Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: Trap Queens

Before I begin this week’s Teen Wolf recap, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the beloved character we lost during Monday’s hectic episode.

Roscoe the Jeep, you will remain forever in the well-ventilated parking garage of our hearts.

Moving on… I think I’m going to start referring to Scott as “Coach” from now on, because his life is just one difficult call after another. This week, it was: Do I use Hayden as bait to trap a Dread Doctor, or do I throw Liam a bone and spare his girlfriend’s life? Naturally, because executive producer Jeff Davis told TVLine that Scott is going through a bad-decisions phase, he chose to use Hayden as his glorified worm — losing both her and Liam to the Dread Doctors in the process. Smooth move.

Not to mention, turning the school into a fortress to trap the Dread Doctors led to some crazy visions for the entire pack: Scott thought Kira — excuse me, the Messenger of Death — was skewering him like fondoo, Lydia got her tongue “ripped out” by Tracy, and Malia… I don’t know, she was stuck doing something unfortunate on the floor. (You can’t expect me to process everything.)

Mission failed. Hard.

Teen Wolf RecapR.I.P., ROSCOE | And where were Theo and Stiles while all of this was going down? Why, they were on just about the cutest stake-out date I’ve ever seen. Stiles told him he wanted to spend “quality time” with him, then Theo reciprocated with a story about how he’s always going to be there for him. It was all very romantic — that is, until Theo started back up with his break-up-Stiles-and-Scott routine. According to Theo, Scott should be OK with Stiles killing Donovan because it was in self-defense; he also flashed Stiles his glorious golden eyes to prove he didn’t lose his innocence, but I feel like that was just an excuse for more flirting.

Their big date went up in smoke — so to speak, but also literally — when Theo politely excused himself from within Roscoe mere seconds before an explosion blew the poor Jeep sky pretty high. Naturally, Theo took the chance to play hero while Parrish escaped the morgue with yet another corpse, but I really hope Stiles doesn’t take the whole experience at face value. (Do some sleuthin’, boy! Theo’s no good!)

THE HOT (CAR)SEAT | Speaking of Parrish I think we need to — at least briefly — discuss his truly effed-up sex dream about Lydia.(That was a dream, right?) I mean, I admit I was pretty down with it until she became a full-on burn victim after a bit of particularly heavy petting. Every so often, even those of us who claim to understand Teen Wolf need to throw up our hands and admit something went completely over our heads. For me, it was Parrish’s dream. (I welcome any and all explanations in the comments section below.)

WHAT THE FOX? | I’ve always supported the you-do-you movement, so after this week’s episode — in which Kira nearly killed her mother during an impromptu sword fight/life lesson — I’m really glad our li’l kitsune is taking some time to work out her issues. (As she told Scott, “I think I need to figure out what’s going on with me before I try to help anybody else.”)

Your thoughts on this week’s explosive hour? Do you think Hayden will survive the season? And, seriously, what was that Lydia-Parrish scene?! Drop a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary Kate says:

    Definitely think that Parrish Lydia scene was a dream…I’m guessing Lydia is somehow leading him to the bodies with her Banshee powers?? Honestly no clue though, I mean this is teen wolf. Wonder where Kiera went – did she kill whoever was on Mama McCall’s kitchen? Also I thought Theo was redeemable up until this ep…don’t think you can come back from the whole not-helping-your-dying-sister bit.

  2. Ditty D says:

    Totally heartbroken about the Jeep. Enjoyed the stake out “date”. What about the body at the end?

  3. An says:

    It was a dream. In Parrish’s dream Lydia was wearing green, but that night the real Lydia was wearing blue.

  4. Dominique says:

    theo is one creepy dude. i don’t know how they’re going to make him seem good somehow (why else promote cody christian so much?)
    i REALLY don’t like hayden, she’s all over the place regarding every little thing in life.

    • ventingall says:

      Way back in episode 2, Theo broke his “father’s” hand and terrorized both of his “parents” (and they’re probably not really his parents, since the signatures didn’t match). So it’s probably not really Theo. Which might also explain why he let Theo’s sister die.

  5. Carl says:

    No mention of the body on Melissa’s kitchen table with Kira’s sword/belt (sbelt? swelt?) sticking through it? Huh.

  6. kellyy_oldhamm says:

    ok… i think someone took kira’s sword… and used it to kill who ever was in mama Mccall’s kitchen. Also, i think Liam and Hayden are cute <3 BUT PARISH NEEDS TO GET AWAY FROM LYIDA. I dont care that it was a dream, i still hated it haha. Also LOVED the Scira flashback.

