Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Undercover Brother

Of all the twisted things Charles has done over the past six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, asking his sister to prom might just be the most unsettling.

Ali was all set to join the girls at their make-shift prom in Spencer’s barn until a last-minute text from her brother sent her dashing like Cinderella towards Rosewood High. Spencer, of course, was the first one to track her down, but after an impassioned speech (“I’m not leaving until I can look him the eye and ask him what I ever did to make him hate me so much”), she decided to let Ali do her thing.

Things got pretty dicey when the girls caught Clark running after Alison with a gun, but once he explained he’s actually an undercover cop — yeah, that happened — it was business as usual. (Speaking of Clark’s big reveal, I loved how shady Emily was with Aria: “You really had no idea?” Damn, girl.) Maybe if they’d Clark do his job, rather than pestering him with nonsense, he might have caught Ali before Charles kidnapped her.

(Also, did anyone else get goosebumps when Alison saw Charles’ face at the very end? I’m starting to think he is someone we’ve seen before.)

Pretty Little Liars Recap#PLLMOMS | For the record, I would gladly watch an entire episode solely focused on the Liars’ moms; not only was their gossip sesh the absolute best — drink up, Veronica! — but they’ve mastered the art of turning suddenly and looking surprised. (I guess now we know where the girls get that from.) Plus, watching them work together to solve each mystery, including what the hell Reese from the Carissimi group was doing in the DiLaurentis’ house, was a lot of fun. When it comes to the moms, I really only have one question: Are they ever going to get out of that basement?!

MANHATTAN LOVE STORY | Following his shady trip to New York, Caleb returned just in time — and in a killer suit — for one last dance with Hanna, which came equipped with some exciting news: He landed a job in the city, working as an [insert confusing computer-y job title here] for a major company. He promised he’d be making enough money for Hanna’s tuition and an apartment they could share. (Now, this is the Caleb-centric spinoff we’ve always wanted!)

PICTURE IMPERFECT | Still riding high from her photography contest win, it seemed like Aria was going to make it a perfect night with a full-on Ezria reunion. Instead, Aria and Ezra decided to go their separate ways for good — her to Los Angeles for the internship, him to Thailand for some work with Habitat for Humanity. (Relax, people. They’ll get back together someday.) As for Rosewood’s remaining couples, Sara and Emily ended up going to the dance together, and Spencer and Toby appear to be doing OK… even though she accidentally drugged him and got him suspended from the police force. Oops?

OK, time to nail down our final theories before next week’s info-dump of a reveal: Do you agree that Charles is someone we know? Did you love watching the moms as much as I did? And, seriously,. who organized that insanely lavish prom? Drop a comment with your best guesses below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Greggy C says:

    My money is on CeCe Drake!

  2. Rhys looks so much like Jason. I think he is a pawn as well.
    I LOVE the PLL Moms and would love to have them in a show of their own.
    Is it confirmed that this really was Charles that Ali sees?
    Also I turn on closed captions- a lot of things that you miss hearing or that they even say and have cut out ends up in the closed catptioning.
    So Hanna and Caleb are going to NY and I am assuming get married… Aria is going to LA without Ezra.. and what of Spencer (mom) and Emily?

  3. Mary Kate says:

    Can’t wait for next week! Loved the Moms and Haleb (insert starry eyes). I do not trust Sarah at all. Where was Mona tonight? Did I miss something with her last week?

    • K says:

      Something was definitely up with Sara tonight. “No matter what happens tonight, just know that I care about you.”? That sounded incredibly shady to me.

      • CB says:

        That is exactly what I said!!!

        • lauri5567 says:

          She was going to her own prom, but then just showed up at the one Emily was banned from? I think Sarah has serious Stockholm Syndrome.
          I don’t think Ian is Charles because I don’t think a show geared towards teens will have incest being the overarching theme. I do think Toby’s family is wrapped up in the mystery.

          • EM says:

            Sara made a comment like, “no matter what happens remember i do care about you” or something like that. i’m even more suspicious of her now. Also if Clark was a cop this whole time was he meeting Rhys or following him to the doll factory when the girls spied him?

      • anonomousaurus says:

        Thank you! I can’t believe no one else seems to notice. Sara is working for Charles but decided she has feelings for Emily. Hast ob e.

      • CallieCo says:

        She’s probably a cop too….. Everyone else seems to be.

      • Allison says:

        I think Sara was the person who switched Aria’s photos last week. When they showed the security video, it looked like the person had a pixie cut.

      • Melissa says:

        don’t think so, that’s probably just pll being pll trying to throw us off again lol

  4. Emma says:

    When will season 6 part 2 (6B) aire?

