Criminal Minds Paget Returns

Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds Return: I Really Wanted To, But....

Criminal Minds fans who are disappointed to not see Emily Prentiss return to fill one of the BAU’s vacancies can blame John Stamos’ surprise brush with grandfatherhood.

Appearing Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, where she was promoting the new Fox comedy Grandfathered, Paget Brewster revealed that she was interested in putting in another Criminal Minds encore, but scheduling conflicts proved insurmountable.

“I was hoping to jump in and do a couple [of Criminal Minds episodes], because my friend A.J. Cook, who plays JJ, is [finishing maternity leave],” Brewster shared. “But it didn’t work out, time-wise,” due to her commitment to Grandfathered (where she plays Stamos’ baby momma and thus a grandmother).

Brewster elaborated on the situation for TVLine, saying: “A.J. called me and I said, ‘I think so, if we aren’t doing Grandfathered‘ — at the time, I didn’t know if we were picked up [by Fox] — and it just didn’t work out, which was too bad because I love those guys. I love the writers, I’m still friends with everyone there…. But it just didn’t work out, which was a shame. I really wanted to do it!”

CBS’ Criminal Minds had two agents to replace entering Season 11, with the aforementioned Cook (who gave birth in late July) wrapping her maternity leave and Jennifer Love Hewitt having vacated the role of Kate Callahan in the spring, after one season.

Thus far, Aisha Tyler has been cast in a recurring role of as Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psychologist who is determined by Hotch to be the best candidate for Kate’s position.

Brewster wrapped her full-time Criminal Minds run at the close of Season 7, then popped up in the middle of Season 9 for the drama’s 200th episode.

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  1. TrailMix says:

    Paget Brewster looks a lot like Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) in that pic!

  2. Steven says:

    I hope she can make an appearance or 2 this season!

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope that CM should cast yet another actress to fill the void left by JLH and Paget Brewster’s return will definitely turn the series around. Hope her new gig on Grandfathered should bounce back after the shocking cancellation of Community.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Now maybe people will stop blaming the network. Sometimes these things just don’t work out, period.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed. I’d love for her to pop in if and when she can, of course-she’s still close with the cast and I like Emily as a character, and it’s always fun to see the ol’ gang reunited.
      But it does seem like we have to go through this cycle every time some team member leaves the show, and at some point, people need to just relax and quit pestering the network/writers so much about this. If and when she chooses to visit again, or hell, if she ever decided to surprise everyone and rejoin full-time, she or the network/writers/media will let us know about it, people.
      And I hate that the demand to have her back transfers over to automatic dislike of people like Blake or Kate among some fans-and that fans had decided to dislike them before they even joined the show and the fans got to know them! It’s not their fault she left, people do know that, right? (And I personally thought they fit into the team quite nicely.)
      It’s totally fine to want Emily back. It’s also totally fine to hope she comes back to visit, if not come back full-time. But some fans really need to learn to chill in regards to how they express those wishes.

      • Beth says:

        I agree with you! Kate and Blake were both good fits with the team especially Kate! I can’t figure out why people are saying they aren’t and that Blake has no personallity or that JLH is a terrible actress! Neither of those things is true at all in my oppinion!

  5. hedy kramer says:

    Perhaps when her schedule opens up, she can make an appearance or two. I really think that Pajet adds so much to the show, which I love. – her acting, her beauty, the rapport she seems to have with the other actors…..

    • Mary Ellen Kuhi says:

      No one they have brought on even comes close to the character of Prentiss.. She was sassy, rebellious. no fear and perfect for the role – not perfect for her new series. She was meant for Criminal Minds. I did not like the woman they tried for awhile – too stiff and no spirit. As for Jennifer I did not like her at first but she was becoming acceptable at the end. Blake was just terrible in the role – not a good fit, but a good actor nevertheless.Please try harder to bring Emily back – she’s wasted on her new series

      • Monica says:

        Agree, Paget was the best and really wish they would bring her back. No matter how much they try to replace her, no one else brings that Prentiss magic and bond with the rest of the team. JLH was horrible and so glad she left. Blake was okay and a better fit. Don’t care for this new lady in season 11 either.

    • Connie Gehring says:


  6. Fletcher says:

    Rude articles like this piss me off. If you really cared about Paget, you should be celebrating that she has a new show that she absolutely loves. Just look at her twitter to see how excited she is. But no, you have to write articles like this that give bad people a lousy justification to boycott Grandfathered and hope it gets cancelled. You should be ashamed of yourself, Mitovich.