    • Lalo says:

      Haven’t you noticed she has been losing her belt ever since the Fox has been taking over? The Fox hides it until The Fox needs it.

  7. tallsy says:

    I think the dream is some kind of metaphor for Parrish’s pheonix-ness

  8. Tommy says:

    Hi teen wolf my name is tommy and I am the biggest of your show and I always watch ur show and wolf watch tyler you r doing the bomb diggidy on wolf watch and malia ihas a great new look this season and u r show ohhhhhh ky goodness it is amazing. Dylan you are doing great and I love ur character so sassy. Keep fighting Liam and Kaylen. So amazing. Mr. Jeff please never stop Teen Wolf it os so amazing and if you do it will break me.

  9. Moya says:

    I believe they were all being manipulated by the dread a doctors of their current biggest fears. Maliah’s fear is the trap, Scott’s fear is Kira attacking him and Lydia fear of being killed by that girl. Parrish’s fear is burning Lydia to death if they have sex so that’s what happens in his dream except he wasn’t crippled by it, it sparked his supernatural powers

    • Kougie757 says:

      I dont agree. The dream was sparked by him looking at the lydia card. Thishas happened in a previous episode where it was revealed that parrish was taking the bodies. For some reason lydia is his trigger to become in the trance

  10. Alice-Ginevra Micheli says:

    This episode just left me thinking ‘whaaaaaaat?!’
    First Theo is now 100% irredeemable – psychopathic little sh*t
    Second, did anyone have Star Wars Darth Vader flashbacks with the bit where one of the doctors took his helmet off for a sec
    Third, is no one going to comment on the fact that Liam is about to become some evil chimera experiment thing?!
    Fourth, I’m sorry but Scott is beyond pathetic so far this season, I get he’s making all the bad decisions, but he doesn’t even wolf out anymore! Plus he is blind to all his friends troubles *sigh*
    With 5 episodes left this season I wonder how they’re going to wrap 5a up?

    • I totally caught that Vader moment as well, but judging from the fact that Stiles apparently is the only person in the world who’s seen Star Wars, I expect the reference went over a lot of people’s heads. ;-)

      Regarding Theo’s flashback watching his sister die, maybe she was not the little Angel we all *think* she was. I mean, *if* she were innocent, wouldn’t his eyes be blue?

      • Gentry Poole says:

        No theos’ eyes would not be blue..he wasn’t a werewolf yet…a little disappointed that Scott hasn’t wolfe out in awhile but he’s learning to be a leader albeit bad decisions…so anxious to find out what parrish is and y he’s doing what he’s doing…absolutely love stiles..great job…Lydia rocks too…Kira needs to get her stuff straight if she’s gonna be part of this pack…the dread doctors are cray cray

      • Percy. says:

        His eyes wouldn’t be blue.. even if he WAS a wolf. Because he didn’t kill her. He just let her die.

  11. Chiaroscuro Amor says:

    What an episode!!
    I agree that the Parrish Lydia scene was a dream/hallucination. I wonder if the (phoenix or whatever he is) part of Parrish is drawn to (& activated by) Lydia’s Banshee powers. And it seems that all of the supernaturals of the group (apart from Lyam) were hallucinating, -good distraction Dread Doctors!-.

    I dislike Theo more than ever now after the scene with his sister. Though his character has an interesting back story and I’m very curious to see how and why he’s just such a bad guy.

    I’m really enjoying the darkness of this season, and am on the edge of my seat with every episode!! I also hope that a. they get renewed for season 6 -if they haven’t already- and b. that Derek makes more than just a “guest star” appearance (I miss the guy!)

  12. Ester says:

    I don´t think Parish is dreaming…I think the burned girl is his dead girlfriend, maybe the Nematon (I think thats the name) did something to her, and Parish is using the bodies to bring her back, he probably doens´t know that like Lydia didn´t with Pete. And since Lydia is a banshee she is probably the key to open something, a portal maybe. I actually think Lydia´s powers are bigger than we think, and she is the key for something. Her grandmon was talking about the dread doctors, she was nearly killed, she is learning to how to fight and we saw her using her powers in the first epi, and the way Parish is drawn to her is very suspicious. Sorry about any grammar mistake english is not my first languague.

  13. alistaircrane says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who sees the Stiles/Theo chemistry. I’m shipping them!!

