Continuum Final Season

Continuum's Final Season Gets Syfy Premiere Date — Watch the Trailer

We now know when the beginning of Continuum‘s end will air on Syfy.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the Canadian-produced sci-fi drama will kick off its fourth and final, six-episode season on Friday, Sept. 11 at 11/10c.

As such, the Rachel Nichols starrer will run only a week behind its airings in Canada, which launch Sept. 4 on Showcase.

In the series’ farewell run, Kiera (played by Nichols) and the mysterious time traveler Brad Tonkin (Ryan Robbins, Falling Skies) must battle the Future Soldiers who arrived in a flash of light in the closing moments of Season 3. Meanwhile, Kiera’s alliance with the remaining members of Liber8 challenges her relationship with both Carlos (Victor Webster) and Alec (Erik Knudsen).

As things wind down, Kiera must also face off against Kellog (Stephen Lobo), who is using every option available to become the ruler of a dark future built in his image.

Get a first look at the Season 4 trailer below, share your thoughts on the show’s six-hour sendoff.

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  1. nate says:

    6 episodes wtf

    • Patrick says:

      Its lucky they got that many. The last few season’s were dicey. And the star, Rachel Nichols, seems keen to start her family. It didn’t leave a lot of time to meet the very meager demand for new eps. As with all modestly rated shows, the fans should be thrilled to get any wrap up. Lot of series don’t get that much.

      • TGS808 says:

        The last few season’s were dicey? And the star, Rachel Nichols, seems keen to start her family.? None of what you said was true. None of it. Simply amazing.

      • Keith says:

        Yeah…uh NO. This show has been eminently watchable and much missed. Rachel Nichols has been absolutely amazing with all the twists and turns the story has taken. UNEXPECTED is where this show went for me. Couldn’t predict where it would go and for me, thats great TV. An excellent supporting cast and minimal but great use of SFX means that this show will certainly be missed by me. Six episodes to wrap it all up doesn’t seem like it’s enough, but the production haven’t disappointed yet. Looking forward to this and to hopefully more from Simon Barry. Rachel Nichols – please come back somewhere on TV after this is all over!!!

    • BcsDave says:

      Any shows that get any amount of eps or even a two hr movie to conclude is a win these days. Fans are being heard. We dont like open ended show anymore. Im glad this is happening. Just surprised it took so long for the final eps. The actors contracts must of expired and moved on without Showcase retaining them. Likely why it took so long for the final eps.

    • TGS808 says:

      You can do a lot with only six eps. Look at the final season of Nikita or the first season of The Walking Dead for examples.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I’ll watch to see how they end it since it’s only six episodes. Last season was so long and drawn out it was difficult to stay interested.

    • TGS808 says:

      Long and drawn out? It was only 13 episodes. Difficult to stay interested? You might want to get yourself checked for Attention Deficit Disorder. Assuming you made it to the end of that last sentence.

  3. Sarah_ says:

    Can’t wait :)

  4. Josh says:

    Six episodes..hmm…I didn’t like last season at all. Keira kind of became a “character” instead of a person and the new love interest they introduced was REALLY REALLY forced and never clicked. But still, was hoping for a bit more.

  5. Brian says:

    Can’t wait! But they introduced so many plot twists in the last few episodes of the previous season, how in the world will they resolve them all in just 6 episodes?!?

  6. KC says:

    Well, not that my comment really matters, but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching seasons 1-3 via Netflix. There are so many possibilities, and Carlos is pretty easy on the eyes. I Kiera it seems has given up on going back to the future, what with her new man and all. The big question still remains-what was the purpose ?

  7. Dean says:

    At least they’re able to wrap it up.

  8. gillianrosh says:

    I’m gonna miss this show so much.

  9. greysfan says:

    YAY! Can’t wait. Wish it wasn’t ending though. I’m going to miss it so much!

  10. Daniel says:

    Love this show. one of canada’s best sci fi shows!

  11. Daniel says:

    Love this show. one of canada’s best sci fi shows! too bad its only 6.

  12. Dennis says:

    Can hardly wait!! EXCELLENT!!

  13. Steve MacLeod says:

    I wish the show could have continued but such is reality that Simon Barry had to finish it with just 6 episodes. From the looks of it he has done so with no regrets and some fantastic action.

  14. Lizo says:

    I hope these last 6 episodes give us the story we’ve always wanted from this show. I’ve been continually let down by the missed opportunities the writers of Continuum let slip by.

    • TGS808 says:

      It’s one of the smartest shows currently on TV and one of the best SciFi shows of the last decade but I’m sure you could have done a much better job than the writers have done. Too bad they didn’t consult you to find out what you wanted. Talk about a missed opportunity.

  15. Wyatt says:

    Will they finally reveal who the traveler is? I think that he is going to be Alec Sadler. I think the series will end with Kiera ending up in her own time with the future that she helped create without Liber8. I was sad to see Sonya go, but that was a great scene.

  16. Fredrick moore says:

    I really hate that continuum is leaving but I really enjoyed the whole cast and the show…

  17. RobertaBrown says:

    I can’t wait for continuum to come back I hope it doesn’t have a corny ending like heroes! We’ll see. I will be waiting!

  18. Alice says:

    if Continuum is # 1 and I think it is. Why are they cancelling it ? I am so disappointed.

  19. SeaJay says:

    I love Continuum ! Time Travel & the mess it creates is always so much fun !

    Wow, those giant robots at the end of last season were great, & wow,
    I am so happy to see William B Davis again… he is amazing !

    It has been too long a wait for the new, last, shorter season.
    But I hope they put their best into it for a great final show.

    Thanks to the whole cast & crew over all the years for great work… you are the best !

  20. SeaJay says:

    Dear Canada:

    Thank you for making many many great scifi shows !

    The rest of us on Earth !