  5. Nicolás says:

    Am i the only who thinks that Jason is the real Charles? Maybe the writers use the all Courtney/Alison history from the books and switched.

  6. Rai Zekowski says:

    My theory is that Jason died in that elevator with Emily, and Charles has been posing as Jason this whole time.
    Or it’s Wren. Just ‘cuz.

    • Cornelius says:

      I also thought about Jason being the twin but then Kenneth, their dad, went on saying he was older then Jason. So there goes that theory. Or he was just a lying like everyone else in Rosewood.

  7. Suzanne says:

    The PLL Moms need a web companion series at the very least.

    One of the Charles identity theories I find interesting is that Charles is actually Sean Ackard (Hanna’s boyfriend from Season 1) He’s the dentist’s son, blonde (and Hannah had that freaky thing happen to her with her tooth).

    Would Charles look so similar to Jason since they have different fathers? I can’t stop thinking that Charles being Rhys is too “easy.”

  8. Michelle says:

    I keep going back and forth between A/Charles being Wren and CeCe. My only question is does Ali know who Wren is? She definitely seemed to recognize the person, and Wren’s timeline is fuzzy for me.

  9. Cornelius says:

    I am hoping A is CeCe cause it would at least make some sense. I am praying it is not Sarah, I don’t like her and I do find her shady but her being A makes no sense. (I do realize since they waited so long to reveal a lof of people will not like who they chose, but Sarah is the one that is absolute nonsense) Also, I didn’t realize the parents take after the girls. Out of the 4 parents not one of them had a cellphone? That is just stupid.

    • Jon says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m also scared that Sara is gonna end up being Redcoat and I really don’t want that. I don’t want new characters that have just appeared in the show turning out to be A because that way it would have been impossible for us to even guess from season 1 who A is. And didn’t they already reveal Redcoat in 4×12 where they said that there are two Redcoats and one was Ali and the other was Cece because I remember Aria fighting Redcoat then they dropped the Ali mask and it was Cece? Ah, this show…..

  10. Whoever Charles ends up being, when the reveal happens you’ll hear Ron Howard’s voice in your head say “him/her?”

  11. lauri5567 says:

    I liked when Clark explained “undercover” to Aria. It was like “Wow, he thinks she’s dumb, too” Also, will Ezra be in Thailand with Emily? Interesting way for him to keep tabs on Aria, while he “moves on” Did Ali’s wondering in the prom remind anyone else of Aria’s at the end of Season 2 when Jenna was following her? Should that mean something?
    I loved the Mom’s party, and I’m glad they are finding everything out.

  12. Ayres says:

    A is Spencer’s dad and red coat is Spencer’s sister Charles has actually been working for a Hastings company and Alison has been targeted because she was born before Alison’s mom and Spencer’s dad could be together with the boys

  13. Michelle says:

    Loved the moms! Sad about Ezra and aria :( I keep thinking Sara is A’s helper in some way but not A herself , also don’t really like her , I don’t know why o.O also have some doubts and suspicions with Toby’s family and how it all weaves into the whole radley situation. Also wren knowing more then he tells, just doesn’t feel like everything has been told about him and what he knows. And where is Mona?

    • CallieCo says:

      A little presumptuous of Aria to think Ezra was following her to LA. Awkward moment for her. I want them back together.

    • Eloise says:

      I also think Sarah is red coat, the whole ‘whatever happens …’ and also at some point you see Sarah and a flash of red fabric appears behind her from one of the waiters. Like some sort of hint or something.

  14. Liz says:

    Anyone else think A is original season 1 Jason, and he’s so mad because he was recast?

  15. kamaria says:

    That was one of the best episodes and I can’t wait to find out what Charles look like. To my best guess it would make since if Jason is Charles and the real Jason is that Rice guy (if I spelled it right).

  16. Riana says:

    One person it’s not is Wren because Ali never met him. Cece would be brilliant. If Charles really is insane, I don’t think sleeping with her brother would be offer the table.

  17. Amanda says:

    My hole theory for this show has went down the toilet! I still think that Mona has something to do with the whole A thing I am completely dumb founded can’t wait to see next weeks episode… I think we have been seeing A the whole time by the expression on the girls faces

  18. Guest says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s wren

  19. Priyam says:

    Love the moms!! Veronica is the Hanna of the group, while Emily is her mom’s daughter through and through!

  20. cmk says:

    What was up with Sara’s creepy comment ” no matter what happens..” that has red coat written allover it. No wonder the girls have made so many bad decisions, guess they get it from their mom. Can’t wait to see A next week!

