyse says:

    I’m very worried about Leo’s fate on chasing life, especially after reading the press releases for episodes 2×08 and 2×09.

  4. tallsy says:

    7. Funny. Like Tanner/Jade. Don’t care about the rest.
    10. No one was Team Jeremy. They should also explain that Adam had a brain tumor in the finale causing him to become suddenly stupid and want to go back to England.
    23. They should let Cody back into the house and force Clay to watch him bang Shelli.

  5. Robby says:

    21. I think Karen would make a cute mom. And then she’ll have that MILF thing going for her in season 4. She’ll be beating off the young guys with a stick (poor choice of words).

  6. Znachki says:

    10} I want him back to play out the story with Quinn’s Momster the ethically compromised shrink.

  7. 23. Long for BB16? Are you nuts?? This season is gold!

    • Thank you!!! BB16 was probably the most boring and hardest season to watch of BB. I was so thrilled when this season showed to be back to the normal BB quality. It didn’t make me long for anything seeing them except for the next segment!! One dissapointment however this season is the huge fail on #bbTakeover Julie said day 1 that there would be a #BBTakeover every single week ALL summer/season long then they do 3 and we never hear another word about it?!?! There’s also been no have/have not comps and no voting for that have not food or voting for anything at all really this season?? Weird but cast wise is been as you said “BB GOLD” #BB17Gold #BB17 #Chenbot

  8. Gerri says:

    23. Clay and Shelly were mutual in their affections although this week was their FIRST KISS? Austin is Delusional and Totally gives me the heebie geebies. Derek and Cody, best bromance, and best games played dare i almost say ever. Miss those. Hopefully they make it back for more commentary later in the season. p.s. Cody’s modelling Career has to lead to more TV or movie appearances. Am I right?

    • tallsy says:

      If the timing wasn’t just slightly off, Cody should have been the second male model on The Price is Right.

    • Not anymore Liz has fallen for Austin officially she’s been talking about her feeling for him and his much she’s fallen for him lol… I guess it goes to show that if the don’t give up you can get anything your want lol. She even had mention her growing feelings for him in the DR and when he’s not around

  9. Steven says:

    10. Was anyone ever Team Jeremy?
    20. Seriously. This is Glee/Will & Grace levels of guest stars at this point.

  10. Marco says:

    10. Can anyone? Seriously, everybody worked overtime (minus Adam, I think) in order to be as nasty and manipulative as possible.

    • David says:

      Adam made them fix up a crappy winery. He slept with a few girls, and was still professing love (I think) for Rachel. He was the most redeemable but he was far from a good person.

  11. BrittBrat says:

    4. True Detective: TV Magic
    7. Bachelor in Paradise: It was really funny. I had to go back and watch it again!
    18. ANTM: You’re on your own as far as rioting goes.
    20. Empire: Please stop casting ASAP!
    23. Big Brother: I don’t like either couple, but Austin and Liz is the creepiest one. Liz doesn’t even like Austin like that.

  12. DreamRose311 says:

    15: Suits/Angel I hope if/when it does happen, that there’s jasmine plants involved. They don’t have to be mentioned, just clearly visible in the background…

  13. Spence says:

    About PLL: God no. Those women were all so stupid and obnoxious, they barely seemed capable enough to handle those few scenes in one episode, let alone a whole spinoff series.

  14. Bwhit says:

    8) It gave away too much which is exactly why I doubt their hook up will happen.
    10) Jeremy has been the worst since day one. He acted so perfect in the beginning but continually cheating on his fiancé than humiliating Rachel made Chet look like a good guy. They all have done terrible things but in my opinion he’s the worst!

    • A.M says:

      1 make out & 1 all-the-way hardly constitutes continually…at least he broke up with Lizzie unlike Rachel who was prepared to go back with Jeremy seconds after her plans to run off with another man had fell through.

      • Bwhit says:

        I think we’ve found someone who is still on team Jeremy :)

        • A.M says:

          Wrong..I actually like Adam & Rachel..their chemistry is unparalleled & off the charts. I just don’t have unfounded hate for Jeremy just because I don’t ship him and Rachel. Everyone on this show is crazy messed up & then some more..I don’t see why Jeremy has to be called the worst when he’s in a pool of sharks & devils alike!

          • Bwhit says:

            Okay, my problem with him is that he pretends to be so wholesome but in reality he is just as bad. The others know they suck but he thinks he is perfect. Going to Rachel’s mom for revenge was disgusting which makes him no different than those sharks you mentioned.