    • Ashley says:

      How, exactly, printing an explanation–straight from the person’s mouth, mind you–rude? That word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • Christine says:

      Boycott!?! I think it was a plug for the show Grandfathered! If you are reading this story you obviously like Paget Brewster or her character, Emily Prentiss and the show Criminal Minds. I think readers, including myself, would be more in tune to watch the show wanting to see how Brewster is in her new role. I would love to see her come back to Criminal Minds but don’t wish her or the new show failure! And, they are on different networks. The chances of the two shows being on at the same time are pretty slim.

      • Hedy Kramer says:

        I agree, if and when Paget has the opportunity to make a guest appearance on Criminal Minds, that will be great! But in the meantime, I certainly wish her well! Love her!

  7. Madoqua says:

    I would like to see Pagett return full time. She was an amazing asset to the show. I didn’t mind seeing Elle go–her character became too unstable to realistically pull off being an FBI agent. The show is still great, but it lacks that certain panache that was present before JJ and Emily left. When they were both full time members of the Criminal Minds cast the camaraderie of the cast was more believable. Everyone just looked the parts they were playing. I was happy JJ came back but I still miss Emily. JL Hewitt always had that ‘I see dead people’ (or demons) expression on her face even though I knew Agent Callahan couldn’t. Sorry, JL Hewett. Stereotypical or not, you still look more like a ghost whisperer than an FBI agent.

  8. Viki long says:

    SO SO SORRY to hear that our BELOVED Paget isn’t coming back :-( .. You would have thought with as much demand from her fans as was constantly publicized, The writers would have known WAY before NOW, especially with Jennifer love Hewitt leaving( and JJ cook out on maternity leave until season 11 was already IN production), that these arrangements could have already been made and negotiations could have been prepared before it got to the point where she was involved in a new show… Shame shame…. I’m really going to miss her on the show

  9. I want pages back, no one can take her place.

  10. Christie Carlan-Veal says:

    NOOOOO!!!!! We want Emily back…NOW!!! NO ONE can fill her shoes… EVER!!!! COME BACK!!! WE MISS YOU!!!

  11. todd murray says:

    I really miss Paget alot, she really fit so good after Elle left, but I understand actors must come and go, this is and always be my fave show how id love to meet or seesum filming and meeting the cast and crew ION keeps me good on reruns I justhope the best for Paget I couldn’tbelieve that was her on Friends as joes Girlfriend for a fw episodes I just wish her luck in the future and if any of the the producers read this I hope if u need another profilrer I always loved Jennifer Garner on Alias and think she would make a great ad to the team if she would since she was a govt worker before TO ALL THE CREW AND ACTORS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND HOPE SOMEDAY U CAN EMAIL ME IF NEAR OR FILMING IN MY TOWN PITTSBURGH Todd M, Murray :)”

  12. lainey says:

    its not the same with out u .. u r missed !!! I love that show .. I even watch the reruns over and over again .. we miss u .. and good luck in ur new adventure

  13. Lucresia says:

    Bring her BACK!!!!!!!

  14. Tanya Astle says:

    Miss Paget very much on Criminal Minds. She owned her role and gave it identity . Something that I’m waiting for another person to do when they step into this amazing show.

  15. I like Paget Brewster so much, and I’m sad that she will not be making a few episodes of Criminal Minds, she is such an excellent actress, and her and A.J. Cook are terrific together. Hopefully something will come up in the future. Never say never!!

  16. joyce smith says:

    we want emily prentis back.

  17. sandy young says:

    this sucks prentis fits the show the best, im not happy

  18. Beatrice says:

    She seems very cool.

  19. it’s just a TV show, people!! Like or dislike whatever character you want but at the end of the day it is still just a TV show with fictional characters and to get so upset and start calling people names and being rude……

  20. Gail Patel says:

    No female actress can replace her. Just loved her and hated it when she was gone…love the show and request season dvds for christmas every year

  21. lynneric says:

    Maybe after “Grandfathered” fails, she can make some guest appearances. (Sorry, show sounds really silly. Won’t bother.)

  22. Tracey says:

    I really miss her on the show. They were the best team. The bau will never be the same without that cast. I will still watch and give it a chance just like last year.

  23. V M Zampetti says:

    Bring Elle back, loved her!

  24. Kim says:

    i am so disappointed! I was looking forward to seeing her! Ugh! She completed the team!

  25. Dan says:

    I am 64 years old and CBS has been my favorite TV network ever since Mr. Walter Cronkite did the Evening News; and he was the greatest asset the network has ever had and Paget Brewster ranks right up there in the top 25 for me. Bring her back if she wants to come back.
    We love her as Emily Prentiss and for who she is Paget Brewster .

