Descendants Ending

Descendants Stars on Twist Ending, Sequel Ideas: 'Mal's Story Isn't Over'

Sometimes, a single glance is all it takes to spark a full-on fan frenzy, which is exactly what Disney Channel is hoping for with its latest original movie Descendants.

The musical movie, which premiered Friday, explains how four children of Disney villains come to choose good over evil; in the final moments, Mal, the purple-haired daughter of Maleficent, flashes a pair of devilish green eyes at the camera, hinting that there might still be some darkness in her yet.

“It was a bookend,” director Kenny Ortega tells TVLine of the pivotal final shot. “We begin with Mal welcoming us into her story, and Mal’s story isn’t over — there’s a bigger story. Whether we get to do a sequel or not, that’s in the hands of the audience, but Mal’s story is definitely bigger.”

“It’s funny how simple it ended up being,” adds Booboo Stewart, who plays Jay, the son of Aladdin’s nemesis Jafar. “There were so many variations on how it was going to end, so many different ways, and it just ended up being very simple.”

Descendants EndingAnd you won’t hear any complaints from Mal’s portrayer Dove Cameron, who calls it the “best ending” possible. “Kenny and I talked about it the night we shot it,” she recalls. “We were like, ‘I’m not sure they’re going to let us put it in, but we really really wanted to.'”

Cameron reveals that she has “a whole idea for the next plot,” should Disney Channel order a second installment. “I have it all laid out,” she tells TVLine. “But we know as much as anyone else, honestly.”

“I feel like people are expecting it,” Stewart says. “They think this is just the first [of several movies].” Adds Ortega, “I get tweets saying, ‘When you do the next one…’

If you watched the movie, let’s hear your thoughts: Would you like to see a sequel? What should it be about? Grade Descendants below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the ending.

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  1. Michele says:

    Can not wait for sequel!!!

  2. Kelsey Lessen says:

    OMG!! I loved this movie and it was so sweet. Prince Bem is so amazing. I definitely think that there should be a sequel. I want to know Mal’s story and if she still has some evil in her. I don’t think that she does because I believe that she loves Ben. Maybe she is just confused about what love is since she never really felt it. Anyway, definitely make a sequel disney! Your movies are always awesome! One thing that I would change is the musical numbers. But I guess that it can’t be a Disney Channel Original Movie without a little dance number!!😂😂

  3. Blayne says:

    Pleeeeeaaaasssseee do another one!

  4. Teen Beach Fan says:

    Ok I’m still little confused

  5. duendeheart says:

    Absolutely loved the movie! I hope they make many more!

    • Allysa says:

      Ok Dove if you are reading this I have a question for you. How did you get your eyes green while fighting your mother? I mean like I want to have eyes like that. They just came randomly. Do you need contact lenses or….? If you are not reading this then can someone tell me how she got her eyes like that. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Make a sequel. :)

    • Liberty says:

      I cant wait for a sequel either but whats sad is it usually takes a few years to make new disney movies and I dont think I’ll be able to wait that long.

  6. Shawn McCammon says:

    Best Disney movie I have ever watched!! Please make a sequel, trilogy, quadtrilogy,or something please. Cameron did a very great job performing in this epic Disney flick. Thank you.

  7. brieanna says:

    Honestly i am a 23 year old mother and i tirned off my kids cartoons just to watch this movie and i was hooked in the first five minutes. I would however like to read the bioks as well. But on the topic of a sequel….. Um there better be! Maleeficent is my favorite villian…for now mal may be taking her place. Hopeing for a sequel very soon.

  8. Teen Beach Fan says:

    It was good movie though it was just the end is a little confusing

  9. Canadian Viewer says:

    Given that seemingly every preview I saw made it seem that Descendants would be bad, this was actually pretty great. All the villain kids were fun and Kristen Chenowith’s Maleficent was way more evil than the Angelina Jolie one IMO. Now if there were to be a sequel, what I’d do is make it about Mal and company adjusting to being good (since they likely aren’t and won’t be evil anymore), but also make it into a prequel of sorts too and explain in greater detail the story of how the Isle of the Lost came to be; kind of like The Godfather Part 2, but for Disney.

