UnREAL Season 1 Finale Spoilers

UnREAL Finale Preview: Rachel's Choice, Quinn's War, Broken-Hearted Jeremy and Season 2 Scenarios

Prepare for an UnREAL season ender that you won’t soon forget.

“All I can say about the finale (airing Monday at 10/9c on Lifetime) is that Rachel gets what she deserves,” creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro teases.

That’s not entirely true; that’s not all she can discuss. Below, Shapiro also weighs in on Rachel’s feelings about Adam’s big proposal and comes to Team Jeremy’s defense.

But before we get to the romance of it all and explore Season 2 ideas with executive producer Marti Noxon, there’s an Everlasting finale to produce, as well.

“You’re going to see a finalist,” Freddie Stroma, who plays suitor Adam, previews. “You’re also going to see a bit of Adam’s past, where he comes from. And you’re going to see a surprise guest!”

AN OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE…RIGHT? | You better believe Rachel is seriously thinking about running away with Adam after last week’s cliffhanger. “Oh, my God, she’s completely considering it!” Shapiro confirms. “Who wouldn’t consider that offer? It’s incredible.” Given that Rachel will indeed deliver a spectacular Everlasting finale and thus won’t be jetting off — at least, not yet — it’s safe to say that some UnREAL Season 1 Finale Spoilersobstacles are ahead. “There’s a lot in the way between her and Adam. Quinn plays into it a bit,” Shapiro teases. Shiri Appleby sees Rachel as the biggest challenge to that potential romance because she is “super messed up,” the actress explains, to which Constance Zimmer responds, “And I’m trying to help her not mess herself up. So that would make me your biggest challenge beside yourself.”

THE GOOD GUY? | How would Jeremy react if he learned the truth about Rachel’s complicated relationship with the reality show’s suitor? “He’d be heartbroken,” Josh Kelly replies. “Really, really heartbroken. He doesn’t think of Adam as a multidimensional person.” Fans, however, have certainly warmed to the Brit — something on which Kelly can put a positive spin. “There comes a time in your life where you have to realize that the hot guy from Pitch Perfect and Harry Potter is hotter than you,” he jokes. “It’s OK. I’m just happy that some people are Team Jeremy.”

Despite the fact that Rachel’s ex cheated on his fiancée Lizzie, Gertrude thinks the camera operator “actually is a good guy” who’s just gotten caught up in a dangerous world. “One of the things we talked about is that ‘the path to Hell is paved with good intentions,'” she explains. “Rachel suffers from that a little, Jeremy suffers from that a lot. In these kind of environments that are very cutthroat, the people that are trying to be good sometimes do more harm.”

UnREAL Season 1 Finale SpoilersTHE BITCH RETURNS | “Britney is back with a vengeance!” her portrayer Arielle Kebbel exclaims. “Here’s the good news: she knows they need her to be back, so now she’s got the upper hand. There’s going to be a little cat-and-mouse going on between [Rachel] and Britney. Listen, Britney’s back to win, but she’s also back to have some fun.”

QUINN ON TOP | Thanks to a little birdie, Chet now knows that Quinn is attempting to take him down — “but I’m not worried,” Zimmer says with a smile. “I’m pretty sure I win.” (We’d expect nothing less. #Quinning)

EVERLASTING: SEASON 2 | Regardless of what happens at the close of Monday’s finale, a world of possibilities exists for the show-within-the-show. “We’ve been playing around with a bunch of ideas,” Noxon says. “I’m kind of attracted to doing the flip and having a bunch of guys in the house, because I just think it would be such a different dynamic and [we would] be able to comment on how different men and women are in that situation. Sarah [Gertrude Shapiro], who worked on The Bachelor, told me that it was so much harder to get good drama out of the dudes because they’d just be like, ‘We’re bro-ing.’ ‘We’re hanging in the hot tub.’ ‘I really respect that guy.’ They turn into, like, a football team,” the EP explains with a laugh, adding that a tropical location has been bandied about, too.

And make no mistake, everyone wants in on the Season 2 fun, including Breeda Wool, who thinks thus-far-closeted “Faith should totally be the next suitor” with “all lady contestants” competing for her heart. And hey, it could happen – sort of! “We’ve talked about a reality show like Raising Faith or Keeping Faith, the whole Faith-coming-out show,” Noxon reveals. “But that might be a sidebar, a spinoff.”