    • anonymous says:

      In regards to Brallie yes it does happen because if you read the synopsis for the next episode it says that Brandon and Callie are planning on telling their moms about their relationship. That is the exact wording right out of the synopsis.

      • Bwhit says:

        Okay I didn’t go ahead and read future synopsis for shows because I like to just see the preview for the next episode. Previews don’t normally give that much away.

  15. Meg says:

    You guys forgot question #25- Did anyone manage to get through the Charlie/Mike scene on Graceland without bawling their eyes out? That was such a sad and beautifully acted scene.

  16. HAP says:

    24- Not so much. Kelly is actually too well educated and accomplished for Fox News BS. She stays for the money. They keep her for her looks.

  17. The Fosters AND Devious Maids mentioned? It’s my lucky day. EWWWWW at that Brallie question for The Fosters tho. Better question for The Fosters should’ve been: ABC family promised “Summer of Jonnor” but they failed to deliver so far. WHY IS THAT?
    And for Devious Maids: Are we the only ones hoping that Marisol can finally have luck in love and Jesse can actually be a good guy? AND After all this Nick-talk is Marisol’s ex-beau going to make a surprise visit by the end of the season to spice things up?
    Shame on you, TVLINE. For doing such a poor job when it comes to these gems in summer television. And where’s my Under The Dome question?

  18. Lauren says:

    10) Jeremy is the worst. I can’t stand him. He is the epitome of the ‘nice guy’ trope.
    14) That episode is incredible. Kerr Smith kills it. A lot of those WB shows still hold up – Buffy, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, some of Dawson’s.
    15) They were barely Angel co-stars, Gina was only in a few episodes (of the worst season).

  19. Nothing can make me miss the very boring bb16, tbh.

  20. CJ says:

    Re: Chasing Life…I had a feeling Leo may not be long for this (TV) world when I saw that Italia was in Italy and Scott was in Utah. April mentioning the honeymoon being in Italy really sealed it for me this week. I’m really interested to see how this season shakes out, but I will be stocking up on tissues in the mean time.

  21. Angela says:

    #24: Any attitude she could show in that debate in general was welcome, as far as I’m concerned. And as for Trump-I was too busy trying to hold back from throwing something at my TV when he spoke to really notice his hair.

  22. Tom says:

    5 | When/where did Falling Skies’ Anne get such a pristine, new, tailored leather jacket? (Not that we are in any way complaining!)
    It’s amazing what people will leave when trying to get out of the way of invading aliens. I’m guessing.
    15 | Isn’t it a shame that Suits hasn’t yet been able to get former Angel co-stars Gina Torres and Amy Acker in a scene together?
    Good on you for acknowledging they were on Angel! Or Angel’s existence at all really!
    17 | Is Mr. Robinson‘s school so strapped that it would have a substitute teacher greeting the kids’ folks on Parent-Teacher Night?
    Some things you just have to go with sometimes
    24 | Was GOP debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly’s tone unexpectedly mocking heading into the final commercial when she teased, “After the break we’re gonna let the candidates make their closing statements, their final thoughts. And… God! Stay tuned for that!”? Also, how did Trump’s hair maintain its “blurry thicket” effect through the entirety of the high-def broadcast?
    Dunno, didn’t watch. I’ll never vote for any of those candidates so I don’t need to hear what they have to say. As for her tone, well, from what little I’ve seen of her on The Daily Show, she’s always come across a little flippant to me. As for Trump’s hair, Definitely some kind of deal with the devil

  23. Colleen says:

    9) Yes, I’m worried for April & Leo! I feel like the writers have really been pushing for April/Dominic with the whole “Dominic is in love with April” thing (which I’m having trouble buying). They’re okay together, but I think April & Leo have more chemistry.

  24. bridyyc says:

    15: Angel Shmangel. They need to get Jennifer Garner on that show and let the b*tch fight begin. Ana Espinoza and Sydney Bristow together again? Paint me heaven!

    18: He probably won’t. He doesn’t seem like a complete tool, apparently a requirement to make it on the show.

  25. Luli101 says:

    13– exactly what I was thinking! I’m so glad there were duets

  26. Mik says:

    23) NOPE! No one is longing for BB16. It had AWFUL gameplay. It had ONE good player, and 15 BAD gameplayers. This season has many great players + amazing drama. I really don’t know any BB fans who thinks season 16 was better than this season.

  27. BG says:

    With all the explosives in that Big Jim had in the mine, seems that more than a few bolders would fall. Kind of wondering how Joe and Noory could survive that explosion!

  28. rubytu says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the writers for Mr Robot are sociopaths. And autistic sociopaths at that. Just sayin’.