  10. Teen Beach Fan says:

    I just hope that she chooses good eventually.

    • Shyanne Williams says:

      I do to

      • Shyanne Williams says:

        I love this movie so bad I watch it over and over and over I hope she chooses good for good I keep watching it to see what’s next they need to make sequel I think they she will become princes and she marries Ben and they have kids but she still try’s tot take over the kingdom but I hope she doesn’t

  11. Jack Crisostomo says:

    The ending where Mal voiced over something about her story not being over yet and then she flashed her eyes really made me get the feeling of a sequel will come. Which it should, and it should start right where Descendants ended and it should just pick up from there and continue on like what Mal is planning and how’s her relationship with Ben and if her plans were to use plans for good and fun and so on and so forth.

  12. iHeart says:

    if they do make a sequel, there should be more descendants

    • Lauren says:

      I agree, and it implied when Prince Ben was asking his parents to send the first four, (Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay) to Ardondal that they start off with a few and if that works then they can get more

      • Cc says:

        I totally agree I think there should be like many many more Disney villains kids like Ursula’s kid, Anastasia’s and Drizella’s kids,(cinderellas stepsisters) Shan Yu’s kid, Hans’s kid, Captain Hook’s kid, and so on. Like I think all the villains kids should come to the island!

  13. Miguel says:

    The sequel should be a new villain and should be mean but also tricks everyone only Mal knows all and she will discover her bad side for fighting for what she likes.

  14. Bailey says:

    Omg this movie was so awesome!! It was so good I almost cried! I am so ready for the second one to come out tomorrow!! Pleeease??

  15. Angel Sierra says:

    There should be a sequel about Ben and mal being engaged and getting married and the villains try to get their revenge. Ben turns into a beast but mal saves him.

  16. Clara says:

    I think the next movie should include Mal(Dove Cameron) battling her internal conflict of following in her mothers footsteps or being the perfect example for the kingdom

  17. Dre says:

    Mal’s story should be about her and the rest of the gang finding their fathers & mothers. Maybe Ursula has answers but she needs something in return, (Duh) meanwhile another villains kid is trying to stop them and destroy Auradon (Zendaya)

  18. Jasmine says:

    It is the best movie I’ve ever seen. You have to do a sequel. Plleeeeeeaase do another

  19. Olivia says:

    I hope they make a sequel, I really liked the movie and I want to know the rest of Mal ‘s story.

    • adrianna says:

      I think I loved this movie more than any movies ever even mockingjay part 1 and any other movie. So plllllllzzzzzzz make another one and trust me im hard to impress I really want to know the rest of the story and see what happens next and see if Mal and Ben get their first kiss. I mean I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT I also think that whoever is considering making the sequel should just say yes and make one. I loved all the actors so plzzzzz make a sequel.

  20. Nicole says:

    Having Mal fall in love with a Prince was so predictable. Kind of wish she ended up with Jay

    • adrianna says:

      I like that she fell in love with Ben but idk it depends just I MUST SEE A SEQUEL I MUST and great job with the actors my favs were Mal,Evie,and Ben. I also love the romance in this movie it was just right and the ending was great but I know that is wasn’t really the ending because this was better then teen beach movie and they made a second one. Besides both teen beach movies could never top this but no ofence but this was the best disney movie ever. It inspired me to know that good is always right and that love really does matter also soooooo much more

    • Monster cat says:

      I kinda agree

    • Liberty says:

      Me too in The Isle of the Lost it sounded like Mal and Jay had a lot in common and I thought they would end up together

  21. Monster cat says:

    I liked descendants and I would like a sequel.
    But I think that the sequel would be boring if they weren’t still a Little Bit Evil!