  21. Keion says:

    On Insta gram Sasha a.k.a Ally Said where did Courtney go

  22. stuntdevil28 says:


  23. Keion says:

    Ally/Sasha said on Insta gram where is Courtney

    • JT201 says:

      Look closely at that pic…. Someone is under her dress, I don’t think it was a reference to the book’s Courtney.

  24. Makayla says:

    I think that A is a team. I think that a is wren it makes sense.

  25. I don’t think Alison saw Charles, because Mona never appears on the episode and suddenly she has a red coat just like “Charles”

  26. I would totally watch a PLL:Mom Edition!! Loved the moms

  27. Spence says:

    Anyone that actually supports Ezria needs some serious help… Overall this episode was boring and the worst of the season, it was totally just treading water until the finale.

  28. Laura says:

    So the first two minutes of next week’s show tells us Charles is a man (so not CeCe right?), the five girls are told the whole story and somehow “understand” what he did, that Charles wants to kill himself now that the game is over. Plus we see Sara talking to the four girls and then we see redcoat behind them – so Sara isn’t redcoat? And the whole Aria is uber A (maybe true 5 years from now who knows it could be revealed then) isn’t true because Aria is positioned With the girls on the roof when Charles threatens to jump. The show ends tonight teasing go to the summerfinaleparty website that shows those first 2 minutes of next week’s show. Crap I was so believing the Sara and Aria were involved in the A group theory. Wish I could fast forward to next week NOW!

    • Varsha says:

      Ugh Same!! Red Coat could be Mona? In the pictures from next weeks episodes..Mona is seen wearing a red coat so she could be tricking charles? omg I cant wait!!! We are finally going to know charles story!! Finally!!

  29. sana says:

    we all know that A is someone we knew ,Rhys is just a two episode old i dont think he will be A . Jason makes lots of sense being A giving all the theory and being Dilurentis but i still feel he is not A. my money is on Wren.i think whoever the A is its all going to come down between Hashtings and Dilurentis.

  30. Angela says:

    Loved this episode, best one in awhile! The Four Moms completely stole the show and work so well together! I think Rhys may actually be Charles, but not A. I think Jason is A and is mentally ill and has been using the cover of being Charles!! Sara is totally shady and I think she is Red Coat!! I can’t wait to finally get to the bottom of this mystery!!

    • Shope says:

      Same! Jason could have been the real ‘Charles’ causing all the trouble while Rhys was in Radley or something and was forced to believe or pretend he is Charles.

  31. jordan says:

    I just think sarah is being totally overlooked. Just because she was in the basement with the girls, doesn’t mean she’s completely innocent. A could’ve totally used her as his pawn or maybe even trained her to be part of the “A team”, if thats even a thing, and could still be using her. idk she seems sketchy to me. Especially after the “no matter what happens tonight, know that I care about you” line. Just don’t think she can totally be trusted and I think the girls are way too relaxed about her.

  32. Mynkobayashi says:

    Guys honestly. Wren has not appeared in two seasons and not recurring in three, plus Alison has NEVER met him. Why the heck does everyone think he is Charles?

    I think Rhys is Charles and a pawn of A. A would never reveal his/her name like that and Charles is a set up.

    Sara (Dre Davis) is part of Season 6B and King stated that Game Over Charles is the last time we see Red Coat. So cancels that out. Janel Parish (Mona) is also a part of Season 6B so she cannot be Red Coat either. Plus she doesn’t make sense as Redcoat. Melissa is also returning for 6B and cannot be Redcoat.

    One thing I find interesting is that Tammin Sursok (Jenna) has been confirmed for appearing in Season 6 but not told when. Fruit for thought. On the same note why was it mentioned that Jenna and Lucas are dating? Interesting. Noel Kahn also mentioned and Bridget Woo the drug dealing girl.

    Cece Really guys? She’s barely a recurring character. I wouldn’t say that it was even logical she’s barely appeared and she was put in for a throw in from Courtney/Alison storyline.

    The question is who then? And entire A Team eh? Who we have left?

    • Sarina says:

      Rhys cant Charles, he was at the DiLaurentis House when the moms were there and at the same time A was at the prom. he cant be at two places at the same time

    • Heather says:

      Great thoughts! I think a lot of people think Wren is A because of the alleged “leak” on reddit. I considered it, but I think the so called spoilers were wrong. So who could it be?! Jenna? Lucas? Melissa? Mr. Hastings? Just remember, the writers want you to be shocked. It will not be someone obvious like Rhys (correct spelling).

