Downton Abbey Season 6 Spoilers

Downton Abbey Boss, Cast on Movie Hopes, Unexpected Season 6 Renewal

Downton Abbey will soon come to an end — but could the estate one day reopen its doors in the form of a film?

“There is this speculation about whether we’ll make a Downton movie,” executive producer Gareth Neame conceded Saturday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “We might. It’s something we’ve talked about.”

“I think a Downton movie would be a wonderful thing,” he continued. “But we don’t have a script or a plan as of yet.”

As for the period drama’s upcoming run (premiering Jan. 3 on PBS), star Hugh Bonneville was surprised that the show was even renewed for another year. “We were all expecting to finish after Series 5,” he revealed. “[Creator] Julian [Fellowes] said he felt it would feel a bit truncated, so he asked if we would do another nine episodes.”

Added Neame: “Maybe we’re leaving a little bit early, but I think on a high note.”

Other takeaways from Downton‘s TCA panel:

* When asked why not take the series through 1929 and the stock market crash — Season 6 takes places during 1925 — Neame said, “If we’d gone to a Season 7 or 8, we probably would have taken it that much further. … I don’t know if I could bear to see [Robert Crawley] go through a financial disaster.”

* Production on the final season wraps Aug. 15, but the cast is already saying their goodbyes and getting emotional. “We finished [shooting] at Highclere Castle a couple of weeks ago,” Bonneville shared. “Now we’re in the studio with two weeks left. We said goodbye to some of our characters last week.” Meanwhile, stars Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael got misty over a seminal set location. “Laura and I wandered around… and sat on Matthew’s bench,” Dockery recalled. “We had a bit of a cry.”

* “I love the journey that Edith has gone on,” Carmichael said. “She could have been the most conventional of the three daughters. She wanted a life like her parents and grandparents. Because of the heartache, she had to find a direction path for herself. She’s incredibly resistant.”

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  1. Pfft says:

    Good grief,just let this god awful show die!

    • opus says:

      Such an ugly, unnecessary comment. IMO, Downton is still a joy to watch and I look forward to the 6th season.

    • Lizo says:

      It’s a truly wonderful show. It’s sad that a) you weren’t able to see how joyful it was an b) that you feel the need to spit on stuff people love

    • ABG. says:

      I’ll admit it’s not as good as the first season was, and yeah, it’s a soap opera with British accents, but the cast is really good and I want to see how it ends.

    • Jake says:

      It is probably the best acted show on TV. I am American and American TV sucks, minus a few well crafted and written shows.

  2. zac says:

    As much as I love this show, it’s time for ot to end. Creatively, they peaked during the earlier seasons. MAtthew Crawey dying really sent the show to another direction.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I think the real issue has been the plot running around in circles for the past few seasons. To me it seems like each cast member gets one story line for the 8 episode season and sometimes that even carries over to the next season, which leads to a lot of variations of the same scenes just between different characters.

    • Lizo says:

      I would agree that Matthew dying really hit the show creatively. But I don’t want to blame the show for that. The writers did what they could with a bad situation. I’ll never support Dan Stevens in any project though. His leaving, his deciding to bite the hand that fed him was what caused the dip. Those who remained tried their best to give us a good show.

  3. David4 says:

    No movie, just no. I don’t get the point of doing a movie, or planning a movie WHEN THE SHOW IS STILL ON THE AIR! Just make the show the best it can, make a kick ass ending! Not “We’ll have an ending that could set up a movie”.

  4. Bhud says:

    As long as the new movie feels like a spiritual sibling to Gosford Park, I’m in!!!!

  5. sammy says:

    Yes please! The movie can take place ten years later or something!! This show is not god awful, nor has it reached its peak. Its an amazing show about a family that has gone through the mill. I love it. And millions of people do. So comment as you wish, but you’re a troll in my book

  6. Lizo says:

    Lol I swear I just said this in another post, that hopefully we’ll get a movie. :)
    I don’t think I could handle seeing the Crawleys suffer the ruin of the ’29 collapse. Let Downton exist in perpetual pleasantness

  7. Bill says:

    We already know how this ends…

    Violet Crawley steps into a police call box and travels back to the future.

  8. Jose says:

    I watched every episode til mid season 4 I think? The show went down with the departures of Sybil and matthew

  9. Drew says:

    I don’t know that a movie would be worth it, at least on the big screen. Maybe a TV movie… I don’t know. Part of me thinks that the final episode should span decades, taking us through each character’s life, up to the point where Mary dies, probably in the 1970’s, looking back on how much the world has changed in her life. From cars and phones being marvels of technology, to men walking on the moon. From early radios to color TVs.
    She could give some overly dramatic speech about how it’s probably best for the remnants of the past to die off and make way for a new world, the same way the next generation will eventually die off to make way for another. Maybe a comment about the hope that something beautiful might remain of the way things were, but looking at the way the young people around her are behaving, she highly doubts it.
    Then she dies and the show ends.
    That is my thought anyway.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I like that idea.

    • Larc says:

      I generally like that, but think Mary’s death at the end would be unnecessary. Since she was supposedly born in 1892, she could be an 88 year old reminiscing in 1980 after the recent death of Edith. Wrapping up what became of everybody and when could be interesting. I could see Mary looking back over her life as a happy and still very sharp lady (think of a more modern and yielding Violet) living in an elegant London flat and telling the stories to 2 or 3 of her great-grandchildren.

  10. ledfloyd333 says:

    I’d like to see a movie featuring those characters who moved to the USA. Or maybe one with Sybbie, George and Marigold as young adults in World War 2.

    But not yet. The show needs to take a break for a while.

  11. Pamela Blane says:

    Please continue Downton Abbey. It’s the best of the best dramas.

  12. Mary says:

    I just love the show…….the stories, scenery, costumes and the fine actors and actresses. I’m sorry it’s coming to an end. :-( I’m glad I purchased the sixth season through my PBS station. Maggie Smith is wonderful!

  13. Carole says:

    I have never missed a Season or an Episode. I am sad this is the end of Downton Abbey! I am looking forward to Season 6.

  14. Dianna Sheik says:

    Its a wonderful show and my family and I have really enjoyed watching it wished their could be more. Best of luck and God be with each and everyone!

  15. Anne Wightman says:

    I loved it all. The pageantry, costumes, locales, compassion ,the acting that layered the show with supreme ability. Thank you so much. I also loved the series , UPSTAIRS< STAIRS . What a joy to watch REAL acting. I a so weary of special effects instead of great stories and great acting.