  22. Adrienne says:

    I loved the first movie so much I can’t wait to see that they are making a sequel and that would be so awesome if they made a sequel 😃😄😉

  23. sydney cross says:

    I loved it and I’m 14 I’m really hoping for another one it was really funny and interesting I think the descendants fan would love to see a sequel or sequels

    • Kyliah Hill says:

      I am 13 dove Cameron has been my fashion and upcycleing inspo I think dove and Cameron(carlos should just stop there shows all together and get a sequal out next summer I have been waiting for this movie for months and I was no where near disappointed

  24. johnny says:

    I hope they do a sequel with more of Mal’s story plus i want to see new descendant characters from other Disney movies like Tangled, Moana, Hercules, Peter Pan, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh and more celeb stars to play villians, kids and sidekicks like Jim Belushi, Vedo the Singer, Brian Tee, Chris Tucker, Jason Lee, Olivia Holt, Amy Phoeler, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and of course The Muppets (because it would be so awesome if they were in the sequel, plus their coming back to TV, and it b cool if they did another TV movie since The Muppets Wizards of Oz). Thats what i like to happen if that happend

    • Alyssa says:

      Inside Out has no antagonist and Proffesser Callahaugn is not developed enough and his motive was no as clear he’s not as layered as other villains

  25. Joseph says:

    Make a new one plse it would be a great thing to see the kids fighting more evil

  26. Kevin says:

    Dove liv and maddie make me cry I see descendants I see it you are the only one for me

  27. alistaircrane says:

    Don’t do a sequel….turn it into a weekly series!!!

  28. Rachel says:

    Mal is actually still evil and the lizard isn’t her mother

    • Demetrius says:

      How u know if dat ain’t her mom she turn into big lizard we all saw dat

    • faith says:

      wait what mals still evil and the lizard wasn’t her mother but the fairy godmother said mals mother did that cause it was how small her heart was so mals evil and that wasn’t her mother plz I need answers

      • Liberty says:

        What I dont understand is: the Fairy Godmother said that maleficent shrunk down to the size of her heart but i thought that she had no heart so shouldnt she have disappeared entirely.

  29. Jamaya says:

    I cannot wait till the sequel , it is fantastic. the ending was great even thought I wasn’t expecting a musical😭😭, on the other hand it was great . looking forward to a ” Descendants Series . ” the musical isn’t bad I like singing and dancing , just more talking less singing but I like the dance numbers 😇.

  30. imani says:

    really want a sequel and not just the animated type of thing disney has set up already for september

  31. Matt says:

    If there is a sequel, it is going to be something involving Mal being under a spell I bet. Note her face when she states that the story isn’t over. The green eyes. Those are the same eyes that Maleficent gets in the beginning of the movie, when she forces Mal to say yes to going to school to get the wand. Then you see the green eyes again in the end when Mal and Maleficent (as a dragon) have the stand off. Something happened to Mal during that last fight between her and her mother

  32. Ryleigh Anderson says:

    Great movie I hope there will not just be a second one but many more after that the plot of the move is to big for there to just be one movie

  33. Alexis Price says:

    I loved the movir and was surprised how it ended I thought Mal would go with the plan . Anyways I hope there is a sequel but not a cartoon but like they did in the movie .

  34. Alena says:

    The movie was great. Way better then I expected. Thought that it would be like High School Musical but this was way better.

  35. Amy lee says:

    I just finished the movie and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. When I heard Kenny Ortega was the director I had high expectations. At the beginning I didn’t think the movie was a musical by how it was advertised so it kinda surprised me. Granted nothing will be beat HSM but the choreography was decent, the songs were good like a musical should be. Over all it was a good enjoyable movie and I would love to see what comes next

  36. logan says:

    I like the movie a lot and I like how mal finally listen to her heart to be good and I don’t think there could be evil in here but anything possible and I think it may be something with her mom

  37. Lynn says:

    I’m 16 and I honestly loved it I hope that plot twist in the end ends up turning into a very good second part or they should turn it into a show 😭😭

  38. Ericka says:

    Omg I loved this movie so much it really had a true meaning to it! Please make another movie on this!