  14. Robin says:

    So, definitely some stuff going on this season… But, going completly away from the usual assumptions surrounding Parrish:
    I really think he’s some kind of hellhound-ish creature. I mean, him being a phoenix would be a bit too obvious, am I wrong?
    In mythology hellhounds are described as creatures with “mangled black fur, glowing red eyes (which we saw), super strength or speed (we also saw that) , ghostly or phantom characteristics (somebody wanna tell me Parrish isn’t a bit mysterious?)”. Also “they are often assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial grounds, or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting lost souls or guarding a supernatural treasure”, which we actually both saw (Parrish taking the dead and burrying them and also where he burries them -> arround that effing tree stump -> could we describe that as guarding a supernatural treasure?).
    Also, Kira’s Mother told her about the myth of the Wild Hunt, which is almost always described as being accompanied by hellhounds. The Wild Hunt is a group of “fairies” or “lost souls” who hunt those who have sinned thus being lost.
    And actually the Dread Doctors were said to be based on the German Nazi Scientists who did some really over the top experiments during the 2nd World War. The Wild Hunt is also based on German Mythology, so probably those two “factions” could be kind of competing over the bodies in Beacon Hills.

    Dunno, just some really weird thoughts which came into my mind after binge watching the existing s5 episodes again.

    • Brian B says:

      I agree, I think the wild hunt has something to do with it, but not sure where the connection is just yet. But, the wild hunt isn’t just in German mythology. There are variations all around the globe, some even with babies leading the hunters. And it usually always happens in winter. Anyhow, being that the Dread docs are nazi scientists, I think the German mythology may be where to get some clues.

  15. John036 says:

    Of course the Lydia-Parrish car scene was a dream.

    How else would they make it possible for a mid-20 year old make out with a barely legal young woman?

    • David says:

      Think they said in one of the early episodes that Lydia was actually a year older than the rest (held back or something… If someone knows for sure or not…) – She would be 18 going on 19 – Parrish I take to be like 21 or 22 having gone straight to police academy after high school. That’s how I look at it so it don’t seem so bad….

  16. Nicole says:

    Pretty sure Theo didn’t leave the Jeep but rather got his face punched in by a phoenixed Parrish crawled out and rescued Stiles. Wasn’t the blood on Stiles face from Theo getting punched by a on fire fist?

  17. Lee says:

    Loved the episode. Even though this season has been pretty heavy so far, I’m liking it a lot. Also, I’m really enjoying Hayden and Liam, hoping nothing TOO bad happens to them(and the sneak peek?!-aah). Theo is one shady dude, thus far…and I think it’s great that one of the big bad is so close to the inner circle.
    Last… WHO’S BODY WAS THAT? ???

  18. Cookie says:

    Would someone pls just be a wolf already?! Except for Theo no on has been full-on wolf this season!!! The name is teenWOLF for a reason!!!!!

  19. Chance says:

    Theo didn’t “excuse himself” from Roscoe. He got punched in the face by Parrish (spraying blood all over Stiles’ face) and dragged out. Also, an explosion didn’t flip the Jeep, it was Parrish.

    • Lee says:

      Thank you! Exactly, he was punched by Parrish and pulled out. Then Parrish flipped the jeep… and his fire made the jeep burst into flames

  20. Evan says:

    Theo is not a werewolf, he is a chimera!! A beta can’t transform into a full wolf unless they have the family trait like the Hale’s which they said is extremely rare!

  21. nadialus says:

    Unpopular opinion but I really don’t like this season. To me it feels like it’s missing something and it doesn’t feel like Teen Wolf anymore. I know shows are supposed to change over time but I don’t think it’s changing for the better. A lot of gore, every episode has felt like the same as the previous with no answers and I’m sick of them having Scott as the alpha who can’t do anything and is always being beat. Ever since Allison has left it’s felt like the show is missing something. I think I might stop watching.

    • JR says:

      I am enjoying the season for the most part, but I do agree that Scott is failing as an alpha, and maybe that’s the point, but I don’t enjoy it. This is the season he should really be coming into his own and being in charge. Maybe he could be injected with just a little over Posey’s real, annoying as hell, over the top, personality.

      • nadialus says:

        I totally agree. I don’t like how the writers are having Scott fail as an alpha when he was never even a good alpha. In order to successfully tear something down, you have to have SOMETHING to tear down. Instead they’re just throwing a lot of OOC at us and I don’t like it. I don’t believe for a second that Stiles has that little faith in their friendship that he’d think he’d lose Scott as a best friend. I don’t like that this season is so action packed that we’re not getting the moments on the side that made us love the characters to begin with, and I really don’t like that every episode feels like a filler. Maybe once the flashback arch is over things will get better.