  26. It’s time to retire this show or do a spin off with the smart kid.

  27. sally w. says:

    In my opinion the worst thing that ever happen to Criminal Minds was the departure of Paget Brewster.

  28. Henry Minks says:

    I just can’t believe that Paget Brewster left criminal minds love the show and Paget Brewster and A.J Cook are two of my favorite cast members so beautiful bring back Prentiss

    • Hedy Kramer says:

      I felt the same way at first and articulated it as well. But, after reading so many posts from others, I feel differently. Isn’t it wonderful how Paget has portrayed Prentiss’ character? That’s proof of her wonderful acting ability! She has made Prentiss so real that fans are reacting in this way – so disappointed about her not being on Criminal Minds! But, gang, she is “doing” her real life and career. Hopefully, we are all doing our real lives and careers. We can support her, watch her new show and wish her, Paget Brewster, the very best.

  29. Linda Rubano says:

    Bring back the original cast. WE LOVE THEM!

  30. Emily is one of my favorites. She always added something memorable to every episode she was in sometimes with humor, bravery and compassion. I loved that line when she’s confronting an unsub and says “two words and then says “I might shoot you myself!” I wish I could remember the whole line:)

  31. Stevie Whitcomb says:

    For Mary Sutherland:

    Prentiss(to Michael): That’s quite a feat, manipulating a cop’s son into committing rape and murder.

    Michael: Shouldn’t you be telling us how your fine ass is going to be getting us out of here.

    Prentiss: I wish. Look around. Everyone’s guns are trained on you. Not Chris, you. No one wants to shoot a cop’s kid, but you, I might shoot you myself.

    Michael: You call yourself a negotiator?

  32. No actress can portray a woman serving on the BAU like Paget Brewster. She has the right combination of strength, courage & compassion.These actresses replacing her are not bad; but none can give this famous “Criminal Minds” what she did. There is a void. Why did they let her go (or fire her) in the first place. Bad decision.

  33. Melinda says:

    I’m really disappointed that Paget Brewster isn’t coming back. I love this show and she was great on it.

  34. Pamala Anderson says:

    Paget, Criminal Minds hasn’t been the same since you left. I really hope you come back.

    • Linda Rubano says:

      I love Criminal Minds and obviously many fans are upset that Emily is absent. Perhaps she can finish her present commitment and return when she can. So many of us miss her very much.

  35. Pam says:

    I really miss Paget on CM – it’s not that Jennifer isn’t a good actress, it just wasn’t her role. Neither was it the role for Jean Tripplehorn. Good luck to her in her new venture!

  36. Brenda Simon says:

    Bring back Paget Brewster. She is the best. She belongs back with the team!

  37. Jude Pierce says:

    please bring Paget back. She is the best

  38. Debbie West says:

    I understand you have a commitment Paget, but I hope you know Criminal Mind is NOT the same without you! Paget please consider going back to Criminal Minds…please bring back the team…you guys were amazing together! All of you were the right fit…

  39. CM fan says:

    They should bring in Elizabeth Shue to fill Paget’s big shoes. She would be a good addition.

  40. Pat says:

    I love the show. I did miss Paget but your other cast members kept it rolling. As for Reed he is a baby doll and there are no words for Shemer he is great. Joe is more my age and he rocks. Great writers keep the shows edgy.

  41. Shawn says:

    U have to bring back prentiss, no one else fits. There is no chemistry with anyone else they have had….. everyone I know quit watching it. it’s really sad…

  42. Shawn says:

    U have to bring back prentiss, no one else fits. There is no chemistry with anyone else they have had….. everyone I know quit watching it. it’s really sad… get her back!

  43. connie says:


  44. I will miss her on the show. She is and was an asset to the series.

  45. Lynda says:

    I wish Paget Brewster would kick Gradfathered to the curb. As much as I like John Stamos, I’d much rather have her back on Criminal Minds!

  46. Not liking Criminal Minds so far (season 11) without Paget & AJ! Aisha isn’t doing it for me….she’s BORING! Please please please get a new actress with some grit or at least somewhat interesting on there QUICKLY!

  47. Janet says:

    Would like to Emily and JJ return to Criminal Minds.

  48. CONNIE DI RITO says:


  49. Penny says:

    Please bring Padgethe back as Emily in season 11

    • Hedy Kramer says:

      Yes, the show is just not the same! I’m glad JJ is back. But, it’s a bit boring now. I hardly watch. If Paget comes back, that might help.

  50. Yolanda says:

    Bring back Prentiss