  39. kara says:

    I think that it’s a sign that maybe maleficent kinda put herself into mal and in the next movie she comes out by lashing at the very thing mal loves causing her to break when in the end she overcomes her mother by forcing her out of her mind some how and truly defeating her

  40. Paigey says:

    I think that descendants was the best movie ever. I think it should DEFINITELY be made into a series. The thing is, is descendants was such sn amazing movie. Why end all the fun now? It should be all about how Man does want to be good, but remember something, she flashed those devilish green eyes. Maybe, just maybe, she feels bad about what her mother was.made into. Also remember that nothing was said about the border or force field being put back together. Ms. Dalmation, jafar and THE EVIL QUEEN are still out there. They were watching the fireworks at the end and who said they wont try to rule the world with Mal’s mommy? Also, though, after mal and ben kiss for the first time mal experiences love for the first time and wonders which side she should really take. She doesnt want to be like her mom, at all, but he mom still lives within mal and mal’s mind is taking over her heart. Though, she wants to be good, can she overcome and beat her mother, Maleficiant, again???

    • Caroline says:

      Mal and Ben never kissed in the movie. I think those are good questions to be asking however, on whether or not all the other villains will take over. There were many, many other villains on the isle of the lost, so they could all get our now. Remember, Mal and her friends were the only villains that were “turned good”, or so we thought. There’s still a lot of material to work with if they were to make a sequel.

    • Ariana says:

      all dem tyepos I can not spell……pun unintended.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Please make a sequel. This movie made me so happy. As a fan please make another one. I will literally cry if u guys don’t make ANOTHER one. I’m a HUGE FAN Dove!!! ❤

  42. Dat_theater_geek says:

    Please please make a sequel!!!!!!!! Uggg that ending killed me! 😖

  43. Amber Meagher says:

    I loved that movie so much! I hope they do a Sequel!I thought I was done with princesses (and villains)😉now I can’t wait till the next decendents!

  44. Paigey says:

    The thing is is why end the fun now? Descendants is an AMAZING, I AMAZINGLY GOOD MOVIE, so why end it all now? I cant wait for the sequel and more movies after that. I would pay as much money as needed to get more descendant movies. See the sequel soon, right??

  45. Paigey says:

    The thing is is why end the fun now? Descendants is an AMAZINGLY GOOD MOVIE, so why end it all now? I cant wait for the sequel and more movies after that. I would pay as much money as needed to get more descendant movies. See the sequel soon, right??

  46. Rogue Plays says:

    I really would love to see a sequel since it left on a cliffhanger. It was awesome and amazing. I was be SO disappointed if I couldn’t see what happens next! So please, PLEASE, PLEASE make another movie so all the fans can see it! We loved it and would totally appreciate it! Thanks so much. Excellent!

  47. Diamond says:

    The movie was really great. I grew up with High School Musical and loved every single one. Descendants has the action,love story,great singing,and music without all the fancy stage lights. Its a new twist on a fairytale. I’ll make sure to go watch it over and over again like I did with High School Musical 1,2,&3. I loved every danceable moment. I hope there’s a sing along and dance along to this too. Descendants is great DON’T stop the greatness.

  48. Hope says:

    Omg! I would love for a sequel to descendants! Maybe it could begin as a day at the school. But on this current day Ben has a surprise for Mal but when she doesn’t show up to their date he gets worried. Her evil took over but there is something more sinister in this mess. She has a little of her mother in her. That’s all I have now Hope you like my idea.

  49. Alexis says:

    The movie was ABSOLUTELY OVER THE TOP AMAZING!! I love all of the actors and actresses!! I REALLY REALLY hope you make a sequel!! PLEASE make a sequel for all of us fans!!

  50. Logan says:

    Sequel please