        • Rico says:

          I completely agree eith you guys. I feel like the progression of this season has been extremely slow. Its been 7 episodes and we have not got much answers. && with Scott I agree as well. You’d think that with Dereks departure he would have stepped up and really made a difference for his pack. I hate how they continue to make him seem so weak. Ever since he has become an Alpha he has not really shown his strength and capabilities. I think Stiles would be a better wolf/alpha…lol

          • JR says:

            I’m almost ready for Liam to take Scott’s role as alpha…which, unfortunately, I suspect is in the plans. I was expecting him to fill the Derek role this season, but he’s actually become as useless as Lydia was the first season.

    • Ren says:

      I thought the opposite. I felt this season felt more like the old Teen Wolf, especially in the beginning of the season. We see them going into senior year and Scott worrying about classes and the newer cast dealing with teenage things, and then them having to figure out what is going on. Mason, Liam, and Brett looking in the woods to find the wholes and stuff reminded me so much of Stiles and Scott looking for Laura’s dead body.Especially the way Mason is gathers facts, does his reading, and actually using the things he finds out to help, gives those vibes.
      I didn’t mind the gore, I mean this is a revamping of the old Teen Wolf which had comedy and weird “horror” stuff. We’ve seen mutilated bodies, people puking black blood, a snake coming out of someones eye in the early seasons, so I don’t think the gore is something we haven’t seen before in seasons 1 and 2, it’s pretty consistent in this show.
      I do, however, agree with the Scott alpha thing. Although. I’m hoping that this build up of him not being that good of an alpha leads up to him being an amazing one in the last couple of episodes. This season we see him as not happy go lucky, slow guy Scott. I think if all of a sudden he was this amazing alpha people would call bull, but hopefully they’re giving us character progression that will end up with awesome alpha Scott.

  22. KPrice says:

    Am I in the minority here, or does anyone think this season stinks? Teen Wolf needs to go back to what they used to be, and get out of all this “is it a dream, a hallucination, or is it real?” I’m annoyed and feel like I have to “work” just to get through an episode!

    • ventingall says:

      I don’t think it stinks, but it’s definitely been a lot darker and creepier, and maybe a bit unfocused… I enjoy it, though. I just sit back and watch, try not to think about it too much :)

  23. Griffin says:

    I think the dream is some kind of connection, it may not be Lydia interacting with Parish as we haven’t seen her have any dream of sorts like that but maybe its a subconsious death spirit thing(alot going on this season with things being on another level, kira’s fox spirit, the dread drs)…a phoenix basically defies death through rebirth, Lydia is a banshee that senses when death is near, so they are probably drawn to each other that way and I think Parish’s phoenix side is taking the bodies to the nemeton to sort of release them and give a new power to it…?

  24. Check says:

    Remember Liem is the one who can take Scott’s alpha powers.

  25. codedkit says:

    Please, can i know where you stopped in teen wolf season 5. . I stopped at when theo killed a chimera that attacked stiles. . And you

  26. Brittney says:

    Who was on the table at the end of the episode at Scott’s house?

    • ventingall says:

      That’s what I was wondering, too. I thought maybe it was either Kira, or her mom, but I couldn’t tell for sure. It was probably Kira’s sword.

  27. Josh Cropper says:

    Not saying i’m wholly convinced of this, but as to what Parrish is i have been looking up fire attributed mythical creatures and 2 stand out for me, sticking with the ‘were’ beasts theme i can imagine him being some kind of hell hound, however i read up on a creature called a Cherufe, they’re are fire attributed mythical creature and gain sustenance by sacrificing people to the flames of volcanoes and such, much like Parrish is doing burning up those bodies.

    • Alice-Ginevra Micheli says:

      Woah! That makes sense! Here I am thinking that he’s some kind of humanoid salamander or Phoenix or an angel!

  28. Chana Banana says:

    What ‘dream’ are you talking about? Did I miss something?

  29. Ren says:

    Parrish’s nightmare was one that was induced by the dread doctors. The dread doctors gave them all visions of their fears. Malia’s is getting caught in the traps her dad put down, Scott’s is being killed by the one he loves, ect. For Parrish, his fears were him and Lydia taking the next step and them both hurting one another. So he wasn’t having a sex dream, he was having a nightmare given to him by the dread doctors that played on his fears, just like everyone else.