Community Cancelled

Community Cancelled: Joel McHale Confirms No Season 7

Six seasons and… out.

Joel McHale has confirmed the obvious: Community‘s most recent sixth season on Yahoo will be its last.

In an interview with Metro Weekly, Greendale’s fearless leader revealed that Yahoo was interested in a Season 7, but financial issues doomed any potential renewal. “All of our contracts were up after six years,” he noted. “All the actors on the show, almost without exception — their stock has risen significantly and it’s out of the pay rate that is affordable to make the show. So you’re not going to be able to get Alison Brie or Gillian Jacobs at a normal television salary anymore. There is just not enough money to be able to pay for the show.”

But here’s the good news for the Greendale gang: As Dan Harmon told TVLine last month at Comic-Con, the franchise will likely fulfill its #sixseasonsandamovie destiny. His plan: “We wait a little bit, let [the cast] explore their awesome careers, and then we get together for an incredible movie.”

A Sony rep, meanwhile, maintains that the future of Community is “still undetermined.”


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  1. Bryce says:

    About two seasons too late (and before y’all say it: I am a fan and I’m not a hater. I just can recognize a decrease in quality.)

    • Chris says:

      Your one of a minority since Dan Harmon came back the show has been very good again especially this yahoo season

    • Mark D. Moss says:

      Absolutely correct. Loved the show, but it should have ended when Harmon left a couple years ago … and the legacy of the show wasn’t really helped by his return. The magic was gone. We all lose from the relentless wringing of every last drop that happens with a lot of American TV shows. I lament it when a story is cut off before the end, but almost never in a situation like this, where the result turns into a caricature of the shows glory days. Let. it. go.

    • Ron says:

      In my opinion, yes and no. Season 4: abysmal, at best. Season 5: even with Harmon’s return, not great. But I actually really enjoyed this Yahoo season. I guess not as many people did, but I thought it was vastly superior to 4 & 5.

    • Ari says:

      I agree. Once Dan Harmon canals back and it became an exercise in stroking his ego it really fell off in quality.

      • Ari says:

        Ugh spell check, you ruin me. Should be ‘…Dan Harmon came back…’ Not canals. When is TVLine getting an edit function?

  2. The solution is clear — cut two characters from the cast so the others can be paid more. You know which two.

    • Matt says:

      They seriously had no idea what to do with Chang and that was clear very early in the series. I didn’t even notice most of the episodes he wasn’t around. When he had amnesia I felt like the resolution was an afterthought. It’s like “Oh yes, we are at the end of the season. We forgot to do something with this.”

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    Very sad that Community is ending after six seasons and it got what it deserves. #sixseasonsandamovie

  4. alistaircrane says:

    Excited for the movie!!

  5. FH14 says:

    I’m okay with this since the season 6 finale is a perfect series finale (only way it would have been better is if Donald Glover and Chevy Chase had popped back up in the pitch sequences like Yvette Nicole Brown did, but that was always a long shot). Looking forward to a possible “epilogue” movie down the road.

  6. Liz says:

    Not surprised at all. The show went downhill when Dan left the first time and never quite got its mojo back, even more so after Donald Glover left. I’m sad to see it go but it’s beyond time. I do hope for a movie though!

    • Patrick says:

      The loss of Chase hurt as well. I get, and 100% agree with his firing, but his absence hurt the show. His craziness, and Troy’s idiocy, were good for 2-3 solid laughs per episode. That is a lot to take out of a .5 hour show.

  7. Abe Froman says:

    Sure, their stock has risen, it doesn’t mean they have to demand outrageous salaries. Big movies stars take small salaries sometimes just because they like the project. Just sayin’, Joel…

    • Patrick says:

      Yes, movie stars occasionally do take less money for passion projects, usually in the form of indies, doing favors for friends, or similar. Usually its done in pursuit of awards season glory, or for a script they really love. And it is usually a project that finishes shooting in less than 4 weeks. Some indie films are shot in as little as two weeks. So it is a very small commitment in terms of time, and it does not come at the expense of other, better opportunities. Shooting a TV show, even as few as 13 episodes, takes months to accomplish. And, during that time, the actors can’t go off and shoot movie roles that would pay them several hundred thousand dollars, or more, for a couple months work. Brie and Jacobs could shoot 2-4 projects in the same time that it would take to film a new series, and those films might pay 3-5 times more than the TV gig. If they were getting 6 figures per episode, it would make sense. Under their original deal, I’d be shocked if either actress was making anywhere close to six figures per ep.

      • Matt says:

        Yes, you’re exactly right and that was Harmon’s point too. Let them go out and have all that. Then they can come back later and make a really good movie when the time is right and they want to.

        We can have our movie when they’re not exhausted and defeated creatively. Also when Harmon has had time to actually think of an idea. I’m sure he’ll have the perfect idea for a movie but we probably should give him a couple years.

  8. yurie says:

    Can someone clarify his statement here? Does Joel mean that he would have loved to make more episodes on a TV salary but the others wouldn’t?

    • Patrick says:

      No, he just didn’t want to sound egotistical by including himself. He is staring down the barrel of a lucrative career as a supporting actor. Its hard for a guy that tall to be a leading man outside of action films, but Joel is so great at supporting roles. And guys in those positions can shoot 5-8 movies a year, in addition to other gigs, unlike the 2-3 leading role parts that can realistically be scheduled by A-list stars. Joel does a lot of stuff, and he can do even more, that will pay him a lot of money. He’d have had to have gotten a huge raise to compensate for those lost opportunities. He was just trying praise his co-stars, without being egotistical, by not including himself in that list.

  9. David4 says:

    I don’t know why they don’t just make a spinoff with new students or focusing on new teachers. Call the show Greendale, then do a Community ‘Movie” in a few years.

  10. Angela says:

    With so much of the cast having gone off to do other things and whatnot, I’m not too surprised. I would’ve gladly watched a season 7 if they’d had one, but this last season’s finale was so good and such a perfect wrap-up, and they lived up to the “six seasons” mantra, so as sad as I am that the show’s officially over-I like these characters and I’ll miss them, I’m also okay with it at the same time.
    It is nice to know the movie is still a possibility, though :). I look forward to that if and when they manage to get it made. And hopefully they can get Troy, Shirley, and even Pierce, somehow, on board for it, too.

  11. Paul Wallace says:


  12. Catherine says:

    My least favorite season was 5; I thought most the yahoo ones were decent.

  13. Mark says:

    Looking forward to seeing the movie. Thank you Yahoo for season 6

  14. Brian says:

    Can’t wait for when nbc reboots Community in 2023. Spoiler Alert. lol

  15. Me says:

    If this show was better than Big Bang why is this cancelled while TBBT is still going strong? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!