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  1. Mare says:

    Team Adam! I don’t like Jeremy. He pretends he’s such a great guy, but he’s just as bad as the rest. Worse, because he doesn’t acknowledge it.

    Rachel is so messed up though, and surrounded by people equally messed up. Not sure she will ever get a happy ending.

    • Eric says:

      She sure dosnt deserve a happy ending. She pretends to be a good person but she almost always makes the wrong choice.

      I do think she and Adam deserve each other. They both bad people who do TRY to be good. I think Adam is fighting it more, and I see a possibility he can change. Rachel is too selfish to change…right now. Maybe jail would help her (remember that dropped plot point)

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    No matter what happens tomorrow’s episode will be amazing! I have really enjoyed watching UnReal the cast is great and I am glad it got renewed

  3. Wordsmith says:

    I would totally watch a Faith-centric (Faith-based?) spinoff series. though that would probably mean things didn’t work out with her hometown bff, which would be a shame.

  4. tallsy says:

    I’m excited. I would really like a “Bachelorette” although I agree with Shapiro that the problem is getting drama amongst the guys. Maybe “Bachelor in Paradise” at Adam’s vineyard? Kill two birds with one stone.

  5. AddieM says:

    It’s not fair how people are so judgmental when it comes to Jeremy. His only crime is that he loves Rachel and cheated on his annoying fiance. He is the least messed up person on this show by far. He is the only person with some sort of moral compass on this show. He is Rachel’s voice of reason. He is a good guy and would be very good for her but I feel Rachel would be walking on eggshells & end up resenting him.
    On the other hand there’s no denying the chemistry between Rachel & Adam. I feel they are more suited to each other because they both have such shady morals, it sorta cancels each other out. I like both guys but I want Rachel to be with Adam. I’m not going to trash Jeremy just because I like Adam more

    • Ian says:

      Im not even much a fan of Adam. I dont think he makes or breaks the show like some people act like. Im not a fan of promiscuous characters, especially when we’re meant to be shipping them with someone in particular.

    • Ella says:

      I guess I just don’t buy this supposed “love” which Jeremy has for Rachel. After she had her meltdown on the previous season of Everlasting, it doesn’t sound like he actually bothered to check up on her in person to see if she was okay, he just called her. And then he moved on and got ENGAGED to someone else pretty quickly.

      I just find his character super annoying, like the way he got all pissy at Rachel for not putting in a good word for him with Quinn to help him get that improved job, and how he blamed Rachel for the almost-sex in the barn when HE was the one who jumped her bones. Although Lizzie is basically a plot device whom no one really cares about, I think a lot of us don’t appreciate how Jeremy just dumped her without really showing any guilt, and is seemingly immediately ready to propose to Rachel in the finale

      • AddieM says:

        Most of what you have mentioned are assumptions.
        The show has not gone deeper into what happened after Rachel’s meltdown. No one knows the lengths to which Jeremy went to try and help. How long was Jeremy supposed to wait for Rachel? Running off and getting engaged to someone pretty quickly is not a crime…esp considering how promiscuous Adam is. The few times Lizzie spoke to Rachel she was very condescending. I don’t feel bad for her getting dumped, it is what she deserved. I applaud Jeremy for not stringing Lizzie along and letting her go after his hook up with Rachel.
        The way Rachel & Jeremy converse you can tell that there is alot of history between them good & bad for example Jeremy saying to Rachel in past episodes; ‘You owe me this much’, ‘You are full of excuses’… it just shows that there’s so much we don’t know about what their rship was like.
        There’s no denying that Jeremy is the better man even though my heart as been stolen by Adam.

  6. FinnSteve says:

    Would love to see season 2 play with one of Quinn’s new ideas… How about a riff on RuPaul’s Drag Race? You know there’s a ton of former contestants (Wilam! Jinx! Bianca!) with acting experience. There are also many current commentaries on race, sex, religion and real boy vs illusion woman that play into the UnReal theme. Really love this show and looking forward to more.

  7. Heidi Moreno says:

    I seriously have no idea of how the season is going to end. One thing is sure, it’s not the Bachelor. There is no happy ending for anyone on that show.