    • Emily says:

      Ali met Wren and knew that Spencer kissed him even though she was dating Melissa. She threatened to tell Melissa multiple times.

  33. I need ezra and aria back…

  34. TR says:

    In the preview at the end they showed allison’s reaction and then it cut to emily’s reaction. It makes me wonder if she knows A well. I feel like jason will have something to do with it.

    • Sterling says:

      I actually wonder if Jason, who has been treated like crap by his dad, knew about his brother the whole time. Maybe he actually is A and has been pretending to not know anything. He blames his spoiled sister for why Charlie had to go away. He blames his dad for lying to him and never loving him. He blames his mother for keeping the secret and maybe not even telling him when his own brother died.

      Or here is a wild one. What if Charlie is Holden and he isn’t really dead. It has been hinted that we may see another character we all thought was dead come back. He is the right age and has the right kind of look.

  35. Armaan says:

    OMG I loved every single thing written exactly the way I felt. The Clark twist, and then A reveal I bet it’s someone we all know. Its definitely not the Rayes guy. I don’t know I just thought it was THE BEST EPI till date from the opening scenes ( like how the scenes shifed during mom/daughter convos) then the vine- Veronica and OMG the Rayes entrance, the basement ALL OF IT. Can’t wait till next Tuesday!!!!

  36. Erin says:

    I think it’s Jenna. Interviews with the cast have said that A was is the pilot episode and that it will be obvious to us once we know and Jenna has been the obvious answer all along. She has motive to hate the girls for her blindness and her and Ali had bad blood from the beginning because they were too similar. Plus Jenna played a big part in the first Halloween episode. Not to mention she is crazy! She had that weird relationship with Toby. Then on tonight’s episode she was seen at the prom and there have been hints to her lately. In the picture Clark got off A, the girls said a had boobs. Plus Jenna has manipulated guy girls into doing her bidding before, I bet she’s doing it to Sarah now. I think Charles and A are separate people who are both obsessed with Alison. And then at the end of an episode earlier in the season it showed 2 people, one in black and the other in red. Charles and Jenna. She was probably looked up in Radley at some time too for her crazyness. And if in not mistaken jenna and Ali had the similar taste in books, remember Vivian Darkbloom? They have both manipulated girls but Ali changed and jenna only got worse.

  37. adam says:

    I think Sara might be involved but i think it might be more Stockholm syndrome. Rather then her being involved the entire time. She was down there for over 2 years i don’t know how she wouldn’t have Stockholm Syndrome or some kind of emotional problems because of that. Just look how much it affected the girls after 3 weeks.

  38. GotASecret says:

    I’m thinking that the REVEAL itself isn’t going to be that shocking, because it can only be a handful of people (I hope they make it Allison’s twin like the books and explain off the charles stuff on a separate track) and then have a shocking twist about SOMETHING so that the fans aren’t disappointed.

  39. Nicole says:

    I personally think that Sara is really Bethany, and that Charles and Bethany met in radley and became bestfriends or lovers and have planned this entire thing together. I think that they killed the real Sara so that Bethany could take her place. Mrs D got the phn call from Radley the night everything started saying Bethany had escaped and to be careful. Remeber she told Ali she wasn’t allowed out? That same night Ali was hit with the rock and ‘Bethany’/the real Sara got murdered. I think they killed Sara as she looked similar and was same age and height to what Bethany was and she needed an identity change as she was on the run from radley and people would be looking for her. And lets be honest A could easily change the DNA results to make everyone think it was Bethany in the grave. So I don’t think Bethany was really down where the girls were trapped. I think she was down there working with A and it was part of the plan to befriend the girls and to gain there trust by pretending she was in the same boat. Some reasons I think this is: 1. Why would the writers write the character Bethany in to the story if she was irrelevant? Mrs. D would have been kind to Bethany at Radley as she was her sons best friend (this is who the 2nd dress at Christmas was for and why she took her out horse riding etc.) When Mrs D removed Charles from Radley and left Bethany, she felt betrayed and began drawing the evil pictures of Mrs D as a monster as she took her friend away and left her. Bethany killed Mrs D I am assuming. Perhaps with Charles help but maybe not. 2. When the girls were all chipped and it showed A watching them on the screen, Emily was at the pool alone so Sara/Bethany obviously wasn’t chipped or being followed. He jad 2 pr 3 years to chip her but didn’t? 3. When the whole varjack story was involved and one of the girls looked at the pizza receipt, the contact number if spelt out on a phn keyboard spelt sara harvey! Huge hint. And finally in last nights ep she was acting random, saying what she did to Emily and randomly being at the prom Emily wasn’t even supposed to be at? As for her friend from her old school and Mother? Maybe they were just hired to say they knew ‘Sara’. That is the only part that has me in doubt. But overall I think Sara is actually Bethany and is/has always been red coat working alongside Charles. Charles still has me stumped. My gut tells me Wren for some reason…but I really don’t know how. If it is Wren, yes there weren’t any scenes of them together but perhaps he was ‘boardshorts’ and they knew each other before everything happened and she never told the girls. She didn’t tell them about a lot of things. And he was never placed in any scenes with members of the Dilaurentis family because obviously they would recognise him so maybe the writers purposely did this? The biggest catch with it being Wren is how the hell did he become a doctor at Radley? Wouldn’t people recognise him? Anyway I am rambling. Just a large theory lol. But I really feel Wren could be A…even besides the ‘leak’ there are alot of clues…guess we will find out next week.

    • Kaite says:

      Your theory about Sara/Bethany is genius 0_0… that has to be it!!!

    • lauri5567 says:

      That makes sense. Also, explains why Sara can’t go home. She might be able to fool people briefly that’s she’s Sara, but after awhile they would notice she doesn’t have her memories.

  40. Patsy says:

    I mean, that sarah girl could have had short hair when she was younger, what about the two dresses?

  41. Vicky says:

    It’s Jason!! Been saying so for four seasons now!

  42. trish says:

    I think Charles or A is still Ezra. He is shady as hell. When Aria says about Andrew “I trusted him and all I know is what he told me” Ezra replies “What do you want to know?” Those black suits in Ravenswood look like Charles prom suit. He tells Aria that Andrew is adopted, I don’t think the Dr.’s office would say that on the phone. I think his book writing was just a cover. Also he urged Aria to go to the gallery. He keeps inserting his self into the whole thing. I think Sara is Bethany and was helping all along. I hope it’s not Ezra my favorite ship.

  43. JDH says:

    The Moms made this episode… For me, it was a long time coming. I don’t remember a time all of them were together in several scenes, but they had amazing chemistry all together.

    Everything else was stalling, which, in the episode before the final one (for this A plot line anyway, supposedly), was just annoying…

    Yes it’s good to get a few details about their futures, & Spencer & Toby made up but that took up like 6 minutes of the episode tops…

    I would have liked to see A revealed tonight, and leave us all to wonder… But I guess we can’t all get what we want.

  44. King kyra says:

    I think Jason is Charles and Rhys is Jason. I think Charles stole Jason’s identy like in the books. Why else would it make sense to cast a character that looks that much like Jason so close to the reveal?!

    • josephine says:

      But how would Mr. and Mrs. Dilaurentis not notice when Charles took Jason’s place? Obviously we know that happened in the books, but Ally and Courtney were identical twins, whereas Jason and Charles (if one of them is Rhys) clearly are not.

  45. megan alana says:

    What about the 2 dresses????

  46. Michelle Smith says:

    I’m still gonna go with Lucas!

  47. robandco says:

    The Moms. I mean THE MOMS!! They were so awesome (up until the part when they got locked up in the DiLaurentis’ basement, that was very like-daughter-like-mother). It had the Desperate Housewives feel I have been missing.
    So many names of people we haven’t seen in ages have been said last night. Lucas, Jenna, Noel… I have no idea who it can be, but I’m guessing it will top the Gossip Girl reveal in terms of WTF.

  48. Katie says:

    The thing about Wren is, he’s the ONLY character for Charles that makes any kind of sense. He’s really the only character on the show that makes any kind of sense. We know A is Charles. That’s what the season 5 finale is all about. And Charles is a boy. That automatically means characters like Jenna and CeeCee are automatically ruled out. He’s also older than Jason. That rules out characters like Lucas and Toby. He is literally the only character that matches what he have learned about Charles.

  49. Allison says:

    At the end of last season, we were promised we’d find out who “A” is, that it is a character we’ve seen before. It turns out to be Charles and the world is angry because we’ve never seen Charles. I think we have. I think that who we believe is Jason is actually Charles. This Rhys person is actually Jason. Because this show is that nutty, I actually believe this could be true.

  50. lizzybuczak1 says:

    Anyone else notice that when they went to look for Ali and Lorenzo arrived, the only person missing from the group was Ezra! Where did Ezra go? Did he ditch his suit and go to kidnap Ali? And why is he going to Habitat for Humanity with that girl. I have a sneaky suspicion she’s Bethany.

    • Trish says:

      I think he is still A when he said to Aria what do you want to know I think he was referring to himself not Andrew